>90k deathsWelcome to Trump's America

>90k deathsWelcome to Trump's America.

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My city was beautiful during the height of the panic. The streets were empty, filled with a quiet peace I haven't known since I was a child.90,000 is nothing I won't be happy until 1 in 10 are gone.

>>258179621Less than the daily average. Nothing to see here. >>258179912


>>258179621rookie numbers, need more nigger deaths, pussy virus etc etc etc

>>258179621Deaths with Covid or by Covid?

>60k deaths if you remove “probable cases” Heh nothing personal kiddo



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>>258179621Still lower per capita deaths than most nations in Europe.

>>258179621cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm>dur hur durrrr

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and yet i still havent known a single person who has gotten it. 90k deaths and not a single person I know.6k died in Iraq and I knew two of them. Im not saying its not as bad as they say, but like I said I known a single person who has gotten ill from it. weird

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shutting the entire economy down for three months will cause an order of magnitude more deaths over the next five to ten years

>>258180988We just need to keep the economy down until the elections and then you will have your rights given back to youBe patient, stay safe, stay HOME YOU FUCKING NARCISSIST

Just Imagine, if the Dems didnt spend every waking moment since 2016 lying through their nose and making their faction the party of subversion; they would actually be primed to capitalized on the pandemic right now. Instead, people just tune them out as more orange man bad whining. Its amazing how much damage the dems do to themselvs

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>>258180876>positive test result not requiredso just bullshit then?


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>>258179621>300k recoveries is that not a good thing? is trump responsible for the deaths but not the recovered?

>>258179621Only 90k? Wow! Trumps doing pretty great! All those experts said MILLIONS! Keep up the good work Mr President. Trumps America indeed!

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Cuomo said it best, "people are going to die. What is justice? Who do we hold accountable? Nobody."

>>258179621Taiwan is not a part of China. Taiwan is an independent country.The One China Policy is a lie.

>>258179621nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/09/us/coronavirus-cases-nursing-homes-us.html35% of deaths were from nursing homes where democrat governors pushed in gook flu patients

think about the millions that will be unemployed the rest of the year because the government forced their places of employment to closea certain percentage of those people will become destitute, homeless, substance abusers, will lack proper healthcarehell think about how many people will at the very least lose their health insurancehow many people will die preventable deaths if 20,000,000 lose decent health insurance? A million? 5 million?all this for an ILI that everyone on earth will eventually be exposed to

>>258181870You're completely right, it is fucking retarded that we don't have universal healthcare yet.

>>258181870I sat unemployed for 8+ weeks, with no income from unemployment still which is apparently common for roughly 80% of people claiming where I live, and finally got to go to work and have some fucking income again this week. Had this lasted even two more weeks, I would've lost my apartment. I'm baffled by all of this. So many are going to lose their entire livelihoods.

consider also what my state medical examiner’s office is doing:die with a cough? COVID deathchest pain? COVID deathheart attack? COVID deathtested positive and got hit hy a car? COVID deathtested positive then recovered then died in a plane crash? COVID deaththey don’t test the dead and hospitals don’t test you unless you present certain cluster symptomsI would bet you the accurate death total with no comorbidities is under 10,000

>>258181853These are the death panels the tea party warned about.

>>258179621theres too many fucking people here anyway, muhammad. i want as many deaths as possible

>>258179621zogbotupdate yourself

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I best most of them died from Hypoxia

>>258179621Nothing compared to World War II Kraut.

I'll be good with a 0.5 - 1.0% death rate. keep going.

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>>258179621We the original numbers were 1 to 2 million deaths, this is a win.


>>258179621WE NEED MORE DEATH. KALI YUUUUUGAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Where the fuck is my nigger Shiva at!?

Strange, you mention the 90k deaths but not that the death rate is declining severely... Very dishonest of you.Also, considering the original prediction was that 2 million people we're going to have to either admit you were wrong or that Trump saved 1.9m lives.

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>>258180579less than that, you can literally see when covid-19 fell off a cliff. the next day ALL pneumonia cases stopped being counted, probable cause started being counted & nursing homes reformed into covid-positive wards.

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Average age of Covid deaths is greater than life expectancyH O A XOAX

>>258185314filter the death list by New Yorktry not to get madcoronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map

>>258179621>the left loves victim blaming nowChina is the rapist


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>>258179621>CDC kills 90k Americans>threatens more deaths if Trump is not removed from officewhy would anyone think this is okay

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>>258179621>Welcome to Trump's America.So you admit that DJT is doing a great job? After all, mere weeks ago you pus brains were gleefully predicting 2.2 *million* deaths.GTFOH.

>>258179621>The pandemic is Trump's fault!Democrats are actually this petty. Nevermind the nonstop Democrat corruption that has been exposed over the past 4 years. There was a pandemic. Americans are stupid and value freedom. They didn't wear masks. They didn't stay in doors>LoOk At TrUmPs EcOnOmY nAoW HURR DURR

It's Trump's fault New York City is a shit hole?

>>258179621>spacing. 1 post by this id.Shill slide thread

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>>258186014>Americans are stupid and value freedom. They didn't wear masks. They didn't stay in doorsAnd we're still doing better than a bunch of other countries. Countries that don't have to deal with a faction in their governments with an incentive to make it look as bad as possible

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>>258186191Everything is trumps fault if you have the mind of a 4 year old

>>258179621Trump is unironcally doing a great job and it makes Germans seethe

Its trumps fault china had open wet meat markets and have been doing this every election year? Its trumps fault gov inslee didnt impose a quarantine until two months after a confirmed case happened in january? I cant believe china has allowed these 90k deaths. God damn it china

>>258179621>it took counting deaths like pic related to reach 90kSad!

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>1 post by this ID>lefty children afraid to bantLearn to math and think for yerself.

>>258179621>most died from other shitFuck off nigger

>>258179621Ah yes because trump is responsible for a virus that originated in China. He wanted to ban travel from China but the dems were against it. If Trump had his way we wouldn’t even need a lockdown


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>>258179621Was Trump supposed to knock on doors and yell at people? I stayed the fuck home, I didn’t get Corona.

i kept going out, no masks, even ordered shit from across the country regularly(almost daily) and i didn't catch a fucking thing.(i usually dont catch your flu's and "colds" anyways but yeah)you freaked the fuck out over nothing, tool.

>>258179621That's great though, most of them are probably non white

>>258179621/pol/ in this thread:>so many americans have died from coronavirus!!Holla Forums in another thread:>documents have revealed that hospitals are putting covid-19 on every death certificate regardless of cause of death

>>258191996>(((Holla Forums))) in this thread:>Holla Forums in another thread:

>Implying those 90k death are correct, while in reality it's probably much less

>>258179621Anon, 1.57m confirmed means almost 10m infecteddeaths are 93k, so death rate is 1%1.5 million WITH COMORBIDITY will die, because 150m will be infected in the long run. That's a very strong flu, but 99% will survive.Flattening the curve does not means less total infected after a year.

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>>258179621How can there be .111 deaths? Are some of them just partially dead?

>>258193481>deaths from all causesOkay now show numbers for sub 50 year olds, and people without pre-existing issues of pneumonia and influenza.

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