I suggest that we start a boycott of twitch until steph is fired

i suggest that we start a boycott of twitch until steph is fired

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Why are you using it to begin withwatching people play games is autistic as fuck

>>258167575I doubt anybody on Holla Forums actually uses Twitch

if you think this is a good idea spread the word

who uses this cancerous shit anyway, but the zoomers have to take care of this in order to be based

I think you should stop watching other people play games zoomer

>>258167833good point

>>258167575twitch already said they don't give a fuck

>>258167575That disgusting freak makes me sick.

>>258167823its chill, its not about the games anyway. People watch for the personality and the game is just something for them to riff off of

>>258167575The point is to make him sperg beyond Twitch tolerance, then fire him, then whatever happens.

>>258167575vidya is no longer the same. I gave up on it.it has been ((( infiltrated ))) dont waste your youth on it, most games in recent years are shityoutube.com/watch?v=fgJqliVWSSg

>>258167575>boycott untilltwitch has always been shit, and getting shittier.

>>258167833WE've been boycotting it for years

>>258167575>boycottwhy are you even going there in the first place?


The only thing more pathetic than being so self absorded to think you should be paid to have other people watch you do stupid shit is that there are actual people so sad and pathetic with no self worth that they will actually pay their money to watch other people do stupid shit. Both the streamers and the viewers should get two bullets.

>>258167575They are not going to fire a tranny, even racist sexist trannies, just like they won't deal with racist niggers. It's all white man's fault, case closed.

>>258168345your friends are chill, play games, and have personalities you mesh with.twitch is a fake substitute focused on profit.avoid twitch, it does not benefit you.

>>258167575No use a fucking hammer on this things skull then post pic here,your looking at a Jew tranny who he thinks is a girl/deer.

>>258167833Every couple months or so I get an itch to go troll just chatting channels but other than that twitch viewers are cancerous as fuck. I hope this guy that roleplays as a deer bans all of your favorite streamers for hate speech

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>>258168485Is not sighing up for twitch the same as boycotting it though?

twitch is for faggot gamer children.nothing of value was lost.

>>258167575I don't use twitch in the first place and I kinda like Steph.

>>258168690what if all the people i watch are actually my friends and typically have fewer than 10 viewers?what if i have adblock plus and don't give twitch a dime?

>>258169194ok zoomer, you do you

>>258168923I honestly think it will sink to just plain unusable the ADL is involved with deer kun just to fuck with gamers

>>258169306im actually 30 lol.

>>258167575I can't boycott it any better than never having it.

>>258169386damn it

>>258169386then go to their homes and play with them.i'm 30 too that's what I do.my webcam is just for skyping with the office.

>>258168345Post age

>>258167575she is so hot, i want to fuck her bum while shes outside pretending to be a deer, eating grass with a dick in her ass.

>>258167575>we start a boycott of twitch until steph is firedWay ahead of ya and have already switched platforms.

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>>258167575I only use twitch to grief jackbox streams with the N word and pictures of burning israeli flags anyway

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>>258169577>then go to their homes and play with them.problem is most of them have moved rather far away so we have to play over the internet except for the rare occasion when we can visit.

>>258169333>>258169333>I honestly think it will sink to just plain unusable the ADL is involved with deer kun just to fuck with gamerstrips of truth.

>>258167833I use twitch

>>258167575Twitch is owned by Amazon. Your boycotting them means nothing. It's not about money at the level they're at, it's about humiliation and imposition of will.

>>258168463>the guy who steals content from othersWhy does 4reddit keep reposting this shills videos.

>>258169719that sucks but it makes those rare occasions sweeter. that happens to a lot of people though, why don't you make new friends in your area?

>>258167833he doesn't know PepeLaugh

>>258167575You are a faggot if you use twitch in the first place. and IT got hacked

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I hope no one doxs them they seem really nice

>>258167575I mean.. I can't help you if you've ever used that piece of shit faggot website in the first placeWho the fuck cares

>>258167833Yeah, I grew out of twitch years ago, so I purposely got myself permabanned by going around to slow streams of niggers / camwhores and being racist/sexist. The fun thing about twitch is that it takes a long time for them to permaban you, so you can get a lot of good racism in before you're banned.

>>258169647I think he would also like that

>>258167575>trans keep talking shit about accepting them>they never accept themselves for what they really are.

Twitch is fucking stupid and full of losers.

>>258167575Every time we have a boycott it's something I wasn't using anyway.

>>258169647are you BLACK?

>>258170001You first monkey

>>258170113it's a great platform for cunning hoes to part money from stupid simps

>>258169950That man is a loser who should've just changed his diet and gone to the gym to be a better man. But that's too hard for weaklings like him.

>>258170189>are you BLACK?only black people like fucking deers? :\

>>258170414>only black people like fucking deers? :\Black people will fuck anything

>>258170547>Black people will fuck anythingcome get it big boy

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>>258168345Jesus fucking christ lmao

>>258169386This is why Whites have lost desu.

>>258167575I cant watch twitch any less than i am now

>>258167833I watch one person, TrainwreckstvsquadW

>>258167575*Murdered... in Minecraft

>>258167833I do my fair share of shitposting on there ngl.You have to reel them in. First you give them basic compliments of their game play and act like a generic normie fag. Then when you have gained their trust you yank. Like if they mention a family thing they will be doing later like dinner you ask them if they can stream their dinner because you’re lonely and want to feel like part of their family. Say you’ll eat at the same time as them and converse with them via stream chat. The more details the better.

>>258167575I've never understood what the draw is in watching some cunt play a game? If I want to see what a game is like I just YouTube it, the whole concept is fucking gay like this tranny cunt and anyone who signs up to tranny cunt twitch bollox!

>>258169647This has me laughing so hard loooooool

>>258171093What's the point of doing that? Ugh you sound like a creepy incel.

>>258167575You must be over 18 to post here.>>258170822This

>>258167575I'll use Twitch on one condition, to watch this trannie faggot joining the 46%, in real time

>>258167575Censorship? By the time we are done the people will demand their own censorship!>3


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>>258168463^ ThisI mostly play 90s FPS and sometimes I play paradox games that are pretty based...That's it, all AAA Vidya is fucking infiltrated with utter AIDS, tranny cock, jogger bitches, joggers and muh independent vagina.Fucking disgusting to play that!

>>258167575God, look at that thingWhat an abomination

>>258171393>t. Femanon If you’re not on Holla Forums for 90% satirical reasons then you are retarded

>>258169765>using twitch unironically

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>>258168345>people watch for the personalityI know, thats the worst part.

>>258171416You should check out Cosmo youtube.com/watch?v=wvMWdnYYatU

>>258167833I use it for the free shit in games since I already have Amazon prime.

Aids will get him before twitch fires him.

>>258169333I hope this helps radicalise everyone against the adlgamergate 2 but with guns style


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>>258172222I use it to stream my Jack offs and try to find a female interested in my small cock n balls. No harm in that is there?

>>258167575watching someone playing is the most boring shit ever. Most people watch let's plays only because they are interested about the game and thete are sometines funny edits. Streaming is just boring. It lags, it creates simps and other degeneracy. I cant stand twitch.


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>>258167575Why not just only stream hunting games?

>>258167833I barely do, Happy Hob mostly and the other dude who is now at NG+1074 in DS3

>>258172594Reader is a massive cuck and i'm extremely disappointed that that thing hasn't killed itself, but it's true, eventually twitch faggots will move on to another freak and current freak will grow desperate and try the 46% way

>>258170814>lostok nigger

>>258167575>Dude lmao this person thinks they're a deer, how fucking crazy is that?>Bro, there is nothing funny or crazy about someone thinking they're a different sex. You need to curb your transphobia, shut up and listen

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>start a boycottNever used it in the first place, it has been dogshit years before this basket case ever showed his face on there. I don't get why anyone other than people like Alinity would use it in the first place, the platform only rewards the absolute worst of its platform that happen to have a big following, the rest are entirely ignored and banned as well. Anyone who has a following on Twitch that is supposedly afraid of being banned but still stays there should just move to DLive at this point before it becomes your only choice.

>unlike you snowflakes im not so easily triggered>tranny pretends to be a deer>REEEEEEEE

>>258168153You gotta make it say nigger

i respect the deer life

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>>258175585"Pretend" implies the person is doing it as a joke and knows it's an imitation. This deluded person genuinely believes they're a deer in a human's body, and talks about how they eat grass in their damn garden.

>>258167575yeah people here dont use twitch op, why dont you go back where you came from

>>258167823Kitboga is one of the best scam baiters on the internet and hes on Twitch.

>>258167575If you ever gave a shit about any of the low effort shit that's on Twitch, than you're honestly not any better than this freak and you're in no position to criticise HIM.

>>258174736>ReaderWho? Are you talking about Cosmo?Yeah, it is surprising he hasn't an heroed. It is also interesting to check out other streamers that have mental health issues.

>>258167575>i suggest that we start a boycott of twitch untilThat's where you're wrong

>>258167575go back to Holla Forums fagthis is an adult board

Looks like she got Deer Syndrome

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>>258175585You sure are triggered by the other triggeredness

>>258167575If any of you faggots were using Twitch in the first place you should kill yourselves.

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>>258174005youre supposed to have a multimonitor setup and watch a stream on your secondary monitor while you do something elso on your primary one. at least thats how im doing it.

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>>258173279Operation Peenballs

>>258167833I used it to reverse engineer their low latency live streaming implementation. That's about it

>>258174376White slut alarm system just flew over my house

>>258167575>boycottI think you mean they/themcott you fucking bigot.

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>>258176490Shhh..dont tell the boomers how Twotch works

>>258176490maybe it just needs a wash

>>258168345what a fucking loser

>>258176490Imagine the smell

>>258167575Way ahead of you.I don't have a twitch account.

>>258167833I do.

Twitch is gay as fuck>>258167833I hope so

>>258168345grow up faggot

>>258171393you seem like absolute normaltrash that doesn't know where it got lost on the way to leddit/twatter. Tits or GTFOThen again I must be a normalfag too since I see no difference between hanging out in an IRC, a forum/BBS like this one, or a twitch stream. I use twitch to connect with my president, improve at my competitive vidya, watch Live PD with the boys, put on background noise, etc without paying a cent for any of it. I would have no idea a trannie comintern exists now, my favorite streamers are all anti-SJW to some degree.Oh god I'm leddit spacing now, I must have been infected, help m- Orange man bad!!!!!ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!INCEL BAD!SEX WORKERS ARE REAL WORKERS!

We should all put up streams of hitler speeches and the word nigger on the screen with dancing letters and make the moderation team go insane trying to get rid of us all lol

>>258178377Unironically thisLet’s raid Just Chatting

>>258167833Checked.>I doubt anybody on Holla Forums actually uses TwitchI do. For WoW addons.

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>>258175745Trannies wish they were 1/10th as cute as the way they portray themselves. Drawings are in fact the only way they can get away with pretending to be the opposite gender.

i'll just leave this here

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>>258176490You just KNOW

>>258181945What is that program/site?


>>258167575How do I boycott I site I never use cause I find watching people play boring ?Serious question cause as much as I don't care about twitch I don't want trainwreck trannies to take over

>>258167575They aren't going to fire her, as it will create a media shit show. What they will do is slowly take away responsibilities from the job and push her into the shadows without firing it.


>>258167833since I have amazon I have free twitch prime and they give things for some games I play

>>258167575the fact you faggots were even using twitch despite their already sordid history proves you wont do shit about it

>>258176095The only legit reason to be in that autism haven.

>>258167833I watch esports on twitch.

>>258182453>betafaceTop kek name.Thanks slovanon.

>>258167575Wrong board, faggot.

>>258168345>Watches twitch for streamers "personality" fucking Christ I want off this ride. There is no hope for the future is there ?

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>>258167575That thing is disgusting.


>>258167575I've never visited twitch once. Does that count as a boycott? The only time I have ever watched anyone play video games is on youtube because I wanted to know something specific about a game.

>>258175745No one taught the trannies that 2D never EVER translates to 3D. It's not so easy to "draw a girl; call it a boy" in the real world. If someone had taught them this distinction, maybe there would be less.

>>258177107Fuggggggg source?

Hmmm. Well if I used twitch I might. But I don't because fuck those faggots.

>>258167823This. I got sick of watching other people play Vidya when I was a little kid and my cousin never gave me a turn on the Sega. That being said I would watch donut operator on twitch, he's pretty cool.

>>258167575I'm sure there's a pipeline to a nice government job already in place. Maybe it can be a minister of public health.Good luck with your boycott

>>258168463God damn I hate peter molyneux. Work UK import ever

I don't use it anyway, the only reason I watch someone else play video games is if a new game's coming out that I'm interested in and I want to check out unedited gameplay, and new interesting games are few and far between anyway so that never happens.

>>258168689it's a white trannythere's a chance

>>258185347this.IGNiggers will hire it to be their new Identity Politics In Gaming correspondent or something

>>258183163/v/'s mods are massive faggots and delete any threads about this or any faggotry in the industry.

>>258169682h3h3 kikes got this guy to lose his sponsorship

lmao you all get buttblasted so easily.

>>258167575I heard you can make him coom by scratching her head

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>>258167575Just use the 41% method.

>>258167575In Europe this guy would get punched in the face on the street so hard it would turn him straight.

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>>258167575Ugh, what a greasy, sickly looking creature

>>258188585Based muslim

>>258188585in Eastern europe - ofcNOT on cuck side of europe

>>258188297Jesus what did he do to himself? He needs to just put himself out of his misery

adl.org/steph_loehrOy vey.

>>258167575>boycott of twitchA boycott of what?

>>258167575How old are you?

>>258167575What the fuck are you doing on Twitch in the first place?

>>258167575I don't use twitch but I am certain that this jannie will make so many enemies in such a short period of time that everyone will hate him. A jannie who is given a position of power purely based on their jannie status will always find someone to bully because they have a complex. Eventually some of the bigger streamers will have enough and call him out and get banned for "hate speech" the issue will cause turmoil in the community and Twich will either dump the jannie and apologize or people will leave the platform in droves. This is a self correcting issue for a community that I do not care about, but I can't say I am not looking forward to seeing the shitstorm happen.

>>258167575I never used twitch

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>>258169682Keemstar is based as fuck

>>258169765get out

>>258168345It's the most normie-tier shit and I'm 100% positive. If you want to listen to people banter and talk about random shit, then at least listen to some sort of political/cultural/current events type podcast. Even a normie-tier podcast like Dave Rubin is better than anything on Twitch. It all just mind-numbing normie-tier garbage - the internet equivalent of reality TV. It's for retards and normies.

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>>258177107Whats that in her pants?

>>258191176Her clit. Enlarged of course


>boycott twitch>boycott

>>258167575Why would I quit watching someone who makes me laugh?

she is streaming now

>>258181348i also play wow, lets be friends

>>258167833I never used Twitch and now never will.Fucking Jew.

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>>258191277lmao got me to laff out loud thx user

I've been boycotting Twitch since the very beginning. Anyone remember Procaster? Xfire?

>>258167833this breh


>>258169950Why don't we kill her in minecraft.

>>258167833Lolwut it's not that uncommon to see /pol tier shit being typed in chat

>>258170104I've said that to people before "why should I accept someone for what they are when they won't accept themselves for who they are?"They responded with unintelligible noise.


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>>258167575sadly, the only time I get on twitch is for this asian crossdresser. he comes on tonight, actually. So I rlly don't give a fuck

>>258168595What is cinema

>>258181990Canadians instinctively know the tell-tale signs of dog fuckery.

>>258168463I only play older games. Japanese games are generally free from the leftist political bullshit too. The Newest game I play is Metal Gear solid 5 from 2015.


>>258167575Just use adblock


>>258167575Twitch is a dying pozzed platform anyway. We should mercilesly brodcast his degeneracy far and wide until he 40%s himself earlier than usual.

I guess it's time to delete my account.

>>258167575Can you write a letter to the Twitch shareholders (are there any) that they hire mentally ill people and let them make decisions that could affect the business by making the policies too draconian and the site virtually unusable?

>>258171093>Like if they mention a family thing they will be doing later like dinner you ask them if they can stream their dinner because you’re lonely and want to feel like part of their family. Say you’ll eat at the same time as them and converse with them via stream chat. The more details the better.>b-but this was all a larp...

>>258193168amazon owns twitch. but yeah, sure, go ahead and "write to amazon's shareholders"

Twitch is for lonely people with the mental capacity of a child. The content is garbage.


>>258188297HA! poor fuckin' dumbass is going to realize that was a mistake in 20 years..