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Current projects: decentralised image board, specs: gitlab.com/rwdevsquad/rwds-dchan-specMembers: 5Previous thread archives (1 thread was nuked):archive.fo/Y31U0https://archive.fo/LvqLZhttps://archive.vn/9bzpJhttps://archive.vn/sNi96 (trannies moved it to /bant/)archive.vn/6aXn5 (trannies moved it to /bant/)What happened yesterday:We solved the CP problem. Users will have control over exactly what they download and which downloaded files they host for relaying to others. Everyone has to assess the risks themselves, but by default, only a post's text and metadata is relayed, but no files. Read the exact description in the repo's README.-------------------HOW TO HIDE POSTS BELONGING TO CERTAIN FLAGSadd this line to your ublock origin dashboard:boards.4chan.org##[id^=p]:has(.countryFlag)This blocks all memeflags. To find out the codes for real flags, examine the posts' html.And to hide all posts that have been hidden using 4chan's filter feature, but still appear as spoilers, use this line:boards.4chan.org##[id^=p]:has(.post-hidden)This way, they don't even show up as spoilers any more. Also, use the addon "Memeflag delouser" to display stars of Remphan next to all meme flags and Israelis. It will also print the star of Remphan after any post references to shills.

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last thread got nuked.

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screen cap part 2.

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last part of the screen cap.mods could at least moved us to /bant/.

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Glad this is happening. I'm a dev but not sure if my help is needed. Will offer help if I notice any flaws.

>>258155640much appreciated, man. Currently, it's most useful if you could read the specs and maybe the discussion of the last thread, and say if you find stuff that seems poorly thought out or if you have questions.

>archive of previous thread (outdated)archive.vn/9tiEb

>>258155804k thanks I'll spend some time in the evening to check it out

>>258156086by then, the thread will probably have been deleted again, lol. Currently trying to archive averything immediately and regularly.

How 2 continue the legacy of devin larratt and build a unpozzable platform for the free discussion of ideas?

>>258155133As I posted in the end of the previous thread, before it got nuked:We should name the image board Germania, which was to be the name of the world capital, had the good guys won WW2. Let's build it this time, for real.

Developer here. For my daily work I use golang, c#, swift, java, javascript, sql, and a few lesser langs. Not sure if any of those apply here, if the plan is to write this in c++ or c I likely wont be of much help at least for now, but very interested in the project nonetheless. Looking at the spec now.

>>258156546>devin larrattOnly stuff that comes up is some arm wrestling guy.>unpozzable platform for the free discussion of ideasThat's what this will become. As long as you can do anything over the internet at all, you will be able to access it. The community-based moderation feature is powerful, yet, at the same time, secure against subversion and mob rule.

>>258156920This is some visualisation of the split between blockchain state and the network's content, as well as how the partial subjective view of each node can become a complete view for new nodes that join.

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>>258156934>>258156546>***DUNCAN LEMPI've been watching arm wrestling if you cant tell lolDuncan was killed in his sleep after working on a decentralized end to end messaging platform. There's probably a thread in the archive. I'll link it if I can find it>komonews.com/news/nation-world/lawyer-man-killed-by-officer-was-asleep-when-police-fired

Duncan lemp thread>>>257159335

>>258155133Images should be reportable and their MD5 added to a list of spooky images that are then pushed to the users and by default not saved for distribution unless a user intentionally has enabled Spooky Image Hosting

>>258157718oh yeah, maybe I'll be the next Duncan and die in my sleep soon. Wouldn't really be surprised if that happened. It's probably too late to go into hiding anyway, since I haven't used a VPN to post here.>>258158040Well, since I don't own any illegal weapons and don't organise to do stuff IRL, and don't live in the US, I might be somewhat safer.>>258158114All that (except the hash-based filtering) is already written down in the specs. Currently it's poster-based, but having an additional hash-based filter list would be good, too.

This sounds like a great idea, any way to keep up with the development of this except lurking around pol?This could also be a good place for illustrators doin fringe stuff since most platforms censor and compress images heavily.

>>258158114MD5 is fossil technology that is easy to generate collisions for.I can't think of why someone would want to *deliberately* make their image match a spooky hash, but it's possible, and without knowing the full ramifications, I suggest a modern hash like sha256.Aside from the strength of the hash algorithm, it is trivially easy to circumvent any protection that a hash table of spooky images offers.What would be better is an image fingerprinting technique.

>>258158562You can make a gitlab account and then "watch" the repo, you'll be notified per email of all changes made to the specs. Everything that is discussed here will be added to the specs in regular intervals.>>258158775I'd probably employ 256-bit SHA3.> it is trivially easy to circumvent any protection that a hash table of spooky images offers.That's what we have poster-ID-based filtering, and it's hard to swap IDs frequently (generating IDs takes hours and they take up about 100GB or something of storage, so you can't have too many IDs in parallel).

>>258159012wew my sentences are getting fucked up, running these threads all day long is mentally exhausting. I have no idea how the shills do it.oh yeah, they just post the OP and leave and then idiots bump them all the time.


Fuck the CIA backdoors, fuck jannies.youtube.com/watch?v=aRPfeuZKr9Q

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>>258158422You're only safe as long as they dont find any totally real cp, bomb diagrams, or terrorist plots on your computer or anything.

>>258162294>tfw I never learned to dance, so I dance just as autistically as saint Terry>>258162299I guess I'm safe, then.

Have you read your SICP today?

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>>258155133We need to un-fuck the system first. CIA niggers hide in the microcode (jewgle 'remote execution'). This affects both consumer, server and routing hardware. The Huawei shit is cleaner than say Cisco. the whole hubbub is about equipment not having /their/ back doors not not having backdoors on princple. Also they want to ban encryption in apps.

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>>258155133So far, so good. OP from the first thread again. Just wondering how far you've gone with this yet. When you're finally finished, will you give the link to your new imageboard site?

>>258163027I think it is an (((app))) and not a site.

To keep this thread alive I think we should allow shilling of projects (without spamming and shit). Post shit you're working on or just made.

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How is the plot generated? I don't see it in the plotHow long (timewise) do you expect a post to be generated, if the plot is 100GB?How does a reader quickly prove that a sender did the work/storage?

Just updated the specs repo and added the >>258162785kek. I don't even own it.>>258162790Idk what to do about it, man. Since you can't jut print your own hardware, you're pretty much fucked. And I think there's no such thing as provable hardware, where you can prove that a piece of hardware actually corresponds to some digital hardware design plans.>>258163027>Just wondering how far you've gone with this yet.I think I'll start programming this weekend. It would be cool if you guys could look over the features listed in the specs and tell me here / open an issue if you miss any features. Of course, I might reject them if I think they're not feasible.>When you're finally finished, will you give the link to your new imageboard site?There won't be any link. You'll have to download the software, generate a user ID (might take maybe 100GB of disk space), and then look up a public list of nodes to connect to.>>258163159>calling programs "apps"Ich schiggen diggen>>258163175This is a general thread, and is intended to host multiple projects. Currently, there is just one, though.>>258163287I already have an algorithm in mind, which is inspired by Burst-coins's algorithm, but improved for faster verification and better memory-hardness.>How long (timewise) do you expect a post to be generated, if the plot is 100GB?I hope it would be around a day maybe. So you'd initially need to have some lengthy setup, but it's necessary to prevent shills from generating new IDs and evading filter lists all the time.>How does a reader quickly prove that a sender did the work/storage?Look into the Burst wiki, they have a few good articles on plottingburstwiki.org/en/technical-information-to-create-plot-files/https://burstwiki.org/en/technical-information-about-mining-and-block-forging/It will be the same concept, but with improved properties.

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>>258163883This is niggerlicious:j-core.org/The Dreamcast's processor is now OPEN SOURCE and you can flash an FPGA with this shit.Stop reading tranny threads and get on this shit.There was also a guy who made a Dreamcast into a router.

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>>258164644so, can you trust the FPGA to be created according to the public specifications? That it doesn't have a backdoor? Obviously not. Even if you printed your own chip design at one of the chip manufacturers, how would you know whether they tampered with the design before producing the chips? The only solution I know of is to cryptographically obfuscate the chip design, but that reduces the chip's efficiency.

>>258155133Could you please made me a quick resume on how to auto-hide memeflag posts? Im a bit n00b; using Google Chrome on W10Also bump

>>258163883>Just updated the specs repo and added the … suggestion to filter specific file hashes.My head is turning to mush. I'm not sure I can keep making these threads every day.

>>258165000Creating a viable backdoor in FPGA is practically impossible; an effective backdoor would have to account for the nearly infinite variations of a processor that can be instantiated on its fabric.

>>258155133Nice numerals.These threads are great user, good luck.>>258160395You have dedication. All they have is a lost soul in exchange for a few bucks.BUMP.

>>258165640I only know how it works for ublock origin. I don't know if that's available on chrome. If not, you better install firefox. Anyway, the first line in the OP is exactly what you need to paste into the "dashboard" of the ublock origin addon.>>258165747thx

>>258165000you can remove the lid of the chip and take electron microscope photos of what's on it. You can use an algo also to interpret the images.There's no use for encryption if the CIA nigger has direct access to the processor.

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>>258165703Makes sense, I guess. Thanks.

>>258165703The origin of the project is some guys in Japan looking for a processor they can use for the distributed solar power grid. It's so shit can't be hacked.

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>>258166214Well, it doesn't matter to our project right now, as we are in the age of hardware-abstracting programming languages. As long as you can write C code for it, you can run the image board using an FPGA chip.

>>258155133>gitlabbrb, dming some communist trannies on twitter

>>258166559it's an alt account anyway, what are they going to do? cry me a river?>mfw

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>>258166370you can't divorce software from hardwareYou will need to provide a hardware spec eventuallyIf you want to use a blockchain then I would reward people hosting the website with some chan sheckels to incenivise the effort. You don't want to end up like torrent with all shit having no seeders.

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>>258166884cryptocurrencies are pretty cancerous though, not in themselves, but in the kind of individuals they invite. All those mining farms, ASIC producers, pump'n'dumpers, etc. I don't want to have to deal with any of that. And if you're too lazy to power the decentralised image board you're using yourself, then you don't deserve it.I trust in Holla Forums to have grasped the concept of the greater good and what it means to make some personal sacrifices for the white race and civilisation in general.

>>258157162Isn't a block chain bommer shit? I hear hashgraph is a more modern approach.

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>>258166884>>258167197We can also do something like keeping track of how much a peer is sending vs how much it is receiving. If it's always on the receiving end, then we can kick it. Although that would suck for mobile users.

>>258167384hashgraph sounds cool, but (according to the last info I have, which is years old) only works if every node knows the current number of network participants, which should not be possible in a truly anonymous network and also becomes impractical as the network becomes huge. Every joining/leaving would have to notify the whole network. That's n packets for n participants. Now, if there were some very short-lived connections, most of the network's traffic would consist of keeping track of the participant number.

>>258167197Eh, every project fades into obscurity if you can't employ the hive mind of the internet. There needs to be some kind way and incentive for lesser minds to get in on the action. We need the equivalent beekeepers to run the shit for us and get some kind of reward for it.

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>>258164644Hmm, what's that j stand for?

>>258163175Not really related to the thread theme, but I made this a while ago.OP, I've been following the thread since yesterday and I really like your project, would definitely use. Unfortunately I can't really contribute as I only know C# on a pretty basic level.

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>>258165932i managed to make it work on chrome, with the same addon. it works great, thx a lotalso, is there a way to hide memeflag's threads on the catalog?

>>258168148JapanIt's a processor from Hirachi that been released from copyright. It was used in automotive entertainment systems and the Dreamcast console.

>>258155133>HOW TO HIDE POSTS BELONGING TO CERTAIN FLAGSSo I'm a dirty phone poster at work, does anyone know how to get Omnichan to filter meme flags?

>>258168271no problem, man, more than helping with coding, I actually appreciate if you guys try to pick apart my design and find flaws. Because it would be a shame if this were finished, only for it to turn out that it's inherently flawed. Also, once the coding starts, I'll probably stop making these threads, because this is at least 5x more exhausting than actually programming all day.>>258168285>also, is there a way to hide memeflag's threads on the catalog?Sadly, that's impossible, as the catalog does not contain any information about the poster's flag.>>258168409sorry, I don't use that.

>>258168271Post link.We should have some kind of catalog for non-tranny websites helpful to the project.Kind of like in the 90s there were sites with A-Z links to different types of websites like a business directory.

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Guys, remember to pray for blessings. Only God can help us through this holy war.

>>258155133Interesting idea. I think it has potential. Are all of the files for the decentralized website there?

>>258170875>Are all of the files for the decentralized website there?No, the only thing we have at all, yet, are my thoughts, and what is written in these threads. Most of the things that were discussed have been written in the repo's README document, which acts as the cheap version of a specifications paper. But the stuff in my head is much more complex than I'd be able to write down within a few days (I have been planning this stuff for quite a long time, especially the technical details of it). I'll start coding soon, and then write more detailed docs as I progress with the code.

>>258155133>>258156567>capital of the world Germania Personally, I’m under the impression that OP is a modern Stazi FED looking to make the perfect honey pot to slip incriminating files into selected/flagged users of his program. But that’s how I view a lot of these things until proven otherwise. The concept still interests me, but I wanted you to know, OP, that I’m suspicious of you.

Here is my proposal.1. The site(s) run on open source hardware FPGAs without fucked CIA backdoors2. Radio internet is used instead of standard ISPs who monitor traffic for patterns and shut shit down.3. Enemies satellites are used for transmitting and receiving. Believe it or not CIA niggers have left relay satellites up that you can use for free. They are from the 70s so can't be fucked with.4. The normal fag gets rewarded crypto or something for every organic post, some kind of incentive needs to be created.BTW I can't stand this high-horse idealism bullshit. It needs to be a network that runs itself.

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>>258171504I should say that this is nothing personal though. And because I’m interested to see how this is pulled off, I wish you luck and pray you’re not a FED.

>>258171763Sensible. I’m interested in the idea of radio internet.

>>258171915>nothing personnelhow could it be personal, if you don't even know me?Anyway, I think it's the only healthy attitude to have. Anyone who doesn't have any distrust towards this (except me ofc) should reconsider his worldview.>>258172120I think that in the long term, we might actually need that. I've been interested in building physical network infrastructures for a long time now, but never really looked into it, because I'm not good with physics.

>>258155133Doing God's work, krautbro. Glad to see you're keeping it alive.

>>258173258I'm severely lagging behind on my IRL job though. But this series of threads will probably stop soon (at least I won't be the one maintaining it). Updates will be posted in the specs repo, where you can check from time to time. If you don't want to check frequently, you can also make a gitlab account and "watch" both repositories, you'll be notified of any progress made via email (gotta check your notification settings, though).

>>258172422We need to find some troopers in the HAM radio community. Using radio is our only way of creating an network that can't be fucked with by glow niggers.

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Iran is now advertising themselves as commercial space launching fags. They hate the US jew who tried to overthrow their government. They would be on our side. Eventually we could pay them to launch our satellites (or chip in to have one already in orbit given to us).

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>>258171763>>258174524>>258174843wouldn't the satellites get overloaded though? I mean, the bandwidth must be pretty limited. How would you multiplex many signals at the same time?

>>258175524>multiplexsatellites have many transponders

>>258176061but still, different senders on earth would have to use different frequencies, right? And the receiver would have to use the same frequency as the sender?

Also you can use clouds like satellites.

>>258176351>channel hopping algo

>>258176371Oh, so the plan is to have a very narrow beam, and send it to something in the sky to scatter it back down, and the sender is undetectable? That's pretty cool!If what I watched about antennas in this MIMO something video is true, it should be pretty easy to do a very narrow beam with a compact antenna and no huge dish.

>>258176674yes, I live many thousands of kilometers away but can pick up their taxi drivers saying 'ciao baby' on the radio. It's because of how clouds work.

>>258177068Italian taxi drivers

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>>258177068that's pretty cool. Although it wouldn't work if there are no clouds, and it's also limited to your hemisphere.>>258177234kek

>>258177357There was talk of a project on /biz called Skycoin, fags were building their own antennas and shit. We need something like that as the backbone. This way it's detached from CIA nigger ISPs.

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>>258178130kek that's based. However, is that antenna directional enough? I mean, you can easily make a design that's way more directional, which would multiply the signal strength by many times. According to this video, at least:youtube.com/watch?v=xGkyZw98TugNot sure how legit this is or how precise you have to be when setting up the antennas.

I hope I can finish this project by early year, then I could congratulate the Führer on his birthday, and wish him luck from the New Germania. That would be the perfect first post.

>>258179230>early yearearly next year*

We need a HAM boomer on the team.

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>>258180390github.com/emilbjornson/massivemimobook/raw/master/massive_MIMO_networks.pdfThat's the book that guy from the video wrote. Maybe we can learn stuff from there? If it turns out you don't have to be super precise when doing this kind of beamforming setup (like, the distance between individual antennas and their planar positioning and directions), then we could easily build transmitters that are basically undetectable from the ground, because they send some 99% or so of the energy upwards.However, it might also turn out that you need to have high precision tooling and little room for error, then it would probably not be a valid candidate.

>>258180390I'm ham licensed but won't put my callsign near this. Too much heat.You can't legitimately use encrypted signals over ham frequencies, it's forbidden by radio regulations. And boomer hams WILL track you down if you do this, just sayin'.Whatever you do, you can't be noticed. Using commercial grade wireless networking equipment is the best way to hide in plain sight, legally.

>>258180966well, if you managed to create a very directional field, and shield the sides of the antenna, and point it upwards, shouldn't the only way to pick up any of your signal at all be after it comes back down from the clouds? Like, if it sends upwards +-10° or something.

>>258163883Is this software supposed to be like Tor/Freenet?

>>258181401It will most likely be built on top of TOR, but it will be just an image board. So, all content is temporary, just like over here.

>>258181538So you can access a link through Tor or what? I know you said it was a program that you download in itself, which you'll have to get a user ID and node to run, help a boomer out.

>>258181538Bump for interestGg Krautbro.I'm a full stack dev (.NET primarily but know others). You have any use for me? Been looking for something to do on the side.

>>258181701You download the program, it connects to the image board. You then use your browser to view and interact with the network by connecting to the program you're running on your PC. That's how it will probably work.>captcha is trolling me again

>>2581808213D printing is very precise, I have many printers

>>258181955Ah, so that way it'll be much harder to shut down as opposed to, say, a link on the clearnet or Tor. Good idea.

>>258181887Considering how many people here know .NET as their main language, we might actually use that, although I don't really like it as a language and think it's niggerlicious. However, for a first version, it should be okay to use it.We could make a C# mono (or how it's called) application, that would run on windows and linux (and probably mac too). Just make a gitlab account and request to join the organisation.>>258181966Hadn't thought about that. Great thinking.

>>258182197yep. And the connection between the program running on your PC and other participants of the image board network will run through TOR.

>>258180966Have you used any of the decommissioned relay satellites?youtube.com/watch?v=CTCq-M2Tr50

>>258182263>.NET as their main language, we might actually use thatThat's a CIA nigger language

>>258182263Oh I saw in an earlier post where someone mentioned using C#. I'd actually prefer to use something else to hone my skills. What were you initially thinking?

>>258155133>the retarded german poster who always shills for ublock didnt just tell people to install 4chan x instead

>>258155133I loved this manDoing gods work user

>>258182917I know it's niggerlicious, but for an initial version, I think it's okay to use it, if it results in maybe 2x or 3x the development speed due to more volunteers.>>258182948I was planning on using C or C++, especially C++ since it supports coroutines now, which are cheaper than threads (implying they aren't just implemented as threads, that would be pretty niggerlicious).

So, are people being assigned tasks, or do we just jump in? I'm interested in helping (posted in other thread) but I'm not sure where to start that wouldn't be standing on anyone's toes. Is the spec worked out enough tthat we can start implementing it?

>blockchain>someone posts cp>now everyone has cp

>>258183223>I was planning on using C or C++Dont be a nigger and use rust

>>258183223Why are coroutines important? Because coroutines are usually much smaller memory-wise and much faster when switching between tasks, this allows weaker hardware to still run the program just as well. Ideally, anons would just have some raspberry pi or something with a hard drive attached to it run 24/7. That way, we have low operating costs and higher decentralisation and redundancy.>>258183385The specs are basically done, but I wish there would be some more reviewing and questioning before setting the general architecture in stone. Details like how to do the networking code are not written down, but I have them thought out already. After maybe 2-3 more days, I'd start coding and assigning tasks, breaking the project down into issues and milestones, etc.>>258183493>t. hasn't read how we combat CP>>258183562>rustenjoying your CC-CoCk? rust-lang.org/policies/code-of-conduct

>>258183562use holy C

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>>258155133nice. keep up the good work.

>>258183977>enjoying your CC-CoCk? rust-lang.org/policies/code-of-conductSo you are running templeos on your servers and pc? Since linux and windows have same shit nowdays.Nobody fucking cares about that shit anyway.

>>258184451If I live long enough, I'll build my own OS, too. And I'm already writing my own compiler. Fuck CoC enablers.

>>258184864Just use Temple OS


>>258185016I think it doesn't have networking, though.

>>258185396also, my mission statement is not to be a modern C64.

>>258185396youtube.com/watch?v=AbG6u86t4bAIt has serial port and no CIA niggers in it. That's enough.

>>258185762how would I run an image board client on a machine that has no networking?

>>258185498You don't get the point, it's about having direct access to shit instead of being a nigger swimming in a CIA ocean of glowing shit.

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>>258185838Tripfags and their egoistic conflagrations have been a disaster for anonymous discourse.

>>258186008I'm not going to build a HAM based internet for this project.I like the idea but sometimes you have to take practical considerations into account. Maybe some other anons can pick up the project when I'm done and adapt it to use HAM style communications.>>258186180Sorry for tripfagging, it's just that I don't want others impersonating me and derailing this whole project.

>>258186752The world doesn't revolve around you and your project. You think too highly of yourself.

I'm a bit concerned about doxxing myself with the gitlab account if I sign up for one. Do you know if there's an option to anonymously signup for gitlab? Or another anonymous distributed dev tool?

>>258187519just make some temporary mail account or something. I used a protonmail although I heard that it's just another glownigger operation.

One question, could the sandbox rpg wurm online (or anything else, I am talking this one because its sandbox and witten at java and problably can be run at various os) be used as a chat reduce spying, shilling or whateaver.....?youtube.com/watch?v=zTS9Te5Gpw8

>>258155133>bunch of blah blah >no talk about the used protocol or what the code would actually looks likeYeah, ok...Just easily host an imageboard that works if you care about whatever.Some tutorial on the demo website to install Lynxchan + server config beginner friendly.bchan.net/b/res/1.htmlAll decentralized solutions for social medias always were slow or unpracticable, but hey, this is 2020, you can just get your own server and host your community.Vps never been that cheap and easy to pay with cryptos.

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Tripcodes can be generated from text strings: you use the string (or its hash) as seed for a random generator, which you then use to generate a pk/sk pair. That way you can use the same tripcode from different machines without having to copy the keys if you remember the seed phrase.>>258188311probably, yeah. Although a problem is that there is most likely no chat history from before you joined. Definitely shill-free, might even have less focused spying than 4chan.>>258188569>goy don't build a decentralised image board>keep using a centralised image board insteadWhy would I do that?

>>258188569The f1-micro machine is free on Google Cloud.

>>258188780Also, it might be better to use alternative visualisation techniques for IDs and trips. Having to read a 32-byte string is pretty exhausting. Instead, you could use some 8x8 matrix of geometric shapes and colours or something, or something similar to those auto-generated avatars many platforms use.

>>258189191we could even go as far as rendering faces with the hash of something as parameters (i.e., skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, skull shape, haircut, facial expression).

>>258188780I only see a poorly made white paper here, no actual "decentralized imageboard", no mentions of actual real development job going on, not even a programming language mentioned. At least learn from those who tried this in the past few years, nntp chan have been going on for a while, there was many failed projects, and robi from spqrchan is trying to make something similar, he is probably at the same stage as you (if you're not him), you should contact each others and wank on your autism.

>>258189648and a trip fag that is trying to make a name for himself, probably a fed

>>258189648the project started a few days ago. We're starting by doing the concept, and then we start coding. The concept is independent of the programming language used. We have to look at what languages the volunteers are good at, and decide which one to use based on that. Makes no sense to use haskell if I'm the only one who knows it and everyone else who wants to help is then kept out because of that.As I said multiple times now, development will start this weekend if nothing unforeseen happens IRL.

anyway, gotta sleep now, it's already past midnight. See you guys tomorrow.

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>>258190095This is a one man job imo.You don't chose a programming language because two guys know it vs one, you chose the most efficient way for your task. You gotta figure out yourself how to turn this.Maybe you're focusing too much on the imageboard vibe but there are many other ways to do it this.Check the others decentralized social medias, the technology they use and how they deal with basics issues.

>>258155133New Idea:The Pillbook WebsiteUsers submit pills to database.Each pill is 300 words of text max. (About one page.) One optional image per pill. Each pill has a short title describing the main idea of the pill. Pills are versioned.A user can also organize a group of pills (including any pills by other people) into a pillbook. This user assigns a name to his pillbook and chooses the order of the pills.All political orientations are welcome. So expect to see the Sandinista Pillbook, etc.Users vote for favorite pillbooks, so you can see all the pillbooks by popularity.Next level: a user can create a library of their favorite pillbooks and share it.

>>258155133Whatever happened to the secure chat that got booganon killed in his sleep?Someone needs to pick it up