Hey Holla ForumsMy son is due to be born in November and I finally decided to talk to my wife about not circumcising...

Hey Holla ForumsMy son is due to be born in November and I finally decided to talk to my wife about not circumcising him. She’s not a political person and actually doesn’t have an opinion about it other than girls won’t sleep with him. So I think she can have her mind changed. Any videos or pictures or charts you can share that I can show her

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>>268577509Just tell her that cutting off body parts for cultural reasons seems unnecessarily cruel and violent

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YES! Give me a moment, I'm pulling up my folder. I don't want this thread to 404

>>268577509How fucked up does a person have to be to need reasons to NOT pointlessly mutilate a boy's penis? JFC

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>She’s not a political person and actually doesn’t have an opinion about it other than girls won’t sleep with himThat's a pretty stupid opinion considering it's uncommon to be circumsized in Europe.

>>268577509There is literally no argument for doing it that cannot be defeated by saying if it's so good then he can decide himself later on.In fact you should have had this discussion before marrying. This should be a deal breaker for any man.

>>268577509also see studies of trauma on frontal lobe and amygdala from it

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There is honestly nothing better than this video. Christopher Guest goes slowly, calmly, and uses evidence about the matter. If there was one video you could show her to convince her, I would choose this one: youtube.com/watch?v=XwZiQyFaAs0Eric Clopper's presentation is also great, but it gets personal and can come off as "conspiracy theorish," which is something you want to avoid. It's an amazing watch. Actually, if you could find the circumcision documentary on youtube that would be nice too. Anyways, here is Clopper's presentation: youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRcThese are all you need to convince someone not to do it... This is very graphic. Just ask her if she wants your son to go through this and she'll be completely against it.files.catbox.moe/hycdso.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/fd9p8v.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/5x9fir.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/4dg01g.mp4

Is that how it is in America it's just assumed? Just tell her you don't want him circumcised, should be reason enough. Most people in Europe aren't

>>268577509>girls won't sleep with himWhat the fuck

>>268577509Imagine thinking about your not even born son yet FUCKING GIRLS AND STICKING HIS FULLY ERECT PENIS INTO A GIRLS VAGINA AND HOW BADLY YOU WANT HIM TO FUCK MULTIPLE SHALLOW GIRLS THAT ARE NOT HIS WIFE AND WOULDN'T FUCK HIM IF HE WAS UNCIRCUMCISED.God I want so badly to get married but not to a retarded bitch like OP's wife.

>>268580833why does your video open with a tranny?

Just make sure no one pulls his foreskin down by force,most people cant do it before they are 10 yrs on average maybe as late as 18,burger doctors will use this as an excuse for circumcision under the false pretext of phimosis

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>>268577509Tell her he can get it cut off later if it really fucking bothers him. No reason to do it as a baby.>>268580614>>268580871>>268580946This isn't uncommon in Burgerland, I've had a female friend tell me she finds uncut dicks gross.

>>268580946Propaganda level:> Americans believe women won’t sleep with men if they’re not circumcised > Women report men with a foreskin feel better than men without due to the rubbing sensation > NOOOO YOU CANT JUST HAVE SKIN ON YOUR DICK ITS UNHYGENIC WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU JUST CLEAN IT NOOOOO

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>>268577509Just appeal to reason. "Oh but foreskin is natural. Is it natural to you that the first thing you do to a baby boy is to cut a piece of his dick off? That's just wrong."Or "they say its cleaner but if you teach your son proper hygiene, the issue of teaching cleanliness to your son wouldn't matter unless youre a lazy parent"its that simple. women are easy, OP. you dont need to make it complicated with infographs.

>>268577509Nah just say its no longer needed since we have this wonderful invention called soap

>>268581172holy shit on top of that this freak starts talking about stolen indigenous land. wtf did you send us nigger


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>>268580871Yes>>268580946>>268581101Yeah your wife seems like a whore OP


youtube.com/watch?v=GBH0g_Cl7RkThis guy brings up the moral and ethical implications of circumcision. This is a good watch, but the Christopher Guest's and Eric Clopper's videos are better as an introduction (in my opinion)>>268581172>>268581283it's just an introduction. Christopher starts speaking around the 5 minute mark...

I genuinely don't understand how this shit is even legal, let alone fucking common practice here in the US.

>>268581358>>268581418You fucking samefag +1'ing your own post?

>>268580946Bullshit, I’m uncut and I never had a problem getting laid.

>>268581518you're right, I'm fucking retarded. I meant to +1 this guy >>268581352+1

>>268577509If you were having a daughter, would it make sense to cut her breasts off so that she doesn't develop breast cancer? That's circumcision in a nutshell

>>268577509Just be a man and forbid it. Worked for me.

>>268577509i can tell you from experience that in high school he could be ashamed to be one of the few intact dicks but after his first few fucks he will see that girls don't give 2 shits about it or can even tell the difference

Obviously you DONT circumcise him.

>>268577509You need to ask your wife’s permission for shit? If I had a boring enough life to have anti-circumcision activism at anywhere else but the rock bottom of my list of priorities, I wouldn’t want faggots like you associated with it and therefore dirtying it up with your faggotry. Kys faggot. Feeling pity for your wife’s son.

>>268577509dont do itIf my father did that to me i would have broken up contact It is bodily harm, its a sick jewish brainwashIt is a satanic practice, dont hurt your child over a desert tribe

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Pic is true i have one,women will tell the current man they are with what they want to hear,they will tell a bf with a foreskin thats the best and a cut bf the same about his genitals.

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Just tell her that it is pointless, and there is a small chance that they could fuck it up.youtu.be/vVuEST8RdL8Professional smash bros player talks about how a botched circumcision ruined his whole life and he’s tried to kill himself multiple times.

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Yeah, this is important to know.

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this is a copy paste from another anonI prefer the numbers, but I really should make an infographic of this:>Male circumcision (MGM) removes what will be 15 square inches of flesh for an adult. 99% of FGM removes less.>MGM removes 20,000 nerves. For comparison, the clit has 8,000 and the glans have 4,000>MGM removes the gliding function which makes sex less abrasive, and gives women more orgasms. FGM doesn't remove anything functionalMGM removes the protection from glans, that prevent callouses called keritinization forming on the head. FGM doesn't protect from >desensitization.>MGM removes the langerhans cells in a foreskin that help fight against disease. FGM doesn't have/affect this.MGM is said to cause men to "last longer," however statistically causes men to prematurely ejaculate when young. FGM doesn't cause a >premature end to sex.>MGM causes older men to have erectile dysfunction. FGM doesn't prevent sex.MGM is performed on infants. This increases chances of Autism and SIDs, and can cause death. FGM is generally performed older without this >risk.MGM is performed when the penis is so small and underdeveloped can be botched causing skin bridges, 90 degree curves, secondary holes, and >even loss of the glans or entire penis. Doctors are not required to report this. FGM is generally performed older without this risk.>Both were performed to reduce sexual sensation, we just make excuses for MGM>One of those excuses is UTIs, however women experience them at 10x the rate, but we don't recommend cutting parts off their genitals.>FGM is illegal as a human rights violation. MGM is pushed in many parts of the world.>1 in 300 or so women are circumcised. 1 in 3 men are circumcised.

>>268577509Dude... grow some fucking balls and do NOT let them do that shit to your son. The risk vs reward is not worth it. Women will absolutely fuck him, regardless. Seriously, if you allow Drs to mutilate your kid because of your wifes “feels”, you are a pussy. Ask her how she would feel having her labia sliced off? It’s a disgusting, outdated practice rooted in a fucked up belief system that has absolutely no benefit.

Update. She stopped talking to me because >she doesn’t want to have to show him how to clean it or change him with foreskin>she wants me to explain to him why he’ll never have sex>her aunt dated a nice guy with an intact penis and she left him because of it. Welp there goes her initial openness to itProbably just meant she was open to me changing my mind.

>>268581193This is important to know*

this is a copy paste from another anonCircumcision is healthy! Circumcision has many benefits! The foreskin is just a tiny, useless flap of skin! The foreskin is so unnecessary and useless in fact, that's why it's so necessary to cut it off! Nature designed it totally by accident! Actually all it does is generate gross icky stuff! And does nothing else! And we have to amputate it immediately after birth too! Because if you wait too long to cut it off, the boy might decline to have the surgery! I mean... it hurts! A lot! That's why we do it to babies! Because newborn babies can handle intense genital pain much easier than grown men with pain medications!Sure, circumcision comes with some risks... But those risks are far outweighed by the many many benefits. I mean, sure there are studies that prove circumcision diminishes sexual pleasure and induces erectile dysfunction in earlier ages and even causes autism and neurological damage. But think of how horrible it would be if your baby had a UTI! I mean, sure, Sweden and Germany and Iceland and Japan all have extremely low neonatal UTI rates and basically never circumcise their infants... And the US has a considerably higher neonatal UTI rate... But circumcision reduces UTIs, that's a fact. It's in a study! And it reduces your chances of contracting HIV if you have unprotected sex with someone with HIV! Studies said so! And are never wrong!Circumcision is such a beneficial surgery, as you can tell by the reasons above. And did you know circumcision is the only elective surgery in all of medical literature which can be performed on someone without their consent and without diagnosis of injury, disease, or deformity? You can just tell the doctor you don't like your infant son's prepuce and he will promptly tie your baby down and amputate part of his penis. Isn't that something? Body integrity rights apply to every square inch of infant girls, and every square inch of baby boys, except for the male prepuce.

The jews sell the foreskins as facial cream.

>>268582588Just tell her you'll beat the heckerinos out of her if she tries to circumcise him.

Keeping the redpills flowing yourwholebaby.org/basic-intact-care

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>>268581268its always the same muh nigger dick is longer women are perfect and pure, empathetic gender hitler was envying jews so thats why he killed them Masturbating is good for you because it reduces the chance of prostate cancer Just take this point, it may reduce prostate cancer at a low percentage after the age of lets say 45. Well using toilet paper may increase the chance of prostate cancer by 0,22 %, using hair spray may increase the chance of lung cancer by 0,6 %Those are empty arguments for propagandaGoon all day goy, dont have kids, also a niggers dick is longer anyway, you dont deserve sex bcs you cant satisfy a woman anywayLet us destroy your ego, and then lets listen to women on how you fix it, just be more extroverted and more agreeable, just say yes more, and be more nice, so we can do what we want and this whole spiel keeps going think for yourself and make good choices

>>268582588If this is legit, fuck your wife. Seriously, stand the fuck up for yourself and your son.

>>268577509there's a movie called The Red Pill where a feminist talks to the men's rights people and ends up getting converted.They talk about circumcision in there at some point and she said all she needed was a five minute training video of the process to make her do a complete 180


>>268582646No thanks shlomo, how about you go and become a lampshade.

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Talk to her? Change her mind? Put your fucking foot down, faggot, and tell her no. She doesn't have a dick. She has no say in it. Fuck her.

>>268582287also in christianity it is a demand from god to the jews. we are no jews so it does not involve us, just like sabbath and such

>>268580654I don't agree with circumcision but that's a pretty dumb argument. Say he does want to get circumcised later in life, no sane man would ever wanna go through that pain. If you're circumcised as a child then you won't remember the pain. I get that you're argument is that if something is that painful then it should never be done, especially to a baby but most won't care later in life since they won't remember the pain. Again i still think circumcision is sickening but that argument is faliable.

>>268582888Trips of truth. Make your wife watch circumcision videos until she can’t take it.

>>268582588Your wife is a genuinely horrible person. Honestly at this point you should be contemplating murder, or finding a way to take you son far away from her the moment he is born.

>>268577509>I'm Too Stupid To Use A Search Engine: The Postyou are literally too fucking stupid to be a Holla Forumstard

>>268577509I can post a pic of my penis if you want to show her that. I’m uncircumcised and it will help you sway her opinion.

>>268577509>girls won’t sleep with himThis is true.But look on the bright side, in 18 years there will be plenty of men that are willing to dock dicks with him.

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>>268583104Bullshit, faggot. I’m uncut and have never had a problem. It’s insecurity that deters women, not your dick skin.

>>268583102Hnngghhhh yes. Yes do this yesssss

>>268577509they don't seem to mind Europeans without mutilated dicks, he will be fine, lolalso, he should marry

Just tell her its his body his choice.Unless she thinks newborn baby girls should have their labia removed without consent? If he wants to cut up his disk when he is an adult fine, otherwise leave his private parts alone, they are called privates for a reason...

>>268577509Bro tell your wife he isnt getting cut and thats the end of the story. Thats what I did and it worked fine. Nurses will constantly remind you he "still needs his circ" for a while after he's born just tell them to fuck off.

>>268577509Put your foot down, like a fucking man. Any woman that wants to mutilate their son’s genitals for cosmetic reasons is likely retarded and can’t be reasoned with. My father never stood up for me and I still can’t respect him.

>>268582588force her to watch these videosfiles.catbox.moe/hycdso.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/fd9p8v.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/5x9fir.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/4dg01g.mp4

circumstitions.com/coerce.html they will bully you in the hospital they want those shekels,they take none of the risks live with none of the consequences

>>268581476Goes back to our puritanical roots. It was originally sold to us as "helping to stop masturbation" back when people thought that was a big sin. Of course it fucking didn't and every guy still Jack's it, So all of it was pointless.

>>268581193Wtf. I'm uncircumcised. That's not how it works. You pull it back to clean it Everytime a bath is given. If you are a lazy POS and don't wash your kid or his penis then yeah the foreskin can become too tight.

>>268577509Well at the end of the day user you don't need to change her mind. He can get circumcised when he's older if he wants, but until then "girls won't sleep with him" isn't a problem.

>>268583949This user is not lying about bullying. It is constant. You have to be very firm and I would even recommend stating clearly that legal action will be taken if he is cut "by mistake". These people are fucking demons.

>>268577509Are they still harvesting foreskins in the US? We stopped doing that here in the 80's.

>>268584022>implying it isn't just jews branding their cattle and getting paid to do itYou need to lurk for at least 4 years before posting.

Don’t do it. No medical purpose. Has its origins in bs WASP 19th century pseudo-medicine. Also Foreskins are sold for use in consumer products like makeup. Didn’t circumcise my boy. Here’s a based catholic take on it:catholicism.org/ad-rem-no-283.html

>>268584060that is exactly how it works. The foreskin is fused to the glands and separates over time... They have to force it apart just to get the clamp on...

>>268577509>burgerimagine making your son's sex life awkward over a Holla Forums meme

>>268584022It was never about that. The Kelloggs guy was a Jew. It was always about brain damage and mind control. Even back in ancient history, circumcision was done because they believed that it separated you from your spiritual side. It was done to slaves.

>>268577509Had my older brother have his foreskin cut off and be injected with all sorts of vaccines against my father's will, but thankfully I was saved. Hoping for the best, my external hard drive is unusable atm.

>>268584060When it comes loose you have to clean it,it's fused at birth if you try to pull it down by force you will rip/tear it,i clean mine every day but i could not pull it down until i was 10-12 yrs myself,happened when i was pissing behind the house was scared the first time it pulled back xD

>>268582588Sounds like you made a mistake getting married to this woman, user. Now you’re stuck with her. I’m truly sorry to hear that. Just make a stand for your son. No matter how mad a woman gets, just back off and they usually come back around. Maybe think twice before having another kid with her...

>>268577509Just put your foot down.

>>268582991>disregarding studies of damage to an infant brain undergoing circumcisionNow who’s making retarded arguments, user?

>>268577509Does anyone actually believe these threads ?It's always the same pattern of short generic backstory, reddit spaced, followed by "show me any pics and charts against / in favor of what I stated".

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>>268580371This. Circumcision is thankfully an easy redpill, it’s only so widespread because nobody thinks too hard about it and all assume it’s just the norm. Bringing up doctors against circumcision or even just having a dissenting opinion is enough to get people to question it.

>>268582588Go at in from a different angle. Talk about choice and that you dont want to make it for him. Circumcision is something a person can do at any moment of his life but you cant reverse it. If he runs into any problems with being intact he can chose to get it done when he is of age. >she doesn’t want to have to show him how to clean it or change him with foreskinyou can teach him how to clean it and not changing is a bluff>she wants me to explain to him why he’ll never have sexread above about him able to get the surgery done when he is of age and that its his choice to make>her aunt dated a nice guy with an intact penis and she left him because of itshe is a dumbass

>>268583264>>268584559Seriously though, at least there is plenty to work with for his eventual vaginoplasty.


>>268579323This makes me so fucking mad, i hate the mindless goyim of America so goddamn much

>>268577509I'm uncircumcised and dated a couple Jews. I made them suck the smegma off my cock. There's no reason at all to mutilate your son.


>>268585584How did they take it?

yourwholebaby.org/forced-retraction keeping the pills rolling

>>268585209You’re a fucktard I’m a real fucking person. There are actual people with actual fucking problems

>>268577509Ask her "do europeans get laid? They have their foreskins"If that won't convince her idk what will.

>>268587150She says we are not in Europe and we are in America. American women will run away from uncut cocks

>>268587292Ask her if she would suck pic related

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>>268587088I hope you can solve this one, user. You have to save your son, no matter the consequences. I'll personally never forgive either of my parents for what they did to me. I'll go to my grave hating them. My entire life has been nothing but discomfort and feelings of alienation thanks to them.

>>268584121Exactly. All these posts are pointless at best, and at worst will make you look like a schizo. Just say it's his dick and should be his decision.

>>268587292Just let them cut it.Happy wife, happy life.

>>268587498Miserable son with a ruined sex life and permanent brain damage thanks to trauma as an infant. If you'd let somebody mutilate your son's genitals then you're literally no better than somebody who would slice their kid's eyelids off.

once your son is out of your wife, there is no "my body, my choice." mutilating a penis for aesthetic purposes is barbaric and wrong. she should consider your perspective as a penis-carrying man as higher than her own.

>>268587691Have fun paying alimony and child support.Also enjoy paying for vaginoplasty and HRT when her daddy issues manifest into gender dysphoria.

>>268587292what kind of mother would side with a woman who would value your son for the look of his penis and not who he is? sorry, user, but your wife is twisted

>>268588067>not circumcising will lead to alimony and child support.both of these can happen even if OP succeeds... One word: COPE.Also >>268583227

>>268588067There's an enormous correlation between circumcision and trannyism. They turn to anal sex because they can't feel anything with their dicks anymore. You disgusting, dishonest kike.

>>268587292>American women will run away from uncut cocksHow is this an argument? He's an infant. It will be many years before he will be interested in girls. Save the decision for then, and let him make up his own mind.


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>>268588635I'm objectively right. Genital mutilation is wrong and nothing will change that fact. It's a moral absolute.

>>268588635no you

>>268588635just because you post trump doesnt mean im not going to vote for him.

>>268577509Just tell her no and put your foot down. Its your son, you have a penis, not her. What right does she have to dictate what to do to a mans body? Is she jewish?

>>268577509>and actually doesn’t have an opinion about it other than--fuck that. does she have a dick? then what makes her think she can make an informed choice?

>>268587292Tell her that he can still get it cut as an adult. Let him make the choice himselfYou literally can not argue with this

>>268587292Thats such a fucking myth


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>>268577509Why did you mate with a retard?

>>268587292american women are sluts that will fuck horse cock dildos, do you really think burger women care about a little skin?

>>268581265Several women have told me they prefer cut dicks because they're cleaner. For all the posters that say "Just keep it clean!" it appears a lot of you don't. I wish I wasn't circumcised in principle. In practice, I don't notice it and women tell me they like it.

>>268582947Anon, don't reply if you didn't even read the post

>>268577509Why even give these women the impression that it's up for debate? Is it? Is your son's physical safety up for debate?

>>268582646Cut off your lips so it's easier to brush your teeth

>>268577509>girls wont sleep with himWhat a retard.

>>268577509Just tell her that he will be unusual for his age as there is a decline in circumcision in both your country and mine.


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>>268585215is circumsicion really that widespread?

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>>268577509>>268582588>getting marriedi cant stop laughing, you did this to yourself

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>>268580871In kike country they cut all the dicks. They need the foreskins for their skin creams

>>268582588At this point say it's either divorce or circumcision.

>>268581476 Because jews. Jews have been making up reasons to cut dicks for a long time. Its literally jew after jew with reasons such as it stops master-bating or all these made up health benefits

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>>268587292just accept the fact that your first born will resent you and your wife until the day you die.

>>268577509More and more kids are uncut. My 4 month old son being one of them. Doesn't sound like your wife is absolutely procut, and that it's your decision. What's the problem?



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>>268577509Just show this and say that you doesnt need to behave like africans.

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Don't make it political. Just say that some times you like to free ball it and that you get chafed some times more than you would if you had all of your penis and that you regret having it done and you don't want him to hate her for it like you hate your mother. She won't be able to cope.

>>268577509Just tell her to let him deicide when hes older you can cut him but you can't uncut yourself

>Mfw I’m foreskinless. No I’m not Jewish.

>>268577509Imagine a world where the wife had to convince her husband not to mutilate their daughter's genitals. Jfc dude just tell her it's not her business or right to mutilate your son's genitals. Your wife is a worthless whore if she cannot comprehend that.

>>268577509I have a big dick because my Father was a great man and hated the synagogue of satanMe being uncut is why I have a big dick

>>268577509I solved this by telling any woman I date or think about marrying that I will not be with a woman who wants circumcision for their son.