Holla Forums is Libertarian

Holla Forums is Libertarian.

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excellent thread. i see basically nothing wrong with it and that's very, very rare nowadays. have a free bump.


>>268580443libertarians can never work with the nose and nigger tribes running around

>>268580443I heard you were dead

I'm the leading spokesman of pol, with over 6 million confirmed upvotes. This is a paleo conservative board

>>268580742Got a match?

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>>268580894>6 million confirmed upvotesbelievable number!

>>268580443>wasFTFYthey abandoned it when they realized that libertarians are by nature individualists. When the entire culture surrounding you as sharding into sub groups to rally around, being an individualist is a quick drop with a sudden stop.

>>268580443I have sympathy for libertarianism but I don't see the point in building my life around a self imposed ideological straightjacket which the minorities in America ignore or hold in contempt anyway.


>>268580696>libertarians can never work with the nose and nigger tribes running aroundI'm pretty sure any system with those two is doomed to fail.

>>268581638The first person to die in the American Revolution was a minority.What’s your point?Liberty is white?

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As long as that Libertarianism is racist I am cool with it.

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>>268580443I ain't no Liberian nigger faggot. I'm a merkin

>>268581638I am Libertardian in spirit, but know we do not wake up one day in Libertopia because votes. It is a destination, and one that will not happen in my lifetime. Because of this, and the left's bullshit the last five years - going full Trump + R until the Marxists are eliminated.

yes, based and redpilled.

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>>268580944I'm ready to kick your ass out of the world, war hero.Also checkd

>>268582339>siding with the party that eliminated the homestead act

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>>268580443Yeah back when Ron Paul was running for prez but not anymore

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>>268580443/pol/ is, unironically, anarcho-fascist. Complete uninfringed non-degenerate freedom and guns for white men, and gas chambers for everyone else.

>>268582725You’re just a tourist here, kid.

>>268581963not a system dedicated to ridding itself of them

>>268582612you're a retard and this is why political parties need to be banned


>>268582982Go be mad elsewhere kiddo.

>>268583807you are like the last white person in el paso screaming at spics about them not being welcome. We have done takeover, you will find yourself more at home over at plebbit

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>>268582612>siding with any party

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>>268584316Sure thing abbo

Kill yourself you jew cunt.

>>268580443no, not really. Holla Forums is just an observer of this dystopia we live in.

>>268580443Can libertarians even name the jew? To me they just seem like republicans who actually want a smaller government.

>>268580443a lot of nonces cross posting from the jap.anima' boards, yes. but no, Holla Forums is not one personsouthernisraelite.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/new-saxony-larger-catechism-final-5-26-20.pdfthis is a good thing to believe in, i reckon

>>268580443a lot of nonces cross posting from the jap.anima' boards, yes. and there are a lot of subversive aliens using libertadian talking points as a way to justify undermining. but no, Holla Forums is not one personsouthernisraelite.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/new-saxony-larger-catechism-final-5-26-20.pdfthis is a good thing to believe in, i reckon

Libertarians are idealists with no regard to true human nature. In short it’s a retarded ideology

>>268580443True>>268589003>Communists are idealists with no regard to true human nature. In short it’s a retarded ideologyftfy

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>>268589849>Let me mass reply everyone in this thread because was thrown into a dark alleyway as a baby!

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>>268580443my dick is libertarian, but my asshole is authoritarian. The taint causes a lot of skirmishes.

>>268580443Not anymore.

>>268580696neo-dreyfus affair nigger, please go


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>>268589003Yes. It's just a bunch of rich kikes talking about how they hate the government, but they're too big of pussies to do anything about it, but pay their taxes and complain like bitches.

>>268580443No. Holla Forums is:>Paid shills>Feds & all sorts of glowniggers>Teens who jumped on the "conservative is the new punk rock" retardation>Bored oldfags shitposting>Stormfags>trannys that think someone would pay attention to their retarded rants.>larpersand a bunch more of retards of all sorts.For example, im just a bored retard.

>>268591028you didnt even mention shitposters, were like half the board. ACCELERATE. KILL ALL HUMANS!

>>268591028oh wait, you did, my bad.

>>268591630is cool user, this is just a retard thread so everyone is allowed to make a simple honest mistake.We are all frens in here.


Board of peace.

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COMMUNISM IS FOR CUUUUUUUCKKK !!!! ( veins popping out my neck )

I used to be, went full-outlaw because libertarians are too pussified.

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>>268592473I used to be a Libertarian, but then my balls dropped.

Holla Forums is varying degrees of Libertarian. Everyone has their own tolerance limits. Value the human, question the beliefs.

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>>268592737>>268592473i use to be libertarian until i realized i was trans if that matters.

>>268593044you like washing niggers feet?

>>268593226And now you just want to force all of your mental illness on everyone else?

>>268582612>Land-grant laws similar to the Homestead Acts had been proposed by northern Republicans before the Civil War, but had been repeatedly blocked in Congress by southern Democrats who wanted western lands open for purchase by slave-owners.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Land_Policy_and_Management_Act_of_1976https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/94th_United_States_Congress>democratic majority


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>>268594387Homestead Act was dissolved in 76 under Gerald Ford.Try to keep up Sheldon.

>>268580982based and popertarianismpilled

>>268580443Libertarians aren't Libertarian

>>268582825>anarcho-fascistfirst time I heard of this term.prima facie seems contradictory, no?

>>268580696I want a transitional state of Pinochetian National capitalism before I get my Ancap utopia

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>>268580443Modern libertarians are failed neoliberals.They couldn't compete in buying into power when it was being sold wholesale.NAP is worthless against collective capital.

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>>268582825Sounds like National Capitalism with extra steps.

>>268580443As true a statement as OP is not a fag.

>>268595261Based NatCap.

>>268595261>Ancap dystopiawe're living it user.

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>>268595316We could just create our own grey markets. And watch the current keynesian economy fail.

>>268582825every Holla Forumslack a warlord.

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>>268595511How's that working out?(bitcoin will shift from speculation to a stable worldwide currency any minute now...)

>>268595336Anfash is national anarchism or Hoppeanism

>>268595615>(bitcoin will shift from speculation to a stable worldwide currency any minute now...)Sounds like you've been living in your gay little neetsoc fantasy land for the past 6 years. Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are currently being used worldwide right now.

>>268580443this. and trips.he's here.

>>268593226>I was a liberal, and I still am to this day.Fixed

>>268595874can you pay taxes with it?buy wealth? equities, real estate, debt?or do you have to go through exchanges to convert it to fungible currency thus making it a speculative proxy vehicle?just remember user: shabbos greed will always be eclipsed by jewish greed.

>>268595489I wish we were

>>268580443Actually this meme is very accurate I thought.When libertarians get angry we become fascist real quick. If you leave is alone to shit post You will have no problems with us.

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>>268580443not anymore faggot

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>>268580443not even fucking close, retard

>>268595125National-anarchism is an anti-capitalist, anti-Marxist, anti-statist, anarchist and Third Positionist ideology.[1][2] National-anarchists advocate a post-capitalist stateless society in which homogeneous communities of different ethnic or racial groups would be free to develop separately in their own tribal communes, named "national autonomous zones", that are politically meritocratic, economically mutualistic, ecologically sustainable, and socially and culturally traditional.[1][2]It is really end state of national socialism. Once the state has built what it needs to its reason to be essentially falls away so all you are left with is a small government lead by locals


>>268580443its not, but libertarians and retarded ancaps are tolerated. for some fucking reason.

>>268580443CALL ME SNAKE

>>268580443thats not true, case and point I don't work in a library at all.e

>>268596681of course we are.why get rid of the government, when you can buy it on the open market?like I said earlier, libertarians are failed neoliberals who failed to get a piece of the pie.I'd go further to say that we've skipped the ancap "utopia" honeymoon and jumped right into Neo-Feudalism.look at what's going on right now; corporations are using the government as an enforcement arm to extort wealth from citizens (read serfs) to keep their arbitrary share prices afloat of their collective capital entities.

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>>268597336how are collectivized threats dealt with?

>>268580443LOLBERTARIAN? GTFO. They think open borders is good and that somehow letting commies, niggers and jews into their pretend anarcho capitalist non state state will not have any negative repercussions. I cant entertain a philosophy that refuses to accept reality no matter how ugly.

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Libertarianism is for people without strong ethnic ties to one and another.

>>268582114yes it is, show me liberty in africa, asia or south america that wasn't instituted by whites. Roving nigger murder gangs are just as bad as any government.


>>268597722>LOOK MOM I POSTED THE MEME FOR THE 1000th TIME ANCAPS BTFOCorporations are no different from the state both need to be dismantled. Corporations leech off the state and the state leeches off of the private sector and the people.

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>>268582114>>268582857>>268583807>delusional dogmatic copes with being replaced Threadly reminder that lolbertism is just as utopian as marxism.

>>268580443/pol/ is Anarchist.

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>>268598219interdastingSounds like LOLbertarians need to study their ideas more.

>>268589916You are just as delusional as Communists are. Both require a provably incorrect view of humanity, and both are destructive to civilization as a result.

>>268580580>>268580443fake and gay faggots.

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>>268598410Sounds like you to stop living in your neetsoc fantasy land and read some theory


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>>268598120Any advanced libertarian would become a neoliberal.You'd pool capital (collective capital) and if a government enforcement entity didn't exist to be purchased, it would be created to extort wealth and increase barriers of competition.it is the optimal move in terms of laissez-faire capital game theory.if you don't make this move, another capitalist will and they will eat your lunch because they have a government to do their bidding and you don't; thus you lose.

>>268589916it's too bad that Libertarians in our modern world are tolerant of every behavior because muh step. Hans Hermann Hoppe is based as fuck and understands what it takes to achieve freedom.


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>>268582270>I'm a merkinI believe you.

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>>268591028flagopinion discarded

>>268580443Heil Hitler faggot

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>>268598711>>268598648>>268598500Please kill yourself you autistic faggots

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>>268598219Then they need to take back their party. the ones on the left are in power. the ones on the right wrote books. So tell me, what will be the result of libertarianism?

>>268598120>Corporations require government subsidy to reach dominance over the market Wrong. What’s referred to as ‘cronyism’ (ie not ‘real’ capitalism) is simply the result of capitalism when applied to the reality of human systems, just like how bread lines and famine is a result of unforeseen disasters (not ‘real’ communism). Both are utopian and anti-reality dogmas.

>>268582825Feels weird, man.

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>>268598890>y-you're the autistic faggot!

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>>268598900>>268598577>>268598444>>268598433>>268597722>>268595588>>268595044>>268590500checking based digits

>>268598557This guy gets it. Cronyism is the inevitable result of libertarianism.

>>268598890>t. Guy from the religion for autism and psychopathy

>>268580443/pol/ is a Jewish board everyone here is Jewish or a dumb goy being baited into revealing their antisemitism online so that their lives can be destroyed in the future

I’m too tired.

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>>268580443God save our gracious King, God save our noble King!God save the King!Send him victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us - God save the King!

>>268598219This is accurate.Libertarian celebs are cringy.

>>268599613>celebsthe Party is complete trashEvery one of your presidential candidates is no different than a neoliberal

>>268598557I don't care what the end result is. Only that the culturally left libertarians and leftists don't win>>268598926Merchantalism was real capitalism, Corporatism and keynesian economics is soft communism>>268599364>>268599069>Believing in your own morality vs praising a dead degenerate jew and fapping to trapsSure thing retard. Follow your leaders

Justin calm down and message your friends so we know you are alright.

>>268599613The libertarian party only exists to discredit our entire quadrant. We clearly are the actual threat to the status quo

>>268599851>I don't care what the end result is. Only that the culturally left libertarians and leftists don't winI don't think you've thought this through user; stress-tested your own ideology.Left Libertarians (Neoliberals) are winning big time and will continue to win. By promoting libertarianism, you're just promoting petty-neoliberalism and strengthening our enemies.

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>>268580982Did that grown man actually piss himself??


>>268601013Libright is the most strawmanned quadrant and the most disinformation is spread about us. The only way we're going to win is this >>268595261 or Agorism and seceding

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>>268580443hasn't been for a long ass time

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>>268600952You're literally a national destabilization meme made up by kikes. Mirror image of communism.>Yes left-wing goyim. Individualism is bad. You need to destroy it and have only collectivism. The ultimate goal should be anarchy!>Yes right-wing goyim. Collectivism is bad. You need to destroy it and have only individualism. The ultimate goal should be anarchy!

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>>268601434Obscure ideologies aren't going to win this m8.see "propertarianism" >>268580982

>>268580443Libertarians are embarrassing hipster retards.

>>268601434>strawmanNo it's your weak leaders that make your ideology bad. the most vocal in your movement are practically identical to neolibs, but with guns.The only way to get anything like that to work is with religious and ethnic unity, hostile to outsiders

>>268580443IncorrectLow Quality>[NOUN] was always [Shitty Leftist Ideology]BaitShill Faggotry Slide thread.

>>268580443I'm surprised there aren't more nigger libertarians seeing as they also have no concept of cause and effect.

>>268601895Neolibs aren't libertarians, in the same neoconss aren't conservative>>268601769>>268601895Sure thing mossad, your tears are what keep me fighting

>>268603874>(((mises)))>(((rothbard)))>(((friedman)))you have to be 18+ to post here lil' kikelette

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>I'm a republicanSo you're jewish then and are the ones responsible for the downfall of America

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