Podesta Linkin Park

Did Trump just acknowledge the Podesta/Chester connection?twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1284586459358466048?s=21

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>>268578650God Bless Donald Trump.


>dan scavino Yes.

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he better bring Chester's killers to justice otherwise its bad karma for him to use that song

Twitter just sucked a nigger cock

>>268579389Doesn’t that signal he just gave their family a bunch of money in royalties tho?

>>268579633good point also checked for Club 33 aka Disney Gay Mafia club.also LOOK INTO ED BUCK youtube.com/watch?v=V_m1YDQjPBM

Its deleted, anyone got a mirror?

>>268579389He killed himself retard just like all the other Hollywood "accidents". They were about to be caught for being involved in the rings.

>>268579876I am pretty sure it some kind of new trump ad, official or unofficial, with the Linkin Park music.It was good but when I saw it, it pissed me off because I was like, where is the justice for Chester?

>>268578650don't forget

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>>268580058you could be right, Chester's story is really weird though. His father was an arizona cop who worked on sex crimes so.... even weirder for him to become a perpetrator.Just as easily he could have been a pedo-hunter.

>>268580123STFU you faggot there is no "justice for chester".

>>268580253I used to go to matt groening pool parties as a child.He likes little boys, not 14 year old girls like the Epstein "leaks" claim.I'm closer to the action than you'll ever be. How does it feel?

>>268580253you think you're hot shit, don't ya?

>>268578650Chris Cornell was suicided because he knew too much

>>268580346>I'm friends with pedophilesCool story bro.

>>268580123if thats the case then twitter just proved they're influencing the election. Either way this is a fuck up on twitters part

>>268580552what part of as a child can't you grep?

Anyone have a mirror? How anyone who's been here for 10 years, how can you support censorship like this? Do you even remember what the internet used to be and what it stood for?

>>268580511thats a diff dude my dude. chester is linken park. chirs was soundgarden


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No, he’s just feeling emo bc he knows his presidency is fucked

>>268580890>>268580511there is definitely a connection between them

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>>268578650>Trump knows podesta is a pedo and has allowed him to get away with itYour sure you want to stick with that line?

>>268581157it makes sense if they're both Jesuits.Fauci sure looks like one.

>>268578650tweet was deletedoYvEy

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>>268581095That's what I remember reading. There's too much there to ignore, I mean the guy literally had a foundation dedicated to protecting children from (((human trafficking)))chrisandvickycornellfoundation.org/about-us/history/

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>>268579545Or was it Linkin fag?

>>268580220FAKE! GayHow Many shekels did you get the shitting this

>>268578650Wtf , anyone get a screen cap?What did scavino post ?

>>268579876It was up on Parlershare.par.pw/post/0879c9f89164468a9bc4952d0211e978

>>268579737>>268579737Lol poorfag. Its just a membership nigger. Literally thousands of people cruise through that shitty breakfast buffet. Its not super secret just meant to keep niggers out but plenty of rednecks in for the boofay.

>>268581979Fuck that goy app. Use gab or a tor based one. Parle is on clearnet like a honeypot.

>>268581095they were prob taken out. kappy was too. youtube.com/watch?v=BIusFI9-ylM&t=7shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POBaxnoN09w

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Chester looks identical to Podesta..

>>268579277can we please declare open season on commies already i want these rainbow colored fags dead already

>>268581937i doubt it is fake. after hearing the podesta video. you can fuck off.

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It was a shitty remake. Should have used our russian frens.youtube.com/watch?v=cmLITdh681Y

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>>268578650OP is a faggot, what did he tweet exactly? everything has been removed

>>268580058>>268580227Chester and his friend from that other band that got suicided were pedohunters trying to save children.

>>2685829352 min video that had the "in the end" song playing. what got me is the Hollywood shot near the start. i bet they're fucking scared. I really don't get how no faggot hasn't posted the video yet. I should have downloaded it, i knew it.

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>>268581157The pedos own the police, the courts, and most of the big business. Their defenses have to be dealt with before you can get to them.

>>268582810and just like that, 2 weeks later...

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>>268578650What the fuck was the video

>>268582810what did he mean by this ?


>>268578650Donald Trump just tweeted how much he loves sucking Jewish cock and about how every American needs to line up for Bill Gates vaccine that the US government is funding so you can get chipped like a good nigger.

>>268578650> deleted> re-tweets his old tweets>>268579545> willingly using a service that sucks nigger cocks, known to suck nigger cocks, restrict free speech and then crying about ityou people truly are the dumbest niggers alive. we have abos here smarter than you dumb fucks. amazing.


FOUND MIRRORstreamable.com/7lzhy0


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youtu.be/Y0_UkygitOY>inb4 phonefagI'm at work


>>268580929Was Chester a Podesta clone?

>>268583602Someone cap it before it gets nuked

>>268579737That was easily the most homosexual video I've ever seen linked on this website

He was shit posting and posted this...youtube.com/watch?v=TlJE2IjmayU

>>268582810Bourdain admitted to having a collection of trepanning drills and that he would eat humans. I think it's pretty safe to say he developed Kuru like all the rest and hung himself like the pathetic faggot he always was.

>>268583536>>268583536>pedowood signs within 15 seconds

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>>268583536> propaganda> uses (c) musichilarious.

>>268583536Wow that was pretty based


>>268583239>Their defenses have to be dealt with before you can get to them.They have no defenses, only arrogance. They have homes, family, friends and routines. Anyone can be gotten to with enough time and resources.

>>268583905Google it faggot, it should be easy to find.

>>268583835> accuse everyone of being pedophiles> kills himself because he's a schizo> there's a link here..

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>trump retweeted a video that used a crappy l.p. cover band. gasp.Biden has never spoken an original thought. ever.youtube.com/watch?v=_f2Z30j61aw

>>268583503Thank you.

kek what a good 2020 trump campaign songI tried so hardAnd got so farBut in the endIt doesn't even matterI had to fallTo lose it allBut in the endIt doesn't even matter

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>>268583602is he announcing that he's giving up?

>>268584098>accuse everyone of being pedophilesvery odd that every single person he mentions are involved. very odd indeed

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>>268583835Kappy was likely murdered. There were men seen on the overpass with him. But, who the fuck knows, I always assumed the kike was a psyop and I don't care about his life.

>>268584250I just want child abusers hung from the highest tree. human trafficking in general is just wrong.

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>>268584508i agree. all Jews, pedos and traitors get the rope.


Wtf, why is Hank Hill trending with lester and linkin park?Didn’t that girl in the movie with eminem in it die on the show?Is there a connection there?

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>>268586024brittany murphy

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>>268586297poor brittany. she was kinda bangable at one time. sounds like the kikes did a real number on her. Right around the time Eminem was replaced by a double. Kek.

>>268581979>Must be logged into parler to view mediafuck off kike, parlers just a glownigger data harvesting tool

>>268586741This. Fuck all current and future social media. Your days are numbered kikes. The attacks have already begun just like I predicted. Get ready to grab your ankles.

>>268586297Died from "pneumonia" apparentlyRest in Peace Brittany. You were too good for Hollywood

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>>268578650>podestas bastard childKEK

>>268587034He says, in a social media post.

>>268578650Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington - PedogateWith overwhelming evidence, Titus Frost and Randy Rocket cover the non suicide of Chris Cornell here:youtube.com/watch?v=fpOdtlhIbmk&t=2850sCornell ran the: chrisandvickycornellfoundation.org/"with the mission to protect vulnerable children around the world."Cornell was also funding an independent documentary titled:“The Silent Children”twitter.com/AnOpenSecret/status/1034622374753316865https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiCvLQ68noI> This documentary has yet to be released in seven years.VICKY CORNELL (widow) now runs the:[New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]hollywood.com/general/chris-cornells-widow-appointed-to-childrens-council-of-non-profit-organisation-60718649/SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE were signed by:Interscope Records (pedo-symbol), which is owned by:SEAGRAMS, which is owned by:the BRONFMAN FAMILY - (NXIVM)>Bronfman - yiddish for “whiskey man” - changed when they ran bootleg whiskey with Al Capone.

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>>268589414>He says, in a social media post.This is a forum of intellectual exchange.

>>268580511>>268580890Wasn't there also speculation in to Avici knowing the same thing and being suicided?

>>268589706Chester Bennington supposedly committed suicide the same way as Chris, on Cornell’s would be birthday. Footage of Chester laughing with his family 12 hours before the death is available. His wife openly does not believe he took his own life (tweets deleted).> Many believe Chester Bennington to be John Podesta’s illegitimate child. - The father that raised him, a police officer was not the blood father. - They look remarkably similar.- "Lincoln Park" is where MK Ultra experiments were conducted on children in Canada.- Chester admits to being molested by a family relative. it goes onstatic.spin.com/files/140407-bill-clinton-linkin-park-haiti-video.jpg

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>>268578650directoryofus.com/ash/index.php/breaking-update-chester-benningtons-family-friends-claim-media-guilty-of-murder-cover-up/Some good shit in here. This has got my blood a bit heated

>>268586489>>268587085whats the speculation into her death? what did she know?

>>268589706Didn’t his sister release a video or tweet that Podesta is outright involved?

Saved it... the beginning scenes remind me of that weird Alice in wonderland video ft. Obama and the rest of the gang

>>268584508I honest to god feel like we entered some timeline where all of this evidence just appeared after 2011ish. Prior to that I, and no one I knew, had heard a single word about satanism and pedophile being real world concerns-especially not amongst the elite. Now we're looking back and there was evidence everywhere.

>>268580346“I was molested by Matt groening at 14, u jelly?” Not really

>>268583465>abos smarter thanI'm gonna stop ya right there cunt. We both know you don't mean it.

>>268590155yeah his last video or one of them was about child trafficking. he was going to red pill people

>>268594762I have no idea. I never paid it enough attention until recently.

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>>268586024"Hank Hill would've voted trump" is why.

>>268589706Wow, Podesta looks really healthy and young in this pic

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>>268583594this picture of ellen is extremely disturbing.that poor kid f

>>268583594I'm ready to slay demonsm.youtube.com/watch?v=XaGwxIl4KKo

>>268580220Never forgetti

>>268581095Two voices would call out in a silence all would hear.

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>>268583503Great imagery showing Barr raising his right hand to swear in followed by Biden and then the train station stop at Clinton st.


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>>268590438Remember not to start grasping at straws.It's good to have far out theories but remember to listen to your truth.There is a benefit in having off the wall theories because it accelerates are awakening because we are prepared for greater hurdles only to realise that they weren't as big as we thought but we put so much energy into attempting to overcome a mountain, we ended up having only to climb a hill, but if we had thought we only needed to climb a hill, we would have delayed it "no biggie, I'll do that later" but we overcome by being guided into action through a significant task.It is the beauty of this, just remember to look and listen for the truth (it is within you).You can overcome any obstacle with ease if you are expecting it to be far more difficult a challenge.Remember that. We are not up against nearly as great a threat as we think but we will more easily over come it because we are prepared.Just stay true to yourself through this and we will shed our light on the darkness without much to hold us back because we are prepared for a much larger battle than what is happening or ahead of us.

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>>268578650It's kinda funny, because people even want to see it more... human nature is to want what you can't have.

>>268598119Hmmm damn thats a good guess user. Mine is Maxwell and who ever the fuck Q reveals to be

>>268586297((((((((((((((((((((((black mold)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

>>268582571that would be antisemitic

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>>268582292Anybody ever figure out what terrible thing Kappy did? He acted like it was apocalyptic but then I heard he bought probably stolen bitcoin. Which I don't see as soul condemning.

trips me out when people pretend like chester or cornell were trying to expose pedophilia.for cornell, go watch the official original black hole sun video and then try to say to yourself that they aren't in on that shit too

>>268580511rip avicii as well

>>268600063no, but kappy literally exposed how israel controls the usabased fukin jew

>>268600063he said he did bad things. who knows. at least he sung at the end. literally. youtube.com/watch?v=POBaxnoN09wI like his song desu

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>>268590438So did Shinoda sell him out?

>>268600251Pizzagate was hitting the mainstream and Cornell thought he was about to be exposed and lose everything so he necked himself. Bennington who was homo with Cornell was about to expose everything and got put down. All of their charity work was tied into human trafficking and they were tight with the Clinton's and co. These two and Seth are where the "getting suicided" phrase came from in the context of Hillary.


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>>268602698Almost like there's a reason his wife hates him.

>>268580511Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain and Avicii all denounced pedophiles rings before "suiciding"(or misteriously dying in Avicii's case).Cornell and Bennington were actually friends, and when Bennington killed himself, ever single journalist lapdog would not stop talking about how he was so depressed about Cornell dying, so he killed himself the same way, by hanging.EXCEPT>Cornell, nor Bennington ever showed sings of being suicidal, and both were family men.

>>268595150If this is true why is he still doing movies?

its like imparanoid looking over my back its like awhirlwind inside of my head its like icant stop what im feeling within its like the face inside is rightbeneath my skin

>>268602698>Will FerrelNoooooo that's depressing...

>>268580220Can you prove this tweet existed?

>>268603633The signs were there.youtu.be/SIdxVR_7ikg