Is Stockholm the best city for the white man to live in?

Pros:>Clean>Safe>All white>Beautiful architecture>Close to nature>Beautiful women>Traditional values and conservative population>Good high paying jobsCons:>Bad party scene / nightlife (clubs are expensive as fuck and there aren't as many of them as in most other cities)>Expensive>Shitty non-diverse cuisine >Cold

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>>258182875>All whiteBlatant lie. Been there some 10 years ago. All brown at that time.

The Swede is urbanized beyond all hope.Just give up. You are an embarrassment.

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>>258182875>Shitty non-diverse cuisineis somali food not diverse enough?

>>258183051No he is right. Somali food is now swedish food.

>>258182875>>Stockholm>>Clean>>Safe>>All white>>Beautiful architecture>>Beautiful women>>Traditional values and conservative populationDelusional coping is the last refuge of the eternal scandicuck.

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>>258183025depends on where you go. inner city is mostly white, because it's too expensive for shitskins. the cheapest apartments has the most brownshit

>>258183365They need gustavus adolphus back

>>258183035Kys anglo, city living is better than muuuh countryside and if I want to visit nature it's only a short car ride or a boat ride to some of the most pristine nature on earth

>>258182875Cons:>sneezy bois

what about the grenades?

>>258183478This, if you aren't a poorfag and living in the shitty apartment block suburbs you'll be living in an ethnostate pretty much

>>258183547Is sweden really that cold? Might want to visit it.

>>258182875So why is the white part so important?Go to Singapore.

>>258183622Don't be a poorfag

>>258182875Is this post some kind of surrealist performance art that I'm just not understanding?

>>258182875You forgot to mention Somalian grenade attacks and coalburning whores.

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>>258183478I was there for a week, innercity wasn't mostly white at all. Walking through the street seeing arabs and balkans all over, there is this one roundish place which is aprox 5 meter deeper -> full of blacks. One day i made "friends" with some balkans which than took me on a tour through their city. Was fun and all until the opened a locker at a train station, took a weapon out and said i have to go now. Very safe, very white city you got there.

>>258183972Larping cuck

>>258183694Not much colder than here in northern Italy, it’s definitely bearable.

>>258183715how does having money protect me from your rapefugees throwing grenades around?

>>258183897>Let me tell you about your country

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Pros:>all whiteCons>shitty non diverse cuisine Oh no no no ha ha ha ha

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>>258183972Why should i larp?

>>258184147If you aren't poor you never see them

>>258184144Ok. Thanks wop friend

>>258183694>Is sweden really that cold?Yes

>>258184218Because your story sounds fake and you are anonymous on the internet

>>258184148>let me tell you about your country

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>>258184393Swedish girls are hot man, would like to have one.

>>258184245sure thing sven (or mohamed). hope you already converted. otherwise you're going to have a bad time

>>258184581Would you be able to compete with the Chad Nordic men we have here is the question

Ignore flag. I'm Swedish born and return home every couple years.This music video sums up the future of my parents country. This is suburban Stockholm. Where are the Swedes?I used tincinsider going back there for work and maybe starting a businessfamily. This video alone made me reconsider. Shits fucked. What's worse is they are showing it as a

>>258184547>Muh eurofag, europoorNobody invited americunts on this threadyou cunty cunt fagoty muricunt

>>258184731Is shitposting not enough?I have a nice car

>>258184148the amerimutt meme must be a blessing to you europoors. now you don't have to acknowledge the problems with your own homes, you can just ignore them while repeating to yourself "at least i'm not a mutt" as your demographics get browner and browner. le 52% face is your future too, sven.

>>258184797* to consider* starting a familyExcuse mistakes. Am phone posting.

The epicenter of cuckoldry. The birthplace of Swedish National Cuckoldry Stockholm Syndrome.

>>258182875>stockholm>all whitehave you ever been outside

>>258184797Don't be poor and live in the inner city or a richer suburb user>>258184899>I have a nice carSo does everyone else faggot

>>258182875>clubs are expensiveAnd degenerate

>>258184918>le 52% face is your future too, sven.It won't, keep seething faggot

>>258184428So are you and your accusations

>>258185046Dont need to get all triggered because mohammed and achmed took your wife out for dinner while you are posting on here.

OP has got to be the most retarded swedish poster I've seen, because they are usually pretty based

>>258185130i will, keep coping nigger

>>258183698>>>258182875 (OP)>So why is the white part so important?>Go to Singapore.If Singapore's police and courts could work in Sweden all the non-Whites would be killed within a year, and Sweden's women would have some good sense beaten into them.

>>258185143Ok nigger. Atleast you arent an amerimud.Germans are superior

>>258185270>Swedish>BasedYeah its like saying a nigger is part of europe

>>258185266I will never forgive you krauts for losing ww2 and letting the eternal anglo win

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>>258185377Just go there and check for yourself.Part of beeing superior is the art understatement. If you are you don't have to say it. Others will recognize. But you aren't superior just by saying so.And most people who have to say what the (think they) are, aren't.

>>258185721You should have supported us back then nigger. Finland atleast fought against the commies but sweden was just doing nothing.>Muh neutral.Anyway everything is better than an amerimud

>>258182875Of course greta

>>258186005>You should have supported us back then nigger. We did, without Sweden Germany wouldn't have been able to build its war machine retard

>>258185937Ok nigger you are just supporting the stereotyp of germans being weird and cucked.

>>258183972>Was fun and all until the opened a locker at a train station, took a weapon out and said i have to go nowyea I believe you. and then everybody clapped

>>258186160You should have send swedish chads to fight nigger. Germany lost because we hadnt enough soldiers.

>>258185375>Doesn't know much about Singapore.

>>258183972I've been to Östermalm and yes it is mostly white, only saw many shitskins at Sergels Torg and the central train station. your story sounds made up

>>258186309>You should have send swedish chads to fight nigger.Plenty of Swedes volunteered to fight in Binland>Germany lost because we hadnt enough soldiers.Germany lost because of a lack of oil kraut, we should have sent Swedish war strategians instead it seems

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>>258186187Are you a heretic believing in stereotypes?


>>258186509I think there are people who feel physical disgust whenever they see people of another race, so it occupies more space in their memories. I'm glad my brain doesn't work that way.

>>258186685Nah we had good generals but hitler was a bad military leader. He should have stayed at giving speeches and waving his hand.

>>258186688No but others do

>>258186928meh. I don't like Muslim immigration but he posts obvious fake shit. we should be reasonable

>>258186933This could have been me user then if he listened more to the generals, fuck you krauts for losing

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>>258185270Lol no, easily less than 100 people in this country among the civilians understand what Hitler actually wanted to protect Europe from, and a even smaller number will admit or understand the solution to the JQ (which is to do what the Holohoax claims Hitler did). While individual swedes might be willing to fight back in some capacity (which is rare), the Swedish people as a whole lost their balls over 200 years ago, they will never rise again in any shape or form.This degeneration will continue until civil war finally breaks out (due to pure animalistic survival instinct taking over, where all "human" intelligence falls away and overrides any cuckery), and then it will be destroyed.The issue is that Hitler had humanity and thought that he'd be left alone by countries such as America if he spared the Jews by offering them a very lucrative option instead of blatantly killing them off. This was pure folly as American and England was full on sucking Jewish cock by then and had every intention of destroying the reich. He should have played the long game instead and executed a literal "Order 66" on the Jewish populace of earth instead while training and preparing his troops for defense against Stalin instead.

>>258186509I was there, as an excursion, held by my university. We stayed one week in a hostel like boat. I was searching for something to smoke, but didn't know anybody there, beside my excursion group. So I had to talk to some people looking like I could get lucky. Which led to some strange experiences.Believe it or not but its true. There would be even more to tell.There weren't that much "shitskins" but enough to recognize. T-Centralen was full with them, the main buying-street and public transportation also.

>>258187292would you rather have bosnian muslims, or congolese christians?

>>258187453We lost our balls when we lost binland, we need this to happen for our people to gain their balls back

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>>258187494>Was fun and all until the opened a locker at a train station, took a weapon out and said i have to go now.lel why would anyone do this? nobody does this except if you're an Ahmet involved in drug trade>>258187534Bosniaks obviously, nogs are another level of low

>>258187494>T-Centralen was full with them,No fucking shit the central station is filled with shitskins, but other than that you almost never see them in the inner city

>>258188048I think at first they feared I might by police or something. I showed them my ID which led to them wanting to buy it. We were walking around and they were kind of amused I think, regarding it with 10 years difference. I was young and naive. And they wanted to brag about their gangster lifestyle i think.>>258188072Wasn't only there as i mentioned. Also you seem to have a quite huge portion of so called rotating europeans. Very bold in trying to steal.

>>258188749You must be larping the faggot, inner city Stockholm has almost on shitskins

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>>258187292From what I've noticed of the states, and having lived in a community that recieved a large influx of mostly Iraqi immigrants during the 90s, is that, if your country is going to let them in, to the extent it's possible, it's a mistake to let them concentrate in one place. If you spread them out, they'll become more tolerant of your culture, and assimilate pretty easily. If they concentrate, they'll want to reinforce their own culture.

>>258183661Do you just stay inside? You see a bunch of niggers out and about in Stockholm.

>>258190227No and no

>>258189571I was a more leftie type at that time and even as such i recognized it. Maybe our problem is a different definition of much.

>>258184245So you just never leave Östermalm and think everything is fine because the niggers are half a kilometer away?

>>258190546The suburbs are far away and basically the entire inner city is fine except for TC

>>258186685>plenty ofA couple thousand, whereas half a million finns fought.

>>258190846Why would anyone want to live in a suburb except to escape niggers?

>>258190960The Swede profits from wars, not fight them>>258191186Suburbs = förtort, which is the shitty cheap apartment block areas outside of the city

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>>258183025Blatant lie. I have been there many times, last time last year, and it was pretty much all white. Get out of our continent shlomo.

>>258183897Grenade attacks are done by the Balkans, you stupid liar.