Can I get a QRD on this image?

Did mass media dare post this anywhere? Where did y'all find it? It's from last night in Portland, but source?

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>>268573899shoot her right in the pussy

>>268573899It's from last night in Portland

>>268574089with a pepper ball

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>>268573899imagine the smell

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>>268573899she has a police rape fantasy so hard

>>268573899Wow.... women really are powerful....


>>268574433>>268573899never put your dick in crazy

>>268573899Pic very related

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White women doing white women things

>>268574521dude women give birth and experience rape everyday theyre so brave

>>268574433If only we could send this video abck 100 years - there is no way anyone would even have considered letting women vote.

How illustrative of modern day America

>>268574433literal white knight

Waiting for femanon to post nudes again, I know you're lurking you attention whore.

>>268574433Imagine being this thirsty

>>268574433simptimus prime

Just let Sharia Law take over already

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>>268574749Women have been around for way more then 100 years you fucking retard

>>268575705>Women have been around for way more then 100 years you fucking retardIndeed and through those thousands of years nobody else was stupid enough to let them vote

>>268574433Is there a frontal shot?


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>>268575821the police probably have flir and 3d scanwhy don't you FOIA it in a few decades?

>>268575922didn't realise predator was in the us

>>268575705The leaf takes, why do you even bother, I mean seriously.

>>268574433>Dumb woman intentionally putting herself in harms way>White simp putting all the risk on himselfAll of society summed up

>>268575817This is a good point. Letting women vote was our mistake

>>268575922so what was going through the roastie's mind? she wants people to like her and she knows that she will be praised if she "protests against white polcie" etc so does the only thing to get attention by stripping naked? or is there more to it?Why on earth did we let women vote?

>>268575922Fuck she has such killer tits and bush. Would redpill that crazy bitch and pump her full of babies

>>268573899is she giving birth to a demon?

>>268574886Holy shit. I'm sick of captcha, but that post made me kek. Hahaha

>>268573899advanced stage untreated female hysteria

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almost everything in portland has been closed for three months. the plebs are going right for their politically correct religion, as palliative for the stress of the shattered community life, but all that being said the plebs could certainly be administered better. they look f*cking awful

>>268575922In a simpler time that would be an invitation for sex

>>268575922before rampant veganism and identity politics, these 'crazy' girls were pretty fuckable

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>>268573899nooo dont show us your tits haha

Time for some pills.

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>>268575922>couldn't even bother to shaveCan women do anything right?

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>>268574433Simpsimus MaximusSic Simp Simpsannus

>>268574433Advanced mating ritual in white progressive circles. I would not expect foreigners to understand it.

>>268574433Built for BBC

>>268576249 "I want attention."


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>>268574745anon., did you come from an anti-white family or did you learn to hate white people at school ?

>>268574433Does he think he looks like this?

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>>268574433What a hero! I’ll be she rewarded him with sex.

>>268573899Is this the new version of Rust?

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>>268575705And they were able to vote? Reading comprehension.

>>268574433Final form of a simp

>>268574433This webm is more disgusting to me than cartel gore


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How do I downvote this?

>>268575817>women have only been around for thousands of yearsholy fuck your dumb

>>268573899Is that antifu?

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>>268577287How long has voting been widespread? That's his point you absolute waste of semen

>>268574433fucking bush... I can smell the residual, coagulated pubic sweat.

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>>268575705Poor retard.


>>268577251you copy and paste it into your comment box. with the addition of s o y b e a n s d o w n without the spaces.

>>268574331My first thought too lol

>>268574433White attention whores. No blacks in sight.

>>268574433Disgusting bushFucking gross

>>268573899Imagine the smell

>>268577146you must be gay

>>268574433whats he even doing with the shield? the cops arent even doing anything to them

>>268574433Another BFF was born that night!!!

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>>268574433Imagine knowing that's your progeny.

>>268578687just another white turbo faggotfellow white brothers we have a lot of fucking work and growing up to do jesus christ this is bad. hit the gym, eat well, don’t be a simp, be stoic, make a lot of money, and stop giving a shit about stupid shit like this dumb whoreyou aren’t a man until you’re that guy and asking the cops to shoot her for punishment for all her shitty behavior

>>268576593FUCK I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS EXACT IMAGE FOR FOUR YEARSThank you with the force of a thousand suns, user. I have Googled it I don't know how many times but couldn't find it.

>>268574433Is this the ultimate form of the Fedora?

>>268576716Are you from a family of simps?

>>268578628bro... I can smell the utter putrid armpit-esque, dry (formerly coagulated pubic region sweat). so fucking wasabi-tier.

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>>268573899It's just a human turkey

I just looked through this thread to see if her pussy was showing somewhere.I'm kind of disappointed with this -->>268575922because whoever took the picture was either a woman or a faggot because a real man would have held the camera still and let it focus.

>>268573899This is the first thread I have ever shown my wife. Inhave been on the chan for 9 years. And married to her for 5. She has never known I come here. She has been cracking up. Thanks guys.

>>268579432Perhaps I can help.

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>>268577518>you absolute waste of semensorry, did you want it all for yourself?

>>268575922Disgusting hairy bush. I almost puked. Ruins what could be a top tier bitch.

>>268576605I like bush. It’s fun to pet.

>>268576249What's going through her mind is probably quite a lot of meth.Portland is chock full of meth heads. They're everywhere downtown. Most of their "protests" are usually just a few liberal rabble rowsers and then loads of meth heads and homeless who join in for something to do.Probably why they couldn't get a CHAZ going in Portland. It would be immediately overrun with homeless meth heads. Seriously. It's a huge problem in the northwest in general and Portland is a major hub for it.

>>268574433So desperate to find a man she opens herself up to a line of authoritarian men who won't take no for an answer.This is what leftism ultimately does to its women.

>>268579717Faggot detected


>>268579717Hairy bush is natural and hot. You are a pedo if you like a completely shaved pussy.

>>268575922Photographer had ONE fucking job srsly

>>268579530Look up Yin and

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>>268573899It appears to be some disgusting negroid. Hope that helps.

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>>268576249only 20% of peopel have internal monologueshe isn't thinking at all

>>268573899Imagine all the shit in her snatch from that


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>>268576347She's probably a lesbian, we need a redpill lesbian that's gonna smash her pussy hard.

>>268574433lolThe men have truly fallen.


>>268579717>op tier bitcshee has a skinnyfat body and flat ass, no titslmao



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>>268580328it's so funny how God plays a joke on us (with us making us obsessed with the female butt & vag). to those whom are virgins, they have no idea how much the sticky bodily fluid is yucky!

>>268574433i hope both of them get shot lmao

>>268581214Holy fuck



>>268575922she wants to get fucked by one of the alpha cops

>>268574377cops had to resort to tear gas and pepper balls to get rid of the snatch odor

>>268573899bitches really be wanting any kind of attention.

imagine being a canachink and thinking you ever have the high ground


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>>268573899>>268574433She cute tho. That's my type - skiny and tall bitches with small tits and asses, but big hips. Perfect. Only niggers like fat asses.

>>268573899>sitting naked in the pavementShe should have been shot with a rubber bullet in her clit.

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At first glance you think >hey, body's not badbut then you notice that greasy matted down tumbleweed crab colony and think>I bet the fucking asphalt is cleaner than her ham wallet

>>268583042>Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease

>>268583042she and all you female anons here (I know for a fact my fucking mom, sisters and aunts lukr/post here) -- DO FUCKING SQUATS!

Sometimes I fucking love PDX

>>268574433Ultimate white knight


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>>268574433This image pretty much sums up the demeanor of leftist men and women.>woman acting crazy, yelling shit that has no baring in reality>a guy who is willing to indulge in her craziness in hopes of getting a crumb of pussy

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>>268575922Kali Yuga Thesbian Club

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Imagine spending years learning political dogma, going to expensive universities undertaking a lifetime of crushing expenses on daddy's credit card, so much effort, and the very best you can muster is to present your holes like an ancestral primate.

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>>268583766>>268583989i hate that I love licking women's ass. God made a joke by making me obsess about women's shitters since I was in 7th grade.

>>268574433HOLY KEK!When he reaches for her ass watch her block the hand. She won't even let this faggot touch her!

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OP here. This is the other image I got, it's almost artistic. It would be crazy if we found nudes of her like we did with Moldy Locks, but this one looks a bit too proud for that.

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>>268573899>not fat>no tattoosI'll give credit where credit is due


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>>268584042>YoU NeEd tO eDuCaTe YoUr SeLf

>>268580644I had to turn mine off after probably a decade of intrusive thoughts. I think more in images now, but can turn it on at will. This begs the question: could you can turn it on in others?

>>268584219>hairy pitsa little bit of pussy fuss I can tolerate but that, that's fucking gross

>>268574433IT'S MA'AM

>>268579717This. But Holla Forums simps for hairy unkempt cunts, so prepare to be called all kinds of faggots.

>>268574433Literally the most beta thing I've seen in my life and I've been here since 2009 and seen cringe you guys couldn't believe

>>268573899Why do these nasty womyn always have to get naked and make a spectical?

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>>268575922She supports the Bush agenda.

>>268575922Baphomet pose

>>268573899>caved in foreheads>eyes shot out>tfw no blown out vagina’s

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They retreated too. She won the confrontation.

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>>268575705Retarded nigger faggot leaf, learn to read.

>>268584211what is funny is that many want to kill for this situation, yet it's so frivolous for us damn family guys.>>268584562trippy gif, user

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>>268584042That's a university educated woman right there

>>268584850Imagine fucking her after she works out and the sweat is glistening off her ass cheeks. Flushes from the increased blood flow.


>>268579523100% positive she'll be announced as Biden's running mate on Monday.

>>268579924You are saying as if its a bad thing.

>>268584219>brown nipplesSo what, is she hispanic?

>>268574433he wants to mate with the female, she wants a train by the cops, irony.

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>>268585498Welp I’m out.

>>268585067Imagine swinging by a noose slung around a streetlight. Limp, pants stained with shit and piss.

>>268573899Imagine the smell

>>268583989Licking bitches shitholes is my vice too bro. Just find ones that will do it back for equality

>>268584850Are these the special forces? Their body language is something else

>>268574377ya no shit. Can you imagine the nappy bug infested mess that tranny has down here?Disgusting

>>268584562FFS, sauce plz!

>>268576347Holy fuck you're retarded. You have to be 18 to post here also.

>>268573899>Ree I'm naked reeee

>>268574433My cringe is off the fucking charts

>>268585498or asian


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>>268573899Islam is right about women


>>268574749she:’d be stoned to death or burned or something



>>268574620That is such a bad rule.Crazy pussy is the BEST, just dont get attached

>>268584487at least it's not dyed.

>>268586040Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

>>268585498a buddy of mine just got with a hispanic bitch, nobody in our group hears from him anymore and when we do it's like a cry for helpshe's already tried to break his computer, threatened to cheat on him ('ok so this is an open relationship now') and also threatened to move to Florida and become a stripperdo not ever become involved with them, fuck & chuck


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>>268588862I was hoping she got hit, these people only register as self aware after the fact.

That's based goddess Kali, not the demon Kali of this yuga, retard.

fuck it I stand with the protestors on this one

>>268573899Surely she is on flakka

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>>268574433>actively trying to get away from himOof

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>>268574433the white knight is actually kinda cute not gonna lie

>>268582150ye i like women who walk around naked in public too bro


>>268588862Cool, ty.

>>268579669Stop fucking shitposting

>>268576188It was THE mistake


>>268576249Anytime you see a woman getting naked for a political stunt it always boils down to "Look at me please my dad didn't pay me attention when I was a girl!"

them square hips ughpretty kikey


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>>268574433>white woman does something stupid

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>>268591183Go back to (((r3ddit))) faggot

>>268577251Fucking reddit cuck basedfag nigger loving kike, neck yourself


>>268578649Can you simp any harder?Have sex.

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>>268589867They become 'martyrs' to their group.This is a religion, as designed by the cabal.Original sin of white supremecyBlasphemers are 'racists' and 'bigots'Rationalized statistics: black men are 10x more likely to be killed by another black man than a copKids are now 'outting' parents and family. Now their family is their protestors run by state funding.>The new religion of woke anti-racism>The linguist John McWhorter elaborated on that theme in the Atlantic. “Anti-racism,” he wrote, “ïs a profoundly religious movement in everything but terminology.”>McWhorter likened the notion of “white privilege” to original sin, argued that the hope that Americans will “come to terms with race” is as vague as hopes for Judgment Day, and observed that the faithful on the lookout for “that which may be blasphemous” resort to social media shaming tantamount to “the excommunication of the heretic.” leftys have brain damage, more mental illnesses, higher rates of self abuse, and are self-identified 'agnostic atheists' which leads to the worship of MSM programming religion of identity 'intersectional' politics which has a more brutal hierarchy then even fundamental islam.

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>>268591183lol SHITLike, she doesn't even have proper DFC qualities.

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>>268580787No that’s why she’s so fucked up. She got raped by an older dyke when she was a girl and now she can’t keep her clothes on. She needs Chad thundercock to perform corrective rape therapy.

>>268584219They really just make a joke out of their cause when they act like massive attention whores. Literally what else are people supposed to take away from this?

>>268577648its better to have a bazooka and not need it than to need a bazooka and not have it

>>268575705women were invented in 1924 retard. before that it was just men fucking other men.

>>268574433>Can I fap to this?

>>268585498>>268573899>>268574433 >leg-to-torso ratioThat's an Asian, boyos

>>268573899It’s funny cuz no one would ever think that’s a tranny. A “just as much woman cuz I say so.”


>>268574433women were complaining about men doing this on twitter.they try and frame it as sexism, but in reality it's clear they're mad someone ruined their social media shots

>>268574433this made me instadiamonds. Goddamn i am a coomer

>>268574089This>>268573899What does the front look like?

>>268575498Is this statue supposed to be made of gold?It so clearly isn't and would be a huge waste anyway.Developing nations need to understand how to be more resourceful (it's not gold anyway, just stupid to even think this would be good if it was).

>>268574433Only a manlet would be doing this.

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>>268588862I can fap to this

>>268575705>thenthan* Retard.

>>268588862taking simping to a whole new levelpisses me off too because I wanted to see her get hit.

>>268576410No captcha, word filters, or mods banning you on ParlerShills can be blockedAnons need to abandon this place, revenge for their bullshit

>>268599375He is just touching some ass, let the man have his fun.

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>>268573899What will it take for normies to realize that women just want attention and will go with the mainstream for said attention?


>>268599817Wow, that's the first time I saw a beta orbiter literal orbit the girl they are trying to fuck.

>>268579747this. All shaved is a (((porn))) thing

>>268600061heh, literal white knight literally beta orbiting

>>268579598My old company did something similar. Hired a cunt as the CTO. Used her for 12 months to layoff around 70% of the IT group. Then got herself "Consulted" out. Those corporate cunts will do anything for a shot at the top. Spread their professional legs not understanding they're being used.

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>>268575922wait why doesn her pussy have a mask...

>>268579924t. virgin seether

>>268574433>left wing simp squads

>>268583395ThisIm sick of flat asses

>>268594001>huge brown nipsCCP spy confirmed

Simp of the year 2020>literally orbiting her>no guns, outnumbered 100:1>trying to be oper8r but looks like a twink in front of the feds >If it were a different time, he would be BEATEN senselessly and forced to the pavement, watching helplessly while the cunt is raped before his eyes

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>>268584970Butterface gooknig

>>268576898This is toxic.Anyone who respects themselves and women doesn't share these sentiments.It's okay to understand men and women are different but this is unnecessarily aggressive.Edgy dork stuff here.

>>268577228>>268601175>>268576898Only flaming faggots think like this and this is the definition of incel everyone hates.If you're an incel, all the more power to you but don't share this kind of shit.Be good to women. They are not your enemies.If these posts were shills would you be surprised?Fucking rapists are sick and misogynists do not hate women, they are afraid of them.Fuck off with this.You fucking pussies are the worst.Neck yourselves.

>>268601175I could respect whaty you said, but you used the word "toxic" instead of "disingenuous".Fuck off cunt.

Attached: fucking FAGGOT.jpg (750x456, 107.41K)

>>268581214I was thinking crab rave, but you nailed it.

>>268573899there's video too you boomer retard

>>268601132>If it were a different time, he would be BEATEN senselessly and forced to the pavement, watching helplessly while the cunt is raped before his eyesGood olde times. We used to have that not long age here.

Attached: 1565915794161.jpg (800x780, 41.28K)

>>268601500>im afraid of womenWhat flavor of cope is this?

>>268598049>but in reality it's clear they're mad someone ruined their social media shotsThisThey want it to be them, alone, STANDING BRAVE against the police in an act of DEFIANCE and making a statement by being nude but the shot gets ruined by the other soibois


do not feed them

>>268588862At least her mouth is covered. It's not like Corona-chan wants to come inside of a vagina, she's a straight girl after all.

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>>268588862I hate how armpit hair has become some kind of feminist statement. Everyone should shave their armpit hair. It's gross.

>>268591183So who is she?

>>268573899Imagine the smell

Attached: 267785781.gif (245x280, 972.39K)

>>268573899idk some one said the mudslimes think of there balls are separated from the dirt by clothes they think it makes then infurtail and that why they where a dress. Wrecked havoc with it . dam it i am slowly getting a bonner offard

Attached: 9876trfghj.png (1187x545, 411.51K)

>>268574433Is that Mommy Maxwell?

Attached: 30331450-8485083-Ghislaine_Maxwell_in_an_early_1990_s_photoshoot_She_appeared_in_-a-46_1593736849326.jpg (962x1231, 261.95K)

Can you imagine all the 4chan whiteboi incel coomers faping to this? I can't get a girlfriend in real life because Im too scared to talk to a girl and she might not like me but this protester girl was naked so I pretend like she is my girlfirend and I'll fap to her

Attached: 1594946251750.jpg (1024x768, 77.4K)

>>268574433Cuckited States of Murica


>>268603100>3DPD>4chan whiteboi incel coomers faping to this?Really?

Attached: oh god!!!!.jpg (760x779, 361K)

>>268579598Volt was likely a poor business decision for Chevy/GM — cars were insanely expensive when new. I think it was a prestige experiment— Volt owners (like me, for a few months) love their electric cars!

>>268574331You are good.

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>>268576347And killer armpit hair that says you aren't getting anywhere near her with your toxic masculinity.

>>268574433Oh. My. God.

Attached: 1360714885780.gif (349x199, 487.03K)

>>268588862>>268574433>not wearing eye protectionfucking morons

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>>268574747funny thing is all the powerful and brave feminists do not actually give birthyet they appropriate this braveness from females who actually dare to give birth and have families

>>268574433White knight is simping on expert mode.



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>>268604325 he just protecting his mom

>>268604734you're a anime nerd loving fat slob whiteboi incel coomer

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