Overcrowding in Asia

Why would any human live like this. Is this what's in store for our future? How do we stop this?

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it..it's beautiful..

>>265099278looks comfy

>>265099278Asians aren't human

actual fucking insectoid bug people

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>>265099934Actually bugs don't overpopulation their habitat despite living on top of one another. But mongoloids clearly enjoy being a perpetual hazard to themselves and their surroundings. Just one of many threats to humanity.

>>265100308>don't overpopulation*overpopulate

>>265099278Many contributorsAlso it seems to a global trend that young people increasingly tend to move to big cities, where the majority of them would have to trade confort/privacy for affordable accommadationyouwillbelivinginapod.jpgThe same is happening in JapanThe majority of its population used to live in small but independent houses 一戸建てHowever now more and more young people are leaving those houses behind for tiny apartments in Tokyo

>>265100308sounds exactly what an insect would say

>>265099278We have a fuck ton of space stillYou know how empty the midwest is?Or inland China?Or most of Russia?>but user those places are harshIf global warming is truly a huge thing they wont be eventually

to be fair you have to have an extremely high IQ to understand why this is good

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>>265100376This. It's pretty simple really.1. Everyone wants to live in the city.2. Space in city is limited and expensive.3. The only realistic way around 1 and 2 is to live in hi-rise boxes.

>>265099278man it is not overcrowding. it is an asset. your picture shown HK expensive apartment. even shit looking apartment in big city east asia. cost 500,000~900,000 USD. it is about evading TAX.if you living in apartment taxation reward you become 'artificially poor'

>>265100463Just looking at it from their perspective. Such is the definition of empathy, which is something they lack - as proven by Chinese user praising such disgusting "living" conditions >>265100376

>>265100630This too. People keep "investing" in real estate this way believing it will never collapse.

>>265100376>tfw cheap nice rural farms available everywherefeels good man

>>265100502>we have a fuck ton of space stillWe won't if you faggots keep talking like space is infinite you dumbass cuckhold.

>>265100655empathetic people get taken advantage of in a society like that, what good is empathy?

>>265099278People can get used to anything.And they mostly live their lives outside those crates.

>>265100655implying it would be any different in australia if 1 billion people lived there

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>>265100772>what good is empathy?Empathy made the Western world. The only place on Earth in recorded history worth living in.

>>265100907There aren't 1 billion living in Australia, even though I'm sure its your dream to make it so. And it's your own peoples fault for multiplying like sewer rats.

>>265100764Oh yeah man Kansas sure is crowded

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>>265100722filled with niggers soon dumbfuck AHAHAHAHAH

>>265100935try being empathetic when u have to live around niggers and liberal white karens

>>265101073It is, all of that land is farmland to provide for the current population. People require more square footage to support them than just the space they physically occupy, you fucking tard


>>265099278>>265100308>>265100359Some people actually think overcrowding is due to lack of space. What poor, dumb bastards.

>>265101179You don't need to be empathetic towards enemies and traitors. It's a voluntary thing for Whites, despite all the brainwashing saying otherwise. Or you can go with a complete lack of sentience like non-Whites and turn your world into a hellscape of fleshy automatons.

>>265099278It would suck to live in that!

>>265101073western kansas is barren wasteland of endless plains

>>265101200Wr could work towards fixing that with GMOs but oh wait idiots only like GMOs when its done to dogs and not tomatoes

>>265101255It's due to there being 7+ billion non-Whites. If there were just 700 million of them then their natural inclination towards insect hives would be reduced ten fold.

>>265099278The future of the world.Beginning in cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

>>265099278No, that's the future for people with the high levels of social cohesion required to manage an advanced society. The West's future looks more like South Africa.

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>>265101371There's a pretty clear difference between dog breeding and GMOs.

>>265101066enjoy getting replaced

>>265101467New York City has been a hive of Jewry from day one, same with LA. Look at former Jewish hives like Genoa or Venice and they're multicultural shitholes full of niggers and tourists.

>>265101299fuck empathy and fuck you

>>265101073>1 person within a mile of meBack the FUCK off!

>>265101662I'd much rather die than live among your species. But, of course, it's a human trait to chose death over bondage - something your "people" wouldn't know about. But thanks for proving me right in that you're all one and the same, just with different flags.

>>265099278Kowloon walled city was pretty impressive. 50 thousand people lived in the same area as a normal city block.Cool documentary on ityoutube.com/watch?v=S-rj8m7Ssow

>>265099278That's what they try to do, we obviously don't make a lot of children's anymore so they push us illegal subhumans. With the Roman empire at his peak there was 50 millions people in the entire Europe, now we are 500 millions and they say we have to be more. Fuck them I want space

>>265101839>I'd much rather die than live among your speciesWish granted.

>>265102204They said Europe was "overpopulated" when the population was at 250 million and that cutting back it vital for survival, then they proceeding to import the aliens anyway.


>>265102320Better hurry up, that Malthusian trap will shut soon enough.

>>265102371It's obvious that they (politicians ruled by capital owners) are full of shit and just want to make more money at our expenses. The quality of air and food is going to shit meanwhile, and it should be illegal to live so close to each other

>>265099278it's comfy

>>265102641Italy was best when it was around 40 million .

>>265100655Nah we have plenty of empathy. And I have to remember to show empathy to whites because you're fragile. With each other we can be more direct. My feelings won't get hurt either way which to me is a good thing. Keep the same energy, stay productive no matter what, and all that

>>265102796That's a good grasshopper. Not that I care about your twisted perceptions of Whites, you are lacking in peripheral vision after all.

>>265099278There has to be a steady torrent of shit and piss erupting out of their pipes non stop, 24 hours a day.

>>265102736Yes it would be better, we should be 60 millions now but I'm afraid that almost 10 millions are not ethnic Italians, if not more

>>265102928You are fragile though. You tried to say all of us "lack empathy" just for living in a building you don't like the design of?Whites use to live that way in New York City too. So what No one here is forcing whites to live in that kind of building nowadays either. It got demolished for a reason.

>>265099278your future is being dead and non existant forever, like everyone else's

>>265102641This.Sydney is turning into a dystopia nightmare. High rise apartments with 10000+ people in what used to be suburbs. You have no idea the horrors your grandchildren will face in the future.

>>265099278Don't worry, it's stopping

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>>26510299210 million sounds correct. Wikipedia says 5 million, but I reckon its more. But remember, Libya kicked out 20% of its population post-WW2 for being Italian. Changing demographics can be done the other way.

>>265099278I'd actually like to live like this. It's cheap and you have everything on your doorsteps. Looks comfy...Live like this for some years, put money aside from a well paid industry job and then upgrade when starting a family.Why not, dude?

>>265099278Another worldwide pandemic

>>265099278The fact that they can live like that with so little crime says something about them

>>265103152Obviously your interpretation of "fragility" means something it isn't. And we don't expect your species to understand basic human dignities, which is why we actually don't like living in cities despite economic pressures, compounded by non-Whites like yourself, forcing us into cities.

>>265103406You don't need to officially break laws to be a cunt.

>>265103338>durrr don't you dare tell me I'm wrong or I'll deport you! Cringe. Good thing I'm not stupid enough to think all whites are like that.

>>265101621Why are those dishes parallele with the ground if there are supposedly satellites in space? Shouldn't those dishes face upwards towards the sky?

>>265103563America is well and truly a civic nationalist state. Italy is not.

>>265103440>calls all of us "insects" >threatens to deport everyone who has a different opinion>still has the nerve to lecture us on "empathy" Yeah maybe you should work on improving your own life instead of serving up this stinky hypocritical gaslight bullshit.

>>265103581the satellites are near the equator so the dish must face south or north to get optimal signal

>>265103696You're not owed empathy from Whites.>entitled much

>>265099278I've been to Asia and honestly I find cities like Paris or Lyon way more oppressive. In Japan, they were able to make it comfy, same with Taiwan, where you barely feel the population density. HK on the other hand is pretty brutal, I don't understand why people fight for keeping it alive... go live somewhere else holy shit.

>>265099278Imagine the smell. Imagine all that disgusting Asian cooking smell.

>>265103581Most TV and radio satelites are 'geostationary', which means, they will stick over the same point of the earths surface.If you are a reciever at the edge of a covering area, than your dish will of course have to be set up almost parallele to the surface of the earth in the place that you are.

>>265103798>lectures us on "empathy" >somehow tries to flip it and accuses us of asking for "empathy" when literally nobody ever did >obviously only wants to take empathy not give Cool. Never asked for it. Don't want fake empathy either.

>>265103732Are you saying there are no satellites near the equator? Also, dishes in Europe also are more or less parallel.

>>265103631>civichaha good one. they're literally killing themselves with a faggy little virus because they're a bunch of selfish retards who can't follow the rules for a moment

>>265099278Nothing wrong with this. You show an extreme example. Most apartments in Asia are separate buildings and not next to each other like this.Yes, your apartment is small. But Asians are humble people, they don't mind it. You won't have extra rooms for man cave, dining or whatever but like I said they are humble.Your kitchen is minimal but most eat outside. The quality and affordability of food outside is incredible.Of course murrika burbs have incredible houses but look at your national debt. It is unsustainable. It relies on being the biggest economy in the world. Give it 10-20 years and this ponzi scheme will all start to crumble. Yes you can cook at home but murrika has a lot of good diners that you can drive your fat ass to (you have to drive, as there is not even a sidewalk and too far to walk anyway).Europoors have it the worst. Terribly built houses, more space than Asia but not much more, terrible consumer choice unless in UK or Germany, zero affordable options for eating normal (not unhealthy) food outside.

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>>265104122Civic nationalism has nothing to do with what you just stated.

>>265103999Geostationary satellites are thousands of miles in space, so dishes should face more upwards and not parallel.

>>265104068It was clearly stated above that White empathy is only for Whites. Just like how your disingenuous arguments are a non-White trait. It's obviously retarded for Whites to give non-Whites the time of day.

>>265104112When I lived rurally we had satellite internet and the dish had to face south because thats where the satellite was. Its unlikely that it would be directly above you

>>265104143Also, I never understand why Europoors don't allow building high rise. I don't mean a new build 10 floor (better than nothing) but a regular 20 to 30-floor building.Young people could finally get on the ladder, it would transform society.Probably because they want to keep property prices high, this is the only logical reason.

>>265101073God I love it here.

>>265104312But there should be places on Earth where dishes should face upwards, right? Unless, of course, there are no satellites in space and what we think are satellites are balloons in lower orbit or simply masts/radio towers on ground level.

>>265104524im sure there are it just depends on what satellite you are using

>>265104195sorry I can't keep up with your niche political concepts. on the other hand, I know what civism means and it seems yanks are prone to shit all over it

>>265104605I'm sure there aren't. There is no proof that satellites are in space. It's just low orbit. Watch this:youtube.com/watch?v=qpa6FZB87Wc

>>265104295>>265100308Cool. Then why the fuck do you have to lecture us on the way we live when it's none of your business since no one is forcing you to live there? And what made you accuse us of "lacking empathy"? And when you were called on it you tried to change the subject by saying something completely unrelated like "durr white empathy only for whites" when it was stated nowhere in the thread kek Cope. If you're so white go make your own life better instead of pulling this shit because you're not fooling anybody.

>>265104225Dude, are you retarded? Can't you imagine how the angle still would still change by going from the center of a covering area to it's edge when you are living on a fucking sphere?Look at pic related. It's the theoretical signal coverage of a geostationary satelite.

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>>265104645Meme flags are usually brighter than this...

>>265104768oh sorry i didnt realize i was talking to a psycho

>>265105034>derpSorry, I thought your were reasonable.

>>265104925since the guy who invented the term is from near my hometown (no kidding), I'll educate myself about it, but something tells me it's pretty close to my current understanding

>>265104768'Low orbit' is still in space, you dunce.What do you think an orbit means?

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>>265105993>meme imageYou know there is no proof that any satellites are in high orbit? Also ''space'' is a meme. ''Orbit'' is also a meme, anything in the sky going around the Earth is technically in orbit. Meaning that a balloon going around the Earth is in orbit. Watch:youtube.com/watch?v=dsNdOx2Q2Yg