What are left-wing Europeans like?

What are left-wing Europeans like?

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>>258172765>What are left-wing Europeans like?like faggots

>>258172924In what ways?

>>258172765don't know, never met anyone more left wing than myself and I consider myself a conservative

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I play War Thunder.Germans only

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>>258173397You're not from Europe.

>>258173574War Thunder bows to the chinks.

>>258173613pretty fucking sure I am mate

>>258173685Thank you for removing your memeflag. You are most certainly from Europe.


>>258173574>1943 tech gets matched against 1970's stabilized Dart/HEAT-FS slingersStay cucked soiman.

>>258173674Don't care, I'll just fuck 'em up too.Ivan and Wong can suck my dick. No matter how buffed their tanks are, it doesn't mean anything when they can only zerg rush like braindead retards.

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>>258172765They use even dumber-sounding slogans than American leftists because their bullshit sounds better in English. And they don't report being raped if it was by rapefugees because they're afraid that the state might deport those rapists.

>>258172765>counter-strikeWhy do they wanna play pretend pew-pew so much? Why not go shoot real gu OH WAIT.HAHAHAHAHA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!

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>>258175053And I still manage to fuck them up with my King Tiger.T-54 1949 and IS-3 has a shot trap. If you can hit it, then it'll be instakill for them. Not easy, though. I can kill the rest of them just fine. Post-WWII tanks had shit armor.The only bias machines I can't do anything with are T-54 1950 and 1951s and sometimes the American heavies.

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>>258175433Not every European country banned guns.

>>258172765People who care about their fellow man

>>258173685>philippines>europepick one

>>258176375It's a joke.Also, I shit on Americans that play FPS games like CS too.Hell play DOOM instead. At least DOOM games have fantasy weapons and demons and shit.COD/BF/CS are gheyfag shit.

>>258175220>6 frags against 5.0 BR in arcade Not that impressive

>>258172765>not playing the ultimate multiplayer shooter

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I play csgo and mordhau good game. I can say nigger and wish for fags and trannies that they hang themselves and get cancer including their families. Good times.

>>258178401No way in hell I'm playing RB. Tanks are twice as slow as in AB and good luck getting to the cap point in the oversized maps like fields of Poland without falling asleep.

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>>258172924based>>258173164in fucking a guy sideways

>>258172765>playing stupid gamesI'm an intellectual

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>>258173574>they removed maus before I could get it

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>>258180924>I can't play realistic, I just want to play CoD but with tanksGo play battlefield or something.

>>258176723putting those three games together shows how retarded you are.

>>258182416>building with cobbleAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>258172765TF2 = whiteCS:GO = 3rd worldDOTA = mordor

>>258172765>Europe's most owned games>theyre all free to playlmao europoors indeed

>>258172765>left-wing EuropeansThis is a bit redundant.

>>258180559Half life really looks bad these days.

>>258185938Amerifart doesn't understand basic supply and demand

>>258185709TF2 is literally dead in the water lmfao. CS:GO just hit it's peak a couple months ago.


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>>258187689tf2 is hilariously unsupported, I hack every day with utter impunity

>>258172765All gay

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>>258172765>Most "owned" game.>Free games.Fucking socialists.

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>>258172765>team fortress 2

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>>258172765Dota 2 is for autistists. Real men here play Team fortress 2 or Stalker or Metro.

>>258188673>team fortress 2 with aimbot

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>>258175220I have 60% winrate with Ivan tanks kekMight busted you 2 at some point

>>258188673Yeah, the moment I step out of My favourite Eastern Europe server and play in say France I encounter trannies and furries. I make sure when I kill them I call them faggot.

video games are for faggot man children, no exceptions

self-hating cunts like the american ones

>>258172765CS is pretty fun, you can essentially call everyone nigger and have a laugh with a few white Europeans.God forbid you get turks in your game

> nobody playing battlefield 4Come on lads, servers are still full

>>258172765Lol people still play Team Fortress 2? It's literally like 15 years old.

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>>258172765>>258187790based /d2g/ reporting in

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>not playing EVEYou cant compare leading a squadron of ruskie piloted battleships high on cocaine and vodka to certain death and winning to any video game ever made.

>>258187689>literally dead in the water>has the same number of players (sometimes even more) as the day it was launchedpick one

>>258187988Good post

>>258187790>unturnedbased spics

>>258172924Fpbp>>258176596Learn to read memeflaggot>>258189315BASED

>>258187790Who the fuck plays PUBG in Best Korea?

>>258189315real men don't play video games you fucking faggot

>>258191854This is also true.Well desu games come as easy when you are stuck in cube job 6/7 days a week so dont judge hard famalamWhatever puts food on table i guess, such is the life in zone

>>258191764the president

>>258191854yes we play dcs f18 flight simulator with track ir vr n shitso cash

>>258173574>Rollin around in Tanks when you can fly.That said, there is nothing more satisfying that burning Shitfires and Hawker Hurrishits with Minengeschoss rounds.

>>258172765If you don't live in a TF2 country you're not white.