Sweden has the highest amount of deaths per capita related to corona...

Sweden has the highest amount of deaths per capita related to corona.Tell me again how this "pack immunity" and "own responsiblity" strategy was a good idea.

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>>258171887Sometimes to slow the growth of grenade attacks you gotta herd immunity some somalis

>>258171887>Sweden has the highest amount of deaths False, that would be the us my nigga.

>>258172341Per capita. You're an American white zoomer anyway. Doesn't matter, you're as dumb as an actual nigger.

>>258171887What is the difference ? The entire US has been on full lock down for more than 2 months. How many more casualties do they have? Like 10%?

>>258171887And its still just a coupke thousand dead geezers, virtually irrelevant with no danger to the public at large.

>>258171887Many people (i.e.: billions) need to die for the better of the species.

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>>258171887because zero X zero is still zero.given the proven rate of false positive tests, and ambiguous symptoms, the death rate is still zero.there is no evidence anywhere the virus even exists.let that sink in.Sure, I sorta trust the Red Chinese govt, but not really.EVERYTHING from USA would be just "nice theory, but of course we'd need more data" because not enough people have died, and no real tests that don't just show you've had a flu sometime in last 10yrs.

Women’s rights are flase

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Wasn't that Belgium? Shame on Iceland for spreading FUD.

>>258171887And a year from now, it will have subsided there completely, but the rest of the world will still be dealing with it because the made the mistake of quarantining everyone rather than just the sick, which is what always has been done in the past.

>>258172490>Per capita. You're an American white zoomer anyway. Doesn't matter, you're as dumb as an actual nigger.What are the actual numbers? BTW most of the US casualties happened in new York, where everyone is on lockdown. No where else had to be on lockdown and it didn't help new York much unless you can show Sweden's death rate is many times higher.

>>258171887Because we managed through it with as little impact to our economy as possible and we now has a declining death rate

>>258172490>Per capita.Hahaha, "seig hail", "deus vult", you nazis and your ridiculous racist motos.

I've been going by this site:realclearpolitics.com/coronavirus/It updates multiple times per day and allows you to sort columns and has per-capita infections and deaths. Right now it looks like the deaths/1 mil are:Belgium 801.1Spain 596.9United Kingdom 537.0Italy 535.0France 420.0Sweden 376.2Netherlands 333.6 Ireland 323.7United States 287.8

Still doing much better than Michigan.Wear masks stay home. Remember we are all in this together goy.

>>258171887>>258171887Your death rate will plummet and others will continue to die. Remember in the Caribbean, they can't wipe out fucking Hepatitis A which spread because people don't wash their fucking hands... Corona is here to stay and will make the rounds year after year just like the flu.

>>258171887Even if I believed the official numbers and take into account those numbers are based on a faulty PCR test that doesn't even test for the virus, I would still say they are based and better off. You don't kill a disease by hiding from it. It's better off if everyone gets it and the law of the jungle kicks in. Only the strong survive. It's earth you retard.

>>258172530>And its still just a coupke thousand dead geezersAnd Stockholm only had 7% infection rate in the latest anti-body test that came out today.

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>>258172927>Because we managed through it with as little impact to our economy as possibleWe are finished with the Chinese virus here in Norway, did not have a complete lockdown, and have 232 dead. Norway closed schools, hairdressers and similar, and had longer quarantines for the infected and their relatives, but shops and restaurants stayed open. (bars closed in Oslo.))

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>>258173832>You don't kill a disease by hiding from itYou keep it in check by testing, tracing and isolating, like we do with many other diseases.

>>258171887Seems so strange that Sweden is the only country that basically just went "meh we're not going to get a vaccine in years and keeping people locked up is just going to kill our economy" it seems like such an obvious train of thought that i'm honestly baffled that we're the only country doing it like this. Wtf happened to rest of the west? What made your leaders go full retard like this?

>>258172497lockdown is used loosely these days

By "strategy" you mean kikes destroying you?That strategy?

>>258174769I've never been tested and traced for the flu or any disease. Which disease are you talking about? If Covid-19 was as serious and life-threatening as ebola sure.

>>258174545Isn't NOK down to be worth as much as much as SEK? How are you going to make that work with the kind of taxes you have?

>>258174790>and keeping people locked up is just going to kill our economyThe rest of the Nordic countries have opened up to a large degree, and lockdown is to get the level of infections down, so the regime of testing, tracing and isolating can start.> What made your leaders go full retard like this?Why do you have the wrong impression of what others do? Is it because you media lie about it, to get Swedes to think their way is the best?

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whites are being replaced by brown peopleI call that winning

>>258174790I'm not a Swede, but isn't it against the Swedish constitution to institute and enforce draconian lockdown measures?

>>258175168>Isn't NOK down to be worth as much as much as SEK?Yes. Every time the oil price goes down, the Norwegian central bank dump the value of NKR. >How are you going to make that work with the kind of taxes you have?I'm not really sure Norwegians pay a larger tax percentage than Swedes. Norwegians just earn more on average, and it's been that way for centuries, except for a bit after ww2.

>>258175200You write like a child and you sound angry. Jealous that based Sweden called the chink bluff? Whole world is looking at Sweden mate. Not Norway

>>258175286>but isn't it against the Swedish constitution to institute and enforce draconian lockdown measures?Norway never had draconian lockdown measures, and have 232 dead. Closing the borders, schools and hairdressers is not really draconian.

>>258173181He doesn't understand what per capita means

>>258175286Whole EU basically have the same legeslation when it comes to these kind of things. Swedish gov had the same options as everyone else essentially

>>258171887Leftwing government wants the right wing oldies to die, so they're letting the virus run it's course.

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>>258171887Not our most productive swede citizens brooooooooooos NOOOOOOO>Sweden’s Jewish community has lost at least nine of its members to the coronavirus, translating into a death rate among Jews that is 14 times greater than their share of the population in the country. timesofisrael.com/swedens-jewish-community-with-9-dead-hit-disproportionately-hard-by-virus/https://archive.is/VRGaR>Immigrants 4x as likely to die of coronafriatider.se/stockholms-fororter-varst-drabbade-av-covid-19https://archive.is/GXGWN

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>>258175576> Whole world is looking at Sweden mate. It's what the swedish media tells the swedish people, but the truth is that only a few right wing nutters think Sweden did the right thing. Why don't you know what other countries planned to do with the lockdowns? Stupid or misinformed?

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>>258171887It was and remains a good idea, suck it. Only real issue is the incompetence in actually implementing the part where nursing homes (instead of society) are locked down. Largely in part to the fact that these are staffed by diversity hires, no doubt. Locking up the population over a flu was and remains insane. (And it's basically a first in history)The virus isn't going away either, and everyone will eventually have to open up again. At which point infections will rise again. Going to shut down yet again then?>>258175286Nah. And even if it was, it wouldn't matter anyways: Sweden has no supreme court. There are no checks and balances on political decisions, there is no way to charge them for violating the constitution.

>>258175699>gu-guys.. we're based too! We nearly did as good as Sweden!Lol. Stand in the corner with the rest of the retards, Reidar

>>258171887>Lose a few irrelevant boomers and shit genes>get to keep the economy running and maintain individual libertyhow is this not a good deal ?? ...>>258175983>b**mers dying>bad

>>258175907You guys are the new losers of Europe, as your neighbor I hope it's not infectious

>>258176073>>Immigrants 4x as likely to die of coronaOnly 7.3% of Stockholm have had corona, so it's a long way to herd immunity, and the other Nordic countries are finished with the Chinese virus. friatider.se/fa-stockholmare-har-antikroppar-mot-covid-19

>>258176347>the other Nordic countries are finished with the Chinese virus. LOL. There's no country anywhere that's "finished with it" anymore than you're finished with the cold or any other flu.

>>258176090>predictsCope lol. I work in a major hospital and this whole thing has been a major nothingburger. The amount of dead people we move is nearly identical to any other timeI'll have a pint for you later, Reidar. Cheers

>>258171887>highest % of corona deaths oh no!>still just a 0.03% national death rate ranking lower then cardiac disease deaths>WHO predicted 100,000 deaths by end of may for Sweden because no quarantine, still just 3000 deaths and its may 20th.Imagine being a mathlet tho and needing CNN to tell you how to math.

>>258171887mostly old people dieit is good for society

>>258176145Denmark is talking about opening up to Germans and Norwegians, but Swedes are locked out, so it's you that will stand in the corner with Zoomalia, Iran, and other shithole herd immunity nations, while the rest of the civilized world can visit each other, since the Chinese virus have been more or less been eradicated. You get that politicians that implemented costly lockdowns, are not going to risk the chinese virus blossoming up again, just to be nice to Sweden, regardless if the chinese virus is not really dangerous?

>>258176335>he said while locked in his apartment filled with hoarded toilet paper listening to the gestapo corona guard swatting the neighbour

>>258171887Sweeden has a lower death count thqn many places on a per capita basis. But also week sweedish people are being exposed & dying while everyone else is getting immunity. In other places lockdowns make everyone week, drag the deaths out over a longer period & cause other socioeconomic problems that will cause disasters in the future.Also what if the NWO is lying about the factors involved in covid19 transmission? Suppose that covid19 is based on the number of migrants living there, physical activities, age of population, nutrition & pollution as opposed to weather or not you get within 2 meters of other people or wear a rag over your face.

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>>258176559>I work in a major hospital and this whole thing has been a major nothingburger.You are still stupid, since you don't get that politicians that implemented costly lockdowns, are not going to risk the chinese virus blossoming up again, just to be nice to Sweden, regardless if the chinese virus is not really dangerous.

>>258176559being a janitor taking out the trash you might actually have a feel for whats going on, but it does not make you an expert on Covis-19

>>258171887no, they don't. the cherry picked hit job which made its way through the headlines was for a single week. the only week, in fact, where this was the case.

>>258176945>i-i-it's gone now and not coming back! I swear!Kek. It's never going to be gone brainlet. It's mutated like 6 times since first infection. We're not going to get a vaccine, it's a fucking flu

>>258171887All they were aiming for was that their hospitals weren't overwhelmed - and they succeeded with that.

>>258176980just keep telling yourself that tree/rock monkey

>>258177222>Kek. It's never going to be gone brainlet.It is more or less gone from many civilized countries.

>>258171887See how it is everywhere else in a year or two. Too early to tell.

>>258171887because locking down the economy makes no fucking sense.

>>258177137>i get my corona info from Holla Forums but i'm deciding that this specific user shouldn't be trusted!Alright lol. I'm just shitposting during graveyard shift. Do with it as you will

>>258177137nah the expert is dr fauci. tell me again, how many millions of his predicted deaths in the states alone has happened so far?reason.com/2020/03/30/as-trump-imagines-2-2-million-deaths-from-covid-19-in-the-u-s-a-top-federal-disease-expert-cautions-against-believing-worst-case-scenarios/

>>258177503Down here now swedes are valued lower than camel fuckers

>>258177304Imaging the current day world when sweds are out getting shit faced on the weekend having a laugh over a pint while the dane is locked in his house and is scared of his neighbours. It's mental.Cheers crossbros

>>258177757Shure you can blame the new stepdad for daddy leavingGood luck

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>>258171887>pack immunity >when your "population" is a patchwork of african and asian tribes with some turks in the mix

at least talking about italy, even less people will have children, more (instructed) people will fuck off, more people will suicide etc., the crisis will kill more than the virus, and the fucking average death is above 80, ffs

>>258177757>nah the expert is dr fauci. tell me again, how many millions of his predicted deaths in the states alone has happened so far?How is that important compared to the closed borders to herd immunity shithole countries, that are a consequence of lockdown, regardless of dangerous coronachan really is?

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>>258176634Listen to the Clown News Network. It's the most trusted news.Honk honk.

>>258177881You must have a limited number of social contacts and ways of getting actual news

>>258177812>sven was right and i'm real salty about itKek. Cheer up bro. I'm sure you can dodge the cops and sneak down to the shop and get some Tuborg and Skype with your buddies. It'll be just like being down on the pub!

>>258177812*coofs on you*

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>>258171887Iceland>being relevant, ever>cesspool of inbreed throughout generations>gets paid to take in migrant Bearded ”children”Have your country ever done anything notable?

>>258171887UK and Italy are way way ahead on excess deaths. Excess death is science, diagnosed deaths are useless at best and propaganda at worst.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps

>>258178233Hope your mom does not get caught crossing the border, her visits are valued here by many

>>258178111Nice to hear we annexed Paris. Always knew it was a good idea betting on the Bernadottes

>>258172927SWEDISH GERNADE ATTACKSthat shit NEVER happens in the usa

>>258175983that's the best pepe i've seen in my life.

>>258178497>y-y-your moma!>Haha.. that'll show him..*buys shots and gets a haircut in your face*

>>258178390they can fuck you up in like 8 hours >sweden>no police>no army >meme

>>258172927you guys took a 25% hit to the overall economy, we took a 29% hit. For your 4% you guys has the highest death rate of Europe.Well Done!

>>258171887What about overall deaths per capita?

>>258176090>It's what the swedish media tells the swedish people, but the truth is that only a few right wing nutters think Sweden did the right thing.It's hard to admit you were wrong. Also the media has grasped onto corona for Trump bashing, so it's almost fake news all the time.>Why don't you know what other countries planned to do with the lockdowns?Who the hell gives a shit what they planned? They were being advised by fucks like Ferguson.Even when the health officials had good data to show R0 was already under 1 such as in Germany, they still advised governments to lockdown such as in Germany. It was fucking insane, or as the Germans put it Lockdown Wahn.

>>258175576I will settle this. As an Amerimutt, I believe I can be the ultimate arbiter on a global level about everything even though Amerimutts cannot control themselves from becoming extremely obese. Sweden is 100% right in their approach.

>>258178703>most violent country on the continent has one tenth of the crime that the US has foxnews.com/world/top-10-deadliest-european-citiesDamn. Sure dodged a bullet not being born a m**t. Quite literally

>>258178703>SWEDISH GERNADE ATTACKS that shit NEVER happens in the usaNo wonder. The US actually punishes crimes.

>>258179081Lol. Sources on those outrageous numbers?

>>258171887kind of rare

>>258173181funi meme! Us dark folks dunno no per capita! Das actin wite!

>>258171887well duh. us nationalists have been saying this since november. we have the retarded normies and incompetent (or genocidal) maniacs in the government to thank for this.

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>>258179446It is called the NEWS, some are printed, some are transmitted by magic to the screen in your living room.


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>>258179193Yes and the media is also just peddling fear porn for the views, clicks, and ratings. This is one of the main reasons why they won't shut up about it; its been great for their failing business model.

>>258179784Should be easy to post some, then.*meets tinder slut in a pub* nothing personel, kid

>>258180096You guys cares just about the same amount for the elderly in nursing homes as you do for facts.

>>258171887Sweden is based and doing it right.

>>258179917you guys are the actual criminals of scandinavia, nice of you to share

>>258179393Uhh, I live in the United States and there is from my viewpoint a generalized anxiety and terror because of the niggers, mainly, but also cholo Mexican wanna be gangsters. Grenade attacks from your mentally retarded minorities are probably about the same lever of terrorism that Americans experience just from living around masses of niggers. Just driving around, and I am a very courteous and basically perfect driver, I will get maybe every other month a deranged nigger who wants to fight me for no reason at all. I've seen niggers chimping out and threatening to murder someone in broad daylight because of a very minor insult. Had my finger on my gun trigger and was ready to kill if he pulled out a weapon. It's a very scary and stressful way to live. Don't ever think America is a nice place to live unless you are upper middle class or higher. Because it is not.

>>258179917Put the source of that, looks more fake than your culture.

>>258180096It is time to burn a bridgetheguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/catastrophe-sweden-coronavirus-stoicism-lockdown-europeAnd build a new oneglobalconstructionreview.com/news/green-light-74bn-tunnel-between-denmark-and-german/

>>258180453Oh snap, that was a good one. Aksel is spitting that hot fire. I'm gonna go put some ice on my sphincter*buys food in surviving resuraunts*

>>258172927>as little impact to our economyDo you actually believe this? Do you know the different economic impacts in nordic countries?

>>258180553you're just a brainwashed >muh economy slaveit doesn't matter how bad it gets for them, you'll say>hyuk hyuk dey did it right xDDDfucking pathetic

>>258171887Bet the swedish government sees this as a good way to cull the massive islamic and african populations. Seeing as it kills far more of them.

>>258171887hush they're covertly letting ((immigrants)) die off leave them be

>>258174790The lockdown worked as a method to play time. Soon it's summer and the spread should go down naturally without a lockdown. By the time the second wave hits in the autumn we'll have had half a year to prepare for it.

>>258181354I for sure miss meatballs with jam from Ikea.

>>258175907hahah, no.

>>258180773The point is that the US has way harsher punishments for criminals than Sweden does. (and seems way better at catching them) So while the US clearly has *more* crime overall (and more nonwhites to engage in it), some of the *type* of crime that happens here (but not much anywhere else)..... is clearly due to the fact that cops suck at catching criminals and once they do - they get off really easy anyways. And this gives criminals the notion that they can do pretty much what they want with little risk.That's why you get things like lots of grenades and bombings, various places being shot up for no actual reason, rape all over the place, people getting kidnapped and pissed on etc here, but not in the US. It's probably because in the US, you'd likely get life or something close to it for most of those things. In Sweden, you'd get a relatively light sentence, if you'd even get caught.So no, I'm not saying Sweden is worse as in more crime. Only that *some* crime is clearly worse in severity, and that such excesses are made possible by the general lack of competent policing and proper punishments.

>>258180631Meh. The differences are miniscule. Up untill like 3 years ago it was finland>>258180983Pic related is from brå but it's all there. they got an english version aswell

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>>258181681You're alright, cross bro

>>258173181based and retardniggerpilled

>>258181865Off topic but wtf happened in Norway in 2010?

>>258181813people are who they are, we can not punish you guys as a group harshly just for being swedes.it would amount to being cruel on a swedish level


>>258172341This virus mostly kills niggers user sorry.

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>>258176090Bro. Even the german commie media wonders if you guys did the right thing all along.

Those people are Aryan-None-None.They do not have a choice in the matter unless triggered, Big Daddy style!

>>258174790USA never locked down. That's fake news. Everything has been open just like it was before except dine ins and barber shops

Citation: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

>>258181865In the end it up to a judge, if you are a convicted criminal you are a convicted criminal, no gray zone, the numbers speak for themself

Note: Silent Generation 2. Ask me anything.

It doesn’t but then it’s probably covering up half of them. USAU.K.Swedies It may have the most this week or month or most in the EU but not overall.

>>258171887yes lock down forever as no vaccine will come, waves of this virus will come and go killing along the its path like the flue virus, so yeah people will die, most will live, why lock down ?

>>258171887Also why do you care ? Did we ask you to care ?


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And that’s because corona is a combination virusYour population catches type L then type T you all get fluBut if Bill Gates thinks you’re the world policeman and you aren’t globalist enough you get type S and then type T and you all die

Event Level Horizon.

>>258182779Did you forget to take your meds ?

>>258171887They want to get rid of their old white population so that they can replace them with young black migrant bulls to cuck the white male population and impregnate the young white fertile girls with their big black cocks

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>>258183041mostly black and Arabs die from this in Sweden though.

>>258182674I care, for how many hours did your mom try to scream, but could not because her lungs had stop functioning-You seems like a guy that would masturebate while she was fighting for a breath of air

>>258183252I did not ask you to care so stop and go and die in mögelost.

>>258182525Wtf are you talking about? These numbers show people dead by inflicted violence. Not convictions

>>258183032You guys get your meds from Norway

>>258183609ät bajs

>>258171887>Tell me again how this "pack immunity" and "own responsiblity" strategy was a good idea.Freedom ain't free

>>258183558I understand criminal, you have to live with yourself, good luck

>>258182779This message brought to you by the most Holla Forums poster on Holla Forums. Hail Hitler, get the fuck off my frogs

>>258182779Take your meds schizo


>>258182617Yes there'll be no actual vaccine, but there'll probably be a "vaccine" though. Much like during the swine flu.

>>258183787You seem extreamly autist for being a dane. You sure you're not german or something? This banter is weak as fuck

>>258184015>copewith my dick in your mouth. I For got to wash it today, so it should taste like your dads

>>258183963This is not a problem solved by guns dixie

>>258184015Not mostly darkies but desu they are extreamly overrepresented. Something to do with big families in small apartments and not watching the news i think

>>258171887Prove it fuckwad!? Some people died but the masses will not suffer because the goverment did not break the people, the economy, and small buisnesses

>>258184117I just look at the data, doing what i can to be objective, criminal

>>258184333and vitamin D, dark do not absorb vitamin D as fast as whites, and vitamin D is important for the responsiveness of the immunsystem.

>>258184130No wonder why your mom comes here, she apparently has good taste

>>258184883möglit mögli mögli mögli, ni förlorade skåne och ni kan inget dumme danska, kanske du ska lära dig att prata ?

Obviously, Sweden has low sunlight. Almost 100% of people who died of covid has had a vitamine D deficiency. Vitamine D is fat soluble which is why obese people are vulnerable; they have lower bioavailability. This is also why minorities are more affected, they are part of western culture, so they get less sunlight, but white skin is better at producing Vitamine D, so most people with dark skin in the west have a Vitamine D deficiencey.

>>258184433I'm sure this autist is german or austrian or something. You sound like a clenched asshole incarnate. That's our thing

>>258173181Based i like you and i'm actually black

>>258185283>>258184649What about darkies in africa then? Shouldn't they be dropping like flies? You never hear anything about corona in africa

>>258185305I for sure think that you had your asshole cleaned by your inmate.just a suggestion stop mixing hand sanitizer and ass lube, then you might be less irritable

>>258185337Are you african? Are Himmler and co here in the thread right and you guys are being hit the hardest?

>>258185647They get plenty of sun light, they get light all year long. Here in the north, no so much, 6 month of darkness.

>>258181670Hard to say, rhinovirus is a slow and steady killer all through the year for instance.

>>258185757God damn this is honestly getting to me now by how fucking bad it is. Just stop, you comedy devoid sperg

>>258171887Sweden is trying to kill off it's elderly to improve there demographics. It's one of the most attuned countries to the coming demographic crisis that will destroy many developed countries. They are slated to be screwed in 2030 and have better demographics than most developed countries.American demographics will get a little hairy in the near future, but were are much better off that the rest of the developed world including Sweden. We are slated to recover once the Boomers die off, while most of the developed world cannot recover even over the course of many decades. Our crunch won't even be that bad.

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>>258182119>he doesn't knowGo back to ribbit. Seriously.

>>258171887I'm a mathematician, the per capita difference makes no sense to compare since Sweden is soo much smaller than America.It would be more accurate to compare Sweden's death toll to the bigger cities in America like New York + La + Chicago + San Diego, etc. until you have a land mass population ratio close to that of america.Anyways, someone do that. Find the per capita death rate in New york and compare it to Swedens.

>>258186228Breivik was in 2011 newfagerino gtfo

>>258186009okay i'll stop, and say I am sorry, and that i am an asshole.(had too, otherwise your mom would leave)

>>258186348>It would be more accurate to compare Sweden's death toll with Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Sweden has 3k deaths and just New york has 22k. This is a comparable population density between the two countries. I'm talkign the entire state of new york vs. sweden.So, yes, Sweden is handling it a few hundred percent times better than America. Dumbass OP.

>>258182119>Off topic but wtf happened in Norway in 2010?Nothing, the spike is in 2011

>>258186467and that's when the uptick is you nigger

>>258186152Or we just don't want to pay unemployment to a bunch of hairdressers and factory workers. You know, either which

>>258186514If the point of our study is to compare america and sweden why the fuck would I do that dimwit?

>>258178390Op's from Åland.

>>258186723You could just not pay them. That's another option.

>>258186663Look at that. Pie on face for me

>>258172490not even per capita, worst than the rest of nordicks but low for western europe in total.

>>258186649in a scandinavian context the swedes are dumb/loser, but still, they are not nearly as dumb as you guys

>>258178390Hi Sweden.You aren't really relevant either on a global scale. You have been at most a local annoyance to major powers in recent history.

>>258174790thing with Sweden is that when they decide to do a thing, they do it the proper way.When they decided to do the multi-cuck thing, they did it properly. Similarly, now that they're doing the post-keynesians-quasi-free market thing, they do it properly and keep business open. If you want something, just convince Swedes to do it and they'll do it.

>>258171887Aland? Aland island? RARE FLAGYour flag will make a great addition to my collection.

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>>258186747>If the point of our study is to compare america and swedenSo it's one of those "studies" made to make Swedenistan look good?

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>>258178703Because your niggers can actually get guns easily and dont have to resort to rusty shit from yugoslavia


>>258186825That's how you turn a city into detroit m8. I quite like not having homeless people camp all over town and robbing pedestrians

New York City has 15k deaths and a population of 8.3 million.Sweden has 3k deaths and a population of 10 million. No comparison.

>>258171887We're all jealous of the ones who die, the rest of us have to live in Sweden the globohomo slave hellhole

>>258187032Like the US has not become a failing nation in recent history

Watching all the other scandanavians getting butthurt at sweden is liking watching scots get butthurt at us

>>258187232 Sweden cant even win at death

>>258187053>they do it properly and keep business open.And then become the pariah in Europe, that stopped the virus from spreading?The politicians that went for lockdown, is not going to let their countries be reinfected by Swedes or any other herd immunity country, especially if the truth is that Chinese virus in not very dangerous.

>>258187259>>258187395Cringe defeatist neets gtfo. This is a Sweden win thread. Go find some self pitying cuck thread and bitch about not getting laid

>>258187395there are more printed copies of the ikea catalog than there are printed copies of the bible you guys are relevant

>>258171887>packed immunity It's called herd immunity you snow nigger.

>>258181366>Do you actually believe this? Do you know the different economic impacts in nordic countries?We got majorly fucked as we are an export economy, might have saved some restaurants and other small companies though which could cushion unemployment for the little guy

>>258187232>Sweden has 3k deaths and a population of 10 million. No comparisonBut New York are way closer to herd immunity, so Sweden can still win if NY stops the virus, and Sweden continue to have 70 dead per day for months.

>>258171887Now aren't you glad you aren't Sw*dish?

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>>258171887because their economy is still intact and their hospitals are still open for treating non-covid19 casestheir excess mortality rate (per capita) by the end of the year will be much lower than most other countries.when will you quit spamming this stale pasta and fear mongering, faggot?

>>258187893Iron, uranium and wood is still going to be there after lockdown eases up. Volvo can burn in hell fucking chink owned pos. We're better off it dying

>>258187902You have never been to America, have you? This place is a literal shit hole man. I live in South Carolina. Nothing put pine trees and light poles. There is nothing surrounding me but horse farms.I call it heaven. Middle of fucking nowhere is the only place to be in America.

>>258188098> their economy is still intactYes, so they can import infinite niggers. This is an intentional purge of their pensioners.

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>>258174121Yeah, but the test were taking at may 3rd and it means that those 7% fell ill 2 weeks before that.thelocal.se/20200520/heres-what-swedens-first-coronavirus-antibody-tests-tell-us""We aren't at seven percent [infection rate in Stockholm] now. It was seven percent around week 15, so that is quite a long time ago. These people were immune in week 18 [the week ending May 3rd], that means they fell ill at some point in week 14 or 15. We are somewhere around 20 percent plus in Stockholm now," Tegnell told journalists at the press conference."Or maybe you can explain why the numbers in Stockholm are dropping? Is it the good weather?>>258174545>We are finished with the Chinese virus here in NorwayNo you're not. Or please do tell. When will you have concerts again and packed stadiums?

>>258187902if you need a hand to keep the numbers up there, let me know!You guys could help with that too, stop sending them drugs

>>258187395Now now.. we're atleast grenade attack & rape capital of Europe. There's atleast that. UK has us completely beat in the acid attack department, but we're killing it on "kidnap people, piss on their face and put a gun in their mouth", wouldn't be surprised if we're among the best in Europe there too. We're also doing strong with "random drivebys for no reason", "most somalians per capita" etc.Sweden is stronk in the clownworld olympics. Sweden, fuck yeah.

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>>258187765>Cringe defeatist neets gtfo. This is a Sweden win threadOh I never said we did the wrong thing about Corona-Chan, I was just complaining about living in a socialist hellhole.

>>258188639Rando question. How would someone only speaking English get along in your parts of Europe?

>>258188283>You guys could help with that too, stop sending them drugsMan it's hell scoring weed here now, please send Christiania peacekeepers to the major cities.

>>258188367On the world stage you might be 'nice' guys, but you're still the no1 criminals of scandinavia>>258179917

>>258188712>How would someone only speaking English get along in your parts of Europe?Perfectly, everyone speaks English. Everyone.

>>258171887Long game. user.More die up front, but on the back end they have fewer.

>>258186946They're actually quite high.

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>>258188828That's what I figured. Thx bro.

>>258188367See >>258181865>>258179917Autist neet. Go outside for once and stop being such a pathetic little goblin. We're not even top 20 in violent crime in europe and the most violent country in europe doesn't have one tenth of the crime that the US has. Go to a gym, get a job, get laid, and stop shitting on your country because you're a pathetic little excuse of a man who can't get ahead.

>>258171887i think they just want a way to kill all their niggers without publicly backing down on diversity

>>258171887They did it on purpose to kill the last old white swedes and further usher the country into an Islamic caliphate with a tax paying class of feminized lady boys

>>258188746>Christiania peacekeepers??They would most likely kill your, for the way you let your contrumen die

>>258172341>per capitaWhy can’t joggers understand those two essential words?

Swedes are inbreds, They aren't even related to other white people, same with Norwegians. Everyone who's seem Midsommar knows that. They have no immune system since they are retarded inbreds with no genetic diversity.

>>258188828Have meet Everyone she is nice, the rest is shit at it

>>258186348Oh yah just compare sweden to the worst area in the United States. Jesus, you are retarded. It's would be better to compare them to a part of the United States that is similar to them, like my state Minnesota. (Hint, we're doing way better). Or of course it would make even more sense to compare Sweden to it's neighbors. It is doing waaay worse than it's neighbors.Now, that doesn't mean that Sweden is wrong. At the end of the day it's a value judgement. Do you value freedom or some people die more?>>258178961Sweden actually has a pretty impressive Navy for a country their size. Lots of countries buy Subs from them. Their navy is probably the most important factor given their location.>>258187348Not at all. The US is still in the position to still be one of the richest countries in the forseeable future. Most other developed countries are fucked due to demographics and the fact that most countries are mostly or entirely dependent upon our country for their standards of living. You can talk all the shit you want, but that's a large reason why aren't going to be propping up the rest of the world anymore.You should have said thank you and continued being grateful for our unprecedented generosity leading to the richest and most peaceful era in human history.

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>>258188977>Long wall of seetheIs it *that* time of the month or are you simply an overly angry and projecting sperg?

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>>258188639>I'm living in a socialist hellholeScandinavia in general has some of the best living standards, wages, safety nets, crime rates, and happyness standards on the planet you absolute joke of a swede. Have you been outside of scandi even once? Jesus christ get off Holla Forums you autist. You're living one of the best possible existance you can in this planet

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>>258177396It isn't. I don't know how you can even think that. It's been already practically everywhere in the world, and will make strides again next winter.Source: trust me bro

>>258185647Bro, are you a tard? There's so much sun in Africa.

>>258189633>yes i know i'm living one of the easiest, most affluent lives i could possibly live on this planet but i saw a nigger while jogging and there's a faggot on tv :(((( i wish i lived in Bulgaria

>>258171887In april, 10'458 people have died in Sweden. That's the highest number of people that have died in 1 month since 1993 when 11'057 people died in 1 month.In whole of 2019, 88'766 people died in Sweden. If the record deaths of April would be consistent whole year (which it won't be), then we would have an increased mortality by 30% compared to last year.In January 2000. 110,8 people per 100'000 population died. This record month of April 101,1 people per 100'000 population died.Where is the big habbening?

Finland >>> Swedecuckland change my mind

>>258189809>>258188639Describing Sweden as socialist is probably the lowest IQ thing you could do. According to every organization that creates economic freedom indices, they have one of the freest market's in the world.But, I think what's more important is to understand the history of Sweden. Sweden was one of the poorest countries in the world around 1900. They implemented a lot of free market reforms and they became the fastest growing economy in the world for nearly a decade. Since then, the country fluctuates between freer markets and more social spending. Normally what happens is they increase the social spending so much that they fuck their economy up and have to open them back up. They are basically there right now, especially with their coming demographic collapse around 2030 - although like I mentioned in another post, they are positioned better than most of the developed world, but they've just delayed the inevitable.

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>>258190364Better wages and living standards?

>>258188283>When will you have concerts again and packed stadiums?Ideally never again. Sportsball and mass produced music is cancer.

>>258190513What about your skiing norsebro?

>>258189286>They aren't even related to other white people, same with NorwegiansNorwegians are the closest relatives of the Danes and the Dutch, then Swedes.

>>258187032All the brightest minds in the world, including yours. Crawl on all four like dogs to be rewarded a prize that can only be obtained in Sweden, which is seen as one of the highest honors on Earth in the scientific community.>>258188712Will become annoying very fast and you will probably get shunned eventually.Make the effort to learn Swedish if you plan to stay here for longer than a month.Take off your shoes if you enter someones home, and don't fucking "bubble",people seriously do not want to talk with you about random shit.

>>258190143>more pms seetheLol. You brainwashed little projecto-hipster sperg, unlike you I've been to eastern europe (bulgaria included) and Sweden is fucked up by comparison. Yeah sure, some of those countries have worse neighborhoods and lower living standards (though they actually own things - unlike the average swede whose debt is worth several times his property) but those nations have some future whereas at this rate, Sweden, unless it changes course drastically, don't. Everything that is still good in Sweden is a relic of the past and all of it is eroding. But if you still don't want to accept that.. Fine by me. You'll find out.

medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.11.20062133v1.full.pdfAuthor’s names and positionsJasmine GARDNER, PhD, Post-doc in Structural BiologyLander WILLEM, PhD, Post-doc in Infectious Disease ModellingWouter VAN DER WIJNGAART, PhD, Professor in EngineeringShina Caroline Lynn KAMERLIN, PhD, Professor of Structural BiologyNele BRUSSELAERS, MD MSc PhD, Associate Professor in Clinical EpidemiologyPeter KASSON, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular BiologyWhat this study adds?- Individual-based modelling of COVID-19 spread using Swedish demographics andconservative epidemiological assumptions indicates that the peak of the number ofhospitalised patients with COVID-19 can be expected in early May under the currentstrategy, shifted earlier and attenuated with more stringent public health measures.- Healthcare needs are expected to substantially exceed pre-pandemic capacity even if themost aggressive interventions considered were implemented in the coming weeks. Inparticular the need for intensive care unit beds will be at least 40-fold greater than the prepandemic capacity if the current strategy is maintained, and at least 10-fold greater ifstrategies approximating the most stringent in Europe are introduced by 10 April.- Our model predicts that, using median infection-fatality-rate estimates, at least 96,000deaths would occur by 1 July without mitigation. Current policies reduce this number byapproximately 15%, while even more aggressive social distancing measures, such asadding household isolation or mandated social distancing can reduce this number by morethan 50%.Yikes....

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>>258190766It's pure bullshit that Norway is even allowed to ski. Fucking dopers and cheaters the entire lot of them. A 10 year ban on Norway entering any sort of international skiing competition should set them straight.

>>258180773Finally I get to meet pic related. It is a pleasure sir.

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>>258190766>What about your skiing norsebro?Skiing is meant to be a hobby to get in shape, not entertainment for coach potatoes. Sportsball is worse though, since that is globohomo multicult propaganda.

>>258172497You’re comparing 400m people to 8m?

>>258171887>pack immunityThat’s not the strategy, that’s just a media meme.

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>1 post by this ID>lefty manchildren afraid to bantPost proofs or gtfo

It killed off invaders, it was a glorious decision.

>>258189809>Have you been outside of scandi even once?I fly >100 legs annually - normally. I do specialised engineering globally. I live in today's world, if you believe Sweden is outstanding in any of the items you listed you don't, you are stuck in the 80s.

>>258171887Come back later. Sweden took the rip the bandage off now approach. Always preferable.

>>258173181this is quality bants

>>258190807>crime rates are going down for the last 50 years>wages are going up for the last 70 years>safest, most affluent area of the planet>highest birthrates in europe>among the best healthcares in europe which in due part has the best healthcare in the world>any major militant conflict next to impossible due to globalism>economy keeps on growingEven by your autistic standards things are going good>draft is coming back>punishments for all violent crimes are getting harder>SD is becoming largest party in the country>socdem has already vowed to put immigration levels at a EU minimum (Belive them or not idgaf)*you*>t-t-the co-collapse is coming a-any day now!.. >i-i saw some minimum wage workers in Romania and they all had white kids and owned shedsYou're a retard. Honestly seeing retards like you in fb comments and shit is the greatest argument against voting for SD i can think of. Jesus christ

I mean, the real test should be brazil. If they dont collapse in the next month, then the experiment should be a success.

>>258191513>That’s not the strategy, that’s just a media meme.Yup.. it was likely the right decision to not lock down, but there was hardly much of a plan behind it. Tegnell sure isn't some kind of genius, nor is the gov. There pretty much never is any plan either. No, they did pretty much the same thing they always do: the minimum. (while hoping everything will turn out OK or fix itself somehow) It's simply that it probably was the right decision for once.

All Humans are racist by nature, it's biologically programmed tribalism out of survival & if they brainwash you to not be racist, it will only lead to you getting too close to niggers in turn leading to into situations that cause you to be niggered on.

>>258190143>pure autism

>>258191662>haha you just think that we have low crime rates and good wages! But i went to Uzbekistan and let me tell you something..

>>258171887More deaths early, stronger and more real recoveryherd immunity is a thing, you should get a phd sometime.

>>258190865medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.11.20062133v1.full.pdfShina Caroline Lynn KAMERLIN, PhD, Professor of Structural Biologykatalog.uu.se/profile/?id=N11-1391_1Statement of principal findingsThis individual-based modelling project predicts that with the current mitigation approachapproximately 96,000 deaths (95% CI 52,000 to 183,000) can be expected before 1 July, 2020.At the peak period (early May), the need for ICU beds will be at least 40-fold higher than thepre-pandemic ICU-bed capacity, not considering ICU admissions for other conditions.YIKES!

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>>258192274Yes he truly is an autist, a big one

>>258192007>crime rates are going down for the last 50 yearsThis line alone proves you a clueless moron.>shit is the greatest argument against voting for SD i can think of. Jesus christLMAO

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>>258176945>more or less been eradicated.No

>>2581727508m people live in New York vs 10m in Sweden? Imagine how many people per metre in New York? How do people not see that higher concentrations of people are harder to stop infectious diseases

>>258192542They are. You just get all your info from Holla Forums all is all likelyhood underage. Even during the last 10 years they have gone down

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>>2581925832 weeks?

>>258189075>post... ID... KEK’d, Winner.