Philosophy of science - general

science pretends to know a lot of things that they actually can't these certainties are held as facts and used to bully people. science is a new religion preached by journalists, to push the interest of the is the scientific method, and should be used to name things that can't be tested by the scientific method.

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>the presumption of a regular human being trying to explain what happened seconds after the beginning of the universe think about it, just think about it

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>>265090329Blue pulled as fuck. Science is and ALWAYS has been funded by and for the interests of mega corporations. If you think journalists and politicians can afford science. You are truly blue pilled.

>>265090656>mega corporationsthe gods

a scientist can't test every premise to build their thesis. premises, built on the shoulders of other premises. it's a card castle.

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The standard model is the most retarded thing man ever came up with

>>265090329The absolute state. You likely already know this but modern science is like the religion of pseuds, any point you bring up a pseud will argue "b-but science". It doesn't even have to be a real article, it can something as absurd as the multiverse theory, keyword : " theory" not fact, not experiment, a damn theory. these hapless pseuds will take anything a scientist says as a word from a holy prophet, most of them don't even know the basis of the scientific method. NASA is by far the worst perpetrator of misinformation and guessing. Every major image of outer space, every single one was made in a computer simulation based on very poor real world images. Often it can just be a smudge across another smudge and they'd begin making assumptions about it.

>implying that's the process in which Reconstruction is formulatedYour ignorance is projecting.

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>>265090329>science>at first, there was nothing>then, a tiny dot appeared out of said nothing>after that, the tiny dot got boooooooooom and here we are! this is the power of science...

Not another Christcuck thread.Can't you faggots go worship your Jewish god somewhere else?

>ITT the average Holla Forums user is uneducatedimagine my shock

>>265091410Uneducated much. I bet you didn't even get your HS diploma.

>>265090329Do you have any renditions of cute dinosaurs?

>>265091410Based nigger

>>265090329Heres a story:Several decades ago, a few years after the discovery of dna, chromosomes were being taught in a college lab."Remember students, this will be on the test. Human beings have 48 chromosomes. Make sure you count them under the microscope."'Teacher? Somethings wrong with my sample, I count 46'"Well count again."'I did, three times'"The book says theres 48 chromosomes"'Have YOU counted them?'Turns out, the boy was right, humans have 46 chromosomes, not 48. They had to burn all the books and bury the whole thing out of embarrassment.The placebo affect is mostly known for medicine, but where it really works is science.

>>265090329science does not do this, media does this because "scientists say" has become clickbait that earns ad revenue, so propping up the value of that clickbait into a religious symbol earns them more ad revenue.honestly i think that pay-per-click advertising is the ultimate reason everything is collapsing

>>265092644Why are they always schizo-tier?

>>265091159Yep. A lot of circular reasoning and bullshit in areas of science that don't use the scientific method. They try to borrow credibility from hard sciences like physics or chemistry, and pretend sociology or theoretical physics is science in the same way. It is a slight of hand. This house of cards you mention even exists in areas like medicine, as shown by covid, when doctors were not allowed to rely on their training and own judgement, but were required to parrot top down talking points in public. If you can not rely on the authorities, who can you rely on?

>>265096009and that student... was ALBERT EINSTEIN

>>265090329Its because we don't pay scientists for shit, they have to make wild headlines that grab attention so they can get bugmen to read their sites and make shekels

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>>265090329You ignorant fucking retard. Hippos are dangerous as fuck and are hostile in general. They fucking chop crocs in half. They may look cute in the flesh but that skull works exactly as it looks on the skeleton level. Once they reach adulthood, they are basically immune to every fucking animal in their habitat. Fuck lions, they live in constant competition. Hippos are basically untouchable and no other animal can hunt them. They are the actual fucking kings on a political level. They don't even fuckin bother.

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>>265091602>>at first, there was nothing>>then, a tiny dot appeared out of said nothingnice strawman bro

>>265096867Hippos are based fucking killers

>>265096867Please be silent, the adults are talking.

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>>265090329Conspiracy loonies / "schizos" = modern day eretics

>>265090329History is not a science.

>>265097054hes right though. they will fuck you up nigga.

>>265090329This. OP is correct. I only respect Mathematicians and Engineers. Most of Natural Science is just using a differential equation to make a massively rough approximation, the other half is amisguided obsession with arbitrary categories.

>>265096014I see click-bait is as a catalyst; exposing what was already flawed.

>>265096009>boyJoe Hin Tjio was 35 when he discovered humans have 46 chromosomes while doing his job as a professional researcher. The error was corrected and there's never been any reason to fuss about it.

>>265096867hippos are based, but i once went to a safari and found a pride of lions eating a hippo carcass and then a few days later a pack of hyenas. pretty cool stuff

>>265097473How do I count how many I have?

>>265091410And yet modern technology allowed us to produce the tech you're using right now.

>>265096867>Hippos are basically untouchable and no other animal can hunt them.

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>>265090569>the presumption of a regular human being trying to explain what happened seconds after the beginning of the universeSounds like projection to me. Cosmologists tend to be very open about the fact that the beginning of the universe are still largely shrouded in mystery, even as they give their best guess based on the available evidence.The only regular human beings I know of who think they can actually explain what happened seconds after the beginning of the universe are religious people.

>>265090329I hate how science in this era of political correctness has been reduced down to a dogmatic religion and only serves to fullfill a political agenda instead of making new discoveries and understanding our world better.>>265090569Most scientific study is not really concerned with what happened at the exact starting point of our universe.Its really more of following an observable mathematical trend to the absolute zero than a hard science. But despite that there is little to prove against the big bang and for now it is the best model we have.>>265091159Certain things are certainly able to be proven true, we call them laws.Law of Universal GravitonCombined Gas LawOhlms LawObservations that are not quite as consistent as a law but are consistently proven true are called Theories. And no i dont mean “Its just a theory” that phrase should say “Its just a hypothesis” but hey in all likely hood the you and the guy who coined that phrase probably didnt even pass the 8th grade.

>>265092746here is your (You), faggot

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>>265090329>science is the scientific methodand most importantly, the emergence of this really only comes from a strong foundation in philosophy, metaphysics and theology.

>>265096009There's a lot more going on to this story than they just counted wrong and some kid with a microscope proved them all wrong. Up until certain advances in microscopy occurred, chromosomes could not be easily seen in microscopes. This was especially problematic on chromosome 1, where a portion of chromatin often projects out of the chromatid. This gives the appearance of a telomere, suggesting that the chromosome is actually two chromosomes stuck together. Even at the time, it was not actually known whether there were 46 or 48 chromosomes, and many researches had given ambiguous conclusions that there were 46 chromosomes. The 48 number was chosen because man's closest relatives, chimpanzees and gorillas, unambiguously had 48 chromosomes, and it was assumed that the human genome must be similar to theirs.The discovery of the 46 chromosomes was also not made by one student doing classwork who destroyed every notion that had been built up at the time. It was made by Albert Levan, the head of the genetic research laboratory at the Sloan Kettering Insitute in New York and Joe Hin Tjio, a researcher from the University of Lund in Sweden. They produced unambiguous evidence of 46 chromosomes using new techniques they had developed for creating microscope slides that captured the detail of the chromosomes during metaphase in impeccable condition.Pic related is a camera lucida sketch from a one William Painter, the leading cytogeneticist of his time in the early 20th century. He himself did not know whether humans had 46 or 48 chromosomes. You try counting this and you'll see why the numbers were so ambiguous until Levan and Tjio came up with something better.What all this is saying is that your story is a tumblr-tier anecdote like >>265096009 says, and you should do more research into these things like I just did before you confidently assert them as facts.

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>>265097763misleading. technology is mostly math and engineering. see >>265097432most sciences that are used to persuade (bully) the public deal with vague estimations and theories, that are based on premises, that were never actually proven.

>>265091410Nasa uses actual telescopes to produce the photos of planets and star systems you see. Computers are used to stitch several photos together to make one large photo or to make objects only visible in other spectrums visible in their photo.But please do not confuse CGI for television animated examples as the actual thing.Stupid Nigger

>>265090329Scientists dont do reconstructions retard

>>265090569yo tone.....

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>>265097959>Cosmologistshow many do you know? I've seem my quota of documentaries and youtube videos on astronomy, and most say one or two things about the beginning; like they know something about it. to affirm such a thing - if they themselves say that probably our laws of physics didn't apply - is extremely presumptions.

>>265098353never said they did, but is a good parallel

>>265096009We never burned old books that misunderstood of mistaken elements and compounds as their own element when the periodic table was being filled out.For nearly a century the Lanathides where thought to just be a single element because their chemical properties where so similar it was nearly impossible to sort them out without a centrifuge. You can still find those old documents. Scientists did not burn old papers because a single fact was wrong or not entirely correct. They improve on it, and even address what was once thought to be true in lectures. corbett

>>265096657I lol'd stupidly.

>>265090329>I don't understand science>therefor it is wrongFucking idiot.If you're too stupid or lazy to do proper and unbiased research on a scientific topic then that's your problem, not the scientific community's. Also stop reading sensationalist articles. They often over-exaggerate and are not written by scientists, like the headline claiming the moon is within Earth's atmosphere but then explains later that only trace molecules of our gases reach the moon.

>>265090775Brainlet take, this whole thread is dildos

>>265090329Why the memeflag?Idiot.

>>265090329>science pretends to know a lot of things that they actually can't proveYou have know idea how science works. You dont pretend to know anything, the only thing you try to do is falsify things, when you and nobody else you can find ccan falsify something you presume it to be correct ....until someone falsifies it.>for the retardsA fact is a fact until it is disproven, then it stops being a fact but you have a new fact.

>>265091410>any point you bring up a pseud will argue "b-but science"seething due to losing an argument i see

>>265098883I consume scientists' content. Day-to-day stuff they are great. But talking about the future or past, they make wild guesses based on premises that they take as solid. Theories mingle with science; gets messy.

>>265090329yep we don't know anything about dinosaurs or whatever else lived then, RIP you newfags' childhoods

>>265090329hippos are still fucking terrifying man

>>265090329That’s a good point

>>265090569Cosmologists tend to be some of the most open minded person on this planet, it's just that universities are so cucked that if you ACTUALLY state your opinion you might lose your job. For example, just recently cosmologists determined that it's quite possible the laws of physics work differently in different parts of the universe, which apparently has a north pole and a south pole.Another funny thing is that hermeticism seem to remain correct even after more than a millenia.

>>265099383My point is that it doesnt work as it supposed to do. Or you believe everything 'scientific' nowadays goes strictly by those rules?

>>265090329So much "science" today is just scuttlebutt

>>265098393Here's your mistake, you watched documentaries. There are documentaries on Hitler meeting the ayys. Documentaries are not good source of scientific knowledge. Don't watch bullshit, read scientific papers.

>>265096766Actually based.

This thread proves the majority of Holla Forums users are spics. Room temp IQ.

>>265090329Photoshopped images with text is my favorite rightwing proofs...

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>>265099590Shows that you are a brainlet who doesn't know how scientific method works. It always mingles with theorising. You always have to start at a hypothesis.

>>265091602Any explanation of where God came from is just as compelling, so not at all.

>>265099495its better to be careful to not fall "I love science" popular science meme...for example a lot of people think that GPS would NOT work if not for the theory of relativity (the engineering comes first not the theory, the theory was post facto, ad hoc)...or that maxwell equations are a actual model of electromagnetism (its a mathematical description of behaviour not an actual model)but better let feynman tell you himself:>The best way is to use the abstract field idea. That it is abstract is unfortunate, but necessary. The attempts to try to represent the electric field as the motion of some kind of gear wheels, or in terms of lines, or of stresses in some kind of material have used up more effort of physicists than it would have taken simply to get the right answers about electrodynamics. It is interesting that the correct equations for the behavior of light were worked out by MacCullagh in 1839. But people said to him: “Yes, but there is no real material whose mechanical properties could possibly satisfy those equations, and since light is an oscillation that must vibrate in something, we cannot believe this abstract equation business.” If people had been more open-minded, they might have believed in the right equations for the behavior of light a lot earlier than they still don't know how magnetism really works, now theres a simil idea of an aether (quantum fields) but even with this ideas magnets are still dificult to figure out.

>>265100684More example of proofs for the lower two quintiles...

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>>265090329"science" doesn't know anything, it's just a method. People with authority tell you what is "scientifically true". That doesn't mean it is, though.

The earth is 4 billion years oldEvolution is realNothing in the first 5 books of the Bible ever happened There is no godThere is no afterlife Sorry religiotards

>>265090329Wow... you're still breathing and alive with such a low iq? No "Evolutionists" wouldn't. Even I see that that's bullshit retard.

>>265090329>palaeontology>all scienceYou’re not very smart are you, there is also dinosaur skin that is fossilised

This one always tickles

>>265101457Erasmus Darwin, the true originator of the theory of evolution, and his grandson Charles, who demonstrates a Masonic body gesture with the pointer finger over the mouth. Erasmus (1731-1802 Anno Domini), depicted here making what appears to be a Kabbalistic body gesture with his arms crossed, was, along with Darwin, a member of the masonic British Royal Society, which was instrumental in the development of masonic-Enlightenment thought. His theory of evolution was the result of the spread of Kabbalistic occult science in Europe following the Reformation and through the masonic Alta Vendita, a conspiracy to subvert the Christian faith and replace it with the anti-Christ Kabbalistic world order. Darwinism and its occult science set the foundation for technocracy, or, the scientific dictatorship currently enveloping the world.Chieff rabbi of pre-state Palestine, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, stated in the Wall Street Journal, June 29, 2007 that evolution,…more so than all other philosophical theories, conforms to the kabbalistic secrets of the world… you say kabbalahtard.

>>265090329>'''''''''''''Evolutionist''''''''''That's the work of paleoart, not made by scientists, but by an artist.Please stop posting here and kill yourself.

>>265101457t. high school

>>265091602Actually the idea is that the universe is cyclical, so there was another universe before ours that left said tiny particle

>>265102343Unfortunately all dinos are made by artists, and it has becomes tiresome to hear "scientists" screech about their ideas being the "best we've got".

>>265090569>trying to explain what happened seconds after the beginning of the universeNo one has offered an explanation for this. Go beat up your retarded strawmen elsewhere, memeflag.

>>265102541>what did he mean by this

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>>265098122this is why I love Holla Forums

>>265102710Must be dino skin! Absolute state of these disney rubes


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Disinfo slide thread, sage and move on.

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>>265090569The wholepoint of astrophysics and theoretical physics in last 100years is only to point away from God

>>265090329bullshit an evoluntionist would know it would need massive cheek muscles to work that jaw.

Fuck off christcucks. The NatSocs were doing real science while you were getting your foreskins cut off.

Schweitzer's Dangerous DiscoveryWhen this shy paleontologist found soft, fresh-looking tissue inside a T. rex femur, she erased a line between past and present. Then all hell broke loose.Once, when she was working with a T. rex skeleton harvested from Hell Creek, she noticed that the fossil exuded a distinctly organic odor. "It smelled just like one of the cadavers we had in the lab who had been treated with chemotherapy before he died," she says. Given the conventional wisdom that such fossils were made up entirely of minerals, Schweitzer was anxious when mentioning this to Horner. "But he said, 'Oh, yeah, all Hell Creek bones smell,'" she says. To most old-line paleontologists, the smell of death didn't even register. million years old....Eh,,

>>265090329OP met the Donald last year , OP Tell us all about your amazing day out. Did you get a Big Mac?

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>>265090329Artists interpretations arent actual science and are not drawn by scientists, if you didnt know. Reconstructions(not drawings) are usually done by forensic experts which use the same techniques to recontruct the faces of the dead, based on muscle attachment marks on the bones. and other markers.

>>265097054Hippos kill more people every year than any other animal in Africa

>>265090329this guy gets it. science is the new religion

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>>265103790Fuck sake! have you never found a fossil go outside you fat piece of shit. Stop reading confirmation bias garbage.

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>>265090329"Evolutionists" wouldn't come up with that. They would look at the animal's genetic relatives to come up with the animal's appearance. Hippos aren't related to dragons.

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Modern science proves many ancient Kabbalist teachings.Kabbalism correctly anticipated many modern scientific concepts, including biological evolution and the big bang theory, more than 1800 years ago. The level of anticipation is astonishing.For thousands of years, Kabbalists have held a firm conviction that eventually the human race would make discoveries about the natural world which would verify or refute their remarkable explanations of the stories in, modern (((scientific THEORY))) totally agrees with the kabbalistic explanation of the origins of man.

>>265103790>female evangelical christianFemale lying to validate her own retarded agenda? No surely not....

>>265097959>tend to be very open about the fact that the beginning of the universe are still largely shrouded in mysteryBut thats all irrelevant as the theory is taken by many as fact


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>>265104157>65 million years old fossils with rotting flesh, find those all the time.

>>265090329hippo skulls look this cool?

>>265104461>fossils with rotting flesh(((You))) believe this

>>265090329>i don't understand science>therefore it's badimagine posting on the internet which was made by multiple scientists and engineers and calling it religious, you christcucks should stop projecting and pick a science book

christcucks and their kikey desert god are a cancer upon civilization

>>265090329The only flawed part of modern science is the constraint of "mortality". I am a paleontologist and much of what I do in my specific field is to study the morphology of varying extinct creatures and determining their relation to one another. Through this, I have learned a great deal on what makes a species and what I have learned is something most people here already know, that human "races" generally represent different subspecies of homo sapiens some more distantly related than others. Unfortunately in the scientific field, it is deemed immoral to take note of differences in groups of people and what groups are more derived and what are more archaic. This prevents us from having a real discussion on how different groups are from one another and how this could affect behaviour/intelligence among various other differences. Morality holds science back from its full potential it prevents us from publicizing papers on "touchy" subjects such as race. And as a scientist that specializes in noting the differences between creatures and categorizing them based on their biology it frustrates me to no end that I am not allowed to do the same for our species as it limits our understanding of how humans are different. The only argument I have gotten is that it might hurt the feelings of some less advanced subspecies of humans Science should not be prevented because it might hurt someone's feelings. I could tell you all based off of my own observation what subspecies are derived/advanced and which are archaic/primitive but chances are you all already know what groups of people I am going to put in those categories as anyone with half a brain can see that some groups of people are naturally more advanced than others and yet if I try to publish a paper on this topic I would become a pariah within my field and demonized to the point that it would destroy my career. Hurt feelings under the guise of "morality" shouldn't control science reality should.

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>>265104227That's a fault of the general public being retards, not science. Nevertheless, the same general public has a point, because it calls out the religious fags who think they know better than anyone.

>>265104222Dinosaur ShockerProbing a 68-million-year-old T. rex, Mary Schweitzer stumbled upon astonishing signs of life that may radically change our view of the ancient was another discovery of dinosaurs with feathers and flesh in china.

The Solutreans were the First Americans. Acaademia and the federal government spend billions covering up that fact since the Injuns like tearing down statutes. The US denies Science and promotes Injun religion in a true theocracy.

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>>265104581Look at boar and warthog skulls

>>265104641They can’t read anything that might be adverse to their beliefs. You might as well be offering garlic bread to a vampire. It’s fun to watch them twist themselves in knots mind you.

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>technology and science bad cause desert manual says so!!!!

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MASSIVE DINOSAUR SOFT TISSUE DISCOVERY IN CHINA – INCLUDES SKIN AND FEATHERS!A fossil bed in China that is being called “Jurassic Park” has yielded perhaps the greatest dinosaur soft tissue discovery of all time. According to media reports, “nearly-complete skeletons” have been discovered that even include skin and feathers. But of course if these dinosaurs are really “160 million years old”, that should be absolutely impossible.


>>265104809Tribe Stops Study of Bones That Challenge HistoryFrom head to toe, the bones were largely intact. The skeleton was that of a man, middle-aged at death, with Caucasian features, judging by skull measurements. Imbedded in the pelvis was a spearhead made of rock.At that point, recounted Dr. Chatters, an anthropologist based in nearby Richland, Wash., ''I've got a white guy with a stone point in him.'' He added: ''That's pretty exciting. I thought we had a pioneer.''The real stunner came last month, after bone samples were sent to the University of California at Riverside for radiocarbon dating. The conclusion: the skeleton of the ''pioneer'' is 9,300 years of the old manuscripts as well as the Bible tell of an ancient advanced civilization before the global catastrophe that happened around 12000 years ago.

>>265105085Microscopic Soft tissue < rotting flesh / dna Still interesting ty

>>265090329Hippos are pretty fierce though

>>265097959That's just not true. I have had arguments with Astro physicists and they swallowed the whole dark energy / dark matter / big bang hook line and sinker.

Science is fucking retarded and anyone that disagrees is a retardImagine actually believing LE SCIENCE about how the universe came to be when we can't even comprehend the development of cardiovascular heart disease in human beings with precision or what even is the optimal human diet lmao.Ah yes but we totally went to the moon on the first try with shit 1960's technology, we just can't go back to the moon now because... we don't have that outdated technology anymore... LMAO.Fucking kill yourselves you brainwashed labcoatfags.

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>>265101457The Emperor Protects faggot.

>>265090329 This is true, but can you imagine how badass hippos would be if they really looked like that

>>265105753kys christcuck

>>265097959lol based