/TGDG/ #37 Watch Paint Dry Edition

THREE GORGES GENERALGREAT FIREWALL ACTIVATED. NOT NEWS FROM THE FLOODS SINCE 4 DAYS AGO.Previous bread:>>265060670>>265040770>>265022877>>265008387>>264984327Summary for newfags: youtu.be/n6QyfrS7ARIhttps://youtu.be/8jdaEtFN-mgChongqing city (upstream) just made it illegal for anyone to post any flooding related material online: mobile.twitter.com/skywalker_2k/status/1276646039685120002DEPUTY WATER MINISTER YE JIANCHUN HAS TALKED TO XINHUA FINANCIAL ABOUT THE SITUATION [BLACK SWAN EVENT]twitter.com/XinhuaFinancial/status/1275522290319491077?s=19Floods in China force evacuation of millions, cause 24.1b yuan loss: hk.appledaily.com/us/20200625/IYTJFWGDSKVGLCHPNW4ES7GKQU/The CCP has already begun to release water from the dam without informing people downstream: m.ntdtv.jp/2020/06/44034/WUHAN Upgrade Storm Rain Red Warning: weibo.com/tv/v/J8sCsBI72?fid=1034:4520166357139475The video was posted June 25. Apparently this video is of Duyun, Guizhou: weibo.com/tv/v/J8f15ziJl?fid=1034:4519643327430669Massive flood creates a waterfall in a local Chinese market. Authorities say flood control is now at a critical stage: mobile.twitter.com/ChinaInFocusNTD20 Million dollars bridge destroyed: theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/unfinished-multi-million-dollar-bridge-swept-away-by-flood-in-china_3400787.html?v=ulMore flooding videos:youtu.be/E4psLgFzlt0Residential areas changed into rivers, cars were washed away by the currentstwitter.com/caijinglengyan/status/1275806845873995776Video captures of the flooding in Hunan from earlier this month:n.miaopai.com/media/DRQhWdpKvEsltQbBZOiDJtkqvcJioCfeJournal Dump on everything wrong with Three Gorge's Dam, conjured by a hydrology expert, a former Chinese resident, Wang Weiluo.journal.probeinternational.org/?s=Wang Weiluo

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I'm gonna sleep, we need a new baker. I will continue tomorrow.

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>Dam: still intactlol, still intactHow many years has it stayed intact? Seventeen years? Eighteen years?

>>265083715>nothingburger thread #37Have sex

>>265083843I'll bake some tasty bread for you.

>>265083962why is it post number two every time

>>265083962holy shit, you get the second post everytime. Serious dedication. Forever in the halls of Holla Forums legend you will walk.

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>>265084137This leaf...has no life. Which I guess isn't saying much.

>So basically shit is flooding?>Afriad to release too much water for fear downstream?>They are starting to flood as well?And that's a good thing!

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FYI: THE DISCUSSION HERE HAS MOVED AWAY FROM ANALYZING IMAGES AND MAPS OF THE DAM!.This video below explains why -- and how -- the Chicoms literally distort maps of China. youtube.com/watch?v=L9Di-UVC-_4&feature=youtu.be[Open]SUMMARY OF THE DISCUSSION THUS FAR:- China is now facing historic heavy rainfall and floods that are occurring at an early moment prior to the start of their annual flood season. The scale of the heavy rain and flooding can reasonably be said to be affecting roughly ~3/4 of the Yangtze River region. The reason why the Yangtze River region is significant, is because this river is what flows into, and through, the 3GD. Considering the current geopolitical tensions, the effects of these heavy rains and floods are likely to have a negative impact on China's economic and agricultural output and may even threaten the CCP's hold on power. In fact, recent information slowly emerging from China suggests this event will bring serious implications for the Chicoms, regardless of whether or not the Three Gorges Dam (3GD) experiences structural damage. So far information has been shared which both reports on, and shows evidence of, property and agricultural damage on a massive scale. The most important factor to remember here, is that all of these events are occurring at the start of their annual flood season (which runs from July-August), and even without the 3GD suffering from structural damage. Finally, to make this discussion even more interesting, Wuhan just reported a red alert rain warning. Since Wuhan is located downstream from the 3GD, it's plausible Wuhan will soon be flooded.Thank you for lending your time with this matter./end.

>>265084399based>>265084220stop dicksucking I solved reliigion

>>265084399It's a bit of a no-win situation. Either they release the water and kill a few people maybe saving the dam or wait and see and maybe the dam survives.

>>265083962>And as I read Gary's post, I snickered to myself.>How little did I know, just 4 months ago.>Back when headlines were full of Democratic debates and DNC corruption.>Back when Australia was on fire, and we were ushering in a new decade.>It all seems so silly, now.>But yet I find solace in knowing that in some ways, the only thing that hasn't changed is that he's still here.>I guess in some ways, that's the only real thing that's stayed intact.

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>NO NEWS FROM THE FLOODS SINCE 4 DAYS AGO.Sounds like a nothingburger to me

More heavy rain expected in Wuhan and Hubei province throughout the weekend. See the attached image for the Weibo post.>Wuhan Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm warning signal at 19:15 on June 26. The Hubei Meteorological Observatory also predicted that from 27 to 28, Hubei will experience heavy rainfall from west to east, accompanied by significant short-term heavy precipitation and strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds. Among them, there are heavy rains and some heavy rains in western Hubei, northern Jianghan Plain, and western northeastern Hubei. During the Dragon Boat Festival, on the way back, pay attention to safety!

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>>265085049Hurry up and collapse you motherfucker.

>>265084814Knowing China they'll probably opt to save the dam.

>>265084110>>265085027Latest satellite pic says you're wrong. It's about to blow

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>>265085027If the dam was fine, wouldn't Chinese State Media prove it with pictures?

Yangtze River downstream rising!Date: June 26, 2020>The water level of the Yichang section of the Yangtze River rose.>Jiangxin Island Rouge Dam in Yichang section of the Yangtze River has been basically submerged.And:>Recently, due to the recent continuous rainfall, the water level of the Yichang section of the Yangtze River has risen, and the Gezhouba Water Control Project has opened its gate to discharge water. Since entering the plum on June 8, Hubei Province has been hit by four consecutive heavy rains. The average rainfall across the province is 189 millimeters, which is nearly 1.7 times the historical average over the same period and more than 3 times the local level. As of 8 o'clock on the 22nd, there have been more than 500 millimeters of rainfall in multiple stations in Luotian, Yingshan, Hefeng, Dangyang and other counties and cities in Hubei Province. At 18 o'clock on the 22nd, Hubei started the flood control level IV emergency response. The picture shows the Gezhouba Water Control Project opening the gate to discharge water.The image attached to this post is a Google translation of the article. Link to article:m.chinanews.com/wap/detail/pic/138936.shtmlAnd to repeat from the above quote:>and the Gezhouba Water Control Project has opened its gate to discharge water.

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>>265085352I'm gonna take increased artificial warping on imagery as a sign that things are getting worse, but they're obfuscating how much worse.

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>>265085398just like Xi never shows his face with regard to coronaas long as he hides, the normies won't know the difference.as long as they don't show the dam, normies won't know the difference.normies reality is based on what the media shows them. sad but true.

>>265085352concrete doesn't flex like that without massive cracks appearing. the maps are distotrted, stop getting my hopes up with this unrealistic crap, troll nigger

>>265085398What do you expect them to take fucking pictures of?If the dam weren't fine, it's not like it would be on fire or have a gigantic fucking hole in it or something that would preclude them from taking photos of it appearing structurally intact.

I reckon Trump is Haarping the fuck out of them.


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>>265085839Wouldn't you?

>>265085705>concrete doesn't flex like that without massive cracks appearingyoutube.com/watch?v=KRutAt0FlGA

>>265085705they used rubber instead of steel reinforcements, pretty clever

>>265085884I'd probably just parachute a few thousand beavers into the dam catchment area.

>>265086074Fuckin chinamen wouldn't know what hit em


>>265085877We /Einstein-Rosen Bridge/ now.

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The CCP must be held responsible for this

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>>265085877Oh my God the Chinese communist party is fucked

>>265085633Chinese politicians don't rule. They have a power structure beneath them that keeps people in line. Meanwhile they spend 90% of their time making sure one of their coworkers isn't sneaking up on them with a knife.

>>265086192They just think it's lunch time.


>>265085877This is clearly the correct design. It should have been made like this from the beginning.

>>265085933most of that is steel. the concrete side walks are comprised of segmented pieces which are less prone to cracking under those circumstances. you can bet there were cracks in the asphalt - you just cant see them

>>265086516we also cant see cracks in the dam consider our only photos of it are from outer-fucking-space

>>265086389You don’t rule either, America does.

>>265086390It's a blessing from the gods right when they were getting bored of bat soup

>>265086256Oh my god it even got the text. That is one warped dam. I have a question... why can I never see the text labels when I visit a place in real life? Do they just make it so you can't see them up close?

In these threads ive seen>cars being washed away>bridges being washed away>bad ass torando>bad ass water spout>corona virus shaped tennis sized hail>chinks getting pelted with said hail>garyThanks for the effort bros. These threads are comfy and a nice reprive from the sliding catalog.

Rate my short story on a 1-10 scale:....Admiral Faller ripped the electrodes from the Boston Terriers head that connected her with the weapon system of Space Force Frigate Resolute II. The Boston Terrier looked up puzzled at the Admiral.“You killed the chink insectoid women, the chink insectoid childr-“Boston Terrier #32B interrupted Admiral Faller mid sentence with a sharp and cold telepathic message, “I was executing the mission. Now plug me back in.”The Admirals face turned ashen, realizing the endless hours of footage they had shown the Boston Terriers of the chinese boiling dogs alive had worked a little too well. Him and the DARPA team had created the perfect weapon, but at what cost? Faller now feared what he had created. With a forced and uneasy smile the Admiral plugged Boston Terrier #32B back into the weapons interface, turned slowly towards his console, and watched the fire dance across the surface of Hunan province once again.

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>>265086648we likely won't know the condition of the dam until it collapses all at once

>>265086389the CCP hierarchy is such that the higher you are, the less responsibility and accountability you actually have. And you can also scapegoat people lower in the hierarchy or purge them.

>>265086407its real. its real son

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>>265086812>>bad ass water spout>>corona virus shaped tennis sized hail>>chinks getting pelted with said hailsource?

>>26508686610/10could not put it down

>>265086812>These threads are comfy and a nice reprive from the sliding catalog.Don't forget niggers. The thread is a reprieve from niggers.

>>265086866I want a cool dog I already own a cool cat and he's real cool

>>265083715Come oh holy Kek and bring thy will upon this dam

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>>265086979I don’t have the water spout vid but I’ve seen it too

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>>265086866Kek. If you reverse the modes of speaking, it'd be funnier. A racist Boston Terrier sounds like pure meme magic.

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>>265086256Once it deforms into a swastika we can have a twitter outrage mob ban the dam.

>>265086979>corona hailbased hail struck Beijing this week

>>265086866Also 9/10, I get what you're going for, starting in media res but if I were writing it I'd ramp up slower, give hints that get more and more direct until the final truth comes out. Gives the reveal that much more oomph.

>>265085877Holy shit, a flood just flew over my house.

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>>265087333>>265087435lol its a sign. Heaven is angry at China

>>265087463thats a big flood

>>265087530It's not angry. It's disappointed. Mandate revoked.

>>265087333also TRIPS OF TRUTH>>265087530>Heaven is angry at China

>>265087260I guess the time hasn't come yet.. please take this moment to move your ppl to safety China you know your shit is broken

>>265087530they lost heaven mandate>belly of dragon will drip water

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>>265087986if a piece of the dam comes off, will they die?

>>265087744Can someone please tell me why THIS prophecy is so heavily referenced? What gave it more authority over other all the other bullshit that goes on here?

>>265086074Canadian Special Forces deployment when?

>>265086866>Him and the DARPA team had created>Him had createdPretty embarrassing that your English is worse than mine, American.

>>265085877Looks like things are really spiraling out of control nowIt's Real!!! OH NO !!!!!

>>265088235It would be extremely soggy.

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Following up with this post >>265085485Notice it mentions the following:>The Gezhouba Water Control Project has opened its gates to discharge waterAccording to Wiki:>The dam sits a few kilometers upstream from downtown Yichang, just downstream of the fall of the Huangbo River into the Yangtze. Construction started on December 30, 1970 and ended on December 10, 1988. So this dam seems pretty old, by Chicom dam standards.Curiously, there is more information about the Three Gorges Dam than this Gezhouba dam -- yet the Gezhouba dam is old than 3GD by a few decades.Found an article with details about the Gezhouba dam, or "Gezhouba Water Project,' however struggling to find an illustrated map, hopefully to scale, that show this Gezhouba dam related to the 3GD. Has this information been shared in a previous bread and was missed somehow? The article is attached to this post as an image and is available via this link: yangtze.com/blog/more-facts-about-the-gezhouba-dam/Also, notice this statement from the post above:>Jiangxin Island Rouge Dam in Yichang section of the Yangtze River has been basically submerged.Looking at the photos, it *appears* (don't know for certain) that the Gezhouba Water Project (or dam) seems to be built adjacent to an island. Considering the article reports an island being "submerged" within the same region, is there something potentially serious going on here?What if *this* dam suffers from structural damage? Again, see this >>265085485 for the update on rising water levels in Yangtze downstreamWhat's the relation between this older dam, which appears to be downstream from the 3GD, and the 3GD itself? Does anyone have more information to share on this developing story?

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>>265086979>hit with hailmobile.twitter.com/MgOqkzLBRPLCHyN/status/1276339253031493632?s=19>tornadohttps://mobile.twitter.com/P6AX3Er3HqoQynY/status/1276366556184719360?s=19Pic related is water spout. Cant find video.

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I said that I was going to sleep soon. But holy shit, Wuhan might be kill.

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>>265083715mexanon, you're really on top of baking today, GG no homo. I had other shit to do and it all kept going along nicely

>>265088516We need to meme more rain into China

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>>265083715>used my sarcastic suggestion for an OPKek, you cheeky bastard.

>>265088516Very wide but not near remotely as high, If it failed it would be a minor happening. If 3GD fails this will not do anything to stop the pain.

>>265088638thanks user

>>265089191Wish we could have videos.

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>aDaPt 2030 HAS COVERED THE DAM we did it!youtube.com/watch?v=paWbUs93hmM

The dam isn't going anywhere you dumb niglets

>>265087361Except for the aesthetic

>dam habbeningthe shittiest and gayest of all happenings

>>265089687It's pretty based senpai it's accelerating this clown year

>>265088280It's a good riddle from last election year. The prophecy probably brings a lot of people back to the feels they felt during meme magic's premiere.

>>265089612>>265089687The dam is gonna collapse, destroy dozens of major Chinese cities, destroy 1/3 of China's farm production, kill hundreds of millions of people, and cause a tsunami that destroys the West Coast USA. This is the happening you have been waiting for

>>265090029these are the posts i wish got digits

>>265088638spout is from september last year

>>265089606>"When that island nearly disappears in front of the dam, with the spiral bridge on the left, the lake level will be around 160 to 170 meters."There we go boys, we got our indicator. If we see a satellite image that shows the island nearly under water, then it's getting near to the top of the damn. Add this to the bread info mexibro, thanks!

>>265089297>Very wide but not near remotely as high, If it failed it would be a minor happening.Seems this way because the dams are so close together, at least according to the map attached to this post. However maps of the GZD are not as easy to find compared to the 3GD. Which is strange, considering its decades old. The map shows TGD (Three Gorges Dam) and the GZD (Gezgouba Dam) with short red lines. The dams seem to be rather close to one another. The map was found from an article title "Influence of Large Reservoir Operation on Water-Levels and Flows in Reaches below Dam: Case Study of the Three Gorges Reservoir" at nature.com.Since the article in the post here >>265085485 mentions that the GZD has started to release water, is it fair to suspect that the flood waters from upstream have already hit 3GD? Why? Since both dams are so close together, and considering the heavy rains within the region, it seems the GZD would have to follow what the 3GD does. So, if the 3GD opens to release water downstream, then the GZD would have to as well. No?This scenario might also explain why there have been reports of the Yangtze's water level rising in Wuhan.

Attached: 3GD GZD map from nature.com .png (1017x510, 339.57K)

>>265083715What do you mean "the firewall is activated" you low effort pajeet shill? Think we can't check?There's like a billion news items every day on this.News:toutiao.com/search/?keyword=洪水Videos:https://www.ixigua.com/search/洪水新闻2020

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>>265089606>>265090378>youtube.com/watch?v=EOxF-QiALskanother based video

I found a weibo channel that hosts live streams daily. Over 3 hours of footage, and houses see in the video floating down stream.Great footage to dig through!>live.media.weibo.com/show?id=1042152:a092671fc7e7ea22f203236c734289b7 >>265091503>>265090876

>>265091503>unprecedented rains since the 1940's>still much more to come

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Wuhan Water Level Advisory:Date: June 27, 2020See the attached image.>Yangtze River Network June 26 (Reporter Wang Yiren) According to the official website of the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, at 10 o'clock on the 26th, the water level of the Yangtze River in Wuhan reached 24 meters, and the water level was 1 meter away.>At 8 pm, a reporter from the Yangtze River Network saw at the Hankou River Beach that the rising water has submerged the first-level hydrophilic platform, and a red warning line appeared on the edge of the second-level hydrophilic platform. A warning sign was erected at the scene to warn citizens that tourists should not swim.>Affected by rainfall and upstream water, the current water level is still rising, reminding the public to pay attention to safety when playing. In the event of an accident, please call 82774567 in time.>It is understood that the flood control level in Wuhan is divided into three levels. Based on the Wuhan water level, the water level is 25.00 meters, the warning level is 27.30 meters, and the guaranteed level is 29.73 meters.Link to the advisory (translated in this post with Google): news.cjn.cn/sywh/202006/t3654216.htmIf we take the current heavy rains affecting Wuhan here >>265085049 and add the report that the Yangtze *is* and the GZD just downstream from the 3GD is releasing water as reported here >>265085485 , then it's reasonable to suspect Wuhan might be in some trouble. Furthermore, an user in a few breads previous was sharing meteorological data that indicated heavy rains were expected for a fair portion of the upstream and downstream Yangtze this weekend. And when we add all of this with the recognition that the upstream flood waters from days ago might be making their way through the downstream river network now, Wuhan might be worth paying attention to.

Attached: Wuhan water level advisory.png (681x712, 131.18K)

Missed a word in the post here: >>265092215>and add the report that the Yangtze *is* and the GZD just downstream from the 3GD is releasing water Supposed to read:>and add the report that the Yangtze *is* RISING and the GZD just downstream from the 3GD is releasing

>>265092215>>265092392Thanks for all the effort leafbro Shills will ignore it And the mass of info is large enough that it’s hard to sticky But it is appreciated and interesting to consider

>>265090112There are plenty of digits.

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>>265085877oh shit a portal is opening up! what have they done?!

>>265086979>plague>locusts>floods>hail>tornadoesI'd say the mandate of heaven is lost

>>265091950good link. the water is currently slightly lower now that it was in this video: >>265091503but there are supposedly 10 more days of insane rains still coming. sticky this link threadbaker

>>265084976Maybe the real disaster was the shitposts we made along the way.

>>265092927Gonggong will emerge from the reservoir and bring down divine punishment.

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>>265083715>>265083843Watching some of these videos and blown away I haven’t seen anything on it until now. >Anons like you make this board great

This amateur video posted on June 24, 2020, seems to confirm that the water in Wuhan is rising. The attached image is a screen capture from the video.Here is the link to the video:ixigua.com/i6841780938616078856/The caption for the video was translated with Google.Not saying that Wuhan will be flooded because don't know, although it's possible considering the circumstances: heavy rains and flooding upstream Yangtze, Wuhan is downstream and currently experiencing heavy rain. Also, it's worth noting that reading through some news articles about Wuhan's past, the city is known to experience water troubles, such as flooding. Finally, the water advisory posted here >>265092215 is dated June 27, while the video in this post is dated June 24, indicating that the water has been rising for at least a few days.

Attached: Wuhan water rising June 24.png (939x682, 672.77K)

>>265091503This is the year from hell.

>>265094336Let the water wash away your sins.

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>>265085877that's actually a pretty smart dam design, make the water go in swirl rather than press against a wall.

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>>265094776This is when satan reveal himself so that we can throw him and his disciples in the lake of fire like in the "Apocalypse" it is necessary...I wonder if the sulphur smell that people sensed some months ago has to do with him

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>>265095158It's my idea and you can't have it.


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>>265095424>it's realwhat does this mean?

>>265095424I can see why they would temporarily close it. But permanently? That's a very specific thing. I run some businesses on google and that's not something you do lightly. That being said It's China so I'm sure they could just open it whenever.

>>265095424haha its real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>265095755no idea. it's news to me as well. i jewgled 'three gorges dam' yesterday and did not notice it say permanently closed. yeah i manage some jewgle my business locations, usually if it's a tourist destination we would mark it temporarily closed due to the goyvid. this is very peculiar and implies that a potential habbening is indeed on the horizon. buckle up, frens.


June 27, 2020>Yichang Meteorological Observatory issued three consecutive warningsIsn't the 3GD located within the vicinity of Yichang?>Yichang Meteorological Station>Send 3 warning signals in a row!>8:19 Rainstorm Yellow Warning>9:11 Rainstorm orange warning>9:55 Rainstorm Red WarningLink to article (translated with Google): t.m.youth.cn/transfer/toutiao/url/3g.youth.cn/rmtj/202006/t20200627_12385609.htm?tt_group_id=6842894275538059784See attached image. 1 of 3.The image is a screen capture of the entire page. It's worth checking out the page in order to better understand the magnitude of the flooding because some of the images are gifs and are too biig to share here.

Attached: June 27 -- 3 warnings 1 of 3.png (728x5804, 3.36M)

Shows over, they reinforced the dam.

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See >>2650962662 of 3

Attached: June 27 -- 3 warnings 2 of 3.png (728x6321, 3.51M)

>>265096180duno lol axe xinnie the pooh.>>265095755>>265095424for comparison see attached>>265095982of course it's real i don't lie on 4chan :o)youtube.com/watch?v=NJz5tVJRSdo

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>>265096369>1st picthe fuck? Is that sonic the hedgehog?

>>265095424kek the dam is definitely going to collapse etybiodtbdfkytbluf.

See >>2650963693 of 3

Attached: June 27 -- 3 warnings 3 of 3.png (728x5962, 3.57M)

>>265096457i may or may not want to buy a few of these 3x china bear etfs hah

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i just typed "three gorges dam" into youtube and one of the top recommended adds in "collapse simulation".

>>265096722>KEK WILLS IT

>>265096722Same in Japanese.

Once we hit thread 1488 the dam will surely collapse. Digits will confirm

>>265096844Digits never lie lads. Time to start bumping like crazy

>>265096844>thread 1488we're gonna be here awhile

>>265095424it's open

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>>265097116No, it appears very closed.

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>>265097116Nice try chink

>>265097116>8 reviewslol


Attached: 3GD.png (456x473, 42.91K)

>>265097682>>265097258I know you're having fun and all, but all this means is "we don't know when it'll reopen" it's not even the Ching Chong government generating this info, it's google.

the "Gezhouba Dam" is not marked as closed. also on the yangtze

The Communist Party of China has just released this infographic that illustrate possible danger points but has reassured President Xi is closely monitoring the situation...or at least that's what I got with Google Traductor

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>>265098129Put a tarp over it!

>>265098047it does look suspicious though dunnitgoogle doesn't automatically mark places as permanently closed. but it can be done by just random users reporting it as such.t. one of the world's greatest SEO and google listing managers

>>265098047>we don't know when it'll reopenThey have a temporarily closed status for this.

>>265084136japanon, mexanon baked like 5-6 breads. He did a good job. Thanks for stepping up again baker. I'm still trying to catch up

India will send some covert-pajeets over there to drop turds, and that will be the final straw on the camel's back.

>>265098335They'll just tilt the Earth backwards to keep the water in.

The Three Gorges Dam's flood discharge channels are all open

Attached: Annotation 2020-06-27 161728.png (481x865, 278.93K)

>>265097116Open up the gates.

>>265098561>Mysterious mystery flag.Also my Chinese isn't what my Japanese is but he appears to be telling the truth based on what's written in the picture.

Attached: ダウンロード (1).png (225x224, 11.35K)

>>265098561More information please.

Okay, so lets say the dam collapses. How do we verify it collapsed knowing China will censor the shit out of it?

Attached: 1593208856050.png (720x1139, 821.53K)

>>265099175Something of that scale could easily be seen from a satellite. I'd wager good money there are some very interested eyes looking at it as we speak.

>>265087333sweet jesus, that's odd.

See >>265096266 for background information on this post.Remember, the following was dated June 27, 2020 (today).>According to the forecast of the Yichang Meteorological Observatory, this morning, our city has precipitation from the southwest to the northeast. At present, there is heavy rain in the urban area of Yichang and its surroundings, east of Changyang, and Yuan'an. According to statistics, from 04-11 to 86 stations greater than 25 mm, 33 stations greater than 50 mm, 8 stations greater than 100 mm, the maximum rainfall is 141.8 mm, and the maximum hourly rainfall is 80.7 mm, all appearing at Nanmuxi Station in the Point Military District.>heavy rain in the urban area of Yichang and its surroundings,Is this the same Yichang where the 3GD is located?On the map from Google attached to this post, you can see 3GD and Yichang. Take into account, however, that maps of China are distorted by the Chicoms so the exact coordinates of locations might be falsely represented on the map, as was shared in a video posted by an user some breads prior to this one.>>265092558>Thanks for all the effort leafbroCheers. And thank you. >>265098048>the "Gezhouba Dam" is not marked as closed. also on the yangtzeVery strange. >>265098561>The Three Gorges Dam's flood discharge channels are all openSo there's been reports of both the 3GD *and* the GZD just downstream, opening and discharging water downstream.And then we have this >>265092215 water advisory in Wuhan, and reports of rising water levels in Wuahn.

Attached: 3GD Yichang - edited.png (1262x619, 594.12K)

Will btc drop its hash rate if the dam goes?

>>265099464I don't know. The only illiquid investments I touch is property.

I want the mystery flag to elaborate on the situation. Piqued my interest.

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>>265099239Good point, the US is definitely watching with a hard on, I'd assume Russia is also watching fearing that if China goes down they would lost a significant ally and be alone.

>>265099881>Russia>AllyRussia treats China as a customer for their arms and otherwise regards them as a massive source of IP theft. They're allies only so far as they won't tolerate American aggression in their sphere of influence.

>>265099576I wonder how difficult it will be to raft up end crystals and 32k tools in minecraft, and leave it upstream for the changs to discover them and blame America: in minecraft.

Here is a recent Weibo post June 27, 2020 (from today) that appears to point to Yichang as being flooded. Again, according to this map, Yichang is within the vicinity of the 3GD and might explain why >>265097682>>265097258>>265095424Noticed that the 3GD is permanently closed. So not only is the upstream portion of the Yangtze getting hit with massive rain and flooding, but now the immediate center -- possibly where the 3GD is located -- is currently experiencing flooding, too.See the attached image of the Weibo post.Here is the link to the video:weibo.com/tv/v/J8yPUeBOH?fid=1034:4520404811972610The rain has flooded the woman's car in the middle of a street. How may this affect the 3GD, if the region of the 3GD itself is being flooded?

Attached: Yichang flood.png (797x641, 236.88K)

>>265083962Lol dammit, Gary


>>265085705>implying it’s a concrete damIdiot

>>265083962Based and Garypilled

Another Weibo post from today, June 27, 2020, commenting on the heavy rain and subsequent flooding in Yichang.(Again, not saying this is the same Yichang adjacent to the 3GD, however it is possible. How many "Yichangs" are there in China?)># Flood the south # # Yichang storm rain # 08-14 today, Hubei Yichang and more sudden rain poured down, leading to "see the sea"circled in red box four sites are located in Yichang , even if precipitation is 24 hours in accordance with standard front three have reached the big storms of rain on the order [decline]so beside the faithful, if violent rain warning appeared in your home, promised newspaper reported must pay attention to their own safety, go outside, far away from low-lying areasSee the attached image for the Weibo post.The post shares an image of Chinese characters that seem to show precipitation volumes measured in millimetres (mm). Does anyone know the translation for the lefthand side of the table? Does that image specify the precipitation amount in Yichang?

Attached: Weibo Yichang flood.png (777x730, 200.8K)

>>265085877Structural engineer here, that is completely normal flex. Dam is fine.

>>265101064Dam expert here, definitely is going to last another 1000 years.

>>265101064based(we have released your family members good work user)

>>265096970Not if we put our minds to it.

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In addition to all of the other heavy rain and flooding factors, what are the possible effects on the 3GD *if* heavy rain and flooding has struck the precise location of the 3GD? Could this be the reason why it's now listed on Google as, "permanently closed"?Does anyone have those meteorological links from previous breads? Perhaps it's possible to determine by those maps whether or not the exact location of the 3GD is currently being pummeled by heavy rain and flooding. Checked simple media weather reports and Yichang is listed to be experiencing heavy rain. However other anons suggested using their links because they're more precise.The image attached to this post is another Weibo post from today, June 27, 2020, indicating that Yichang is being hit my a massive volume of rain that is causing severe flooding.

Attached: Weibo heavy rain Yichang.png (807x761, 286.07K)

>>265100959>(Again, not saying this is the same Yichang adjacent to the 3GD, however it is possible. How many "Yichangs" are there in China?)I'm pretty sure it is the same one. The screenshot says "Hubei Yichang," and the Yichang in Hubei is where the TGD is.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YichangAnyway, I haven't found any other places called Yichang, but there are a couple called Yicheng.

rolling for the Dam's flood discharge channels being what causes the dam to break, overshooting on releasing the water hastily stopping them from closing it back up, or the forceful ejection causing significant erosion and tearing through the foundation like butter

>>265083962I love you, Gary!

>>265101599rare get

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>>265101755O fug

>>265087333Looks like a corona fuck you hailstorm

>>265101755Well, you've been checked son

>>265101730Typical chang naming system

>>265087333uma delica

Following up with this post >>265100959Was able to use a mobile device with a camera as a means to try and translate the items within that table. If the translation was accurate, then that means all three items within the red square are Hubei province.Also, the second item in the red square showed this:XX, Hubei -- 2031.mm>Yichang, Hubei -- 134mmXX, Hubei -- 105.0mmUnfortunately, do not know what all those characters mean so cannot confirm whether the table is a reference to precipitation in a few hours, one day, a few days, a week, and so on. It's also worth adding that the majority of the items in the list seem to have "Hubei" as the province.

>>265101755I'll have a spin.

>>265101755please erode. please erode. please erode.

>>265101730>I'm pretty sure it is the same one. The screenshot says "Hubei Yichang," and the Yichang in Hubei is where the TGD is.Yes. Seems as though you are correct. Found a post on Weibo (in the image attached) that refers to the flood region as:>Yichang, HubeiIf so, this might be significant because the 3GD is located within the vicinity.Also, notice that the post is from 6 minutes ago, which suggests the flood is occurring today, June 27, 2020.

Attached: Yichang Hubei flood.png (817x551, 126.73K)


>Japan twitter having a countdown to the bursting.This might actually happen lads. There's simply too much water.

>>265102392203mm is a lot of rain. Its definitely flooding worse than it did the other day

>>265103031Next step will be worldwide food export bans.

so, was this foreshadowing?a shot across the bow, as it were?

Attached: 1530 hours in beijing.webm (1280x720, 2.38M)

Finding more Weibo users posting reports of the flooding in Yichang. Many posts have been posted just minutes ago. See the attached image for some Weibo user comments on the current heavy rain and flooding in Yichang, Hubei. Again, considering Yichang, Hubei is (according to Google maps) fairly close to the 3GD, these heavy rains and the flooding might be significant.

Attached: June 27 Yichang flood.png (822x752, 132.69K)

>>265083962Hi Gary,It seems that your comments are on point but are not in the spirit of things. Perhaps you should develop a more negative attitude in the future.Best Regards,David

>>265103244The fuck is this?

>>265103244very useful without audio. ffs

chekdAlso wtf does google earth have water showing on low-lying areas?

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>>265085352fuck you guys are stupid.that picture has been clearly edited

>>265100959>>265102392I tried it with my phone as well, and I got:>6 hours of precipitation>June 27, 09:00-14:00If they're going to get 134mm in six hours, that sounds like a pretty big deal, since 142mm would be an average month's worth of rain in June for Yichang.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yichang#Climate

>>265103550and the picture is from 2020

Attached: g4563g.jpg (1194x849, 312.98K)

>>265083715This HAS to be retribution being perpetrated by joint-spook agencies. The chinks MUST pay.

>>265103905google does so much Chicom dick sucking we have no idea if its from now. saw different pic in a video where that entire section just looked to be pasted in. if this were current. the water would all be brown and the access road to the little island wouldnt be showing.

Attached: 1592868704891.png (1254x1196, 774.79K)

>>265104153could it be a flood map you shill?

>>265083715>Own country is literally on fire, negros raping people and setting them on fire>Street in China has a few inches of water>"Oh we've got them now boys"Why are Americans so weak and so homosexual?Why do you act like they've never seen proper weather?Don't you have hurricanes and typhoons and tornadoes and snowstorms and such?

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>>265104149Think about the animals chinks tortured on their lands.

>>265104153That's the thing, if the dam failed and killed 100s of millions of people the US would release Satellite photos, you cant just hide something on that big of a scale, covid deaths are easy to hide, when you can see it from space.Holla Forums is fucking retarded.

Japs are saying the dam is currently 3m over the danger level despite releasing water.Any confirmation?

>>265104479Not to mention the dam gets around 2 million visitors every year from all over the world.

>>265104256>country is literally on fire, negros raping people and setting them on fire>so weak and so homosexual?>swedenaaah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-!!

Attached: 1559901426652.jpg (480x726, 89.28K)

Attached to this post is an image screen capped from the video shared in the Weibo post here >>265103255 . It's incredible that all of this water is from a short period of rain. Therefore it's reasonable to think that the translation in the post here >>265102392 was correct, and Yichang, Hubei might be experiencing ~134mm of rain.Here is the link to the video:weibo.com/tv/v/J8AzYuYlI?fid=1034:4520472336072744Google translated caption of the video:>On June 27, 2020, Yichang was hit by torrential rain and flooding the city! Since Yichang, Hubei (according to Google maps) is located immediately downstream from the 3GD, where is it located in terms of the GZD? For information on the GZD see this post >>265088516 . What if Yichang, Hubei, is located in between the 3GD and the GZD? What are the possible effects if this scenario occurs?In either case, it makes sense why Wuhan has a rising water level advisory as posted here >>265092215 ... All of this water is going to be flowing somewhere, and since all of these locations are upstream from Wuhan along the Yangtze, flooding in Wuhan is becoming more and more plausible. >>265103829>I tried it with my phone as well, and I got:>6 hours of precipitation>June 27, 09:00-14:00>If they're going to get 134mm in six hours, that sounds like a pretty big deal, since 142mm would be an average month's worth of rain in June for Yichang.Incredible. Considering the previous posts in this thread about 3GD "permanently closed", and recognizing all this rain and flooding *might* be very close to the 3GD, this situation has the potential for not-so-good outcomes.

Attached: Yichang Hubei heavy rain and flood.png (460x767, 332.41K)

>>265104547Every day the same stupid arguments. Why is the dam listed as permanently closed right now? Why is there flooding in Wuhan? Why is there a media blackout on flood reporting? There's some serious questions being raised here and the rain keeps getting worse.

>>265104523Last I checked it was two meters above the minimum level not the "danger level" whatever that is.147m out of a maximum 185m, 145m is the minimum.It's actually LOWERED during flood season from the normal operating level of 175m.So it's nowhere near capacity.

Attached: v2-6e23ce954905e4792a3d27e3dbc509d6_1440w.jpg (196x151, 4.43K)

>>265104547It's just more anti-Chinese propaganda from retards who blame China for everything.Floods happen all over the world, look at the Philippines their major cities flood every fucking year.

>>265104523>the dam is currently 3m over the danger level the dam is currently 3m over the danger level >the dam is currently 3m over the danger level the dam is currently 3m over the danger level >the dam is currently 3m over the danger level

Attached: 1592284434670.png (267x215, 128.46K)

>>265104758Your information is old.

>>265104607I'm Chinese, study in Sweden though. Aren't Finns famous in Europe for being fags who fuck each others in saunas though?

>>265104683Why are you so invested in what the Chinese are doing, if the dam fails it will be all over global news. You cant hide something on that scale.ffs, grow a brain.

>>265104547>Not to mention the dam gets around 2 million visitors every year from all over the world.Not any more.See the attached image.Your post just helped support this general.

Attached: 3GD permanently closed.png (482x622, 46.62K)

>>265104812and if that is true and it hasn't come crashing down the dam is working over its limits.right, so what does that tell you?

>>265104758The 147m was the level before the flooding from a few days ago had reached the dam. Media blackout and theres no way of knowing how full it is.

>>265104683There is no media blackout on reporting as you can see if you do a simple search. I don't get how you can claim this with a straight face.News:toutiao.com/search/?keyword=洪水Videos:https://www.ixigua.com/search/洪水新闻2020

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>>265104758This is brilliant, as long as you don't consider they're trying their best to drain it by sending all of that water down stream, flooding these retard chinks without notice. You keep moving your goal posts, contrarian child.

>>265104947You don't think it might be temporarily closed to tourists because there's a fucking rainstorm going on?

>>265104947There is this thing going around called Covid19, you buffoon.

We are absolutely positive that China can contain the viru-, I mean the dam.

>>265104256We chased the tornadoes and shot missiles into them to test HAARP. Now fuck off.

>>265103550>water showing on low-lying areas?You mean the blue roofs?

>>265105097permanently closed

>>265104962Its gonna fail hard because there is 10 more days of heavy rain coming directly

Attached: 8eace1dea951f107de085cd1beac0300.jpg (260x367, 100.29K)

>>265104998That is so much bullshit.Obviously you drain it as much and as often as possible because otherwise it would fill up. The goal is to have it at a constant level so that it's able to fill up when there's a surge.Also I think you're the one at odds with reality here.

Attached: v2-65317dbe4f6125baba7e3a02cc1148d4_1440w.jpg (230x106, 5.54K)

>>265104976There's an omission of some vital information in those articles. Yore such a shitty foreign asset. Last night you claimed to be an engineer

the amount of CCP shills in this thread has noticeably increased, sounds like we're getting closer to shit going down

>>265105374just like it was with kung-flu

>>265105174You're the foreign asset faggot-san.

Found an article with some solid info (in Chinese). Too long to copy and paste the whole things, so I'll just quote a few parts:huacheng.gz-cmc.com/pages/2020/06/27/4dbbf349ec4b407dbe0671a19280cda1.html>"Temperate typhoon" generated in Hubei, will be stronger than typhoon parrot! Yichang has stormed the city>At 9 a.m. on June 27, Yichang, Hubei suddenly experienced heavy rain.>By 11:00 am, more than 60 millimeters of precipitation had occurred in Xiling District and eastern Changyang. Heavy rain caused severe waterlogging in some sections of the urban area, causing traffic jams in some urban areas. Yichang Yuanan rained 75.2 millimeters, and the accumulated rainfall in the three hours in the morning reached 129.2 millimeters. The rainfall in Yichang city also reached 74.1 mm, and the water accumulation in the city was serious.>At 12:40, the Yichang City Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm warning signal: At present, more than 90 mm of precipitation has occurred in Wujiagang District. It is expected that the precipitation will continue in the next 3 hours, accompanied by lightning, gusts 6-8, urban waterlogging, small and medium river flood weather The risk is high.>Yichang Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm warning signal at 09:55 on June 27, 2020: At present, more than 60 mm of precipitation has occurred in Xiling District and eastern Changyang. It is expected that there will still be 40-60 mm of precipitation in the next 3 hours. Mountain floods and geological disasters , Urban waterlogging, high meteorological risk of small and medium river floods. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism urgently notified that all water-related scenic spots will be temporarily closed after the safe evacuation of existing tourists!

>>265105507did ccp evacuate your family already, chang?

>>265105264>Its gonna do this because I said soI'm screen capping all these. for the next This is going to happening in China conspiracy theory. thanks.

>>265105125>There is this thing going around called Covid19, you buffoon.Hence, "permanently" close and not *temporarily" closed. And I'm not a "buffoon," I'm a retard. You fucking moron. >>265105097>You don't think it might be temporarily closed to tourists because there's a fucking rainstorm going on?Again: >Hence, "permanently" close and not *temporarily" closed. >>265105374>the amount of CCP shills in this thread has noticeably increased, sounds like we're getting closer to shit going downExactly!Do you notice that the moment we discover the 3GD is *permanently* closed and there is a significant weather event developing within the immediate vicinity of the 3GD, while upstream is getting continuously pummeled by historic rain and flooding, and now Wuhan is on the verge of flooding, the shills start posting in the thread in order to distract the discussion? Very strange indeed.

this faggot dam is still somewhat intact? its fucking time for a happening

>>265105600Go suck your father's chorizo Spanish faggot.

>>265096662Typical chinese construction.

Shills must have gotten a new memo. Something is happening.

>>265105815>>265105600apparently it didn't

>>265105905it might have already happened for all we know and the sensitive information getting out of china...might be possible a smaller damn upstream from the Three Gorges has just broken, who knows?

>>265105784The US has HAARP'd the fuck out of China, and the rains will be pouring down for the next 20 years. That's why they had to close the dam down for good.

>>265083962yes bu not for very long

>>265104683>>265104683They need to have the media blackout because naturally this level of a disaster would be a huge story. But they need to reserve the entire news cycle for BLM, because they are trying to pull off a coup d'etat.

>>265105548Not even flood season and precipitation levels are exceeding monthly averages. They are so fucked.


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>>265105784>Significant weather event yada yadaYeah it's called the rainy season. It sort of comes every year. That's the main reason why there are dams in the first place.

mobile.twitter.com/MgOqkzLBRPLCHyN/status/1276784328588947457>It's nothing! Don't you feel sleepy?

>>265105905Meters of rain accumulation in the next week, some areas of upstream Yangtze getting over 2 meters.

What chinks can't see it will seethe.