I thought people said Trump is doing nothing?

He signed an Executive order to deal with these anarchist fucks tearing down Washington, Jefferson, Columbus, and other monuments. I thought the SHILLS on here said he was a "Weak do-nothing orange man". Explain yourself, Shills

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>>265089995Executive orders mean virtually nothing. He can't use them to create new criminal law, and for them to be enforced, his DOJ has to actually listen to them.

>>265090146>Executive orders mean virtually nothing.Like the DREAMER act for DACA?Or Obamacare?

>>265090240He had a shit load of EO's that never made it through though. Remember when he first got in he had like 10 of them and only a couple actually made it

>>265089995>No DACA>No lock her up>No Wall (bollard fencing doesn't count)>No drain the swamp>No ending the wars>No bringing the troops home (90k overseas)>No fix to internet censorship>No designating ANTIFA as terrorists>No designating Mexican Cartels as terrorists>No closing the border>No mass deportations>Sold out to Israel>Sold out to Saudi Arabia>Sold out to ChinaOK and?

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>>265090240Ok, clarification: Trump's executive orders mean virtually nothing. Like his repeal of DACA.Obamacare wasn't an EO btw

>>265090240>obamacarestill here honkster.>DACA ends on day oneDACA hasnt changed

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Wait until he gets re elected, then the gloves come off.

Watch from 05:40:youtu.be/kq6hv3OCdWM

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>>265090530oh boy i cant wait for another 4 years of the country going to shit while he does literally nothing

>>265089995>two weeks too late>going to be blocked by a judge and litigated for 2 yearsI'm definitely tired of winning

>>265090530>then the gloves come offCorrect: that's when he officially announces reparations and designation of 4chan as a terrorist website

>>265089995>ignoring pandemic >saving statuesskewed priorities perhaps

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>>265090146Hahaha wrong. The Supreme Court just made EO's have the force of actual law, same as if they were passed by Congress. Dummy.

>>265091092>The Supreme Court just made EO's have the force of actual law, same as if they were passed by Congress.Only the ones they like

>>265089995>Executive order to deal with these anarchist fucksHow does it do that? By whining at the FBI, which is ideologically aligned with antifa, to arrest them?Trump has no idea what is happening or what he is doing. He may not be senile like Biden but he is completely clueless and being led around by the Kushners.>>265090530>Wait until he gets re elected, then the gloves come off.This is the eternal cope of the cuckservative


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>>265089995Perhaps it's time for you gun toting cowards to defend the statues yourself? That's what's been happening here since they pulled down the first one.

>>265090530>wait until Trump takes office, then the gloves come off>wait until Flynn testifies, then the gloves come off>wait until Sessions starts investigating the Clintons, then the gloves come off>wait until Trump hears about how they comped Charlottesville, then the gloves come off>wait until Trump confirms another justice, then the gloves come off>wait until Trump gets an even bigger majority in the midterms, then the gloves come off>wait until they bring impeachment proceedings on Trump, then the gloves come off>wait until the impeachment proceedings fail, then the gloves come off>wait until everyone loves Trump when they get their stimulus check, then the gloves come off>wait until the governors refuse to open back up in May, then the gloves come off>wait until niggers and commies riot in the streets, then the gloves come off>wait until the commies and niggers deface the Lincoln Memorial, then the gloves come off>wait until commies and niggers try to set up their own autonomous zones, then the gloves come offNow we have to wait until the second term?

>>265091127trump had the power to end DACA but couldnt be bothered to learn the actual legal way of going about it and ruined his shot at ending it

>>265090696Cleaning up the liberal swamp and fighting off a wave of progressive faggotry is messy work. Would you rather be in the fight with Trump or have a Clinton/Biden type politician continue ruining the country?


if you vote for trump you're a braindead kike

>>265091304To be fair, the "arbitrary and capricious" clause of the APA is virtually impossible to oppose if activist judges push it hard enough.

>>265089995Anyone else gets the feeling that this idiot yells a lot but nothing ever gets done or makes any difference?

>>265091276You have to wait for Don Jr in 2024. Daddy was unfairly bullied and was tired and old, Don Jr can truly fulfill Daddy's legacy.

Patience and Strength

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>>265091316>Cleaning up the liberal swamp and fighting off a wave of progressive faggotry is messy workIt would be, if he was doing any of that. Instead he just whines.

Hes fighting the war on every front. Hollywood, technology, media, politicians, minorities, illegals, the whole progressive world in fact. And all you bitches are pissed it aint happening fast enough. Get fucked. Shit takes time.

>>265091304And in the end, the Supreme Court not only gave his EO's the force of continuing law, but also pointed out in their decision that he can end DACA with a new EO.Trump won that fight.

>>265090146exactly, remember that social media censorship "EO"literally NOTHING

>>265090415>Sold out to Chinaalmost had me there, but then you said this incredibly stupid bullshit. Still voting for him though

>>265089995My god he signed an executive order, everything is fixed! Now he just needs to sign one to fix poverty and Healthcare

>>265091492Noooo no, it’ll be Ivanka. We’ll have the first woman president and the left will be super triggered!

>>265091276Q predicted this. Trust the plan goy.

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>>265091573Takes 4 years to build 3 miles of wall? I bet Obama built more.

>>265091573>it takes a little while to undo 70 years of subversionno shit, but consider this, the people moaning about it are actually mad, they're just shooting out blackpills hoping to demoralize

>>265091618Fucking kek, what dose of copium is this?He isn't going to even try to end DACA, and they wouldn't accept it if he did.There is no rule of law. The law is whatever the jews say it is.

>>265090415A few problems here:>No WallHe has build 200 miles of wall since starting, with a lot of opposition including constant cock blocking by the 9th circuit in California which basically halted progress until this information was viewed (Intentionally). >No drain the swampYou ever stop to wonder why he has so much opposition with his executive orders or decision making from the House, Congress, and various courts? He's fighting the entire system. >No Closing the borderborder crossings are down 90% and the border is/was closed especially during quarantine around March - May. >Sold out to ChinaThis is bullshit on 50 different levels. China is pissed at him for the various Tariffs and strong-arming them in trade deals.

>>265091640It’s like an incompetent mother that sucks at disciplining a child>you better do it or else!>I mean it this time!>okay buddy, I’m going to count to 3.. you better hope I don’t get there>1>2>2 and a half>2 and three quarters


>>265091779Suck muslim dick. He changing the judiciary, the Rhinos, the normies, etc etc. Worrry about your own faggot country that is about to turn majority muslim

>>265091360Don't care

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>>265091871That user is right, actually. You sound like one of those people that only read headlines and don't read further into information regarding it. By the way, they have FBI wanted posters out for the people who tried to tear down Andrew Jackson.

>>265090470ok Kneeler

>>265091691I'd vote for ivanka

>>265089995If Trump doesn't send in the Marines with hip mounted Gatling guns specially modded for the occasion to hose down all the rioters with mercury tipped bullets and bulldoze their corpses into the Potomac while building a pyramid of severed black heads on the Whitehouse lawn and giving white agitators field icepick lobotomies with kbars, then he is doing nothing.

>>265092029>don't caresee, you're a braindead kike

>>265092143you are so right

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shills fear this map. This is the 2020 electoral college map. I am from the future. You heard it here first. Screenshot and save until November.

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>>265091907>He's fighting the entire system. Tweeting isn't fighting>>265092035>no you see when the court tells you that you can't repeal Obamas EO without finding the secret magic formula this is actually a win, you just have to go look for it!You are hopelessly naive

>>265092004He's changed nothing other than tax reforms for the rich lmao Things are worse for whitey in the JewSA than they ever were under Obama.This thread is about your cucked nation who just rolls over and accepts statues being pulled. DEFEND THEM YOURSELVES, COWARD.

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>>265092348whatever you say Cleetus

>>265090508Obamacare was gutted. You can get a short term healthcare plan that's essentially a pre obamacare plan. I have one, it's great. Cheaper and lower deductible than bcbs. Obamacare plan's still exist which is good for people who would have been uninsurable pre obamacare. In my opinion, we have the best of both worlds right now.

>>265092498>Cleetus as an insultask me how I know you aren't from around here, back to facebook with you

>>265092458Naw. What we're seeing now: these riots, the rapidly growing anti-white sentiment, the people being fired for not being PC, the statue destruction, the streets renamed, the empty gestures of making DC a state which will go nowhere by the Democrats; all of this isn't a sign of Democrats and Jews gaining strength in the United States, it's more comparable to someone being choked and with their hands they try to scratch and claw out the eyes of the person choking them and they kick and scream but it's all in vain.

Can you imagine if they try to block this? Imagine the government saying “No, we will not protect federal property.”

>>265092658get the fuck out of here you 2016 newfag piece of shit

>>265092765you have to go back nigger

>>265092004He can't worry about his own country. His country is fucked so hard that all he can do is complain about and belittle countries that actually still have a chance.

>>265090146>drumpf is doing nothing, why isn't he making new laws?That is the job of CONGRESS you fucking mongoloid. Not the Executive branch.

>>265092348Don't even kind of doubt it. I can't imagine that all this rioting and destruction of personal property is leading to people thinking that they should vote for the party that sanctions this kind of thing. All the polls say the opposite but I can't imagine real people actually support all this stupid bullshit

>>265092951What chance do you have more than the UK? You're literally majority non-white now. At least UK was 86% white in 2011 (probably 80% now).

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>>265089995Trump has consistently done stuff like sending troops to the border to enforce laws, making illegals stay in Mexico, making Mexico keep illegals in Guatemala, shutting down the government, arresting billions of protestors in DC, generally using the big dick of government wherever he can.The only people who say "he's doing nothing" are 0 IQ groypers (who are probably working for ngos and gope shills) and leftist shills trying to convince you drumpft didn't do anything.Of course we're at a point where their lies don't matter anymore, since Biden keeps lowkey sucking off commies.

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>>265092750lol you underestimate how insidious the leftist infestation is. I would be impressed if they didn't block it. Judges are predominately liberal and are quite eager to stop the orange man from doing his job.

>>265092458>>265091688>>265091458>>265091335>>265091188Why the fuck am I seeing all these retards who act like the president can just make a law fucking appear?The president was never supposed to be the one handling laws, he was supposed to at most have a fucking veto, thats IT.The fuckers in Congress and the legislative branch are the ones who actually make/pass laws.

>>265092750It's not that hard to imagine. It will be framed as interfering with the removal of statues depicting racists. The most offensive statues to normalfags will be plastered all over the media to garner support against them, and Trump will then be associated with some confederate soldier who once called a nigger a nigger.

>>265089995He was too late . Too many colleges took statues down

>>265090146"You'd be in jail"

>>265091871Barr has over 500 investigations open into Antifa alone now. Also, just so you know there lil' buddy, only shills use the term 'copium.'Dilate and seethe, nigger.

>>265093099Yeah, I'd say the polls are reflective of only one thing, and that's that all of these riots, online death threats, the firing from job positions, the being kicked out of colleges, is all reflective of Trump voters going quiet again.Someone I know said they stopped talking to their mom because she voted for Trump. He said Trump was a horrible person and voting for Trump makes his mom a horrible person.This is why people don't admit their support for Trump, because it can ruin your life and lead to people hating you, even though we're half of the country. Leftists can only answer with hatred, while the right might just answer the opposition's ideas with rolled eyes or a counter-argument.The reason the polls were wrong in 2016 was because of shy Trump voters, and the same will be true now I think.

>>265093137The difference is we don't have a strong minority of muslims that can sway party decisions, unlike the UK. A lot of our minorities beat their kids until they make As and either get insanely nice professional jobs or start businesses. American culture at its finestAlso 76% of the US is white. So I don't know where you're getting this "Majority non-white" thing from.

>>265090146Cope harder faggot.


>>265093177 People have this opinion that the president is a king and not 1/3rd of what makes up our government. Balance of power is a thing and the fact trump's done so much is a testament to how effective he is. And him having control of congress for two years at the start of his term...

>>265090470Ok shlomo

>>265091046Good god the shills must have got the order to push the Covid bullshit in their shift brief today. You can set your watch by these faggots.

>>265093455>(((Barr))) is monitoring the situation!>If everyone calls me a retard, that means they are shills because only shills use the term 'retard'!

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>>265090483But you skipped over that DACA was an executive order

>>265093695Just relax then, if it's not such a big deal why are you shilling all the time?I've been telling you nigroid kikelets that shit won't kick off until October. You know as well as I do that the goyim have a 2 week memory at best these days. It'd be stupid to think Trump and his crew would blow their whole wad months in advance like the Democrats did.Shit those faggots could have waited to impeach but they were in SUCH A RUSH that they failed and didn't do it right. You wouldn't want the Republicans to make such a short sighted, asinine mistake like what the Democrats did would you, nigger?Nigger. It's one thing to please the Jews who have to go hard against Trump every day, like a child. So much that people start to ignore the fuss. It's another to drop a bomb or two here and there, which is just what Trump will do.

>>265093559>Also 76% of the US is white.Hahahaha, you got to be kidding. The whole point of the 56% meme is that it was the true number of actual whites (not Spics, Arabs etc who larp as white) according to your last census. That was years ago too, of course it's gone down to most likely 50% or under since then.And no, Pakis don't influence party decisions, they're mostly lazy useless retards not much more intelligent than niggers.

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>>265093027Trump has the authority to drive the DOJ to actually prosecute antifa and tech monopolies, but he does nothing

>>265092452And you have no idea or notion in relation to what's happening on a geopolitical level.

>>265093251>>265093764He doesn't need new laws. He needed to purge the executive branch of shitlibs and commies instead of hiring even more of them. But he didn't, so now he can't even issue orders and have them obeyed.>trump's done so muchKek

>>265093924if nothing is going to happen then why do you have to say freak out about it, sounds like you are worried.

>>265092348Thank you for the much needed laugh

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>>265094004If Trump waits until October to prosecute these rioters people will have long forgotten that the riots even took place, by your own admission that goyim have a 2 week memory. This is the best possible time to prosecute these people and attempt to restore law and order like he tweets about every other day.

>>265093528The whole situation is unfortunate especially since so many people agree that trump is doing a good job. Problem is if you stand up for anything you're essentially asking the mob to hurl all of its horrible insults at you. There's no defending yourself or actually explaining your position. They built their whole belief structure around a strawman and if you stand up they'll put you in the place of that strawman and make you feel their wrath. It's ingenious in a way. I wasn't paying much attention to this stuff in 2016. I figured he just didn't have much steam because he was a reality tv star. Now with how well he has handled the economy I feel that people are scared to admit they like him because of the toxic political climate. But i do think he has way more support than he did in 2016.

>>265090146>Executive orders mean virtually nothing.Holy fuck the coping is beyond reasonable now. Federal judge set the standard that executive orders can't be fucked with. Those ebul racist statues are staying up becuase White liberal larps and their feral niggers don't want to go to federal pound me in the ass prison for 10 years. Revolutionaries? more like, reactionaries.

>>265093528>people don't admit their support for Trump, because it can ruin your lifeAnd Trump being fine with that situation is why he will lose. It was one thing when he was not in office, but no one has any faith that things will get better if they vote for the guy who let them get their teeth get knocked in for 4 years. They may think Biden is worse, but that isn't going to generate enthusiasm.

>>265094483>Problem is if you stand up for anything you're essentially asking the mob to hurl all of its horrible insults at you.That's the insanity of 2020. Liberals have come unhinged and don't know how to have civil discourse without devolving into yelling, insulting, and attacking people.

>>265090470How many nukes does Israel have?

>>265094291>everyone who mocks me is freaking out!>>265094244>And you have no idea or notion in relation to what's happening on a geopolitical level.Only complete midwits talk like this

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>>265094249Do you have any fucking clue how much of the problem is shit heads all over the place hiding behind the red tape and bullshit of government jobs being super levels of manglement?Do you have any fucking clue how much of the problem is stupid fuckers in congress on top of the rest of the branch and the other branches?Do you really think that its so easy to fire someone from a government job when it is infamously HARD to fire the lowest level fuckers who have a smidgeon of political knowledge?Even if he wasn't hiring shitheads he would not have been able to pull off a full reform.>>265093764its worse than that.Common core actively teaches shit that suggests the president has duties that in REALITY belong to the legislative and judicial branches.On top of that the media actively encourages this sentiment and has done so for multiple fucking presidents one after the other.

>>265094445He's not going to prosecute the rioters in October, dumbfuck nigger brain. He's going to prosecute them soon, and thereby arrest the people who funded and directed them in October. Antifa are useful idiots. Criminal terrorists? For sure. But they don't even know what and who they're fighting for, mostly.

>>265095027>implying its low IQ to consider the full extent of the duties of the presidency when evaluating what kind of a job they are doing

>>265089995The sad truth is most people have no idea how their government works and think Trump is some all powerful king rather than some dude who is surrounded by enemies and betrayed at every possible opportunity.

>>265094596I'm not so sure. I think the average supporter of Trump, probably the average non-supporter too, all understand what Trump is up against. He's fighting all of the Democrats. He's fighting Globalists abroad in every other country. He's fighting the liberal-indoctrinated higher education. He's fighting liberal-dominated tech platforms. He's fighting every other liberal-dominated corporation. Then he's also fighting the biased media, of course.Trump has cracked down on the protesters in DC--where he has the most immediate authority. Then the bitchy leftist generals in the army cried about it. He still did his best to protect the church which would become BHAZ. Around every liberal dominated city you aren't seeing such protection, at least not until Trump mandated that all monuments be protected and that all people to damage these monuments be charged with federal crimes.Trump isn't going hard enough on these protesters and rioters, or the tech platforms that censor him, but he's on the right track so far. If he keeps it up, I think people see him as the only one of their leaders who will stand up to these terrorists, while Democrat Governors and Mayors pretend they're all peaceful protests.

>>265089995Saves the statues of Jewish drag queensHero

>>265095167>soon!you're fucking retarded

>>265094081What authority?Since when does the President dictate how the Judicial branch does its job?Pretty sure that is assigned to the states, who have been salivating at trying to cry he is a fascist seizing power and daring him to fucking take the bait and sent military in.

>>265095056>Trump had to hire a bunch of career glowniggers! He had to keep all those Obama holdovers too!KekLmao why could every other president get there ideologically aligned people in? Why could Obama get rid of Bush's people on day one? Was he just that much more competent? >Even if he wasn't hiring shitheads he would not have been able to pull off a full reform.Therefore he had to hire shitheads and reform nothing?

>>265095056>Do you have any fucking clue how much of the problem is shit heads all over the place hiding behind the red tape and bullshit of government jobs being super levels of manglement?The dude you're responding to is one of the shills I mentioned earlier. Everything is "ignore the laws which say you can't mass-fire all the government cucks, everything is Trump's fault".

>>265089995Where is the executive order to start killing all the traitors. The damage has been done while this faggot his away. Just like Crowder showing up to Chaz after that shit was over. Let me know when Mayors and Governors start getting arrested or black bagged. Otherwise stfu about this kike faggot.

>>265095501>being this fucking stupid you don't realize I was acknowledging he was making retarded hiring choices and explaining the full extent he would have to go through to "fire all da baddies" that are fucking up the government and work together to make up the swamp at every damn level and that thinking he was gonna drain the swamp was a reddit tier retards belief from the start.

>>265095167Your argument that Trump should spend one month of his presidency doing anything effective because people might forget about it has to be the biggest cope I've ever seen, hopefully he isn't listening to braindead retards like you.

>>265095592You fucking retard at what point did I blame trump for anything but hiring some retards that made things a bit worse?

>>265092140This, faggots wanting death squads in there when the point of Trump was that he was the final attempt at a political solutionFrom where I am, I've liked what Trump has done and tried to do so far. He hasn't achieved everything but he has tried. My media REEES all the time about Trump, which shows he's actually effective, especially if you actually read into what Trump's being doingPeople who voted Trump before but won't again because he 'hasnt achieved everything and shot all the leftists and brown people' are monumental retards

>>265095460>the DOJ is the judicial branch>the judicial branch is assigned to the statesHoly shit you are a complete retard. Why is it always the dumbest least informed people who try to lecture people about how things work?

>>265089995His not doing anything he made that clear. The Democrats will burn themselves, honestly his going all in with this. It's good though let's see how long the retards kill each other off.

>>265095440Maybe, but I'm still voting Trump. And there's literally nothing you can type here that will stop me. Nigger.

Is the left overplaying their hand? I've been disappointed in Trump for a while but now that I see libs calling for the destruction of American monuments and history and supporting violent riots, I'm reminded how much worse things could be

>>265095690>thinking he was gonna even attempt to do what he campaigned on was a reddit tier retards belief from the start.Fair assesment

>>265089995Wow an executive order. Just like the one about tech censorship that hasn't done anything?

>>265095460>I have never heard of federal law beforePeak retard

>>265095827let me explain this slowly.the governing of people in the states is up to the state.the courts hear shit and decide, influencing policy and what the executive state branch of the DOJ can prosecute for, because they will not waste their time.The president does not usually get to do shit on that front because it is a STATE level thing and not a federal level thing.The DOJ, even at the federal level. Is not going to prosecute something that the Judicial department will not judge someone as guilty for.That is one point I was trying to make.The second point is that the President is supposed to stay OUT of state level shit, which is technically what all these riots are viewed as.Stepping into that before the governors and media ADMIT that he should step in, and those democrat fucks WILL NOT admit he can do anything right... will make him look bad and give them political ammo.

>>265095800I'm talking about >>265094249 this guy, not you. That guy is obviously a shill, you're better off not engaging him and letting him screech until he decides to go somewhere else.

>>265095802Yes Trump is treated unfairly. But that has nothing to do with him allowing the country to burn. No one wants death squads, we want accountability so we don’t have to form RWDS. You know, Law and Order. This faggot hasn’t done shit his entire presidency, and this is the culmination of his failure as a leader. I guarantee you his justice department won’t prosecute anyone of note. And there will be no connections made regarding the big money funding these terrorist fucks. It’s all theatre, and he has all but destroyed the Conservative party.

>>265095246>He's fightingHe really isn't. They are fighting, while he complains about how unfair it all is. He looks weak and pathetic.

>>265096241>he thinks that just because the DOJ interprets things one way means that the Judical branch will>he thinks that people automatically get to be tried on a federal level and that there hasn't been a conflict of state vs federal law for as long as this nation has been in its current form.>he thinks the federal system gets to jump in over the state system whenever>as if that got in the way of gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, and a host of other things.You children have no clue do you?

>>265090415Still voting Trump.

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>>265089995Yah, remember Trump's executive order on Twitter and how that fixed everything about right-wing censorship! I'm sure this new executive order will do the trick just as well!

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>>265096444>if we charge antifa, judges might just let them all off the hook, so we better not charge them at all

>>265096329The shill can screech all he wants.This is a stage, and we are the actors.I am fully willing to use him to educate others about the realities of the situation and the complexity of US law, how it is applied, and how it is enforced, and the politics that infest it.

Commie kikes the world over were just screeching like it was the end and they won by pulling down...statues lmao.Its like the ultimate revenge from when mom didnt buy them the rage against the machine album

>>265091276Most presidents don't get anything done until their 2nd term because support in and out of congress starts to swing in their favor. Just look at Obama Bush clinton pretty much every president as of late. Trump will probably be different though i foresee another 4 years of autistic screeching and people crowing about their precious genitals and skin colors.

>>265096247>The DOJ, even at the federal level. Is not going to prosecute something that the Judicial department will not judge someone as guilty for.Are you even American? You type like a non-native English speaker and have barely an elementary school understanding of the US civics.>the media will make him look badWow

>>265096190Actually just last week the DoJ recommended the FCC remove Section 230 protections from a huge number of web sites such as reddit, twitter, instagram, facebook, and others.You keep saying "nothing is happening" but that's only bluster. You know it's happening, it's why you're so terrified. Your fear is palpable, every time you fags ramp your little agitprop raids we can tell. In desperation and confusion you screech, NOTHING IS HAPPENING as you ball up into the foetal position.

>>265096669>Most presidents don't get anything done until their 2nd term because support in and out of congress starts to swing in their favor. Just look at Obama Bush clinton pretty much every president as of lateThis is literally the exact opposite of reality.

>>265096559Yes, dumbass.>I have miles of paperwork as it is and the democratic people refuse to let the police arrest these fucks because they are using their own authority>I don't want to get involved in these politics because I know better and don't want to make a government job harder than I have to.>Also, I am a democrat and support these freedom fightersWhat makes you think they are mere computer programs automatically working as intended?Who is gonna bring antifa in in the first place?Doesn't that require a warrant?

>>265096669>Most presidents don't get anything done until their 2nd term because support in and out of congress starts to swing in their favor. Just look at Obama Bush clinton pretty much every president as of late.Uh it's the opposite. Bush and Obama had full control for their first six and first two years, respectively. FDR and LBJ famously had super-successful first 100 days. Trump already blew all his political capital and his second term, if it happens, will be even less successful than his first, if all of history is anything to go by.

>>265096444Oh you mean like Obama involving the feds anytime he felt like it. Or using executive orders like post it notes. This isn’t some fucking game. Trump let the entire country down, and showed everyone that he will capitulate to the mob just like all the other cowards.


>>265096670>>265096781>Guys trust me don't listen to this guy he is wrong and stupid>I don't need to explain anything guys he is just wrong look as I say he is wrong that means he is wrong!

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>>265096812>using their own authorityStates have no authority to stop a federal arrest. They can try to prevent it, e.g. creating state laws that make it illegal for state citizens to report illegals to feds, but they cannot stop a federal arrest in progress.

>>265096711>the DoJ recommendedAmazing

>>265096972>I don't need to explain anythingSee>>265096816There's literally a wikipedia article about the second term curse. Jefferson, Jackson, Grant, Cleveland, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, etc, shit hits the fan hardest in the second term.

>>265096391Still the alternative is much worse, when democrats will likely outright capitulate to the demands of the rioters who destroy monuments, I'm sure hostile and subversive foreign nations are having a laugh at the wannabe revolutionaries destroying monuments, probably even encouraging it

>>265089995TRUMP MEANS WELLhis supporters just need to remind him

>>265096852Yes it is a fucking game lmaoThere are other players with other roles, and a million bureaucratic tricks to refuse to play along with something if you have enough people at various levels in knowing agreement, due to the size of the system we are talking about.Anyone who is even mildly aware of even basic office politics is somewhat aware of the potential for fuckery.

>>265096972You're a pajeet, aren't you? I can tell by the weird diction and behavior.

Attached: 9.jpg (631x571, 99.56K)

>>265096888Yeah that's how it works actually. So when Trump had the FCC "monitor" the situation, they really did a couple things. First they solicited complaints from the public to see if there was cause, then, when several hundred thousand had been collected, they turned it over to the DoJ to see if there was cause to determine that people's rights were being infringed. They did so, and recommended to the FCC that if web sites are going to be editing the user content, the Section 230 protections which they were only granted if they DIDN'T were going to be revoked.This is setting the stage for Big Tech to be basically nationalized and turned into common carriers. It's a long process and it's being done correctly so it will be very hard to fight. All the groundwork has been laid and thanks to the recent Dreamer decision, Trump's Social Media EO has the same force as any law passed by Congress.You're a little nigger though, you can't see the big picture. You and your little nigger kind are so used to doing things the quick way, or the secret way, that you can't even imagine what happens when a shit ton of bricks falls out of the sky like this. Just wait, watch. As the election ramps up, the screws will come down on social media. Who is more powerful and longer lasting, the State or some fucking Jewish social media company which has only been around for a relative blink of an eye? You think the State will cede power to Zucc?Put on an extra diaper over the one you already wear for pleasure, my faggot friend.

>>265089995It’s the bare minimum user.

>>265097304He should have made the recommendation day 1 when it actually had a chance of even making the courts.

>>265097115>goyim listen I can explain everything>just look at this thing that avoids explaining everything! >see goyim I explained without actually explaining now you must trust me despite me being unable to actually talk about it beyond telling you to go away, read this article, and trust me!Nigger please I didn't say shit about the second term curse. Weakest deflection I have seen in a while.

>>265097146The Republicans are also capitulating. And I am not saying people will flip to voting Dem, only that "sure Trump is useless but Biden would be worse" is not an effective campaign strategy.

>>265094081>Trump has the authority to drive the DOJ to actually prosecute antifa and tech monopolies, but he does nothingHe is. All the terrorists are getting prosecuted. justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-william-p-barrs-statement-riots-and-domestic-terrorismAlso for the tech monopolies:politico.com/news/2020/06/26/google-anti-trust-suit-341912

>>265089995Just shills protecting their beloved pedophiles they strive to be themselves.Clown world.Trump are taking away their pedo heroes.

>>265097240>uh oh.... he made a point!>quick quick... deflect somehow!>I know! derail the conversation by claiming nonsense!Waiting on you to explain how I am wrong about these things.

>>265090146>you see i said he did nothing>and what he did....; does not go in effect because blablabla doj democrats blocking yadayadayadaso which is it faggot? Trump does something or he doesn't do something?


>>265097402>May 31, 2020Meanwhile the DOJ and other feds had arrested dozens of "white nationalists" after Charlottesville within the week.

>>265089995So much for the land of the free.

>>265097507He did nothing of consequence. Signing a shitty executive order that one of his staffers probably wrote is purely symbolic.

>>265097536>moving the goalpost this hard. Maybe it's because they weren't wearing masks?Maybe it's because they all got arrested by the local police?Maybe it's because they were all in one spot and not literally all over the entire USA?Stop being a fucking retard.

>>265097304>This is setting the stage>All the groundwork has been laid>Just wait, watch.>the screws will come downDo you even realize that you talk like this? Just endless warnings and vague predictions, like one of those shitty tv psychics from the 90s.

>>265092452>Tweeting isn'r fighting.You are that dumb.

>>265089995>He signed an Executive order to deal with laws that already existwow good job trump

>>265092458Poor you the minority crazy left is hyped through the media and you swallow it like a child watching Cartoon Network.

>>265097659My goalposts are prosecution of antifa by the DOJ and they haven't moved.

>>265097400True, but I was at the point where I wasnt voting for anyone at all, now I feel at least Zion Don is doing something to denounce BLM/antifa and rioters, even if it's a soft-handed approach, I'm getting so sick of this leftist destruction and all the woke SJW witch-hunting mobs. I dont really believe accelerationism will do anything other than give the leftists even more of what they want

>>265097507He is doing something, but in reality the nature of our system means that not only do the three branches need to work properly, but also the state level government needs to work with the federal level government.States are allowed more independence than they teach in our shitty educational system, and have flouted federal law many times.So many times, and with such a big stink raised, that for a number of things the federal level law enforcement will not do their part if it means dealing with bullshit conflicts with the state level law enforcement.>>265097640This fucker is trying to pretend it is far simpler than it is by only talking about how ineffective an executive order is, while NOT talking about what Trump can actually do, making it look like he can accomplish far more than is actually possible, thus making him look like he is CHOOSING to do little because muh orange man bad.

>>265097378>you can recommend something without a full and legally mandated study and public commenting periodAs I said, you have no idea how this works. You're a child, somebody who is retarded and never took a civics or government class.By doing it the "long" way Trump is virtually guaranteeing that his decision will be upheld because he's taking all the proper steps, including having a public commentary period, having other agencies investigate the comments, and building up a case with references and background material so his decision will be extremely difficult to refuse.You're a baby, a child, and your "hurry up and do something" bullshit is not working. It's pointless, nobody's even voting until November, and we have all that time to watch the new daily drama that YOU are hooked to as much as any Drumpfkin.Your own daily spinshills will be your demise, semen breath. I know exactly how it all works though. Shilling is big business, and you can't admit you're failing. That'd cost money.But think about David Brock. They quite literally KILLED him for lying about his shilling and saying it was working and taking the money anyway. And isn't some Iranian faggot in charge of his shadow shillop now?LOL you're headed for GITMO.

>>265097851Denouncing them doesn't do anything, and Trump's denunciations are even weaker than those of random conservatives on Fox. 'Accelerationism' is just a dumb meme, they are getting what they want either way. Trump isn't even a speedbump at this point.

>>265097834The wheels of democracy are greased by public opinion and cooperation of government officials at multiple levels.So long as antifa are doing shit in democratic areas where the retarded liberals support their cause, if not their methods, they will remain rusted.That is why they love doing shit in Portland, Oregon.

>>265097834Goalpost:>>265097402>>Trump has the authority to drive the DOJ to actually prosecute antifa, but he does nothingTrump HAS driven the DOJ to prosecute antifa. And the DOJ is complying with that order.

>>265098105>goyi-guys, voting for trump is no different than voting for the puppet the democratic party WANTS you to vote for... so don't vote trump, it makes no difference.

What does any of it matter? Even if he doesn't lose re-election, in four years some lunatic commie shitskin will be President and (s)he is going to tear everything down, and undo everything orange man did. You can't stop the collapse of a nation once it's set in motion. Stop trying to re-animate the corpse and focus on building something new. Rome collapsed and was eventually succeeded by an even greater civilization.

>>265089995Who's going to enforce it kid?

>>265097856>our systemIt has nothing to do with you, Rajeesh.>>265098038>reddit spacing and navy seal postingtop zoz

NO Washington, Jefferson or Columbus monuments have been attacked. None. But then facts don't really matter, do they?

>>265098105Denouncing BLM is sadly a pretty big deal right now. People are losing their jobs and becoming unemployable from saying shit like "all lives matter" when SJW twitter mobs go after them. So its kinda based when Trump points out that the organization BLM has some questionable ties and leaders, while all the giant corporations are giving them money

>>265098272Public opinion in general, how it shifts, matters.And it has been shifting because of how butthurt and irrational Trump made people.In reality it is not that easy to undo everything.That takes time, measures to be passed...And taxpayer money.Our nation is headed for bad times regardless, yes.The question is how prepared the common folk will be when those times reach their doors.And rome was not succeeded by a greater civilization per say after a single collapse.It fell apart and was split apart multiple times by civil wars both as a republic and as an empire.

>>265098460Just forget about it, you can't stop or mitigate a single thing that's going to happen. It's gone through the process. I'm sure you're smart enough to know that I'm right, too. It's why you're so ass blasted. But you know what, nigger? It's OK to be weak and powerless. You literally can't do shit. So just tap out already.

>>265089995> Signing executive orders> While the police are on strikeThats a kek

Because he always says he's gonna do shit or he's "taking it under consideration." He never DID anything he promised. He replaced rusted fence with rebar and said it was wall. He let more pajeets and gooks in to take tech jobs from Americans who would take a year to train and would perform better. He's a yid puppet and we're sick of his shit. Fascism is the only answer.

>>265091276interesting pointsstill voting Trump

>>265098460>openly refuses to admit he has no ground to stand on>can only stick to his retarded strategy of accusing me of being indian for reasons he cannot explain>is enough of a newfag he doesn't know that whining about redditspacing is how you know someone is a newfag

>>265098513>its kinda based when Trump points out that the organization BLM has some questionable ties and leaders, while all the giant corporations are giving them moneyIt would be kinda based if he was just some rich dude on twitter. The president taking such a passive milquetoast position is not based at all. He talks about this, about everything really, as though he is just some hapless observer.

>>265093455>>265098203for fucks sake, do you retards actually believe arresting a bunch of random antifa is gonna change anything?they are a decentralized movement controlled by the establishment and funded by 99.9% of corporationsthis is theather


Attached: 1593084435104.jpg (1024x740, 108.98K)

>>265098673>2018 will be glorious!>Trust Kushner!

Attached: laf.gif (311x223, 1.52M)

>>265089995Executive Orders = Doing Nothing dipshit

>>265098673the shill will not stop.They are like a stream, the water will go somewhere regardless, and you cannot build a damThe solution is simple. The flow of bullshit from a shill, like water, adheres to a natural course according to certain rules.By understanding those rules, you can harness the flow for your own use.>>265098876antifa has a level of organization for funding, small leadership, and communications. They are not isolated cells, and the number of people in their group with actual brains is limited.

>>265098802If you were indian>openly is refusing to admin he is having no ground on which to stand>can only be sticking to his retarded strategy of accusing me of being indian for reason he cannot explain>is being enough of a newfag he is not knowing what whining about redditspacing is how you are knowing someone is being a newfag

>>265099022So Abraham Lincolns executive order that kicked off the civil war was doing nothing?If the system works properly the executive order is a lot of power.Its what the redditors that came here were jerking off about, so certain it would go smoothly.

>>265098832I guess I'm just at the point where I dont want them to have 100 percent complete control of the narrative (they mostly do, but they keep the slippery slope bullshit going and will just move further left once they get every absurd thing that they want)

>>265099022>Executive Orders = Doing Nothing dipshitTell that to DACA

>>265098598>per say

>>265099182It’s all too late. He was elected to prevent this type of riot and it went on for a full fucking month.

>>265095027This photo says more about the derangement of the left/liberals than it does about Trump.

>>265089995Let's see him enforce it then.

>>265099244What se you?

>>265099167>>265099244>he thinks there are rules to greentexting >trying to enforce greentext grammarStill waiting on you to explain how I am wrong, buddy.We both know you won't>>265099267Please. He was elected to not be Hillary and because boomers thought he would change shit.The only riots people thought would happen were the smug lefty tards taunting about how they were sure we would bawl in the streets.>>265099340they are degenerating to shitposting to try and derail things.

>>265099064The shills have their shit "perfected" in that they can't innovate any further. This is just going to be a repeat of 2016, they will ramp it up and get crazy and now they apparently run the board so it will be worse. But when Trump wins again (he will make Biden say "nigger" in the debates I guarantee it) they will just melt away and keep it up after a day or so.It's mostly bots, automated chatbots like IBM Debater which was made in Israel, BTW. Also pedophiles, they get shills hooked on child porn then they can make them "extra" motivated by both giving them more child porn, and threatening to turn them in if they under-perform.

>protects statues of people>Doesn't protect actual people, or their borders, or their rights, or their future.Umm, thanks?

>>265090415At least he's going to screw the Brits out of a decent trade deal. I know he promised them an excellent deal but I hate Britain.

>>265089995>Dup finally does one thingEXPLAIN URSELVDS SHILLLSI mean, good, it's a start. Hope you and him don't think that's actually enough though. He's basically been afk for the last two weeks while the country burns.

>>265099437>He thinks trump has power over local police

>>265091276Once trump has secured a second term, he no longer has to worry about voters... then the gloves come off!

>>265099064so what? if their current leaders get arrested more will sprout from universitiesi wanna know what happens to the politicians who aided them

>>265099437Give examples where the president is supposed to step in and protect people, what rights were trampled, and what he did explicitly in regards to ruining peoples future.

>>265097660>to make some government process "stick" it has to go through the proper procedureare you fucking retarded? this is why obama has no legacy, he sneaked it all through up the back door by having the right people promoting the right policies, but none of it was actual law so he couldn't make it stickfucking reject nigger brained terrorist sympathizer idiot fool

Still voting for Kamala

>>265099424You are naive and stupid if you think they cannot adapt and alter their methods.More so if you have not noticed a change in said methods.>>265099509To explain it in asian terms, to barge into state level disputes with the national level law enforcement while the states insist they are fine and handling it would cause him to lose a tremendous amount of face and make an opportunity for the media and politicians to make him loose even MORE face.

>>265090373>Moving the goalposts

>>265091558Shut the fuck up shariablue shill. He's triggering the libtards (like you) and that's enough to make me vote for him.

>>265099628it doesn't matter.if the funding dries up, they will run into issues regardless.And if it can be determined that something at universities is producing people that are doing this.... well then that opens up interesting possibilities.

>>265099423You are barely even saying enough to be wrong, except for when you tried to say the DOJ was part of the judicial branch lol>politics is people having opinions and you know there are measures and things and it's really hard>>265099424>they get shills hooked on child porn then they can make them "extra" motivated by both giving them more child porn, and threatening to turn them in if they under-perform.Is this really what qoomers sit around dreaming up? That everyone who mocks them on the internet is part of a secret pedo operation?

>>265091046>Ignoring pandemicThe majority of people ignoring pandemics for the past 2 weeks have been George Floyd BLM protestors like CHAZ/CHOP, Georgia riots (burn down the Wendy's), or the New York riots.

>>265099680no, some of that shit had built in expiration periods.It makes things look more reasonable, and can be used to give an opening to pass more drastic changes later.Looking at some of the shit obama placed, it was not meant to last long enough for the president after hillary to use it.>>265099875>backtracking on what he said because he realizes that shitposting isn't working but it bought him time to think.

>>265099680>obama has no legacyLmao, America was dragged light-years to the left during those 8 years, and Trump can't even get rid of DACA (and the leftward slide into hell has only continued to increase in rate during Trump's term). You are operating on pure delusion at this point.>fucking reject nigger brained terrorist sympathizer idiot foolAlso you are clearly mad online, you should see someone about that

>>265099708They can, but they don't. I've watched them launch new techniques and sliding and repetition are their mainstays. MIGA has been posted to the board over 150,000 times in the last couple years. Same with Zion Don and variations on walltouch.jpg. I've seen a couple little innovations, anon5, meganon, and of course the continued FBI user posts (he / she was only there for 1 day, after that it was damage control). That "to the stars academy" shit. The boogs. It all just is so fucking gay and glows so hard.It's just nice being comfy here. I don't even get offended at the shills any more. I figure most are bots, they are pretty alien and strange. Not quite human anyway.

Sooo... Instead of all this baiting, trolling, and distracting, is anyone actually going to try and find out the identity of these statue hating dildos?? Where's the autistic army at??

>>265089995Well they were right. He did nothing until now.He still has a lot to do. His supporters are being discriminated against with extreme prejudice.If Trump wants to stop these issues he needs to go for the commanders of these riots, as high up as they go and they go really high. He needs to go after the teachers and professors who brainwash kids in schools and universities. That's proper action. This is something that should have happened when they defiled the first monument.

>>265089995After the statues have been all brought down, he signs this. Very weak. He should've signed it the same night it was happening back in Charllottesville 2017.

>>265100107>America was dragged light-years to the left during those 8 yearsDragging in light-years seems paradoxical. All Obama did was make the left and right both lean more heavily in their respective political direction. Obama was more harmful to the USA than anything.

>>265093947Yeah and it was limp and worthless. DACA have now unlimited protections.

>>265100256>After the statues have been all brought down, he signs this.There are hundreds of statues, maybe two dozen toppled, and he signed this after arresting and putting up FBI wanted posters of people who tried to topple Andrew Jackson (and failed).


Attached: 1592954394137.gif (600x418, 3.8M)

>>265099632>Give examples where the president is supposed to step in and protect peopleBorder>what rights were trampledBoycott, making Jews a people too limit free speech on campus>and what he did explicitly in regards to ruining peoples future.Israel

>>265099872no funding will dry up when they can turn to ANY corporation for fundingnothing interesting will come from uniconnectionswe all know damn well social science courses are built to produce these people, but nothing will happen because they can always claim students/professors are acting on their own

>>265100203problem is we have figured out that some of these people move around a lot to do their shit.We have already identified some people, but certain avenues of info like their telegram channels were not available, and the mods DO have an ACTUAL obligation to crack down on dox threads, which is what you are asking for.So what shit IS found out gets deleted and must be fished from the archives.

>>265100338Yet nobody has been arrested in relation to the toppling of the statues and even his DOJ is now looking for "the boogalo movement" and just yesterday proclaimed that "White Nationalist Terrorism is the biggest danger we face" (This is AG BARR).

Attached: 1563602709991.png (1000x1402, 1.08M)

Okay then... I'll start by posting the picture that Trump had on his snap story :B Take a gooood long look at these spoopy crinimals.

Attached: poobrain-stinkniggers.jpg.png (1440x2703, 2.24M)

>>265092348Why are nu mexicans democucks?

>>265100361>BorderJust finished 200 miles despite being blocked by 9th circuit kangaroo courts repeatedly. >Boycott, making Jews a people too limit free speech on campusThat's only in reference to Title VI, which already states that you cannot discriminate based on Race, Color, or national origins. This Executive Order only deals explicitly with colleges or universities that receive funding from the Federal Government. You're free to call them kikes any time you want. >IsraelName a single president that wasn't pro-Israel in the past 40 years.

>>265100484corporations giving direct backing becomes an issue legally if you are found out to be funding a declared group of terrorists...

>>265100635boog movement is retarded redneck normies that hung out with /k/ folk and picked up on their shit, and went retarded with it as normies do, before the FBI found out and did what it usually does when people with guns organize.

Attached: BoogalooOrigin.png (1877x776, 269.89K)

>>265100795forbes.com/sites/isabeltogoh/2020/06/01/corporate-donations-tracker-here-are-the-companies-giving-millions-to-anti-racism-efforts/#127c7a3737dcthey can use so many organizations as intermediaries i would be surprised they even find were the mone came from in the first place

>>265101251you can go after the intermediates.still comes down to it being easier to go after the fucks producing more of them, which ultimately is more beneficial to the nation.


>>265100751Aaand Obama aside, saying everyone else does it, doesn't make you free to do it.

>>265101428So you would prefer Obama over any other president in the past 50 years. Good to know. Cool clock, Ahmed.

These are some really angry discord trannies. Somebody give them some butt plugs to gnaw on.

>LAW AND ORDER >signs a piece of paper with no binding authority winning

>>265101552Pathetic reply. None of that was ever said or even implied. Just a direct answer to your question. Retard.


>>265101689I completely refuted 2 out of 3 points and then went further to point out that your disdain for Trump over Israel is unfounded since every president as far back as history can remember (since Israel has existed) has been pro-Israel. It's not my fault you can't take actual rebuttals and counter them without whataboutism involving Barack Hussein Obama (the literal black sheep that got us in this mess of political insanity today).

>>265100550Ahhh i see. Didnt realize this desu.

>>265101788No you didn't. I just didn't feel like dealing this out. That border was is a joke. A joke. No other way around it. The Jew thing is a limitation on your rights in favor of a foreign state. There's no way around that fact. I gave you a president that wasn't pro Israel and your called me a muzzy Obama lover. That's not even a reply. You're a retard and probably a larping Jew. You suck.

>>265090146BARR just set up a task Force eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/06/26/william-barr-says-boogaloo-group-antifa-tied-violence-protests/3268527001/

Attached: Screenshot_20200627_111034.jpg (1080x1443, 254.59K)

>>265102369You guys know this is going to be extended to anything ANYTHING pro white, right? More govt isn't a good thing.

>>265089995This isn't enough. I want these fuckers executed publically. I remember going to Madison at around 11 yrs old and being in awe at the man Hans was. I remember reading about Jefferson and Teddy, being amazed at the men they were. I want these faggot protesters heads.

>>265102779Then go get them. You know you don't HAVE to be caught, right?

>>265102057>That border was is a joke.He increased it by 200 miles. To put that into perspective that's over 1 MILLION feet of border wall. You can decry it as being a joke all you want but it's not. that's roughly 10% of the border wall added onto what was already there. >The Jew thing is a limitation on your rights in favor of a foreign state. Again, no rights were infringed whatsoever. The EO deals explicitly with extending rules related to a federal law that disallows discrimination of race, religion, or origin in school programs that are funded by the Federal Government. It has nothing to do with limiting your rights. You're the actual retard here for not doing your homework.

>>265091779Barry magically turned building a 1200 mile wall into ~300 miles of differently shitty types of fence and that is what has been being replaced now, a task that has already covered most of the pathetic failure that Bongos Man originally fucked up on purpose.

Attached: Obama and the Tail of His Pathetic Failure Fence.png (719x513, 643.17K)

>>265098876>decentralized>controlled by the establishmentnigger

>>265098911This needs to be updated since Disney now owns Fox (minus Fox News).


>>265096711"Recommended" means jack shit. Just like the federal coronavirus guidelines that said gun stores should stay open...it was only a recommendation.

>>265091188>By whining at the FBI, which is ideologically aligned with antifa, to arrest them?The FBIniggers run Antifa, m8. Same in Europe, except it's the local glowniggers that run them.

Attached: bnd gay op.jpg (800x700, 163.89K)

>>265089995Ok cool, are they going to put the ones that were torn down back up?

Attached: MOBIPPYDOOBIXNOOD.png (415x445, 136K)

>>265098876There's only like 10-15000 of them. We can easily put them into the newly expanded GITMO as well as the two huge prison ships we have each of which can hold like 7000 prisoners.I mean they're fucking toast man, them and the 11 boogs of however many stooges fell for the memes.

Attached: 090411-A-1786S-088_-_USNS_Comfort_(T-AH-20)_in_Hati.jpg (2100x1395, 151.42K)

>>265102369Yes, the militias formed to protect people from government backed agitators in black. The FBI is a political organization, if the past 5 years have shown you nothing. Look back into recent history and they haven't targetted a legitimate threat to the government since the civil rights era; really makes you think. This flaccid attempt to make the administration look strong is going to fall flat for two reasons. It will target the wrong people and the administration has no political capital to leverage the ruling bureaucracy with; they can and will attempt to wait out this fool if he cant get his avt together.

>>265090415So I should vote for Biden who wouldn't even make promises like this but rather go the opposite direction? Huh. Still voting Trump.

I-I mean hospital rescue ships... Yeah...

Attached: USNS-Comfort-Inside-US-Navy-Treating-Patients-Pier-90-Hudson-River-NYC-005.jpg (1000x666, 110.11K)

>>265089995Thinking laws make people do things and not the barrel at the end of their fucking skull.

>>265089995>He believed the kike shillsYou're not gonna make it, user.

>>265104208you sound tough but i bet you're a huge pussy irl

Attached: 06fbb1f0dd9ef6cadc8f9ddfea6e7146a8304bf153b259fb889f2d5787a54f72_1.jpg (320x287, 21.12K)

>>265103877There is FEMAGITMOJapanese Internment CampsGerman Internment CampsAbandoned Hospitals/SchoolsMaximum Security PrisonsThose Black Coffins somewhere sitting in a Field for some reason.Old Unused Wartime BasesI’m sure there is a whole lot more infrastructure in the US that are being chosen right now for mass hangings/guillotines

>>265090415M E M E F L A GEMEFLAG

Attached: +_46ae8b87aa44650add00193ab2a4732b.jpg (275x326, 46.57K)

>>265090530>JUST WAIT THIS TIME DRUMPF WILL DO SOMETHING FOR THE WHITE MAN ye he will give israel more land and call it

Too bad Wray, half of FBI and 9/10 of DOJ will wipe their ass with that EO.