Dr Disrespect goes full Dr Mengele and names the jewhttps://streamable.com/f0bcar

Dr Disrespect goes full Dr Mengele and names the jewstreamable.com/f0bcar

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>>265096251SHUT IT DOWN

>says a name>says he doesn't know weather it's true or not>permanently bannedFucking seriously?

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>>265096251>doesn't name the Jew>talks about David Icke>seems tottaly unhingedIsn't that the streamer who filled his whole house with coal (shungite) to protect himself against eloctromagnetic waves and 5G?What a fucking retard.

>>265096251who is this faggot and why is there like 6 threads about him up

>>265096251>Praising David IckeThis isn't naming the Jew, it's just being retarded.

40 year old pedo

>>265096251He didn't name the Jew kys.

That's it? Holy fuck what a nothing burger.

>>265096984He's /ourguy/ that's who he is

Friendly reminder he shilled for BLM.

>Wake up [white man]Of course he is a far right nazi

>>265097816>streamer>male version of a e-thot>/ourguy/Grow up you fucking kid.

>>265097523Why is everyone calling him a pedo?

>>265097933so he isn't even political? why the fuck are there so many threads about him on Holla Forums? oh yeah its summer

>WAKE UP!Reminds me of Charls

>>265098068>so he isn't even political?Oh he's political, just not the way shills are portraying him as.twitter.com/drdisrespect/status/1268261690358894592

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>>265096251LITERAlLY WHO

>>265096251heres a shorter to the point video.streamable.com/eo284c

>THIRD THREAD IN TEN MINS ABOUT MY FAGGY E CELEBRITY!!!>PLEASE BE A ZOOMER FAGGOT LIKE ME Holla Forumswhen will you fucking reddit faggots leave?

>>265097982That’s the cool thing to do these days.

>>265097933>33>Kek labels you a freemason Hang yourself Ahmed

let’s talk about the 6 foot 8 frame, the 37inch vertical leap, the black steel that drips down his back a.k.a the bulletproof mullet, the google prototype scopes from built-in lcd led 1080p 3D sony technology, the ethiopian poisonous caterpillar a.k.a the slick daddy, lets talk about the cabinets that go 40 deep into the wall that houses the other 95% of his trophies. the awards, certificates all claiming first place. Do you think you can compete with all that????? No? Then stfu neckbeards

>>265098452You allowed them to stay, it's you fucking fault. You brewed this beer now drink it, faggot

>>265098547Are you ok?

>>265098373kill yourself please

>>265096251What the fuck, does this mean that David Icke is rightDoesn't banning him for saying his name legitimize everything Icke says? Fuck I wasn't ready to read about reptilians

>>265098183He’s a vidya streamer with like 10M followers or whatever; have only watched him a couple times but he was pretty funny. In any event the “news” here is him getting banned for saying nothing of particular consequence. You are now as up-to-speed on this matter as you need to be.

>>265096251so what docu did he see?

>>265096251why should I care what this person does

>>265098373>This video has been removed for violating our Terms of Service.holy shit. what Dr disrespect said wasnt even bad

>>265097982Smear him. That's why.

>>265096251>makes several threads>exact same topic, exact same phrasing>say its holocaust denial while everyone collectively disagreesWhat the fuck is this weird shill raid?

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>>265097982Easiest way to stop people from defending him. No one wants to touch that with a 100ft pole

>>265099298>What the fuck is this weird shill raid?I'm guessing it's Russian.Dr. Disrespect has been shilling Russian products for a while.The latest being shungite (The mineral percent composition includes 86.43% carbon, 0.18% sodium, 1.33% magnesium, 3.17% silicon, 1.09% sulfur, 0.22% chlorine, 0.95% potassium, 5.33% calcium, 1.06% iron, and 0.2% copper.).He's been saying it protects people against magnetic/electromagnetic waves and 5G.He's gone full retard.

>>265096251Stop spamming this lie Muhammad

>>265098580>>265098452This is where the Ice Poseidon faggots came when their shitty subreddit got banned. Now you are left with these low IQ losers.

>>265097711Yes he did. kys.

>>265096618He got arrested for rape.

>>265099871Fuck off chinese shill. There's too many of you lately trying to spark something between west and us.

>>265096251if he raped a woman how serious are the charges going to be

Is Viper is unironically the new anthem Of The Alt-Right?

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>>265101520Innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Burden of proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt.

You guys don't understand. He didnt get banned for mentioning Icke. He mentioned Icke to his viewers as one final statement. He's saying "this is important" without actually saying it directly.Read between the lines and consider what else he said in the clip. He says "the self confidence of the champions club is at an all time high and dont ever stop". He knows he isn't going to be able to stream again for a while and is giving a morale boost to his viewers.

>>265096251it doesn't even make sense logically. Why would you kill 6 million perfectly good slaves?

I'm sure the Streissand effect won't elevate this from a bizarre rant to a major sales drive for Icke's book.

Last eight minutes of his last stream.He seems pretty disturbed by something.youtube.com/watch?v=BB4eRglHKHE

>>265098806Yeah, that's what I thought too. Did this guy say anything more offensive and ban-worthy at some point, or did they seriously ban him just because he mentioned the name of David Icke and told people to wake up?

>>265096251Very likely not the reason but I appreciate the fact that it keeps this topic alive on pol cause i can't find a thread on Holla Forums on this right now

>>265102418Probably because jannies delete e-celeb garbage on the reg there.

>>265102418there was until someone spammed kill niggers 1000 times and >>265102491why don't they just make a board dedicated to it


at least tell us about that david ick or whatever how the fuck am i supposed to know what he is and did they perma ban him for this? lmao

>>265100780when, faggot?

>>265102274You can tell that he knew he was in trouble at the very end.

>>265096851He plays a character nothing he says or does is real

>>265103041Yes indeed.

Reddit tards think it could be CP but he wouldn’t say “we’ll get through this”. But then again, he’s completely canceled from Twitch and Discord. So there’s illegal shit and proven without a doubt to those employees. I’m thinking he might’ve gotten someone killed indirectly.

>>265096251Is that Weird Al?

>>265101409>chinese shillStop eating shungite, Igor.

>>265096251When the mere act of mentioning a bad goy gets you permanently barred from your job and your life is ruinedThese jews need to hang

That character he plays is supposed to be a semi delusional retard.Him being into stupid reptile conspiracies was part of a bit.I have no doubt he watched that documentary but screaming at people to wake up is part of the act.

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>>265102274looks like he's having a mental breakdown.

>>265100843raped the narrative yes

>>265096251DrDis is controlled op and you are falling for a set up narrative, don't claim I didn't warn y'all

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I've heard rumors of him participating in "racist" "alt-right" discord servers. The fags who run discord passed this along to the fags who run twitch and he's getting banned.

>>265103592If this is true does he become /ourGuy/ Beahm?

>>265097858>Friendly reminder he shilled for BLM.In a world where, allegedly, "silence is opposition", who didn't?

>>265102274they're using #metoo to purge white guys off of the website

>>265103735>allegedlyHe donated thousands of dollars to the Black Lives Matter Foundation.

>>265104020fuck him then

>>265104065Yeah.And fuck the shills trying to portray him as /ourguy/

>>265104020>talks about how he likes david icke>donates money to the lizards

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>>265097858>>265104020>>265104065if this is true then this >>265103592 falls apart

>>265104218He said he just got in to him, he may right his wrongs.

>>265103226the closest apostles of jesus were jews, user.; that means whatever you're talking about is something good

Why is he shaking so much?

>>265104237Are you retarded?Of course he would donate to BLM.Anyone who doesn't is immediately cancelled.

>>265104374just don't and insist your channel is not made for political shits

>>265103319because he just lost his job over text message you chump

>>265104374anon, it doesn't work like that everywhere plenty of non political streamers as well as ones outside of US

>>265103386he's a professional entertainer

>>265104218>>265104237He's you typical liberal retard, who's against muh rascism, falls for facebook conspiracies and buys "healing crystals" to protect against magnetic fields.twitter.com/drdisrespect/status/1268719480890245122


>>265104455He lost his job several days after that clip.

>>265096251seems like this dude is a little mentally unstable

>>265104623he seen something on his phone, his mood completly changed afterwards.

>>265096851>seems totally unhingedExplain yourself

>>265098175i really hope he paid taxes for the money, since it first goes to him he has to pay them.

>>265104537sounds to me like he's a classic boomer "conservative" with his "conspiracy theories" and whatnot also after realizing he's getting banned he started naming the jew and "WAKE UP", which is in the OP.

>gets banned and dropped off from several platforms and sponsorships that are not directly connected with each other nor share the same executives/legal teams within moments at the same timeIt couldn't be more obvious

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>>265101549FEELthe words I spillSTILL

>>265104781Thank you German flag for letting us know how money works

If they take the SsethTzeentatch discord down I'll riot, Idk who Dr D is though

>>265099155This is how you know you keed to watch that David Icke documentary.

>>265104572Heard this song first time 7 years ago. Funny how accurate it is...

>>265104804He never named the jew.Why is that, you may ask?Because HE IS A JEWen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr_DisRespect>Herschel Beahm IVen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herschel_(name)>Herschel, Herschell, Herschelle or Hershel, is a given name and a surname Jewish origins.

>>265096251>gets message saying his streamer career is over>says fuck it decides go to full conspiracy theorist

Its probably Dr Dis caricaturing asians in 2018. Doing accents and doing the asian eyes shit. That could get you banned now.

>>265105131Both the documentary and twitch are owned by Amazon though, why would he be canceled for telling people to consoom more Amazon

come on someone fking leak why he got banned

>>265104807>Do as we say or get the axeI suspect this will be on every level of society in due time.

>>265105447You can just look at him to know that

>imagine telling people to wake up while shilling video games to kids on twitch and while your own family is in shambles

If he got banned for talking about David Icke and 5G and twitch is treating that on the same level as sexual harassment then this world is fucked.

>>265105447>>265105606I always assumed he was part Mexican but yeah those are some incredibly Jewish names he has.

>>265105499noone knows but it's probably CP

In the Dota 2 Sceen there where two Casters canceled (Tobiwan and GrantGrand) Tobiwan was canceled because after 8 Years the girlfriend of his Cocaster Synderen accused him of rape because she wanted to be tobiwans girlfriend but instead he offered her only a glass of water

>>265097982Because he's the most popular streamer on earth and he just told his entire young audience to go read David Icke and get redpilled on the illuminati

>>265105447maybe he betrayed gods chosen people and this is the punishment?

He had evidence that could lead into the arrest of Hillary Clinton

Whatever is going on with Dr. Disrespect has every shill on the board shitting bricks

>>265105447anon, look at the damn video and what he says also unless specifically his mother is jew, he isnt considered part of the tribe

>>265105499He was doing impressions of asians in 2018. I have a feeling the sensitivity to black people has been extended out to asians. I mean, why would it be okay to mock asians but not blacks?Also everyone wants to suck Chinese dick now for all that Chinese money.

>>265105856His mother is jewish and his father is of english descent.

>>265097982Hes a pedo racist broFor example, he told me in a drunken binge on fortnite that when he heard about George Floyd he also couldnt breatheBut only because of the laughter that another nigger had died by the hands of a white man.After he lured a 15yo on twitch to do funky shit on the webcam, private seshHes disgusting and he also has mein kampf prominent on his bookshelf next to a lampshade that looks very very suspicious

>>265105708Pewdiepie is still the most popular streamer on earth. At least he hated TLOU2.

youtube.com/[email protected] 3 mins is when he starts talking about David Icke

He was banned from discord first too, prob some white nationalist based shit

>>265105708If people go read David Icke because the character Dr Dis tells them to they are retarded.The character is a piss take of Tom Cruise and a bunch of other over the top shit. He is supposed to be a parody.

>>265096251literally who?

>>265106156>the character Dr Dis Kids listen to him and he told them to go watch and read David Icke.