Why are they so much more effective than white supremacists?

Millions in the streets marching with themAre doing whatever they want on the streets (destroying statues, establishing autonomous enclaves, etc)Are literally everywhere and controlling the entire narrativeMeanwhile, white supremacists can never seem to gather in numbers over 50-100 chubby awkward kids and they get immediately chased away/btfo by Antifa counter-mobs. They're universally despised, have achieved no change, and can only make their presence known on anonymous cartoon boards for children

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>>265097341there are not that many white supremacists. white people just want a better society free of common degeneracy.

They're more successful because George Soros

>>265097341Because they are backed by capital

>>265097341there's not that many of the paid protesters either and they'll dry up when the money runs out.I kinda wonder if any of these kinds of movements are ever organic.

>>265097341Yet who do people fear more?

>>265097341Mainstream backing and inorganicAny "white supremacist" group will get the Waco treatmentThey're not successful, though, as no one likes masked street thugs

>>265097779ThisAntifa-types literally gained power right after the first wave of Jewish immigration in the 1910s

>>265097779This.We get support from nobody.And if we do something we get arrested.Niggers can burn down an entire city but a white man says nigger to a black women and het get's 5 years or more (real story).

>>265097341Nobody takes action against it because it makes people realize clown world.

They have the backing of the elites and don't get witch hunted by the feds like the right does whenever they dare to step outside

Because they are backed by the stablishment. Corporations and neoliberal goverments allow them to do what they want because they know that they are not a thread. This process allows the masses to get some catharsis without changing anything.

Because fascism died with Hitler

>>265097341>>265097583>>265097742>>265097779>>265097829>>265097860>>265097885>>265098012>PLEASE, LET NIGGERS FUCK MY CIVILIZATION>ok?You call that winning?There's a reason why they were always called "cuckolds".Their "winning" is based on self-annihilation. The only problem is that we pay the consequences of their actions.I always said the biggest blackpill Holla Forums has to swallow is that we will have to get rid of white liberals and balkanize all sane whites left, eventually.

>>265097341The great thing is, they're going to accidentally create another Hitler, just like they did in the Weimar Republic.

>>265097341Heavily funded, media backed, weaponized nameVsPeople who share the same values as the 'big evil' that our grandfathers fought and defeatedIts a money and optics thing.

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>>265097341>Why are they so much more effective than white supremacists?Because they have the backing of multinational companies, billionaires, the media, social networks, and politicians.Meanwhile, being a "white supremacist" is synonymous with someone that loves their country.

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>>265098196There were 2 billion people in 1939 and not as many nukes.

Also, there is exactly ONE person in that photo who looks like he could competently fight somebody. These people get their teeth kicked in when the government isn't paying attention and the Proud Boys or some other autists actually get ahold of them. Only time they get punches in is when they outnumber somebody who's unarmed. These people are pussies, through and through. Honestly part of me wonders if the government gives these people so much protection because if they were to get into a real street brawl it'd be a total bloodbath.

>>265098263Antifa are nothing without the Jews.

>>265097341Moderate illumination detected.

>>265098290This. ANTIFA are pathetic considering that basically the entire power system backs them up. Yet they still just go around beating people, burning buildings and destroying statues.

>>265098407You are correct.

>>265098196We've been saying that for so long that I really have to wonder if something like that would ever be able to come to pass without getting shut down by the globohomo somehow

>>265097341They have billions of dollars worth of funding, corporations pay to protect them, while whenever a few right wing white people get together to go shoot the feds raid their house and kill their dogs.

>>265097341Because they're on right side of history. Their cause is a moral one. Right Wingers main objective is to continue oppressing minorities and the working class.

>>265097341>full control of the media>freezes your bank account if you speak out of line>gets you fire if you speak out of line>government is in full favor of them>literally zero repercussions for them killing white people in the streetReally hard to understand why they're more effective.

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>>265097908and well continue to do so till 2024.Christmas in July? more likely than you think

>>265097341niggers can do whatever they want and demorats, the msm and corporations back them up. White supremacists are on their own, so they have to play it smart.

>>265097341Because no resistance is offered to them. If a opposed group would fuck them up badly, 90% of the virtue signalling hoes would go away instantly and never come back.The rest are the hardcores that need to die.

>>265097341In theory, a quadriplegic retard could beat Usain bolt with the backing of an entire countries government. They could tie him to a motorbike and convince the audience that is anyone says "but Usain was faster, the tard cheated by being strapped to a bike" is an abelist and a far right uncle who should be disregarded and killed on sight.Doesnt change the fact it's a retard on a bike. All antifa and their backers have done is pull the wool over the eyes of those too weak to know what is right and wrong.

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>>265097341They are still new, wait a few years and everyone gets bored of them. Remember how quick anonymous and the mmm vanished?

>>265097341>Why are they so much more effective than white supremacists?because they are the pawns of the night finance kikes who organized this top down color revolution and the media and federal law enforcement are on their sidethey also are only operating in zones where democrats have total political control

>>265098450They also somehow believe that they are the ones on the outside, the outcasts, the unheard, despite all of the backing. Effectively fighting for the sake of the people that by all rights they should hate according to their ideologies.

Then you have pricks like this, he keeps calling everyone a Paedo who speak out against this woman from Cambridge Uni

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>>265097885This. Gen X, Millenials, and Zoomers are taught a narrative in school, on the media, by their parents, by their friends, by their favorite celebrities, for their entire lives.

>>265097779What capital? Have you seen the CHAZ "farm"? They can't produce capital.Oh you're a retard that thinks currency is capital.

>>265097341Hating hate is an easier narrative to sell than hating "the underdog". Everyone wants to be a hero.

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>>265097341they are far, far more numerousthey get the backing of actual political parties such as communist and "socialist" partiesa lot of NGO's and international corporations are sympathetic with themthey've been doing this for a long timethey don't care about puritanism like "white supremacists" domost of them are young students brainwashed by socialist teachers and anime/hollywoodthey get the devoted support of minorities of all kinds with almost no exception meanwhile most regular citizens don't even know what their goal is and are neither for them or against themI could go on

>>265097341 Also fuck your peace symbol and fuck all those who fly it. You can only espouse peace, tolerance, and all your other shite because you sit back while others commit violence on your behalf to keep civilisation intact.

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>>265097341Because politicians, media, governmental institutions etc back them. They basically got the full force of the state effectively.

>>265097341>multinational corporate support>mass media support>military industrial complex support>all levels of judiciary support>banks, wall street, and hedge funds support>hollywood support>government bureaucracy support>international supportThere's probably more.

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>>265097341because the state imported minorities. And minorities ain't voting for someone who'll kick them out lol.

>>265097341What you're looking at is the end result of 70 years of effort.Look at the long march through the institutions. Also, blame the nazis. They're the ones who created the extreme consensus against all forms of ethnonationalism


>>265099023And every time people like him are found out to be sexual predators.

>>265097341It's the other way around. Those groups are controlled by the elite.They want you to fight them, so the best thing you can do is to ignore them.Fascism will win in the end, because it's our natural state of being.

>>265097341The right wings biggest issue is it's current best asset, we only subvert now. We don't use rockwell style parades, we subvert media and consumers to spread our ideology. We are deeply afraid of revealing ourself's we only come out to those we trust as we spread our ideology in the night, like a vampire who turns others in the night and cowers from the light. Someday in the future the next hitler will be created by one of subversions and we will go down in history with that operation.

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>>265099033CHAZ isn't antifa, CHAZ is BLM sympathizersand as far as I know CHAZ still exists because of its antifa connections even though if white fascists tried to do anything resembling an autonomous zone in america they would get shot the minute they step foot outsidealso you're ignoring the fact that CHAZ is indeed getting help in terms of infrastructure and food from certain groups, such a thing wouldn't happen to any other group

>>265098528>Right Wingers main objective is to continue oppressing minorities and the working class.lol, you guys are so stupid is tragic. The unskilled labor the wealthiest kikes in the world are importing MAKES BLACKS POOR. Everything you think you represent is the exact inverse. aim.org/special-report/reds-exploiting-blacks-the-roots-of-black-lives-matter/www.rangemagazine.com/features/summer-12/range-su12-soros-destroyer.pdf

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>>265097341because they're state sponsored and supported by the entire mainstream corporate establishment

>>265097341Literally it comes down to movements need money, and a bit of truth to sell an even bigger lie.Something like Truth "volcanoes go boom." Lie "omg that volcano is going to go boom and the only way to stop it is by donating to xyz corp and accepting xyz solutions"pic related these fuckers have millions of dollars to play with

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>>265097341So would you be if you had billionaires behind you

>>265097341>Why are they more effective The people they and just about everyone else claim to be fighting against do not properly exist. Apart from some edgelords online and maybe a hand full in each state you won't find them. In order to have someone, anyone to fight, they claim anyone against them is a white supremacist. When your argument is so simple it's "I'm against racism" or some such shit, anyone who does argue must be for racism. It's pathetic really, but morons fall for it on all sides of the argument.

When are Elon Musk and Peter Thiel going to fund a street army

>>265097341One sniper bullet to a head would've scared this fucks off for good.

>>265099033It isn't George Soros fault when his usefull idiots can't farm.

>>265097341because they have MSM and (((societies))) supportsay I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS! WHITE LIVES MATTER! and you would probably get beat up, fired, and unable to get hired againsay I FUCKING HATE WHITES! BLACK LIVES MATTER and you will most likely get cheers

>>265098528maybe the classic monarchy era right wing does have that objective but fascism is by itself pro working class and has no interest in oppressing minorities, imperalism is what you're describing so learn the difference you idiot

>>265099226This man get's it.

>>265097957The question is why you fucking retard. WHY IS THAT??? It's because what you're saying is not true - at least not in the way you hope it to be. People in general support these movements because they're aiming for something positive and fair - the natural state

>>265098528How is cultural, racial and ethnic erasure a moral cause you absolute mongoloid

>>265097341Funding you dumb cunt. Half of Antifa is paid or they promise to pay you with welfare when "revolution" is over. Then there is the lowlife unsuccessful scum who just wants to tear down rich and middle class families. Besides none of these fuckheads have families. Probably thrown out from their parents basements because their lazy unproductive twats who disgraced their whole family. Could go on and on about these pussies.

>>265097341seriously, how much they paying you to shitpost here?

>>265097341>Why are they so much more effective than white supremacists?Internationally connected and more or less infinite funds (in germany, the government pays them, Soros NGOs pay them, Russia pays them, they also get private donations etc etc).Would you believe me if I tell you that most of them regularly can hit the gym and visit privately funded close and distant combat seminars because Antifa is their fucking day job? They are well-educated and trained militarily. They have the money and time and, most importantly, the connections, to train with ex-army personnel from the US and Russia, terrorist organisations from the Near and Middle East and all kind of other shit.And the worst thing: What you have seen yet is absolutely nothing. They haven't gotten their marching orders yet. In short: They have everything you'd expect an international paramilitary organisation funded by governments all over the world would have. HOWEVER, their main drawback is that for all the training and potential, they consist of braindead teenager leftists who are pretty much cowards.

>>265099384And give them narrative. As long as these fucks are backed by MSM and big business there's no violent option against them. As of now, only a CIA nigger would attack them so they could have the "i-it's the right wingers!!1" narrative.

>>265097341Consequences or the lack thereof.White supremacists know they will be shunned, fired and arrested for simply saying the wrong thing.BLM/ANTIFA terrorists know there are no consequences for doing anything they do, violence, theft, destruction of propriety, they get away with it cause they have the backing of big companies like Google. In fact even pointing out the violence and destruction they cause is considered racist.The typical person is attracted to strength, they think this is strength, they think this is righteous. It's neither. The moment there will be consequences the numbers are gonna go down.Just look at Capitol Hill, once it got difficult they sold each other out. Now that Trump is gonna convict them for destroying historical monuments they are hiding.So yeah, consequences.

>>265099111>Also, blame the nazis. They're the ones who created the extreme consensus against all forms of ethnonationalismUh... are you confused? That were the Allies.

>>265097341Because the left has ALWAYS been better than the right, its simple.That is why they always win and you are relegated to the history bin.

>>265097341>Why are they so much more effective than white supremacists?Because they're backed by George Soros, Democrats, and Marxists professors (who actually spearhead Antifa).

>>265097341I'm so tired of these subversion threadssagekys OP

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>>265097583And that will be our downfall. We've become weak.>>265097341To answer your question OP, it's because despite the new rhetoric from AG Barr, Trump and even a handful of moderate Democrats, ANTIFA is indeed state sponsored. If white supremacists tried any of the shit ANTIFA does they immediately are arrested and are looking at years in the can.

>>265097341Because there are only a few hundred thousand actual white supremacists, far fewer than the AntiFa would have you believe. The AntiFa are in their backyard, not ours. We’re not interested in them destroying their own neighborhoods. These are liberal areas, the BLM and AntiFa are doing what we wish that we could do, why would any of us stop them?

>>265097341Because they are sponsored by the commies taking over the countryThey ARE the establishment posing as rebels.

>>265099535Becauses they're delusional. They think in the philosophy of improve the world not yourself. They're are like communist thinking that things would improve if we killed the opposition and do nothing about ourselfs. BUT WHY??? because indoctrination when you get preached about hating a certain group from childbirth to now you'll hate them.

>>265099369Elon better supply his with an exoskeleton

>>265099077Viva La Revolucion™ Brought to you by our partners at Target

>>265097341lol millions. It's like 30-50k

>>265099369don't worry, they're both /ourguys/

When will it end?

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>>265097341Ironically, because they are more white than us.

>>265097341>Get paid by corporations and rich jews like soros and gates, get paid by democrats governors and mayors, mass media support you and subvert all negative opinions about you>why they're more successful than you?Fucking faggot

>>265097341>white supremacistsany white person that doesn't bend the knee to the jewish run marxist groups who are supported by the banks and corporations

>>265097341>White supremacists is on the rise we need to censor the internet and control people's thoughts>white supremacists can never seem to gather in numbers over 50-100 chubby awkward kidsMaybe because white supremacy is dead


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>>265097341It is easier to destroy than to build. That's why.

>>265097341Because they are protected by the media and by democrats.

>>265097341Because the (((media))), (((corporations))) and (((law enforcement))) are on their side.

>>265097341smaller dog always barks more


>>265099024Zoomers are on avarage far more to the right than millenials and gen x though. Hopefully that's a trend that'll continue and probably will. Kids rebels against authority, and right now the people with authority in their lives is their 30 something millennial teacher preaching blm and globohomo talking points

>>265097341ANTIFA and the Democrats align in many aspects with the most similar being the continual dispossession of White American history and culture.

>>265099256all the liberal politicians laying in their graves should watch this. All enemies of Hitler should watch this world, hopefully in hell, if there is such a thing, they force these idiots to watch this world and torture them eternally.I believe that far right have minescule chances of ever seizing power again... but if they by some miracle do it... if some of their members preaches empathy, preaches human rights, "we are not liek them", "they are human, we cant jsut do that", "but the UN, but they have rights, but tthey are not animals"...Any man that have those arguments should be tortured even more brutally than our enemies.Any willing to "change", or "make right" the other races should be brutally tortured.I want the most sadistic, the most brutal and cynical, most was hungry, most hateful and pent up on destruction members of far right to be in charge if we will ever take power again.

>>265097341White supremacists are considered to be Nazis by the majority of the population, that's why. A lot of antifa people are retards brainwashed into thinking they're actually fighting Nazis.

>>265097341because these are funded terror movements

>>265097779Many antifa types are the sons and daughters of politicians who rather than face embarrassment of them getting caught purposely tell the police to stand down

>>265097341>exist for more than a century>infiltrated media>infiltrated education>infiltrated politicspretty easy once you've done that.

>>265099023Sue him for defamation of character

>>265097341Because you are an unnatural inorganic proxy of international corporate sponsored anti-white revolution you cunt.


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