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► Detected: 5,057,416 (+74,479) ► Died: 328,196 (+3,642) ► Day: 132 (-02:25)End of day numbers for Day 131: 4,982,937 (+94,813); 324,554 (+4,589)— Over 5 billion people are or have been under lockdown —— 213 countries and territories have been infected —— 20x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —— 5,429 genomes have been sequenced —>LIVE STATS/literally WHOyoutube.com/watch?v=NMre6IAAAiUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFCn0Gp_9aQ>NEWSOver 100 Million in China’s Northeast Face Renewed Lockdownarchive.is/OdLyrChinese ambassador in Israel diesarchive.is/piJfBUp to 5 NY Children Dead, 93 Sickened by Rare Coronavirus-Related Illnessarchive.is/BERaECoronavirus researcher killedarchive.is/cvRP6Coronavirus - wait 28 days after testing positive to screen for militaryarchive.is/E3JWu>ARCHIVEAnimal-to-human transmission from minks suspected - not yet confirmedarchive.is/T85H3Paradoxical dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 by herd immunity and ADEarchive.is/9FjihSARS‐CoV‐2 viral spike G614 mutation exhibits higher case fatality rate>sci-hub . tw/10. 1111/ ijcp. 13525>Thread is fake if OP is a memeflag, has text, old stats/no updates, or does not link to immediately preceding thread.1 out of 4 SARS2 patients had kidney failurearchive.is/VbwqjCoronavirus: Neuropsychiatric symptoms, immunologic mechanisms and autismarchive.vn/OWIPohttp://archive.is/CIAyJhttp://archive.is/WZqI9Characteristics and Outcomes of Children With Coronavirusarchive.li/bpI4JPotential influence of Coronavirus/ACE2 on the female reproductive systemarchive.is/Zpi3L>Overall, the data indicates that SARSCoV2 is uniquely adapted to infect humans, raising questions of its originarxiv.org/abs/2005.06199>>258177312 pastebin.com/raw/fqdFu7Qihttps://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX

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>>258187185What the fuck is that picture?

Wait he's talking about illegal Mexicans now wtf

>>258187358It's your country, you tell me.

Waco protest streamyoutu.be/lP0x2Up51KY

>>258187358you, they got a licence to be taking their exercise outside

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>>258187358Europoor exercise

>>258187358That's a 10 stupid bong

>this is just like the Nazis brah

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>258187306This whole jew star thing is just like the left with their victim ideology and oppression bullshit.Everyone wants to be the victim and now these fucks are all just like the jews, pitty them, they were forced to use a mask or stay at home in their comfy home for a few days and order takeout.Its just like Auschwitz

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>>258187358Some kind of street fitness thing looks like?

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>>258187185one of the only white streets left, but not for long boyos

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>2 million recoveredWas there a sudden spike in recoveries?

>>258187481>all of this is just a ploy by the leftists!reminder that the entire earth, every country's actions and economies and politics, all revolve around the american left-right dynamic and our elections>>258187694dis is just like anudda shoah! I'm only making half as many shekels from rent!

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I don’t think the lockdowns was a great idea, but I think this shit is going to explode within a month. Chink shills have convinced burgers the virus doesn’t exist so they will take very little precautions as they go back to normal.

>>258187899There will be a huge downspike once 45% of the recovered relapse/reactivate

>>258188002They come under "recovered", lol.

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>>258188002That doesn't happen, you drooling dogfucker.

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Okay... is it bad to drink three nights in a row? Or is that a silly risk during these times? I got some rum since everyone recommended it...

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>>258187481>waco>defying the governmentwhat could possibly go wrong

>>258188216No its fine. Did you buy a bottle of zaya? You are in for at treat if so its yummy

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I tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it doesn't even matteryoutu.be/T6wQTn088qQ

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>>258188216I was told that drinking to get drunk was alcoholismI told that therapist bitch, "then what's the fucking point of drinking if you're not going to get drunk?"

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>>258187947It could have worked if people followed it better. It gave us time to get protective equipment and expand hospital space and figure out more about how the virus works, but at this point normies have lost the stamina to keep it up. Now we just have to hope we can find a treatment or shit before every hospital bed is permanently occupied by fatbody boomers>>258188122>>258188176just don't say the b*ng name>>258188216drinking occasionally, even days in a row, is usually not harmful. Only if you're reliant on it, drinking like 7+ days in a row especially to blacking out, and if it affects mental health does it become harmful

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>>258188216You should probably slow down a bit.

>>258188204It'll happen shortly before China is nukedHow many chinks do you think will die? answer that or ur a shill

>>258188216Rum..oof, some of my worst hangovers were after a big rum drinking session. That and tequila nights, the fucking headaches. Oh and Jagermeiser nights, fucking Jagermeister.

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>>258188280>wiggawagga everyone>frog posting on twatterReminder that these are the eternal summer fags that run /nbg/

>>258188216Only 3?

>>258187947Youtube The Fullerton Informer.

CIA plant or not, I miss boopanon... I wish jannies hadn't banned them.

>>2581882041 in 20 so fartheguardian.com/world/2020/may/15/weird-hell-professor-advent-calendar-covid-19-symptoms-paul-garnerThey're just now starting to study it.

>>258188349I may have :3 I tried looking for honeymead but I don't think I was looking in the right spot>>258188480>>258188490>>258188506It's my last night, I don't like waking up with headaches. I just like posting with you friends!

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>>258188575She's right here in the thread though

>>258188216Are you anxious? Stressed maybe boop? Drinking isn't really good and hardly a good time to get into it>>258188575she deleted her post wasn't jannies


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>>258188755That's not boopanon that's just some dumb weeb posting anime pics

>>258187358you tell us

are we guaranteed 1m US deaths?

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He's gonna be wrong right lads?

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>>258188636Dutch kikebook group for chronic COVID now has 9,000 members. There's officially 44k infected. Think that works out to well over 20%, and these are almost all mild cases.

>>258188755In our hearts an memories?

>>258188680If you don't like it neat add come coke and it will taste kind of like vanilla coke

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It's been 3 months Holla ForumsHow come we're still barely getting 5k deaths a day on a good day and there are still more recoveries than deaths? What the fuck guys?

This is the gayest virus ever.Ebola chan was much more exciting

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>>258188907Most likely at this point

>>258188636That was from bad tests. It DOES NOT "reactivate".

>>258188853How many impersonators is there now?

>>258188490>if people followed it betterThat’s a lot to hope for though. I think lockdowns brought too much economic and psychological pain and ironically enough worked so well everybody now thinks the virus is gone. That combined with the intense effort of CCP to make people coof to own the libs. Hope I’m wrong though, we’ll know within a month.

>>258188824>Alright yeh muppets, we nedta work faster ya show that cunt coronavirus we ainta fraid of no snifflesSorry I dunno how British women sound except from videogames

This is a nothing burger.

>>258188508China will face no repercussions.China is amazing and has the best culture and media on earth. Anerica afraid their virus will get them nuked. Anerica will kneel before China.

>>258189012I know right? It's almost like the majority of the planet was locked in their homes for two-three months or something.


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>>258188907Ehm, when was the last time he was right, again?

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>>258188440cityfags>wherever I go, I must also litterI didn't see a gazillion heroin needles, is he really from seattle?>>258188524dark liquors except mal*rt are the work of satan>>258188680unfortunately any mead you will try in US groceries will be bad. There is no culture for it here.

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>>258189044this, far more deadly and nasy too. it's sad that the first global quarantine in history it's because some faggy flu-like disease.

>>258189114How many chinks are gonna die when USA nukes them?Answer shill

>>258188911Yes, most of them with it generally had a "mild" illness, and yes, it's likely higher than 1 in 20, though it's a good figure for the early days.Those with severe illness most likely had a very strong immune response, so they cleared it at the expense of far more inflammation. Or, they might have it too it's just that their recovering is shit no matter what. The one Italian case reported was initially severe.

>be central of science>have strongest econ>be defacto leader of free world>live on the most secludest continent of the world so you have alot of data and analysis before shit arrives to you>to retarded to lockdown country>to retarded to have healthcare system that is not 3rd world level>fumble arround the pandemice response>crash econ AND have high number of deaths per capita>now full open econ before countrys that were doing better and number stay the same>first actions atm. are cutting wellfare and slash (((corporation)))) regulations explain

>>258189114And there is no human to human transmision

Protip:If you mention chink in your post then shills won't respond

>>258188907No hes right, get over this nothingburger already.

Well, our Prime minister sort of joined team nothing burger. Our daily average cases quintupled ever since we opened up non-essential shops. Now we are going to open restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians etc this Friday. Meanwhile the Prime minister insists that the only waves we have are waves in the sea. He also said that he will be going to restaurants, at least it would be funny if he died of the coof

>>258189114Read the whole thing.These people are having the same symptoms for months. Reactivate, chronic, it's semantics.

>>258188680You don't need booze to shitpost boop. Drink only if you enjoy it.

>>258189239That's actually a good point, I didn't see aluminum foil either which is another druggie objectThis nigger is trashing the place sober

>tfw you smoke so much DMT you become a hippie for Trump

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>>258189442ok shill

>>258189406The US is a jewish golem and the kikes and their good goys have no issue with sacrificing the herd for shekels

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>>258188853But it is me...>>258188575I didn't get banned, I just wanted to make argie friend happy for a thread!>>258188810I know it isn't good, but you only turn 21 once!>>258189239So you have to make it yourself?? Interesting!>>258188997That will be hard since I don't drink any soda...

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>>258188907i guess.what i observed was that after he had his first appearances on TV when he became famous (~450000subs) back then, he pretty much switched his behavior.He used to be sceptical, worried and all, but then he was "re-infection doesn't exist yada yada"Unsubbed and never looked back.I didn't "trust" him anymore since then propably just another tool of ((them)) to calm down the sheeps

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>>258189012there's still low mobility of people infected with the virusthe lockdowns actually did their job in most nationsyou can still see mass deaths in the poorer nations like brazil and indonesia, thoughyoutube.com/watch?v=N7vzPET34IAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uguek9K0Tfg

>>258189201Yes, burgers think the coof is fake. China is good again. Send all work there.

>>258189044>>258189326Ebola is gay and this isn't just a flu

>>258187481Oh shit I’m missing out boys I’ll wave to you on the stream

>>258189634How dare he disagree with cvg!

>>258189613Wait you have birthday now? Or were you that US user that got birthday few days ago?


>>258189335>>258189419Do you want it to be a virus that stays with you indefinitely? That's what "re-activation" entails.

>>258189613nani its your birthday? Happy birthday! Do you want some cake? YOu can change drinks with cake and sugar>>258189634he was one of the first shwoing up to make videos i guess someone might have gone out their way to give him some money

>>258189749>oy vey the goyim know

>>258189762That was me, I had my birthday a few days ago...

>>258189490Worst Korea confirmed and published that 45% had reactivation with many showing symptoms. The argument between reactivation vs relapse is just pivoting before CCP tells them to drop it. Early /cvg/ had the same thing with human>human infections.

>>258189607sounds awful fren

>>258189479ACCELERATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE>>258189518>I refuse to use garbage bags, I refuse to bury my TP, I refuse to do shit for shit in shit fuck nature>>258189613Basically. It's like wine, you're supposed to age it most of the time>>258189690see if they shoot you for wearing a mask

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>>258189807Why does it matter what we want?

>>258187185>SWPL.jpgWhite people were a mistake.

>>258189807Doesn't matter what I want

>Donald Trump takes fresh aim at China accusing it of 'mass worldwide killing' by 'incompetence' over coronavirusNICE

>>258189936Well than. Happy birthday agein! I didn't know that was you

>>258189998I don’t really have anything else going on, I’m actually considering going

>>258189982just drink your daily dosis of hydrojewxine fren, no reactivation no virus!

>>258189936America will kneel before China.China has handled the Amrica virus well. No trouble here.

>>258189394Looking at the ages in that kikebook group looks like you're right, not many boomers and a lot of 30s and 40s.It's just incomprehensible to me that there are still zero studies on viral clearance. Some call for them but that's it. No follow-up and no other swabs or tests than the usual>In conclusion, critically ill patients infected with SARS-Cov-2 demonstrated higher viral load and prolonged shedding in lower respiratory tract specimens, as compared with upper respiratory tract specimens. Sampling from lower respiratory tract may be required to assess the true viral clearance in such patients.atsjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1164/rccm.202003-0572LE

>>258190089>all the industry stays in china while trump tweet memes for memeflaggerssums up the last 3 years

>>258189613>That will be hard since I don't drink any soda...Maybe this will helpthrillist.com/entertaining/what-to-mix-with-rum

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>>258190049Says the nigger

>>258190089NUKES WHEN?


>>258190116Virus came from China, you vpn using chink

>>258188002why 45%

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>>258189998You could almost hear me shed a tear when I said "can't even throw away tampons"

► 18,100 new cases and 1,315 new deaths in the United States► 13,533 new cases and 672 new deaths in Brazil

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Everyone seems to be hating lockdowns and quarantines and all that fun. I was under the impression most of you lads would've been enjoying this, we were all looking forward to it in February. Its still fun for me. Just finished Mafia 2 there. Gonna play black ops zombies after I eat some pizza.What are you up to user?

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>>258189749it wasn't just the reinfection thing.he also started to tell:"guys, the numbers of confirmed infected will be higher in the estimates so it lowers the actual lethality of the virus"and that's fucking btrue, BUT he did NOT mention that this is also the case with confirmed deaths that will be higher in real numbers / later estimates.Sure, all in all my guess is/was:10-15 times of confirmed infected = actual infected3-5 times the confirmed deaths = actual deaths.so, he isn't wrong that the actual lethality gets lowered, but the WAY he says it is simply misleading

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>>258190514We'd better see at least one more update from Brazil. I'm expecting them to continue posting 1000+ deaths/day now.

>>258190437China has no wet markets. Virus not possible. America lied, People died.

>>258190437>>258190116let's not forget who paid for it

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>>258190764Ching chong Bing bong

>>258190090Thank you!>>258189857>YOu can change drinks with cake and sugarI've tried that, I still can't gain weight...>>258190199Oh I do have coconut water and pineapple juice! Thanks friend! Hope to see you later tonight!!

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>>258190656So he said something thats correct, but because he also didnt say X hes bad?


>>258190571I was comfy as fuck every night from March 24th-May 10th but am back to work now. I loved it and am just waiting for the next lockdown and/or societal collapse

>>258189982I think it'd be in the interest of governments to not let this info be widespread, though I've been seeing more and more news articles on it this past 2 weeks.Soft disclosure, I guess.It's been known for about 2-3 months that "reactivation" has been a thing.


>>258187185When is this shit over?!I have a surgical mask fetish! I am diamond hard 24/7It was fun at the beggining, but now, I am dead exhausted! MAKE IS STOP

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>>258190391this is scary


>>258187358A 10 in bongland

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动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

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>>258190762Well they did just surpass Spain.

Attached: Brazil Surpasses Spain.png (1300x349, 43.76K)

>>258188216Its a fucking flu you retard

>>258187481used to say it stood for "We ain't coming out"now sure about that now

>>258191163>Russia>2,972 deadYeah I don't buy it Putin

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>>258191004if you want to believe him then go ahead.hell believe the governments too if you want. just don't try to say we didn't warn you, you're being retarded of your own volition.

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>>258190449Doing this in academic writing is the dream I will never live. Fuck you for posting that>>258190506just start putting rocks under the tent or something>>258191016bill gates needs his fortune confiscated to be used for fox girl research>>258191083unfortunately, this is the new normal for you

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>>258188216Boopie, are you OK? Like, really. Talk to me.

>>258190762They just beat the US in dailyThough, US will have more coming

>>258190990You must not post.

>>258191337Hey, they died in a hospital fire before virus killed them

>>258190437>Anonsad burgernigger

>>258191228She's coming for you gyppo

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>>258191429RUUM on an USanian... not gud.They are only build for Bud Light...On the other hand im getting hammered with what we here call "Cloud" - not for the faint of heart

>>258190990you wan't to get weight or you don't want to? I have a fast metabolism so i might help>>258191086thats just like stuff you woulds ee in movies and fiction, and peopel despite all the countles fictional stuff are blind to it

So I told everyone yesterday to screencap it because today Brazil would have more new cases than the US. I was just talking shit and didn't expect it to actually happen.► 18,527 new cases and 1,357 new deaths in the United States► 65 new cases in Equatorial Guinea► 19,694 new cases and 876 new deaths in Brazil

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>>258191004misleading and half-truths are one of their favorite tools to fool us.Normies would think:so we habe 1000 confirmed infected and 100 confirmed deaths. So they guess the real number of infected is 10 times as high (10000) so it's literally pretty much the flu the "flu".While in reality (or rather my guess) it would be 10000 to 300 (not 100), which IS a difference

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>>258191228Dog damn, here we are late in May and some people still think it's a flu. Truly remarkable.

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>>258187481Just 5 people.

>>258188216I've been topping my morning coffee up with whiskey. Definitely gets me going in the morning. Can't drink at night, hangovers kill me now. >>258188524Havnt touched tequila since a holiday in Mexico years back, they pore that shit down your throat for fun. Good Times but never again. >>258190571Still comfy too, enjoying the meltdowns on kikebook. >>258191039Stay safe until then user, must duck having to go back to work. Full time NEET here.

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How does it feel wh*toid knowing that the Jew is immune to coronavirus?

Attached: t-Ben-Shapiro.jpg (740x1110, 123.08K)

>>258191337Germany style death count, check actual excess mortality rates>>258191373

Attached: 1588795927917m.jpg (1024x777, 113.35K)

>>258190762in your dreams, amerifat

>reminder that scientists are being killed offJames Taylor, a computational biologist from Johns Hopkins is dead at age 40. >Since the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Taylor used his Twitter account to speak out on the need for shared genomic data and criticize the lack of proper supplies for those working on the front lines.Like Bing Liu, he was a computational biologist working on the SARS2 virus. The cause of his untimely death has been withheld. archive.is/vNcK1

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>>258188216I think it's pretty bad especially if you have something like bipolar disorder, though I've been in the same boat and drank more nights in a row than I should have!

>>258191429I'm okay, Sven! Last night, I promise!!>>258191619I need to gain weight...>>258191727>morning coffee up with whiskeyI don't know about that...

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>>258191653I for one am shocked that the countries who's presidents are encouraging reckless reopening and not taking the threat seriously have the most infections


Never underestimate the power of Brazil.

Attached: brazil in the lead.png (1282x328, 42.54K)

>>258191883NOO dont mention B*ng - you know what his name brings....CCP/Kike shills (both of them nada burgers)

>>258191163Based, and there's still 4 hours until the day ends so we can still reach 1k cooffins

>>258191727tequila sucks. what about your second morning coffee? or noon coffee? or early afternoon coffee? and so on?>>258191883>he said the B*ng L*u nameyou fool

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>>258191883>His name was Binge LewdsDid Hillary do this? Obama? I'll to check my Q logs for answers.

>>258191883they have been since january if not december or lower i believe>>258191953sugar is good but not ideal you need actual calories , drinking stuff isn't gfood it can give you belly with years but its bad to actually get weight

What's with the Star of David these people are wearing on stream? This is like the second or third time they've came across someone wearing one.

>>258187481WHY are (((they))) everywhere when it comes to reopening?

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>>258191883What is a "computational biologist"?

>>258191408I think I'm going to scatter rice and apple slices around his area, but not so close that he sees it10 minutes till probation officer calls, it'll be so nice if hes cool about doing remainder of meetings over the phoneI might just pretend to be sick for next appojntments and leave anyways. There's no fucking way we aren't going to be locked down again in a month

>>258187358when exercise meets a food drive.

>>258192210>10 minutes till probation officer calls, it'll be so nice if hes cool about doing remainder of meetings over the phoneI hope he does, hole user!!

>>258188216you seem incredibly beta so it may kill you. just go watch some anime and coom.

>>258191680Yes you retard, you fuckers were making predictions how tens of millions would have died by now and it willl collapse society. Yet it only killed slightly more people than the flu and its actually less dangerous than the flu for people below 50. It was fun shitposting here since January but i have come to the realization that it actually is an empty un in the last month

>>258188216i am doing about 8 years in a row so far so I wouldn`t worry too much about three nights. But if you are young then, take a break and feel if there is a difference in a positive way and adjust to that


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>>258192168Jews are the enemy of humanity, user

>>258192157Jews are natural plague spreaders, just as Chinks are natural plague creators.It's usually not malice, rather just their culture.

>>258191680It's the reason why despite being locked down for months, we're still seeing newly infected peopleI've seen plenty of videos of retards gathering in waffle land since we've started opening upIt's only a matter of time>>258191953How much do you weigh boop user?Fellow skelly here

>>258188216I drink every night at 6:00 with my 6 pills. Just reading every book I can until the world ends or I do

>>258192157shutting down hair dressers and restaurants is anudda shoah>>258192168those are just golems>>258192210But that's good food, putting rocks under his bed is free. Or get some itching powder on am*zon or somewhere

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Spamming this againUPDATED ITALY MODEL, again. Assuming 40% reduction in contacts and mobility after lockdowns endBased on effectivness of interventions and calculations of the R0 from the Imperial college of Londonimperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/mrc-gida/2020-03-30-COVID19-Report-13.pdf

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>>258192168A lot of the protests had common (((organizers))). I think the online psrt sas all coordinated by (((same people)))

>>258191766Are you denying hasidic Jews as Jews? Sounds antisemitic bro. >>258191883Fuck the shills are coming, last thread was comfy. Let's wait and see...

>>258189044You aren't appreciative of corona-chan and her subtle simple movement through society. She's graceful and elegant and will bring great change with her

>>258191998oh I don't

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>>258192118Yeah they have whiskey as well, it's tasty. Only have three a day. Bit of demerara sugar and cream if I'm feeling fancy.

>>258191953Well, I didn't ask because you were drinking, lots of people drink nowadays. I asked because the fact that you had to ask us about drinking indicates you're reaching out. So again, how are you?>>258191614I prefer Plantation Rum personally.


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>>258191883>Let’s first consider the life and work of James Taylor, who passed away on April 2 at the age of 40. Anyone hoping to learn details about the cause of death of this remarkable man will be disappointed; to date, no information has been made available to the public.>“The cause of James’ death is not yet known, and given how overwhelmed the medical profession is in Baltimore, we may never know,” stated the website of Galaxy Project, using the coronavirus as an excuse for not being able to dig deeper into the death of a colleague. “Given how quickly this overtook him it is very unlikely to have been COVID-19.”

>>258192316But it's not a flu, you're the retard for saying it is. As to the numbers that will die, who knows how many will, this thing is just getting started.

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>>258188490b*ng, you say?

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New York model. Also holy shit the R0 was high in NY

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>>258191680It is actually way more suprising how despite all evidence you retards still think its more than just a flu. It killed almost no young healthy adults No videos of people dying in the streets either like in China back in January,

>>258192721i'm with you gotta protect the regulars

>>258192761>At this point the reader may be asking, ‘Ok, so what. What significance is there to a group of researchers having trouble getting access to the genome structure of the coronavirus?’ The problem is that it could mean the difference between being able to develop a vaccine for the disease and not.>Here it should be mentioned that on October 18, 2019, Johns Hopkins University, together with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted Event 201, a high-level exercise that imagined how the public and private sector would coordinate in the event of a pandemic. The event so closely mirrored the outbreak of Covid-19 just two months later that Johns Hopkins released a statement denying that it had made a “prediction” about the pandemic.

>>258192478Are you that American woman that I talked to a while ago with?

>>258192721You ever drank "Cloud"....But then again for that you had to have traveled to Bulgaria Its a mix of 50:50 mint liquor and mastika (stronger ouzo, a lot stronger)

>>258189634you make it sound a bit sinister, but in all likelihood he just doesn't want to be the guy going against all the institutions and become a pariah when something he says turns out to be wrong, now that he gets so much attention.

So is it happening or is it over? Vaccine and drug trials seem very good, but, maybe reinfection for airborne aids?

>>258192891You see plenty of those in South America Beyond that its nothing like the flu

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>>258191953Boop is it true that you're a CIA plant deployed to distract and stop Anons from joking about spreading Corona Chan?

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>>258192891de ce mananci kkt?e plin de filme cu rusi lesinati pe strada

>>258192771another case of homosexual domestic violencewhy is every fucking foreigner gay?


>>258192956>What makes this case particularly compelling is that, according to a homage page on the UPSM website, “B*ng was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of the following complications.”>The other remarkable detail is how closely aligned B*ng Liu and James Taylor’s academic resumes were. Both academics were involved in the obscure field of computational systems biology, as well as machine-learning techniques to better predict the behavior of biological species.

>>258188216Why not get a cuddle buddy, boops? All the warmth of alcohol but wrapped up in a cutie you can snuggle and boop all night.

It's 6:30 PM on the East Coast, and Brazil is still #1. They might actually beat us today. I don't know if America can handle being #2.

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>>258192766Its just getting started for 6 months now and death rates started to decline everywere in europe and muttland. Spics in Spain had only 60 people die yesterday and mutts opened 3 weeks ago yet less than half of the daily deaths they had in mid april

>>258193035>>258193029Light bulbs, subways

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>>258192721I'm drinking while I wait for my plants to finish flowering. Should be ready for harvest this weekend I hope.

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wait... some people haven't been getting hammered every night?

► 474 new cases and 10 new deaths in Argentina► 704 new cases and 77 new deaths in Germany

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>>258192761He was last seen on twitter agitating against GISAID for withholding access to sequences. I've noticed that GISAID is actively covering up the G614 mutation the chinks sent to Bavaria, and its rapid spread in Europe and the rest of the world. Could it be related?

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>>258192909Even me?

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Indian forced to eat roadkilltwitter.com/LavanyaBallal/status/1263051328651235334

>>258193118Yeah, but that means it's over by October?

>>258193235minti, futu-ti cristosu' ma-tii

>>258193064Post vids of russians dying then

I don't want brazil to surpass us, I wanted to fight with burgers for the gold, but now our shitty government is drawing a decrease ;(

>>258192210Fucking Christ like a typical diversity hire he said he was busy and he'll call me back in 15 20 minutes kek. Glad this nigger is getting paid state benefits to fuck up his job

>>258192891Literally infected less than 1% of the population and killed one in six of those who we know the result of.Killed off a measurable, sizeable chunk of Bergamo.Btw do all Romanians struggle with basic abstract concepts? I've noticed that this shit tends to be genetic. My entire family can easily comprehend the severity of a pandemic, however, some simply cannot picture this in their heads. Were you born stupid? Are your parents brother and sister?

>States not following reopening guidelines >CDC being muzzled >Florida (maybe Georgia?) caught attempting to alter data How fucked are we?

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wish i was a wu mao

>>25819133735-50k probably, trust me.

Shit, it's like I've been time warped back to January reading your imbecile commets. I mean the world shuts the fuck down every year for flu, right? The world economy crashes every fucking year, right? Or are you going to tell us it's all a muh power grab by the global elites, next?

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>>258193137>So what we are left with, at a time when the world is desperately searching for a way to combat Covid-19, is the legacy of two trailblazing researchers who were both working towards ways of better understanding the disease. Although we may never know the true story behind each man’s untimely death, the likelihood of two renowned researchers – with almost identical professional backgrounds – dying a month apart at a time when both were making headway against the pandemic must certainly rank far less than the chances of someone actually succumbing to Covid-19. The deaths of B*ng Liu and James Taylor deserve far greater scrutiny by the mainstream media.>>258193316proof that they're actively covering it up?

>>258193381>no argumentsKys or go back to work gyppo wagie

>>258193298I wishI'm still working every day from home


>>258193345If no further lockdowns, its over before summer ends. But its complete chaos before its over.

>>258193015Drug trials have been shit, outside of monoclonal antibodiesVaccine has been miss and a possible hitBoth are at least a year away

>>258187185his gut is def not maintaining 2m social distance

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>>258189173at least you admitted it. i die a little bit inside when americans try to affect a british accent and yes i know it's in bad faith and to mock us

>>258193514Is this endemic now? Any news on immunity length?

>>258193312>704 new cases and 77 new deaths in Germany>Germany back on the riseExactly according to the models.

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>>258189634I stopped trusting him nearly from the beginning as he was defending China virtually every single fucking day.


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>>258193331I feel like this would happen either with or without covid>>258193246

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>>258193484remember seeing the proof its in the site but you need to dig a bunch of stuff to you even see the existence of the strain,something like this and for no reason as well

>>258193484Posted wrong pic

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>>258192967I'm a dude who posts foxgirls>>258193019I feel like some of the droppers might have been people with silent hypoxia who passed out because china's shitty air quality pushed them over the edge. Some places in SA have bad air quality too>>258193157No way, that's impossible>>258193438bad enough states feel the need to cook data>>258193477is this the power of invoking B*ng L*u's name?>>258193619It's 100% endemic now except maybe NZ

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>>258193466Saint Petersburg had over 200 excess deaths in April, and only 20 coronavirus deaths. Its at least 10x higher


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>>258193620Yep, daily deaths are on the rise as well. Oh yeah, we opened up public pools tonight. Good time ahead, model user.

>>258193510Ty, brazilnut tree

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>>258193646È TETRA !!! !É TETRAAAAQ!!!!!!!!!!

>>258193298Sone of us do things user.

>>258193015>Vaccine and drug trials seem very goodThe biggest news of the past few days was that the Oxford vaccine was a complete dud.


>>258193477Meant for you.>>258193235

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