Brit/pol/ - Early Morning Motorway Edition

>Shagaluf's back on>Just another day in>Norf FC having a good old

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>>265090387morning lads

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>>265090387Keep your eyes on the road lads

Had a vindaloo last night and now my guts are wreaking havoc

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>>265091948 I just took a dump user, wanna hold hands?

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>>265090387morning lads, let's have a comfy Saturday. How was your week user? >>265091064Morning fren

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>>265092385It’s night over here you faggots

>>265090387>Why are we even having a Referendum, it's not like people actually want to leave>You'd have to be really thick to vote Brexit>Dear Brexiteers... happy with the state of the country yet?>Finally left the EU... until the economy collapses and we have a second referendum>#FBPE

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>tfw not a britstab

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>>265091786>>265092700Go to bed, sharts.

>>265092249You might wanna keep your distance it's gonna go be a natural disaster

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>>265091064Mornin lad

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>Black man chokes cat in shocking 'I Can't Breathe' reinactment video>>265082889

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>EU bends the knee to Big Baz and the ladsWhat the fuck, Brit/pol/? Remainer cucks told me we'd be lepers because Terrible Awful Mr Johnson messed up the pandemic.

>>265094209the EU fears Big Baz

Anyone else noticed the amount of anti racism programmes on the TV the last couple of weeks. These "documentaries" were filmed pre-lockdown so they were planned way in advance. Just must be a coincidence it was timed to be aired at the same time as everything else going on....

>>265094484I noticed that a lot of articles about colonial figures on Wikipedia suddenly had their reprehensible involvement in the slave trade added in May.

Morning ladsWent out to have some pints in the brave new world last night.A few pubs were open (including some not mentioned on that takeawaypints app)Lots of people out in the street, socially distanced of course but still I saw several hundred people out.Big queue out the door of the pub.One at a time in the bogs (although it was more like 2 in the gents the time I went because some mong was having a shit in the cubicle)We're all drinking pints from those 2 pinter plastic milk bottles. Not a huge fan of that shite to be honest.

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>>265094484They TV has been ultra globohomo since the Trump candidacy in 2015 and they see it as their mission to brainwash kids even more effectively since Drumpf won.It doesn't really seem more or less insufferable to me, except for the topical excuse making for BLM chimpouts.

>Shashi Tharoor's Oxford Union speech on 28 May 2015 was in favour of the motion, "This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies". Shashi Tharoor was the seventh speaker on his team and was allotted eight minutes to speak. In the end, Tharoor's side won the debate with 185 votes to 56. Pay up, wyboi.


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>>265094832They have absolutely doubled down since Brexit/Trump, no doubt. My point is its almost damning evidence this "chimpout" was all pre planned

>>265090387It's #BlackPoundDay ladsCan't wait to get an afro from Ngube and some food that smells of shit from Kjende

>>265095684Don't forget to wear a Kente scarf on your big day out.

>>265095418There is a plan for sure and people have been aware of this for a long time.The thing is that what the BBC has been doing for a while is hire ever more "diversity" which means in practice woke social justice lunatics who genuinely believe that we should take down all statues, put up statues to 80 IQ Ngubus, give back the relics that the British museum is looking after, abolish the police, basically pay black people an accountant's salary to do nothing at all and that real communism hasn't been tried yet and it'll work out properly when we try it.The lunatics then go about inserting their agenda in to all of the BBC's cultural output with the subtlety of Jimmy Savile in a morgue.They genuinely think they're taking risks and being subversive, but actually this is exactly what the Pawns in the Game are expected to do.So yeah, if you get a documentary about how great tranny kids are out, then the next step in the Leftist mentality is that we now need the next battle which is how important it is to have more tranny kids and how crap it is to be a cis kid or whatever. It never stops, this is the nature of Leftists as Ted Kaczynski explained so clearly in his manifesto.

>>265092607>Brexit will destroy the economy, hope you're happy when our economy is killed dead because you don't want to live next door to a Polish person>NOOOOOOOOO CORONAVIRUS, WE NEED TO SHUT EVERYTHING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEhate these cunts

>>265096095Exactly this!Uncle Ted knew...

>>265096095I watched a bit of BBC breakfast this morning, very rare I watch it, but occassionally I like to be outraged so I switch on. Can't believe how many white people they hire. Considering writing them a massive complaint to ask why they don't hire more diversity. They need holding to their own standard. They still refuse to name the attacker from yesterday, its buried to third story in the news. It's almost as if it doesn't feed their narrative.On a different note, I keep noticing "96" on Liverpool shirts. Is that the year they murdered 39 Juve fans?

If we have to leave our contact details at the pub, why don't we leave them at the supermarket as well?We should meme this and force everyone to do it lol.

What a lovely morning, I'm tempted to go for a brisk hillwalk or to go and sit by the local reservoir.

>>265096095>, this is the nature of Leftists as Ted Kaczynski explained so clearly in his manifesto.Ted was called insane, but had more sanity than the majority now.He is actually lucky to be in prison, as the covid world would make him go insane.

>>265096685>Can't believe how many white people they hire. Considering writing them a massive complaint to ask why they don't hire more diversity. They need holding to their own standard.Diversity is still over-represented. The diversity is the shield of the posh twats who decided they want to work in media and their Dad gives his mate from school a call and then they fit right in at the BBC. So they publicly flagellate themselves over their privilege and pay some house diversity to be their anti-racism shield (and these house diversities learn first hand how connected all these posh buggers are which further inflames their rhetoric although they know they aren't allowed to name names), but their communities are still clean and safe and any diversity they have to put up with is loaded and on their best behaviour among them. The worst they have to put up with is some funny cooking smells and some bad drivers among their neighbours.Normal people, on the other hand, have to put up with their social fabric being ripped up and massive spikes in violent crime for the sake of diversity.

>>265096907Fuck off with your "we"People don't sit for hours in a supermarket.

>>265097029Ted killing people was not cool and I'm not sold on the "abandon technology and go back to being hunter gatherers" conclusion, but his manifesto is required reading or anyone who wishes to qualify as a non-brainlet.

>>265097644No ,follow it on it will cause mayhem.Chaos for clown world.People spend hours wandering round shops and garden centres WE must be protected from their deadly infections.

>>265097657Nope not cool to kill, partly abandon tech partly keep it, this goes against the grain for Ted fans but it's my personal thoughts

lets recap:>BLM are a racist hate group>Antifa are acting like Taliban terrorists>BBC are the propaganda outlet>These factions hijacked George Floyds movement>Coronavirus is a globalist plot to delay brexitanything ive missed?

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>>265092607>.pngI know people exactly like that

>>265097990That wog needs locking up

>>265097796Have you actually been to a shop lately? And I don't mean the little paki off-licence down the road

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>>265097990Don't forget the constant money printing and vilification of anyone defending the homes or family.

Its raining and the clouds have blocked the heat orb

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>>265098166Of course. What are you suggesting?

>>265098166Intu is under administration

>>265097990The USA gives seven times as much aid to Israel as it does the entire continent of Africa

Reminder that if you are looking forward to the pubs opening you are weapons grade scum that requires validation from other filth to give acceptance to your drinking problem. You fucking disgusting waste of oxygen cunts.

>>265097990You still get no clunge

>>265097580It's a lot worse than that, it is literally genocide of our people via mass immigration. It will catch up with the (((BBC))) bastards as well, although I think many of them are quite happy with that prospect.

>>265098195A blessing for sure

>>265098360calm down ya spazzy virgin

>>265097580I completely understand what is going on. They have ruined just about every show they have that was ever popular. Even the footy lads see through cunts like Lineker. Their diversity agenda is destroying them, and people are going elsewhere, even the normies. Its only a matter of time before their figures are so low they are defunded. Pushing their BS diversity will finish them, hence why I am keen to encourage this. I also believe they used the covid narritive to try and boost their numbers. In their feeble minds im almost certain they thought the longer lockdown lasts, the more people will be watching their crap hence why they pushed for lockdown in the first place. Higher numbers means they get to justify the licince fee. They frequently go after anyone with an online presence to try and discredit them, the same reason they try and discredit anything they can as misinformation or fake news.

>>265098360I get comfy is a spoons, take my laptop find a quite corner order drinks and food to the table

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>>265098360You can't hack the sesh.

>>265098413Yes it is genocide, I agree.It's easy to understand the motivation of BBC kikes; they want to break the ability of white countries to oppose them.Blacks, browns and yellows resent white people for their success and want to see them suffer; base motivations, but why would anyone expect more?The interesting question is posh British whites.I suppose they think they've made a deal with the Devil and have either conned themselves about how that ends or all the ones who matter have decided "I'll be long dead by the time this starts fucking up my level of society and as my only God is myself, I don't care".

>>265096685Most of the Beebs "white" commentators are Jewish.

>>265098628You take your laptop to spoons?

>>265098628To drown out the desperate loneliness I assume. And hey, at least the 2000 calorie greasefest that you consume is better than that 99p TV dinner you'd otherwise eat eh?

>>265098413Unless you can point out the mass graves, crying about "genocide" makes you sound hysterical.. or worse, Jewish.

>>265098164fuck that was meant to be my last point

>>265090387Quick summary of week four since St. George (the new one) Patron Saint of Jogging heroically sacraficed his life to usher in a new golden age of love and euquality:>3 people in Reading stabbed to death by a paki terrorist, we are told that this cannot divide us>Jake Hepple charters a flight with a White Lives Matter banner to fly over the football pitch of his majority white town in response to the terror attack, gets fired, his girlfriend is told to take racial sensitivity re-education and refuses so is fired too, his mother is pressured to distance herself from him after a small amount of anger from the left>Black Lives Matter host a festival in Brixton; after a stabbing, the police and ambulance services show up. The blacks are so enraged at the sight of the police that they injure 22 of them and seriously damage several police cars, forcing them to retreat>Priaymvada Gopal posts two tweets, one saying "White Lives Don't Matter as White Lives" and another saying "Abolish Whiteness", after a massive outrage, her employer publishes a statement saying they stand by her and promote her> Notting Hill holds another illegal festival, police successfully disperse it with unknown number of injuries, total figure of police injuries goes up to 140> Archbishop Justin Welby announces that the Church of England will stop portraying Jesus as white and will be looking at removing some statues > Mass stabbing occurs in Glasgow at the hands of an asylum seeker: the government is blamed for giving the asylum seekers a luxury hotel with poor WiFi, we are told this cannot divide us Has anything been missed?

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>>265093939Fucking Sitherners

what happened in liverpool last

>>265099053White people going to the beach is killing everyone. Street parties slightly offend sensibilities but spread no illness.

>>265099053>justin welbyGavin Welby, born Bernard Gavin Weiler in Ruislip, West London,[9][10][11] was the son of Bernard Weiler, a German-Jewish immigrant and importer of luxury items who changed the family name to Welby shortly after the First World War broke out.


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Itching to strangle Justin Welby

>take the knee>G. Floyd died with a knew on his neckanyone noticing the Jesus/cross symbolism? Seems fake if you ask me

>>265099408>who changed the family name to Welby shortly after the First World War broke out.I can think of another famous family who did exactly the same.

>>265099508>caring about happy clappy kiddler diddlers

>>265097070Discord tranny forgets which board they're on.

>>265099053"Feds", "Paramedics"? Anyone who use American terms, talks longingly about guns or eats at McDonald's should be put on the first available flight to burgerland and have their passport shredded.

>fedsThe whites have become blacks and the blacks have become yanks.

girlfriend was spouting a load of black lives matter shite and I implied she was retarded and gets her views from twitter. She started crying then I accused her of being racist for not knowing/caring about Nanking compared to wog issues. All in all an amusing morning, probably spells the end.

>>265093349Fucks sake sick of seeing this on twitter, don't need to see it here tooSound is the fucking worst though

>>265099888>ParamedicsThat's not Yank speak. They call them EMTs or something.

>>265099888Particularly managers who want to "touch base". They should be sent to Gitmo for a few years.

Lads I’m hungover as fuck, pub by me was selling beer under the guise of selling crisps and pork scratching as takeaway food and I ended up having about 10, fucking head rip

>>265094484i dont watch tv anymore

>>265100017Redpill her on Gandhi being a racist. Encourage her to demand her Indian Twitter friends denounce him.

>>265093195Wtf is that real

>>265100030You call an ambulance, not a paramedic. Unless you've been watching too much American TV.

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>>265100022is it in africa somewhere or what?

>>265100017its so fucked up what the jews are doing to women. turning them into guilt tripped husks. i think its time we started a proper resistance.

>>265100147The leisure centre had opened their bar yesterday and people were sitting on the pub benches outside the closed pub opposite. I can imagine the pub owner crying into his empty wallet looking at them all.


>>265100449the people in the ambulance are the paramedics you literal retard. what do you call them? ambulancers?

>>265100449That's a fair point I suppose.

>>265100497Serves him right for being a poof and not handing out beers on the sly.

>>265100471Don't know and don't care to watch/listen again to find out. Others have said it sounds like they're speaking ooga booga jungle speak so could be africa desu

>>265099053Screen capped for future reference. It's crazy just how entrenched British oikophobia is in our institutions.

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>>265100449>Amber Lampsfuck me how long ago was that>2010jeez

>>265100521I dunno.. crew? If you're calling an ambulance to have a chat with the drivers, you should just get yourself to the hospital on your own.

>>265100739Tell you what there was no shortage of customers and I didn't see a single twatmask , or a Karen screaming about distancing.

Based old poof was

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lmao Linehan permanuked off Twatter. The left really want their echo chamber protected.

The Red Arrows just fly over my house and did a colourful smoke trail

>>265101402Can't stand that slimey cunt, but I did enjoy his relentless tranny-bashing.

>>265091948Had a scorpion chilli burger. Ring of fire today

>>265090387Morning lads. Saturday piss up? remember your umbrella

Good Morning b̶a̶b̶e̶ bong.In the absence of the sun,to light up your morning.I leave you a few words instead,To light up your heart,when you find them.Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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At least they've finally admitted he's not white

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>>265093349People that kill animals for fun are massive schizo red flags that will likely go on to kill humans for no reason.

>>265102079must have hurt for them to admit it

>>265102079I read earlier he was from Sudan (nigger). forgot where i saw it

>>265101402fuck him even if he doesn't like trans people. Do find it amusing cos cunts like this after they fade into irrelevance have nowt but twitter. Same with like Milo Yiannapolis and Katie Hopkins, if your whole brand is built on twitter and being on twitter all day once you get banned you're fucked

>>265102079>mentally unstableI mean, yes? doesn't that apply to every fucking mass stabber or whatever

>>265102499When was the last time Linehan even wrote anything?

>>265098360Cheers Terry

Ah finally, a day where the sun isn't being horrifically oppressive.

Just done a horrendous poo. I need to stop drinking.

so glad there no pride marches this year

>>265102079the BLM stabber was mentally unstable and known to MI5 as well. lessons will be learned.

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>>265102576Probably IT crowd, unless you mean on twitter.

Morning lads. Woke up from my lie in, had a quick shag, and now my gf is making me a full english. Pretty comfy day already.

>>265102851It was this, apparently:

>>265102379I saw that in The Telegraph

Morning gents. Hope you've all checked your privilege and donated to your local BLM chapter recently?

They're now cancelling Boris Johnson for going against the "MuSlImS aRe AnGeLs">>265103394Kys cuck.

>>265100221Goodbye Uncle Tom is the name of the film Black Pound day lads

lads, i got a copy of pic related through the letterbox. turns out it's a Falun Gong anti-communist paper.i'm thinking based

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>>265102951Post it with a time stamp when it arrives you lying incel

this largely peaceful stabbing of enrichment seems to be buried in a story about disobedient people going to the beach

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>>265103511i've never seen a shop owned by a nog in my life.

>CAA calls on Sir Keir Starmer to discipline Jeremy Corbyn and group of far-left Labour MPs demanding reinstatement of Rebecca Long-Bailey despite her sharing antisemitic conspiracy theory VEEEYYYThey're eating themselves again

>>265102827Same with Rigby's killer he was rescued by the SAS and brought back to the UK

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>>265103511Do Brixton Pounds count today?

>>265103673How many idiots are going to get shanked by their drug dealer when they ask for a selfie with them today kek

>>265098195Love clouds desu

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>>265103539The MSM hate the Epoch Times because it exposes their CCP sponsors too hard

>>265102079you just know he was addicted to the super stardust OG bubblegum lavender haze mega kush


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>>265103468Notice how they cut out the entire narritive to frame their hit? Metro like most rags is lefty garbage, and just like the rest of the liberal media they remain salty over Brexit, so they will go after Boris and Dom anyway they can. When that is finally over the line, then they become useful idiots. Boris is way to liberal so the sooner we replace him with a real right winger the better. There will be room for a new party to take some seats soon enough too, especially in places like Burnley, Rotherham etc

>>265101146what is with the British right?If its not kikes its fags

>>265099053>FedsFucking niggers


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>>265098360What if you dont even drink and just enjoy going to pubs to listen to middle aged divorced men talking shit about women?

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>>265103861starkey's a massive poof, but you're the only faggot here from what i can see

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>>265103511this advert was not created by wogsthis is highly-funded and crafted by a PR firmwho could be funding it?

>>265103712let the purge begin

>>265103843>Boris is way to liberal so the sooner we replace him with a real right winger the better. implying Boris is anything but a persona being used by Dom as a front

>>265103775>super stardust OG bubblegum lavender haze mega kushBased and bullshittingdealerpilled.

>>265103959>trusting your history in the hands of sodomites

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>>265103511>... I think these comments alone highlight just how important today is.

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>be douglas murray>be homo>get upset about birthrates>tell everyone else>keep sucking dick

>>265103843Y'Know I expect the left-wing media to use the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre (which is two weeks away) as a weapon against whitey, demanding that they ban 90's nostalgia as "hate speech" (Buzzfeed's bread and butter, this ought to give them an identity crisis) and take in more refugees. The former will especially anger the normies, causing them to rise up and yell "enough is enough", cancelling the SJW left and ending the culture war.

>>265103511My dealer doesn't do receipts

>>265102951Nice larp

>The Simpsons and Family Guy move away from white actors voicing non-white characters>On Friday, The Simpsons producers announced the show “will no longer have white actors voice non-white characters.” It follows a decision made by voice actor Hank Azaria to stop playing Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. In Family Guy, voice actor Mike Henry also announced he would step down from the role of Cleveland Brown, saying, “I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color.”>Mike Henry, the voice actor for Family Guy character Cleveland Brown, also announced he would leave his role>It’s been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years. I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color. Therefore, I will be stepping down from the

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>>265104252I don't get itmen are stinky and hairy and disgustingwomen smell nice and are pretty and squishywhat's not to like, can he really not bring himself to fug one?

>>265104206>>265104252you envy them because they have sex

>>265104378Absolute state of them.

>>265104378The Simpsons has been compromised since its inception. They used to drop redpills, but only by today's standards. Back then they were accepted talking points.

>>265098360Get some bevs down you lad that'll cheer you up

>>265103775Kek. This got me.

>>265103511Makes me want to do the opposite but I don't know any wog owned businesses

>>265104416but i've already had sex anonwith a vagina

>>265104558buy from a British business then

Had some slag appear on my Youtube feed this morning. She's called Jordan Theresa and she's made some video called 'the demonisation of he working class'. Watched a bit of it and it was shit and shallow 'blah blah racist, fascism far-right blah blah'.

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>>265104275> take in more refugeesIn Scotland yesterday while there was a mad scientist knifing people, parliamnet were discussing what they could do to prove they aren't racist. Not one opposed. Fat of Akkad ran a piece on it too i think. And while we are meant to feel humiliated and depleated by the media's onslaught, I find it funny. The more they kick whitey down, the worse the final backlash will be. They are radicalising people and have their heads so far up their own arse they are completely blind to it.

>>265104669yeah i had that recommended to me. i thought it was going to be good. i was obviously disappointed.

Why the fuck do JK Rowling and Graham Linehan risk everything for such an esoteric, meaningless point?They have the craziest political views of everyone

>>265104562but you still think about little boys bums every day because your a dirty nonce

Fucking sick of everything. Might take the Grandad Pill and stop using any technology besides a radio and car. Might pop to the shops, pick up the local paper and some Werthers.

>>265104774>allowing mentally ill trannies to be legally declared as real women is esoteric and meaningless

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>>265104699As I said, If the SJW's try to weaponise Srebrenica it will be the last straw for the normies.

>>265104873gonna stick toilet paper under your foreskin to stop the 'leak' too?>inb4 Sargoy of Mossadnotice anything about all those MSPs?They're all fat middle aged women. What is it about this FUCKING demographic that is so ruinous for our demographic? How much better would our country be if they were rounded up and put in a holding pen away from society?

>>265104776sounds like you're projecting matei aint the one idol posting poofs

>>265104757She's some instagram slag, so it shouldn't be too surprising.

>>265105024*for our country

>>265104653I do I just meant going out of my way to not buy from one, makes me seeth that I can't even do that.

this might be the greatest tweet in history

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>>265104906Meaningless in the sense that they buy into every other society destroying point.They must genuinely believe it all to be true and not as a cynical power grab OR they don’t like where the cynical power grab is going.

>>265092607Eerily accurate picture. The lips especially.

>>265105116that and the wakey wakey Farage tweet

Please tell me how to enjoy life

Going to Dunelm Mill to buy a new kitchen bin

>>265105175start digging up razor clams

>>265093969>Rebecca Long-Bailey>Only left winger on his cabinetjust lol

>>265105024>What is it about this FUCKING demographic that is so ruinous for our demographic?women are driven by maternal instincts and nothing else, on the one hand this makes them incredibly foolish and weak, seeking out any alternative to violence and conflict, on the other hand once this primary psychological protocol has been undermined and subverted, they become tools of whatever parasitical ideology has taken root in their minds. the same can be applied to men but of course men are much more harder to brainwash because of the natural and fierce drive to embrace violence. > How much better would our country be if they were rounded up and put in a holding pen away from society?vastly

>>265105212My sister is going to some zoo somewhere to see monkeys.

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>>265104400>women smell nice

>>265105024there are no words to describe these virtue signalling morons yet I don't see them standing down for BAME or giving up THEIR privileges for BAME. they want YOU to do it and they will pass laws so that you will be forced to do it

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>>265105175pints and pints of foaming nut-brown ale

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>>265105234>start digging up razor clamsI want to try doing that, looks fun.

>>265101422Let me guess, rainbow? Pedo flag colour?

>>265105295ah visiting London?

>>265105234Had to google that, thanks looks very exciting

>>265105279>women are driven by maternal instincts and nothing else, on the one hand this makes them incredibly foolish and weak, seeking out any alternative to violence and conflict, on the other hand once this primary psychological protocol has been undermined and subverted, they become tools of whatever parasitical ideology has taken root in their minds. the same can be applied to men but of course men are much more harder to brainwash because of the natural and fierce drive to embrace violence.Wew. This guy gets it.

>>265103843Don't count Boris out yet, he's got a team of Dom C and other hardliner high IQ race realists behind him that hate the mediaI am sure they have a secret 20 point plan to unironically put Britain back on track over to these next few years

>>265104206All the great geniuses are gay sorry lad

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>>265104912While I don't disagree with your sentiment, most normies don't know what it is, its been memory holed, and the kids that weren't even born will just jump on the media/twitter band wagon and go with what they are told as usual so it is far from the last straw. Events like Monday night, when you tell a town like Burnley that they don't matter, is heading more towards the final straw. The people there have been ignored for decades, and that town is not alone in this. Labour have ignored their concerns for decades, called them racist and showed them by policy they don't matter. People that need the help the most have been let down by social services, the police and the council, the people they pay to look after them. So after being ignored, they voted BNP, they once again were called racist and ignored. After 100 years they replace labour with Tories, and they will be ignored again. Then you see the banner stunt, and again, the media, the local council, and even their own football team double down and tell them their lives don't matter. These will be events that lead to the final straw, not some piece about Srebrenica, the people that have nothing have enough to worry about

There's a list of slavery-related statues in the UK on Wikipedia. Came into existence after the riots kicked off. One guy asked "why does this need to exist?" and reeled off a bunch of problems with it, ending with>and also may be inciting illegal vandalism (I fear that this article may be used as a 'hit-list' for which statues to illegally vandalize next, for proof of this see the time at which the article was made, the topic of the article, the "see also" link to Iconoclasm, and the many external links to non-objective sites which argue in favor of conducting these illegal activities)practically all the replies were to keep it, even though plenty of them have problems with how poorly defined the article is and many of the suggested changes still haven't happened, it still doesn't even have UK in the title. It's shocking how they all completely ignore his last point, most of them saying "oh, this is a case of I DON'T LIKE THIS THING"

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>>265104873>the Grandad Pillkek

>>265105350Been there done that didn’t work out, was nice having somebody to holiday with I suppose

>>265105116things that could have been..

Has anything come out about the Glasgow suspect


>>265105509police are still working round the clock to figure out the suspect's identity

>>265104669Look on the bright side, the fact that this Marxist demoralization is being funded and controlled by megacorps who are still assblasted that most people ignore them or those that disagree with them are making their own platforms shows that this whole ordeal screams desperation. We are in for a long fight but the Marxists are losing.

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>>265101422What in the rain >>265101422

>>265105414he's seething because they turned out so well while he's just a regular spastic arse-chewer

>>265105175There are so many miserable daysA find a good few beers and music helps you to see the lightCrowbars up the lid and releases the tensionOffers punctuation.

>>265105279>women are driven by maternal instincts and nothing elseWrong, they are also driven by the need to look good to other people, hence the rampant "virtue signalling"

>>265105543Must be so hard to figure out who he is, if only the hotel had some kind of records. It may take Sherlock Holmes himself to crack this one.

>>265105509illegal immigrant from sudan.they'll probably blame 'mental illness' and memory hole the incident within a few days.

>>265105383I unironically think this might be truesomeone like Dom, who needs to be very cynical about people and have race realism ideas to be so good at what he does (communications and campaigning), and who is interested in superforecasting, MUST know that demographic shift is a serious problem and must have a covert plan to stop its worst effects

>>265101146so fucking based, he'd be absolutely slammed for this today

>>265105621Take three guesses at what his name will be.>Saheed>Mahmoud >KhalidWinner gets a free haircut and a pint.

>>265105621not really, the hotel was housing swathes of refugees fresh off the boat

>>265105752He’s a psychopath who wanted to delegate immigration to be a less important issue

>>265105175accept that you are having a brief experience as a human & soon enough your soul will be free to float for eternity unrestricted by the 5 senses and 9 apertures.but once you are freed you won't be able to go to the pub.


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>>265105601>they are also driven by the need to look good to other people, hence the rampant "virtue signalling"No, the female "need to look good" stems from an evolutionary drive to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. This ties into Maternal Instincts, and the fact that it has been replaced by the fleeting acknowledgements they receive on social media through "likes" for virtue signalling and being whores(etc) is evidence of the primary protocol being undermined and replaced

>>265105754he was slammed for it then, but he said it anyway. starkey doesn't give a fuck

>>265105557That graph look at Tony go, fucking based.

>>265105833>refugees fresh off the boatdinghy rats

>>265105836I have seen that speech, yesthe only way he can relegate it to a less important issue as he suggested is to actually stop the mass immigration. He'll probably fiddle the system so we effectively only have CANZUK immigration, or at least non Muzzie/African

>>265105806It'll be Mohamed, I'd bet anything

>>265105752everytime you lads fall for this shitdom is a transhumanistboris is a kabbalisttranshumanism and jewish witchcraft go together like honey and greek yoghurt

>>'ve had their moments

Does anyone else think it's a little suspicious that they originally said he killed three people, then they revised it and said he killed none and now they refuse to release any info about the guy? Is this Scottish lefty police trying to do narrative control to BTFO the racists?

>>265105986go back to watching David Icke

>>265104873Get outrageously steaming.


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>>265106083he's a fucking gnosticjesus the IQ in this place has dropped 10 points in 10 months

>>265106141sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic

>>265104873Lmao but seriously don't go near the radio it's turbo pozzed