>$10k watch that keeps time as well as the $30 one, must consoom>$1500 mac that's as powerful as a $500 windows...

>$10k watch that keeps time as well as the $30 one, must consoom>$1500 mac that's as powerful as a $500 windows, must consoom>2020 luxury car that gets me to the store as well as the budget option, must consoom>1000% marukup plastic toy of the character in my favorite moneygrab capeshit film, must consoom>$500 sneakers named after my favorite sportsball player, must consoomWhy is this shit so ingrained in American culture

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youtube.com/results?search_query=2000s nostalgiaPander

>>265096232I mean I do the same with guns

>>265096232>$10k watch that keeps time as well as the $30 one, must consoomask me how I know you don't know anything about watches...

>>265096548ask me how I know youre a bugman, but you think you're better than other bugmen cuz cool watch shiny nice gears

>>265096232>ingrained in American culturesays who? It's only certain groups of people who consoom to that degree. and it's relatively recent phenomenon. It's not 'ingrained' into anything.

>>265096723you went the wrong way with that. $30 quartz watches keep shit time. A $100 dollar Seiko or Citizen keeps better time than a $10,000 automatic. But, you wouldn't know that.

>>265096232Because they enjoyed the ideas of Adam Smith.Culture should not be replaced by consumerism, consumerism was part of western thought to increase the living standard of our people.The Scotts invented this and the Americans perfected it but lost their people in the process.Now their pervasive consumerism is being pushed into every part of the west which is leading to the consumer media and mass immigration.Just a reminder the one Scottish man raised billions out of poverty with his ideas in the wealth of nations.We have mass immigration now and we have lost Scots in Glasgow that we will never get back, we lost our brothers and sisters this is the price of diversity and globalism.What potential one Scottish life holds and we have been denied them, they were taken from us by the islamic feminist supported globalised agendas!Never forget!

>>265096952Why are there so many boomer retards on this site now? Fucking lol

>>265096379you wear a gun on your wrist AND it tells time as well? damn i want one of those.i bet you use clips to fill it up eh?

>>265097150not an argument

>>265096232Seems like poorfag coping

>>265097231The difference in timekeeping isn't worth paying for. Watches are retarded status symbols.


>>265096952You know what keeps really good time? My phone you giant faglord watches are fashion pieces.

>>265097360When did I say it was?! Learn to read, I said the cheaper (not the cheapest) option kept better time. Jesus.

>>265097477when exactly did I argue against that?

>>265097360Quartz watches have no soul.

>>265096232>>265096232So it'd better if everyone buys the cheap product to support fucking Bill Gates Microsoft and whatever other jewish globalist owns the fucking companies that sell cheap products? Good point but not very well thought out. It's like the Wal-Mart problem, buying all that cheap Chinese made shit is half the reason people are becoming wage slaves in this country. No more small town businesses, all your money goes to a handful of elite fucks who have their own bunkers and escape plans when the world they've created collapses. Really shouldn't buy anything unless you're prepping for the coming collapse.

>>265097553you aren't wrong

>>265097484Sure. But why are you are bragging about useless watch knowledge?


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>>265097555>please dont make fun of me for being a faggot with AirPods Holla Forums

>>265097629>braggingnow I've heard everything

>>265096232Status. Nobody wants to be seen as a poorfag. It's always been a thing, it just takes a different form in modern industrialized society.

>>265096232But you have to admit that woman are 100 times more into consooming than men, show evidence to her that it's bad, show alternatives that are better and cheaper, dont matter unless she can be part of the hiveIt's mainly woman imo

Patel, Vacheron, ALS or Timex? Which is best?

>>265096232>emotionally fights off criticism about his consoomables>hastes on other brands until he consooms them aswell

>>265096548fuck your meme watcha microcontroller that costs less than a peanut can give me the time with microsecond precision.>>265097347>not wasting money = poorfag hurr durrLet me guess, you have the latest iPhone as well. CONSOOM

>>265097741This. There is a medium where you buy shit to make your life easier or more pleasant. And to also not appear poor because people want to get laid and fit into society. Not everyone wants to live in a cabin and shoot their own food and grow their own vegetables and buy the cheapest option for every available thing. But yes, consumerism is like a disease and it mostly infects women

>>265097824Bang for your buck? Omega or Citizen, depends on what you want.

watches are just wrist fedoras everyone has a phone now that is synced to the correct time

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>>265097484You have that fucking brick in your pocket that is enough unless you are vague fag that wears shirt and a watch to groccery shopping. Watch in nothing but a moneh sink, you get nothing out of it in 2020

>>265097824if you're going to be a consumer faggot, why not get something thats useful instead of just a fashion piece to flash off your money to leeching women and kikes?

>>265096232There needs to be an information consumer meme with a Holla Forumsack just compulsively scrolling

>>265096232>noooooooo you just can't fuel the economy so the standard of life is better

>>265097868Not the point of a watch these days. A watch makes you look like less of a faggot, checking your gas ass iphone every 5 seconds.

>>265096232How else are you going to get a nation made of borderline psychopathic settlers to give up their land and move into the cities?Convince the plebs their lives are incomplete without [TRENDY OBJECT] or [MODERN SERVICE THAT IS IN VOGUE] and they will happily give up 75% of their life in the pursuit of [SOCIALLY VALUED OBJECT].Americans used to behave like the Chechens. Good, honest people that normally were helpful polite and relatively virtuous: but possessing a proclivity to extreme violence should something affront their sensibilities.We used to be a nation of killers and settlers, but now we must CONSOOM.

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>>265096232I love american excess. I don't think we're excessive enough anymore to be honest.

>>265097987>fag that wears shirt and a watch to groccery shoppingnot sure what you're on about, but yes I tend to wear a shirt when I go grocery shopping

>>265096232>watch and carSignal high status which is very valuable to everyone who leaves their home for more than groceries.>macs, toys and sneakersPointless waste of money. Technically signal high status among geeks, comic fans and niggers, respectively, but you shouldn't be associating with any of them to begin with.

>>265097975Wat happens when shtf and the power grid goes down. 2 days and you have no way to tell the timeMy rolex is a gmt which can be used for a compass. Waterproof and glows at night. Plus it doesnt spy on me.Sup now?

Just came across this nu-male the other day. Anyone ever notice how they all have these fucking shelves full of movie and vidya merchandise?

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>>265096232It's what keeps the fiat currency bullshit going. It's the same reason why McMansions exist.

>>265096952lmao @ your life, keep wasting money consuming productMy phone keeps better time than your watch ever will

>>265097929Nigger Tudor shits on Omega and Citizen is for faggots.

>>265097975>he doesn't strap a clock to his body

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>>265096952>Not using a $15AUD f-91w that loses a few seconds a month

>>265098257Tudor is sub-par Rolex. I have a Rolex. Rolex is shit.

>>265096548Congrats you’re a retard it’s impossible to argue that any watch is worth 10k for the job that it does

>>265098387What rolex? I have 2 fake rolexes


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>>265098502I never argued that. Congrats on failing reading comprehension.

>>265098387I'd take a Pelagos over everything except a Daytona. As far as Omega goes the AT is nice but the only thing that moves the needle for me is the Tressor.

>>265096548What are you trying to say? In fact a $30 quartz watch almost certainly keeps time more accurately than a $10k automatic lol. Watch autists are so fucking weird.

>>265098508Datejust. Why brag you have two fakes?!

>>265098665not on average, no. A $30 dollar quartz is a crap shoot.

JewsJews pushed this shit on you guys.There is an American culture but Jews are suppressing it.>have niece living in California>keeps talking about environmentalism and movie stars

>>265098672Because he doesn’t care, and neither should you. They’re jewelry and their only purpose is to look good.

>>265096548An OLED screen digital watch that syncs to NTP every day will keep time for longer, be cheaper and last weeks per charge


>>265098672The new bigger DJ at ok. 34mm is too small for a normal man's wrist. Fluted bezel and jubilee or non fluted and oyster are the only two combos allowed in my book.

>>265098672what kind of datejust?why do you think it's a brag? people are talking about watches. also I'm not paying retail for the price of the fakes. I don't even wear them. On;y worn them a handful of times to help me get better sex

>>265096232>Movie BobIs he right?

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>>265098872wew...try making sense

>>265099000Wearing a bootleg watch for cache is akin to wearing a toupee

My Patek will outlive the Earth and it makes a hell of a lot better heirloom to pass down than something cheap.


>>265098967learn English

>>265099107>implying people know the watch is fake besides a very small minority of watch snobs

>>265096232Actually going with the cheaper mass-produced choice is peak consoomerism (except the mac and sneakers). Those expensive items represent tradition and craftsmanship.

Poorfags are just seething they'll never know true luxury

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>>265099008T-they think whites are holding them back?

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>>265099038The difference between a good mechanical watch and a bad one is insignificant for practical purposes. If society has not collapsed and you therefore don’t need a mechanical watch, then you’re better off looking at your damn phone.Watches are male jewelry.

>>265096232DOes anyone have the procrastinator wojack?

Watch The Century of the Self. Americans are under jewish psyop attacks since the early 1900s to make them into mindless consumers, because jews fears the libidinal forces of white people and they want to control it.

>>265099150it's a shitload of money to tie up in a watch though. only way it might be worth it is if you really like watches or if you have so much money that you don't give a fuck

>>265096232Luxury watches are based af. Same for cars. Peak old world craftsmanship and engineering.

>>265096232spot on faggot.>>$10k watchbreguet XXI>>$1500 maciMac Pro>>2020 luxury car2018 GT3 manual>>$500 sneakers not really, 300$ from japan

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>>265099208this, if there’s anything worse than a bugman it’s a pretentious bugman

>>265098219Yep. Just like how alt-right numales always have to post their weight, gun collection, and the square footage of their shitty suburban house. This all encompassing numale thing is depressing

>>265099225the first part of your argument could not be more wrong, I therefore disregarded everything you said after.

>>265099232I'll get around to posting it eventually.

>>265099406Thank you

>>265097081It’s great to read The Wealth of Nations all these years after it was written to see how globalisation and mass immigration flipped Adam Smith’s ideas and completely devalued the compensation for labour. Smith talks about labour as a means to a very necessary end, workers as contributing to their country through production and valuable services. These days 80% of Americans aren’t working because their labour isn’t considered to be essential. The interconnectedness of the world and rampant overpopulation of our planet have really done a number on the concept of labour

>>265099400For a couple hundred dollars I can have a mechanical watch that runs just as well as your $10k waste of money. I don’t give a shit if it loses a few seconds over the course of weeks, and if you do you’re autistic. I wouldn’t spend $30 on a watch, but probably because a $30 watch also looks like shit.Watches are male jewelry.

>>265096232it's about status, are you dense ?do you know about hypergamy ?

>>265099608another faggot that can't comprehend shit. Fuck.

>>265099521It it's not being done correctly, Adam smiths ideas are valid when we don't have an INORGANIC monopoly in the banking sector. The central banks are price fixing credit so the ideas of Adam smith are not being perfected.That is the sole reason why our labour is being outsourced, and our homes are being taken from us by a corrupt representative government who are paid off.End the central banks !

Attached: end-central-banks.png (916x1058, 624.68K)

>>265099759When will you comprehend that the clock you’ve strapped to your arm is less functional than simply looking at your phoneJust admit that it’s jewelry and stop trying to justify your consumerism as anything more than vanity

>>265099335I am only considering buying $500 Nick’s boots knowing they’ll probably be that last pair of boots I will ever need to own.

>>265099222"if it wasn't for those plumbers, garbagemen ,and miners I would be fucking intergalactic hookers"These people think that the white labor class contributes nothing but dudebros and republican voters.

can someone poast the sickly wojak "i wish i consoomed more media"

>>265098063Unless you engage in activities that require time keeping (racing things) or go off the grid for extended periods of time, wearing a watch is just jewelry. Jewelry is feminine. I am pretty gay for the engineering if clockworks, they are beautiful.

>>265096232Watches aren't the right items when you're talking about consumerism. Watch enthusiasts collect watches.As for other items, luxury brands are a rip off unless they're high value, slow fashion. I'd rather buy a costly product that lasts 20 years than a cheap product that I have to replace every 5 years.

>>265099958you are the fucking retard that thinks I advocated buying a $10,000 watch. I never did. In fact, I said certain $100 watches keep better time. I never told anyone they should buy any watch. Jesus.

>>265100027nevermind found ittime to go to sleeptired from consooming media on this site.

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>>265096232> why so ingrained?Because we're prosperous enough to waste time and money on useless shit.

>>265098213>Technically signal high status among geeksNo geek is using apple toys

>>265099992People like this are why I refuse the notion of doing construction.>inb4 spics will replace youThey already are, heard enough stories from family in construction that they are mostly lazy and fuck up measurements.

>>265096232why did you abandon your thread?

>that look of disgust when you tell people your phone is older than 2 years

>>265100297some chink fatass working at the gas station made fun of me when he saw my old iphone and asked why it was so small. i'm still mad i didn't chimp out on the spot.

>>265096232Idk I hate it though. I literally buy three things:InternetFood/DrinkTransportation

>>265096232>$10k watch that keeps time as well as the $30 one, must consoomAs a watch nerd, this is actually quite true. You can even get good, reliable mechanical watches for under 100$ if you'd like something fancier than quartz. Look for alternative brands using Seiko movements like the NH35

Jewellery is the biggest waste of money kike scam

>>26509880999% of quartz watches manage 15 seconds a month with no regulation. You will not, ever, find a 10k mechanical that manages that level of accuracy on the wrist. HAQ and spring drive stuff is incredibly niche, and accounts for probably under 10% of "high end" watch sales. Mechanical watches are effectively jewellery that are outperformed by 10 dollar Casios, not to mention the additional features like alarms and stopwatches that you won't find on most high end autos.

>>265100528>10 dollar Casios, not to mention the additional features like alarmsewwwww...

>Holla Forums we must stop buying products and services from brands that hate us and wish were dead because of the colour of our skin>also Holla Forums you're a poorfag if you don't consoomeThe absolute state of Holla Forums in 2020

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>>265100675If you want something that looks nicer, pay a little more. I've got a 40 year old Seiko on right now, it cost me 40 bucks and keeps time just as well as any other quartz. If you want high end, you can pay a whole 60 dollars and get something with radio solar, like a 5610, which will be within a second of atomic time for the next 20+ years with 200m water resistance, and then all you have to do is replace the battery.

Why the fuck is everyone on this board a watch aficionado? Jesus, $30 was just an arbitrary price>>265100224Was in the bath

>>265096232it isn't our culture. we just got overtaken by the jew and now people are funding their own prison cells

Attached: jew BTFO.png (1055x785, 1.56M)

>>265100468Jewellery is a form of precious metal investment. Investing in jewellery with precious gems is dumb though as you will have to resell at a loss.

>>265100675>>265100675are you a watch fan or just a watch snob? a casio has its place for watch fans. you own a rolex and can't admit that these things are overpriced and the average rolex wearer does so to flex. any functional use of a watch is no longer relevant with modern watches that can be made for a fraction of the price. and most people have phones now with the time on them. you sound no better than a woman who complains that other women have the wrong handbag

>>265098067t. never met chechens

>>265098217Then I'll grab my 10€ Casio wristwatch from the junk drawer

>>265096232>>1000% marukup plastic toy of the character in my favorite moneygrab capeshit film, must consoomThose fucking Funkos are a scourge on this planet

>>265096232>$1500 mac that's as powerful as a $500 windows, must consoomThis is actually worth it, a good aluminum bodied, SSD Mac laptop will outlast most cheap plastic Windows PC shit, and the OS is a lot better

>>265098063You’re forgetting a third option: not checking the time every 5 seconds.

>>265098217I just won’t tell time and be totally fine because there is a sun. Also who cares what time it is once shtf

>>265096548Iwatches are gay as fuck

>>265099737Yeah the guy keeping up on the latest Star Wars shit is just trying to gain status and get laid. Lmao

>>265101676No, wrong, bullshit, shill.

>>265096548Assmad watch retard detected. Hey buddy nobody gives a fuck about your faggot watch.

>>265102361I've had the same Mac for 5 years and it still looks brand new. They really are built to last. The only PC laptop I'd consider would be a Thinkpad, but they're fucking ugly.

>>265096232>Americans>culturelol. you have none, only money, money, money.All this hysterical "muh poor niggers" is an attempt to look cultured.

>>265098063Your car has a clock, most rooms you're in will have a clock, your PC has a clock, how often do you actually need a watch?

>>265096548Ask me how I know you felt personally attacked by the meme.. Just accept that you live to consoom bro. Acceptance is the first step.

>>265096232About 7 decades of non-stop kike programming user

American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Mike Tyson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.

>>265102527We did have a culture once. But you're definitely right that we don't have one now.

>>265096232Eh, there is a huge difference in driving a low/mid end car and a luxury one.

>>265102858The OP is a poorfag, and there's nothing wrong with that, but OP doesn't know what richfags are actually paying for. It's not nothing. A 10K Rolex will keep its resale value and is a beautiful piece of engineering. A Mac will last much longer than a shit plastic box PC. And I guess if you're a nigger those $500 sneakers give you some kind of status, but I don't know how niggers work.

>>265099391no one does any of that, except for guns, which are perfectly acceptable material possessions for males to show off and collect.

>>265100928>you're a poorfag if you don't consoomeeh? where's that coming from?

>>265096232how best to easily profit off of consoomers?

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>>265098082There is no excess with the American Express! Apply now and get a promotional interest rate on balance transfers up to 50% of your approved limit.CONSOOM

>>265103362sell stupid "geek" shirtsthe more Star Wars, Harry Potter, and vintage vidya references you cram into it the better.

>1000% markup on onions merchIts closer to 100000%

>>265100955Im interested but the internet has 5610s sold out and priced at $140 USD.Any other comparable models mr consumee?

>>265098050>fuel the economyKek take a look at this drone

>>265098340based and terroristwatch-pilled

>>265098213Showing status is for insecure, aggressive sheeple like niggers or gypsies. Showing who you are is more important than showing what you have. Modesty is a virtue, and shows you're a man of substance rather than of looks

>>265096232> Apple> Starbucks> NikeIs this the consoomerist holy trinity?

>>265103362If you can acquire the rights to any highly regarded IPs and brands then you can create something that targets childhood nostalgia. It doesn't even have to be good quality as it's all about the sentimental value. However, you'll never be able to compete with the Joows who already know this and own just about every IP in existence.

>>265098809>moving gears are more accurate and reliable than electronsdo americans really?

found some 1999 pokemon cards in my stuff, some of them must be worth hundreds of dollars each I love consoomers

>>265096232It honestly pains me to see these bugmen, specially when it's someone you care about.Case in point, my dad. He has a huge swatch collection which he never uses, but just pointlessly hoardes. Now he's turned into funko pop garbage that never even leaves the box.I hate this mental illness.

>>265096232Consumer goods is what keeps empires runningFuck man, wars were fought and empires expanded because of NUTMEG and PEPPER

>>265096548BasedOnly beta cucks dislike expensive watches>t. my new watch

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>>265103066>a mac will outlast a shit box pcdidn’t know pc’s have a life expectancy of less than a year.

>>265104443Sony, it's the ultimate leftard gaslighting company.Try arguing videogames with hardcore sony fanboys, it sounds like trying to discuss with r/politics.

Attached: 1591478384601.png (748x489, 416.35K)

>>265096232Commercials not made by google are surprisingly soothing

>>265099150Have you considered passing down true wealth in the form of family and land instead of gay overpriced baubles?


>>265104711Where are your knuckles bud?

>>265104769the jews got him. patek's tagline is literally something like "you never own a patek, you just hold it for the next generation"

>>265103362youtube.com/results?search_query=2000s nostalgiaPander to nostalgia for whatever generation is currently in it's 20s>>265104578My younger brother is the same way with amiibos (the nintendo ones), they sell for $15 a pop and he just buys every new one they come out with

>>265096548Only good watches are Seikos mate, spending thousands on outdated suisse machinery is not based. Japanese machinery is the way.

>>265104867this is a bait image that is posted in every thread where watches are brought up

>>265099521>completely devalued the compensation for labourHave you tried getting a better job? No one owes you anything in life.

>>265096548If you blow your money on shit even the gooks can copy, then your time isn't worth being that accurate.

>>265104984Thx burger

>>265099150If my father gave me a watch as an heriloom it'd be auctioned off the next day. Real estate, metal, and money are better heirlooms

>>265104578who cares, I hoard shit too I buy a thing I don't even need at €15, then years later I randomly remember I own one and sell it for €100 the other day I remembered I have one of these (picrel) in storage there's a literal piece of paper I got for $5 years ago, I'm planning to sell it for $1000 if possible I love hoarding

Attached: Screenshot_2020-06-27 metal sonic exclusive eBay.png (789x248, 72.33K)

>>265096232German frens, is this „Otto Normalverbraucher“ ?

>>265099335Can I have a time stamp of your GT3 mate? Love that car.

>>265105086Hvår er dig i til anschluss med island, norge, og finskmark?The world is waiting. And my pizza dansk is shit so undskyld in advance mein venner.

>>265105250he's probably larping.what's your fave? mine seems to be 991.2 gt3 in white. I really like the 997 gt3rs too but it only came in manual and I won't buy it because of that

>>265096232>luxury carsThis shit baffles me. The only cars I've ever owned have been cheap old used Hondas, and they do everything I need them to do with minimal bullshit. Why anchor yourself to some six-figure batmobile that still has to mind the speed limit signs?

this thread is full of consoomer retards

>>265105642Eat your pingvin icecream, Vladdy. The faggots are talking here.Now what are your thoughts on the GW7900B-1? It looks like a newer GWM5610-1 but that pricetag seems pretty CONSOOMist.Is there a season where watches go on sale? Id like a watch so I have an excuse to get over my cell phone addiction.

>>265098217what are you going to set your watch too moron

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>>265099216>being so fat that you must wear a watch to remember the position of your wrist

Attached: laughing nog.jpg (1200x857, 59.34K)

>>265105210No, that refers to necessities mostly, and drinkable/edible luxuries. When it refers to consoomption, its national averages with an extremely skewed median/average, so useless.