Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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Idk who was right but that testicle was the one that left

>>265081958I wonder why he isn't living in the wonderful South Africa he fought to create?

>>265082250are you his fag lover or how u know it was his left testicle.

If there is no risk in protesting, why would it be considered a brave activity worth smacking yourself on the back for doing?He gave his left nut while fighting for a cause that he hopefully believed in. Wonder if black people like him now? Probably still think he's a privileged white man. Hope it was worth it.

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>>265081958He clearly wasn't using his balls anyway.


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>>265082893So what are you going to do when the strong countries survive and they come for gays?

>>265081958Looks like he's got something in common with Hitler now.

>>265082502Because I'm literally him


>>265081958toll: paid

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>>265081958He was just gonna cut them off anyway.


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>>265081958>Who was in the wrong here?LAPD. For shooting only one testicle.

>>265081958Does this mean his confirmation surgery will cost 50% less?

>>265081958>I CAN'T COOM

>>265083081I kill them.

>>265083091>something in common with hitleranon to be like hitler he has to be a secret black jewish one balled micro penised wife beating sado masochistic gay man.... or at least thats what the jews say about him

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>>265081958Whats this nigger doing here if he got his end to apartheid?

>>265083550sounds pretty islamophobic

>>265081958>participates in anti-apartheid protests in S.A.>apartheid ends>leaves S.A. anyway Many such cases

>>265081958Sounds like he already lost his testiclesamirite>carlos dot jaypeg

>>265081958>cops shoot a man's testiclePlot twist: the cops shot his girlfriend's purse, and that's he she keeps them


>>265081958A white South African that still supports blacks? How much more self hating could you get.

>>265081958he wasn't using it anywaywho cares

>>265081958his testicle

>>265081958He just gave an unplanned donation of half his male privilege. The bitch wanted this.

OP is not a fag, this is realCancel the visa and send him back to South Africa

>>265081958The cop was wrong for not getting both testicles.

>>265083839There's a difference between the islamophobia of whiteness and the legitimate critisisms of Islam.

>>265082893I hate this a lot. This meme was not supposed to be used against me. It was supposed to be funny!

>>265083550you can’t even kill your ‘deadname’ bro

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>>265084033>white protesters

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>>265084604I could walk up to you and shoot you in the face on fifth avenue and the country would applaud based on your racist browser history. Meanwhile, you can't even post your opinions outside of 4chan because you would lose your job and your dad would disown you. Who's the cuck now, racist?

>>265085001I hope Muslims kill more gays

>>265085254Muslims stand no chance against the LGBT agenda. Feminism has taken hold. Even Saudi Arabia lets women drive and has eased the punishment for homosexuality. Once it starts it doesn't stop. The slippery slope is real, and that's a good thing in this case.

>>265081958One Ball Saul

>>265085835Saudi Arabia is jewed cause of it's relations to the USLiterally every other Islamic country hates fags Also I bet you're some basic white gay guy who thinks worshiping blacks will make them like you instead of a massive tool

>>265085001my dad openly uses anti-muslim and anti-asian slurs from the country we migrated from LMFAO. wait until i tell you about my great grandparents who did infinitely more than yours in taking Berlin, it’ll make your head spin you worthless communist troglodyte

>>265081958jewsThey’re nigger mutts

>>265082250Take my updoot, have a (you), and enjoy this very special 4chan coupon

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>>265081958It's not like he'll be using them all with his wife fucking nogs

>>265082705He gave his left nut to stand up against injustice and oppression. That's more than any of you fags will ever do.

>>265085001>and your dad would disown youyou sure you aren't talking from personal experience? because you sound pretty upset.

>>265081958(((Steyn)))Thats the south african version of (((stein))) or (((berg)))

Woah man. That's nuts.

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Bradley "Missing Teste"

I guess his name is Bradley EinSteyn now

>>265082487this, i mean , since they abolished all that mean apartheid, it's just SO WONDERFUL NOW.

>>265083674you forgot he was also a meth-addicted, autistic, incestuous, jew pedophile.

>>265081958Would he have rather it been a hollow point? Don't get to violent protests when you're not willing to loose a ball for the cause.

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>>265081958this dude’s sperm count was already low from age and all the soi. he’ll never breed now, police are based.

>>265082487California syndrome, a close relative of Stockholm syndrome


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>>265082487Dumb inhumanity like this should mean loss of freedom and castrations. If you don’t like it. No boo for you being the victim of the system you would creat yourself.

>>265083219Based and Nordic Gamer pilled

>>265082487Lmao this. He helps to destroy his country by letting the niggers loose then immediately runs away to America.

>>265081958He didn't have any nuts to begin with, he's a little bitch

>>265088905>his countryHe's an Israeli.Any sign of him protesting for Palestinian rights in his own country?

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>>265084067Look at the hair, it's a kike.

>>265081958That officer should be verbally reprimanded for neglecting to double tap


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>>265082487Why indeed? These people are a virus

Fuck BLM protestors. I hope they all loose an eye. Hopefully both. My nigga. You went to a riot. Don't complain if your shit gets pushed in!

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>>265081958Deport him back to SA

surprised a blm activist would even have one testicle let alone two

>>265085001Still voting Trump

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>>265085001That's saying you survive enough to do that.


>>265085001My dad has hated niggers and fags for decades.

>>265081958You know who only had one testicle?? Hitler. So that guy is the new Hitler.

>>265088905To help let them fully loose again. No pattern here, just your run-of-the-mill coincidence.

>>265086568Cop should have taken his right nut too. Always double tap.

>>265086433>updootyou fucking faggot

>>265081958Oh no, this is it, it's nazbol Hitler, isn't it?

>>265081958what a wusswalk it offhe didn't even lose both

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>>265081958He needs to go back to Africa.

>>265091298Cops should have used live ammo, not some rubber "blow your nut off" shit.

>>265081958what a nut

>>265081958KekLike he had any to begin with

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>>265081958the officer for not doming him instead

>>265081958He doesn't look very black (aside from his dead testicle), what am I missing here?

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>>265081958The testicle that didn't get removed.

>>265081958what is a SA communist doing in LA? never mind, I already know the answer. I'm so sick of this shit bro, why do commies want to destroy everything worth having for living like pic related.

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>>265081958We all know - he did NOT need it anyway.


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his parents


>>265081958The police. They only used a rubber bullet and not several real ones

>>265081958He wasn't going to use it anyways

>>265086433Would be great to have a blackface player by the penalty box in hockey to taunt black NHL players on timeout

>>265081958Must have been a sharpshooter

>>265081958Not like he was using them anyway

>>265081958Toll half paid

>>265081958>South Africa>SteynI wonder

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Comrade Pepperballs makes his return.

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>>265083154You're a bitch and a terrorist. Fuck you and your testicles.

Triceracop is at fault here.

It's a half MAAM!


>>265098593BOOM BALLSHOT!that cop deserves a medal

>>265081958He was a racist for not cutting his own balls off voluntarily. The police officer was helping him check his white privilege.

>>265098593Full blown gas mask and no cup. Lmao

The faggot boomer South African cunt obviously. Like loosing that faggot boomer cuck nut even means anything. Fuck him, fuck BLM, fuck gay niggers. 1488