Why is society so obsessed with sex?

Sex is a pretty minimal part of life. It is an act that takes up roughly 15 minutes to complete on average. It feels good but so do lots of other things in life. So why are humans so obsessed with it?

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you ever try sex... on WEEEED?

because we're hardwired to pass on our genes

>>268568597>brazilnuff said

>>268568597for what else is life meant to be lived ?


>>268568597Because they're nihilists desperately trying to fill the void with a false sense of achievement and intimacy.

>>268568597Society is built on sex. Sex means families and children.

>>268568597Have you ever got fucked up the ass OP?Your entire body goes numb and your legs shake uncontrollably and cum just shoots everywhere

>>268568597>why are humans so obsessed with it?it is literal reproduction.that said, yes, we are distracted by pleasures of every form. this is satan's domain - the ego.we as men need to see the hour is growing neigh and must seek Christ. In him alone will we rebuke the flesh and return to the father.

>>268568597>So why are humans so obsessed with it?it's literally our biological goal. have sex incel

>>268568778except people aren't, the birth rate is in the trash, so clearly being obsessed with sex doesn't translate to passing on genes

>>268568597>15 minutes user I...

>>268569186The Demiurge is one sick fuck.

>>268569244ok so why the fuck do you have a penis retard

>>268569244yeah, people are obsessed with the act of sex, not passing on genes. in nature the two go hand in hand, but not in our world.

>>268569244societal values are inverted, hence sex without reproduction.youtube.com/watch?v=eKOYoYy4vBEsums it up pretty well

>>268568597Because the average man today struggles to get sex and either has to go years as an incel or hook up with a random woman once every few months. Most men today are sex starved and most women today are whores for the top 20% of men and use sex as a way to get something out of regular men. I'd be happy with a 6/10 wife but it's nearly impossible these days.

>>268568597The innermost need of the normie is to have their existence affirmed by others. Sex is a strong expression of that.Further, the establishment promotes casual sex as normal and healthy, when in reality it degenerates all aspects of life. Sexual liberation is spiritual enslavement.

>>268568597Societies that aren't obsessed with sex aren't societies for very long.

>>268568597Primal instinct

>>268569294Yes thats average, if you dont have a mutilated kike nub. What you thinking losing most nerves on your dick is a good thing?

>>268568597Coom keeps coming

>>268568707D U D E

>>268568597Society is sex. We pair and bond solely to procreate. What other thing should society concern itself with?

>>268569577>>268569565Literally "I'm a retarded nigger, MUH DICK" argument and then you fags complain about western civilization dying out lol. The reality is everyone used to spend most of their day working and were worn down to the bone so fucking 24/7 wasn't on their minds as much as eating a good meal or taking a bath

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>>268569633I can go way longer than 15 minutes I mean...


>>268569312This is what Satan believes. He alone and first-most wanted to be God. In that moment he passed judgement, as you are doing now. But like a child wielding a weapon as a toy, he cannot understand what he holds. The sickness isn't of the father, but the hate and resentment of a spiteful nature.

>>268568597Hormones. Most adult humans are controlled by the primal urge to reproduce to some extent.All other primal urges (food, shelter, safety, etc.) are readily available to most people in developed countries, so they become trivial. Even for normies, sex isn't trivial.

>>268569633cutdicks last forever

because it's pacifying. can't rebel against the jew if you are docile

It’s the only thing you don’t have to pay for that’s worth anything. If you got a good partner. Of course I don’t.

>>268569839Society is religion and work. Work is the cornerstone of all life

>>268569839>We pair and bond solely to procreatewe "pair bond" for many reasons, mostly ego-filled, but I assure you, procreation is very low on the list of reasons these days

>>268569565Wrong. Societies that fail to have a healthy relationship with sex don't tend to last very long. Among the most prudent societies were those that went on to make themselves remembered (religiously inspired). Those that invested all of their energy into sex (African societies) never built much of anything


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>>268568597>So why are humans so obsessed with it?Every organism that sexually reproduces is "obsessed" with sex. Have sex.

>>268569875Yes we are all impressed

>>268568597Evoltuion and (((societal degradation))) the erasure of our delayed self gratification so we become mindless consumers

>>268568597>Sex is a pretty minimal part of life.All of us here are only alive because of sex.

>>268569875Why would you? you're just wasting timepump and dump


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>>268570005>Society is religion and workSociety existed before these things.

>>268568597We're still monkeys driven by fluctuating sex hormones at the core of our being.

Is society obsessed with sex or is everyone obsessed with having a partner because being single is frowned upon?

>>268568778The fact that the birth rate is the lowest it’s ever been disproved your claim

>>268570350It really didn’t user

>>268570059>we "pair bond" for many reasons, mostly ego-filled, but I assure you, procreation is very low on the list of reasons these days>These daysThat's your answer. When we reconceptualizing society to be something other than a means of production we go extinct.

>>268568597Sexuality is one of the few repressed primal urges we have left. Despite popular conceptions, most primitive tribal people aren't obsessed with sex, and are probably less obsessed with sex than moderns. Most sexual aberrations you find among primitives is due to particular rituals, for a particular purpose.

>>268570350It did not actually, you only exist because religion and work kept people alive and together to form communal bonds, without that you'd just be some lone nigger in a jungle by yourself


>>268569162Tell me more. That was hot.

>>268570489>It really didn’t anonAtheist societies exist today.Society existed for millions of years as hunter gatherer tribes follow mega fauna. I wouldn't call that work.

>>268568778I'm not

>>268570005Don't project your drone brainwashing on us.

>>268568882No what do you mean??

Because its all the lower life forms can think about

>>268570576>most primitive tribal people aren't obsessed with sexI've watched the nature documentaries about primitive tribes. The women are all pregnant by 14.

>>268568597Defeated societies take refuge on sex and debauchery.For example romans describe how after conquering their land the gauls turned into sex obsessed losers with no ambition.

>>268568597Something tells me her face is busted but I would certainly raw dog either way

>>268569875found the coomer


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>>268570489Traditional tribal people didn't "work." They merely lived. "Work" is one of the worst mental diseases of modernity.

>>268570757oh so you're a jew then

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I sold porn online for 15 years and made millions of dollars on various programsSex = mind control

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>>268568597Sex is awesome!Have you tried it?

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>>268570703...and they had their own religious/spiritual beliefs. You do know there are a lot of religions out there besides Judaism, Christianity, and Islam right? You do know most actually pre-date the main three?

>>268568597Reproduction is the most important thing. All animal life is built around it

>>268568597Sex makes my peepee feel good. What else would you focus on if you didn't focus on making your peepee feel good?

>>268568597Built for BBC

>>268568597>15 minute sexYour such an old ignorant prude. No woman will want a lazy man who doesn’t do anything other than but benis inside vagene. Gotta buy an arsenal of toys, porn, and learn foreplay, role play, shit play, piss play, barf play. Don’t forget to make sure to be open to bringing in other partners, and mostly only darker males and if your not into seeing your wife get fucked by someone else or allow your anus to get fucked then your a homophobic bigot. Allow your wife to have a turn with a strap on.Welcome to 21st century sexual standards! This isn’t 1950 anymore bigots it’s HER TURN!Learn from porn. Watch a lot of it. It will make you open minded and adventurous and women like that shit.

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hi i need the sex

>>268568597>15 minutes to complete on averageyou are doing it wrong lol

>>268570587>you only exist because religion and work kept people alive and together to form communal bonds, without that you'd just be some lone nigger in a jungle by yourselfI agree I'd be dead, but only because a human is completely helpless for many years after birth. We exist because our parents formed family units to protect the young(sex and reproduction) An adult can take care of itself by itself.

>>268568597primal instincts feels really goodit gotta take some major mental impairment or being a coping loser to dislike sex

>>268571089I’ll bet you only fap.

>>268568597sexual activity is effectively a status symbol and a societal measure of the fitness of the individual. it's important to society because society is shallow and vapid. it's prime material to gossip about. society is based on hierarchies and gossip (expression of jealousy for those who are of a higher societal status and expression of contempt for those who are of a lower societal status). a tool to gain influence over those who are of equal societal status.

>>268571041>.and they had their own religious/spiritual beliefs.Most European countries have a majority of atheist identify people today. Religion is just ancient entertainment.

>>268568597Our culture has normalized pornography and promiscuity. That is the problem.

>>268570874That doesn't confer an obsession with sex. First of all "age" isn't a concept since they can't keep exact time, and can only recognize phases of life. And for people who's life expectancy isn't higher than 30, "If it bleeds it breeds" isn't just a humorous edgy slogan.

>>268571052This, the whole meaning to life is continuing on the human circle of life. Everything else is just to help us accomplish said goal.

>>268569922I like you, user. I wish I could have fellowship with people like you in real life.

>>268571447Who gives a shit about Europe. Also you’re wrong most European countries have a majority of Islamic identifying people today. White atheism cuckery is just ancient entertainment.

>>268570961Are you the user who makes dildos in second life or something like that? I remember reading a screen cap about you 7 or 8 years ago

>>268568597We're not normally this obsessed, but this is a time of r-selection where all humans chase dopamine highs desperately and seek to breed willy-nilly since there's enough overload of resources so that it's a good bet to favor quantity over quality in offspring.

>>268571849Dildos in second life??? What the fuck? I knew second life was a fucking soi boy alternate reality and all but what the fuck?

>>268568597>Why is society so obsessed with sex?It's a form of drug addiction -- dopamine. The Jews understands this (as the goyim clearly do not -- see: this thread), and exploits the weakness as such.>tfw every other /polcel/ thread is led with an sexually provocative image

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Just look at her ass OP

>>268568597>So why are humans so obsessed with it?why is a heroin addict obsessed with heroin?Therein lies your answer.neurotransmitters like dopamine have an incredible ability to control our behavior.

>>268572159I never played it. But there was an user who made millions making digital penis extensions and sold them for real money on that game. I just remembered the screenshot.


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>>268568597The answer is humans are not only motivated by reason.

It's the safest drug you can do really. Obviously being a whore is bad, it's degen and damages you. However, in a monogamous relationship, sex is like free drugs and is actually good for you. That said, that's not why it's so 'popular.' It's pushed upon people the same way that technology and entertainment of all forms is pushed on people - it keeps us flat, distracted, vacuous. We are oversexed and degenerate as a society, we have corrupted a wonderful gift and spit on it, turned it into a mockery of itself. In other words, it's being used as another control mechanism.

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>>268572019R-type humans literally are all niggers no matter what ethnicity you are.



>>268568597how did you get here?you cripple nigger

I never had sex in college or HS. I met a conservative wife pretty early on in life and we didn't have sex until marriage. Have I missed out on life?

>>268568597Because they're bored and have no idea how to channel their vril/chi/mana into generative force.

>>268570400>We're still monkeysno nigger, we're talking about people aka non niggers. go back to looting footlocker

>>268573024If she was a virgin then you have the best possible outcome and you've actually won the game of life.I would trade everything I have to go back and marry a qt out of highschool instead of fucking sluts and single moms.

>>268573024No. I regret my younger whoring to some extent. You both did the right thing. Sex is objectively, as reported by anonymous polls, better in long term relationships.

>>268569565Tell me more about how great the societies in the sex-crazed overpopulated third-world are doing

>>268568707Bro, dood ohmahgawman


>>268573260all humans are niggers, you just choose not to embrace it.

>>268573369>>268573421I guess so. But she was never much of a looker, she's kinda homely and plain. But I guess but then again porn is full of people with implants/photoshop and looking at it is probably unhealthy for my relationship

>>268569244you really gonna say this when we have porn and birth control?

>>268573748>But she was never much of a looker, she's kinda homely and plain.Are you some hotty? Anyways, looks are nice, but they fade. As long as she plays ball in bed, and you don't feel neglected, that's all that matters. I struggle with porn daily. I'm shit at fighting it, I have an addictive personality and it's my main sin. I'm also married, and it's important to keep that sex life alive mate.

>>268568597Because humans are primitive beasts driven by instinct We like to think we are above that shit but in reality deep down it’s all we care about Mankind is a savage beast and must be treated as such Under no circumstances should the masses be allowed to govern themselves The majority is always wrong It will only lead to corrupt evil people in power and eventually a society built on lies and greed will collapse

>>268568597because if you're not married, you're supposed to be figuring out how to get married

>>268574033Nah I'm not that good looking either. I kinda just settled with what I could get and she was a virgin.I need to stop myself from sliding into some kind of porn addiction, its ruining me. The OP posts on this board are always some kind of porn with huge tits/ass

power. controlling which genes get passed on and which do not is all a part of power. even if most women opt to use contraceptives, the thrill of the dance and the potential of saying "I approve passing on this males genes" is their rush. For men, its similar, the feeling of being chosen by X amount of females that will consider passing on your genes triggers a positive emotional surge of confidence.Its all spun out of control with the media, sex scenes in movies now being 5 minute long softcore porn scenes, all to re-enforce the understanding that sex is power and the people that have it are powerful, if you aren't having sex, you are weak. Chastity and celibacy have taken a back seat to this rhetoric in exchange for a pursuit of social recognition and clout that comes from being hypergamous.

because we can just stick it in and pee

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>>268571849No I uploaded porn clips with URL watermarks.I made on average $10,000 USD a month working like an hour or two a day, it was insane... I have no idea how I survived through all of the nihilism, drugs and pussy. It was an orgy of degeneracy and pointlessness.

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>>268568597>It is an act that takes up roughly 15 minutes to complete on average.Lol, maybe for you right wing, inadequate, premature coomfags, a good sex session should last at least 40 minutes.

>>268568597Because life is literally all about sex. Everything a man does is to have sex, and the more successful you are the better women you get to have sex with. This is common sense dipshit virgin incel

>>268568597it comes from long ago, have you heard the greek gods histories? everything about sex orgies incest, humans are pretty horny

>>268572510>The answer is humans are not only motivated by reason.I would say humans are primarily motivated by things we consider not reasonable.

>>268568597also nature, something about survival, doesnt matter if you cant give them food, just keep fucking and birthing kids, that's what our body tell ustrue story

>>268574322Maybe some day they'll make an ai that automatically identifies, and blocks porn. That would be nice.

>>268574322checkd. There's always fucking bullshit borderline posts on 4chinz. Be happy with what you have. No matter how hot a woman is, there's always a guy who's sick of fucking her. You'll see literal movie stars cheating on models with nasty maids kek. It's just how we're wired. Accept it, and move on. Are you happy with your wife? Do you get along and have fun? Marriage and love aren't meant to be fucking butterflies in your stomach. They're work.

>>268571112Women like the idea of being playthings of powerful men. There's a reason why the guy in women's erotica is ALWAYS a hot billionaire. Try showing a girl your sex dungeon if you work at a grocery store. She'll run out of your house and call the police.

>Talking about the US. >Everyone is obese>No one is having kids and sexually encounters are at an all time low.Why so obsessed with sex?

>>268572819You lost me there, I don't get what you mean.

>>268568597>. It is an act that takes up roughly 15 minutes to complete on average.TO BREEDYou brain just says BREEDDDDDD

>>268568597Quite a dumbed down perspective on the matter. Society does not have interests, individuals have interests. It is in the best interest of those advertising certain products or services to a population to appeal to the individual. Individuals naturally adhere to self-preservation tendencies and thus are drawn to sexual and or a procreation type of advertisement.

>>268572434Exactly this. Constant sexual release keeps men pacified and feminized.


>>268575154Yeah we get along. I'd never cheat on her.But I always wondered what big ass/titties feel like.

Because it's literally the only thing you have to do in life to be considered successful.

>>268568707it actually feels absolutely amazing though. plus I love having the hoes I pay getting high on my supply. good shit. It's a total power move.

>>268575589you mean do nothing to her? Or make a fabricated story about absolutely slaughtering her

>>268568597Because the biological goal of every healthy organism is to replicate, which is done through sex in the case of humans.>why so obsessed about sexBecause that is the driving force behind the world. Men would not bother with women if potential sex wasn't involved.

>>268568707lsd is better

>>268575656Big ass and titties don't age well sadly. They're good between like, 18 and 25. After that. they go downhill really fast man. Read Songs of Solomon. Delight in your wife. Good luck user.

>>268568597>15 minutesAnd these is why none of you can tame a tradwife.

>>268568707Cocaine, acid, weed w a 22 yr old college blonde on waterbed. It's all downhill from there

>>268572819Not following, please elaborate

>>268574593Why don't you do it anymore? Can you even still make money doing it?

>>268568597It keeps people psychologically aroused so that they are unable to concentrate so that they don't realise they're being fucked over by the Jews/NWO.

>>268568597>15 minutesWhoa we got a marathon man up in here



>>268577021Most women don't want sex lasting too long because most aren't pornstars. 15 to 20 minutes is perfect for the average shag. She won't be too sore to fuck later. You both won't be too sweaty to want to cuddle afterwards (you're not having sex with random whores, right?).

>>268570961How did you even get into a business like that, and how comes it that you made so much money?

>>268570471the birthrate is the lowest in the West because of modern environmental factors like birth control, abortions and women in the workforce and not planning families. the birthrate in the 3rd world is fine.


>>268568597>roughly 15 minutes to complete

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>>268569565you couldn't be more wrong

>>268569633Bragging about not being able to last long because you have foreskin? This is a new level.

The answer is not people are obsessed with sex. Casual sex by itself is relatively pretty boring, what your looking for is people are obsessed with the idea of having healthy sex integrated into their lives. It's no secret that the amount of socially inept loners is increasing and the amount of directionless adults is growing along with it meaning sexual release, wether in the form of masturbation or casual sex is an easy way to cope but it also leaves a wanting for intimacy. Most Americans and to an extent Canadians aren't really having memorable sex that they can look back on and say " I can share that to my friends and families, I enjoyed my first time, I like that it's a part of my life and helped me grow as a person to be even better than before"

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>>268578167This. I had a rough night where I couldn't come a couple months back, slammed my wife for like 40min, she complained about it later, was sore as hell. Most women would be comfortable with 10-15 minutes. Just get them off before you go in.

Sex has never given me an ounce of satisfaction

>>268580615i too am circumcised

my wife is 4'9 and we have sex on average, I have an 8 inch penis and she never complains about being sore if we fuck for too longwhat on earth are you guys talking about

>>268580951average 30 minutes

>>268568597have sex incel soupa do macaco isn't everything in life, sex literally is...

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>>268568707I know you're joking but it's really good

>>268581008T. I have no ambitions in life

>>268569244You're retarded. Sex is pleasurable because that pleasure motivates us to have sex and procreate. We are intelligent enough, and have enough self control, to get the reward without performing the task(procreate). It's a hack pretty much.

I'm a 30 year old virgin. Is sex actually overrated? Because it's all I've thought about for a decade but am way too pussy to initiate girls for. I genuinely don't understand how people get together and copulate. It's something I've never been remotely close to experiencing and it's kinda mind blowing for many people its a normal thing.

>>268569244>so clearly being obsessed with sex doesn't translate to passing on genesIt did before we gained the intelligence and foresight. Sexual reproduction has been pretty successful for all mammals and we naturally inherited that mechanism.

>>268581821same, but i have harnessed that energy in other things. i have a successful career and have focused on being in good health. I think I am ready to try having a family though. Unfortunately it seems the best way to do this is to get in good shape and join a dating app. If it doesn't work, i'm not going to be sad about it though. Life is different for everybody.

>>268582817Glad you have a successful career. I make minimum wage, have a music bachelors, and live with my mom. At 30. Severe anxiety and depression have ruined my life and no one has ever loved me

>>268581313Yeah because you can't do both things. right??

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Sex is overrated but having kids is underrated.

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>>268568597I wish I was this autistic. For the same reason people love food, jackass. We are animals and our one overriding primary goal is to procreate.

>>268569426>>268573827>>268581613>>268581976What intelligence lol? Its funny how modern world humans think they are intelligent for cheating nature with birth control. You are simply a slave to vice and pleasure.Your lifestyles of casual sex have rendered you practically infertile in every way but pure biology. You turned an act of birth into the epitome of death and decay and you don't even understand it.

>>268569633To cum once, right?Usually I could spend all day in bed with someone I really like.

>>268570290wtf I hate sex now

>>268568597Last teen I had sex with it was 2 hours and I was mostly just disgusted with her loose pussy so I let my boner go down. Women and girls have nothing better to do than have sex with me. They are a bunch of haters and incompetent retards. Men are impotent mommy boys who say teens are children, too. So what can I turn to? Don't say god, I already met him. Dumb cunts needs to give out interest signals, too. They drastically stopped doing that since the 1950's.

>>268568597some people are really frustrated, look at #metoo, kavavough, weinstein, pedo gate

>>268569244god damn your retarded, you need to eat to live, you are programed to get hungry and feel good when you eat, doesn't mean you can't make yourself throw it up afterwards

>>268568597 Because it is heavily methaphorizable

>>268569244 This is the problem, and this is way sex is a mere act of hedonism if is disconnected from it's purpose. You basically use your energies to obtain something that it's not going to produce anything for the world, basically wrecking society, intellect and selfawareness.

>>268568999trips of truth

>>268570099 This, puritans had 20 sons each.


>>268580344>>268583780 This two are very good posts indeed, check'em.

15 minutes of penis in vagina is way over the average

>>268568597Humans have genes, the whole purpose of a gene is to replicate and create more copies of itself. For our genes to replicate we need to combine them with a member of the opposite sex's. In order to do that we must have sex. People who have sex and desire sex more pass on their genes more often. Survival is really easy in the modern world. The most successful people who pass on their genes now are not brave, honest, strong, smart or even attractive, they are just the ones who just have the most sex. Look at what has happened to humanity. We are turning into amorphous pleasure seeking sex blobs. Someday things will change, those who prop up society will no longer bare the burden and collapse will occur. Then those who propped up society will rebuild. Sometimes it's just best to let things collapse so the good genes can survive. The survivors of the collapse will bring genes that favor cooperation, creativity, strength, integrity, bravery, intelligence, virtue. Remember, we must work together, work hard and work honestly to survive.



Sex is for enlightenment. Only npcs and christcucks think bout muh genes. Youth is eternal.

>>268568597>Why is society so obsessed with sex?Jews.Imagine living in a society that has had at least 8 decades of total jewish dominance in mass media, business, film, literature, government etc with no opposition, where 'they' have embedded themselves so deep within your psyche that you don't even know they are there, structuring your thoughts for you. And imagine that your icons, your culture, your favorite television shows, movies, music, everything you were brought up on and know and love, is a jewish creation (a trick) and/or was pushed by 'them', likely so as to weaken you in some way.Now imagine they have invented an unknown amount of terms, have drastically changed the English language and made up new words, changed their meanings, all to usher in radical change that they fund and then propagate through their global inter-connected network of news, tv, movies, and so on. Imagine they have quite literally bombarded you, your parents, and your grandparents minds from birth, and you're so accustomed to it that you don't even recognize it's happening.Still with me? Imagine they own you, your family, and everyone you know and love. Their total assets are in the 'mere' trillions, but in reality they have a literally unlimited supply of Fiat currency to prop up anything they see fit. Imagine every aspect of modernity being entirely dominated by jewish influence.And then imagine dedicating your whole life and existence to debating over which piece of this propaganda was 'better', which had hotter chicks, better scenes, dialogue, and which made 'them' the most money to further destroy you.Imagine wasting your life metaphorically playing around in an endlessly deep pit of excrement, splashing it all over you and your friends and dunking each others' heads underneath. Explain yourself.

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>>268574693You only last 40 minutes because you're drugged out of your mind on Prozac faggot

>>268587679>>268587745>>268587800It's nothing new.>expelled for subversion 1,030 times Full list with sources: chuckmaultsby.net/id154.htmlFun fact: Norway had it WRITTEN INTO THEIR CONSTITUTION until the late 1800's that jews were literally banned from their countryen.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Jews_in_Norway

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>>268568597Honestly, every fucking thing is about sex and, in minor part, politics.

>>268587876>It's nothing new.More people need to do some research into WW1, WW2 and Weimar Germany (i.e. jew Germany, Germany between the wars).>First trannies and sex change operations>Communist hotbed>Child sex rings>Degenerate cinema and pornography>Frankfurt School was founded thereJewish domination of Weimar Germany part 1bitchute.com/video/LwxrhCwg8HyR/Jewish domination of Weimar Germany part 2bitchute.com/video/d03WXCCV6pyj/Weimar Republic: The jewish Babylonbitchute.com/video/DXhip5NYiwpf/Berlin, Sin City of Weimar Germanybitchute.com/video/iB6iBh4Ktmv0/"Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin" in PDF form:legiochristi.com/static/lit/Voluptuous_Panic.pdfBasically jews sabotaged Germany during WW1 and started a civil war among many other things (see above videos), and continued their anti-indigenous-German subversion through the 20's and early 30's until Hitler took power. Jews were repeatedly asked to leave the country all through the 30's, most famously under the Haavara agreement.After WW2 was under way, the jews that had refused to leave were put into camps, just like the Japanese-Americans the US put into camps. They were seen (rightfully) as a security risk. They were treated well by POW standards, better than the US treated the Japanese >>267165633 . Typhus was a major problem in the early 20th century.The camps were riddled with typhus (a disease spread by lice, hence ALL the camps having Zyklon B on site, it's a pesticide) and eventually as the war turned against Germany (24/7 bombings by the allies, invasions on 3 fronts, food and material supplies cut-off etc.) you saw a lot of disease and starvation in the camps... just like you saw in the German civilian population and what you would have saw in the US camps had the US come under such duress.

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>>268588056>Frankfurt School was founded there

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Because human beings are so obsessed with sex.

>>268588056>Jews were repeatedly asked to leave the country all through the 30's, most famously under the Haavara agreement.

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>>268568597Serious question? Haven't you notoxed that it's not just humans, but all loving beings that aim to fuck?Like, seriously, some animals compete fiercely, some die doing it and others sacrifice themselves after doing it to increase their offspring's survival rate just a little... You exist to reproduce and make the world better for such offspring, all else is bullshit.Faggot.

>>268588172One of MULTIPLE relocation plans the Germans proposed, most of which went fully rejected by jew leadership.

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>>268568597I knocked up a girl I went to high school with then got a vasectomy so I could bareback college sluts.Now I'm 34 and lost interest in dating/fucking girls. I just fap to loli hentai and keep my money, time and sanity.

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>>268568597Its women who are obsessed with sex.

>>268569875i can't

>>268568597Sex fills a void in us that we constantly feel missing. It's why things are so crazy right now, we all long for meaning in our lives.

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>>268569294disGUSting whore putting her shoes on the fucking sink everyone uses

>>268588301And then, for the ones that refused to leave willingly, after the war was under way they planned on deporting them, hence the camps. Nazi Germany literally created plans to send the jewish population to Madagascar. Support for the proposal was first made June 3rd 1940 in a memo from the German Foreign Office, then got Hitler's approval, and it was nearly put into action before Allied gains in World War II made it untenable.pri.org/stories/2016-01-29/nazi-plan-relocate-jews-madagascar-one-world-war-iis-forgotten-what-ifsWhat an odd sequence of events for a country supposedly determined to "kill the jews".The USA in 2020 is basically Weimar 2.0. Understand 1920's Germany, understand the USA today.The full truth about jews, Weimar and the world wars... a must read:>>267162242>>267162242>>267162242

>>268588389That’s sad user. You’re steps away from being a faggot.

>>268568707The hot chick!

>>268568597Ooof such braps

>>268569546But you're a 5/10 so you'll never get a 6/10

So strange how the USA became so degenerate after WW2...

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>>268588839that's why you rape them and "chad"'s children

>>268568597>an act that takes up roughly 15 minutesstop showing off

>>268588301>>268588172>>268588115>>268588056>>268587876>>268587800>>268587745>>268587679Seriously dude, chill the fuck out. Jews have a role to play but only focusing on that is not going to help. Quit bitching and start acting. It starts with YOU, YOU need to take personal responsibility for your life. Stop being a victim.

>>268569559THIS is 100% the right answer, and anyone talking about biology misses the point. People want to feel like other people like them, and if someone has sex with you, that must mean they really like you. This is why people hate sluts of both genders: if someone has more sex than you, that must mean more people like them than like you! All people care about is being popular, and sex is the ultimate expression of popularity. Your brain doesn't know shit about passing on your genes. Animals don't have a concept of sexual jealousy, because for them it's just reproduction; only humans get so fucking stressed from not mating, not because of muh genetics, but because not having sex must mean that nobody likes you.

>>268568597Society is not obsessed with sex at all. If it was we would be fucking all the time. But in reality its really hard to get sex. Even for good looking people.

>>268568597Because making a deep connection with a loyal women is fulfilling. You sound like a coomer.

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>>268583379who said anything about having kids


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>>268568597>Why is society so obsessed with sex?Because it's phallocentric.

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>>268568597>Why are women so obsessed with sexftfyt. Chad

>>268568597mommy mommy mommy mommy


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Imagine thinking it's ok to stand in the street with your brap flaps clapping in the breeze.

>>268568597Boy I'd love to have sex with her in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation. If you know what I mean ;)

>>268569875Gets pretty boring after that. Yes, as a 16yr old you go for the fuck-a-thon, but eventually even that gets dull.

>>268568597>why are bankers obsessed with making money.Brazil brains everybody

>>268589166Go back to plebbit you little faggot nigger. Jews are the real plague of humanity. You know how I know you’re new? Because you haven’t declared your mortal hatred for the kikes. You probably got here mid 2017 right nigger?

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>>268568597>Why is society so obsessed with sex?...bcoz dat ass

>>268589684>memeflaggot Literally no one cares what you say. Go back

>>268589309For women this is 100% true. Sex is almost completely about validation. It's much more complicated for men though. Society doesn't hate manwhores, it's actually the opposite. Also, lots of men are contrarian and unpopular, but women love these traits. I dont think a man really cares about how popular he is when cumming inside a hot girl. It's more about power and the actual orgasm. Seeking validation is very feminine behavior.

>>268568999you are my new god and this is my chant

>>268577390coke+weed makes you dick go numb tho

>>268568597Men grind,Women collect.Without sex women wouldn’t get a free ride and men wouldn’t work. Society would collapse

>>268568597only teenagers, women and incels are obsessed with sex, on the Russian political image board almost no threads about sex compared to Holla Forums, many have other issues to discuss

>>268591117And that's what is happening todayIf i can't get it and live life on easy mode like some, i won't lift a finger for anyoneI will let your children die on the street without moving a finger and blinkingI will let the bitch whore get raped by a shitskin, because last time i checked i wasn't fucking her.You want us to be a community and me to help you ? To be a man ? You have to give first or i will search somewhere else

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>>268575287Girls love being controlled and love fit men. My girl loves being tied up, blindfolded, and spanked.She also melts at me wearing my old dog tags

>>268568597Sex has ruined me. When I was a teenager my friends made fun of me for being a virgin. I was obsessed with sex. Even though I've always been a romantic, I've had sex with so many women now and I regret it. I wish death upon myself daily. I'm extremely depressed.

>>268568597Sex is natural and healthy, and you wouldn't exist without it. Life = sex. Sex = life.

>>268568597>i'm impotentsorry user, i can go HOURS

I honestly have no clue but you just know this level of perversion is definitely not normal and has been introduced quite recently by some powers that be.

>>268569186>Satans domain is the egoHardly

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>>268568597Because it makes babies and we are wired for it

>>268568597but....dat ass...

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>>268568808life is meaningless and this species will eventually be extinct

Have you actually tried it?

>>268568597The dopamine hit for a few seconds from busting a nut; on a basic instinctual level.On a higher level, it's used as a sophisticated form of social control; either through pornography or through providing artificial ambition/motivation to get people to do things (power).e.g. go work this soul sucking shitty job in some oversaturated, oversocialized, and atomized city so that you could have an increased potential to bust a nut every once and awhile and make Mr. Shekelstein some more wealth.

Would you agree that orgasm is a small spiritual experience?Since anything divine and spiritual is under attack and being destroyed,sex becomes like a shining light in the night, that attracts moths.

>>268568597I think people are lonely. People are having less sex than ever, because men are content with porn and women are busy fucking guys on tinder until they’re 40 and alone. Yeah sex is great, but love is so much different. I used to have sex all the time, with random women and I was depressed. I jacked off all the time as well with porn. I was more often than not regretting having sex with someone and getting disgusted by the more extreme porn I had to watch. Then I tried to actually date women I liked and only have sex if there was a connection and stopped watching porn. I felt better, and I actually care about my gf(now wife). Society is setting both sexes up for failure.

>>268588220It's the Jews. No sane person will put The amount of effort to have sex.

>>268568597Because it's literally our reason for being. Fruitful and multiply

>>268568597>Sex is a pretty minimal part of lifeAll life on this planet has 2 goals.eat & fuck

>>268594761>I used to have sex all the time, with random women and I was depressed.Oh poor guy :'(Can't wait for your wife and children to get raped by a pack of nigger in south africa style, it's the close futur of the USA

>>268568597Open Society was promoting race struggle to conquer the US until in the 90s the american deep state tried ousting Bill Clinton based on sexual misconducts, as if that was a reason based on their sacred masonic book called constitution, the globalists retaliated and expanded their agenda.5 years priorly shane downson was being conceived to this planet to be the greatest representant of millennials aspirations, the rest is history.


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>>268568597as an asexual male I have oft wondered this myself tooafter 30 years on this earch and after having banged a grade total of 3 women, I have determined it must be some sort of biological addiction. like im an alcoholic so i can only imagine the healthy libido'd male craves gross west stinky vagina juice like i crave a nice wiskey sour non gustibus disputatum my gentsto each their own

>>268568597having someone else rub your wiener feels mad good. Like, super duper really good. I really like when other people rub my wiener, and if that person can be a very good looking person who does it, the feeling is even better.

>>268568597because sex is awesome

>>268591877if you say so, Mr. uh..

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>>268580951>4'9 is she 11?

>>268568597It's more than 15 minutes. If you had a girlfriend, you would know that sex takes place every day; you speak subtly and ambiguously, cuddling and kissing, until the climax of the act of intercourse.

>>268568597Normies are dopamine junkies always looking for their next fix.

>>268568597society is stablized by men's pursuit for sex. the more fucked society is, the more sex is required.it's called consolation prize for not being in control.there is some class portion to it, but in general this is a pretty good summary.

>>268595382It’s not that hard to get laid

>>268599743Hmm. 29 now, never had a girlfriend. The intimacy seems great on paper, but is it annoying after you nut?

>>268601034too many answers possible, as it depends on the woman and the situation. But basically it's like this: you coom, you fall asleep in her arms or while she cleans your pecker with mocking comments, and when you wake up you feel refreshed and have some time to shitpost because she's doing her stuff

>>268601866with a warm wet towel

Society is obsessed with sex because we're biological creatures that are programmed by sexual selection through evolution. Is society obsessed with food? It's the same thing, it's a powerful biological urge that basically dictates all human thought and action.