Why is no one talking about this?

Muslims are literally tearing France a new asshole as we speak and waging warfare enmasse against native French yet none is talking about it

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>>258160555checked and its because its been happening for fucking decades at this point

>>258160555probably because the source that you didn't even bother to link to is twitter.Faggot

Because no one cares about third world African Shitholes.

Lmao it's not far from where I live and I didn't even knew about it.I heard some fireworks though a couple of days ago and I was sure it was a chimpoutAMA

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>>258160555Yea twitter seems to be the only source, I can find better information on riots that happen in the peoples republic of china than France what's up?

Argenteuil is not in Paris ...Fuck you OP

>>258160555Post link faggot

>>258160555post the link you worthless shit

>>258160555Import more muslims. Let them freakout and destroy france for a pure cautionary tale.

First world government protected minorities/classes cannot wage warfare against anyone, even themselves even if they tried, that's axiomatic per the law. Speaking negatively of a government protected group, however is a crime even when the protected group is using their shelter of government protection is the mechanism of establishing beach heads and forward operating bases.Get with the program.

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>>258161015I can confirm I heard fireworks.Argenteuil shares borders with my city.

>Doesn't even post a link

>>258160999Does Macron's party losing multiple MPs mean anything for future elections? Will it be harder for more right-wing parties since those that are leaving are heading to form left ones?

>>258160555France is losing a fight again, nothing new.

>>258160999What are you doing to resist jewry in your state besides complaining online?

>>258160555its hardly a happening if it happens every day

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>>258160555Worthless faggot mutt nigger lover tranny gash wound fester pouring buttfucking cum drinking brainlet op doesn’t post link like the penis trap fucker he is

>>258160555You're talking about it. Mission accomplished.

>>258161291I think the (((plan))) is to get him 5 more years in power and then the kikes will let France totally fall into civil war.>muh right wingAll are controlled op, even Marine Le Pen

>>258160555Damn, Jogwarts are real?

>>258160999Make some Molotovs and throw it at em in Minecraft

>>258160844honestly this

>>258160555It must happen to spark the internal wars within Europe.They may be eaten if the food runs out. man will be back on the menu and I would never back the Muslims because they follow Satan the G of the material without the jewish double back worship of L.

>>258161344I redpill people and planning on living the city.

>>258161615>Jogwartshearty kek

>>258160555The french riot in Paris every fucking week it's their goddamb job at this point

>>258161615Holy fucking kek

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>>258160555>niggers and (((police))) about to kill each otherEvery day of those riots make France a better country

>>258161615Tee hee. That's some fine quality memetic material burgerbo.

>>258160555Eh, it's Ramadan. Happens every year. Locals have learned to park their cars somewhere on the countryside.

>>258160555Enjoy it you spine deprived pricks

>>258160555youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=U5aXyM-65-Yhas anyone seen a warning like this?

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>>258160555Yeah, but blumpf said something stupid again

>>258161593>will let France totally fall into civil war.don't get my fucking hopes up. I love you frogs and I dream of your uprising, but I won't be holding my breath. You birthed Napoleon for fuck's sake, but I don't see him coming back.La France ç'est notre le plus grand ami

Its their culture you cant be mean to them and be disrespectful they have a right to destroy your property and rape your familyLmao liberals are such cancer

>>258162907Ancap heaven

>>258160555>yet none is talking about itJust another mardi.Also nice trips.

>no reports on yellow vests shutting down france a year back>no reports on muslim rioters shutting down france todaythe illuminati absolutely do not want us to know what the fuck is going on in france


>>258162775What I mean is they will let chaos take place.

>>258162775Their government will collapse when pensions are Halved due to coronavirus

>>258163542>>258163450The second France goes into chaos, it will actually be the start of the European shitstorm. There's no way (((they))) will let France fall, because it will cause their whole system to fall.

>>258160555They've been doing this since day one of the quarantine. Fuck the cops, fuck this fake virus bullshit, now I respect those shitskins for what they are, the only men left in France.

>>258161058>>258161274>>258161398>>258161424>>258161948“Drive out the Kaffur/Infedels, burn the church”mobile.twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1262493866130800640


>>258164268there haven't been men in France since the German occupation

>>258160844mobile.twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1262511663774924800https://mobile.twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1262890089178435584Enrichment of France

>>258160555Lol remember that time Muslims burned down France's most prominent and historic cathedral? Good times.

>>258162613>has anyone seen a warning like this?No, and it isn't showing up for me on that video. Maybe a leaf-only thing for now?

>>258166552>>258160555We dont talk about what happen all the time.Its not muslim related, its dealers and gangs from no go zones who fight against cops.When cops rape or hurt one of them too hard, they riot for a bunch of days then go back to business.Nothing to do about it for a simple reason, its white french who feed them. If we were not a country of pothead, these joggers would not exists.

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>>258162613I see those often. Even german news I sometimes get a notice that says it is owned by the goverment

>>258161948>the French

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>>258160555Cuz its all shils making anti Christianity posts, where to go for good happenings and news with out jannie trannies? Is there an alternative to pol?

>>258161291No, and yes.>>258167826>Its not muslim related, its dealers and gangs from no go zones who fight against cops.>dealers>gangs>muslimsPick all three. Fuck those parasites.

>>258167774>258167774its a youtube thing, that if its a news station it must state who its funded by.its some jewish thing to try and push the russian bot narrative. fuck kike tube

>>258168225These things happen in USA in jogger neighborhood all the time, and americans joggers are not muslim.It happens all the time in latin america too, still no muslims, meanwhile they dont happen in muslims country.You must point an issue correctly if you want to solve it, here drugs.

How do the native French feel about this sort of thing?

>>258168722Most french have left these zones years ago. So they are only pissed off because french police flee against them while they beat regular population without any issue.

>>258168927The race card is a strong one. Well good luck frogs, hopefully you elect someone with a spine sooner or later.

>>258160555>import third world people, import third world problemsenjoy you fucks. there's nothing geographically magical about africa or the near east that turns it into a shitehole. the malaise doesn't come from the soil, it comes from the black apes who infest it. but at least you weren't rayciss, right?

>>258168710Yet drug dealers are 90% muslim.

>>258160694This. France had this muslim ghetto riot shit in like the 90s or early 00s. They mass imported Islam before it was cool.

>>258169196>DoubtThere is no hope in a french election but thanks gl to you too, i hope corona will give you a rest.

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>>258169497We have muslims but these ones are not, its been known for a while that our arabs/joggers criminals and our islamist clash regularly, especialy in prison.Islamists banish womens, drugs, alcohol, musics, all these things your average "chance" is built of.

>>258170141Nope, they are a bunch of absolute retards who define themselves as muslims while being degenerates.

>>258160555Yes France is full of niggers and mudslimes who larp as french when they win soccer and then go back to trashing the country, they need to be disposed of in minecraft

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>>258170471So we agree they are not muslim, who cares about what they call themselves, if they were catholics mexicans migrants it would be the same problem due to drugs.

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>>258160555Good. Payback for colonialism.

>>258171003We don't agree. They are still muslim.

why don't germans in elass-lorraine chimp out and remove the ZOG occupants?


>>258172860>Germans>Chimp out

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>>258168225>>258167826They were literally screaming “get the Kuffars! Burn their church!”>>258165321

>festival in Western country>subhumans use it as an excuse to run around robbing and attacking peopleThey react to stimula like animals. Reminds me of the Krampus festival in Northern Italy where niggers and sandniggers used the noise and excitement as an excuse to attack people for no reason, so guys dressed as Krampus were chasing down niggers and beating them with rodsyoutu.be/MZbtxs6xh-8

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>>258174179My bad then, i did not see this one.They should be removed muslim or not anyway, but until people stop buying them drugs, its not happening.

>>258174423Holy shit, now THAT'S tradition I can get behind.

>>258168268I wonder if they would state that some channel is funded by Nosrael. I really really doubt it

>>258160555Literally who cares? Let them enjoy their diversity they adore so much.

>>258161615Oh my

>>258176676Perhaps but it deserves coverage to redpill normies

>>258177502Your "normies" dont give a single fuck about it as seen by the already countless examples presented to them that they always justify.Just let them be devoured by what they cherish so much no point in wasting energy on this subject.


>>258160555>started rereading the whole harry potter collection in quarantaine>close up the 6th book to take a walk>check out Holla Forums>that tweetfucking lel. 2020, the year that keeps on giving.

>>258160999give me a status report on the cathedral arson and the holy iron cross being cut down. do you fags even care anymore or have you all resigned to your fate?

>>258162613>Newfaggot has never seen anything by RU

>>258161948>the french

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>>258161615My sides kek

Because they want to keep selling their hoax of a plague. Same with the dams in Michigan.

>>258161948>1 post by this id

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>90 posts in>no linkThis thread seems fucky

France, like Canada, is destined to fall. If things get bad, and not enough people care, then what can you do? I admit I have done nothing to prevent the fall of Canada. I live in the west where people love guns and God. I don't care what happens within a city.

are the white french killing them atleast?

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>>258168722Mainstream Media don't talk about it. But since the Gilet Jaune the Police is seen by native French as traitors. They are hated now. These Pigs can be killed, we don't care.


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>>258160555"going harry potter"? Can someone with a 200IQ explain what this means?

>>258180996Jogger use firework, firework look shiny, look like magic.

>>258160555No one cares about these northern larping south cucks.


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>>258161948>the french

>>258160555We're not saving them this time.

>>258166552Why are they doing this? What are they pissed about?

>>258167826>When cops rape or hurt one of them too hardHave you tried raping them to death? two birds one stone

>>258166490based, Sieg Heil

>>258184533When did you ever save them? Besides, you should be worrying about saving yourselves.

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>>258160555The French - and Europe - brought this on themselves by allowing in mudslime immigrants.The people need to rise up and either wipe out the pests, or wipe out the politicians who continue to allow it. Either way, not the rest of the worlds problem.

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>>258160555>none is talking about itChecked. It's just France that's why

>>258186581>When did you ever save them?In the last world war, you faggot. If we hadn't the name of your capital would be berlin instead of paris


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>>258160555Because it's part and parcel of living in a big European Capital in 2020.

>>258160555>ile de franceGood ridance, those are globalist and SJW-loving uppity twatsComtat Venaissin independant

>>258160555I just want to say Fuck France with every fiber of my being. They think they can solve this problem by sending them across the channel in hundreds of rafts a day.Trying to offload their shit onto us because they're a weak nation of weak people with weak boarders. Those fucking spineless cowards don't have the balls to follow through with the shitstorm they're about to create.fuck around and find out

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>>258160999What is the length of your penis?

>>258169759I wanna tongue kiss her.

>>258163713All (((they))) care about is City of London

>>258191569this guy understandsCoL isnt where the gatekeepers live, ITS THE GATE

The French deserve worse