Redpill Books

Drop every single redpill book. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I need stuff to read.

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Why are glowniggers so interested in the books lately? Did you ever find your hawaiian shirt guys? Protip: they're also glowies.

>>268557371>glowie haha glowinggg haha get it guys he’s a glownigger hahahaha kek laff funny

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>>268557894>here's an image I saved making fun of chinks in Australia>did I do that right? I fit in now, right?no glowie

>>268557371>Don't read any books goyi-- I mean user, they're being talked about by glownegroes! Oy vey... I mean oh goodness, you wouldn't want to implicate yourself by getting any knowledge would you goy?

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Why is Evola the favorite author of anime fans?

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>>268556692>I need stuff to read.bump for interest

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KJV Bible

>>268556692that cover design is 90s AF. Holla Forums reads NYT bestsellers

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>>268557371Gas yourself tranny

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>>268558303Don't share information with glowies and always name them.

>>268558949ok glownigger

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Metaphysics of WarThe Way of MenCome and Take ItThe Will to PowerRide the Tiger

>>268558166Maybe you need some books to read, user.Also, not everyone that wants to know some good, based books to read is a glowie you absolute brainlet faggot.

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Jefferson Davis - The Rise of the Confederate Government

>>268559090>Ride the TigerI feel like I’m living this though I heard it’s the hardest of his books understand

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do you nigs ever read books online, or always paper versions? its pretty easy to find most online, but paper is better i think

>>268556692Anything by Ayn Rand. Yeah ... I know she was a jew but her writings have a LOT of great stuff.Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard.And to balance out the above:I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler.

If you don't want to completely lose your mind. The best normie boom is the madness of crowds

>>268559360Rand is such a great intro to more redpilled thinking. Atlas Shrugged—in particular the Money speech—is still what I think back to as having changed my mindset the most. You just can’t end the journey there. Objectivism is full of holes.

>>268556692Mein kampf.

>> a bunch of based book availy

>>268556692All the diseases were on the way out 95%+ before vaccines even existed for any of them.And the diseases they never came up with a vaccine for are gone too.Hmmm.

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Nigger read the Brigade

>>268556692HIV and AIDS are a total scam.To a degree that will red pill you on all major medical operations.

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The author of this book was hunted by the FBI and killed for his wrong think.

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>>268559268just yesterday a guy recommended this to me..... What's the redpill? Doesn't Eco name the jew but then side with them in his later works?

>>268560180One must be careful any "intellectual traps", such as :To be a true individual you must do, say and think just like Ayn Rand.This of course makes you what Ms. Rand hated, a "second hander". One who acts not because it's independent but because it's expected of him.

>>268556692Most of history is bullshit.The accepted historical timeline is a creation of Scaliger and everyone just pretends it's not massively flawed.Most works of art are massively misdated.They made up 1,000 years.

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>>268558488the hyperboreans were traditionalist anime girls that taught ancient man to orient themselves upwards towards the spiritual realm and transcend the physical plane.

>>268556692Massive redpills come from reading the diaries of the players. Seeing who they meet with daily and comparing them to events and actions really gives you an understanding into how the world actually functions.

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Fantastic look at how communism infected the west. Also does a great job of dismantling it.

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>>268558949How is reading a book "ShArInG iNfoRmATioN wITh GloWNIgGeRs"? You're a smoothbrained retard.

I will drop you a good red pillThings will get a lot worse before they get better

>>268561670Might as well read some good books while it all falls down.

>>268559258He uses a lot of philosophy jargon and references existentialists a lot. Having a background knowledge of people like nietzsche and heideigger would help.

>>268559268>>268560934It’s not redpilled at all, eco is a disgusting socialist. It’s only a good read because it’s about conspiracy theories and secret societies

>>268562505Thanks for the reply.

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A must read for a glimpse of our not too distant future.

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I have random infographics I don't remember.This thumbnail looked redpilled.Will find out very shortly.

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>>268563245Meh, more schizopilled.Try this one.

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green pill

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>>268562923Has any other book gone from based to cringe to even more based than it was originally? I'm sorry I ever doubted this book.


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>>268556692The Ancient City by Coulanges. Highly HIGHLY recommended.

Anybody have the chart on propaganda?

this one

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>>268560415good place to start


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>>268556692Read Ted

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>>268563512Earl and Katherine have seen better days.

>>268556692Here you go user, Zundel's Bunker.Enough books to last several years. Good and (((Bad)))!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ

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I enjoyed reading this one. It's a whitepill wrapped in a massive blackpill.

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>>268558488Because it's easy for edgy teens to meme some eccentric Mussolini fanboy who used buzzwords like "aristocrat of the soul" as fashy and based. Truth is, Evola was a /x/ browser born too early with the substance of one of the better American self help authors. Truth is that reading is like music: listen to the absolute greats or listen to trash, life is too short to hunt down midwits and B list crap without having a good base. Listen to Mozart or listen to top 40 hits, read Saint Aquinas or read lurid crime books, but don't waste your time on Evola unless you're a scholar. He's just another mystic, not some lost gem.

>>268563850An excellent read.

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>>268556692That isn'y redpill. What current normie is going to look or read that book?Redpill needs to be something that is easily accessible / absorbable.

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>>268563721Just reread it. The scenes about race rioting were definitely prescient.

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>>268566012>Mussolini fanboyHe was a critic of fascism because it was not right-wing enough.

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This one for sure

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>>268566879He wanted to use fascism as a vehicle for his ideas, which he viewed as similar but more spiritual. He was a "critic" in the sense Dr. Johnson was a literary critic. He literally self described as a superfascist in a court of law. Still a nobody. Read Burke instead.

Here’s a list I saved

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Reclaim the Aryan way

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>>268566012>Evola was an /x/ browserfact>everything else you wrotetotal shit


>>268557371> reading books is glowyWe put up with enough shit from the europoors as it is. Cut it out

>>268556692What do you get out of reading that book?

This is the book that convinced Bobby Fischer that the ZOG was real, highly recommend it. Look into the story behind the author too, a White Russian patriot who was (((suicided))) by them for getting too close to the truth.

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based thread

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>>268566012I disagree, the biggest criticisms you can levy against Evola are the weak translations which make his syntax awkward. That's where you're getting an idea about "buzzwords". This idea that you should only read the greatest hits of the Western canon is so funny to anybody that has studied literature in depth -- for instance, I've read a lot of Russian literature, and picturing some dolt reading Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and totally passing over all the before and after of the golden age, from Gogol to Pushkin to Chernashevsky to Turgenev to Goncharov to Solovyov to Bely and on and on -- the first moment you talk to somebody about reading they'll discover you have the shallowest and most boring understanding of critical issues ever. You'll be muttering about socialism in The Possessed and they'll be like "but What is to be Done then?" and you'll look like a total monkey. Same with music... "le Mozart *classical music face*" yeah... about that... Mozart is pretty basic, have you listened to literally any other composer in that period? There's not much more to discuss about Mozart...

>>268556692a great fucking book

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>>268573123>>268573198>Not listing "Ride The Tiger" Yikes...

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>>268575086quick rundown

>>268575328Suvurov's books are entertaining, but his ideas about WW2 are pretty nutty. Inside the Aquarium is an amazing read though.

>>268556692Drop me some links to PDFs, i can afford to buy them, but I cant afford to be associated

Obligatory LOTR post.

>>268576960sad truth


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>>268556692The Cartesian revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.QRD:>hard sciences are the domain of God, and should not be pursued by men >the only concern of men should be the products of man; art, politics, history, family>dabbed on descartes hundreds of years before Kant, thought he was gay & retarded>political history operates in cycles of 4 (think the Kali Yuga but shorter-term) Age of Gods (theocratic), Age of Heroes (aristocratic), Age of Men (democratic), age of Collapse (anarchy)the theory actually did a decent job of describing political developments in much of the world before and after vico, and can still be applied today if one is flexible with the definitions>people who apply modern moral frameworks to different time periods and cultures fundamentally misunderstand them>homer was a gay fag whose poems bestowed no real moral lessons

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>>268556692St. Petersburg dialogues by Joseph De Maistre

industrial society & it's future

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>the outsiderThis book should be required /pol reading. It is a window into each one of our souls.

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Culture of Critique

>camp of the saints>$250 USD for a paperback on AmazonAre they trying to censor it or is demand just not high enough? I downloaded a pdf anyway but I prefer a book

>>268559360>Might is RightYes! Wonderful philosophical book but also an underrated self-help book.I like Turner Diaries and Hunter by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Pierce)

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>>268578681>It is a window into each one of our souls.but that isn't journey to the end of the night.

"Operation Snow" is a must-read, since it exposes how the entry of the United States into WW2 was orchestrated by a literal KGB mole> there's "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War," which details the overall disastrous consequences of the war and how Britain could've stopped it. > finally "The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II" is something of a whitepill on how WW2 could have gone a lot worse if the Germans hadn't overrun France so quickly >

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>>268556692redpill books on history? i know history is written by the (((victors))))

>>268579085Is it in the public domain? I'm tempted to go on somewhere like and just fuckin' self-publish it. Might be doable if the copyright was in France and has basically been forgotten?

>>268575268This is on my list of future reads. I wish I could read it in it's original language

I plan on buying a physical copy of "The Culture of Critique" and realized it is a series. Are "A People That Shall Dwell Alone" and "Separation and Its Discontents" worth purchasing and reading as well?

>>268577882should replace Art of War with something like Rules for Radicals- much of AoW is period-specific (troop formations and ideas etc) and the relevant chunks can easily be written down to ~10 pagesUnabomber Manifesto (aka Industrial Society and its Future) should be replaced with Technological Slavery because it contains a proofread / revised version with supporting material and better citationsshould probably also have Anti-Tech Revolution: Why & How because it is essentially a guidebook on forming a core of dedicated revolutionaries and pitfalls to avoid- the advice applies regardless of your revolutionary aims>animal farmnot a necessary inclusion at all>Atlas Shruggedlol>Guns, Germs & Steellol,>Siddharthalol>on the jews and their lies1/2 lol, because its clearly a meme work and anti-judaic texts have been done far betterneeds Human Smoke, Harassment Architecture, Trust Me I'm Lying, We Wanted Workers, maybe even The Righteous Mindseeing as how Carnegie is included there's no reason Cialdini's Influence isn't there too

>>268561070What would the correct historic timeline would look like according to this book?

>>268556692If you haven't read and understood this book thane you're clueless about what's going on right now and why it's happening.

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>>268563954how do ecoleftists reconcile their ideas with kaczynski's critiques?


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>>268575328WWII was started when Japan invaded China, the western world just didnt realize it at the time

>>268579845This list is older than me here and I’ve been around since 2013. This used to be pinned on the front page of /pol. Give it a mission. Now dark times have come.

>>268580216Saved. l need to get reading, have only read like half the books there

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>>268556692lot of heavy shit in this thread, tryA Singular Man by JP Donleavy.Transcending the Totalitarian Classroom to see where it started.You Erroneous Zones because it has other perspectives to ponder.

>>268557371We are compiling a list of books to burn. These so called based books will be destroyed in the fires of truth

>>268556692a classic

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The kolbrin bible and the gospel of the kailedy, if u want wisdom and to see what's ahead for us. Btw, jesus was a mgtow.

>>268565706This book is too smart for Holla Forums>>268566012You got filtered hard

Mission of God by Joe Boot. It's a White Pill

>>268575268How accurate is this book rusbro?

>>268580495might be a worthwhile project

>>268556692There's a lot on,, Cis White Male With Extra Privilege has recorded many of them - his voice is quite

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>>268565706Crisis of the Modern World is a good entry to this. Keep in mind this was written in the 1920s as well

>>268565706Guenonfags itt?feelsgoodman>reminder to come fuck /lit/ no lube when you can bros

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>>268579672It's a very nice read, even in English. Solzy is a great writer. Know, though, that that's the abridged version. There's more psychological detail in the other books. I learned a lot from the abridged version, though. (Like that stress positions, and sleep deprivation, were invented by the commies.)

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>>268556692here ya go

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>>268565985Can you give a QRD on this book? Im very interested but dont want to start something i wont be able to finish

>>268561070Are u retarded?

>>268556692Notes on the Death of Culture: Essays on Spectacle and Society by Mario Vargas Llosa

>>268580561Im about 2/3 of the way. Working on the Federalist Papers now.

>>268581059very know, people talkmany modern citizens had their grand grandpa sent to Siberia and all his stuff taken by The Redsthese execution orders signed by Stalin himself are publicly availableThis is probably in top 3 anti-communist books of all time. You gonna lose your shit reading it.

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>>268556692The Bible

>>268578295Holy fucking based. Ordering this tonight.


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>>268582709bonus: James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is structured around the 4fold cycle from Vico

Currently reading Reflections on the revolution in France by Edmund Burke.

>>268561070Most of history is an art created by a present civilization to create myths. Thats why the west sees itself as the west tied to Greece and Rome arbitrarily.

>>268556692This is Holla Forums required reading & one of the best books I’ve ever read. Serious.

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>>268580291half of a book is about thatwhat's your point?Stalin was trying to kick start WW2 even before the Spanish civil waryou might wanna look into communist insurgencies in Spain and China>>268576876bruhvery low George Orwell's "homage to catalonia" then get back to me

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>>268556692OP is not gay, this time.

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>>268556692Don't be a fag OP and get reading

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>>268556692december's picks

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>>268579085out of print

>>268556692get reading fag

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>>268556692Your Brain on Porn - if you want to understand porn addiction and how to break free

>>268556692january part 2

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>>268576351I'll try to avoid spoilersIt's about Komintern, observed from the inside by one of it's agents (the book is fiction, and very HQ. Absolute masterpiece).Arthur Koestler is an ex-commie so you can imagine what he wrote about them.

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>>268584118*its agents

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>>268556692definitely not glownigger reading

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>>268582497The communists' crimes lie in plain sight. All we need to do is direct the public's gaze.

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>>268556692feb part 2

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>>268563398If i was to only read one of these, which should it be?


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Evola was a childless weirdo who wrote vast tomes of word salad that edgy right wingers like to pretend to understand so that they can flex to others how cultured and deep they are. He's like Jean-Paul Sartre or Kant for alt-righters. His books were garbage. There are plenty of people who write "redpilled" books that don't have to rely on the sophist trick of hyper dense, obnoxious word salad to essentially "dazzle you with bullshit", and can actually form clear, concise sentences.

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>>268583746Sorry, bro. I don't like watching my woman get fucked by other men.

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>>268566597fuck the normalfags, they are political prostitutes

glowie wants books to burn i see

>>268566597This is not a thread for normal people. normal people are cattle.


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>>268586609get fucked divide and conquer shill

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>>268556692>>268559215I have an infinite number of these charts

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The Isis Papers by Frances Cress Welsing will give you a whole new level of loathing for Black Lives Matters

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I need more like this. Preferably KGB version

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RUBY Red Pill

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>>268586558Or useful idiots

>>268556692here's everything you

>>268566702Reading this now. It's really good.

>WORLD STATE OF EMERGENCY>LOVERS OF SOPHIA>PROMETHEUS & ATLASRead them niggers>>268585810>I don't get it>this makes it word saladYou realize literally everything is ''word salad'' to most people.

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>>268556692You must read / listen to Might is Right. It will shame you for degenerate shit you aren't aware of.I'm currently listening to Serpents Walk, a fiction on the far right overcoming the degenerate system on the aftermath of a pandemic. It's gory and drops truth bombs all along the way.

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does buying books on ebay put you on a list

>>268585810Is this why I can never get past like the first couple chapters in any evola book? I seriously try my best, end up rereading every paragraph a dozen or more times and finally have to give up when it's making 0 sense. Thought it was because I'm a midwit?

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Recently read this, it's pretty good. Talks about how the post WW2 era brought in the idea of an "open society" in order to make sure fascism never takes hold, and how both conservatives and liberals still hold onto that post WW2 consensus, with the only difference is that republicans still hold onto more of the economic conservatism, while the left is focused more on social liberalism and freedoms, but that both fundamentally are against things like protectionism, ethnonationalism, and put what "feels right" over what's factually right.Unfortunately it kind of ends shitty. Like theres a big lead up towards the end where he's explaining everything and you expect him to say what the solution is...but he doesn't give one. So the end was a let down, though the answer of what to do when faced with a consensus from both sides isn't an easy one to figure out, despite knowing how it led to where we are.

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>>268588327what is this?

>> up.

This popular fantasy book series is pretty red pilled

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>>268556692If your going to start with Evola I suggest reading this or at least have it with you as a reference. Evola makes many mentions on Hermetic principles without explaining them, assuming the reader is already familiar with them.

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>>268579085See >>268579666. I print all my books that the PDF is available for on lulu. They don't check shit. I usually leave in the copyright notices and everything and never once have they had an issue. Done this with at least 100 books. It's cheap the the quality good.

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>>268566012ride the tiger or die bitchhhhhhhh *dabs on you while fucking ur gf*what do you think about that

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>>268589767Go to a local independent bookstore and have them order the book for you, whatever it is. They have special networks of book suppliers that can get you pretty much anything, and the networks are connected to rare book dealers in case it's something really rare.Then pay cash and you're not traced.

>>268588327seriously, what the heck is this?

>>268591485Looks like a book.

>>268591580it does. and then i search it and just gay anime pops up.

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>>268590217No, it's not, you fucking retard.Read Homer instead.

>>268591580Nah it looks more like a breastplate.

>>268590217If you want to read redpilled fantasy at least pick Tolkien. Game of Thrones is trash.

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>>268584728Over an hour, no answer, I'll take that as nobody here has actually read any of these books.

>>268589959Go read "How to Read a Book" by Adler, which will teach you how to read a book, especially one you don't understand, so that you really do understand it. (You can skim the book, Adler himself admits the book isn't very well written and he's a rambler. You really only need to read the rules he came up with and skim the rest and you should be good to go.)Then, consider that Evola is referencing things you simply don't know about, and that's why you're confused. Someone mentioned that he refers to Hermetic principles without explaining them. I'm not familiar with it myself, but I suspect that's the problem you're having. Normal students of the classics have their hands held when reading them and a professor explains all the references, but for you and Evola I recommend making threads on Holla Forums and/or /lit/ when you get stuck, or even /r/ or /wsr/ if you're not getting help on the first two boards. Someone should be able to point you in the right direction.


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>>268592185Heaven and hell by swedenborg is good, I would recommend reading true christianity by him after

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Read this to get into speed reading for real

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>>268592447Decent advice, thank you. I actually have that adler book in my to-read pile, will tackle that before giving any more evola a try.>>268592636Thanks, will take a look at those two.

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>>268579845is harassment architecture worth a read? need a quick rundown

>>268580120they don't.

>>268592994Speed reading isn't real and there's a book about how Wood is a shyster for pretending it actually works. Retention is shit when you "speed read" and recall is also shit.

>>268556692Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-catastrophic AgeBook by Guillaume Faye

Attached: archeofuturism.jpg (259x400, 23.93K)

>>268592995You're welcome, just bear in mind that if you have a PDF copy it may have OCR errors in it. You can still read through it for the most part but it's pretty annoying. I recommend a physical copy if you have access to one, but if not PDF is good enough.

>>268556692Just watch Adam Curtis documentaries and you'll recluse yourself to a hobby farm and optimize efficiency for the impending collapse. That or become Amish.

>>268593070it absolutely is worth the read.QRD:>The Catcher in the Rye, except written today and well>accelerate the world, decelerate your tribe>do you know how many people get away with arson?>SOPHIA>routine fantasies about murder and mayhem>banned from the gym for screaming NIGGER at the smoothie bar>some nice poems too>nature good>raw meat good>working out good>sun good>gluten bad

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>>268589959I can't speak for you but yes the general idea that sophists came up with is to make everything they write as dense and incomprehensible as possible. The idea is that it makes them incredibly difficult to ever pin down and refute, as they (intentionally) use large amounts of esoteric terms, words, etc. which they (again, intentionally) make no effort to define, so that any attempt to refute them or directly challenge their ideas is functionally impossible because no one can give you a clear definition of what precise positions they hold and the methods they used to arrive at their conclusions. If you have dumb (or at least unsupported) ideas, on of the best methods for a dishonest person to avoid ever getting challenged is to make their "arguments" as bafflingly difficult and painful to understand as humanly possible.Using examples like Sartre, Kant, Evola, etc., you can actually make computer generated papers that write like they do. The worst offenders of "word salad artist" sophistry would be post-modernists, and you have very convincing computer programs already that are functionally identical to the "real" theories and written works. Refresh link related and it procedurally generates a new post-modern paper every time.

Attached: 1524305522585.png (1205x633, 48.27K)

>>268584728>>268592185>Over an hour, no answer, I'll take that as nobody here has actually read any of these books.I've never read any of those. I've read a few of the primary sources on the Hermetics. And by read I mean listened to the audiobooks. This is all shit discovered in the twentieth century in some long dead guy's library that was buried so the early christians didn't burn it. here's a link to the Kybalion one on that list I've got in my far as the whole Nag Hammadi library, hermetics, and gnostic stuff, 100% of the primary source stuff is available in free and in audio form. However, it's like reading a more mystical version of the Bible, it isn't easy. For an introduction it might be useful to read one of those books on the list so it's interpreted through some intellectual/philosopher breaking down the basic message of the text instead of going right to the primary documents as the primary sources are pretty dry, confusing, and a bit boring, imho. Don't know which to recommend in that regard though as I've never read any of those.I also can't recommend any of the Evola stuff as a starter as he is a challenging mother fucker to read and would probably scare of just about anyone who didn't have a deep interest and pretty good knowledge of that kind of thought already.If i were to start with any book on that list though I'd absolutely recommend Joseph Campbell's Hero With a Thousand Faces. It is a masterpiece and it is readable and inviting.

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>>268593453This is unfortunately true.

>>268562923the plot in this book is retarded >hur dur we dont have enough explosives to destroy a building > o wait nevermind we did lol >every single food item is a sandwhich >no mention of economics>no mention of international intervention in America >no mention of how the order came to be, or became large enough to start a revolt this book is the nigger of redpilled lit.

>>268564451I almost vomited. Kill yourself nigger.

>>268594242Pierce's fiction was mostly written as a sort of therapy through creative writting to keep him sane while he saw kikes pissing in his people's gene pool. Don't expect a game plan for the revolution.

>>268566012Evola stole all of his good ideas from Guenon.

>>268556692everything by eustace mullins and sam francis

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>>268594020>Department of Deconstruction, Miskatonic University, Arkham, Mass.Kek

>>268561365My nigga

>>268560180(((Ayn Rand)))Kikess who formed a cult of personality around herself, wrote long diatribes with cardboard characters and called them novels. Nah, I'll stick to Dostoevsky, thanks.

>>268585810t. brainlet who got filtered expecting “muh epic fashy goy!!!!!”

>>268560724Duesberg is a serious molecular biologist who has done great work on cancer research. He ain't no quack or tinfoil hatter. If he says the AIDS virus is a hoax, it's almost certainly a hoax.

>>268556692William Blake's the marriage of Heaven and Hell. As a Catholic I don't recommend taking it seriously, but as a fan I recommend memorizing it. Plus it's like 20 pages, double spaced size 30 font.

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>>268575268Great novel, i think jordan peterson kept saying everyone should read this to understand the concequences of communism.

>>268580120It's impossible to be a leftist and a true ecologist... besides they don't even really care about the environment anymore, look it how they attacked Michael Moore for Planet of the Humans. All that matters to the modern left, is the destruction of the White race. It's also impossible to be a capitalist/neoliberal and a nationalist.The solution is third positionism and even on 4chan, most aren't ready to take the plunge.

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Attached: 911 3.png (1357x1162, 1.74M)

>>268583163>the west tied to Greece and Rome arbitrarily.arbitrarily? wtf are you talking about? the foundation of our governments, philosophy, math, ect is all based in those cultures. how is that arbitrary

>>268564458And after that, read Ellul.

Attached: Jacques Ellul - 'The Technological Society'.jpg (200x340, 13.32K)

understand today, now.

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>>268576960Library Genesis is free. /lit/ recommends. Happy days user!

Is anything lost by listening to an audio book instead of actually reading? I don't have the discipline or the time to sit down and read philosophy even if I do find it interesting.

95% of the people on this thread will just save the book recommendations but never get through reading one entire book.>>268564458Ah yes, second most important 14 words. The third most important phrase is: "The Holocaust Never Actually Happened, But it Should have Happened, and it will Happen"

>>268595698Unlike you I'm actually comfortable with my own knowledge and understanding of topics so I don't have to worry about being "filtered" by word salad garbage that insecure people like pretending to understand to bolster themselves in front of others.


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>>268565706early spiritual writings of a french xenophile who converted to islam before dying, a lot of this is a huge cope about getting cucked by christcucks and hoping for their downfall I mean clearly the fucker converted to islam a religion founded in direct opposition in all ways from spiritual, philosophical and political, they even were founded in direct opposition in terms of location.

Read Upton Close.

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>>268560749Holy fuck this guy was awesome. Says he committed suicide which is possible but the FBI probably knew all his contacts.

>>268595015>Nick Land's Fanged Noumenaqrd...?

Das Kapital, State and Revolution, and Proudhon in general. All the other shit is a cope.


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>>268557371>Why are glowniggers so interested in the books lately?I always think this. Because cops are normies and don't know shit about politics. If I were assigned to a unit as a normie cop, I'd be posting threads like "Tell me what you're reading" or "Dump all the red pills that you have" on 4chan, also. Yeah, some of these threads are legit, but a lot are from the ADL, FBI, Lefty journalists, etc. trying to find out what's really going on.

>>268595015This nigga has a pookie on the book lol

>>268556692The best book to recommend normies, or people who are not sympathetic to your views, is "Why Liberalism Failed" by Patrick Deneen. It does not argue for third positionist ideas or even suggest anything racial or fascist. He just goes into why the theory behind classical liberalism that turns into capitalism and socialism is a bankrupt and self destructive philosophy. It's the kind of book you can give to friends and family that they might actually read and approve of. Obama reviewed the book and called it necessary reading. But it's also a really good first step book, to get people to recognize and become skeptical of their liberal assumptions.

Attached: 2018-1-1-Deneen_Book_Cover.jpg (303x499, 23K)

Rate my collection.

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Reminder that Miguel Serrano is the final redpill

>>268599862Sorry to everyone not from Australia.

Attached: DB69D16F-C9BD-4DAA-B94A-9FAED41B675C.jpg (2048x1536, 635.39K)

This is a very good book and I 100% recommend reading it.

Attached: carnageandculture.jpg (777x1198, 177.17K)

>>268600359>city of Godbased

african intrigue by alfred batsonIt's about a group of german spies in french west africa directly before world war oneIt highlights something normally glossed over in history books and that is the divide between the german peasant and military castes during that time

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>>268559327Paper is superior (spares your eyes) but electronic is more convenient. If you can find paper I’d read paper, plus I feel more accomplished when I see all that pages I read in the flesh

>>268598048>still wanking over 19th century economicsBruh, Marx was an idiot and his theories were wrong. Maybe read some new books.

>>268597640His hope in the USSR was misplaced, but otherwise very based and redpilled.

>>268600509Thanks Brother. Just came a week ago. I’m half way through Confessions and then I’ll start City. I know it’s gonna be tough but I’m very excited. God Bless It’s still me, had to switch to data because the Jannies banned me for posting that amphibian thread earlier.

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Attached: Central Banking.jpg (259x400, 26.96K)

>>268566012>mussolini fanboyArrogant mutt pretending to be intelligent when he has no idea what he’s talking about. If you dont know the subject keep your retard mouth shut, then go an educate yourself before you open it up again

Attached: 51U89SxGp-L (1).jpg (333x500, 39.37K)

>>268596850Complex ideas are hard to grasp in audiobook form. Good for casual stuff, but an audiobook for Nietzsche or Evola is a waste of time.

>>268590869The Kybalion is shit and Evola never references it or any of its watered down principles in his writings. The Corpus Hermeticum and the Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library are recommended starting points for esoterism.

>>268600359Looks great except I'd drop Oxford History of Modern War. I haven't read it but it's probably crap, because everything written about modern war is crap. Nobody knows how it works because we haven't HAD a modern war since WW2.I'm a military officer but I'm about to turn in so I'll be brief. Korea was a bad war because we didn't have a proper national policy, same with Vietnam. Gulf War I was semi-modern, but we outgunned the Iraqis so bad it barely counts and almost no lessons were learned because they didn't put up any resistance. Iraq/Afghanistan don't count because they were insurgencies, which we KNOW how to fight but lacking proper national policies, were not enabled to fight. Cyber war is off the table because again, no proper national policies.You have to understand, war is national policy executed via force against an external entity, usually another state (ie government) or other entity (eg Al Qaeda). Without a proper national policy, you can't have a proper war. WWR2 was the last proper war the USA has fought, and because of the Cold War and the threat of a nuclear WW3 escalating within the span of hours, no major conflicts between states have been permitted. Only small proxy wars (like Vietnam) and guerilla wars (like Syria today).Rather than read about modern war, read about the foundational goals of national military policy: Bretton Woods, Mahan on SLOCs, and Zeihan's Absent Superpower. Jew here. Read these ASAP"12 Sacred Laws of Karma" by Stephen Hairfield"Aghora Trilogy" by Robert Svoboda

>>268596240Then end with Heidegger.

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>>268592447Great work user, love the advice. We need more people like you.

>>268601712Thanks for the detailed analysis! That’s honestly just a holdover from college but it was interesting enough. Most of it is history talking about the advent of gunpowder and things like star forts, trench warfare and strategic bombing. Keeping what you have to say in mind maybe it will be worthwhile to reread and see how it stacks up. While I have you have you read this book? It’s interesting. The author makes the argument that Top Gun was a huge recruiting tool for the military in the 80s.

Attached: 8084F264-F741-4EE9-948F-3C19D0002174.jpg (324x499, 30.86K)

>>268589959Its because youre forcing yourself to read something you think you need to know but arent actually interested in. Evola is heavy on metaphysical concepts that he breaks down and tries to tie in with various cultural behaviours. If youre not interested in abstract spiritual concepts then dont bother reading it now, but come back when it does pique your interest.I always recommend Metaphysics of War as first Evola book. Its short, concise and lets you see his thought process and also allows you to see war as something that nurtures higher ideals.


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>>268600359Switch the the King James Version of the Bible friend

>>268563621Joyce is utter trash

>>268602844Douay Rheimes is the first translation into English. Plus King James excludes the deuterocanonical books

>>268601896Still trying to muster up the courage to tackle Heidegger....>t. brainlet

>>268602571Nope, haven't read it.>The author makes the argument that Top Gun was a huge recruiting tool for the military in the 80s.It's still a huge recruiting tool. At OCS all the pilots said it played a huge role in their decision to sign up for aviation.There's a LOT written about the military and war in general and very very little of it is worth reading. Partly this is because there's a huge and undiscerning audience for such books, and partly it's because even if one could write a good book about it, "the military" has expanded so drastically in the last century that no one person could hope to understand everything the military does. You'd have to have firsthand experience on ships subs aircrew piloting minesweeping infantry tanks artillery supply cyber comms intel staffs humanitarian aid and disaster relief amphibious assaults and probably another couple dozen things I can't think of at the moment. If you can imagine it, someone working for the DoD is doing it right now. Nobody could possibly write a cogent book about the military, it's just not like it was back in the days of Napoleon and Clausewitz.

Fahrenheit 451

>>268601255Where can I get a physical copy? Also got any leads on Feder’s book about Abolishing Dept Slavery? They’re like $70 on Amazon and I’m too Jewish to pay that much.

Attached: 09ECF8C4-B424-48B7-8A7E-6F84ECC4225A.jpg (324x499, 25.98K)

>>268603121Wrong, the Tyndale Bible was first if you want to be technical, and I’m pretty sure Geneva was before the one you mentioned. As for the King James Version, it is simply a better translation due to the fact that it removes the second commandment from the ten commandments in Exodus 20.Exodus 20:4-5 KJV[4] Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: [5] Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;I am sure there are other changes from the King James but to me that is the most egregious. A lot of it is very close to the KJV but you need a Bible that has all of God’s word

>>268603323If you haven't read them already, and you're into that kind of thing, Ernst Jünger's War Diaries are amazing.

>>268603323>Partly this is because there's a huge and undiscerning audience for such booksThis is something I can see being a problem. I have lots of first hand experience with the “I fight for your freedumbs” types when all they did was smoke weed on base for 2 years, as well as the support the troops crowd. Of course every homeless person I see in my city is wearing a fucking camp jacket and even if only a quarter of them are actual vets it’s still a lot. No one aVitally cares about the military they just pretend to because it’s the American way. The Military worship in this country is so perplexing I really don’t get it.

>>268556692Strange Defeat Marc BlochYes he was a jew, but read the book, it perfectly illustrates what is happening in the west currently

this is probably the best book on political history/international relations, it explains a lot about the world and what nation-states are going to end up looking like. as a bonus you can use it to troll communist AND fascist retards by pointing out how obsolete and dead their ideologies are.

Attached: The_Shield_Of_Achilles.jpg (264x386, 43K)

>>268603626I assume you mean King James does not remove the second commandment. That simply isn’t true though. The first commandment clearly entails all that is always espoused to be the second commandment. Because worshiping anything but God is a sin. The graven image line is just an excuse for Protestants to complain about statues of Mary and Jesus but of course they do not follow it to the letter by not making any images Of things like animals and plants like some Muslims do. Graven means an image to be worshiped and Catholics do not, have not and never will worship statues. Also the Commandment to not given goods and not covet they neighbor’s wife are separated to clearly mark the distinction between property and women.

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