This Kills the Shills

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oh wow so bravego post this on twitter

>>265088308me in the middle

>>265088308I identify with maga feels guy

>>265089777Checked and already did.

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>>265088308High energy in the middle.

>>265088308I understand how you feel, OP. I too was once a strong supporter of Trump. But due to the obvious lack of evidence that I will provide I have slowly realized at this very late stage that maybe this copy-pasta will do the job and everyone will know the truth that as an obvious Shartblue trolling shill.....HAHA! STILL VOTING TRUMP!

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>>265089777checked and fpbp

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>>265088308Back to your /ptg/ containment zone faggot

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>>265089777of all the flavors you could choose

>giving a shit about the election at allturbo cringe

>>265090024I guess its OK.Japan still has hope

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Trump in charge is accelerationism at warp speed. We love it.


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>>265088308Based. Feels good to be a MAGA bro.

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>>265090512>I love it when money is accelerated out of my pocket and into Israel's budgetwe know.

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>>265090335It's hard to believe, but SVT has almost nothing to do with Trump himself.P.S. Still voting Trump

i hope you get nut cancer

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>>265090845you forgot one on that list"the man I'll be voting for"


i liek when he poast LAW & ORDER!based Trump amirite #MAGA

>>265089777Checked I did

>>265091098yep, thats why I'm still voting for Trump, stay mad.

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>>265091098Nah he's crumbling inward and probably not fit for the position but that's still a million times better than an activist Democrat supreme court judge

>>265090845I'm happy that you're upset. This is why I vote Trump.

>>265091098I mean yeah basically

>>265088308Not gonna kill myself until after I vote for Trump

>>265090335Straight to the disgusting homoerotic Juju cum / Israeli dicks / fellatio / feces / urine / potato pics. Never fails. You kikes are sick in the head.Boy, am I ever voting Trump.

>>265091098>ALL HE DOES IS TWEETS "LAW & ORDER">Tweets about signing an Executive Order just a couple of hours

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>>265091074c o p e

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>>265090159Based. This comment alone changed my mind from Biden to Trump. Biden fags are weak.

>>265090249If shills hate something, it's for good reason. No normal faggot will cry this much about a meme. All the money and time the shareblue fags have spent only to be seething over 4 words. Still voting Trump, no choice.

>>265091295>>265091004No one cares who you vote for loser. You live in a flyover state anyways.Trump is behind more than any president option since they started recording trumpets will have to COPE so hard.

>>265091074>>NO WAR ON SYRIAwe're still at war in syria. when you invade another country and occupy them, its war.>>ISIS BTFOthanks to Putin and Soleimnai. We bankroll ISIS via israel and the gulf arabs.>>DENYING ISRAEL THEIR ULTIMATE PRIZE FOR YEARS AFTER REPEATED DEMANDS FOR WAR AND EVEN ATTACKS BY IRANi guess you mean an invasion of iran? Zion Don tried to start war with iran when he murdered Soleimani, but iran outplayed him and showed they were too much of a threat to israel. That's why Trump has had to shut up and let iran continue bleeding us white and defying us after he murdered Soleimani

>>265091931trumpniggers get even more triggered by three other words: still not voting.

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>>265091934Shills love the straw man. They have a small closed off world. >you trumpets will have to COPE so hard.The copers project their coping, typical. Let's just say you are right, i'll cope harder then any cuck has because we just do everything better and vote Trump. Then i'm taking my wife's voter card and voting Trump for her as well.

>>265092131You should vote Bernie, i hear he still has a chance to win, just needs more money for his 4th lakehouse. You are only helping Blumpf.

>>265091623>Okay so he didn't push the "GO TO WAR FOR ZOG" button, sending more Americans to die for a pointless war over an oil pipeline, but instead attempting to pull troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran...>H-HE STILL FUCKING LOVES JEWS, user, MORE THAN HE LOVES YOU>>265091987Trump's killing of Soleimani and the Iranian missile attack acted as a pressure relief valve that deflated international justification for war on Iran. it's geopolitics 101.

>>265092367only israeli puppets are running so fuck this scam election. you are only supporting our enemies by providing legitimacy to their rigged election.

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>>265092218Aaaand after all dat shit is said and done you will still be a retarded faggot screaming like a teenager at a boy band concert.Maybe if you are a very good boi, trump will scratch his nuts and let you sniff his finger.

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>>265090845I understand your points, but still voting for Trump

>>265091934stillvotingTrumpalso femanon shill, how many abortions have you had? how does it feel to be so terrible at a job that you thought you were going to excel at? you're just pounding sand here every day and not moving the needle by even a get shot down so often on pol it probably feels like tinder for you

>>265092456>if you criticize trump you want war>if you criticize israel you must be a jew?

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>>265088308This meme sucks balls and makes you look like you don't listen to new information. It would be better if it refuted the info somehow instead of saying "Don't care, still voting x"*Points out every flaw with Bernie's platform*>"Don't care, still voting for the bern!!" >Smug shit eating grin.pngThis is facebook tier

>>265092530>>265092530>filename>Q picoh so Q is real then. they're ramping up the attacks on Q b/c they know it's real and they're afraid of US mil intel

>>265092456>attemptingthe Commander in Chief doesn't need to "attempt" to pull out troops. He has all the authority he needs to bring them home at any time. he chooses not to because he serves israel first.>international justification for war on Iranthere has never been "international justification" for war on iran. only israel and the saudis want us to take out their regional rival for them. If killing Soleimani was suppsoed to stop iran from defying ZOG (which is the source of your illicit "international justification for war") it failed spectacularly. Not only did iran blow the shit out of our bases, they killed a bunch of glowniggers in Afghanistan. THEN they killed more troops in iraq. THEN they spat in trump's face directly by blatantly defying his sanctions and breaking the economic siege of Venezuela. Trump has been unable to respond because iran has made it abundantly clear they have the missile capacity to turn isrel into a a field of smoking craters if they feel they have no other choice. Trump tried to pull the iranians out of the the current cold war into an open war. iran outplayed him and forced the war back onto their terms.

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>>265092841>if you criticize israel you must be a jewFuck Communism. Fuck Zionism. Fuck Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Silicon Valley. Fuck censorship. Fuck the Draconian governments of China and Israel subverting my country.I guess this makes me a Jew, according to your logic.

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A more appropriate middle pic would be either that mega doomer or the brainlet wojak, if you aren't blackpilled and reluctantly voting Trump you're retarded.

>>265092952>t. needs to up the abilify dosage stat.Drusd da Blan

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>>265089777You mean the leftist echo chamber that has people believing that 2.2% of the portion of the country that is self-selected and heavily moderated represents the entire country?That twitter?

>>265093043>I guess this makes me a Jew, according to your logic.No, it makes you a puppet because you still believe Trump is 'draining the swamp' rather than gleefully wallowing in a different section of it.

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>>265090024>me in the middlewhite privledge: allowing the jews too nickle and dime the rest of the world becuase your comfy and have a big truck and get to raise your daughter in a white neighborhood

trump is a fucking kike shill and i’d love to put one between his eyeshowever, im still voting for him for the sole reason that biden will absolutely ravage places like syria that have any semblance of resistance to the globohomo regime. blumpf has, thankfully, been fairly ineffectual at establishing greater israel (to my knowledge)

seriously, is there any truth behind the jews being the 0.01% ruling class, or is it some schizo shit?

>>265093261Go ahead. Start the civil war then. I can't wait to kill evil democrats like you in it.

>dude voting doesn't matter>Okay, guess you won't mind if I vote Trump then>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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>>265093043>Twittertell Zion Don to stop providing so much revenue for them then. he alone drive $2 billion worth of traffic to them. he is effectively a twitter employee.

>>265093396did you read my fucking post???

>>265093261Thanks for sharing abdul.

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>>265093407because you deserve to be bullied for voting for Soros

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>>265093549>destroying a country in the middle east that respects christians to give more clay to israel is based when orange man does ityou’re beyond help

>>265092131You look like a fucking idiot saying stupid shit like this. Everyoneislaughingatyou.You are a fucking puppet stooge science denying brainwashed moron.

>>265092966>Meanwhile McCain, John Bolton, Ann Coulter, and Mitt Romney are constantly attacking Trump for not being Hawksih enough in the ME>Oh wait, Trump had McCain quietly executed for treason>>265093231>anyone who disagrees with or challenges my criticisms of Trump is a total braindead Trump fanatic beyond the reach of reasonIf you sincerely disagree with me, provide an alternative choice who would've been better.

>>265093714>you’re beyond helpThey're Zionist Jews not stupid conservatives. All Trump supporters here are kikes pretending to be 'red pilled' white guys.

>>265094050>IF YOU DON'T MAKE EVERY DECISION BASED ON WHETHER WE NUKED ISRAEL YET OR NOT THEN YOU'RE A FUCKING ACOLYTE OF THE TRUMP TEMPLE, SUCKING SHIT FROM HIS ASSHOLE ON AN HOURLY BASIS>Of course you don't have to agree with me on everything, but you're a fucking mental manlet beyond help if you don't

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>>265094050you’re right desufuck me for expecting nuanced takes on Holla Forums i guessto the bots and kike shills:there’s zero reason to vote for biden (other than terrorpilled accelerationism), there’s an infinitesimal reason to vote for trump if you care about the sovereignty of non-kiked nations across the globe solely because trump is too fucking dumb to do israel’s bidding the way they want him to

>>265093714The Levant and the reasons for the struggle over it transcend a gas pipeline and target practice for military tech.I never said I enjoy any conflict in the Middle East. However to put it to scale the Arabs have the whole U.S. and bitch and complain cuz someone else has delaware and the jews even have to share that.They want their Mahdi, Jews want their Messiah, and Christians want Jesus.Everything occurring revolves around those motivations.

>>265093566this cluttered inforgraph scream "schizo"

>>265093860>If you sincerely disagree with me, provide an alternative choice who would've been better.The system will never permit 'better' choices, because the choices we consider to be good are a threat to the system.Voting for the lesser evil creates a slide toward evil, where you must surrender your principles and demands piece-by-piece until you find yourself in strange and bewildering political territory.Still want to vote for Trump? By all means, go ahead. Biden? Sure, whatever. Just don't pretend you're helping make revolution and don't come back here when your hopes are once again dashed.The change we need won't be found in the electoral system, and the Founding Fathers understood that this sort of thing happens.

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>>265091934>No one cares who you vote for loser.You seem to are intensely. You're here every day, after all, desperately trying to post anti-Trump propaganda in a pro-Trump board. But it's ok. I'm still voting Trump.

>>265093804and right on cue, a triggered trumpnigger. still not voting>>265093860>meanwhile, Trump hired Bolton after being fully aware he was a warmognering neocon. Then, three months after firing Bolton, Trump goes full warmonger and commits war crimes in an attempt to provoke open war with iranalso, please source Ann attacking trump for not being more hawkish. i see you didn't even bother defending trump for choosing not to pull out of the middle east despite having the authority to do so.>>265094281its condensing a lot of info into one image>>265094252>Arabs have the whole U.S. and bitch and complain cuz someone else has delaware and the jews even have to share that.this is a fucking kike take. the kikes don't "just" have occupied Palestine. They have all of europe and the ZOGnited States of Weimarica

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>>265088308Still intermarried to jews.

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>>265094380>pro-Trump board/pol/ isn't your safe space, trumpnigger. still not voting

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>>265094240>trump is too fucking dumb to do israel’s bidding the way they want him toSure. Let's go with that.

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>>265094050No you towel head goat fucking hashish smoking sand jockey.Some of just don't spend every waking minute if our day obsessed with the Jews.Jews stole my car, Jews gave me the clap.... Etc. Etc

>>265094536>blormpf looked in the general direction of one

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>>265094252>The Levant and the reasons for the struggle over it transcend a gas pipeline and target practice for military’re right, the transcending factor is jewish hegemony in every facet of society in that region> However to put it to scale the Arabs have the whole U.S. and bitch and complain cuz someone else has delaware and the jews even have to share that.fucking what? are you telling me you believe arab/oil producer influence holds a fucking candle to jewish power in the US?> They want their Mahdi, Jews want their Messiah, and Christians want Jesus.Everything occurring revolves around those motivations.last i checked, non-CIA-infiltrated muslim cultures want sovereignty and the freedom to kill each other for clay, 99% of white western christians want to gib gibs to israel, and jews want greater israel to fulfill their own chabad-lubavitch schizophrenic prophecies>b-b-but muh taqqiya muh invasion by migrationjews sailed them to europe

>>265094369>The system will never permit 'better' choices, because the choices we consider to be good are a threat to the system.>we>Trump is being attacked on a daily basis by the system that has been subverted by the previous administration holdovers and Chinese subverting (((Hollywood))), our mainstream media and social media to ferment racial tensions and rampant censorship>inb4 muh controlled opposition

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>>265094694in the context of the middle east, yesin the context of the west, you’re right, that’s why i’ve been referring to him as a kike shill this whole time

>>265094726Jews hacked my spaghetti once.

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>>265094592See how mad you are? Lol, makes me glad I'm voting Trump.

>>265094874I don't think you understood what I was getting at. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

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>>265094898well yea, you are voting for soros. its fucking gay and you have to shit up Holla Forums to screech about how much you love voting for soros.

>>265094592if you care about christians in the middle east you might consider voting drumpf, i don’t believe he’ll ever truly pull the trigger on syria the way biden will. if not, i fully support you writing in based lambright

>>265095111>voting doesn't matter>what, you're voting Trump!?!!? AAAARGHH!!! GET OUT!!l o lol(still voting trump)

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>>265094861Trump is being attacked because he's largely incompetent, and the best thing he can often do is literally nothing, because everything he touches turns to shit. I suppose I can agree to this: voting for Trump is the accelerationist option.>ferment racial tensions>fermentThe word you're looking for is "foment"

>>265095046your fault for communicating only in snide one-liners preceded by greentext rather than forming a cohesive position

>>265088308>still voting for Trump until the ATF barges down my door and drags white families onto the streets!>still voting for Trump after niggers barged down the white house gates! Hahahaha america is great

>>265094799Easy there friend.Go to your Hezbollah support group and chase some gorgeous persian qt'sAnd breathe....Allah still loves you.Get off the khat, take off the suicide vest, and just be brother.

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>>265095138voting for soros puppet a or soros b doesn't matter. voting for soros at all matters.>>265095198>voting for Trump is the accelerationist optionfor the left. he has utterly neutered the right in 4 years, which i suspect was what soros and kushner wanted all along. while the left is out conquering the streets, the right is at home beating off to Q posts

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>>265090159good shit


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>>265094883KekYes, yes they did.The NEETS shall inherit the Earth tho!

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>>265095270>still voting for Trump although he never mentioned white people once, that's racist and antisemitic you dunce!

>>265095466>voting doesn't matterGlad I'm voting Trump, then.

>Economy in the shitter>Second wave of corona going on>Second round of lockdowns are all but guaranteed>Ongoing riots & tearing down of statues going completely uncontested>Weak response from Trump on all of this>Basically zero chance of the economy recovering by October>Constantly being undermined (the recent victory of the zoomer in NC, scandalous books being published, recent Supreme Court decisions)>AOC won her primary in a landslide>BLM support at an all time high>His two Supreme Court picks are cucks>Unemployment runs out next month for most people (AKA no more free gibs)>Payment deferrals & late fee assessment holds will end in September>Chauvin's trial will occur as close to the election as possible & he'll be acquitted>A wave of riots/looting 10x as intense ensues, resulting in the destruction of polling centers>Mail-in voting will be implemented statewide in several states as a result>Zero energy behind the Trump campaign compared to 2016>Basically no one who's not on his payroll has any faith in himThis kills the Glompf shill.

if you don't vote for trumb you ain't black

>>265094523>please source Ann attacking trump for not being more hawkishI conflated Ann Coulter with Mitt Romney out of habit, my bad desu. The only thing she does is bitch about the wall progress, but I don't disagree with her putting his ass to fire over that, I want the wall built too.>200 miles of the new wall done so far, despite constant pushback from the House> see you didn't even bother defending trump for choosing not to pull out of the middle east despite having the authority to do so.Trump has oft repeated his desire to end the forever wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. But realistically speaking on the real ground and complex geopolitical entanglements that are occurring, it's not so simple as pulling your dick out.>>265095198>The word you're looking for is "foment"You're right about the spelling but my point still stands about Obama's leftovers and Chinese influence are on the table.

>>265095611and Soros thanks you for your compliance.

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>>265095628All I read was AOC won!Dat's my girl.I love her so much bro's

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>>265095351>holding any position other than “lmao fuck all dune coons, glowing green sand baby!!” makes you a camelfuckeri guess pic related was an imam, right cletus?

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>>265095824No skin off my back. Still voting Trump.

>>265095250Its not my fault you're illiterate. Trump is being incompetent and ineffective on purpose, specifically to buzzkill the people who want a control within the white house without getting JFKed. Meanwhile he uproots control behind the scenes while he does outlandish shit in order to distract away from the real goings-on. Why would TPTB waste a bullet on an incompetent retard? Their fault, because now Obama admins are getting fucked by the courts.

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>>265095780>it's not so simple as pulling your dick is if you aren't a slave to israel, which Zion Don clearly is.>Trump has oft repeated his desiretrump says a lot of shit. if it doesn't immediately benefit israel then he is just bullshitting.

>>265095911and i will continue to bully trumpniggers like yourself. still not voting.

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>>265095780no political solution.

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>>265095926>Trump is being incompetent and ineffective on purposecome on dude> Meanwhile he uproots control behind the scenes while he does outlandish shit in order to distract away from the real goings-on“real goings-on” including all that legislation that was approved by the REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED supreme court the other week?if you’re referring to pizzagate, wake me up when ghislaine is extradited and hanged. i don’t give a shit about your schizophrenic crumb-clutching>Why would TPTB waste a bullet on an incompetent retard?if trump’s influence was harming TPTB at all they’d neck him, cope harder

>>265096249>promises to pull out>doesn't do it despite being able to as commander in chiefonly reason is because he is a weakling scared of kushner and bibi and faggots like lindsey graham bullying him. this makes him a ZOG slave.

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>>265088308me on the right

>>265096321Has your life changed at all despite covid bullshit?The answer should be: No. If he was truly that incompetent, then TPTB are defying the laws of nature by existing because they'd be even worse than him. Nothing in this world that incompetent survives in this world for very long.

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>>265096378to be entirely fair, at least Assad is still alive. i don’t think he would be if Killary won, and he certainly won’t be if Biden wins

Imagine being proud being low/mid-IQ lmaosage

>>265096249no political solution

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>>265089777I did and they said they're still voting Trump.

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Look at all the seething shills.Trump is still better than the alternative, get over it.> MIGA KIKE> MIGRANT LOVERHe is just like every other president.

>>265096676based, true, and RApilledat least trump will inspire more chimpouts, a biden administration would just pacify the nigs and the oppression of whites would come quicker through draconian laws, but it wouldn’t have the shock factor of jerome raping stacy on camera thats needed to wake whites up

>>265096635i doubt it, neither of them have the will to go to direct war with Putin. even if they did, it would mean direct war with iran, which would destroy Obama's nuke deal legacy. even if they want war with putin, they don;t want to make king nigger look bad by ruining his nuke deal like trump did.

>>265096378The reason you feel this is because you're wired for instant gratification, user.I don't think you realize the gravity of how fucked our country is from the previous administrations selling us out so hard or the undertakings required to un-kike the system.None of it was magically going to be fixed in the first time.Over all Trump is not perfect and i do not claim he is perfect.I'm not claiming he's Deus Ex Machina, a secret National Socialist, or that he's playing 4D Chess through all of this.He is merely a mild reformer to an extremely kiked system.I'd ask you for your better alternative solution, but if you say "muh boog" or offer nothing worth even considering, I'm just going to go to bed and vote for Trump.

>>265096718>his smile and enthusiasm: gone

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>>265088308Everything is a fucking psyop. Everyone here is a fucking spook including me. Nothing fucking matters. No lives matter.

>>265096839You've got that right, he's just like any other political solutionjoin your local militia

>>265090159Based Trumper

>>265090024MAGA in the middle. Oh shit guise, we need to get that actor with a shooed maga hat. But it’s gotta be after he got old and bald.


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>>265096916>I'd ask you for your better alternative solutioni did. stop giving legitimacy to this rigged system and stop supporting Kushner and his white genocide. you have a pile of shit and cup of diarrhea in front of you. because a bunch of kikes brainwashed you, you think you have to pick one to eat. i'm telling not to eat either and stop pretending that you have to choose what (((they))) want you to choose.

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>>265091987>we're still at war in syria. when you invade another country and occupy them, its war. Initiated by Obama smooth brain. It’s a fact that if a democrat was in charge we’d probably be fighting a bloody war with Russia in Syria.


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>>2650971341. Join local militia.2. Be on decent terms with the local national guard, police departments and sheriffs. 3. Have a contingency plan for blackouts / martial law / project Zephyr project Pogo / firearm confiscations / declaration of war against White Americans.

>>265096057>bullyIt's funny cause the only thing that means is that you're angry at Trump voters. Glad I'm voting Trump.

>>265096249>HASN'T NUKED ISRAELNo one is demanding that. How about we stop sending them piles of money? Israelis enjoy universal healthcare and free college thanks to US taxpayers, by the way.

>>265097281Trump has EXTREMELY reduced non-white immigration to the US (especially with the US of his latest executive order) and his economic policies have helped whites to become the majority of US births again, a trend we should be doing everything in our power to continue.>don't pick anyone, who cares>just be a doomer, like me>I have no tangible substantial plan to offer but trust me anyway>LARP about the Jews but gloss over the ChinksNo, I think I'll just go to bed and vote for Trump.So long and thanks for all the (You)'s.>>265097468Funny idea, lazy execution.

faggot turks

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>>265097609You put faith in the ballot, i'll be standing over here with bullets. Remember, 1000 goyim aren't worth one jewish fingernail! Trump loves Chabad and our greatest ally, Israel!

>>265096057Seethelord detected.Still voting for Trump.

>>265091344>>265090711checkedfuck (((demoralization)))he's not as big of a slave biden would be, or our last presidents were, israel. get fucked.

>>265097391>Initiated by Obama smooth brainthat just makes it worse that Trump is still fighting obama's war. funny how he has no problem with shitting on obama's legacy except when israel is involved.>It’s a fact that if a democrat was in charge we’d probably be fighting a bloody war with Russia in Syria.i doubt it. no democrat would want to destroy king nigger's nuke deal legacy by going to war with iran over syria.>>265097567i'm angry at soros voters. still not voting>>265097609>especially with the US of his latest executive orderwhich actually REMOVES limits on h2a spic immigration. he's trading 100k poos for unlimited spics. art of the deal XDwhites are not the majoirty of births in the US, ZOG counts arabs and most of asia and north africa as "white".

>>265097783still not voting, trumpcuck

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>>265097744Agreed. Still voting Trump though.

>>265097887Cool story niggerI'm voting for the Good Guys

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>>265097595I don't support America being treated like a cash cow for Israel or anyone for that matter.I also don't support our taxpayer dollars going into wasteful spending programs that have absolutely no impact on our lives.We need House representatives who support our interests but we currently don't have that, at least not till they're voted out and replaced with like-minded supporters of America. We need control of every branch of the government, not just what we have currently.>>265097744>putting faith in the ballot>having bullets to defend your propertyWhy not both? There's virtually no harm in doing so if it's as "pointless to vote" as you're purporting it to be.

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>>265097938then you can't vote for Kushner and Soros and their slave Zion Don

>>265097830>i'm angry at soros voters.that's cute>still not votinggood, one less vote to count against mine when I vote Trump! thanks for helping!


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>>265088308I don't think Trump's an Israeli agent, I think his kike cabinet is running the country.I really thought he was genuine during the campaign, but for whatever reason, ne's not doing anything he said he would. Maybe they're manipulating him, maybe he feels out of his element and is trying not to rock the boat, or maybe he is a shill. For whatever reason, he isn't doing anything, so I find it hard to like him.That said, I'll still be voting for him anyways, because he's basically the only one with any chance of helping us.

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>>265098014>There's virtually no harmthere is a vast amount of harm in legitimizing a rigged system and by cucking yourself by putting faith in a rigged system.>>265098060and soros thanks you for your help. still not voting

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>>265091934Is he down more than he was against the 98% certain to win Hillary Clinton?

>>265098141>still not votingThank you for your help in contributing to the reelection of President Donald J Trump in 2020!

>>265097830Last (You) for pic relatedIt's almost fruitless to argue with people like you, who do not consider the full domestic and geopolitical politik transpiring.>>265098141Voting is my unalienable right, no amount of brainwash shilling will dissuade me from doing it.>Still

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>>265098134all you do by voting is REWARD trump for being a weak cuck. that is the message you are sending "please fuck me in the ass becaseu the other guy might fuck me in the ass slightly harder". you're still getting fucked in the ass.>>265098231and soros thanks you for your contribution to his reelection. still not voting.

>>265098299>all you do by voting is REWARD trumpCool, that's what I'm going to do then!

>>265098282Amnesty Don / Zion Don / Orange puppet VS Pedo Joe, both controlled by identical people behind the curtain, serving one agenda.Get out your vote, goyim!

>>265098282Trump has completely failed on the vast majority of his promises. i dont care what any politician says since they are all liars and charlatans.>Voting is my unalienable rightand it has been corrupted by israel. they stole your right to choose and gave you two identical slaves to "pick" from. and you support them by cucking to their tyranny and accepting it.>>265098388and soros thanks you for rewarding him with 4 more years. still not voting

>>265098411Thanks for the input! I am voting for Trump.

>>265098014The argument against voting is that you legitimize the very system that's screwing you. It's your choice to decide whether our problems can be fixed by any of the candidates presented to us. The argument against third parties is always about "throwing your vote away" and never about "voicing your dissatisfaction with the system.""Wasting" your vote, whether by loud abstention or by "protest voting" is still dissent. I'm not sure it's an option now, but it definitely was earlier. Sadly, people are very committed to the 2 party psyop.The very notion of a "wasted" vote is how they manufacture your consent for this broken system.

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"Still voting for Trump" is redundant. Not voting Trump is suicidal. Might as well state "I'll continue to breath".

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>>265098411>negotiating a fair pragmatic deal for a complex situation>versus opening the flood gates, no questions asked, cucking to China even moreChecked and will do.>>265098482>Trump has completely failed on the vast majority of his promises.Not true> i dont care what any politician says since they are all liars and charlatans.Fair, take everything everyone says with a grain of salt> it has been corrupted by israel. they stole your right to choose and gave you two identical slaves to "pick" fromYou're right. Still voting for Trump.>>265098776No such thing as a wasted vote desu. I think the notion is retarded.

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>>265098231>>265098388For every Trump vote you cast, I will cast three for Biden.

>>265099110I'll laugh when you get buttfucked for voter fraud.

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>>265099296how old are you?

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>>265099773>didn't catch your obscure meme referenceI'm twelve years old and what is this?

>>265099994nice digits user

>>265101086>94>digitslurk 3 more years, poojeet

>"imagine voting for trump">"there's no better choice because the system doesn't give us better choices"Then what the fuck are you supposed to do? Not vote? Like that's gonna accomplish much.

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>>265088308ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY!Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

>>265088308Actually undoubtedly based


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>>265089777checked and don't care, still voting trump

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>>265090024youtube comments-tier cringe

>>265104472>youtube comments-tier cringe

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>>265089777I’ve been nonstop spamming “still voting Trump” on Twitter whenever I take a shit and the results are pretty juicy, turns out Twitter leftists are just as salty if not more than the paid shills here

>>265104565They're both the same people

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>>265104565I've had encounters with insufferable TDSfags on Twitter, and instead of engaging them in their bad faith arguments, I just post voting for Trump memes and they usually short circuit and block me. It's actually pretty funny to me.

>>265096635fuck, i wish Hillary had won then.