Time to round up some commies

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I just want them to round up niggers and Jews. Whites should have free speech and freedom of association.

>>265083566mass hangings when

>>265083566How is the boog meme even mentioned in the same light as antifa or blm is beyond me.

>>265083566Nadler said antifa is imaginary

>>265083566so what will the ratio be, 10 "boogaloos" for every antifa, and the antifa gets a slap on the wrist?

>>265083772I've suspected that the boog's been a brain child of the usual suspects to false flag then destroy the 2A.

>>265083566mass wrist slapping incoming hold on to your shekels >>265083566

>>265083772It’s not real and completely a boogy man the media is propping up. If they’re gonna name a boogy man and then antifa, whatever

>>265083772yea i dont get it the boogaloo boys was obviously made up like 2 weeks ago hoping some right wing sacrificial lamb would start shooting

>>265083566>hurrrr let's arrest the retards and not the billionaires idiots. all of you

>>265083566oh shit, what they gon do to the boogaloo boys?

I'd consider all media currently anti gov extremist groups with all of their propaganda

>>265083960>hurrr lets harass the common worker and not the seize the wealth of billionaires I will support any movement who actually focus on the right issues. Even commie fucktards. Too bad they're incompetent.

>>265084216incompetent commie is still a bigger threat to the rich than incompetent boogaloo retards

>>265083566No. He means /pol

>>265083941Barr addressed this in his address on June 1, he said they were aware that certain groups were posing as other groups and making the appearance of other agitators.

>>265084145CNN was slobbering allover Raz's knob yesterday so you're objectively correct.

>>265083772Because they're going to come after Whites you dumb fucking faggot Barr is a Jew just because they take out some lefty faggots doesn't mean the government is suddenly not kiked

>>265085782sadly this. Too many dualies in our gov, we are essentially israels bitch to the point they rub it in our face.

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Say goodbye to Antifa, BLM, Unicorn Riot, and SnowflakesAll organized on the side of the "victim" or "protagonist"Then there are the Proud Boys, Minutemen, Alt Right, other groups that are masked as the "provacateurs" or "antagonists"And then the sly puppet constituents of their political partisanship All playing "My Opinion Is Important" and "I Want It Or Else"

Congress will stop him by subpoena over the Friday Night Massacre drama.Trump really threw him under the buss on this one. Really disappointed.

>>265083566>going afterwhat happened to the mythical "hur dur gonna be designated at Terrorists" bwahhaahahahamore fucking nothing, from the do nothing Orange Leader.whats next?gonna lock her up?and end DACA?hahahahahaha

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>>265086549>Say goodbye to Antifa, BLM, Unicorn Riot, and SnowflakesNONE of that will happen.been saying the same bullshit for 3 and 1/2 fucking years.

>>265083772well considering they're organizing on faceberg and not /k/ suggests it's a honeypot. I'm not even surprised by this. >Antifa commits terrorism with violent niggers>drumpf admin does nothing>finally calls Antifa terrorists>DOJ decides it's going to go after "boog" memberslol ok faggot. they had like maybe 12 people out at the rallies doing nothing but standing around with tacticool gear and meme patches. literally doing nothing. and yet the DOJ has to make sure the jews know that they're going to expend enormous resources to go after these loiterers. wow. i'm not sure i am tired of winning

>>265083566haha..Nothing will happen.These faggots created antifa, and I don't mean indirectly.They know exactly who runs this shit..Bill Ayers and others allowed to walk free and openly undermine the Republic for decades.Nigger tier government.

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>>265083848i wonder who's at virtually every rally committing acts of violence then? Is it the feds? Sure seems like it given NONE of them ever go to jail. Watching bikelock fag just walk right out with nary a slap on the wrist was a bitter pill. Surely someone who commits 12 acts of attempted murder should at least get 10 hours of community service but no, not in our jewish wonderland.

shit president will continue to do nothing. the fbi works in lockstep with antifa.

>>265087917Welcome to Clown World where the terrorists ARE the feds.

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>and those who support the "Boogaloo" movementyup, Trump is finally coming for the antisemites

>>265083566The "boogaloo" movement doesn't fucking exist, Barr it's your feds doing it.As for anything Boogaloo, it's not even "anti government", it's just the laughing conservatives watching the government shit itself while they think it's going to crumble on it's ass, on it's own , without even the slightest outside intervention because it's just so fucking incompetent it's managing shit like a retard, so much so, it destroys itself, without the need of anyone else.They are just people prepping for a government collapse and laughing their ass off while looking at the mess the government creates for itself, until the inevitable chaos created by levels of incompetence that shoudln't even be possible. finally happens.The "boogaloo" if it was ever a movement, would be managing with the remnants of a collapsed society because "SHTF" and trying to survive it.It it was a group, it would not be an active "group", it's a pretty passive group that watch it all and laughs their sides to orbit. But the government can't understand that level of hopeless doomer sarcasm about the ever devolving to shit state of affairs.

>>265088966Soldiers are starting to fall for the boogaloo meme, it's backfiring lol.

>>265088966By preparing for the collapse, you cause yourself to resist it less. They fear this, they don't expect the plebs to keep them company post-habbening.

>>265083960You're right on both counts.The government isn't going to be able to remove the real problem itself, because it's controlled by the real problem.

>>265088335I'm actually kinda hoping that the reason the "booglaoo movement" popped up virtually overnight in the MSM is that the IC made it up just to give the appearance of unbiased law enforcement while they fuck up antifa

>>265083881That's my guess. Actual anarchy would be better than this shit. At least we wouldn't have cops holding us down so faggots and niggers can attack us.Don't be decieved by headlines that make it feel like we're winning. Nothing in this country ever improves, things only deteriorate further.One step forward, two steps back.

>>265083566it would be so nice if just ONE time the Trump administration did something and then announced what they accomplished AFTERWARD when there was tangible RESULTS one you kiddos is going to get recruited?

Yawn, nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens.

>>265091460Actually hate to say it but you are right. We are taught these kids will be failures but the kids from the 70s are our leaders now and they are funding this generations assholes. Our police are protecting them and making sure they stay safe and citizens can't hinder their effort to destroy our cities. They have been saying they would stop these people since forever, and they have us believe they are some kind of goofy flower power freaks.

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>>265083960Low IQ. The billionaires are talked about constantly on here. Go back to facebook.

>>265085782>>265087558Alphabet agencies ops are separate from the doj Boogaloo boys was a fucking honeypot any other opinion is a bumbling faggot who hasnt seen the evidence.Why would bar mention them ?Perhaps its a fucking good thing cocksmoke , no one here supports boogie bois Bevause they're feds trying to get us to turn this shit up a notch to give them the excuse to waco all our asses.But now , they're under investigation. Anyone else surprised kikes haven't done a massive ff shooting by whites ??Idiot.Vegas was fbiThey're in big fuckin trouble cunt

>>265091407yeah well my grandmom used to say, "you can hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster"

>>265091460Anarcho-tyranny. They know exactly what they're doing.

>>265086549They won't be going after anti-communists

>>265083724neo-dreyfus affair nigger, please go

>>265092847did she have a scat fetish or something? that's pretty gross

>>265083848i think nadler's legitimacy is imaginary

>>265087917imagine being a neo-dreyfus affair nigger. you'll say anything to ensure the united states becomes hispanic !! f*** you !!!

>>265083566so that's the play? antifa as scapegoat and go after le ebil chuite supremancy

>>265083848Nadler can only imagine what his penis looks like under all that fat he has.

>>265093376i haven't voted in almost 10 years. the people in charge are obligated to do the right thing regardless of who wins the election

>>265083566Saying they're going after antifa and "boogaloo" is a good way to force Democrat support. They Dems spent so much effort on a white supremacist narrative the only way they can oppose this is by admitting they want to shield antifa.

>>265091460>Actual anarchy would be better than this shit. At least we wouldn't have cops holding us down so faggots and niggers can attack us.This. When the police are gone we'll have a free hand to put our house back in order. Every brown face will become a target

>>265083772They needed to make up a fake counterweight so people didn't accuse the DOJ of only going after the left.

>>265093376Boogaloo was created by the left. Antifa ran it and also BLM.They used a mk'd out his fucking mind schizo to shoot a bunch of cops.Before that happened they were shill posting on pol about it. Making fake Boog General #400 threads. You could tell it wasn't organic and was done by retards.Taking them down isn't going to be easy. The media keeps saying shit like "Antifa is loosely organized and just random people bla bla bla" that's not true whatsoever.The FBI and reservist psyop military along with the UN set it upMany false flag shooters were done by them, Dallas shooting, Vegas, the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Boston, probably the school shootings also.The goal has always been to take over the USA by having people beg the UN for help.Create chaos, police quit, globohomo companies decide they want to hire UN police forces and the cities mayors say "Good idea Mr. Shekelberg"All the cities taking part in BLM riots, police stand downs, and mayors saying they want to disband the police are all cities taking part in the UN Strong Cities Network, which was funded by George Soros, the US Department of Justice, and China.Minneapolis was probably entirely staged even the death of George Floyd most likely wasn't real. Obama brought over thousands of Somali men in 2015 and the FBI trained them. All the niggers that were rioting there were probably mostly Somali who haven't even been here 10 years. That picture of the nigger in red with a face mask with 20 bottles of liquor in his pocket. Bet any money he was Somali as well. The famous picture of the niggers beating the cash register with a hammer pointed the wrong way probably more Somali's.The reason the police are being told to stand down by the mayors is because the mayors take orders from the United Nations and ignore the president.Not just in the USA either. Everywhere in the world that has a BLM protest is in a city controlled by the SCN.

>>265083566Next they will go after your guns, they actually already started because Trump is pro new gun reform.>inb4 based because miga

>>265083772They're cia niggers

>>265083566>those who support “Boogaloo” movementWtf does that mean?

>>265083938They are literally BOOGy men.

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>>265095234Barr already knows it's fake and has said so on TV. He said, to my recollection, "Sometimes some groups try to pose as other actors and we know all about it" as near as I can remember. You can watch his June 1st presser for more details. The ATF lady also said it, some Italian broad.

>>265083566Have you ever in your wildest dream thought 20 years ago American government would unironically type out words like "boogaloo" meme seriously? Politics are a joke.

>>265095358The Boogaloo movement started as a joke between a bunch of us ancaps and veterans on Facebook trying to make our own religion. It started out with the patron saint Mad Dog Mattis meme. Our memes got really good and we just kept the meme going which people are now taking seriously.

>>265083724Commies aren’t white.

>>265083960Woah, careful with the anti-Semitism.

Boogaloo was never a group its the name for society collapsing and a meme for preppers. The feds made this crap up

>>265083566Got one here anti-free speech attacker attacks girl for holding up Police Lives Matter sign. At the end she tries to push her into traffic. Let's help law enforcement find out who this is Pol. Won't let me post my own thread. Help me out/ start another.

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>>265083566>DOJ GOING AFTER ANTIFAI doubt that.

>>265096149Yes they found some old thing people said as a joke and ran with it.Antifa is a terrorist organization, it has actual soldiers, billion dollar money men, and a advanced cyber division.It's a futuristic version of communist ISIS, complete with backing by members of the Obama administration.People took it and are still taking it way too lightly.They use the SCN fake police to come up with fake arrests to make Antifa seem like it's just children being stupid.Alleged Pittsburgh 20-Year-Old ‘Antifa Kid’ Escorted to Police by Parents> right there is counterintelligence disinformation propaganda. The scope of their operation is massive. They had all legacy media outlets, and many others spamming "Antifa Kid" news articles for weeks.And in doing so even fooled pol into thinking the enemy was weak misunderstood white kids.

>>265096518Savannah Hernandes is the good one btw.We do not yet know the identity of the attacker. Do your thing

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>>265094757Boog bois willingly did a “tell all” exclusive for.......CNNLet that sink in

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>>265083566Repent shillers, o ye of commie faith.

>>265083566Antifa is a grassroots organization

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>>265083566This will literally ONLY be used on right wingers

It was also a response to all the anti gunners.

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>>265083772>boogaloo boysyou can already see from the name that it was probably invented by an FBI boomer glownigger

>>265087191Not this Time>God Emperor Trump tweeted "LAW AND ORDER">Trump said he is monitoring the situationPlease stop listening to share blue talking points. Just believe the President and do not think.

>>265094262Why don't they need to do this when they only go after the right?

>>265084489Found the commie, have fun in Guantanamo faggot

>>265097233No. Our nickname for the second civil war was Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo after the movie.

>>265083941No. The boogaloo boys have been around at least a few months.It started when people started referring to a future civil war as Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. Then just The Boogaloo. Then some older member they were all fond of couldn’t pronounce boogaloo and instead said “igloo.”Then an ex military guy got red flagged for his guns and it was a big mess that pissed a lot of them off and got theN on systems radar.What you do need to know is that the Boogaloo is nothing more than a counter culture, a few mid level content pages on Facebook and twitter. So the fact THEY want to come down on some civnat memers is crazy T. I’m not associated in any way but I’ve been researching since I first saw the meme of boogaloo become popular

>>265097230You ain't buying a scar 17s with the money you get from an Xbox buddeh

>>265086549Anyone on the right who proudly wears a label of some kind in this political climate deserve all the heat they get. This entire situation was manufactured to bait conservatives into a position where they could be discredited and subsequently eradicated once and for all. The amount of restraint shown thus far has been well beyond my expectations. We'll make it through this if people keep their heads cool.

>>265097064Media Covers Up Horrific Somali Riot in Minnesota Just Before Midterms> is a international terrorist group being run by the UN under the direction of the CCP.They are doing everything they possibly can to maintain the stranglehold on major US and western cities. I believe Trump's DoJ has been taking them apart piece by piece. It started just before the Hong Kong protests when the CEO of HSBC got caught propping up the Peoples Bank of China.Which connected CCP money directly to Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch

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>>265083566So this is why they sent out the SS cards. When the cops come and you're covered in commie blood, just flash that sucker and go on home.

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>>265088316Always like this

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>>265083848>Nadler said antifa is imaginaryThat's because kikes blame whatever they are doing on their political enemy, which is why morning Joe was on TalmudVision describing this antifa beaner who murdered a cop as a white

>>265083566What fucking boog movement? everything has to be some jew op

>>265096672Who are these glowniggers and why are they so bad at their job? This is shit tier propaganda.


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>>265083566And the boogaloo boys? Are you fucking serious? Do they do this on purpose so it doesn't look one sided or are they really that niggerish?

>>265094262this, we live in a nation of compromise, when we forget that we get communist revolutionaries able to burn down cities and scores of young men checking out of society to become net-hermits

>>265083772Antifa and blm need a right wing friend to share the blame

>>265086549lol.. you say that but desu i haven't seen any content of the Proud boys or "alt right" as people put it. Where are they? Where is the content showing them in all the riots?I haven't seen any proud boy videos for ages, I don't actively look for them either though. I haven't seen anything like that posted for a long time.

>>265097993It's really just fucking tards all the way down. Sad.

>>265097923It's more of a recruiting tool for the Libertarian Party than anything else. I made this meme btw.

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>>265083772Boog got glowie subverted by the same jews running the other two

>>265083848nadler hasn't been able to put his own shoes on in three decades

>>265098074It's probably not supposed to be directed at the people behind it. Like a way of publicly saying "we know who the mother fuckers are now"Maybe i'm just being way too optimistic though, the election is only months away I mean how much can they really get done in that time

>>265098074No we are mostly veterans, ancaps, and Libertarians.

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>>265097508A few months?

>>265097923>What fucking boog movement?The few idiots on the right that were tricked into coming out when the left kicked off their color revolution.

>>265087909Updated with legend

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>>265098362I wasn't calling boogaloo boys niggerish it was directed at Barr and the doj

>>265098555Oops read that wrong. Anyways the Boogaloo movement really kicked off after the Virginia protest.

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>>265083566Same in Germany, which surprised me to be honest, because the authorities here blatantly REFUSED to go after far-left extremist /communist organizations like Antifa for years.Donald Trump designating Antifa as a terror organization appears to have been exactly the impulse that we needed.Thank you, President Trump!Sauce:

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>>265094757>Boogaloo was created by the left.Oh fuck off you dumbass. It was a /k/ meme from 10 years ago. Not everything that emerges and becomes popular was "master planned" from some conspirator. You're just unable to believe that something could have formed organically. Basic bitch creationism fallacy: everything is so complex, so SOMEONE must have planned it! Not reading the rest of your faggot post. Quit shitting up Holla Forums with your gay ass theories that make us look even more retarded than we already are.


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>>265098869It was a term thrown around on 4chan that was taken over by Antifa. A perfect false flag.I watched the fake boog generals pop up on pol right before they sent that guy out to shoot cops.

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>>265083772It's made up so they can go after preppers.

>>265083566>boogalo movement They’re going after the alt right too. Doesn’t look like they’re cutting either side of the extremist aisle a break.

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>>265098839Just about every Libertarian is classified as an extremist.

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>> was a few days before the shooting. There were others also after

>>265099308Yeah this is definitely some fed shit. Looks like they think Jreg for some reason is tied to the movement.

>>265098869shut up, fed

>>265098795>Hurr durr digital data trails don’t exist, you’ll be fine >The surgical scalpels we’ve inadvertently sharpened with 3 1/2 years of constant demoralization will surely adopt this totally organic groupthink movement that conveniently supports the communist agendas narrative. >They’re just dumb rednecks with goldfish memory, a brain a third the size of us

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>>265083772They still have to bring up Charlottesville to draw parallels between left vs right activism.

>>265099100If you gaslight your own strawman you’re tecnically burning a cross. How bigoted

>>265099580How is an anti authoritarian movement tied to communism?

This is a quote from the New Jersey Dept of Homeland Security, "Boogaloo-affiliated anti-government extremists are likely leveraging the current civil unrest across the United States to expand their movement beyond the Internet." So the boogaloo boys are the ones responsible for the violence?


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>>265099763Take antifa or "ancoms" for example.They use anarchy as a means to install authority.

>>265099763Keep playing dumb, or continue being too retarded to exist. either way you have no power here

>>265083772the boogaloo boy posting in this board that started after those idiots got caught is possibly the only legit case of fed posting I've ever seen trying to associate the boogaloo boys with Holla Forums and any other forum with white advocacy/nationalism

>>265099774Boogaloo, BLM, it's all Antifa.You're fucked

>>265099523You don't need to be a autistic savant with pattern recognition to see the resemblance between that and the countless Antifa BLM shill threads.

>>265099932I love 4chan. It's freedom of speech taken to the extreme.

>>265100383Sure it makes sense that they need another boogyman to push the peaceful protester narrative.

>>265099774Naw most of us were protecting local businesses from looters.

>>265100512Tess Owen works for VICE newsShe was the one who first reported on it>

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>>265100902It's like she's working for them or something..

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>>265095825>boog>a>looDoesn’t that basically mean “shit in a toilet”?

>>265083566>Time to round up some commiesI'll wait and see if they really get punished, before I believe it.

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>>265083848Not imaginary, just abstract.

>>265083566>GOING AFTER ANTIFAIs he FA now?

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>>265083566Many investigations even those undertaken by the FBI stop suddenly when they hit ties to the CIA.That's why these things go nowhere.

>>265083881>10 "boogaloos" for every antifa, and the antifa gets a slap on the wrist?Probably.Antifa is glownigger run, so it's not a lot of their members they can jail before they out their own agents.

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>>265083772Lmao watching the right throw the boog boys under the bus is hilarious. People have been posting about the Boog here for at least a year and then as soon as it might be possible everyone screams FED! HONEYPOT! FBI! GLOWNIGGER!Yeah whatever I dont give a fuck, just shows the right rolls over at the drop of a hat and I should get used to practice my good boi soispeak>Shill! Fed! Demoralization! Jew! Like!Whatever fags dont care dont (You) me faggots or I'll get my 5 cents

>>265101833>FBI stop suddenly when they hit ties to the CIAOr ties to ATF, FBI, Mossad or some other glownigger agency, since compartmentalization keeps the truth from the low level glowniggers.

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>>265083772>thisOne is outside burning down cities and taking American territory by force, and other other is a piece of media fiction used to blame all of antifa's violence on the right.Are they for real?

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>>265098137The only time I ever hear about the Proud Boys is when some social media hole is shrieking about some wrongthinker being in cahoots with them.

>>265102048>Are they for real?There are internet shitposters that shitpost about the boogaloo, but anons smart enough to post about that, know that they would caught and rounded up if they take it to the streets.

>>265102048The feds fear the right more than the left.

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>>265083566Based. Checked

>>265096672>those patches

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>>265083941>>265097508newfags. been around for at least two years minimum.

>>265101859We’ve said boogaloo for years. Boogaloo bois is some cringe psyop artificial and homosexual

>>265083566If only.

>>265083566they should started this shit already in 2016

>>265083566Democrats fight imaginary Nazis.Republicans fight imaginary Communists.Meanwhile their country goes to shit.

>>265083772It's just to say to normies look we're not a totalitarian government repressing all leftists, we will jail boogaloo 4chaners tooBut theres no such thing as boogaloo boys. It literally doesn't exist on the chans. So nothing to fear.