>mother and daughter surrounded by mob>calls 911>how 'bout calling city hall?What kind of a joke nation is this? Why even have a government at this point when they don't want to protect you?

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>>265087028What's worse is that the Mayor apologized to the mob instead of the Mother and her child


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>>265087176pic related>>

Attached: 2020-06-27_150447.png (932x463, 675.08K)

>>265087342In Virginia, no less.

Attached: download (1).jpg (1280x720, 188.26K)

>>265087028The absolute state of New Africa.

Attached: 1593176126380.png (250x202, 9.2K)

>>265087028This shit is 1000% based. I've been waiting for this shit my entire fucking life. >help niggers are attacking me !!>sorry ma'am, you shouldn't have voted for a nigger mayorIt's literally burn the coal pay the toll on a city wide scale

>>265087028If the mother had shot anyone in the mob, what are the odds she's the one who ends up in jail?

>>265087959And before you come crying to me: Yes, all the white leftists deserve to die getting raped by niggers. Everyone in these leftist shitholes, giving power to leftist politics deserves to die by nigger rape.



There's going to have to be a showdown between the people and this fucking evil monstrosity of a ZOG. I mean full-on Fallujah street fights

>>265087959Sorry that you have a kool-aid overdose but the mayor was white.

Attached: 2020-06-27_151513.png (940x460, 822.25K)

>>265087959Holy shit you're right, now city workers are basically saying "Fuck You for Voting for A Dwmb Idiot". Chaos is happening bros, grab a gun and get ready to defend your shit.

>>265087028she should have pretended she was black with a mob of "white supremecists" trying to break into her car. they would swat team an elite taskeforce ino the area in minutes

>>265087028why is va so cucked? is it really the new CA/NY,WA,OR already?

>>265087028Politicians tie the hands of the police. The police state their hands are tied by politicians. You have two options:1. Switch out the corrupt politicians who are forcing the police to be unable to respond.2. Blame the police.Most people would choose the first one. But wait! It turns out it's democrat politicians suppressing the police!The leftist drone will then bumble to the conclusion that, since democrats are good incarnate and always know what's best, it must be the police's fault.

>>265087028Holy fucking red pill

>>265088387Women are niggers tho

>>265088387You missed the whole point on purpose, right?It's all nigger lovers getting what they deserve. What they literally asked for.

>>265087028Why would you drive through an area with a protest in the first place? There aren't any other streets to drive down? Did she die? Is the car destroyed? Is the kid dead? If the answer is no to all of the above, who gives a shit. The woman should have been killed for being a moron.

>>265088650You don’t know that this woman supported any of this garbage. You are scum.

This is how it will all end for the normies. They think things still work as they should because they usually never have to depend on these services, but when they need them the most, they will learn that the state has betrayed them and they are doomed.

>>265088711Ah yes because as we all know protestors who jump on cars and attack innocents are known to stay within a prescribed area so that innocents can easily avoid themFucking idiot

>>265088711Parades can divide my city in half. My wife went into labor and the hospital was in the other side of the parade. At least I had time to plan for the possibility. Also haven't you heard the protests are peaceful.

>>265088852no, THEY are scum. And their mayor is scum. And everyone supporting that system is scum. I don't know that she supported it? What's she doing there? What is she doing driving her daughter through a crowd of angry rioting niggers? Give me a break, bleeding heart faggot.

>>265087028Simple Solution

Attached: BBADA2B4-A5C2-4EEA-8E18-7455ED7E3F66.gif (399x225, 1.91M)

>>265088852>>265088972Based, anons here are retarded and they need to look into history,if some well organized well dressed men with a message strode into a liberal shithole right now and established order they would be beloved by all. im sick of this attitute that "everyone outside my little town can get fucked" this country wont last like this.

>>265087543>And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

>>265088711They protest around the entire city or town. Mobs spring up everywhere or split up and cover every street. This was a smaller town reportedly, maybe the road she was accosted is the only road in or out of her home.I'm pretty fucking done with you defeatist, capitulating, worthless cuckservative freaks. You literally get the first bullet, long before any leftist, communist, jew or nigger. What is even the purpose of your fucking life?

Attached: malanga.gif (891x658, 3.59M)

>>265089127I can’t stand you dumb faggots who don’t understand how shit works but insist on running your stupid mouths. Rioters don’t fucking stay in one place. They branch out and attack innocents. Blaming the people who get attacked is fucking psychotic. KYS

>>265089181Bullshit. You will save them from the niggers, and then they will call you the devil for it. They are slaves to their little political game. Go prove me wrong. By all means.

>>265088169You’re American. It happens to your nation. Therefore, you deserve it too?

>>265089181>NOOO NOT MUH WITE WOMENARINOSThese cities are 90% jewish and nigger, they would fight you to the death if you strode in and tried to fix things you pathetic limpdick larper.

>>265089339Absolutely basedAlways a sniveling backstabbing coward traitor before an enemy


>>265087959lmao>cops literally telling normies to fuck off they voted for it>normies get raped and killed by black mobs>violent left-wing insurrection>trump loses election>all hope is lost>charismatic leader appears>white americans unified>unrestricted genocide of all minorities and communists.

>>265089365So you'll leave the country if Biden becomes president, right?

>>265087028Poor optimistic white newlyweds 'our Facebook friends will awe at our embrace of racial diversity when they find out about this cultural diverse hip new neighborhood we moved into' 'we're so progressive and forward thinking, right honey?'

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>>265089384Of course it's on my shoulders as well. It's my country. I want to ship all these niggers off to hell. But all the bleeding heart faggots won't let me do that. It's my duty to support the removal of such obstacles.

>>265088266It's been a month and niggers weren't even tough enough to win against Italians in South Philadelphia, I have extreme doubts anything will happen because they're too pussy to actually leave the cities and all the white BLM fags are bitches who put up signs in the dead of night when no one can stop them like they're afraid Redneck Johnny is going to kick their asses

>>265089407It took less than 5 minutes to look this up and see it is obviously wrong.73% white 20% blackAnother traitor for the purge

>>265089339>>265089435wow, that's some high level strategizing there, so kill the conservatives first huh? gj buddy.....what's the next step to your master plan?

>>265089530If things get bad enough, I'll eventually leave, yes. But not because of biden.

I swear to Christ Almighty if this shit doesn't redpill the shit out of this country and cause it to go hard red (Republican) I'm going to swallow the biggest blackpill and lose all faith in humanity.

>>265087028CCP has bought out an extraordinary amount of politicianspeople don't realize how cheap they truly are to buy:>>265077374

Attached: EbfU6i_UwAAkk5p.jpg (768x768, 85.47K)

>>265089365>>265089407yes the population is allways retarded, especially when distracted by bread, circuses, and pornography. Look into how much support the brownshirts had when then first came about, it was about 3% of the population. your average black does not want this, contrary to what the news wants you to think, most niggers actually understand that police keep their neighborhoods free from chaos.its only a select few that are rioting and being used to push a marxist agenda. but yes by all means, lets just keep doing nothing at all. that will show everyone how strong the right is and how much value right wing ideals provide If not us, then who?

>>265089131>average normies must now become Genghis tier warlords>this will happenhow about no? most people are peaceful and expect the state system to deescalate violent tendencies

>>265087028Guaranteed copaganda. Didnt happen. Fake.

>>265088387That's a Jew, my gook friend.

>>265089669eventually you will hit the blackpill levels im on and realize voting is just a racket to keep you from doing anything useful.

>>265089631The conservatives are liberal fags. There is not a single conservative that isn't a backstabbing traitorous fuck, what the fuck do they do all day except worship Israel and denounce 'white supremacy'.Not a single conservative puke would ever lift a finger to defend ANY of their fucking constituents, even the ones defending themselves during these violent riots.Hard right militant separatism is about to push your shit in and there's nothing you can do about it but cope.


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>>265087028>vote for trump gois, he will make america great again! he is based and redpilled!>before 4 years even passes america bows down to nignogs, puts BLM on streets in most cities, lets rioters tear down statues, and destroys its own economy trying to stop the coof, which it is now the world leader in infections inim glad i didnt buy in the MAGA bullshit back then, that shit aged like milk in a hot room

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>>265089737Nigger lover

>>265089339Eat a dick. It's not capitulation, it's common fucking sense. This shit happens with every single protest and you get the same faggy ass complaints every single time. It's nothing new, people have been saying the same shit for decades. You retards act like it's the end times and everything that happens has only ever happened in your life time. Grow up

>>265087028Anyone got a video link to that call?

>>265089927Ok communist.

>>265089835yeah but you're in CanadaI still have a glimmer of hope

>>265089731>most people are peaceful and expect the state system to deescalate violent tendenciesUntil it becomes painfully obvious the system doesn't care for you and is even actively contributing to your demise

>>265089927It only proves that this is inevitable unless resisted with some serious Minecraft adventures

>>265089958You should learn to view the world with skepticism. Maybe you wont get fooled next time (voting for trump) lol. Later loser

>>265088169You know in democrat places not every single person is a democrat, thousands if not millions voted the other way. But I'm sure you'll feel the same way when they take over your area.

>>265090036Didn't canada just ban damn near all guns?

>>265090007i didnt support any of this shit, this is the MAGA retards fault

>>265088265This. We're on an express elevator to hell -- going down!!Lock n load, gents, it's almost time.

>>265087028the government wont protect you but they will arrest you if you defend yourself

>>265089959I'm 40, it was never this badthis is the worst I've seen and the most politically divided I've seen



>>265089927forgot to add that they are also just letting the police get tied down, harassed, and defunded toois this the greatness america didnt have before trump?

Attached: 1592888400280.png (640x480, 372.85K)

>>265089900what do you even call yourself then and what are you doing to do, interrogate everyone you meet to see how serious they are about it? This shit isn't going down in areas that are already in order, so I have no idea what your rant is addressing.

Attached: comp-maddox.jpg (1200x630, 164.66K)

>>265090091I never voted for Zion Don and I certainly wouldn't now. I just find it extremely easy to believe that emergency services would do such a thing.Why are you jumping to conclusions and making such wildly incorrect assumptions?I bet you are a fucking coronafag too. Go wear your mask and fuck off.

>> Alex Jones was an "emergency" for Facebook because he said Biden had another stroke and his speech was slurred due to the depressant medication they had him onvery interesting

Attached: file.png (1529x1132, 1.85M)

>>265089835That’s retarded thinking. Voting doesn’t preclude doing other preparations. As long as our enemies don’t bare us from voting I vote.

>>265090463I bet you believe planes hit the towers on 9/11 and Saddam had WMDs.

>>265090749Not even close.

>>265087028>What kind of a joke nation is this? Why even have a government at this point when they don't want to protect you?This is what happens when democrats unleash their nigger army to attack whites and flush them out ahead of the election. The republicans are too cowardly and weak to do anything about it. This is however, the red pilling of a generation and will cause whites to form into a tribe to defend themselves. In response to this, we need to create a third nationalist party that is pro law enforcement, anti-immigration, protectionist on trade, pro nuclear family, and anti-marxist. The government works, we just need representation in the government.

Attached: 1593109749842.jpg (2880x3064, 1.62M)

>>265087028buy women guns, moms maiming marxist mobs makes maximum memes

>>265088485DC cuck diaspora, it's just the stretch from the DC to Richmond. The closer you get to the Appalachians, the more based it get.

>>265087028there are going to be TONS of lawsuits coming up. lots of people are going to get lots of settlements.

Women in politics was a mistake.

>>265089731Those people vote for communists and are literally the core of the problem. Nogs are just a symptom, without these pinko faggots we could get rid of the nogs.

>>265089339Conservatives built that civilization you bigot so you can eat my liquid shit dumbass.

>>265089727I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying I'M GLAD that the true insanity of these leftist projects is blossoming into consequences for them. They need to be made to feel the consequences or they will never learn what they're doing wrong. You think you're going to have a national socialist uprising in the US? In its current state? Maybe but I seriously doubt it. We're going to get something, but as it is, anything conservatives do is going to be cast as an evil act of oppression, and all the leftists are so insane, they will believe it. I've tried to communicate with some of these people. You can't get through to them. They're totally gone. You're never going to be a hero in their eyes. It doesn't seem possible to me. Like I said, I don't know maybe I'm wrong.

>>265091023The judges are commies, it doesn’t matter what the law says, they will hand wave it all away and rule in favor of the commies.

>>265089835voting is locking the door before you leave the house knowing full well that a burglar can break a window about as fast as he can open an unlocked door.

>>265089072>t. NOLAfag

>>265087959>unless it's a city that voted 100000% republican, i don't care if niggers slaughter every white person in it

Attached: images (8).jpg (355x142, 12.7K)

>>265090213Well congratulations I guess. You missed two of the most tumultuous decades in modern US history.

>>265091451you're not older than 40, stop larping like a fag

I care not for the lives of the normiesIf every women and her offspring we're to get joggered I wouldn't miss a day of sleep

Attached: 1592734966598.png (1000x500, 57.6K)

>>265087028>t. gets to jail for raaaaaape if he just happens to walk behind a gookesslook who's talking

>>265091412Based jew.

>>265090419All conservatives will side with liberals, as they always do, when push comes to shove.I don't have to go "interrogate" you to figure out of you're a cuckservative puke, I can just slug your skull from 300+ yards with M855 green tip after you've personally and publicly identified how much of a stupid faggot you are, thanks

>>265087028This is the product of 50 years of forced nigger propaganda from the global JEW

>>265088387>(((Greenlaw)))Imagine my surprise.

>>265091338then they'll enjoy free press and probably raise a ton of money on gofundme. or some kikes will come up with a class action and the claimants will get up with 10% of a few million

>>265091301>I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying I'M GLAD that the true insanity of these leftist projects is blossoming into consequences for them.I agree with you there, I hope they keep being retarded like this, never attempt to stop an enemy when they are making a mistake as the saying goes. What gets me is that conservatives have been playing this game for ages:trying to placate the general populations hoping they can deliver their messge softly enough, only for it to fall on deaf ears. I dunno if we are ready for full natsoc, but I think a true nationalist uprising could thrive right now.

>>265087028gun permits are up 500% in Illinois mainly liberals and first time buyers, a lot of red pilling happening. I'm sure most think it'll get better when orange man bad is gone but it won't

>>265091412No, I am like president trump. I will come to their aid; but they have to ask me for it. They have to say "yes, we were wrong, please save us". Until then, let them burn.

>>265087028> unemployment checks not going through in multiple states> cops useless and high percentages of uncleared crimes nationwide even before Floyd riots > government leaders unable or unwilling to respond properly to Covid or riots Why pay taxes


>>265088542>Most people would choose the first one.My experience is the opposite. Most people blame the police because it's easier than recognizing that they vote for these stupid policies. Add in the fact that the police have to use force that looks scary and hurts your feelings and it's even easier.

>>265087028It's maddening, but it's the only way.Take the pill.

>>265091721Fake dispatch calls? Nah I think those were pretty popular on YT back in the day.

>>265091884>I am like president trump.So an useless faggot who invents dumb rationalizations for his uselessness?

>>265092017I drank 200mg of DXM an hour ago and I feel nothing. What the fuck is up, bro?

>>265092098Well isn't that just a great way to summarize humanity

>>265088711Let me guess, you're one of those "it's only happening in the cities" types.

>>265087959you've shouldn't have voted for a nigger big shot.

>>265092343This guy gets itWe don't need any more nigger big-shots

>>265089530I'm a dual citizen and my home country is also falling apart. But if the US falls apart it creates a power vacuum in which it is very likely my home country will be able to grow in. So yeah I'm willing to leave but I'd prefer not to.

>>265087028>two voices cry out in a silence all will hearSheeeeeeeeit

>>265088387look again worst korea. that's a jewess.

Attached: 34FA4FEAG67445.jpg (1280x720, 50.1K)

>>265089631Use that little brain of yours a bit more. The typical American “Conservative” is nothing more than a cowardly tame liberal. That’s it. They will talk about “muh values” and “muh freedoms” but will roll over for literally anyone.

>>265090036Your country is overwhelmed with negroes, Jews, and mexicans, who are you trying to kid? Take a knee, it's over.

>>265087028>>265087176>>265087229>>265087605>>265088169>>265088485>>265088542>>265092634>>265092762Op? Anons? I bring glad tidings and good words:"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."Count these words, and Feel peace.


>>265087028US turning into South Africa REAL fkin quick, wow.

>>265090036If you legitimately think that we're going to vote our way out of this, you haven't been paying attention.The game is rigged. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, and there's nothing that either will do to help us. They're controlled opposition, owned by the same billionaires, and framing each and every debate under terms that their corporate overlords won't find offensive. They wont slow down the spread of cultural decay, question systemic prejudice against whites, stop unlimited immigration. Neither party will properly defend the 1st and 2nd amendments. Neither party will convict the grooming circles of the elite. Neither party will tackle the censorship, job firings,and violence that are so often now the reaction to whites speaking freely. Neither party will allow us to conduct business as we so choose. Neither party cares about privacy, or liberty, or decency.The system is DEAD, and our democracy is nothing but a husk, controlled by people who hate you, and your kindred. People who want to see you penniless and childless. People who want you alone, and afraid to speak. Yeah, I'll still vote, being a white and having some internal fantasy about civic duty and honorable conduct, but it's pointless. If you're thinking that we could somehow elect the right person and "win this conflict", your mindset is completely flawed. We've already lost. It's time to view our objectives and plan for the future with this reality in mind. We're going to become the hated minority here, very soon, and the longer we cling to the forlorn hope that some Democrat or Republican is going to save us, the longer we put off the preparations which are necessary for the survival of our race.

Attached: 1593149443287.png (135x170, 50.1K)

>>265093294"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."Count the number of words in this sentence, and know that we've already won.

it's what becomes of a country founded on democracy, equality and multiculturalism.Remind everybody that America is the only country in the world to be in that position. And you wonder why libs and trannies run amok theretruthfully it didn't have to be that way but now that it is, surprised is certainly not how I feel about it.pic related

Attached: 51KXs1RnU9L.jpg (304x500, 39.76K)

>>265088387doesn't change the fact that they're getting exactly what they voted for :)

The exact second she was told this she should've hung up the phone and started running niggers over.

>>265093427actually multiculturalism is a european concept, not american. And certainly didn't exist at the founding of america.

A whoooole lotta liberal city fags are about to get blacked because they suddenly don't need police. Good I hope they all get fucked. I hope the civil war starts in the city.

>>265088464say she was black and they were coming at her wif da noose. 100 FBI agents in a Black Hawk would swoop in, in minutes.

>>265087028Does anyone have an article on this that I can link to normies? Can't find one on search engine.

>>265088852Exactly I lived in California for several years and it didn’t matter how I voted my side always lost.If you rent an apartment it’s easier to leave but if you’re a homeowner with a mortgage it’s not so easy to just move to a red stateI moved out of California as soon as I could afford to.

>>265087028BLM and Democrat politicians want more of this.

why didnt she just hit the gas and speed through them?

>>265093641yes it did. Immigration is the cornerstone of America.The european countries practised none of it until the americans came here 45 and conquered the continent. Remind you that the americans pressed the Japanese as well against their will to allow women the vote, to implement democracy, and to open up since they were isolationists. Americans fought for these things.

Attached: 8c7390818f8c0bf03fb89c0ecca7c6ba.jpg (864x612, 103.14K)


Attached: e7ab418a1db3d6739e2068ca26828e0a.png (315x480, 218.43K)

>>265093691>>265093726>>265094150"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."Count the words, user. The lefties won't see it coming. They wrote them, after all.

>>265094223"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."Count the words user.Count em.

>>265093412I'm apparently a potato. 14 words? I guess I'm having trouble understanding how we've won.

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Attached: 1587468168519.jpg (855x801, 145.17K)

>>265094351Those 14 words were written by "Anti-racist" author Robin DiAngelo. Who could've known she was for us this whole time?

>>265094150Immigration and multiculturalism aren't the same thing. America never embraced multiculturalism, and still doesn't.

>>265094351Never mind. Goduck helped me. Whoops.

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>>265087959>>265088169>>265088650>>265089127>>265089365I wish you were wrong user, but you aren't.>Be mother with child.>Drive toward rioting/angry people>allow yourself yo get surrounded>Live in area with family in the first place.Play stupid games, well you know the rest.

Attached: AMB1ZM2[1].gif (480x360, 1.98M)

>>265087342Next time include link in OP you lazy faggot

>>265091412this but unironically, traitors get the bullet first kike, then your kind

>>265087028America has officially lost the privilege of mocking my country.



>>265087176God damn it!!!!! WHEN? WHEN AT LONG LAST good people actually stand up for what is right?!?!?! Women and children are in danger now, we let buildings burn, let towns get destroyed and say quietly as our heritage get attacked and our statues get destroyed!!! Its enough!!! GOD DAMN IT!!! I AM PISSED!!! AND I AM THE BAD GUY????

>>265087605Made this for you, user.

Attached: AMFRICA.png (1199x818, 1.42M)

>>265095533based and drugwar pilled

Attached: 1576170138903.jpg (1472x885, 941.36K)

>>265095533Right now, understand that lots of people are pissed just like you. That's the thing to take advantage of. Make friends, build a network. People are looking for an outlet. It's a great time to form alliances.

>>265087342what a fucking faggot tucker is.>theyre just gonna remake the countryright now? yea no dont worry hurrdeee durrdee and watch the election

>>265087028step on the gas.

>>265088387Women are not white.

>>265096782And its comments like this that are pure CANCER!!! You know what ISN'T WHITE??? PACKS OF NIGGERS!!!! RUINING EVERYTHING!!! BECAUSE THEY ARE APES!!!!


>>265089681rope is way cheaper, and more efficientremember elves, make a list and check ti twice, day of the rope is coming to town

>>265097036forgot my Santa pic>Christmas in Julywhore new meaning

Attached: Screenshot_2020-06-27-00-59-43.png (320x480, 223.54K)

>>265095930Thanks user very nice!

>>265095533White women suffering is good, those animals caused this bullshit. The majority of leftard doxxers are white women.

>>265097486Siiiigh, damn it!!! You and that Swiss faggot are correct!!! Trust me though! Women just want to be taken care of! And who will do this??? Maybe they do need the RED PILL, but what good is it if it is in the form of nigger-dick-rape or murder???? Dead people can't ingest medicine It's all so tiresome

>>265097737I only care about white male life. A white female is an animal pretending to be human so it can leech from you.

>>265097995Based and blackpilled! Lol

>>265097737The only thing women ingest is semen. They are incompatible with red pills, and are set to blue pill mode by default.

>>265090411One mayor tonight went out to talk to the mob and said “it wasn’t a two sided conversation, they were quite loud”. When asked what they wanted, she proceeded to read their written demands (no funding for police, all money routed to affordable housing and dem programs, etc), include the name and street address of those requesting no police funding, was so based

>>265087028The only way any of this can change is for normies to wake up. This type of thing needs to happen more often if that's going to happen. Come back after 5 years at least.

>>265091301Yeah but the downfall of the American way of life is a high price for making your point that you’re right

>>265087028>>265087176Any info on what happened to the woman and her daughter since then?


Attached: 1537851046088.gif (500x270, 871.54K)

>>265098379She drove away, semi running one of them over and then the mayor apologized to the rioters

>>265098254But that's the thing, we can't preserve the american way of life if the leftists don't agree to preserve it. There's no solution to the paradox. THEY are the ones who are destroying the american way of life. They don't want it. They don't believe in it. They want progress.

>>265098476>semi running one of them overDid she get charged?


>>265088077>>265088266>>265088711>>265089900>>265089999Quits!!!^^^^^>>>>265090744265090411>>265091000Trips^^^>>265091644>>265094677>>265095533>>265096699>>265098077>>265098133KeK has been here and listening!!!

>>265087028Lmao we don't have a government. Trump refuses to force local governments to crack down.It's all cucked from top to bottom.

>>265087028>Elect democrats to office>surprised they don't give a shit about you

Attached: 1572139171746.jpg (496x515, 79.29K)

>>265099440Is it though??? I was mad about this until I came up with a thought:Maybe Trump didn't squash these idiots because1. They hate Trump 2. Will never vote Republican 3. These are Welfare Queens and Kangs!4. They are worthless idiots!!!CORONA VIRUS!Why kill them on the streets? When they can die in their sheets?Army Generals have been teaching Trump about Biological Warfare!!! And why stop it? It serves him, it serves us! And we get less libtards!! 4D chess indeed!

Attached: 1592603898365m.jpg (819x1024, 84.87K)

>>265094609>America never embraced multiculturalismt. retard

>>265099555Trips!!! See? KEK IS HERE!!!

Attached: 1591503456432.jpg (684x1024, 454.95K)

>>265087028She’ll still vote Democrat

>>265099935Coomer reporting in, who's the girl in the pic?

>>265087028Your country will be able to run off pure rage for the next 25 years. So sad

>>265095930That's a great picture my friend, mind if I download it?

>>265100307Dont know :( but top fap material! Lmao.>>265100366Cheked!!! KEK make it clean!

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>>265100500you'd better stop before you're banned


>>265088387jews are niggers you dumbfuck bugman

im amazed not one already lost his shit all over this and started a shootout.

>>265100567From having KEK with me?

>>265087028>>how 'bout calling city hall?

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>>265100567Here have another pic, you litteral faggot

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>>265087028Normies are being red pilled on the fact cops are not here to serve and protect you but to fleece money from you illegally via the means of legality written to fleece money.Its wonderful how quickly everything's accelerating, and all thanks to retards like the dispatcher.

>>265087028>What kind of a joke nation is this?Trump's nation!Elect a clown, live in a circus

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>>265100942No they arent you are just thinking that your point of view is shared by most of your countrymen.

>>265100810go back to /r/hapa, cancer spammer

>>265087543>In Virginia, no less.>>265087605>The absolute state of New Africa.I'm just gonna leave this

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What yall get when you vote Democrat, seriously who is actually voting for that party besides nigs and ugly woman?

>>265101000>Trump's nation!>Elect a clown, live in a circus>Implying this is totally not lefty kvetchingwew lad

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>>265089494How can a charismatic leader appear if all Americans have been dumbed down and mentally raped for decades?

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>>265101296>seriously who is actually voting for that party besides nigs and ugly woman?Dead people and illegals and kidfuckers.

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>>265087028lol you get what you want.this is PC toll now.

>>265101000Waste of trips!Meme flag!Nigger detected!!!But...?

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>>265087028Trump is a piece of shit.

>>265101497says autistic russia distant brother

>>265088266>I mean full-on Fallujah street fightsStop user, I can only get so erect.

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>>265101497>Trump is a piece of shit.

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>>265101753Joe eats babies.

>>265098133kek they have literally been training to do this in collage kek. I hope people are learning a valuable lesson.

>>265101753These are terrific.

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>>265100664>im amazed not one already lost his shit all over this and started a shootout.There was that dude in New charges against him dropped.

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>>265101953>These are terrific.I do what I can.

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>>265099935the vast majority of them are young people unlike to be affected in any significant way.


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your problem burgers is in your country police is not mandated by law to uphold the law, however crazy it sounds


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>>265088387Of course the subhuman Korean can't tell a Jew apart from a white goy.

>>265087543Nova is DC lite


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>>265095930Thank you kind user


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>>265088077It's one of the few things you could be absolutely certain of.



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>>265101478>Waste of trips!Apologize and Trust Kek or you mom will die in her sleep tonight!


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>>265102673LOL. Have a (You)

>>265093294>The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coinTrump is not The Republicans - this is why the Dems are desperate to dethrone him.

>>265089365>and then they will call you the devil for it.It doesn't matter.The past weeks have proven that society can only survive if the people in charge get their shit together and crush those leftists beneath an iron boot.

>>265089339useful idiot here

>>265095930Outstanding, thank you user

>>265087028Agreed.Murder all the politicians and arm yourself.

>>265091718>you live with your mommy triple confirmed

>>265087176Our mothers and grandmothers have been raped for generations by your fucking dishonest race. Fuck you

>>265103266Fuck off.What white dudes are raping frazzly nappy haired toothless nigger nanas.Dont make me larf

>>265094956Nah, your Pakistani grooming gangs are pretty fucking bad.


>>265087028You get what you deserve. It was all fun supporting blm/ defund the police / every single socialist policy under the sun. But when they come for you, you need the police. Based dispatcher.

>>265096943And you know what? Start mowing down those niggers and watch how fast those same precious white women cheer as you are paraded in the street to your execution. We are never getting americana back. You need to rewire your brain for what comes next.

>>265090097Move then

>>265103462Now we are done calling with the pot calling the kettle black can we please admit we both have a problem. First we have to decide which one of us is the pot and which one the kettle so we can come to terms with being long lasting hard wearing out of date faggots

Here's the strategy:>If you don't remove that mob from in front of my house I'm going to start shooting until I'm left aloneGuaranteed police presence in less than 5 minutes

>>265103488Understandably Borat but I was trying to talk to someone whos at least positioned himself amongst the human race

>>265095533>>265096943>>265096992>>265097737>>265098077>>265098862>>265099935>>265100500>>265100676>>265100810>>265101478legit cant tell if this is some roleplaying user pretending to play a boomer or an actual boomergood job though 10/10 posting>>265103266if you check interracial rape statistics it's something like 50:1 the other way. i know people tell you in school that white slaveowners raped their slaves all the time, but this was less common than you'd think; it was more likely that they rape their own daughter, or wife

>>265089530ill make sure you live as long as possible but in severe utter pain

>>265091301>You can't get through to them. They're totally gone.You really can't. It's one of the most bizarre psychological things I've ever experienced. Cognitive dissonance doesn't even begin to describe this phenomenon. I know old folks who were born on a farm, extremely conservative, dislike faggots/niggers/hippies, don't believe in handouts, owned guns all their lives, served in the military, support law enforcement... but go out and push that Democrat button just like they have for the last 60 years because it's a core part of their identity as educated, successful, compassionate, modern, totally-not-racist and "rose above my hillbilly roots" upstanding members of society. Fucking insane. Even when presented with piles of evidence that the current (D) party hates their fucking guts and their platform is the antithesis of everything they believe in, they will reject it with a laugh and a "voting republican? lol no."

>>265087028you can't depend on the government to save you.if you don't own a gun you are a fucking idiot.

>>265103266go take a jog nigger

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You Fat ugly Americans deserve everything that's going to happen to you the comming years

>>265101296>who is actually voting for that partyA shameful number of older successful white people who want to be seen as "good" and enlightened above all else.

>>265089731What is the bad with warlords

>>265088387That’s a jew.

>>265102975>Trump is not The RepublicansThis. He's not some magical leader, he just bought us a few years to prepare. Once he's gone either this year or four years from now, the Republicans will immediately return to their cuckoldry and it's over for them.