>talked in favor of David Icke and mention how bad things are>immediately getting perma bannedReally makes me thing

>talked in favor of David Icke and mention how bad things are>immediately getting perma bannedReally makes me thing

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>>265094849It really does make you think, doesn't it user?

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Welcome to 2020 can't have someone using their platforms to wake others up.

>>265094849Who gives a fuck about this pedo.


>>265094849didnt even know David Ickes first namedidnt even know the name of the doco he watcheddidnt even know the name of bookhasnt even read the bookwhy you have lie and make stuff up for?

>>265095432But he did get banned...Pretty tricky to spin this one, huh Shlomo?

Watch David icke live on YouPube.He mentions 5g, show is immediately stopped from view.They have everything to fear and everything to hide.

>>265095400>>265095432holy hell theyre afraid

>>265095514oh ffs.look a little deeper than the 1st thing you see.Holla Forums is beyond retarded at this point.

>>265095432definitely a coincidence hu? Don't you think if it was sjw/social like him cheating, or sex it would be screamed from the rooftops of twitch headquarters to further their metoo agenda.Also this isn't the first time he's shown, talked, and brought up conspiracy related content using his platform.

This is not why he got banned. You guys are fucking retards. There is something way more serious going on probably involving a police investigation. Both Twitch and Doc would have made it clear immediately if it was something like that.

>>265094849oh no! not my heckin streamerino!

>>265095756yea they just conduct an investigation and coordinate a ban right after a stream where he brings up conspiracies and david icke. while screaming WAKE UP! seems like a logical conclusion.

>>265095756nice cover story bro

>>265095432>memeflaggotyour false opinion has been discarded


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>>265095884True, too big of a coincidence. Something is off

>>265095627ok fuckstick.Holla Forums home of the stupid.

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>>265095884>>265095919It wasn't right after his stream. There was quite a bit of time after his stream ended and him getting banned. The documentary he's talking about is on Netflix for fucks sake and he just vaguely sort of non-descriptively talks about it. He is one of their biggest money makers. They wouldn't do him in for something petty as that without a warning.


>>265096087The order didn't come from twitch, this came from higher ups.. So of course twitch didn't make the decision. That's atleast what slasher is saying. The jew who is to uncomfortable to say the reason for the ban . . . ..

>>265095756If it was involving an investigation they would not have acted before he was charged you dumb nigger. And if it was something serious and he was charged he would be locked up and not talking to his streamer mates on discord>B-but muh quake neverhasbeen said so on Twitter

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>>265096045we don't care what books you read; stop blogging your library to us

>>265096222I'm not trying to cover up for some jewish conspiracy thing. I'm arguing against this shitty conclusion you guys are jumping to because it doesn't fit the landscape of twitch. Doc is too big of a powerhouse even for Amazon guys higher up to want to dump him without just telling him to not say that shit again. I'm also arguing because when you guys jump to garbage conclusions like this it ruins actual constructive discussions that could happen on this board. I'll concede if I'm wrong but whatever happened seems like it has actual substance to it and not just some vague thing that offended someone, like someone was raped or something.

>>265094849Remember when this guy claimed people were shooting at his house and it turned out to be an airsoft gun


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>>265094849wait i don't understand, did he get banned because he's a schizo trying to awaken the npcs?

>>265096599Nobody actually knows why he got banned yet.

>>265095638drop the meme flag, kike. Your obviously not a libertarian.

>>265096482You don't understand. It doesn't matter how much money you make for a platform, if you're using their platforms to push conspiracies and things that wake others up to reality you get banned. That's reality and that's the way their platforms work. You can't go tell your entire fucking audience about David Icke and than scream WAKE UP. it doesn't work like that dude.

>>265094849So is this CAA and Twitch's PR team spin? Things we've learned so far:(1) He's an old jew(2) He's a pedo(3) He is the voidYou guys are drownding. Abandon ship before you are revealed personally for trying to stick up for a pedo.

>>265096482Of substance but not very bad as he would be already in jail. Something that doesn't have to be confirmed so they can dump him and isn't that bad to be put in jail before that.So rulling out an attack, a rape, money laundry or a murder whats left?Maybe twitch removed him because of his swearing. They are trying to make everything nice and gay. Also not banning people that paint their bodies or hold their asses or boobs in a camera so yeah. I wish most of the mainstream sites could just die.

>>265094849woah woah what that the real reason? proofs?

>>265096087Haven't you seen the video? He mentions David Icke, says he likes him, tries to play it safe by saying it's untruthful and ends with a "Wake Up!" Less than 5 minutes later he gets a message and he knows he's fucked and he ends the stream.

Just called my contact and I can confirmed a few things for you.Yes, he was banned for this. But not specifically because of David Icke, but just in general, Guy(dr disrespect) has been mentioning many conspiracies like 5G, corona, china and even 9/11 and terrorism. There is a collection of clips of him talking about these things and so he was banned from the platform. Apparently, my contact said that Twitch has been getting mass reports from many different foundations like the ADL since the start of the month to start banning conspiracy antisemitism and anti social justice rhetoric. I am sure Guy will release a statement pretty soon. Also, this is not the first big streamer that will be purged.

>>265096704Confirm he is not in jail. Show me any sign of life from him. He is being detained. They can hold you for 24 hours, legally in California. He is singing like a bird. Get fucked pedo vidya jews.

>>265095756This is a stupid theory.

>>265096830thank you my greatest ally

>>265096830Ah thank god. For a second i taught the other people that don't give a shit about the rules like all of the sluts would be banned.Or that bitch that thinks he is a dear and was making everyone a white supremacist and said that nobody can touch her. So good we banned the guy that said fun stuff.Wait my jew lawyer just called me, i think he said something about Pokimane being a pedophile.

>>265094849Who the fuck is this and why do I keep seeing him on Holla Forums and Holla Forums?

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>>265095400>pedowhat? why? is this the fake reason they are going to shill? michael jackson 2.0?

>>265094849It really does user

>>265095531 maybe I’m just a schizo but I think 5g was just a rollout for mass “voice2skull” technology. Been hearing some weird shit these days like dudes talking shit through the internet or something. Wouldn’t surprise me because the electrical signals Of our brains can pick up radio waves at a certain frequency. Of course it’s easy to ignore these voices too, but it seems they have unveiled the mind Trap...

>>265095400Personally, I don't understand how anyone could be a pedo. It's like having a fetish for midgets with bad teeth. Disgusting

>>265097139twitch streamer, the site where you get to watch someone sit in front of their computer all day and talk to their webcam, and you are expected to watch ads or pay money for a special color in the chatbox with other lonely faggots

>>265094849>Really makes me thingreally makes me hate kikes

>>265094849>>talked in favor of David Icke and mention how bad things are>>immediately getting perma bannedWelcome to 2020.He has a channel on Banned.Video now.

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>>265095756you're an anonymous canadian with no sources, nobody believes you

>>265094849dude got deer council'd'd'd high T + high ego= deer feelings hurt an offended

>>265094849The Holocaust was a fruitcake basket

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>>265097296I wouldn't consider myself a pedophile by any means, but my favorite kind of adult woman is short and weak both physically and mentally. little girls are all of that turned up further. Fortunately, full grown women are pretty much as weak and stupid as children and only modestly taller so I have no need to resort to such things.

>>265097299>twitch streamerOh, so e-celeb zoomer shit. Can't even escape this faggotry on Holla Forums. Gookmoots needs to make a board for this trash.

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>>265095514sexual misconduct

>>265094849Fuck. This guy is based. I watched his PUBG stream like once. What is his name? I forgot.

>>265097189>what? why? is this the fake reason they are going to shill?Lefty rule #1: "Always accuse your enemy of what you are doing."

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>>265097245voice2skull requires a lot of direct energyEverything else you said is not remotely scientific Look up how radio receivers work

>>265094849Whats going on? I just got home from work someone give me the current status.


twitter.com/HeadRushV2/status/1276788850832990210lmfao, it actually is the reason he's banned and nobody can speak on it.

>>265097494I know actually the reason.Its a rape alligation of a minor at Twitchcon.There is also (fake) proofs like pic and shitBut the real real reason is because ADL demanded his ban because he promoted " racist cospiracy theories"

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>>265097813>twitter.com/HeadRushV2/status/1276788850832990210HOLY SHIT CONFIRMEDFUUUUCKING KEK

>>265097296Retards call anyone over the age of 18 that likes anyone under the age of 18 a pedo. If there's grass on the field play ball.

>>265097488go back to facebook boomer, or go read the same 50 slide threads in the catalog that never move

wow what a based e-celeb thread where people talk about someone with less intelligence than the average Holla Forums poster, we need more of these instead of any relevant threads or political threads

>>265097503who are the two adjacent to Roof and batboy?

>>265096087Whatever it is it's 100% a hit on him for having influence and using it to push wrong ideas.

>>265098098>>265098091yeah we're all really happy with your shitty zoomer "look at this faggot who says what i want to hear while asking for money" you fucking dumb consumer zoomer, stop killing the board with your shit autism

>>265097813The majority of his audience are kids.Imagine how much damage and influence he has done from spouting this bs.

>>265098174those same threads are still sitting their kike, shut the fuck up on and go post in woman hate thread #4,593

>>265098212What if he takes the children to a compound in Texas?


>>265097366His jewish name (((herschel))) means Deer herder

>>265094849amazon want culture to be dominated by hollywood, not independent content creators. this sh*t has been happening for years though, which is why i'm not at all surprised that statues of people with more normal and healthy points of view are being torn down by satanic mobs. it's all very sad, i put my trust in yahowah elohim and then look for a place nearby to protest

>>265098381the closest apostles of jesus were jews, user.; therefore whatever you're talking about is something good

Can someone show me the video of him saying this?

>>265098805For the last fucking time, Judeans are not Jews. Jews weren't even a thing yet.

>>265094849Worrying. I have "dirt" on a top streamer which would instantly end his career. He is secretly racist and red pilled. I will never going to use it, he is not political in public anyway.

>>265099229Don't snitch on Felix


>>265094849Oh hey, I remember this guy. I think last month he was scaming his viewers lying about having valorant betakeys drops on his stream when he didn't, and his apology was "I don't give a fuck I'm the best" lol

>>265094849you retarded nigs, amazon owns twitch and they literally sell David Icke's content, has nothing to do with Icke.

>>265099767Shieeeet you know PogU

>>265095756So mad posting in multiple threads.Kek

isn't this the guy that livestreamed kids peeing?seeya

what a retard

>>265094849Anyways, um... I bought a whole bunch of shungite rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is? No, not Suge Knight, I think he's locked up in prison. I'm talkin' shungite. Anyways, it's a two billion year-old like, rock stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. That's my story, I bought a whole bunch of stuff. Put 'em around the la casa. Little pyramids, stuff like that

>>265100515we forgot about the elundis core

>>265094849I assumed it was because he flirted with or said something mildly sexual in front of a liberal millennial white woman.

>>265097910>ADL demanded his ban because he promoted " racist cospiracy theories"nah, the ADL said the OK symbol was a symbol for white power. They are retarded and nobody listens to them.He's banned for something sexual.

here is theory 2 from some larper on reddit

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>>265094849>banning a BLM supporterwtf!twitter.com/drdisrespect/status/1268261690358894592

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>>265096087amazon.com/Renegade-Life-Story-David-Icke/dp/B07SGG3K18It's actually in Amazon who owns Twitch. How much coincidence do we need?

>>265095884He was dropping redpills because HE KNEW he was banned

>>265100808well this does kind of makes sense with the whole new metoo wave. Now is the perfect chance to fuck over big streamers

>>265100808Quick review of his reddit profile and his post are all garbage. Example: Keemstar.Stop with this garbage.

There's always been some weird shit going on with this guy.>year into twitch career he fires up his stream out of character crying saying he's been unfaithful to his wife>comes back months later to literally 1,000,000 viewers >Late 2018 he gets up during a stream and reappears out of character again claiming that somebody just fired a gunshot through the window of his house>also claims guns were fired at his home the day before>After signing a multi-year deal with twitch in March of 2020 three months later he is banned with no scandal, no accuser, no one has any fucking clue what it's aboutYeah, idk man, this guy has some weird juju on him. At this point I nothing will surprise me.

>>265095288Should I play this game? I have the feeling I'll be playing the villain

>>265100808*Wojak with mouth wide open*

>>265101098this you can tell he knows he's getting banned right when he pulls out his phone here.the david icke stuff was just his last message he wanted to broadcast out to his audience98% chance he is getting banned for some abuse accusation >twitter.com/KEEMSTAR/status/1276799605070368774

He knew he was about to get banned at the end of that stream, whatever, he was a leftoid so i dont care.

>>265094849I never watched this dude but I assumed his schtick was satire since he looks like a caricature.

>>265101516He looks like Freddie Mercury without the wig.

>>265101357what the fuck is going on?

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He was involved with a mexican cartel and that's why his house was shot and people are afraid to talk

>>265094849>David IckeLiterally who?

>>265094849Good.If this is your idol you are part of the problem.If you ever gave anything to a streamer like this, you are part of the problem.You are worshiping false idols, who couldn't give a shit about you.If it was you who got #MEtoo'd he would laugh at you.

>>265098212>spouting this bs.Kill yourself leaf cunt

streamable.com/f0bcarWhy he looks so uncomfortable talking about this?Why did he change he change the topic after he got a message on his phone during his speech?Did his wife show up in the middle of it and why did he gesture her?

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>>265102319He is right you fucking Nerd.The majority of his audience are kids, are kids, under 20 years old.

>>265102335Also how did Discord and his sponsors got rid of him within moments if they don't have direct connections with Twitch? Who gave the signal? There is supposed to be quite a lot of people aware of the reason to execute all the bans and sponsorship/partership drops in such a short period of time, yet there is no leaks?

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>>265096703HES GLOWING

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>>265102664The tribe works fast to get rid of the goy

>>265097299>pay money for a special color in the chatboxyou also get exclusive emotes from the streamer

archive.vn/p6TAKit's totally in line with this. 4 weeks ago, leftists pushing for a response from twitch about streamers spreading "lies about covid". SPECIFICALLY MENTIONING DOC. twitch says they are "monitoring the situation" this is obviously what happenedarchive.org/details/davidicke

>>265097813Why was he borderline crying?

>>265101357>tons of new blood just now finding david icke>some will tonight and tomorrow be hearing about the zionist global control matrixglorious, we made progress today


>>265103453>be doc>start streaming>make mistakes, like cheating on your wife>get temporarily banned from twitch>return to twitch>no longer make mistakes>life's good again, making decent money>suddenly get a text that says i'm permabanned>everything i've build the last 5 years is instantly gone>banned from entire industry, so have to get an actual job now

>>265102438Who cares you fucking nigger faggot


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>>265103569lmao zionist reptillian overlordsSo down for thisalso for the NORMIEStime.com/5541411/conspiracy-theories-domestic-terrorism/

>>265095707Actually it wasn’t he’s talked about similar stuff recently like 5g causing covid

>>265098091Imagine being so much of a bitch you care about internet drama. Hell, I'm probably actually replying to a female. Go spam a chat with emotes whore.

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>>265095756>Police informed twitch before conducting their investigation.Ok Mossad

>>265104049gee why would they ban him straight after he sends his thousands of viewers to check out david icke? what a mystery

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>>265095756What kind of retarded psyop is this? lmao they have actual retards dreaming this shit up

>>265094849>meanwhile, on Twitch

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>>265104590'We enforce our rules equally! Unless your an attractive female!'

>>265104590i know lol, twitch staff are commie simps who can't even get a lie together

>>265103658dude you're en idiota if you believe people like doc get 9 to 5's after being in their situation. it's called investing, finance, real estate, endless opportunities. dude is sitting on a goose egg, and he's a smart guy with tons of connections. Dude will be rich for rest of life without needing an "actual job".

>>265104590hey this is the one venti went in on for abusing her cats

>>265095432there is a disinfo campaign going on where people keep making threads about his guy but with different outlandish reasons for why he got banned.I think they're all working together to drown the real reason with nonsense.

>>265104854>>265104911One of the lead partnership staff was a fat arab. You saw him at TwitchCon talking only to females. Now he’s being exposed for trading nudes for favors. This is just the tip of the iceberg

>>265102335shut it down moment.

here's the thing, if you don't know what psychological abuse is you get turned into a lefty on the internet, if you know what it is either first hand or study you are right wingdebate me

>ctrl + f "bajs">0 results

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>>265095400Hahaha. One niggershekel has been deposited into your account, shlomo.


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The sad part is Icke's a piece of shit. He promotes tinfoil nonsense rather than cutting through with simple truths about Zionist Supremacy. The rabbit holes people like Jones and Icke present keep people away from simple truths about reality. All this cryptic truth and secret knowledge nonsense is poisonous. It prevents people acting properly.Maria Farmer was a victim of Epstein who blew the whistle with multiple quotes about Epstein's operation and how she witnessed it as a 'Jewish Supremacy'. She said she truly believed they were all evil, until Icke came along and told her 'not all Jews' are that way. Icke wrecked a potential awakening for this woman and he does this all the time. He's controlled opposition.

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>>265106131>Maria Farmer was a victim of Epstein who blew the whistle with multiple quotes about Epstein's operation and how she witnessed it as a 'Jewish Supremacy'. She said she truly believed they were all evil, until Icke came along and told her 'not all Jews' are that way. Icke wrecked a potential awakening for this woman and he does this all the time. He's controlled opposition.where can I read more about this?