I'm not voting for Trump

I'm not voting for Trump.

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no one cares

>>258182564Well the rest of us are.

I vote Kushner

I'm voting for Cliff Burton's ghost and we'll change the national anthem to no one singing - just Orion being played before sporting events etc. while people stand silently.

>>258182666SPBP and checked

>>258182564>unironically voting for sleepy biden


>>258182564It doesn,t matter. You're running Biden. Good luck in November.


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>>258182788>>258182657You're not even American

>>258182666Checked for the win.

me neitherbut im sure as hell not voting against him either

Don't care, tranny.

>>258182564then who. Biden will actively fuck us. Trump will less actively fuck us

>>258182564That's right.

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>>258182564ok>>258183028Even more of a reason to not care.

I was gonna vote for Biden, but seeing how they changed the rules to screw Bernie at every turn Im voting for Trump now..And a lot of us Bernie Supporters in Detroit feel the same way.

>>258182564>>258182666Im voting vermin supreme

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>>258183799That's why the Democrats are doomed over time. They accustomed their voters to vote based on fefes and identity politics.

i'll vote for trump if he gives us more trumpbux

TRUMP 2020

>>258182564Haha yeah! Trigger them libs! I don't care if the country is going to shit, I just wanna see them libtards being triggered! Wooooo!

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>>258182564I’m not voting at all, so what?

>>258182564I'm voting for revolution. Or Trump. I'm undecided.


>>258182564Might as well become a colony of Israel.

>>258182564we know, xir

uh oh the america first crowd is going to be really pissed

Fuck off shill we need him to make Israel strong and make the libs and muslims mad

>>258182564Voting is for fools

>>258186158yankee first crowd*

So you'll be voting for diabetes then, Xir chunk-alot?

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>>258186343I think I'm the only one that gets when that French dude wrote yankee doodle dandy, he was calling Americans jack-offs. Yank = Pull Doodle = Dick Dandy = a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.With the girls be HANDY = using your hand while fantasizing about the girls

>>258185552Crying tards are half the fun.

>>258186890The french always project.

>>258182564when the other guy is so bad you can only say this

>>258187252Everyone always projects, and everyone always jacks off if they can.

>>258182564Nor am I

>>258182753Based and bus crash pilled

>>258182564Don't care

>>258182564>he votesLol

>>258182564Idc shill fuck.I'm still voting for him. SEETHE/

>>258182564Oh well. I am.

>>258182564I am. Just negated you’re vote, fagit.

Well I am

Trump supporters are uneducated shitbagz who unironically vote against their own economic interests

>>258182564I'm ridin' with Biden. I'm sniffing hair with Obama's heir.

You can't even vote. Go play vidya games, nincompoop



>>258188264Biden supporters fuck children and can’t remember their own names, so they just call eachother Corn Pop.

>>258182564I don't know what to do. I hate Biden supporters, niggers, and leftists in general, but the fact that Trump is controlled by Kushner and the completely retarded behavior of the right since this covid thing makes me hate them too. I think I might have to vote for Biden just because of the memes

>>258185552Basically. Even if I thought Trump would wreck the country faster than Biden and the left. (I obviously don't.) I would still vote for him just to trigger you mental children who have been so overly assblasted about your loss in 2016. It's like, if you know someone rages out of all control when they lose, you like to see them lose over and over. It's human nature to want to see them learn the obvious lesson that no one likes a poor sport. Especially when they seem hell bent on cheating to get their way. People who would otherwise be largely apolitical still hate that shit enough to want to see you cry again. Learn to run on an actual platform or be fucked forever. It will never stop being funny.

>>258183028Can you explain to me what "Being American" means in modern context?

>>258182564ok retard

>>258188827I forgot who’s name shows up on Epstein’s Lolita express logs? Biden?! I think I’ve seen Trumps name but not Biden

>>258189487Right. Trump was the one on video fondling a little girl’s nipples while she squirmed uncomfortably. Go play the kazoo, Corn Pop.

i am

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>>258189157um being born or stayed in america for a long time?

>>258189157like how can you actually be this retarded dude?

>>258189157my god this board has gone to shit with low-iq posters like you

>>258182564SameI’m writing in Bernie

Trump and Fauci lied and people died.

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>>258188264>votes for healthcare for illegal aliens.>votes open borders>votes for old guard neo-liberal>votes pro-war>votes against own economic interests.I'm confused here, Moshe. Help a guy out.

>>258189487Bill and Hillary for a couple


Other things OP is not doing:>paying for car insurance>having sex>living on his own>maturing into a responsible, productive person

>>258190578Corn Pop spotted.

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>>258190992Nice projection Maga incel

>>258182657fpbp as always

>>258182666Speak for yourself, nigger.

>>258182564Illegals shouldn't be able to vote anyway. You have to go back Chuey

>>258182753>just Orion being played before niggerball eventsFuck no. I'm not trying to listen to a 10 minute song before kickoff even if it is good

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Ridin’ with Biden