Even FOX NEWS has had to call Trump out at this point... I've never seen Trump this mad before, I really think he's about to drop out of the race."It’s gotten totally out of control and it’s really because they want to defund the police, and Biden wants to defund the police," Trump said in a clip of the interview, which will air in its entirety on Sunday."Sir, he does not," Wallace interjected."Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders," Trump shot back, referencing a lengthy unity platform unveiled by Biden and the Vermont senator that offers a number of progressive policy proposals."And it says nothing about defunding the police," Wallace said.>"Oh really? It says abolish, it says defund. Let’s go. Get me the charter, please," Trump said, turning to staff off camera.>Wallace recounted on Fox News that Trump had his staff fetch highlights of the unity pledge from the Biden and Sanders team and found "a lot of things that he objected to that Biden has agreed to. But he couldn’t find any indication — because there isn’t any — that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police."

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>>268576792Pedantix scumbag wallace.Biden wants to Reallocate. Weasel word lawyer shit bag should be in jail not running for office.

Biden called it funding redistribution which is the same thing. No money left to pay cops. I don’t know why Trump would give Wallace an interview.

>>268576961Trump said 'abolish'.

1 post by this ID cut and copy spamignore and don't even reply even with s*ge

>>268577914>No money left to pay copsThe police, especially in blue areas, often have giant budgets, 10 times what they had back in the day.Trump said 'It says abolish, it says defund'.That's not the same thing.

>>268576961You mad.

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>>268577936>>268578081Still a pathetic attempt to redirect from actual Biden polcies of Defubding the police.If Trump being Hyperbolic bothered Trump voters he would be president.

>>268577914Most police departments get like 70% of a cities funding, that's horseshit, reallocate some of that money to social programs and there's less crime to fight.

>>268578630Do u have a citation for that or a citation that social programs reduce crime in a meaningful way

>>268578630>increased social programs leads to less crimeIn theory only.

>>268576792Don't care. Still voting Trump.

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>>268576792Still voting Trump weak bitch

>>268576792Well, good thing Kike Wallace is a known quantity. I'm just not sure why Trump agreed to talk to the POS Jew.

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>>268578282Show me one thing Trump has done for cops.

>>268576961He has dementia. It's not his fault.

>>268578630Said every shithole liberal city everywhere for the last 3 decades..

>>268579657Cops dont need anything other than not being thrown under the bus or defunded

>>268576792This the dumb shit that has made Trump look silly since day 1. Im all for hyperbolic statements, especially when him doing it redpills people, but those statements are few and inbetween the rest the time he looks plain retarded. Dont get me wrong voted for him in 16 and certainly voting him over fucking biden but ffs

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>>268579657Building the wall and deporting illegals. Vocal supporter of blue lives

>>268579657Fill the vacancies of judges in the federal courts that Obama purposely left empty.Fire the shills left in the system that Obama purposely left to play havoc in the DoJ.Trump has actually supported law enforcement; unlike Obama.

>>268576792Woah..this is.. just wowie zowie. I can’t believe it. Truly an eye opener. Still voting for Trump though

>>268576792Wallace is just as bad as Shepard was

>>268578282>If Trump being HyperbolicHe isn't being hyperbolic. He's using 'defund' in the same way BLM lunatics do, as in all the way, they use it interchangably with 'abolish' just like Trump did.Trump got this 'he wants to defund the police' thing from conservative tards on twitter spamming it.

>>268576792he really has issues when the FOX guys deviate from the Kushner placards. Jared is definitely hiding and manipulating the info he gets.

Yo man, fuck the police. Buncha dumbass bootlickers!

>>268581170Trump doesnt want to defund the police Biden doesnt know what he wants and will do whatever his handlers twll him. Imagine RBG but as a president.

>>268581364Nazis weak compared to Chad Black Man!

>>268578630There’s not a social program out there that can fix niggers

Yeah its not like most democrats are in favor of defunding the police, and its not like democratic mayors have already done so. Do you think biden would go against the flow, against democrats and say no we cant defund the police. And shifting resources its bullshit anyways are most of the budget goes to pay salaries defunding means less cops on the streets.

ActBlue -> BLM -> Defund the PoliceDefund the police is the DNC's platform.It's entirely dishonest to say Biden isn't a Democrat.

>>268576961Doesnt it get tiring defending this retard?

>>268576792>caring what kikes talk aboutfuck off republicunt


>>268576961Flashback to people saying Trump was referencing some obscure med startup when he suggested people drink bleachYou don't have to defend everything he does you know

>>268579431This. The Dems have already pissed everyone off passed the point of no return with their corona hypocrisy (BLM Riots Good, Comfy House Parties Bad) and Biden's mental health is making their backers nervous. Hence all of the shilling.Trump's not perfect either, but there's no one else running that could do a better job than he has so far.

>>268577936He corrected himself literally one second later. You kikes are really stretching with this one.

>>268581637>>268582128Of course it does, but holy are the alternatives horrifically worse.Critical theory blank check throughout government.Back to Business as usual with ChinaBack to arming islamic supremacists and the refugee crisis.Higher taxes.More barely literate third world immigrants.Green New Deal western redistribution of wealth to China.Anticompetitive regulations that promote offshoring.

>>268582382You don’t need to spread fake news to shill for Biden you know


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>>268580188You’re getting better with the shilling, but not nearly good enough.

>>268576792This faggot is literally NPC. I hope Wallace catches RBG's cancer. Biden called for reallocating police funds which, if you're smart enough to be on this board and not a memefag nigger, you should know is defunding.

>>268580792And yet Trump still has 436 unseated positions in Homeland Security, because nobody wants to work for a tv pitchman.

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>>268582643I get it and I'm sure that shit is needed on Facebook and places where normies congregate. But we all know he is dumber tha dogshit. I would just be tired of concocting weird excuses here for him saying something stupid.

>>268576792So murdoch wants trump out. Interesting.

>>268579651Wallace talks like he's a 1950s radio host and I think it is endearing to the greatest generation doped up on oxy and benzos all day watching that stupid fucking channel. God damn what I wouldn't give for a live news channel that isn't kiked out. Closest we ever get are podcasts and some of them glow real bad.

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>>268576792>>268577936>>268578022>>268581170>all out of proxiesShow flag kike.

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>>268580033In America its been over twice as long as that. And the answer to why it's failing is always the same.>need mo money fo dem programs There will never be enough money or encouragement to cure apathy and subhuman IQ. faggot

>>268582382Did he really say drink bleach? Because he didn’t. And what he said was humor, something the left and the media ignores at the behest I’d the stick up your ass. With the word fuckery already! You do know that he’s better than the alternative, and still voting Trump.

>>268582382>biden negroes are also fake news gangwho knew

>>268576792Wallace, whose family's surname was originally Wallik,[3] was born on May 9, 1918, in Brookline, Massachusetts[3] to Russian Jewish immigrant parents.[3][4] He identified as a Jew throughout his life.His son Chris is a chip off the old block, oy vey.Journalism is a family business for the chosen people.Democrats are now defunding police in blue cities, but Biden won't cause Chris Wallik says so, got it OP. KYS.

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>>268578630That only works in white neighborhoods.

still voting Trump.

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>>268576792>The ShillDementia Joe is the Presidential candidate for a party which has wholeheartedly embraced defunding local police as a policy goal. That makes him at the minimum a supporter.

>>268578630you're going to need some proofs for that Mr. Shekelberg

>>268576792Still voting Trump and I'll have a Coke.

>>268579651I turned on fox a few weeks ago just to see what they were saying about the protests and Wallace comes on to give his opinion as a correspondent or whatever. First thing he says to the host is "I'm white, you're white." Kind of funny.


>>268576792Wtf Joe said he would "re-allocate" funds from police when talking to some robot cripple mother fucker I saw it last week.

>>268588735DHS is a pit money is thrown in. Filling those seats is like drilling a series of holes in the bottom of a boat.

>>268578022>one prominent leftist: defund mean reallocate the funds >another prominent leftist: yes totally defund and abolish the policeSo which is it?

>>268589578Whichever Biden said since he's the guy who's trying to be POTUS.Given his record as being tough on crime, to the point Trump is using it in attack ads, what do you think?

>>268576792fuck fox. they are all in on the blue mask agenda.

>>26857863070%? check your shit level. its over flowing

>>268578988But in practice in many ethnically homogenous socities

>>268581170Fuck you asshole. Biden plays it both ways. He gives AOC a position in his campaign and all the dem dolts think he is for defunding the police. He actually gives an interview and confirms he wants to redirect funds. Now Biden has Wallace engaging in semantics to discredit Trump, But Trump knows he has no way to lose this argument. Slippery scumbag politician will have to take a position. If he is for defunding the police goodbye normie vote. If he isn't for defunding the police goodbye radical dem base. I laugh at how stupid Wallace is if the actually thought he did Biden any favors.

>>268576792And now Biden can't choose a VP candidate who advocated for defunding or change his "own" stance.

>>268576792Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano and Cavuto are all bought out by the deep stateonly Tuck is honest and true

>>268583138>wewho do you think youre fooling?

>>268591439>Now Biden has Wallace engaging in semantics to discredit Trump,Trump discredited himself by believing conservative Inc retards on twitter saying 'defund' and 'abolish' interchangably.

>>268594608you tried

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>>268594694>Redirect some of the funding>This is the same as 'abolishing the police'Why are conservatives so stupid?


>>268594795>police have become the enemy>redirect funding from themremove your flag, coward.


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>>268594795Redirecting funding is literally defunding.

Trump should have said "ok, Chris. Let's fox wants to reallocate funds from to your show to the custodial staff... has your show been defunded?"

>>268576792When hasn't Wallace been antiTrump? Trump is a faggot but you idiots rewriting history and trying to make something new that's been the same since day one is douche chilling.

>>268595090Well then enjoy your chilled douche.

>>268576792Fox News has been full of nevertrumpers for 5 years now. Why should we listen to them?


>Chris WallaceIsn't this the kike that made a fool of himself attacking Ron Paul at the 2012 republican debates?

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>>268576792except he literally called for that, you disingenuous, retarded nigger memeflag.

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>>268576792attention: this is a shill post. no one cares what chris wallace says or thinks. doesn’t matter still voting trump

>>268576792Wallace is a commie enabler. Hes a leftist traitor. And a lying piece of shit scumfuck.


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>>268581121Always has been. He’s a fucking leftist stooge.

I'm just going to assume any anti-trump post from now til December is fake, and was made by an agenda driven hack funded by the left, china, Sore Ossse, EU, antifa, black supremacists or some country south of the border. Nobody actually likes Biden.....Nobody...

>>268578630>reallocate some of that money to social programs and there's less crime to fightholy fuck, my sides. user, even the most wealthiest, upper tier black neighborhoods have higher violent crime rates than the poorest, most destitute of white areas. Throwing money at the problem will not solve a genetics/basic biological issue.

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>>268590665Which leftist shit holes are not. So why is anyone using that argument?

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>>268594795Go look at the definition of defund that the faggot leftists use.

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>>268576792>I've never seen Trump this mad before, I really think he's about to drop out of the race.Holy shit you get a (you) that is some funny fucking shit! Genuine laugh, the first time in months! Oh god. I wish I laughed harder!

>>268577914>Taking all funds away and giving funds but dividing them up differently is the same thing! Zero dollars and 10,000 dollars is the same number guys!

>>268576792Are you saying Biden doesn't want to defund the police? I'm sure his potential voters would like to know this.

>>268594608This is literally the same thing. Jesus fucking Jews and your word games.

>>268577936trump meant defund/reallocation of funds

>>268576792>(((Wallace)))Really makes you think

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>>268582382>when he suggested people drink bleachSuch thing never happened you gigantic nosed cocksucking faggot