PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUSwhitehouse.gov @TeamTrump>b-but Trump hasnt done anything! LINKS Public Pool: APPEARANCES>VP Pence Visits Beth's Burger Bar in Orlando FL 5/20/>VP Pence Delivers PPE to Westminster Baldwin Park in Orlando FL 5/20/>VP Pence arrives @OIA 5/20/>The Right View w/Lara Trump &MORE! 5/20/>ActDHSSec Wolf on F&F 5/20/>KAC on FoxNews 5/20/>Bannon on FBN 5/20/>Trump2020SrLegalAdviser Ellis on FoxNews 5/20/>EPAAdm Wheeler @Senate on Oversight 5/20/>DepEnSec Nominee Menezes Confirmation Hearing 5/20/>Fifth Circuit Judicial Nominee Wilson Confirmation Hearing 5/20/>StateDept Press Brief (SoS Pompeo) 5/20/>Pres Trump Cabinet Meeting 5/19/>Pres Trump comments to reporters @Hart Senate Office Building 5/19/>Pres Trump on Supporting Farmers/Ranchers/Food Supply Chain 5/19/ pastebin: >>258184329

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zina bash farting

Imagine being a top cringe bruh wojak poster

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Trump is fat.

>>258189999This number onside this poster has 4 9s to this ya yes well dune

>>258189999that dam dammin dam.

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>>258189999MAGA>>258190155Cunt, I was gonna post that pic.

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>>258190134Kys tranny freak

>>258189999>the guy that helped to win the 2016 campaign has money>lol he has a yacht!!!!>haha drumpf is so bad and dumbSensational

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>>258190157Nuh uh

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Pestilence. Wars.Floods.Famine. The four horsemen have been unleashed. The seals are broken. Trump is the anti-Christ. Repent now, for the hour is nigh.

>>258190231My OC ya big gay.

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>>258190206Fart isn’t a swear word.

>>258190315>FloodsBruh that aint a horseman.

>>258189999Why are they pushing the Biden+11? Biden is so bad we might see blue states that haven't been red in a while go red.

>>258190307what riding on goat:?

Ruh roh!

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>>258190285That would be a crime, and the fact that they don’t mention it means that they don’t even believe it themselves.

>>258190346Eat shit, I am only the small gay.

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>>258190462We'll get another round of Hilldabeast soon enough

>>258190462It’s like watching a first time manual driver stall. Such a gentle mess.>>258190420Lobster

Just a quick reminder for all of you tools

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>>258190404It's meant to influence public opinion, not measure it.

>>258190285It's pretty standard that key campaign personnel get a percentage of campaign donations. Been that way since Kennedy


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>>258190597Only Rosie O'Donnell

>>258189999Checked. Something big is going to happen, upside-down Gigasatan.

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>>258190547Come at me, bro.

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>>258190551The nice thing about death is knowing that evil has an eventual expiration date.>258190597lmao fagget

SARS has 5 million confirmed cases boys and 1.5+ million is in Amerika

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You ready for the JoePedo?!

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>>258190083>Everything he didn't write drunk as all hell was garbage.he doesn't even remember writing Cujoto be fair that was an early stinker, best that nobody remembers itdrawing of the three is one of the best movies-in-book-form of all time thoughgoes from monster lobsters attack from the peril of the plane to the gunfight in Balazar's den to dealing with a crazy nigger cripple to Jack Mort which is a thing all its ownthe man could write when he was young and inspiredI think he just ran out of 50s movies plots to rip off

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>>258190597nobody clutched their pearls retard

>>258190597Idgaf what holes think so idk why they think I would 'pearl clutch' over some hole calling the president fat.

>>258190588I give tanks but see to me no Lobster but a Space Marine form 40k warhamer

>>258190727this is an h doujin, right?

>>258190636But come election day when Trump at minimum wins his 2016 election map plus 2 states, how are they going to spin it? Biden litterally told 300k frackers in PA to learn to code and yelled at an autoworker.He is going to underperfom in the rustbelt to Clinton lose atleast NH.


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so Trump knew the dam was shit and did NOTHING!

>>258190285>yacht>barely larger than a windsurfing board

>>258190370>he hasn’t heard about midland, michigan


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>>258190863Same as they did with Hillhog losing.

>>258190597You've shot your load. Now you sit at the uncool kids table.

Tell me about the user, why does he fear the mask?

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>>258190845No, actually. Dude DOES fuck his wife, though.It's a non-bullshit version of Senko.

>>258190904You spelled Whitmer funny

>>258190285>Lincoln ProjectIsn't this KAC's husband's group? What do they even do besides yell BLUUUUUMPFFFFFYYY?

>>258190636It is Amazing. Even the shills know Biden isn't up 11. Might win the popular vote by 1-2 do to NY,Cali,Illinois, but he can still lose 400 elecotral votes even winning at that margin,

Oh shit lads it's over

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>>258191037Rip off dumb lefty donors

>>258190903>KEKMASK!I know you meant cuckmask, but still

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>>258191028>FIX THE DAMN DAMNS!


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>>258190863>But come election day when Trump at minimum wins his 2016 election map plus 2 states, how are they going to spin it?Russia.Seriously, they will never acknowledge that Trump beat them fair and square. You'll be hearing about "the Russia President" until Trump has faded from the public eye. Which will be years after he's buried because he's not going to shut up once he's out of office. He'll do something cool. Why would he stop? He stopped working once in his life and lost billions, he'll never stop again.So enjoy the Russia narrative, it'll be around for 30 years.

>>258190929Yes indeed to no, as Trumps ways have been san set in this ways that in this New York City Centre has will come to combat over illness and lack of shot control yes I said this,

>>258190903Aimless rebellion is very MAGA.

>get a timeout for checking digits>next thread OP gets quadsWhat did KEK mean by this?

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The ancapnigger is really losing his mind lately isnt he?


>>258190765>The nice thing about death is knowing that evil has an eventual expiration date.Morbid stuff but I don't think evil will end for me, I'm not a good guy and God won't pick me, I wouldn't pick me.

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>>258191175>AimlessResisting psy-ops isn't aimless, retard.

DeSantis/Jordan 2024?

>>258190597lol why do they write so much text?

>>258191151Does anyone on here see Biden even reaching Clinton's electoral total? I don't even think he can do that. He seems like an electoral nightmare. It doesn't matter how much he runs up the vote in NYC and Cali. That doesn't mean shit to the rustbelt,NH and Nevada.

Really makes you think...

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>>258191065have any of the models ever been correct?

>>258191224What little he had left to lose, yeah. Being universally despised will have that effect.

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>>258186727>pay off debts fast>credit score goes down>need credit to get approved for car loans, housing, etc...educationWow, sure does sound like something that would encourage personal responsibility and being wise with your money.Oh wait, it encourages spending on credit and not repaying it on time. Kind of sounds like the mark of the beast, not almost but getting there.Dear God Almighty, please curse, damn, crush, and rain down destruction and annihilation on the source(s) of this credit score system, and all the businesses, corporations, and entities that are involved in this credit score system.Until the credit score system actually starts to make sense and reward behavior that is Biblically sound all the business and corporations and etc involved will suffer the wrath and fury of God. And technically speaking, the system better not punish people that do not have a credit history and or choose not to have one.

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>>258191224What do you mean bby I'm lean mean and serene

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>>258190903might want to wear a mask because of those fumes.

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>>258191037>KAC's husband's groupYes, fat George is in there and Rick Wilson, plus other "True Conservative" never-Trumper types.Their big ad last go was a Trump attack ad they called "Mourning in America" which is a play on a Reagan "Morning in America" campaign ad. Can't make this shit up.>barely warmed over shitty Reagan boomer memes

>>258191328I don't see biden living through the summer user

>>258191294Hawley/DeSantis 2024

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>>258191371Considering that they are acted upon generally, no.

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>>258191343"Susan, you did such a great job in this Administration.""Why, thank you!""You should write a note depicting what happened in this meeting. It'll be a cool memoir for the history books. Like a cool sort of 'behind-the-scenes' look at a Presidency.""Okay!"*years later*"White supremacists have unearthed a note and are twisting the meaning in order to portray a malevolent motive.You right-wingers are awful people.

>>258191521Morbidly obese

>>258191432That cuckold hapa faggot must have a lot of spare time

>>258191343is a bit ....strange.

>>258191489Good quote

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>>258191311i think to make sure i won't read it

>Son of a Bitch

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>>258191065Are they going to release a new virus?

>>258190298Is that a female?

what do American think to do to help with sick ways when all American run into each other at speeds to increase all illness in the country of USA as a the frence againts up to Aliens on top of the ways of Trump

***UPDATE***Trump about to overtake King Dyke

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>>258191371They were either overestimating the numbers or underestimating the numbers.The model that was widely used and had a website was originally estimating ~67k dead by August 1st. It's been corrected to around 140k.

>>258191521Mexicans Are Going Away.

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>>258191632Who else was told to write one, and where are they?

>>258191371mine was right when I said the US would have 6 digit deaths by the end of maymay. looks l like im going to win the bet this week. (you know who you are btw)

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>>258191711them soft looking titties are

>>258191560Is this bait?

>>258191575That big mac diet did him wonders. Cheeto jesus definitely could live to 200. KYS faggot

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>>258191446I find it amazing that they are pushing this fake BS again with the polls. They didn't learn last time and Trump is in a better position than 2016.Trump voters are voting regardless. These fake polls make Lefties complicate. Like the Sanders voters who don't want Trump, but think he is getting destroyed so they don't go out and vote Biden.

>>258191715who is number one, pewdiepie?

>>258191711What are you so scared of, user?>>258191705The new inigger SARS Pro xs+niggernigger

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>>258191701What other evidence do they need if the guy basically confessed publicly on a CFR meeting with several journos and there's a phonecall of him hustling Poroshenko, I mean, is there someone in the United States just looking at this stuff and saying "well, I'm not convinced yet"?

>>258190285Paying brad instead of 75 Yeb!!! consultants is how Trump won.

>>258191715King clown to be top dog at citrus now? honk of murderer


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>>258191873Barry Soetoro

>>258190929God fuck. I give up on trump's campaign. This is going nowhere and everything points to a loss. I'm not wasting the next year cheering on some guy who doesnt have a shot.

>>258191925The current Dem line is that it's a debunked conspiracy theory based on Russian propaganda>MUH RUSSIA!!!

>>258190652>It's pretty standard that key campaign personnel get a percentage of campaign donations. Been that way since KennedyThis isn't even true.Now it would definitely be true that Parscale is placing ads on behalf of Trump's campaign, and ad agency models the world over typically do take charge a % of ad spend (10 to 25%) as part of their agency fee, on top of other fees they're charging for services rendered (eg, creative, research etc).It's a sweet gig.also fu jewgle captcha>yes this tractor is a motorcycleI hope someday in the future an automated truck slams its brakes on suddenly when near a wheat field

>>258191855The spacing suggests so

>>258191858Lmao stay mad and die angry you fucking faggot

>>258191060It flies in the face of collective battleground polling we've seen with CNN and CNBC's polls where Trump has an advantage in battleground states. Individual state polling has still been kind of trash too. Sampling is just wrong. It's not necessarily malicious, it's just that it's been 10 years since a census, the electorate has changed, and Trump's voters did not show up in 2018 which makes things even more difficult to predict 2020.This +11 nonsense is Quinnipiac being as retarded as they ever have.

>bernie sanders will never be presidentHAHAHAHA SUCK IT COMMIES

>>258192060>The dem line is projectionI know that, I am talking about serious people, I mean, there must be someone who isn't corrupt yet, maybe some new guy looking at this stuff on the first day on the job before they fill his bank account or introduce him to their cabal who goes "well shit, some illegal stuff here ain't it?"

>Still ticking

Attached: StillTicking.png (1572x1168, 289.71K)

>>258192051>t. cheered for bernie for years

>>258191398the lenders want to make money off of youotherwise you're not a good customerif you don't rack up interest they don't make moneyso that jewry won't change because it doesn't benefit them>rack up way too much debt>stuck paying tons of interest for months>pay off a big chunk with Trumpbux>start getting offer for cashback rewards card every time I log inthey're very clever with it, I start paying back my debt they encourage me to make more of it (spend more money goy, you get 1.5% back! on 30% interest!)

>>258191873I think it's Katy Perry

Are there now bounds to niggertardation?

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>>258192206Trump has actually be gaining in popularity. The people losing popularity are Democrat Governors.Business owners in Michigan and PA aren't blaming Trump, they blame their retard Governors.

>>258192351a copy paper lies

>>258192309Senate committee just cut a subpoena for a Hunter linked company that was involved.

>>258189999Nice digits.

Attached: awoo checkem.gif (400x286, 589.69K)

>>258191418What's your opinion of black people? I think they get too much of a bad rap, and honestly are pretty okay.

Attached: 73377bb01682dce97496a0cc92a3a50de0e6a36b.jpg (306x605, 34.93K)

>>258191858this was the best someone with the skill to make that could come up with? SAD>looks guys he's fat. hahalike really?

>>258191783And they're gonna pay for it too, right?

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>>258192613Not that I don't trust Grahamnesty, it's just that I don't trust Grahamnesty.

Here's the article for that one post from the last thread.

to vote at Trump is to be not a right wing but a legft wing thing to do it so, as such a right wang thing to do is to be not that way but a good way. This to forward truth/ a costly dinner of truth to swallow and not that red to

>>2581924375G wireless in australia is being handled by huaweithe equipment was manufactured by and is installed/maintained by CCP agentsof course it's spreading the virus

>>258190285Sailboats aren't all that expensive to buy. The real cost is maintaining them.

Trump is going to lose Arizona and at least 2/3 of WI/MI/PA, cap this

>>258191278Bug protein for guiltless meat burgers doesn't have to be an "EAT THE BUGS GOY" conspiracy so the ruling class gets the real beef in the near shortage. Onions drinking is is peddling overpriced "healthy" milk for people who are afraid to clog their arteries, and masks are to help us be more like my Japanese animes.TAKE YOUR MEDS, GOY

Attached: 1588029522953.gif (280x280, 3.6M)

who is this?

Attached: Screenshots_2020-05-20-18-27-57.png (295x693, 285.59K)

>>258189999Can Morning Mikaren really get the President kicked off of Twitter?

>>258192437yeah its bullshit.its not spreading it.its activating it.

Attached: nano_gift1.png (800x600, 597.22K)

>>258192489Hopefully polls start showing that to some degree. I know they lag in terms of public opinion. Even excluding Quinnipiac's bullshit, the polls aren't the greatest for him. I know we're 6 months out and (((polls))) but still, I would like some good news for once.


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>>258192363>they're very clever with it, I start paying back my debt they encourage me to make more of it (spend more money goy, you get 1.5% back! on 30% interest!)Sigh...trying to manipulate and entrap people in perpetual debt slavery.May God crush and obliterate all businesses, institutions and people behind such actions. Praying for this in the name of Jesus Christ.Dear God, how can you stand by and do nothing while your people are being invisibly enslaved and shackled left and right by such heinous acts!

>>258191871The trump trapIf they say the truth no one will support them, if they keep lying no one will believe them

why is Mika seething?

>>258193025Very spicy krautanon

>>258192854>>258192953This is extremely retarded

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Attached: 1573254211890.jpg (1024x1280, 177.91K)

>>258192930>Can Morning Mikaren really get the President kicked off of Twitter?No, Twitter needs Trump.

American do ye cared for New York City Centre? so you won't to see country men die at lenght to this sickness? have you not in that way neglected/ truth?

>>258193000LOLWhat a massive faggot you are

>>258191371> have any of the models ever been correct?The particular one that convinced "changed the rhetoric for Trump and Johnson" was terribly off mark [1].Here is what they claimed would be their best case scenario prediction for Britain implementing the harshest measures they proposed (pretty much what they ended up doing)> 234 000 deathsThat's their "perfect compliance" scenario. Here is how many deaths the UK has> 35 341 deathsBoris Johnson and Trump were convinced by this particular paper to "change their rhetoric", they promised them hundreds of thousands of deaths, min, in case of perfect adherence to their scientific approach for mitigation.[1]

Attached: Screenshot - 2020-05-20 , 23_25_10.png (1305x917, 130.41K)

>>258193152Trump tricked her into denying Joe killed his intern on television.

I wish I could see his comms director’s face when he answered this

Attached: 389B413B-535A-473A-8B21-A7B5594632F3.jpg (1028x745, 344.64K)

>>258190804>Do nothing because no one said anything>Even Fox hosts start to get pissy at them>Then they do thingsWhoa, its almost like calling fuckers out makes them do things. Christ sakes, you are supposed to scold those who don't do shit like a parent to a child.

>>258191141Why is she wearing a cape? These people are children.

>>258193188so you are saying thats not whats happening?right show proofs.

Attached: 1539850579383.jpg (655x527, 36.32K)

>>258190462How could the democrats be so stupid as to push this Ukraine thing knowing it was centered around Biden?

>>2581928545G doesn't spread the virus.However 5G will weaken the immune system and more in some people. Hence helping the spread of coronavirus.5G is shit and should be scrapped till all the electromagnetic frequencies used by 5G get throughly tested and vetted for human health.>>258192363>they're very clever with it, I start paying back my debt they encourage me to make more of it (spend more money goy, you get 1.5% back! on 30% interest!)I'm totally fine with the money making. It's the bullshit in the system such as docking people for not using credit cards and going into debt, the multiple credit score calculation methods, the exorbitant interest rates, and other bs that is over the top and needs to be resolved and fixed.

Attached: 33dd3fbcbcd6a36e7d5bdddfh10238542909.jpg (799x1280, 179.53K)

>>258193448>Make claim>hurr you need proofs to counter my nonproofsLad you're stupid

Attached: 1590006778239.jpg (337x481, 20.5K)

>>258192309Silly favela dweller, you get the job via corruption. They don't just grab up doughboys and go to work.

>>258193327ummm do we have a translation?

>>258193515They thought they were going on offense, in order to hide it. They done goofed.

>>258193327 This sounds like those old movie jokes where a child would be flipping channels and parts of what the actors were saying formed a sentence.


Attached: EYQUWl3XYAYVYdX.jpg large.jpg (629x322, 108.56K)

>>258193152She knows she's next.

Attached: MikaHostage.jpg (436x500, 69.72K)

>>258193515desperate,like someone lost at sea drinking sea water for a semblance of relief even though they know it'll eventually kill them

It'll be dRumfS fault in 26.5 hours

>>258193327I don't understand this at all

>>258193654It's more complicated than that and these basic physics morons need to gtfo.

>>258193515They believe that they can do no wrong. They've fallen for their own propaganda of their perfection, never realizing that it was only because they lie and cheat and subvert that gave them the illusion of power.

>>258191949i like how "believe all women" is more a thing for faggot men than women

>>258193678She committed adultery with a murderer.

>>258193043>Dear God, how can you stand by and do nothing while your people are being invisibly enslaved and shackled left and right by such heinous acts!Reminder that God is in you. Your animating spirit is a fragment of God. God works through you. So don't ask how God is standing by and doing nothing. He is telling you to act.

Attached: 1581273069852.png (444x794, 872.69K)

>>258193515Their strategy relies on getting in front of things by claiming their opposition did it; thus when it's thrust back on them, it's discarded via media plants under the guise of "you're just retaliating!11!" and disregarded wholesale.They are incredibly predictable, they've been using this tactic for decades.

>>258193441could be a tie in with this.

Attached: joke-comic.jpg (640x972, 233.81K)