It turns out that all of the most popular online personalities associated with the various movements like Alt...

It turns out that all of the most popular online personalities associated with the various movements like Alt Right/Redpill/ etc. are all government agents. These guys are all assigned to infiltrate these communities and manufacture drama. They aren't just regular guys like you and me, they're descendants of wealthy people who use pseudonyms .The way I figured it out is from a "code number" system they use, it seems to revolve around the date 9/9 that they signal between each other.RooshV's conversion to Christianity is fake, he's descended from Kermit Roosevelt, the son of President Teddy Roosevelt. Notice how all these guys have similar names with "rus" or "ross" in it - Roosh, Roissy, Rollo Tomassi, Neil StRAUSS, Allen Reyes, Matt Cross - do you get it now?Owen Benjamin is the son of Jay RockefellerThe guy who created the website (la noblesse/icycalm) is the son of Anthony Podesta.The kiwifarms guy and Onision are involved with pedophile stuff to, if you search around you'll find more info on that.Thew whole gamergate controversy was manufactured from the beginning, Sargon and Anita work for the same people.Michael Coombs is the son of ex- Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev He isn't an actual neonazi, he's assigned to do this. His Gab page is even quoting a Soviet. (I'm not necessarily implying all these guys are Russians, just this guy)Look for the numbers 33, 47, 74, 18, August 23, October 23 - they're all associated with religion and birthdays of Roman Emperors.I realize not all of the people in the pic are actually part of the same community, but there's a big overlap between them and there agents too so it's important to know about them as well.I recommend reading up on all the e-celebs in the limelight you aren't already familiar with, but you should not communicate with them or give them your money, none of them can be trusted.

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>>265089307not gonna lie, this sounds like a stretch

>>265089307cool, still voting trump

>>265089307>Christianity is fakeYes

>>265089307Yes and?When do they manufacture another ethonationalism movement?

>>265089307Interesting. Bump

Can’t wait for russians to come and fuck up chink elites of the Kazakhstan. They are doing it now, but very surreptitiously.

>>265089307don't get drugged and raped by your gay superiors in the military, just another piece of ass as if they were attracted to women

>>265089307>Owen Benjamin is the son of Jay Rockefellersource?

Nick Fuentes's father is a harsh glownigger

>>265089307Yes, but I think very few of them work for the government directly. They also push an agenda close to what Bannon, Chabad Lubavich, Aleksander Dugin and other redneck boomers want.Of course there's the whole Israelgate (not Russiagate) and Manosphere aspect of this domestic jewish PSYOP.

>>265089307It's possible but a little unlikely. I would not be surprised if some were glow nigeers or secret elites. Some are just burnouts or druggies who got lucky. Honestly at this point these people are only to be watched for entertainment value or for background noise while you take a shit. I trust no one who I am not close friends to or are close family. Almost everything on Jewtube ius propaganda with very few exceptions.

>>265095797They may not be related to rich (crypto-)jews, but they pushed (((Trump))) to idiots and have an organized agenda. A lot of them were exposed as funded by the CRF or being spook honeypots (see the archives).Bolsonaro here had a similar astroturfing group and got caught by the feds.

>>265089307Literally who the fuck are any of these people?

>>265089307>popular online personalitiesNone of these people matter.


>>265089307>Infiltrating a satirical cesspit of trolls, shit posters, batsmen and LARPERSKek they got baited hard. Do government agents actually monitor here? Because the more extreme things I've posted, the more satirical and disingenuous it is, and it's obvious most people here are doing the same thing. I only imagined I was baiting and trolling other NEET outcasts, but if there are glowies and Leo's taking some of the things me and other batsmen shitpost here, that's seriously concerning


>>265089307>I recommend reading up on all the e-celebsjust fucking no.why are you paying any attention to these faggots?

>>265096794*Taking some of the things seriously

>>265089307>1 post by this eceleb thread

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>>265089307Check the exact same crap being flooded here all the time without mods reacting to it, the timing which this crap changes and the overall nature of the content, always aligned with (((their))) agenda at the time and (((MSM))).>>265095797NSA does.

>>265096794NSA does.Ignore the other reply.

>>265096794>batsmenLOL100% brainwashed inbred.

>> best subjects for mind control operations are those who are intelligent and have Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. They are very mechanical individuals and, as such, are perfect for these programs. They are given a trigger or template in their conditioning. Of late, it seems to be something in the Joker or Batman genre. Notice how this keeps coming up, as with the “Millers” in the Las Vegas Walmart shooting and with James Holmes at Aurora.

>>265089307You seem to be alluding to The Jesuits or maybe even The Illuminati.

>>265098940I have some triggers too, but you had to micromanage my life into insane levels to get this working, along with many sections of torture, gay jew dramatics, psychiatric drugs and hospitalizations, ...I'm recovering slowly mostly because I'm not left alone enough for it (on purpose).

>>265099118It's all the same jewish crap: jews, jesuits, Chabad Lubavich, Illuminati, freemasons, rosacrucians, order of estearn star, new age cults, Eubiose (BR), ...All heads of the heeb hybra.

>>265099197What are you even talking about?

>>265099325Read the article, inbred subhuman.

>>265089307I've heard that Pewdiepie is the son of a former KGB agent, working to spread alt-right hatespeech on youtube.I Think his father's name is Butin or something like that.

>>265099290Oh really, and what are they doing exactly?

>>265099439I'm glad (((you)))

>>265099411You shouldn't have stopped taking you medication desu.

>>265099411Nice article, no idea what the hell kinda nonsense it's trying to convey.

>>265089307Slide thread. Fuck off alphabet nigger

>>265099546Yeah, you inbred subhumans reply this all the time here. Shortly before deleting or archiving the thread were you did it.

>>265099587You dindu nuffins.

>>265099531Just tell me in a concrete and succint manner, i don't want to read your long ass articles.

>>265099654I've done a lot of things over the years.

>>265099677They aren't mine. You are an idiot, I don't want to waste my time with an inbred who can't read 10 lines of text.Some details for any goyim reading

>>265099618Who exactly do you think I am?

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>>265099961Some imbecile part of this mafia, a jew, freemason, "batsmen" or other cluster B trash.

>>265099800Still no idea what you're trying to accomplish here.

>>265099961a faggot. that forgot to take his meds?

>>265100032Good for you.

>>265100009What's a cluster B?

>>265089307Don't forget to take your meds!

>>265100009>batsmenPlease enlighten me on these

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>>265089307Baked is definitely a fed snitch, probably to Deep State. Owen Benjamin is a guy who was smart enough to understand the red pill but too schizo to control that understanding. You can actually see him descend into schizophrenia over his first year of streaming.

>>265100044I really don't like people who idolize ethnic collectivism, particularly since a lot of Europeans don't look that different from Arabs or Jews. You do know a lot of Germanics have hooked noses and commit usury.

>>265100040No, I'm part of the Jewish freemason batman maffia!

>>265100089You have a certain way of writing your replies. It feels "dead". Psychotic dramatic idiots who survive by acting like faggots, throwing temper tantrums and leeching idea why are you extending this discussion so much. it usually ends much earlier (the archives are proof of this).

Joshua Conner Moon is a PEDOPHILE with a split dick

>>265089307hahah dumb poltard - take your meds!meds: not taken;)hahah dumb poltard - take your meds!meds: not taken;)

>>265089307Kiwifarms guy raped my kid, he's evil

>>265100175Bantzmen*As in bantz.

>>265100175OK:>>265098940>>265100284And have jewish parents, you fuck everybody wherever you go.What you like or not is just pilpul, I don't give a fuck.>>265100287No, just a jewish imbecile.

>>265100293Anyway, just say you want to genocide certain people and stop lying.

>>265100293the only person acting like a faggot and throwing a temper tantrum is you. you are projecting.


>>265100488I don't want to do anything, you are so shit shouldn't be alive. That's different, inbred.

You missed today's meds op

>>265100501I'm always giving references and explanations while offending you. You are just acting like gay jews replying pilpul (and doing a little something in parallel, LOL, 100% homo).

>>265100442No i mean bonafide non-Jewish Germanics. Hooked noses are actually prevalent among Anglos and Norwegians and also Germans in my experience. Nevermind Meds, they all have them.Naturally i'm exaggerating.

>>265100530Oh shit, it all makes sense now!

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>>265100559Come on, just admit it. You so want to genocide my ass.

>>265100712What kind of person has those gay reactions to such content. Have you ever wondered about it? Why would anybody care? Why threads about nazi occultism, new age aliens or other jewish garbage never have such replies?

>>265100798What the fuck are you on about?How much are they paying you?Could you recommend me to you boss?

>>265100996I'm an incel NEET, dumbass. Ask any spook monitoring this.

>>265100798only a lizard person could post such drivel

>>265094471>source Ever seen the guy's nipples? No, because he's too ashamed of the immense scarring I inflicted upon him with electrodes and a car battery that I ran in series with my testicles to get him to confess his relation to rockerfucker

>>265101053Now that's some "take your meds" stuff. I just watch (((you)))... a lot.

>It turns out that all of the most popular online personalities associated with the various movements like Alt Right/Redpill/ etc. are all government agents.FUU FUCKING REALY??!?!?!??!?!

>>265101053Only a roach could survive a nuclear holocaust

>>265101159Having views from an eceleb is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.

>>265101137Wait a second... are you a batman lizard-Jew who is trying to subvert us?

>literally everyone is a fedok

>>265101223No, I'm trying to scew (((you))) in the ass as revenge for the last 3.5 years. Every fucking day.

>>265089307I don't think most of this board is alt right

>>265101181sounds like a bet.

>>265101360libertarian national socialistif you're not this you belong in reddit

>>265101291This triggering delightens me.What have I done the last 3.5 years ?

>>265101291you sound pretty gay for a monkey

>>265089307lol and you realized it now

>>265089307So numerology is what you’re basing this conjecture on? Cool. Still voting for Trump.



>>265102118John Todd revealed that Hotel California was a place where they put hexes on musical't listen to their music, unless you support p1zz4g4te

>>265089307You give to much credit to these retards. A lot of them are opportunistic grifters or social rejects just trying to find their place. I'm sure some of them are fed.

>>265089307Yes and?Your real opposition got executed in 60`s.

>>265089740These movements are set to fail from the start.Because reality is that kids will allways rebel and they want to be in charge of what direction it takes.


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>>265089307No shit. Mods need to ban every single zoomer eceleb dick rider.Including your ass. Saged and reported.