Any sane people here?

Anyone else think the neo-nazis are just the same thing as the anoying social justice warriors. Is there any people who think all this shit is stupid? Can we have a sane conversation about the current political climate without being shouted over by extremists?

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You're going to have a bad time. Internet is for extremism only.

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>>265088363No. Neo-Nazis can be sensible.

>>265088363It's kind of annoying how you can't criticize white people without being called a kike. Holla Forums also can't tell the difference between Jews who are on different ends of the political spectrum, and associate them all with the loud anti-white minority.

Neo-nazis are fucking scum

>>265088363I agree with everything you say, but you can’t fight extremism with moderation. It’s about survival now, not ideas

>>265088363neo-nazis are the only sane people left on earth

>>265088503now that's what I call kvetching

>>265088363The Nazi dipshits will never, ever have any power. They will never do anything. There will never be a fourth reich or revival of NATSOC. Nobody will ever tolerate them, so it's really sad that so many white people that could be allies against liberal evil are lost in this faggot ass LARP. They're not much different than the lefties, honestly.


>>265088363I think that the bottom quartile of society and anyone convicted of more than one violent crime should have their rights severely restricted. Nothing based on race or ethnicity, but purely on behavior.Does that make me a Nazi?

>>265088462isnt this the problem though. Its retarted, The world is so stupid right now. The nazis are ignoring the real problems.

>>265088551So a chicanos, they literally look like the exact same people with their shaved heads and "la Raza" bowls hit. Eat shit you progressive fuck face.

>>265088363The people who blame da joos for everything are as bad as sjws that blame white people for everything.

so many newfaggots like this kid >>265088730

>>265088477How so, I just here gas the kikes and genocide niggers. I know a bunch of people will say that sensible but it's not. What is sensible?

>>265088730>The people who blame da joos for everything

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>>265088682>retartedExpect it to get worse. You should focus on protecting your family and community.

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>>265088584Need like a radical centre, and some ideas that could actually change things like electoral reform. They want you to be nazis becuase they know half the people will fight the nazis.

>>265088730I've been on here for age. Unironically a centrist. Jew hate is as retarded as white hate. Cracka

>>265088363There are no neo nazis on here. That shit is all made up by the media. You really think if you were cool to a person you is not inbred or mentally retarded that they are going to hate you because of your complexion?

>>265088363It's time to rake all leaves.

>>265088645Im with you dude, they are so stupid too. It's honestly garbage that they have overtaken this board.

>>265088895>>265088859you're both NPC's.>da jooz!!!11

>>265088657Probably not, but the idea is still retarted.

>>265088363Worship of the actual German Nazi Party is retarded. Commitment to the ideals of fascism and the unified corporate state is based. The Nazis had some stuff right and some stuff wrong. They are gone now, we should let it go. Looking forward, versions of "national socialism" will be crucial for our political evolution. The dead are dead, but we carry their fire, and drop what didn't work.

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>>265088730>Don't blame us goy. >Y-you dont want to be like those SJWs do you?

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>>265088894Leaf being a leaf. Slide thread do not reply.

yeah, the nazis are larping/expressing taboo thoughts where they feel safe to do so. Honestly, it's a lazy man's cope: I dislike the culture of poor black people who often commit crimes - It's easier to say I dislike all black people because there isn't any complexity to it like that cutie black girl with a big ass or the kid I went to school with who was a real bro and also happened to be black.Same goes with the 'jews' thing, believing people are sinful or 'wrong' by nature of their birth is what all the 'muh white genocide' is trying to fight against, but in the same breath expressing about other races. A group of rich jews probably do control the world, that doesn't mean every moshe on the planet is taking part in or has any control over any of it. It's lazy and easy and it's also a little bit fun for these nerds to larp as such because the rest of our society has become so shut down and outraged over the slightest transgressions that it makes it fun to get away with it.

>>265088895Fat american

>>265088999I feel that, I just hope there is an actual movement to stop the insanity of this circus on both extreme sides.

>>265088363came here expecting a Buddhism thread. was disappointed.

>>265089116Lurk moar, this board is full of neo-nazis who think hitler was actually jesus.

>>265088730the problem is that you can find jews behind literally every problem in the west, it was recently found out there are jews connected to the Clintons funding blm for example

>>265088363I'm a NAZI larper. Does that count?

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>>265088999zowie those digits of truth

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>>265089326What good ideas are you running with, What works. Honest question. Maybe a re-branding would be better then. Politics is about optics and spectacle.

>>265089439Like this stuff is everywhere on pol. Its about discussion and freedom of Ideas. This guy is just doing cancel culture in order to save his echo-chamber. If you believe in your ideas that speak up and debate.

>>265088363They're not the same. Both are extremists of course, but one side wants you dead, while the other side wants you to have a future.

>>265089766>Jews literally kicked out of almost every country over the past 2000 years>nah the Jews are fine, it's totally find that they're suddenly disproportionately represented in the top 1% with almost unrestricted debt and finance-based power>The Jews totally aren't the, or even a, problem>I'll just keep my head buried in the sand so no one calls me an anti-semite

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>>265088363i dont know if youre jewish but i can tell you are a massive faggot OP

>>265088682You are ignoring the real problems.

>>265089445I agree with everything you said user.>>265089665Can find a lot of non-jews. Jews do make up a lot of the elite. But the jew who just owns a killer bagel store has nothing to do with it. Its the elite and how they break our politics into two warring sides in order to deflect from how they rule.

>>265089665Yes, all jews. Retard

>>265090001Nazis would cull me same as commies. I'm retarded, but not retarded enough to advocate for my own destruction.

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>>265088363My Grandpa always used to say, "The only thing dumber than a Nigger, is a Nazi".

>>265088363Yes, they are fighting for their interpretation of social justice.

>>265089219If you type jews >joosYou are a confirmed Jew. This has been been a unwritten rule in pol for a while.

>>265090001Dont both sides want people dead. Just different people? Or they want to live without other races. Which is impossible in the modern age.

>>265089248Why? Repeat violent criminals universally show a complete lack of impulse control necessary to integrate into any civilized society.If you can't get the message after the first go-round through the criminal justice system, why should we care about you?

>>265090262Why would they cull you? Are you Jewish or a faggot?

>>265090281your grandpa sounds like a niggerlover

>>265088363Yes, just talk to people who aren't autistic. Somewhere away from pol would be a good start.

>>265090404Yes. So are you going to side with the people who want you dead, or the people who want you alive and other people dead? Fence sitters get caught in the crossfire no matter who wins.

>>265090104Why does it matter what the religion is of the people who fuck us. Why not just break them up or ask for some consequences to them.

>>265089445So we should excuse the Jews who have in the past and continue to plot the destruction of our people and race . Who flood our nations with third worlders , promote pornography and degeneracy , and push to remove our rights. These people hate you and you excuse them thinking it makes you a better person. It doesn’t it makes you a useful idiot ripe for plunder. They use our kindness and empathy against us. They’re have none. Don’t home us for not having our heads up our asses and actually recognizing who is orchestrating our decline.

>>265088363Youre thinking of skinheads. They parade around in Nazi symbols but are really just degenerates. An actual, real neo-Nazi is like George Lincoln Rockwell. Straight laced, hard working, family man no different from the ideal middle class citizen.

>>265090510It’s not a religion it’s an ethnic cult. A big part of intelligence is recognizing patterns , something you lack.

>>265090122Shit like this is real dumb too. This is the equivelant of farting. Im not jewish and I dunno how i feel about them. My roomate in Uni was jewish and dont really think he had the capabilities to run the world.

>>265088363here's the real question. we've been calling antifa fascists for a while now. But they're communists. maybe the communists are just communists. Maybe these communists keep pushing and sure they might convert 10% of the country, but do the 90% eventually become notsee 2.0's? it got to the point back in the day where they were violently attacking people every day, everywhere. If things become that bad again, other the next few years, what is to stop history from repeating?

>>265088363Yes, there are a lot of eternal centrists up here. How'd it work for the PCs? Rip another joint, and it'll be over soon.

OP is a Poo Loving Faggot

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>>265090428No, a half-german half-irish retard. I might not be the first on the chopping block but they'll get to me eventually. The best I could hope for is chemical castration.

>>265090649So just ignore that they have complete dominance over Hollywood, the media, social media and the internet , and they our entire government through aipac.

>>265089766I'm basically just talking about third positionism. The idea that we must reorient the nature of government to incorporate all classes of people belonging to the nation into a common war for the greater good. It's a re-invigoration of the core fascist

>>265088363Only monarchy is the way, other are trash jews garbage.

>>265088363As long as you agree that wh*te m*les are the problem.


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>>265090804Why do you think they would go after you? What precedent is there for that?

>>265088363Hmmm... One side wants to gas the Jews again and the other wants equal rights for all.I see why you'd be conflicted about this, user. It's a tough one. That's for sure.

>>265090418Its not a sound idea, people are fantazing on here. That would be a police state. Half the populous would end up in jail. You also said you would lock up the bottom 1/4th of society . Do you understand how impossible that would be to do. How much money it would cost and how would you determine the bottom 1/4th of society.

>>265088363They aren't extremists, they are simply subhuman jews and golems flooding this board with repetitive garbage and fucking the moderation to avoid any real political non-retarded discussion.They also do it everywhere they can, both online and in real life.

>>265090804>half-irish retardDamn whats that like lol


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>>265088363>the neo-naziswhere? are these even real?

>>26509093Go die in hell, jew

>>265090949You are strawmanning an entire political ideology.

>>265090504Bruh the nazis would be exterminated very quick if they went out flying that flag. We have been taught since WW2 to think they are evil. Its just not real life. We have real problems and need solutions that would actually be possible and work.


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>>265088363>Any sane people here?No, we're all mad. Doesn't mean honest joke though.

I don't agree with neo nazi'sBut I see their arguments

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>>265090899Is there precedent against it? I honestly don't know but from all my browsing on Holla Forums I'd bet there's a percentage that wouldn't have any issue planting a bullet in me.>>265090965see image.

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>>265088363centrists get the first bullet.

>>265088363whats your proposal then?

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>>265088588based, checked and heiled!

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>>265090632I see the patterns bud, I have seen the passages in the Talmud. I have read the protocols. They just dont have the numbers to do it all alone. Plus being a nazi is toxic today. People will not join your cause like you think. Have to think more strategically. People here pretend to be so smart but dont know how the systems work and how to actually take power away from the fucked up elites.

>>265088503There's enough white bashing in the real world. This is the only place left where whites can speak their minds. You want to talk shit on whites go to Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or work. Kike.

>>265090510>Why does it matter what the religion is of the people who fuck usBecause they wouldn't be fucking us if they weren't Jewish, and we had a strong ethnocentric state which opposed all sources of moral, spiritual and political corruption.>Why not just break them upWell yes, that's what should be done. They should be broken up, rounded up and shipped off to Israel en masse.

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nazi's are a form of european government in my view. whatever, its europes thing they do to get their freedom or whatever, its european, politics, which i dont give a fuck about it has nothing to do with me.

>>265091140Bruh I'm not suggesting you become a neo-nazi. Most of them on Holla Forums are larpers or JIDF trying to make us look bad. Neo-nazis don't exist in real life aside from inmates and shit. With that said, if you think white nationalism is inherently evil or irrational or in any way similar to the radical left you've been brainwashed.

>>265091140It is real life that is why it has propagated against one mass in our current systems and the major financial powers of the 1930s and 1940s collaborated to destroy it. They could not have the people seeing the economic freedom of national socialism and demanding the same policies enacted in their own nations. It is also why political figures sympathetic to national socialism where either ostracized or murdered : general Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, and duke of Windsor are a few examples.

>>265090948>That would be a police state.What is a police state?>Half the populous would end up in jail.I didn't say lock them up. I said severely restrict their rights. Can't vote, can't drive, very difficult to get a job, etc. If you don't want your life to fucking suck ass, then don't be violent. You're angry? You're emotional? Someone called you a bad name? Don't give a shit. We don't attack people because our feelings are hurt. Draw a hard line.Mind you people can still engage in mutual combat, but it must be 1v1, no weapons, no grievous bodily injury, no property damage, and witnesses must be present.

>>265088682JewsForeignersNazis are the only ones concerned with the real problems.

>>265089498 It only one side is actually being extreme or doing any damage.

>>265091355>I honestly don't know but from all my browsing on Holla Forums I'd bet there's a percentage that wouldn't have any issue planting a bullet in me.That is true regardless of what ideology they believe in. Holla Forums attracts psychopaths, but most of them are larpers and internet tough guys who would never have the balls to confront someone in real life.

>>265088363You made the right choiceOnly centrists have the best chances of surviving Apocalypse of the next 10 years .. the extremes of left and right will be weeded out and around 70% of humanity will perish

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>>265090547I didn't say you should do anything, I said being a nazi is a larp at best and lazy at worst. You're ignoring the obvious fact that people aren't born with the sin of their kinfolk. And really, /pol sinks itself at this junction, no one is ever going to listen to someone goose stepping around saying (((they))) should be gassed, even if they probably should've been or even mostly should be because *everyone* can understand what it feels like to be accused of shit that you're complicit in by no fault of your own and it's fucking bullshit.Instead of focusing on (((they))) to mean all jews, pol should stop being lazy and be specific, how do you think (((they))) keep winning? Because you keep falling into that lazy fucking trap and you will inherently be wrong if you get stuck there. Be Specific -> Identify the behaviors and actors involved without depending on race as the delineation.Case in point: It is well established that (((they))) buy, cheat and or blackmail compliance from non-jews, are those non-jews also not responsible? Drop the blanket racism you morons, become specific and be smarter and you may actually have a chance. OR... just keep larping on /pol cause it's fun and the memes are pretty dank.

>>265089047Radical centrism eh? You gonna gently warm a Wendy's to prove your point?

>>265090816The ones that do I dont even think are real jews honestly. I think they play as jews so you are again distracted and you end up killing a dentist at the synagogue. All the subversion stuff I see Im not blind. I just think people arent really critical thinkers. There are about 20 million jews there are arab and black jews. Needs to focus on the people trying to fuck shit up but smarter.

>>265090825Ill look into this thank you.

>>265091439They don’t have the numbers? They already accomplished it in the beginbigg big of the 20th century. Every member of Congress has to swear loyalty to Israel through aipac. Rothschild banks are in all but 2 nations. Jews are free from any mainstream criticism, holohoax education is mandatory , the media and Hollywood is entirely controlled by them. They gained control over our nation when the federal reserve was created. They control through finance they don’t need numbers. Europe fell under control through finance as well.

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>>265088730The people blaming everything on white people are just as bad as the people that blame everything on jews.

>>265090854No dumb ass. There are almost a billion white people on the planet.

>>265088363>muh horseshoe theoryHow fucking new are you?

>>265088645I saw you posting this back in 1931 Wiemar

>>265090937The other side wants communism and is having a literal cultural revolution. You started cancel culture and its a cancer. Everything is getting shittier becuase of you and will literally cause Nazis to start fighting you in the streets. Read a book and see when stuff like this happens in history.

>>265090974Im anti sjw. Im talking about Nazis.

>>265091657Jews collaborate on a scale not seen in other races. You know nothing of their behavior and evidently have not observed them well enough. I don’t agree that you aren’t born with the sins of your kin folk , however forgetting that you ignore that genetics causes races and ethnicities to share the same behavior. The same parasitic, subversion, and degenerate behavior that has been observed throughout history in Jews. All of them serve their interests and profit from their control . They have no reason to speak out against it . The only example of a good one was David cole but he back tracked and switched side after they threatened his life. He now works for them. It isn’t a trap retard . There is zero proof of that. You’re entire argument almost gave me an aneurism .

>>265090937good troll 9/10

>>265091701Arab Jews? No. Sephardic and ashkenazi

>>265090937>one side is meany buttheads one side is good can you guess which one is my side????

>>265092332lol okay, you're clearly not smart enough to play the game on par with the jew so, fall into the lazy trap and fail. My point is not that the jews aren't actually doing what you say they're doing, my point is that you will fail if you try to carry that cross with you demanding all or nothing action.You need to be smarter than the jews to win and you're clearly unable to think your way around the simple logic here so, hopefully smarter anons may happen to read this thread and grasp what I'm saying about being specific and dropping the blanket racism as an inherent tenant - whether or not that is how you really feel - because it is counter-productive to what you actually want. You dumb fucking ape.


>>265089047National Socialism is literally Radical Centrism. It’s the textbook definition of it. You’re a leftist who prefers mainstream leftism over more radical leftism and wants it to stay that way- that’s impossible as the inherent nature of leftism is to spiral ever leftward, because it’s status and power structures naturally reward those who signal ideological purity and “holiness” more than their peers.Leftism spirals end in one of two ways- Singularity, or Collapse. Singularity happens is that you get a Stalin or Cromwell figure who takes power and puts their foot down and says “here but no further”, maintaining many of the tenants of the former regime but no longer playing the holiness spiral game- Stalin didn’t try to prove that he was a more pure and devoted Marxist than Trotsky, he just put an ice pick in his head. Collapse is when the spiraling madness gets so bad that the elite all kill each other until they’re crippled and replaced from within the society (French Revolution, Napoleon) or they get displaced by a less insane elite from outside the society (Kampuchea invaded by Vietnam).

>>265092961It's just a matter of time until we reach Weimar level of tension, then we win as long as we take immediate organized political action. See Lemming theory. No political solution is possible before the crisis point due to the current (((engineering))) of the system.

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>>265093274>were just gonna HAVE to start that civil war for the nigger loverslet them deal with this all s i have to say is hey, it wasnt me.

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>>265088363I think that people aren't very informed on economics and many are very reactive, pushing lots of cointelpro ideas (such as gas race war now type people, or the black sun people).More people should read up on Nazi Party Programme. without a Program, there isn't much of a movement. So read up on Gottfried Feder.Also, lots of people have an artificial macho ego which really is not in line with Germanic culture, which integrates femininity with masculinity. Obviously men are men and men are strong, but they are aware of and embrace their anima. This is what makes them the greatest creative minds. Likewise, the German women are strong, not docile and compliant to me. They value honor and courage and DO speak their minds.So i think what we have is a macho boomer attitude formed by action movies which is forming the basis of masculinity and white identity. People lack the character of national socialism which made it great, so become dorky and awkward and look like losers. You can't have a real leader when your whole movement is an artifice of false masculinity.

>>265092961>demanding all or nothing action.What are you referencing Furthermore optics is a joke. We have serious gripes with the Jews and the only they will be defeated is if a large enough portion of the us population becomes educated on the control the Jew has and the atrocities they have committed with that control and plan to commit into the future. Hitler didn’t win against the Jews in Germany by being soft or “hiding blanket racism.” The nsdap went out into the world facing beating, death, poverty, and mass ostrasization . They showed courage and took back their nation.Every non racist right wing political movement fails and accomplishes nothing. Which is the biggest critique of conservatism is its cowardice and how easy conservatives are controlled don’t being called racist or antiemetic . George Lincoln Rockwell talked about this. He was arguably the last man in this country who had the chance of changing the path of this nation. His collaboration with black nationalists and lack of any fear with Naming and discussing the Jew was legendary. If he had not been assassinated who knows where we’d be today.

>>265093274You're delusional if you think this will happen, as you've already pointed out the system has been built specifically around avoiding this outcome. It's a fantasy that won't happen. You're going to dream away your life as (((they))) shave more and more of the good parts of our society out and before you know it we've been restricted so far there is no counter left.

Im a little tired now, gonna go to bed. I will post again tommorrow night my solutions. I actually have many and dont want to spend all night tonight. Ill post the same thread tomorrow night. Keep going at it boys Ill read the archives before I post.

>>265093941There are no more good aspects of society left and no counter already. .

>>265093753>We have serious gripes with the Jews and the only they will be defeated is if a large enough portion of the us population becomes educated on the control the Jew has and the atrocities they have committed with that control and plan to commit into the future.Yes, I agree, but your problem is attributing this to the 'jew' - be specific, identify people and stop pointing at their race as the identifying factor in their group, you're being trapped by doing so because people have been programmed to immediately block your message at that point.Do what (((they))) do, make up a name, call them the Illuminati, whatever, build a group that *isn't* pidgin holing your goals where no normie would every tread.

>>265088894Ja ja the day will come in which your daughters can be peacefully blacked by bbc without them getting their faces smashed in. that will be the glory days. the only thing i hear from anglo cucks is cuck this cuck that. Halt die Fresse du Judenaffe

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>>265094166Then try my way ;) What have you got to lose?

>>265093941>the system has been built specifically around avoiding this outcomeYes, given a certain set of constant parameters, such as abundant oil. The system becomes highly adapted to these specific parameters, and will be massively shocked when that dependency is suddenly removed.>It's a fantasy that won't happenIt's happened in the past, and also it's the only chance there is for a better world. There is no other solution, so either you fight for good or settle for evil.

>>265091880Yes, and they are the problem.

>>265094254You missed my entire point. Untouched cannot defeat then without naming them. The only successful political that beat them Named them. In the movement you are proposing , they will be ignored they will contour to destruct and seize more power. They will be able to shut down movements by accusing them of being racist and anti Semitic even if we don’t name them. And they will easily infiltrate the movement as we are not allowed to discriminate. That’s a real recipe for failure.

>>265093274that's exactly how I see it. most people just side with what is strong and what can meet their needs. in some ways it would be better if all such people, out of their own stupidity, were led to the slaughter to clean the gene pool of useless garbage.sometimes I've wondered if the real aim of all of this coronavirus stuff, and even the purpose of Jews in God's plan, is to separate the chaff from the wheat. And it will be those that take the mark that will be rejected as worthy of passing their genes on into the New Order of the thousand year Reich.

>>265094254>d-don't tell the truth goy! I used to think this way. It gets us nowhere though. The truth is the truth. Who cares if people block you. Shower them with facts and statistics. At least a certain percentage will listen and it will spread from there. The truth is on our side; we have no need to sneak around, lying and manipulating like Jews do.

>>265094348Your way has already dialed time and time again. I’d be losing my pride, wit, and honor.

>>265088363To answer your question OP, would Japan still be Japanese if more than 50% of their population was flooded with immigrants that didn't look like them and started breeding their native population? If you answer yes why don't you ask how Sweden's doing? Just convert the question to Arabic first.

>>265088894because they've already made up their minds. you just haven't figured out the reasons why yet. lurk moar, faggot.

>>265094292but if you give a man a million dollars and a hot wife of his own, he will be far less likely to care if his neighbor's daughter is being railed by jamal, let alone his niece.that's the sad thing about it.

>>265090288checked and heiled!

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>>265094405>There is no other solution, so either you fight for good or settle for evil.Once again, lazy thinking. There are *many* things in life without black and white solutions that are impossible to solve at scale, you're thinking too simply to affect the kind of change that would make things better. You're living in the clown world that incremental change has created and sitting here telling me that it's impossible for incremental change to affect things.

>>265088363>Anyone else think the neo-nazis are just the same thing as the anoying social justice warriors.They are actually. Identity politics is just identity politics. However, I realize that if society were to devolve into a race-war or clash of different identities, it is stupid to NOT get on the side of your own identity.

>>265090510Because they control all the propaganda in our mainstream media. Because they are a majority in our house of representatives and in our Senate. Because our elected officials that control what laws are passed are Jewish and have dual citizenship with Israel. Because they pass laws that benefit their interests solely (Senate Bill 447 (JUST BILL) Because they passed laws making it illegal to boycott israel and passed laws allocating billions of US tax dollars for Israel. All within the past 3 years.2019 US Congress jews (1.4% of the US population, 0.0025% of world population) (9% jewish, 650% US over-representation)Tammy Baldwin (D)Bernie Sanders (I)Ron Wyden (D)Chuck Schumer (D)Jacky Rosen (D)Ben Cardin (D)Chris Van Hollen (D)Richard Blumenthal (D)Dianne Feinstein (D)House (8% jewish, 600% US over-representation)Adam Schiff (D)Brad Sherman (D)Pete Aguilar (D)Alan Lownethal (D)Mike Levin (D)Susan Davis (D)Ed Perlmutter (D)Bill Posey (R)Lois Frankel (D)Ted Deutch (D)Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)Jan Schakowsky (D)Brad Schneider (D)Abby Finkenaur (D)John Yarmuth (D)Jamie Raskin (D)Elissa Slotkin (D)Andy Levin (D)Dean Phillips (D)Josh Gottheimer (D)Jerrold Nadler (D)Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)Max Rose (D)Eliot Engel (D)Nita Lowey (D)Lee Zeldin (R)Suzanne Bonamici (D)David Cicilline (D)David Kustoff (R)Steve Cohen (D)Elaine Luria (D)Kim Schrier (D)

Attached: 1593208818079.jpg (600x594, 104.55K)

>>265088363If the horseshoe fits...

>>265094703You need to do much more research before you start calling others lazy.

>>265094740No we aren’t . We are defending and they are attacking. Why can’t we use identity political which is one of the only legitimate undying aspects in humanity when they constantly use it. Conservatives like yourself are weak and will allow them to rape your daughters.

>>265088363I don't know what the fuck neo is supposed to mean, but nazis are the same as the far left in how utterly materialistic they are.Hitler was a man of soul though.

>>265094703The left didn't take institutional control with incremental change. They literally just called everyone a nazi/white supremacist and started censoring everyone for wrongthink. Bullying works because most people will do everything they can do avoid conflict, including agreeing with something they know is wrong.

>> half of the American media is composed of Jewish people; every major American news organization is owned and operated by Jews. There are thirteen Israeli dual citizens in the United States Senate and twenty-seven in the House of Representatives; since 1949, Jewish lobbyists and politicians have secured more than $134 billion in foreign aid from the American government for Israel. Jews account for eighty percent of political donations to the Democratic National Committee and twenty-five percent of political donations to the Republican National Committee. In 2019, while Congress was deadlocked on every other issue, the House of Representatives voted four hundred twenty four to zero to condemn anti-Semitism. Not one person in our government dissented. Before 1970, no American soldier had ever died fighting the enemies of Israel; since 1970, almost no American soldier has died fighting anyone else. We have a Jewish elite in our nation with views that are ideologically opposed to the general American public. If you have a problem with how our government operates, if you have a problem with how our corporations operate, or if you have a problem with how our media operates, you have a problem with Jews.Jews are collective narcissists to the bone. They want a one-world dictatorship where they look around and don't see anybody that threatens their superiority complex. White people make Jews feel very insecure about their Chosenness/superiority.They are trying to turn the US into a brown/black 3rd World dictatorship, where Jewish domination is never ever threatened.So basically it's about white genocide, full stop, with no nuance or qualification or cute explanations. Remember that every single Jewish holiday is basically about genocide of some sort.

Attached: 1592775297689m.jpg (1024x593, 248.43K)

>>265094886Not in the slightest we aren’t materialistic. We care only about our people.

>>265088363...the kind of people who today push for diversity, are the same kind people who pushed once the idea for racial integrity .... yes, its the same shit but with other slogans.t/true antifacsist

>>265094655checkdYes its a jewish mindtrick when will people fuckin start believing it. It is done to to create a mongrolrace far dumber when the average jew. Everywhere they go they take power and try to promote interracial marriage (with foreign men they native men are psychologically castrated).

>>265094990Not transcendentally. A fuckload of nazis on Holla Forums care about their people simply because they're white. It's a matter of the material.

>>265094543lol I'm clearly not one of (((them))) and I'm not suggesting that you be worried about optics, what I'm saying is your head-math is fucking retarded. >programmed humans literally burning our society down over racism because of extreme indoctrination>If I show them the truth behind racism they'll somehow come around to itthink about what you're saying, it's not going to work, you think you're red pilling someone and you're just being a fasNPC.No one is talking about lying, I'm talking about being smarter and sophisticated with how you say the truth. I guess it makes sense that you autists would be having an aspie meltdown over someone trying to explain the failure in your autist interactions with normies.

>>265088363Yes, I just want to go back to the days when women and female characters catered to my boner and there wasn't a bunch of woke shit shoved in my face.I'm sure many an user came to Holla Forums for the same reason, that they were sick of this shit. Then more than a few ended up purity spiraling and ended up becoming nazis and tradfags because they now see the pre-woke days as pozzed.

>>265095191As opposed to the pavement apes out there shouting "fuck whitey!" ?

>>265095191It’s a matter of blood . People aren’t material .

>>265095273How do you say the truth without naming the Jew?>I guess it makes sense that you autists would be having an aspie meltdown over someone trying to explain the failure in your autist interactions with normies.Like I said, this is exactly what I used to believe back a few years ago. And then after four years of trump, things have gotten so much worse.

>>265090974You dumbfuck, I wanted to post that

>>265095041Not even remotely the same people pushing diversity today are the same ones who pushed communism and degeneracy 100 years ago.

Yes Goy, neo-nazi = cringe extremist.

>>265095309>Then more than a few ended up purity spiraling and ended up becoming nazis and tradfags because they now see the pre-woke days as pozzed.If the rule you followed, dear centristcuck, led you to this, of what use was the rule?

Attached: 1593224988049.png (480x473, 284.56K)

>>265091439The only hope is to revivify National Socialism. You can't rebuild the whole political-economic system with the Fuhrer's history. Though we should stop calling out the Jew directly.

>>265094887Fucking leaf, you're literally retarded, they absolutely did accomplish all of this with incremental change, it started with small stupid things that no one cared about, it became fodder for comedians joking about how stupid political correctness is and *everyone* laughed and now we're at the point where a slightly off-color joke can get your life ruined. It was incremental over literally the last 50-60 years. Stop being willfully ignorant and study what the left did, you'll learn something.

>>265094875Did they attack you personally? Or just another white person? Identity politics means you see yourself as part of a collective group. And I didn't say anything about whether or not one side is more justified or not. And if it comes to a race war, it doesn't even matter who is justified, because I'm very interested in not dying so I'll stick with my side.

>>265088363yes but we mostly laugh at the crazies because you can't have a sane discussion with them around

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>whites are being genocided in the countries their fathers died building>"lol no extremists just (((centrists)))" Get fucked you leaf cuck. Also I ate steak tonight, how were your crickets?


Attached: hes right you know.png (260x194, 95.75K)

>>265095442Why would you ever think trump has anything to do with a god damned thing? Do you honestly believe trump is anything but a plant? Trust the plan is a fucking meme for dumb boomers, stop being so fucking stupid. Critical thinking skills.

>>265088363All authoritarians are niggerfaggots.

You seem to have mistaken this board for some kind of political debate board.

Attached: 1379242619736.png (511x431, 198.85K)

>>265095819Yes they have .

>>265088363Yes. I'm just here for satirical and entertainment value and shit posting. Most of my shit posting is as an extreme opposite of what I think, feel and believe as I can muster, but alcohol fuels me to LARP as an absolute madman for the lulz. I post malicious things for unmalicious reasons (satire, alcohol addled larking). I try to make it as absurd as possible so no one will actually feel threatened or genuinely offended because it's hopefully easy to see through and hard to take seriously. I don't expect anyone to be here for any reason except shit posting and lulz, I would never troll some poor soul on Facebook or instagram for example as madladly as I do here.And normies never understood what trolling actually means, it means you're only trying to trick and bait someone at worst and get them to waste their time, trolling is not bullying or intended to cause any real harm

>>265088363Having a trad society and going full 1488 aren't the same, it's a false dichotomy they were brainwashed to believe by propaganda.

>>265088363>neo-nazisI guess you are thinking to the stereotype of tatooed thug instead of the political thinking. lurk moar.

>>265095442... not the jew is the issue! the whites are! you need to accept the tradeoff, the most are just to domesticated - the most dont get jew stuff, so, stay general -> the rich!..'in fact, thats all about.

>>265096022>Critical thinking skills.Take your own advice. Whether or not Trump did anything policy-wise is irrelevant. His election made everyone completely batshit insane. That's when all this SJW stuff started to ramp up into high gear and hit the mainstream.

>>265096081Ah, well then. Carry on.

> natsoc> antifa> right > leftFalse dichotomy, divide and conquer

>>265096304>Whether or not Trump did anything policy-wise is irrelevant. His election made everyone completely batshit insane. That's when all this SJW stuff started to ramp up into high gear and hit the mainstream.What is your point? Doesn't that simply illustrate my point that he was clearly a part of (((their))) plan? And this SJW shit was ongoing many, many years before trump, it just lived life outside of your venn diagram, this shit has been pumped out of universities for many decades now, it's just recently broken the mainstream.

>>265088363NEWFAG DETECTED. or just a leaf

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>>265095387Transcendentally speaking, you'd love your people for the impulse that makes them rise above the matter given to them. And you'd hate those that don't have that desire to go "beyond" themselves.You can't love your race out of purely material reasons without becoming morally corrupt. Do you love those whites that gave into jewish subversion and now serve as footmen for their schemes? You should feel nothing more than a momentary pity and a brief probe to ascertain whether they can be pulled out of the madness or not.Most nazis on this board would "prefer" subverted whites in comparison to non-subverted people from other races. This shouldn't be about preference, but love. It's about loving certain potentialities, and at the same time, judging and despising those that don't have the transcendental aspect.You must love your in-group, not your race. Most of your in-group will be composed of your race; at the same time, most of your race could never be a part of your in-group due to impossible differences. The vast majority of your race are complete strangers.Race only fits into the lowest stratum of this idea. If you put it any higher, your morals will become corrupt.

>>265088363The problem with them is their approach is completely wrong and doomed to failure. Arguments never changed anything, and crazy negativity never changed anything, the only path is POSITIVE CREATIVITY.Anyone white person who cares about the continuity of European genes should be turning themselves into the most successful, likeable person possible. That means building a career and a family and owning a business and a property. That means making friends, having good social skills, exercising, having skills etc.They should NOT be adopting unpleasant attitudes and aesthetics of defunct failed political parties which triggers disgust in normies. the goal should be for normies to have many white people that they actually like and respect.

>> dont get it, its all the same!! everytime the same stupid normies who start to attack there own k0nd just because some idea! the difference today is just the speed, the end result will be the same - whites kill each other because of irrelevant shit.

>>265092067Look at the GDP of Africa and Asia vs Europe/USA today vs 1931Then look at the % of white people in the world today vs 1931Then tell me if Nazism is ever going to make a comebackWhite people are, simply put, not the numero uno in thr world anymore.

>>265096206Problem is ,Kike, that if you want a trad society you must go full 1488 and extinguish your species.

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>>265091579Nazis are larpers. Nothing more. Muh aryan race never existed as it was conceived by the nazis.

Attached: accelerate.jpg (1134x2208, 784.99K)

>>265096666Checked here we go. Couldn’t have put it better


>>265088363neon nazis want a stable system where nations and certain people don't inevitably cease to exist. sounds like being conservative enough to re-establish order is extremist

>>265096658I see info-graphs and threads posted here every day, and yeah much of the information is legit. but what are you doing about it? sitting and bitching on 4chan? whining like a little bitch while the CIA and china make threads to make you depressed and stop you from going out and doing something productive?All these miserable threads full of hopeless negativity are written by Chinese government employees and CIA agents to fuck with your head and put you in a low vibration, a negative minset which actually further diminishes white identity and self confidence, and most of you assholes lap it up.You think white men would literally invent everything that matters in the entire galaxy and then lose because of simply being outnumbered? nature has a way of correcting itself, and humanity, not to mention whites, have endured sicknesses far more insane than the current one.>muh incels>muh immigration>muh trump>muh zog>muh social media slapfightswhat are you gonna do about it? that the fuck are YOU gonna do about it bitch?

>>265096658>why fight when you can appease? appeasement always works

Attached: bismarck.jpg (1200x640, 167.6K)

Holla Forums doesn’t have a high enough IQ to understand nuances as a social group

>>265096772Falling for the same false dichotomy, radicalized by memes.What isn't a false dichotomy is that to go full 1488 you cannot remain democratic. "Big deal" you must think. However it is undeniable authoritarian regimes never last, and when they collapse it is often the most patriotic that pay the price. What follows next is the so called pendulum swing to the polar opposite of that regime.

>>265096793As nazis conceived it it was just European gentiles + Persians and north Indians, - eastern Slavs. It didn't even mean white to them, that's amerilard retrojection

>>265093274True.The correct path of action of the man of virtue in this time is waiting.The system is already dead and what is played out on the world stage is a desperate struggle to prolong its suffering.To take measures now and get involed in all this bullshit is a waste of energy which simultaniously feeds your energy to the very system you want to see going down.It is desperate propaganda being used to get as many people attached to the agenda as possible because more and more people lose trust in the established authority. Perceiving this directly one can know the right path towards the virtuous end of humanity is waiting in assurance that the end of oppression just has to be played out on the theater of the world.

>>265097332ok go shoot people in the street then you dumb fuck

>>265094740>>265095819>my identity is built on the collective achievements of my ancestors!>my identity is based on what items i enjoy shoving in my anus>WE ARE THE SAME!

>>265097334There are very few actual nazis here, most of us are shitposting. If we really meant and believed some of the things we shit posted we'd be gulag'd

>>265088363Jews swindle peoples minds in to groups in to extreme and then against each other ... That's the recognize laws of nature or as jew suggested to believe in God the only authority, that actuality is.If God = Truth I choose to deal with truth and God leave to the Jewish club of professional God lovers. Recognition of perfect creation of nature it self is morality, That serves life like traffic rules saves your ass from suffer. No to capitalism = communism and any kind of other Judaism of any kind Just be Jew and everyone will be happy? Jews start to sense their death is cummingwhen people finger out truth that earth is flat , there is no Oil and we all pay for free energy ..Jews have no actual power only believe, suggested imagination all is big lie

Attached: big-dipper-seasons.jpg (500x500, 47.67K)

>>265093274>wanting to have fulfilling career, property and family makes you a lemming, put on ski masks and ruin your lifefucking cringe

The skinheads you see on the streets are just those who don't have anything to lose. The intelligent Nazis are near impossible to find since they often do have a lot to lose and hide their power level. Also this leaf is a fag: wanting a fascist ethno state (and leaf don't assume fascism = bad, read fascism for the million by Sir Mosley) doesn't mean, gas the kikes and joggers. Just deport them all back to either their country for joggers or Israel for (((them))).


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>>265088363 Explained

Attached: flatmap.jpg (1061x1500, 235.2K)

>>265097822Unironically ok with this

>>265088363We all was told, that we fly around sun on the ball and in a opposite side of sun after 6 month we still can see anti-Semitic truth =Oo what? is that means, that we do not flying any where ? So how it is anti-Semitic? we observe that earth is flat? Yes. from the airplane&t=lm&atb=v1-1&iax=images&ia=images Can we measure ? Yes, but only those who have technical awareness how to do that. Commercial airplanes fly laser straight lines, according to the tool gyroscope, that keeps drift from rigid point in space, that confirms flat ground under all over from Europe to Australia. So earth is continents surrounded by flat surface of water? Yes. Observe able ? Yes. Measurable? not by every baboon, but yes. Ok. lets check the Ball. It is observable ? No Can we measure if "curvature" is correct ? No, no one have find yet any curvature = no ball sorry CGI pictures and fake videos are real. Take your time to see.Fire work rockets real and $19.4 billion from tax payers pockets real.But how about "space" ? As real as Godzilla we all sow it on the screen, right? =O) vs. ISS

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>>265097766You're part of the 90%.

>>265097407Franco’s regime lasted up until his death. He just picked a bad successor . Still no blood shed. Hitler said that ideology didn’t matter as much as the well being of a people and he would argue for the enactment of the best ideology for his people. National socialism is why he fought was needed at the time. He was open to change if it fit. No one wants to talk to a disgusting yid fuck like you . Piss off.


Attached: Screenshot from 2020-04-25 19-58-03.png (866x475, 246.96K)

>> is with out Jews

>>265098124Actual fascists are the best at hiding their power level. I live next to a load of joggers, I don't hate them, I just hate having to live next to them with their shitey music, smell, loud parties all night and their reek of weed. If they wanna live like that, thats cool, but they can fuck off to Jamaica to do it. I mean most of them don't even like it here; one lass said she thinks its shit here, but its shit in Uganda as well, another said if the Government gave him 10 grand to fuck off he'd take it. My solution would be pay them to fuck off, or if they're 70+, sterilize them and let em live out their end days here. Its not about hate, its about love of ones own nation and its culture, combined with the realism to note that multiculturalism does not work.>source, living in Londonistan.

Attached: MayansVsJews.jpg (825x793, 130.6K)

>>265098569>He just picked a bad successorExactly. It's just a matter of time. They never last.And I didn't say bloodshed, I said "pay the price", and they have. Spain is extremely shitty due to that pendulum swing, any spaniard will confirm this, just tell them "Vox" and watch them go.My post remains bulletproof and shall remain bulletproof because it is undeniable truth.

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>>265098811I have no problem with any of that. If its done "across the board" and not to any particular group of people that's fine by me. France for the french, China for chinks, etc...


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>>265088730There's no different between the left and right when it comes to blaming. Holla Forums is racist and nazi and the left hate them for it. Jews are evil and the right hate them for it. The question is why did White Christian Europeans allow Jews into their countries? Why did they let them practice usury? Why did they let them become wealthy? White Christian Europeans have nobody but themselves to blame for the evil jews they hate.

>>265088363oh I see you are new and probably from reddit not understand anything. get back or lurk for at least 4 years

>>265088363Fuck off leaf

>>265096965Based. All bullshit has an expiration date

>>265090880>> all do everything for money, right?

Attached: antifajews.jpg (600x535, 71.93K)

>>265099143I didn't let them into my country thank you very much. Actual Nazis don't think every single Jew is responsible, we just are aware enough to note how over represented they are. Don't use such a strawman argument, faggot.>>265098989Based Kike

Attached: Jewish over representation.jpg (1651x4679, 2.43M)

>>265095819I’m sad because there is no anglo brother...they are all goneI can only read stories about them and talk to older generations. Its all irish and germans now. And thats if I’m lucky and talking to whiteboisat least the germans and half the irish are based.the other half of the irish are drunk psycos

>>265099447Your ancestors let jews into their country, practice usury and get wealthy faggot

>>265096484>natsoc>> antifa>> right >> left>>265099341

Attached: jewRats.jpg (600x425, 72.98K)

>>265088363>Come on guys, exterminating white people is just exactly the same as not doing it! It's all just the same thing! It literally doesn't matter if you lie down and let the Jews unleash a trillion niggers in your neighborhood!kill yourself. do it tonight, and make absolutely sure you die.

>>265097407were puritanical christians democratic?

>>265097407>you cannot remain democraticshittiest system that only jews prefer to subvert >However it is undeniable authoritarian regimes never lastbullshit. Thousands of years we lived under monarchy filthy lying jew

>>265099541we never ever head any trade, barter, banks , money , means of usury by lie = no JewsSome one was stupid enough to let in Jew is to book keeping office . As a result they start steel money with excuse of paper trade just swindle peoples minds and steel

Attached: Jewkillchild.jpg (1024x1024, 146.77K)

>>265099143>pathological friendliness>even our old television shows tell us we are too nice. Its a genetic weakness.

>>265088363>Any sane people here?Yes, quite a few. But you're not among them.

>>265099673No. Did they last?More importantly, with the technological advances of the last centuries with respect to information exchange, would you be able to reinstate it, and have it last? if the answer is not obvious to you then you are also not a threat.>>265099745See above.Also, Its unbelievable you, a kraut, would want to make the exact same mistakes. The best and brightest of Germany died in the 40's for that pendulum swing to hit full force after the war. They could have been here, without Weimar, as voters, with the ideology standing tall. All they had to do is keep the fight against communism and ideological one or in few words "not be kraut spergs".But that's besides the point, this is not a topic id like to waste my weekend on.

Slide thread niggas

>>265100052>All they had to do is keep the fight against communismthat literally means against jewsI'm fucking too lazy to explain AGAIN why WW2 happened. fucking newfags and shills really annoy me

>>265088363The world is moving in the direction of entrenched narratives that do not allow opposing sides to ever understand each other. We are all doomed thanks to social media.

>>265100052Not to mention monarchies were unstable as fuck and the population got assfucked every Tuesday depending on the current monarch and his mood.>>265100292I've watched all the propaganda, I know it by heart. They did some good things but they sperged out of control. Some books they should not have burned, some economic policies they should not have used, some propaganda they should not have used, and so on.But those are details. The key is, after the purge and breakdown of Weimar, they should have fucking stopped with the authoritarianism.Any system that depends on a select few individuals to function is a disaster waiting to happen. You're German, maybe you have heard this in engineering: it is not fault tolerant.Democracies, when they break down, its like a splinter. Authoritarian regimes when they break down is.. well, you should know.Also that pendulum swing.

>>265089439Yeah fuck that guy. Let’s just revel in our hatred of niggers online until we all die out.


>>265091440This is so true, say what you want about /pol but it really is the last place u can freely express yourself as whitey

>>>Some oneYou mean White Christian Europeans>>265099822I guess western colonialism and imperialism was a form of friendliness too. I guess Romans destroying the 2nd temple and kicking jews out of Jerusalem was friendliness too.

>>265100555>Democracies, when they break down, its like a love democracy because its easy for you to control them. You have no power here

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>>265088657liberals will call you racist because most criminals are black. they want to make it legal for blacks to commit crime.

>>265101058Refute me. The worst you're gonna have under the current democracy in Germany is nowhere nearly as bad as how it goes after (sometimes even during) an authoritarian regime.Also the guy in your pic is not the guy cited, his name is jacob litzman.

>>265101294If you close your borders you're done. You go past that, its gonna fuck you right back after the collapse, and you will sit and curse the fucking sack of shit jews all over again. This always happens. Always.

>>265088363I’m with you leaf friend. The left is cringe and bothers me but so is the right at this point. I just want to live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere away from all society.

>>265090937you already have equal rights for all retard, now you just want theft and humiliation of whites along with destruction of their nations. youre the racist you piece of shit.

>>265100492True that. So called social media has well narrowed down the overton window and lobotomized millions

>>265101294>Refute meNatSoc Germany allowed its citizens to have guns and speak their minds without getting arrest for a "wrong" thought. today we have communist in the parliament making more and more dystopian rules. Their biggest interest is to make sure that more and more communist fill the state positions (basically by lying and voter fraud). Everyone who speaks against communism is getting labeled as a racist scum. Our system is controlled by jews and the right wing parties are controlled by zionist jews. you fucking know thisThe ironic thing is that Israel is also fucked because you have the same level of corruption. Different story but same disaster

>>265101413>If you close your borders you're done>and you will sit and curse the fucking sack of shit jews all over againwe know how to survive

Attached: 1584464465173.png (933x3234, 94.39K)

>>265101573Not fighting for social justice is violence

>>265101948NatSoc Germany is gone, That's not a refutation. You need to make it last otherwise its worth nothing. It's worth less than nothing if the following century is controlled by the polar opposite of NatSoc.Balance is the name of the game.Zionist jews are at least as fascist as you are >>265098989If you close your borders (doesn't matter if you do it by violence or assassinations or whatnot) you will be where you want to be without going overboard (certainly no small group of powerful people). If you go past that, you're gonna repeat it all over again.>>265102098You nigger I'm advocating FOR closing the borderIt's the sperging part that comes after that fucks you. It already has ffs all the wehrmacht soldiers you see in your propaganda pics are fucking dead, they could have been here today, with their ideology, without hiding on korean message boards. They lost control. They went overboard.

>>265088363>Can we have a sane conversation without being shouted over by extremists?Relax bro, this is 4chan, not twitter

>>265102285>They went overboardhow so?

>>265106049>>265102285to clarify how could hitler 'free' his people without going overboard in your opinion?