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Trump should become a constitutional dictator in his second term.

Can Trump do anything about the media's censorship and doxxing??

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I gotta tell ya folks, watching my parents generation have a mental breakdown over what is happening and slowly realizing they did nothing to stop it, but in fact helped it, is just crazy stuff. MAGA!

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HIGH ENERGY THREAD THEMEyoutube.com/watch?v=f4MfGUFEnh0

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>>265100067It's being worked on by DOJ after he signed an EO.

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>>265099918not on my watch drumpf

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>>265100126holy shit the overton window just flew the fuck over my house reaching hypersonic speeds and hurtled into space with unfathomable force

>>265100280Can't believe he was voiced by James Woods

>>265100280I WISH A NIGGA WOULD...

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>>265100218What does the EO do?

>>265099076The top brass in our military is definitely on the side of getting rid of Trump, but the regular recruits are probably still pro Trump, which puts them in a bind.

>>265099918This is why GOP, conservatives, Republicans and Trump will lose. Everyone in America are becoming leftists, slowly but surely.What does these groups do to stop it from happening? Nothing.They are all banned, harassed, beaten and more all across America yet they have the power to stop it.No wonder Biden is winning and Trump is losing.

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>>265099339I believe that the EO was only step one in a court battle.The illuminati social media fagatry is gong down (but not the way that they like it).When they finally attacked the President of the US federal union, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.They took the gamble, and I think it cost them everything.

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>>265100467>The top brass in our military is definitely on the side of getting rid of Trump, but the regular recruits are probably still pro Trump, which puts them in a bind.Most soldiers are on the side of protesters and BLM.If what you said was true, Trump would have no issue sending in the troops and/or national guard to quell the riots and looting.Yet, there are numerous of videos and photos of soldiers in active duty bending their knees.

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>>265100514why the fuck didn't he set her straight before then??


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To all eweish people in this thread, DRUMPF!

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>>265100519Will i finally be able to mock mixed couples again on Twitter?

>>265100067MAGA on hat please>>265100519Heavy Awoooo

I'm so fucking sick of seeing things everywhere attack racism. I can't even say "I feel attacked for my beliefs" because they aren't beliefs. They are observations. Obvious observations and knowledge gained from those observation. That time and time again get proven correct and that explain past events. Every single time I see or hear something with an anti-racist message, it simply feels like they are saying "pretend what is false is true" and I just don't fucking want to!

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>>265100067>Doxxingantifa are going away to prison because they all got doxxed.By their own selfies.Remember kids, don't be a dumb faggot.

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>>265100833we are with you, brother

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>>265100653>Yet, there are numerous of videos and photos of soldiers in active duty bending their knees.No there aren't. The National Guard isn't the military. Stop pretending you know anything about how our country works.


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>>265100741>why the fuck didn't he set her straight before then??Because somehow conservatives are unable to do so. Trump could easily win over Biden and be all-high on the polls yet he doesn't do anything. He doesn't campaign, he doesn't take action that will improve his polling numbers.All he does is tweet "Law & order" as if it will accomplish anything.His rally in Oklahoma didn't help him either. His rallies earlier this year were massive in comparison.

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>>265100931what game is that

>>265100653I have seen you constantly posting on here everyday, and was wondering much do you get paid to post on here? I need money, and am on here anyways and wouldn't mind actually getting paid to shitpost or being a contrarian.


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>>265100067Planet Bizarro Awoo's too

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>>265101002God fucking damn it.

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>>265100905>No there aren't.

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>>265101147it looks like dark souls

>265101002>what game is that

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You think this Swede might actually kill himself after Trump wins?

>>265100833Have you considered simply not sticking your fingers in your ears so hard that you actually dig out brain cells? That is also an option. You don't have to follow that trend.

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>>265101232It looks like poop


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>>265101201Again, that's the National Guard, not the military. They're just reservists who don't go through military training.

>>265101282rephrase that please

>265101280You're implying Trump has a chance to win at all.

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>>265100385Basically if social media keeps censoring they lose their liability protection for, say, ISIS videos. DOJ and other agencies are reviewing the big social media sites by that standard and also anti trust.

>>265100126I got sick to death of them all saying the same thing to me"I am glad I will be dead soon" because they hate the world that they built.I hate their world too, and them.We can do better!TRUMP 2020

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Based nips.

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>>265101256don't fucking @ me you dirty ape

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>>265100514Proof that education and ideology is the only thing that matters. All the right wingers of today who place their stock in demographics will be looked back on as smoothbrains by the right wingers of tomorrow. It doesn’t matter how many white people there are in the country if the majority of them, even in red states, are turning to the left.

>>265100653>Most soldiers are on the side of protesters and BLM.No we're not.t. Soldier.


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>>265101364You are implying that the side that wants to commit genocide against the racial majority has any chance to win at all.

>>265101531Even vets in blue states are disgusted by this.

>>265101613Damn straight we are.

>>265100653im just curious - why does a foreigner think he's lecturing Americans about their own country? Don't you understand you're talking directly to the people you think you're referencing?All your information is from CNN or Jeff Bezos. You're extremely sheltered.

>that biden generaloh how sad

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>>265101604>You are implying that the side that wants to commit genocide against the racial majority has any chance to win at all.Yeah? Unlike you, I provide evidence to what I say. Biden and his side are winning.>>265101531>>265101613>provides no source>assumes I'm going to believe he's a soldier by his words

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>>265100385>What does the EO do?The illuminati social media mafia had legal protection, but attacking the President of the US federal union voided their protection, because they pushed themselves into a different category.It is on based on legal definitions and boundaries that can't be crossed to maintain that legal protection.Not protected.Right out there in the open.A legitimate target for a legitimate legal action.>Lawsuit to end the illuminati social media mafia's censorship.FREE SPEECH is back on the menu boys!

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>>265101912>evidenceI too also reference Jeff Bezos as my confirmation when Im ignorant of the topic.


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>>265100067gulags are effective

>>265101912Source is people I work with and my neighbors. I live in a major shipyard town.

>>265101842>>265101983Damn, I didn't know Jeff Bezos and CNN owned Daily Caller and Fox News.

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>>265101912>provides no sourceI know multiple enlisted Marines who don't support anything going on and they've told me for years to buy guns in case something happens.


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>>265100067Yea, he could order his people to break them up.

>>265102162Shh. The foreigner Swede only knows what Jeff Bezos tells him. See >>265102177The actual people he's talking to doesnt matter. Only what Jeff Bezos and other billionaires tell him to think.He's the special kind of retard that believes everything he reads on the internet.

>>265102214>buy guns in case something happens.good advice

>>265100467The Army is a fucking mess.The top brass in the Army are all working for the illuminati, because obama purged everyone who wasn't working for the illuminati.The USN is our only hope right now, that is why Trump will be sending in the Marines if he has to.

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>>265101912Blacks are 13% of the pop. That means about 6% male blacks.

>>265100997The Oklahoma rally was doomed with threats of corona, curfew, and terrorist attacks. Still managed to fill half the stadium and over a million views on YouTube in the first night. But keep telling yourself that Trump is finished and lacks support from his base. Cope with the razor thin hope that a candidate who sells American interests abroad and sniffs children is going to beat out an incumbent.

>>265101964cool tombstone, 70%er

joe biden is a messyoutube.com/watch?v=nbnJ5pTsP6o

>>265100818>Will i finally be able to mock mixed couples again on Twitter?Yes, but the real apex of Free Speech is the ability to say that one forbidden word.It is not nigger, the one forbidden word is jew.

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>>265100833jews fear the truth.Just speaking the truth will put an end to the jew.

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>>2651028444chan needs to take control of all social media from facebook to fucking TUMBLR, can't really stand those demons.

The civil war 2.0 big lua is going to be hilarious.

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>>265102569>The Oklahoma rally was doomed with threats of corona, curfew, and terrorist attacks.Gonna have to give a source of terrorist attacks.>Still managed to fill half the stadium6200 / 19000 is not 50%. Take your common core and fuck off.>But keep telling yourself that Trump is finished and lacks support from his base. Cope with the razor thin hope that a candidate who sells American interests abroad and sniffs children is going to beat out an incumbent.But he is? He's not campaigning, not running ads in battleground states and only tweets. He originally planned to golf this weekend instead of, you know, improving his polling numbers and maybe increase his own support?Pic related, final numbers of attendees at Tulsa, Oklahoma rally. You could've said attracted most viewers on Fox News for a Saturday and I would've believed you.

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>>265102760Joe:" i have a record of over 40 years and im going to beat joe biden"

>>265102844>It is not nigger, the one forbidden word is jew.I've been calling out Jews on Twatter recently and the most they do is force a recaptcha every time I get report spammed.

>>265103147Yeah, cause that will work so well when leftists and ANTIFA took over cities, smashed statues, burned down businesses and all the conservatives and gun owners did were cower in their houses crying and pleading for Trump to do something.

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>>265102272It's honestly hilarious how "still" voting for trump means despite all the retarded shit he's done and all the good promises he never kept. It just reeks of desperation. It's also very /ptg/, you faggots never make an argument, you just resort to calling people shills.The irony is these threads are bankrolled by IDF/AIPAC/Kushner's digital team.


>>265103318>took over citiesDemocrat cities.They go for the weak first. When they tried that shit in red states they literally got ran out.Again, you're just a media bootlicker. You're sheltered when it comes to these topics, you haven't lived as an American.


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>>265103318oops, still voting for trump

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>MUH AMERICA IS BURNINGWhy are you faggots so dramatic?The peak of it was WEEKS ago.It's been on a downward trend ever since.The worst of it now is a bunch of retards trying to topple statues of democrats they would rather the public forget about and looks like most of them will be getting arrested.

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>>265103477Could You not sexualize a wolf plz

>>265100653>Yet, there are numerous of videos and photos of soldiers in active duty bending their knees.If a US soldier on active duty takes a knee, it is to get steady to take a shot.

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Cool story incelStill voting Cawthorn

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>>265102461You are our only hope.Remember the simple, longterm, robot intelligence war. Common minimum wage cost equipment to signal intelligence relay enforcing robot artificial intelligence.Be safe. Do not risk. Signal to robot war NOW!MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINIf you are possible first divine intelligent creation evolution race then you can join my United States Marine Corps. If your race possibly first enforced cryonics and stem cell regenerative resurrection medicine by robot artificial intelligence then you can join my United States Marine Corps.Current Corps needs......Marines at America to help execute national strategy imperative briefs. If success, victory, and win, then citizens accept minor executive capacity to execute signal intelligence relay for robot artificial intelligence war.The United States Marine Corps ultimate objective is personnel comrade reinforcement. Evidence to prove personnel comrade reinforcement is public citizens committing to employment contract agreement in civilian occupational specialty, superlight infantry occupational specialty, and superlight mobile infantry occupational specialty.National strategy imperative is cryonics, cooperative planning, and stationary shelter armors. Cryonics suspends rot, decaying, and decomposing. We freeze, refrigerate, and suspend time into stem cell regenerative resurrection medicine. Cooperative planning are calendars, music notation timing symbols, and internet video streaming. We fit into military industrial complex schedules for robot service enhancement. Stationary shelter armor are houses, condos, apartments, shacks, and garages. We armor in cheap common mass produced construction materials.

>>265100519FUCK NIGGERSjust wanted to get that out in one of the few places you can still speak freely

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>>265100741The TV jew says "Give your children lots of space, let them find their own way in life".What that really means is "Give us your children, Goy".A child needs direction in life.If you don't get your child started off in the right direction, they will be adrift like a boat without a rudder.

>>265103694>Oh my god the country is burning!>Burning?Its amusing, you can easily tell most people are completely new to not only riots but "take overs" by little groups like Chop cunts, this has happened before. And a couple of cities that are miles away from you has a burned car ablazed? Oh no get the nukes ready!

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>>265103694>Why are you faggots so dramatic?>The peak of it was WEEKS ago.>It's been on a downward trend ever since.It's a bunch of literal faggots and women. The ONLY people I see outside of anonymous imageboards screaming for Trump to save them like taking dicks.

>>265101280Every leftist can become an hero!

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>>265103318My city is a city of 200k people. We had a protest with 9k people. When the antifa niggers tried to go full retard at the end, they were tear gassed into submission and quickly dispersed. We have had zero issues and zero protests since. We are literally back to business as usual.

>>265103477>digits>id: WINhow is this not a sign?

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>>265099918>Kike shills still absolutely SEETHING over SVTIts amazing. They're fucking furious. And all we have to say is 3 funny little words. Kikes are so fucking terrible at memes they get btfo by 3 fucking words lmao.

>>265104441you did a good post

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why did nobody tell me that spicer had his own youtube channel

>March>Trump needs to show LEADERSHIP and order a national shutdown!>June>Trump needs to show LEADERSHIP and violently crush the protesters!Oh yeah Republicans demanding that Trump engage leftists on this specific battle that they created just for an election year, instead of simply letting them all stew and turn on each other isn't suspicious at all.I mean we already saw with Trump's minor action at Lafayette square that everyone from nevertrumper Republicans to the military generals have a narrative and talking points ready to go

>>265104453They are trying to be subtle and just demoralize without openly endorsing Biden. If they truly believed that nothing mattered they wouldn't care if you said "still voting for Trump". But they clearly do care. All of their efforts are in vain if they're not helping Biden win.Before people would just tell them "ok who do I vote for now?" and they couldn't answer that other than "don't vote". But no need to even put this much effort into it apparently kek.

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>>265104921Funny how in both cases the baseline assumption is that Trump's voters don't hate blue states, and the ones in blue states aren't willing to sacrifice to remove communism.

>>265102177But hes going after the rioters as he tweets. Walsh you nigger.

>>265101201>get retards to buy camo and guns>pose said retards wearing camo as NG and bending the kneeet voila, it's that simple.

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>>265103284You must be doing it right.

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>>265104453>anti semite>trump voteryoure about as confused as the preacher's queer son.

>>265105109>Kike shill still trying after all this timeI get you're paid to do this but it must be so exhausting and depressing.

>>265103694violent crimes are skyrocketing. had a nigger pull a gun on me yesterday. ran to the hood and had five blacks chase him off though.

>>265105168Right it’s definitely not the guy shilling for the guy who rode on the Lolita express that’s getting paid

So many contradictory info on whether or not this is going to happen.

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>>265105168>the world revolves around methis is almost as bad as the niggers

there is a website out there that has every combination of anything that ever could be writtenNot that you generate it when you search for it, but it actually already exists. libraryofbabel.info

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>>265105337It willEverything you guys think about the Jews is mostly China. Jews are their scapegoats. They are easy to convince to subvert and corrupt and while we focus on the kike snakes, the snake handlers have been dismantling our future. Trump knows, and it should be becoming obvious to everyone now

>>265104441A Sign from Kek, TRUMP VICTORY 2020 incomming

Attached: A Sign from Kek, TRUMP VICTORY 2020 incomming.jpg (1207x590, 87.1K)

Jesus is the Best anti-semite Ever

Attached: Jesus is the Best anti-semite Ever.jpg (1143x407, 101.68K)

>>265100931>TrannyDad buildfuck off homo

>>265105568Lol sounds like Alex “the chicoms own hollywood and the Muslims run the federal reserve” Jones Fuck off trump shill

Here's a qrd of the latest (((NPR))) poll:>Trump and Biden have a great standing in their respective parties>Trump is up 8% with Independent men>Trump down 6% with Independent women>Overall Biden has the edge with women, Trump has the edge with menThe poll has Biden nominally at +8 but "in reality" the result would be more like the HarrisX poll that has Biden at +4.tl;dr: >polls

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>>265105568Jesus is an anti-semite, gas the jews, Race War Now!!!!!!

Attached: Jesus is an anti-semite, gas the jews, Race War Now!!!!!!.png (690x968, 900.5K)

>>265103694>Why are you faggots so dramatic?Nearly the entire right just copies TuckerTucker gets upset because his local coffee shop got trashed and that Trump isn't a strongman intervening with federal forces to solve local disputesHe pretends that Trump voters won't vote for Trump again because of this, now suddenly every pundit right of center including ecelebs is screaming about how it's all over


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MAGAFollow the plan

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>>265105960cant wait to see online debates with DeepFake Basement Biden vs Trump


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