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ITT we discuss the various shitholes (mainly focusing on municipalities) of our respective countries/states, how these places became shit holes, and what we can do to reverse the damage. Keep in mind, this is mainly for those of us who live in civilized parts of the world. Everyone knows that the entire Democratic Republic of Congo and others such places are shitholes in and of themselves, and nobody gives a fuck about them.So, I’ll start. Pic related is Memphis. It is the shithole I call home. It turned into a shithole, because we allowed blacks to flood the inner-city during the whole “forced bussing” shit. The only way to fix this shithole would be to dunk it into the Mississippi River. Ok, anons, your turn. What shithole do you call home/have in mind?

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>>258175482My part of the world. This is the nice part of San Francisco.

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>>258175482You should take a look at downtown Toronto. Lord, its like another Detroit.

I live in Austin, Texas. There are homeless people everywhere because they are given free one way tickets to the most liberal city in Texas. It’s becoming Seattle and San Fran tier. Cost of living has doubled in the last 10 years. People from California are flocking here to escape California’s high prices and in turn are turning this place into a mini California.

>>258175721I’ve been to San Fran one time, and I will never return. I’ve never seen so many fucking vagrants in such a high density before. I also saw this one dude walking around with nothin on but dress shoes and white tube socks. He was also carrying around a suitcase for some fucked up reason. Very bizarre experience.

>>258176027>>258176009>>258175721Seems to me this thread is just filled with people who don't like big cities. You guys have been to SF, but would you honestly rather spend time in places like Fresno, Stockton or Bakerfield?

Frankfurt am Main here, city has a street name for every country corrupting jew banker billionaire in the last millenium, coincidentally it is very difficult to drink for a weekend and not get into a fight with arabs

>>258175482My dad traveled a lot for business. He would always say that Birmingham, AL is the biggest shithole he's been to.

>>258175482At least Memphis has that cool Bass Pro Shops.

walk down 3rd ave to pioneer square in Freeattle. then take a trip up to everett or down to kent. it's basically the 3rd world.

>>258177984We fucking sold our architectural landmark to fucking bass pro shop, because the nogs that run this shithole sucked every dime, nickel, and penny out of the treasury.

>>258177489I’ve never been to Fresno or Stockton. I’ve been to other, mid sized cities in the us and Europe though. They’ve seemed relatively alright. Some better than others. What’s Fresno like?

Clearwater, FloridaScientology owns the city and pretty much every property downtown, where I live. They have cameras and license plate trackers all over the city, even in residential areas.Please kill me.

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>>258178675What was it before?


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>>258179044>they have cameras everywhereThat seems like virtually all of Florida now. It’s fucking shitty. Every time I drive through Florida now, I usually get mailed some toll garbage. Never been through Clearwater though. How’re the demographics there?

>>258178805It's endless suburban sprawl where the most interesting cultural centers are strip malls.

>>258179044Tampafag here. Can confirm.

>>258179506Mostly white, fortunately.Pay the toll (unironically, so they don't mail you bills).

>>258175482im not even close to jeddah but i still hear the stories about burmese immigrants/residents who think they are descendants of Arabia. its a shithole to the point where even the national gaurds can't go there.

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>>258179325It was a sports arena, I saw WWE there in the 90s it was really cool

>>258179519You can add Atlanta to that list. Believe it or not there are lots of nice white parts but they are all soulless

>>258179325It was a sort of museum/public event location. It housed exhibits ranging in focus from the history of Memphis, to mummies from Egypt. It was a sort of cultural center. It also hosted basketball games, derby racing, and various other public events. Now it’s just another fucking store. We already had a bass pro shop in Memphis ffs

NYC Subway's inhospital condition courtesy of de blasio. This city was in fact completely FIXED at one point under Giuliani who cracked down on crime using his "broken windows" policy. Now it's receding as everyone knew it would under our asshat mayor.

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>>258176009I would live in Austin before I would live in Houston or Dallas. I assert that San Antonio is the only livable big city in Texas, but you are basically living in a wealthy suburb of Mexico.Austin is livable, but the far left council that is in the pocket of the developers are slowly but surely creating Manhattan on the Lower Colorado. You will have to be wealthy to live there, very wealthy to own property there.

>>258175482Kek I’m working from home on south main right now mem user. Are you downtown or in a burb?

>>258175482Here is little mogadishu where all the imported somalis live in my city. Police don't even go there anymore.

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Btw I’ve seen you posting on here before about how screwed up this city is

>>258179731I do when theres a booth, but my gps will occasionally take me on some photo enforced toll road, and it’s not like you can pull a yewie on the highway. I’m not from anywhere close to Florida either, so it’s not like I know my way around; especially when you consider that I have to go to a different part of the state every time I travel there for work. It’s fucking gay. Every time I know I’m gonna get flapped by the camera, I always give it the bird. >>258177823I’m sorry to here that, Krautbro. I went to Munich about a decade ago, and it was really nice. I don’t know if I want to know what it’s like now though. It always saddens me to hear about good, European cities being cored out by darkies. The same thing happened here, and it pains me to see it happening over there as well.

>>258180145Well shit that sucks.

>>258180620I’m in east Memphis off of Goodlett. I’m lucky though. The spot I’m in is pretty well insulated. Go a ways down the road though and you’ll run into a shitload of boogs and spics on summer. It’s fucking shitty af.>>258180896Yeah, that’s definitely been me lol I fucking hate what these coons have done to this city. It’s almost insufferable, interacting with these subhumans every goddamn day.

Get fucked fags>Ohio nibbas stand up614 Chad here

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>>258181527Ahh ok yeah those neighborhoods over there are nice, I used to live in high point and ran over there a lot. It’s funny to look on the next door app and see all the coonery that spills over from summer.

>>258175482Norfolk, VA.All the good companies have left and if you don't have a military background you're fucked.

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>>258181663Lol. Toledo is a shit hole. Cleveland is a shit hole. Columbus is turning into a shit hole. Cincinnati is a shit hole.

>>258181976That whole area has a fucked. Portsmouth, VB, Norfolk. Demographics is worse than Detroit.

>>258181032Yes. Yes it does. The Pink Palace Museum is a nice substitute for a museum though, so long as you don’t go there while a bunch of pickanannies are having a field trip.

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>>258176009Fellow Austinfag. I passed 3 or 4 beggers on my drive home today, definitely worse than a few years ago, and our kike mayor is buying up hotels to house these fuckers.


fucking Amsterdam.It's a tourist trap filled with pot heads and hookers.There is nothing Dutch about it.The entire city got pawned off to make it more attractive to tourists resulting in it losing anything that makes it actually Dutch beyond superficial shit.

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>>258182430I love that type of brick architecture.

>>258175482Great thread. I've been all over america. Nearly every urban area is a shithole. I'm not even memeing. Really, it's fucked. Travel somewhere in asia and you quickly learn that:>big citiies just attract crimereally boils down to >niggersplease clean things up amirebros. what can i do to help?

>>258181878You’re telling me. Just a couple weeks ago, some nigger junky broke into my buddy’s car while he was visiting for the weekend. Welcome to Memphis.>>258180882Where is this shithole?

>>258182265>t.michigan loser in Detoilet

>>258182979Are you an actual Japanese?

>>258183180nope. raised in burgerstanliterally left because shithole>and the beaners>why so many fucking beaners???

>>258183546how did you get into Japan? I was planning on abandoning my shithole as well.

>>258183118Hell you can change a neighbourhood easy there. Get you and some college/high school/military buddies and buy up a block.


>>258177489>Seems to me this thread is just filled with people who don't like big cities. You guys have been to SF, but would you honestly rather spend time in places like Fresno, Stockton or Bakersfield?I don’t know what the intent of OP was, but even if you like city living, the cities in the US have turned in to complete shitholes. Maybe cities in all of western society have too, for that matter, as it wouldn’t surprise me.For reference, I will show you what a non-shithole 21st century city looks like: Wuhan, China. Take a look.youtu.be/3hARrwaAO_g

>>258183546Keep Japan Japanese idiot. I can't stand the spics. Mexican gardeners who do the lawn of the chinks across the street woke me up two hours earlier than I intended to wake.

>>258175721It used to be so nice, few years ago there wsn’t nearly as much bs but then they probably started moving homeless from the bay area there through some fucked project gone south and now its like it is today

>>258180882I delivered pizza on Riverside Ave right down the street. We stopped delivering to the crack stacks when one of our drivers found a Pizza Hut bag with blood all over it in an elevator. Cops apparently went in an took the driver out and to the hospital, he got mugged and left for dead in the hallway.

>>258175482I live in Portland, OR. The rest of the state and southern Washington have figured out helping the homeless is a zero-sum game. They all treat the homeless like shit so the homeless all filter to us because Portland offers so many services and turns a blind eye to petty crimes & property crimes. There are camps like this everywhere, they steal and rob constantly, they use and deal drugs openly. Our police outright do not investigate property crime so unless you're caught in the act stealing some's bike/car/property you get away with it.Yes I said car, you can literally be pulled over in a stolen car, say "my buddy lent it to me I had no idea" and they don't even arrest you, they just make you get out of the car. Our criminal justice system is a joke. Recently a felon in possession of a stolen firearm who was making threats of violence was released THE SAME DAY he was arrested with $0 bail. Here's the link.>oregonlive.com/crime/2020/04/suspect-arrested-for-gun-possession-after-neighbor-tries-to-break-up-large-party-in-buckman-neighborhood.html This is the absolute STATE of Oregon.

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>>258182696dutch is not even a country.

>>258183745my wife is jap so it was easy>>258183958>idiotidk senpai. i live in one of the last civilized countries on the planet. you live in a kike-controlled shithole that worships niggers. if that makes me an idiot, then so be it.

>>258184310My friend literally went to portland recently to visit some friends. His car was broken into and someone stole his backpack, he wasn't even there for 24 hours. I always thought Portland was chill but it seems worse than some midwest niggervilles, at least here most of the crime is nig on nig

>>258184319I would have no issues if you guys annexed us assuming you find a way to re-animate the Austrian painter.

>>258175482My family was forced to move to Memphis decades ago. It was a shithole then and has been since it was first founded. It's always been a black city.I remember news stories of bodies and body parts being found in the woods. A corpse was rotting on top of a McDonald's on Poplar Avenue for weeks before it was found. As a little kid I wondered what kind of hellhole we had moved to.Also, the nigs lived in shacks like they were still slaves. I couldn't believe it. If you ever go to the black areas of town (I had to for school community service) it is like Mogadishu and that's no exaggeration. It's really fucking dangerous.

>>258184862I just want Japan to keep being Japanese.

>>258175482The only real shithole I've been to is Seattle so I'll talk about that. I never lived in Seattle, but I lived in suburbs around it, and of course I've been to Seattle gorillions of times so I'm more than well acquainted.What makes Seattle a shithole? It's not too dirty, doesn't smell too bad, not a lot of crumbling buildings and the population is still majority white, so what gives? Junkies. Junkies everywhere. Seattle always had a reputation for being a more or less drug friendly city, and it was fine when the occasional hobo was strung out on heroin and taking a nap in the park, but now? It's far worse. It's all being perpetuated by the local government, they simply won't convict any junkie of any crime short of murder. What's even worse is that the city is exploding in population, so housing is now insanely expensive from Tacoma to Everett. Oh, and guess who's moving in? Asians and Mexicans. I mean it could be worse, and there has always been a high Asian and Mexican population in the area, but now it's being flooded with them. As far as shitholes go, Seattle isn't the worst, but it's quickly getting there.

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>>258184862how bad is the 白左 situation in Japan?I just want to get away from the globohomo bullshit and niggers.

>>258178675No, a Jew named Sidney Schlenker embezzled money to build the pyramid and fucked Memphis out of money and the chance to get the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

>>258184914I had my car window broken because I left an empty paper grocery bag in the passenger seat.Many people actually leave their car doors unlocked to prevent damage when they inevitably get targeted, but still the homeless will break windows because they're too tweaked out to check the door first.

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>>258185246thats fair. here, let me help ease your mind:>japan is stil like 95%+ japanese>people are outwardly tolerant, but inside even cute young girls are racist>property values go down when foreigners (not just niggers) move into an apartment complexi could go on, but basically dont worry. japs dont want to go down in the same mess the west did

This is my shithole, Kansas City, Missouri. It's honestly not quite as bad as some of other shitholes in this list, and it's not the biggest shithole in Missouri either, that title belongs to St. LouisBut we still have our fair share of murders and niggerdom. Pic related is a nice view of KC, next post will have pics of our ghettos

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>>258180882Fuck everyone that had any part in bringing them here. Idiots don't realize that shithole countries are a product of shithole people. There is no reforming them and no benefit to bringing them here.

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>>258185469i'd say about 75% of the whites i meet are shitlibsthey're also out of shape losersnothing of valuethey get together in gaijin bars and talk about their child-tier views on lifein the end they are nothing, and time will forget they ever existed

>>258185900so in other word I won't have to deal with them if I get away from the big cities.

>>258181976Can confirm. Grew up in Hampton Roads. The worst kind of blacks live there. Overtly racist, generational welfare.

>>258176009Moved from DC to Austin for school. It’s still much better than east coast. Gotta hold the line

>>258186232senpai, you dont even have to deal with them in the big citiesi live in tokyo and can go days without seeing a western person>shinjuku, shibuya, rapepongiyeah thats a different story

how about Chiraq

>>258185683My sisters trying to get me to move here from Portland. Is it worth it?

>>258185682I think they'll be able to reverse any problems with it they have once America can no longer be there. Japan will probably be compelled to be stronger if they don't want to have to cowtow to China.

>>258180069eh, I liked living in marrietta, even the non whites are pretty nice.

>>258186441what about the niggers?

Words cant explain how niggerfied Toronto is lol. Ever since that cuck Trudeau let in Caribbean andAfrican immigrants into my city, its become a hellhole. You see niggers everywhere blasting their jungle beats while causing trouble. I live near a high school, and every white kid there acts like a fucking nigger. You cant even walk outside without getting robbed by a bunch of coons (almost happened to me). The crime rate has gone up drastically. Now this gay city even has its own underground faggot gangster culture and rap scene. Niggers literally come into my city just to form gangs and shit the place up. Im sorry if im ranting / venting like an autist,but It angers me that this city was clean about 30 years ago. I wasnt even racist before, but now I am after experiencing the damage that niggers can cause.TLTR: Niggers destroyed and shit up my once safe and low crime rate city.

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Philly. The cities completely overrun by the same problems all over this thread but the cost of living is low and you can get guns. Its a shame too, this was once a beautiful place.>t never shouldve left austin

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>>258186593yeah so far they're looking ok>>258186622even less. they're here, but everyone (expect retarded tourists) know to stay away from them>but back to OPhow do we retake america?why is it that in order to live in a big city that is also safe, we need to leave (((america)))?

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>>258183745Isn't that what all them Syrians done?

>>258187330>how do we retake america?what's there to retake?>>258187354Syrians still hold allegiance to Syria.I fully intend to sever my ties to The Netherlands.

>>258175482Johannesburg ZA used to be a liveable city until after apartheid ended, multiple corrupt ANC governments and an underfunded policeforce. Now the entire city is a "no-go zone" for white people and this has resulted in white-flight to Sandton. Sandton in itself as developed into its own city and is now regarded as "the richest square mile in Africa" - surprise, surprise.Johannesburg could be restored to its former glory - it needs almost a military style level of policing to drive down the crime generated by the Nigerian immigrants who need to have their ID's checked and inevitably deported. It also needs huge infrastructure investments, a safe public transport system and generally a fuckload of money throwing at it.

>>258186858Beat them with hockey sticks and pour maple syrup over their corpses

>>258187485Photo of what is still a comfy skyline.

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>>258187537Based. But it would result in me getting killed by some nigger gang because of how many niggers infested my city.

I grew up outside Baltimore. Do I really need to say anything else?

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>>258185673Holy fucking LMAO, that's hilarious desu. I live in a city with nearly 200 murders per year and we don't even have crime that pettyPic related, ghetto of kansas city not far from my apartment

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>>258186532thankfully it is segregatedthis is an accurate map of where to go and where to not go

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>>258188130adding a comfy skyline photo to match the thread.

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>>258186563In terms of cost of living yeah. I live barely a mile outside of downtown (I'm in what's called midtown) and I pay $740 per month for an 800sq ft apartment with utilities included. There's a good music scene and stuff to do here, the only thing that sucks is if you don't have a good degree you won't really be able to easily get a solid job. Still, you can make enough to live a decent life from doing doordash or postmates full time, especially right now. Only thing that sucks about KC compared to coastal cities is aside from generic camping there isn't a lot of "nature" to explore. Walking by the muddy missouri river just isn't the same as being able to check out the ocean. In truth OP you should come visit here and see if you like it. In general, I would say for the most part Kansas City is pretty based, but it's not exactly redpilledHere's another good pic of our city

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>>258186858Its truly sad what has happened to Toronto the good. The tides are changing, even the gays are slowly turning to our side against these people. youtube.com/watch?v=OIHLcZH_vi8&

>>258175482Witness your decline, burgers.

>>258178675I remember going to Memphis is 06 and saw a billboard for Graceland that said something like "visit the blingdom". Also drove though orange mound at night and it reminded me of shithole richmond California.

>>258180492yep, DB told the cops to fuck off and allowed citizens to harass them without impunity, heard a bunch are killing themselves from the pressure, more homeless and less clean up, shame but NYC is a shithole, always has been

>>258175482Minneapolis user here. I'll answer any questions about actually living in Minneapolis, as most Minnesotan anons are lucky and live outside the city and don't know how bad it actually is. Most days the only white people I see are people working in stores. Most people I see on the street are not white. The crime rate here is ridiculous and because I live near the university I get email alerts when crime gets reported. It's always a young man or group of young men but they never report the race (it's always Somalis). There's usually an armed robbery or attempted sexual assault in my neighborhood at least every month, and I live in a relatively safe area.

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>>258188130how come?

>>258180882I went running through where that picture was taken today kek

>>258175482I can't help but notice that each place, regardless of country, continent, political background, or population, seems to have the exact same problems for the exact same reasons. I'm sure its pure coincidence/purely economic factors though.

Detroit Michigan reporting in. I don't actually live in Detroit, I live in a super safe white middle/upper class suburb about 20 minutes away. Grew up in a working class suburb that was middle lower class but mostly white and still super safe.The downtown of Detroit is rapidly improving. It's like something out of a dystopian fantasy work though, there's $600k remodeled Victorian mansions a 5 minute walk from burned down crack houses. The development is entirely powered by white people and Jews. At some point I have to imagine the poor blacks will direct all of their violence towards the gentrifiers rather than each other. I do think Michigan is a perfect spot for a race war.

>>258188748Craaaaaaaack Staaaaaaaacks

>>258176009Nailed it. I could write a long ass rant about how much I fucking hate this place now (done it many times before) but this pretty much sums it up. The homeless problem is getting INSANE, they're even crawling all over residential neighborhoods now. Anyone who actually works for a living has been priced out to the borders of the metro area while califags and jew yorkers flood into the region, turning it into what they're trying to escape. "Muh developers" and predatory "property managers" run this town with an iron fist, tearing down every single unique thing about old Austin and replacing them with LA-style condos with $3000 rent. Every other person here looks and acts like pic related, it's hot af 9 months out of the year, actually incredibly boring if you don't want to go downtown and snort coke every other night, and possibly the most overrated city on Earth. The city council is wholly owned and operated by the same fuckheads who run CA and NY. Fuck this fucking place so hard.>t. native Austinite who's watched his hometown be replaced with a goyim farm

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>>258189473you're leaving so much out. Outside of the "downtown" area its still feral. industrial areas are getting worse and worse.

>>258189373>Eastern KentuckyThe main problem seems to be that all the successful people move out to better areas leaving no chance for industry to grow there

>>258175721.I thought OP said not to mention the obvious. also, fucking move asap.

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>>258186385fuck off, dc =/= the rest of the east coast. it's gay as fuck but I'd still rather be there rn

>>258189800I know, I just don't feel like explaining it all again. I was reading the other day about 'district Detroit's which was supposed to be a really big project. Instead we got a new sportsball arena and parking lots. Next day multiple dams break. This state is such a goddamn disaster, there's really no chance for improvement.

>>258187915god, please don't

>>258190112DC fucking sucks dude

>>258189583so what's a good alternative to Austin, bro?

>>258185172>A corpse was rotting on top of a McDonald's on Poplar Avenue for weeks before it was found>on top of a McDonald's>on top

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>>258189473>The downtown of Detroit is rapidly improvingThis is simply cope. All I've heard from my detroit relatives from the mid 2000s on is how Detroit is being "revitalized". I just don't buy it, it's a fake revitalization. Unless some major industries move to Detroit and make it a manufacturing hub again it's just going to collapse. The new detroit can't be built on shitty service economy jobs. The nigs are too feral, can you imagine even trying to do doordash or something in Detroit? You'd simply have your car stolen

>>258183845Wuhan looks great t b h

>>258188130North Lawndale reminds me of my old home in Warrendale, a shithole hood on the west side of Detroit. My street was BARELY tolerable due to old whitewashed blacks and ayyrabs. Drive-bys and other assorted crimes every day. All we had for home security was some old Winchester 20-gauge lolt. MIfag living in WI who works in North Lawndale

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>>258175482Canada is shit, why? chinks, pajeets and libcuked sjws whites. we will probably crumble soon as a nation. PLEASE ANNEX US UNITED STATES!!!! WE ARE SO FUCKING CUKED!!!! RAPE OUR NATION CLEAN OF RESOURCES AND UNCUK OUR MINDS!!!!!

>>258189583>>258190558Currently working software in SA this is the main reason I didn't go to Austin. It's an overpriced version of New Orleans. All the California scum is making it's way down here as we speak. In 5 years SA will see the spillover from Austin. If you want Austin amenities and jobs you need to move to a bigger city. I am going back to Chicago, the writing is on the wall for Texas, in 10 years it will be a vessel of California.

>>258176027>I also saw this one dude walking around with nothin on but dress shoes and white tube socks. He was also carrying around a suitcase for some fucked up reason.>very bizarre experienceIt's called ART.

>>258188045Lol. When I opened this thread I just knew I was going to see either Prospect, Troost, or Van Brunt.

>>258190558That's the fucked up thing; there really isn't one. I've been all over the country and Austin still has the highest quality of life for a major metro area in the entire nation. But that's not saying much. We're not a complete shithole on the level of SF or Memphis yet, but we will be very soon. Like next 2-3 years soon. The only reason I'm still here is because my hometown is quite literally under siege, occupied by enemy forces and I refuse to leave until they're kicked out.I'd consider a mid-sized town over a major metro, the problem there is employment though.

>>258188045Misourri is a shit hole state. I went through there a few times as a truck driver and everyone i met was an asshole. You could tell everyone was on drugs or an alcoholic and they were all miserable as fuck. i thought to myself why in the hell would anyone stay there. like literally just save up a months rent and get the fuck out of there to a better state.

>>258175482Fellow Bluff fag. Eastern Memphis born and raised. I'm thankful for inner city Memphis taking all the violent blacks. I lived in a suburban/rural parts with quite a few blacks. The older ones were religious folk and typical rural boomers, the younger ones were typical cringe teens, no ghetto culture took root (late 90s)I mow live in and work in Nashville and honestly it's out of State hipster pricks I detest, and feel like they're ruining the laid-back, family oriented nature of my home State.

>>258175482Arizona...all of it

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>complaining about shitholes>Unironicaly posting pictures of some of the richest places in the entire world.Has no one on Holla Forums been outside of the United States?

>>258192598AZ looks comfy to me. i live in NC and everything here is basically dense woodlands. It's nice to see those wide open spaces you guys have out west. i could probably spend days exploring the deserts and camping out there.

>>258191805I'm surprised SA has managed to stave off it's inevitable californication as long as it has, honestly. But it'll happen.>the writing is on the wall for Texas, in 10 years it will be a vessel of California.State government cares about business and only business. Local city governments care about doing whatever their higher ups in California/New York tell them to care about. So basically CA/NY have tricked TX into thinking it's getting a ton of new business, when in reality it's being rapidly infected with the same plague that destroyed the coasts. Quite a shit situation all-around, sad to watch as a native.

>>258191483It's not a cope, the downtown is great. It's surrounded by the worst areas in America though. I'm not saying Detroit is nice now, it's terrible. But I hang out downtown often now and always have a good time. The city is a whole is a gigantic disaster.

>>258192722Honestly I think some of the worst places I've been are in the USA. I've traveled to 3 euro countries and they didn't seem bad at all

>>258192722don't compare places to shit, compare places to what they once were, or what they could bedon't stoop to the level of third world shitholers, we can and should do far better than them

>>258192958>Outsourced all the Auto jobs to China>Blame it on le ebil socialist policies>Trump gets elected>Promises to bring jobs back>The auto jobs came back>To Mexico...

>>258175482not american but I have visited about 15 states in the US. I will always remember colorado springs. I was there 15 years ago, and it was great. I went back in 2019, and it was truly a shithole of gigantic proportions. Can someone explain please ? (a burger point of view please)

>>258192722I've been to multiple African countries. I thought this thread is for Western countries that have turned into shitholes

>>258193350We actually just skipped China on auto outsourcing and went straight to Mexico. The competition aspect came from Asia, though. Never build your economy around an industry an illiterate person can do, it can't last.

>>258175482Definitely Memphis.

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Yeah I drove through Memphis on a road trip once and got routed into the lower end area by Waze and I thought I was in Syria. Buildings in rubble, scorch marks, bullet proof vests everywhere