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Libya41 minutes agoThe vehicles of LNA destroyed south of Sirte: - a vehicle with a machine gun 23 - a vehicle with a gun 106 - a vehicle loaded with ammunition - two vehicles transporting soldierstwitter.com/TanasuhTV/status/1263104199362895872an hour agoFootages of strikes on Pantsyr-S1 air defense systems in Tarhounatwitter.com/libyaalahrartv/status/12630982435730391042 hours agoTurkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar: "The balance in Libya has changed significantly after the TAF elements started training cooperation and consultancy services."2 hours agoPictures of the shells that landed on the Duraibi area in Tripoli a short time ago2 hours agoPower cuts in Al-Asabaa, Qawalish and Kikla regions as a result of clashes2 hours agoGNA forces found during yesterday advancement in south Tripoli a mass grave with seven dead bodies2 hours agoGNA target residential neighborhoods in Tarhuna with rockets2 hours agoGNA Military Operations Room declares Tarhuna a military zone2 hours agoA wide campaign of UAV flights over Tarhuna, Al-Washaka and Al Sabeh2 hours agoVehicles destroyed by LNA strike in southern Ghuryan2 hours agoAir strikes on GNA in Gharyan destroy a convoy on the road to Jendouba Gharyan3 hours agoFM's Cavusoglu and Siala discuss Libya developments after liberation of the Al-Watiya base3 hours agoReport of armed groups loyal to LNA set ablaze the municipal council of Alasaba town after the mayor and the social council declared allegiance to the GNA3 hours agoGNA spokesman, Colonel Muhammad Qanunu: The Air Force directed 5 strikes inside a Tarhouna that targeted an Tiger armored vehicle, a 130-mm howitzer cannon and 3 other vehicles4 hours agoThe Western Military Region is working hard to rehabilitate the Al Wataya base, to prepare it for the full extension of its control over Libyan soil.4 hours agoTwo Tiger vehicles were destroyed in Tarhuna

4 hours agoGNA Air Force continues monitoring and reconnaissance operations in the sky of Tarhuna city, according to the military plans of the operations room4 hours agoGNA air force succeeds in destroying a howitzer of LNA inside Tarhuna5 hours agoLNA refuse to leave Alasaba town despite the decision of the social council to surrender to the GNA5 hours agoLNA airstrikes target GNA forces on the outskirts of Ghiryan, west Libya.5 hours agoLNA aircrafts bombed GNA forces attempting to enter Al Asabiah town5 hours agoField Commander of the 610th Brigade Haitham al-Faqih claims to Arraed, that three of LNA fighters surrender themselves, with their armed vehicles, to the Libyan army at the Ramleh axis6 hours agoThe local council and the supporting force in Mizda area stress the necessity of expelling LNA, describing it as a "malignant plant", stressing their support for the government of GNA6 hours agoCommandant of Al-Suwani Operations Room, volcano of anger Mohamed Bin Ajala: Our heavy artillery targeted gatherings of LNA in Qasr Ben Ghashir area6 hours agoLNA Air Force bombed GNA on the Wadi Jendouba Bridge and commander of the Gharyan Brigade wounded6 hours agoLNA target the Maitiqa International Airport and the Shorfat Almalaha area in the Souq Aljumaa with a number of shells6 hours agoGNA's Army Spokesman claims another Pantsyr S-1 system destroyed in Tarhuna, 3rd in area this morning, 4th at all frontline(one more in Washika)7 hours agoThe Libyan Air Force, which is affiliated with the GNA government, succeeded, just before, in destroying the Pantsir S1 air defense system in Tarhuna7 hours agoCasualties in Gharyan after shelling at Kubari Jundubah7 hours agoGNA aircrafts are targeting LNA forces in Al Washikah area7 hours agoRenewed clashes between the GNA and LNA at Al Saabah

tass.com/world/1158253>TBILISI, May 19. /TASS/. Georgia’s President Salome Zurabishvili said on Tuesday she is in favor of direct dialogue with Russia however certain conditions are needed for that. "In any case, I am for direct dialogue because countries have two ways: either a path of war or a path of dialogue. I know no other ways.

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7 hours agoGNA interior Minister Bashaga in his response to UAE MFA Gargash: Your weapons that your clients left behind will continue to bear testimony to your poor actions and evidence to pursue you7 hours agoAt 08:30 am, a private plane landed at Benghazi Airport, coming from Malta7 hours agoGNA Interior Minister Bashaga responds to the UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash: The Libyan crisis would not have been had it not been for your malicious interference in its affairs, your purchase of Consciences, and your incitement of violence by your media7 hours agoLNA targeting GNA positions at Abu Qurain axis, east of Misrata7 hours agoGNA spokesman Qanuno: 3rd LNA Air Defense system was destroyed in Al-Washeka7 hours agoGNA army spokesperson Qanunu: 2 Russian-made Pantsyr S-1 airdefense systems were destroyed in Tarhuna11 hours agoAsabīaah: A statement posted by the social council of the local tribes indicates the city's aligned with the GNA. The latter's ground forces may end up controlling the road north from Mizdah. Another byproduct is that Zintan & Rujban may become likelier to strike a deal12 hours agoGeolocation of alleged footage of a Turkish drone strike near Tarhuna, Libya which claims to have destroyed a Pantsir system. 32.464182, 13.69448713 hours agoLibya: alleged footage of a Turkish drone strike conducted on Tarhuna tonight, which GNA's Joint Ops Room Juwaili has said successfully destroyed a Russia-n Pantsir system. Next targets will possibly be the system(s) south of Tripoli (assuming they are not withdrawn)13 hours agoMajor General Osama Goueili command of the joint GNA operations room: The air defense Pantsyr system was targeted and destroyed in Tarhuna city15 hours agoLNA: During the last few days of the month of Ramadan & Eid our forces in Tripoli will retreat 2-3 kms to allow families to cisit each other & celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. We call on the GNA to do the same thing

tass.com/world/1158287>KIEV, May 20. /TASS/. The Office of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General has launched an investigation into high treason and abuse of office by ex-president Pyotr Poroshenko after purported records of his conversations with former US vice president and secretary of state were made public, the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper said. "The Office of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General made an entry in the unified register of prejudicial inquiry," the paper said, citing sources in the prosecutor general’s office.

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16 hours agoItalian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Puccini, congratulated the Presidential Council for the liberation of Al-Watiyah Airbase17 hours agoUNHCR: Ramadan distribution today reached 70 asylum-seekers previously detained and with no means to sustain themselves. In addition, 503 displaced Libyan families received food baskets this week, to help them cope with the sharp increase in prices of food that Libya is witnessing17 hours agoGNA army is issuing the last warning to all the cities . the Al Sabat, the Rajban, Tarhuna, Mazda, and the peaceful handing over of the cities to the Libyan Army before entering by force17 hours agoA frigate of the Italian Navy arrived to be stationed at a distance of 7 km at sea from the city of Misrata in Libya19 hours agoReports of GNA bombing at Ras Lanufa day agoClashes that are still ongoing near Al-Asaba city , you can see an Terrier LT-79 being used by LNAa day agoThe French frigate Jean Bart has been the 1st vessel to join Operation IRINI task force. Cassard class, FS Jean Bart sails the central Mediterranean since last May 4 as French contribution to EU effort to enforce the ArmsEmbargo in Libyaa day agoAir traffic to Libya continues. Passenger plane LAA333 arriving in Istanbul in the morning turns to Misrata. The GLF5 private jet, departing from Cairo, probably flies to Benghazi under Hafter control. AAW1411 plane flying from Tunisia flies to Tripoli or Misrataa day agoUAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: The Libyans will not have the opportunity to live in a safe country as long as the warring parties there aim to achieve small tactical gains, there is no alternative to the political process to bring permanent stabilitya day agoEgyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi: Libya's stability is a determinant of Egyptian national security.

a day agoEgyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi confirms Egypt's steadfast stance on the Libyan crisis by communicating a political solution to ita day agoLibya GNA Ambassador at UN: It is no longer acceptable for certain countries to support violations in Libya, especially the UAEa day agoThe US ambassador to the Security Council: All parties must stop bringing arms and mercenaries to Libyaa day agoUS representative to the UN: 'we oppose the LNA's 13 month offensive on Tripoli'a day agoAccording to this GNA press release - Tunisia's Rashid al-Ghanouchi congratulated the GNA on their capture of al-Watiya airbasea day agoLNA Foreign Ministry: Al-Sarraj and Turkey have taken advantage of the armistice period announced by the armya day agoLNA Foreign Ministry condemns the "Turkish aggression" by sea and UAV operatiions on the Al Watiya basea day agoGNA Army artillery was able to destroy an ammunition deport southwest of the Suq Al Ahad. Black smoke rising from there and seen from several distant areasa day agoRussia's envoy to the Security Council: We support the Council's call to stop military operations in Libya.

tass.com/society/1158363>MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. The coronavirus situation in Russia has stabilized, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to Russia Melita Vujnovic told TASS on Wednesday. "It seems that the country is at the stage of stabilization," the WHO official said. Although the infection spread rate has slowed down, Russia should take efforts to further reduce new coronavirus cases in the country, Vujnovic stressed.

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tass.com/world/1158435>KIEV, May 20. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed confidence that it is necessary to hold direct talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Speaking on his plans "to find a solution" to the crisis in Donbass, Zelensky said it was vital to reach an agreement with Moscow.

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So is Russian MIC as low energy as Jeb or are they even worse?

tass.com/politics/1158479>MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. The incumbent Ukrainian government displays no intention to return Donbass and inability to return Crimea, Russian and Ukrainian experts said during the Monday online conference in TASS, dedicated to the first year of Vladimir Zelensky’s presidency.

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tass.com/defense/1158515>MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. The western direction poses the biggest threat to Russia’s security, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday. In 2020, 28 organizational measures are planned in Russia’s Western Military District for improving the troops’ combat structure. These measures are synchronized with the delivery of advanced weapons, the defense chief said. "In particular, "about 2,000 new and upgraded weapon systems will be delivered, which will increase their share to over 65%," Shoigu said.

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tass.com/world/1158285>UNITED NATIONS, May 20. /TASS/. Humanitarian assistance to Syria should be carried out in coordination with Damascus, so there is no need to reopen trans-border checkpoints for aid deliveries, Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya said on Tuesday. Nebenzya went on to say that the trans-border mechanism that envisaged the delivery of aid to regions outside the Damascus government’s control was a temporary measure from the start. "Stop pretending like you are not aware of this. Stop being guided by your own geopolitical dividends, which have nothing to do with humanitarian principles," he added.

tass.com/society/1158513>MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. Russian Ministry of Defense’s multi-purpose medical centers in the Western Military District are ready to admit civilian patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during the Ministry's board meeting Wednesday. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to construct 16 multi-purpose medical centers in a short time span. The Russian government allocated for the purpose almost 8.8 billion rubles from reserve funds. The sixteen centers for 1,600 patients were commissioned on May 15.

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twitter.com/200_zoka/status/1263046598449381376>Al-Quds brigade units continue their combing operations to the Syrian desert and cleanse the (Bir Khadr al-Mai) area between Hreibsha and the Umm Muwainh flood. This region was used by the gangs because of the presence of water in them.

Iraq15 hours agoISIS released video of an attack on a claimed Iraqi Army vehicle & base near Al-Qa'im, Anbar, using an IED and then a W85 HMG. Quite rare to see the latter in use from a Technical, otherwise unremarkable. A little more complex than just a single IED17 hours agoFor the second day in a row . protests to the people of Al-Huwaishli in Al-Muthanna to demand services20 hours agoSpokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense told Rudaw they have good coordination with the SDF against ISISa day agoPM @MAKadhimi directs that salaries of state employees for May to be paid in fulla day agoAlleged photo of the house last night's rocket hit near Baghdad's Green Zone: Iraqa day agoIraq records 57 infections and 4 new deaths because of coronavirusa day agoA total of three rockets were fired at US embassy last night out of which one landed near the embassy compound. There were no injuries.a day agoCadres of the Baghdad Municipality carry out a campaign to raise scattered concrete blocks and deformations on the Al-Sink Bridge linking between Karkh and Rusafa in the capital Baghdad and in coordination with the security forcesa day agoA UN investigative team says it has made "significant progress" in collecting new s of evidence in Iraq against Islamic State ISIS extremists, which should strengthen cases against perpetrators of crimes against the Yazidi minority in 20142 days agoThe rocket hit a deserted house inside Baghdad's Green Zone. It was fired in al-Edrisi neighborhood2 days ago2 days agoProtesters are on Jimhuriyah bridge tonight near Tahrir Square in Baghdad marching and protesting against the current government in Iraq. The protesters are chanting "The people want to overthrow the government".2 days agoAt least one Iraqi federal policeman has reportedly been wounded in renewed clashes this evening with ISIS militants near the Iraqi town of Jurf al-Sakhr

So why did the US decide to get rid of Assad? They were allies prior to the "civil war."

youtube.com/watch?v=0zVdAljHYq4>The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent reinforcements south of Raqqa to combat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS / ISIL) activity in Deir Ezzor, as shown in footage from the village of al-Thawra on Tuesday. Footage from al-Thawra, some 55 km (34 miles) west of Raqqa, shows SAA soldiers commencing preparations for an operation against IS in Deir Ezzor governorate. "We are now completing what we started, combing the desert of Syria to purge it of terrorism and IS," one SAA soldier said. "Any place that indicates the existence of ISIS or terrorism - from a den or a well of water or any place where terrorists appear to be living, we are cleaning it up and eliminating terrorism completely."

Pantsir is a meme now

youtube.com/watch?v=ZuIC1nMokgE>Residents of a village recently taken over by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have returned to work on their farms, as shown in footage from Abu Dala, north of Hama, on Monday. People were seen gathering in the village, with children playing outdoors and shepherds herding their flocks. Representatives of opposing sides in the Syrian conflict have agreed to reconvene in Geneva for stalled talks on the constitution, UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen said on Tuesday.

Syria 20 minutes agoThe SAA and TFSA have clashed in Tadef, just south of al Bab. Several fighters from both sides are wounded and the SAA has shelled the town with mortars2 hours agoImages of Russian military patrol near Qamishli2 hours agoSyrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf, the cousin of al-Assad, has reacted hours after the government " preventatively seized" his and his family's assets, allegedly over unpaid taxes owed by his mobile phone company. Denouncing the move as illegal, Makhlouf said in a Facebook post late on 19 May that those in power in Syria were seeking to seize Syriatel, the country’s largest telecoms firm, from him. Makhlouf also owns MTN, another mobile network provider.2 hours agoTurkish forces set fire to farmers' fields in Kur Hassan village in Tel Abyad countryside, and the fire continues burning2 hours agoTurkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar: "Our fight against terrorism continues in the north of Syria and Iraq. Since January 1, 1411 militants have been neutralized."2 hours agoSouth Syria: the 7th Division soldier killed yesterday (pic) by ISIS near KafrShams (N. Daraa) was from a village close to Al-Bab (N. Aleppo). A 2nd soldier severely injured in same attack3 hours agoA child was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the town of Al-Busaira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor3 hours agoAn explosive device targeted military vehicle near the main street in Al-Aliatat area east of Deir Ezzor3 hours agoThe First Corps of the SNA issues a statement addressed to its operating rooms and security personnel in order to take several measures with the approach of Eid Al-Fitr4 hours agoThe joint Russian-Turkish patrols cross the city of Jericho for the first time and reach the outskirts of the village of Qiyasat on the international road M4 west of Jericho4 hours agoAs-Suwayda: A young man loses a limb due to the explosion of a bomb he was holding in the middle of the street in the city of As-Suwayda

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Viktor Zagrubsky, callsign "Sailor" People's Militia of Donbas, KIA.10/17/1969-05/17/2020 Press F to pay respects

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4 hours agoAs-Suwayda: Unidentified gunmen kill a young man in the town of Ariqa, when he was at his shop5 hours agoSyria's state media: There is no truth in the decision to back up the money of Rami Makhlouf6 hours agoTurkish and Russian forces operate the 12th joint patrol on the international route "M4" in Idlib6 hours agoUS Representative to the Security Council Kelly Kraft: The reason for the suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of the Assad government is due to the Security Council, whose work is being suspended by some members6 hours agoTabqa military council preparing for anti ISIS operations in the countryside. It's noteworthy they has been an increase of activity in western Raqqa with IED attacks with one on the 16th nr Ibad village, Tabqa6 hours agoAn explosive device targeted Azaz Police bus in Sujo village, reports of injuries7 hours agoTurkish Armed Forces joined by Russia's military conduct their twelfth joint patrol in Syria's Idlib8 hours agoThe United Nations is calling for an extension of the mechanism to deliver cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria, which expires next July17 hours ago (left)Syria Deir ez-Zur A new rebel group has apparently been created in Deir Ezzor: it's named 'Sons of the Euphrates'. Unclear so far if it's a real group: the previous one in the same area used to post fake claims.twitter.com/Kyruer/status/1262852509909082115

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youtube.com/watch?v=IUtJz3f9pgo>Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be finished despite the current difficulties, speaking in Moscow on Tuesday following an online meeting of the Council of the Baltic Sea States foreign ministers. "I do not think that the project can be stopped. I am convinced that it will be implemented, Germany and other European countries, whose companies are involved in its implementation, are interested in this, ultimately all of Europe is interested in this because it will strengthen European energy security, "the Russian top diplomat said.

>>258148858F>>258148442Because Israel demanded it of them of course

Vladislav Zolotarev, People's Militia of Donbas, died of cancer03/10/1967-05/17/2020Press F to pay respects

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Lebanon 4 hours agoRussia's Ambassador to Lebanon says that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organizationtwitter.com/ignis_fatum/status/12630547640378081304 hours agoLebanon records 7 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 961 cases8 hours ago (left)Picture from mount Lebanon. Israeli jets heading north19 hours agoThe Israeli army apprehended 2 Sudanese who infiltrated into northern Israel from Lebanon. This makes 8 Sudanese who have tried crossing the border fence in the past montha day agoA low altitude flights of Israeli warplanes in Lebanese airspacea day agoLebanon coronavirus - 23 new cases (8 local infections; the rest expats) - total cases detected since Feb 21 - 954 including 26 deaths and 251 recoveriesa day agoIsraeli army Hermes 450 UAV captured on video over Lebanon earlier today

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>Sudanese heroes defeat the entire Israeli border guard and infiltrate Israel with one neat trickLooks like Sudan is the new regional power>>258148977F

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twitter.com/RF_OSCE/status/1263051972149641223>Youtube’s unprovoked blocking of TV channel „Crimea 24" as well as news agencies ANNA-News and News Front yet another hideous and unacceptable step towards complete online censorship. Sad but true: freedom of information flows is a non-go for those who are backing this witch-hunt.

twitter.com/RusEmbSyria/status/1263026445007433728>Despite some obstacles, created by the illegal US military presence East of Eufrates, Russia's military managed to deliver 170 t of food & med. supplies (20 trucks in total) from Latakia to Kamishli (Hasakah Governorate) on May 16.

twitter.com/Dpol_un/status/1262895183252897797>We stand firmly in our support to Venezuela and reject any foreign interference in its internal affairs as well as economic sanctions and coercive measures. The political issues in this country should be decided by Venezuelans themselves!

>>258148896Over nukes that they will never use? Damn the Jews are the most paranoid people on the planet. May they never find peace of mind.

>>258149780Obama was initially completely opposed to any US involvement in Syria, but Netanjahu, Abjewllah of Jordan and the khaleejis nagged him until he agreed to ship weapons.

>>258146566Khamenei.ir @khamenei_ir19h19 hours agoThe Zionist regime has no power or strength on its own. Without help, it cannot even stand on its feet. Today, two factors are upholding this regime:1. US’s unconditional, shameless support 2. Arab and Islamic govts refraining from supporting #Palestine

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Obama was a fine guy, he reportedly had great disdain for Netanjahu, unlike Trump who loves him.

>>258150363Ikhwani puppet desu. Ran on a campaign of ending war in Iraq, then double crossed them and increased the wars instead. Good evidence the promises of Americans are worthless.

>>258150914I think he didn't have much power to change things anymore when he was elected. He inherited the Camp Bucca situation so the eventual creation of ISIS was already predetermined at the time he came into office basically.


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Unlike Trump Obama was of WASP ancestry, which also showed in his colonial contempt for the Saudi merchant elite. The al-Sauds were besides themselves with joy when Trump replaced him.

>>258152236Yes, I am sure his coal burner single mother instilled him with right proper WASP values.

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>>258152871His upbringing doesn't matter, it's the race that reasserts itself.

>>258146566im very old

>>258153368It's nice to see the shitty UN is at least bringing Africans computers so they can shitpost. One thing they are doing right I guess.

>>258153694I'm lonely. I'm old.


>>258154709What kind of internet do you have here? ppp?

LMAODouble kill on two active Russian SA-22 Pantsirs

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>>258154937idkWe got a winner! I said, weeeeee got a WINNER! WE GOT A WINNER!

I'm gonna be on television!

>>258154995Past few days half a billion in UAE paid Russian systems went poof.

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>>258156200I did not expect Turks to be able to turn the situation desu, their drones are impressives.

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>>258154995greekbro what are you doing with thai chairGREEKBRO OPEN THE DOOR NOW

what happened to /sg/'s favorite LNA shill? did he off himself?

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>>258157199He was the actually the pantsir. Also checked

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>19/5/2013: Everyone who remembers the beginning of the war in Syria, remembers The Qusayr Battle, it was very critical and the win was strategic that it changed the course of the events. Hezbollah had around 100 martyrs in the operation.twitter.com/allushiii_new/status/1263016132279185410

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M.LNA fakenews account hasn't posted for 2 daysDid he die in a drone strike?

@RT_com · Mar 22, 2019#Russian anti-aircraft complex Pantsir-S1 will leave air intruders 'without pants, sir'

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>>258163038Probably, no amount of propaganda will mask those Pantsir losses

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>>258163669More like Pants Air

So what happens now after the last days development in Lybia?

>>258167461Idlib or Donbass apparrently

>The last of the 5 Iranian tankers going westbound through Straits of Gibraltar. Clavel is apparently one of those heading to Venezuela with gasoline venezuela.liveuamap.com//en/2020/20-may-the-last-of-the-5-iranian-tankers-going-westbound

>>258167861When are the oil smugglers of america ambushing it? Are they going to try to bribe the captains or just shoot the civilians this time?

>>258167564Not happening ever.

>>258146566Looks /comfy/

>>258168172No idea what would make sense on route to Venezuela. Maybe the US won't do anything this time.

>>258154995>>258155685i am gonna rip my dick jerking off tonight

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>>258168240Vip-fag>>258168307There will be either mysterious explosions, or nothing, I think.

>>258168213Preparations are underway

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This terrorist Al-Idrisi appeared a few days ago in a video threatening to fight the southern forces in Socotra ... reports speak that he is under arresttwitter.com/goldensla/status/1263017081378934784[stc source]

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>>258168543This makes zero sense

Brotherhood authorities in Taiz breach the restrictions of Corona for the funeral of two soldierstwitter.com/SocotraNewsPap/status/1262850229994430464Reminder covid can spread from corpse to the living

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>>258168435Jerking off during ramadan, how turkish of you

>>258169242i break my fast by jerking off

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Afghanistan3 hours agoUS special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad this evening met with President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, the Presidential Palace says, adding they discussed the next steps for peace3 hours agoUS Secretary of State: We welcome the political settlement between the Afghan President and his rival6 hours agoAt least 6 Taliban were killed and others were wounded in Afghan airstrikes in Imam Sahib and Dasht-e-Archi districts in the northern province of Kunduz on Wednesday morning, MoD said6 hours agoAs in the case of the mosque attack in Parwan, Taliban blamed pro-govt forces for the mosque attack in Khost too.6 hours agoIMAGE from the aftermath of last night's gun attack in Sabari, Khost9 hours agoQatar has provided 8.5 tons of medical equipment to Afghanistan to fight COVID19. The shipment arrived in Kabul on Tuesday10 hours agoAfghan Taliban leader says committed to deal with US10 hours agoLocal authorities in Baghlan claim surrender of 15 Taliban fighters. Meanwhile Taliban say they were all Arbaki militiamen who had surrendered to Taliban10 hours agoAfghan MoD reports airstrikes against Taliban in Balkh and Jawzjan province last night. MoD claims 3 Taliban were killed and 6 others wounded in Dawlat Abad district of Balkh while 5 Taliban were killed in Aqcha district of Jawzjan province11 hours agoAt least 9 pro-govt militia members were killed and 6 wounded in a clash with the Taliban in Khwaja Bahauddin district of Takhar last night. Confirmed by local officials12 hours ago59 new coronavirus cases were reported in Herat province over the past 24 hours, bringing the provincial total to 1,34512 hours ago9 Members of Public Uprising Forces Killed in Takhar16 hours agoThe boat that was apparently partially hit by an airstrike in AliAbad, Kunduz. As per reports, most (but not all) of the airstrikes in Kunduz on Tuesday were carried out by US AF, not Afghan AF.

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17 hours agoAl-Emarah claimed surrender of alleged policeman (Khairullah) in Qadis, Badghis18 hours agoAl-Emarah reported ANDSF artillery strikes in Khas Balkh18 hours agoAl-Emarah claimed surrender of an alleged policeman (Nematullah) in Bala Buluk, Farah19 hours agoAt least six officers of Afghan Customs were wounded in armed ambush attack on the outskirts of Islam Qala, Herat20 hours agoFormer police officer Malik Fazal was killed in IED attack in Tagab, Kapisa20 hours agoAfghan intelligence (NDS) claimed arrest of two alleged Taliban members in Laghman.20 hours agoAt least one ANDSF Humvee was blown up by Taliban in central Jawzjan20 hours agoBarricades set up in Kunduz city during Tuesday's fighting21 hours agoAl-Emarah also released video from the site of airstrikes in Dasht-e-Archi, Kunduztwitter.com/Natsecjeff/status/1262848999188566020a day agoSome weapons and other stuff seized by ANDSF following latest round of intense fighting with Taliban in Kunduz.

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>>258169366I would not call eating like a pork in the morning than skipping breakfast "fasting"

Attached: Sweets.jpg (1280x720, 135.44K)

>>258151973>>258154995How's this happening lol. I can understand Assad sending cannon fodder and rusty old T55/72s to be blow up. But why is THIS happening?

>>258150306It's exactly this. Only two obstacles stay in the way of getting rid of the zionist entity: the US and the Gulf dictatorships. Like Gamal Abdel Nasser said>To liberate Jerusalem, one must first liberate Riyadh

Attached: ENVfndjXkAAhfcj.jpg (1066x1280, 203.81K)

RIP Anna-news.

>>258170624those look tasty

>>258170371>oh noes, kamaz wasn't used for the uae ones, it must be in syria

Attached: pepe_cry.png (600x583, 339.57K)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantsir-M>Pantsir-M will replace Kashtan-M systems in Russian Navy.holy kek, their navy will turn into amusement park for the fishes if they encounter a capable enemy.

Attached: 1425531888678.png (474x528, 220.94K)

>>258171100Wait they got shoah'd?

Ukraine4 hours agoOccupation authorities in Donetsk region that during the year of Zelensky's reign, the number of victims from shelling of their territory doubled: 6 people died, 72 were injured. In Luhansk region, they said that 2 people were killed and 28 injured from shelling of their territory this year.6 hours agoThe Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resumed operation of 66 checkpoints on the border with the EU and Moldova6 hours ago"Servant of the People" party of Ukrainian Parliament initiate creation of investigative commission on possible Biden pressure on Poroshenko6 hours agoAuthorities in occupied part of Donetsk region say that military is on combat alert according to Pushilin order6 hours agoPro-Russian media reports mobilization of reservists in occupied part of Luhansk region. Deployment of artillery in Kadiivka7 hours agoUkraine president Zelensky voices alarm over "full combat readiness" announcement in occupied Donbas to move front line7 hours agoClashes with mortars near Verknotoretske-Panteleimonivka8 hours agoAzov protest near Mariinski park in Kyiv against head of President office Yermak9 hours agoKyiv's line of confrontation with Moscow has not changed over the year of Zelensky's reign - Russian Foreign Ministry9 hours agoHead of occupation authorities in Donetsk region Pushilin ordered combat alert for "troops of DNR"9 hours agoBridge collapsed in Dnipro region9 hours agoPresident Zelensky at press-conference: we will stand by "Minsk agreements" to the end, though there are plans "B" and "C"9 hours agoYoutube blocked News-Front, Anna News and Crimea24 channels9 hours agoUkraine representative to Minsk Contact Group Kuchma calls for urgent meeting after statement of LNR's Pasechnik10 hours agoMonument to Zhukov in Kharkiv was painted red

10 hours agoShelling in Horlivka, several houses hit at Koneva street10 hours agoWe will not be the first to shoot - Zelensky about the situation on the front line10 hours agoUkraine does not forget return of Crimea - Zelensky10 hours agoZelensky states that Poroshenko's sentence is still ahead10 hours agoAll deputies from Tymoshenko's faction did not come to the Rada meeting because their colleague has a coronavirus.10 hours agoMP Meidych from Batkivshyna faction in Ukrainian Parliament confirmed with COVID1910 hours agoQuestions about the effectiveness of the Normandy format. "Now we are talking about the swap after COVID19. There is a result, it consists of human lives, - says Zelensky10 hours agoZelensky announcing relaxing of quarantine from 22th May, with city-wide and suburban transport starting up. Kindergartens from the end of the week. On help to Ukrainians: "We aren't US, we don't print money. Though our statistics are better."11 hours agoKuchma remains the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk Contact Group - President Zelensky11 hours agoPresident Zelensky announced a meeting in the Normandy format after the end of the coronavirus pandemic11 hours agoLNR commander says that "troops on combat alert" as ordered yesterday by Pasichnik12 hours agoJoint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 10 times.12 hours ago19230 covid19 infections confirmed in Ukraine, 354 of them in last 24 hours. Total 564 deathsa day agoHead of occupation authorities in Luhansk region Pasechnik states that he put "LNR troops on battle alert"a day agoOccupation authorities in parts of Donetsk region of Ukraine warn that there is a threat of full-scale Ukrainian army offensive(first such claim after long pause)

>>258171480>holy kek, their navy will turn into amusement park for the fishes if they encounter a capable enemy.The talk has been going for quite long that there are significant flaws in Pantshit, even before roach affairs. For the sake of Russian navy one would think they can fix the flaws.

Continued hit-and-run battles between the two sides in the besieged area between Shakra and Zanzibar in the Abyan Governorate and a new attack by government forces to control the valleys of (Mareb - Sabira - Salé) and the Transitional Council forces say they repelled the attacks. twitter.com/abduljabbar1612/status/1262806995507306497

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>>258170694It's the UAE letting the Turks clean up the Russian equipment. Whatever the deal with the US was the condition must have been to destroy all Russian/Chinese equipment.

Hadi hotel forces continued attacking Jabal Bahra in Nahham district, in an attempt to isolate the Sarwah front from the Naham front, as well as securing the Ma'rib - Al-Jawf road.twitter.com/abduljabbar1612/status/1262458314698481665

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>Syrian officials severed government contracts and seized Makhlouf’s family assets on Tuesday in a sweeping move that brings his business empire to its knees, and exposes a widening rift behind the walls of Syria's ruling elite.>"Showing the illegality and lack of credibility of their procedures, they've frozen my wife's and children's money... all on the pretext of disagreeing to pay – you know it's all false," Makhlouf wrote in a Facebook post Monday night.>The past several weeks have seen a rift opening between two opposing camps within Syria's regime loyalists. Long-running grumbles over the Maklouf family, often flaunting their opulent wealth on Instagram, have found a new voice. On the other side were reports published in the Makhlouf-owned al-Watan newspaper claiming that an Assad family charity had profited from electronic cards used to distribute food vouchers to poor Syrians.>Then came claims – later debunked – that Assad spent $30 million on a drab contemporary painting for his wife, but nonetheless widely published by Makhlouf's media channels. His Sama TV also went after the Takamol charity, owned by First Lady Asmaa al-Assad, accusing it of earning millions in corrupt profits from electronic cards used to distribute food vouchers to poor Syrians.>This all comes as Russian media have taken a curious turn in recent weeks, taking the unprecedented step of being openly critical of Assad's control of the country as hopelessly corrupt.>“It is becoming increasingly obvious that the regime is reluctant or unable to develop a system of government that can mitigate corruption and crime and go from a military economy to normal trade and economic relations," wrote Aleksandr Aksenenok, Russia's former ambassador to Syria in a report by the Kremlin-linked Russian International Affairs Council last month.>"Damascus is failing to restore control over economic life in the more remote provinces," according to Aksenenok.

Battle of Aden after the center of Shakra _znjabbar east of Aden news moves north - west of Aden , which may be the focus of a new fight against Aden after encircling troops moving to pinching Alhtabh Lahj to try to prevent the arrival of reinforcements from Almqatrh and move troops from Khor Amira and tribe Abbihh Support Brigade 17 Legitimacy in the woodlandtwitter.com/abduljabbar1612/status/1262164340544765952

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>>258172671Bloody Hell what a waste. Why give the opposite side the joy of propaganda and victory desu. Why not just burn that shit.

>>25817267169d chess cope.

Attached: 1451071857779.jpg (615x656, 177.04K)

>>258172126To be fair the Patriot system proved himself to be even more shitt, since i doubt that the houthi drones were as advanced

>>258172991The drones could turn, the Patriots could not. I'd call that more advanced.

Attached: Qasef-K2.jpg (800x577, 122.65K)

>>258172991Though Pantsir has been quite embarrassing also, even if you take in account that Arabs frequently fail basically in every area of warfare.

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>>258172937Because the UAE isn't the other side they are also the us and trading Russia for something the us can give them is easy.>>258172948It could also be Putin seeing through the deal Erdogan and Putin had a phone call after the Pantzir in Watiya was captured. Putin told Erdogan to destroy all his stuff instead of capturing them. One of the Pantzir destroyed today was in a hangar, the Turks knew it was there because somebody had told them.

When next Idlib Dawn? The tears and desperate pleas for life from Idlibicunts and Turds was one of the few things that gave me happiness in life

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>>258174060>destroying UAE Pantsirs is the same as fighting the Russian Army>Putin having an emotional connection to weapons he has sold>ignoring that Turks have carte blanche to resupply from their European partners and eventually just shipped enough to Turkey into Tripolitania to hollow out the state the way they did with Afringhastan>anything from Turkish twitter

Attached: yellowshoeonhead.jpg (1464x822, 270.92K)

>>258174389My sophisticated guess is that the recent Iranian flights to khmeimim have bought some Iranian AD systems to Syria. If that guess proves to be correct, we are about to see their effectiveness in combat. Though there probably would have been some leaks about them if so.

>>258172948>Russia gives up the location of the pantsirs>Turks destroy them>Turks sell the drones to everybody, including Ukraine>Ukraine uses them>Pantsirs under the Russian work, destroy the drones used by Ukraine>Now that everybody has turkish drones they must buy more pantsirs too69d chess indeed.

They captured the leader of ISIS

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This war is about to end/freeze. What will there be after that. I really hope that King Roach, Jewtin and Mr. Orange Man follow these threads and they will get bored too. And start a new happening. /sg/ has been awesome. Libya will never fill that hole.

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>they captured the ISIS leaderJUST

Attached: ISIS Caliphate.png (1280x703, 1.33M)

>>258174616>My sophisticated guess is that the recent Iranian flights to khmeimim have bought some Iranian AD systems to Syria. Good.Libya has shown that without Iran and his allies you can't win.

>>258174874Too many things remain not solved to call Syrian civil war to be over.

>>258175067>Libya has shown that without Iran and his allies you can't winWell there is also apparent lack of any proper radar network and middle to long range AA systems also. Not to say proper air force.

>>258174455I didn't comment on Russia powers. I only said Turkey destroying the Pantzirs one by one today is a combination of the UAE agreeing to give them the locations and Russia knowing they can be captured ordering destruction instead. We are in the deal part of the war. We are going to have many otherwise strange movement, that aren't when you know there's a high degree of coordination between both sides now.

>>258174831>ISIS>RelevantWhy do they even bother?

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Attached: Sale ampuu tykillä.jpg (1024x576, 150.72K)

>>258175067>mfw it's just a big trap to destroy most of Turkish support material

Its old news but can someone explain why Turkey is buying s-400s from russia? why would a NATO country buy shitty Russian made weapons? shouldn't this be embarrassing for Turkey .. sucking up to their former enemy and buying subpar slavic made crap ?

>>258175334Just because they aren’t attacking western targets doesn’t mean they aren’t busy bees in Iraq/Syria

>>258175380Äijä suuttu oikeesti

Attached: salejavladi.jpg (650x434, 54.85K)

>>258174616No the Hmeimim planes are passenger planes. It's Russia evacuating Wagner. The war is over. We are going to have some tribal clashes but nothing else.

>>258175483>subpar slavic made crapIt's because Turks are retards that lack strategic thinkingAlso

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>>258146566>happening: new and improved with reddit spacing

>>258175826So Idlib will remain a tumour for decades now? What a mess

Russian-made Pantsir anti-aircraft system seized from Haftar’s armed militias in Watiya put on display at #Tripoli’s Martyrs' Squaretwitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1263195871270879232lel

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Attached: EYfFnI3X0AMU0fU.jpg (1074x598, 106.45K)

Secretary [email protected]·6hTwo years ago today, Maduro showed the Venezuelan people and the world that there can be no free and fair election while he occupies Miraflores Palace. The Democratic Transition Framework provides a roadmap for peaceful democratic transition for Venezuela.state.gov/democratic-transition-framework-for-venezuela/>What does parragraph 10 even mean??

Attached: humanitariansupport.png (836x833, 180.05K)


Attached: EYfFBq1WkAEyKEF.jpg (900x519, 128.7K)


Attached: EYfDx-2WoAEtAKV.jpg (966x577, 83.47K)

>>258175826See you next offensive

Booster engine of the Turkish orbital launch vessel

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twitter.com/gulf_news/status/1263028211958628352>Turkey and Qatar in currency deal to aid the liraSomebody enlighten me, is roach economy truly this fucked?

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>>258176148The only variable in Idlib is the HTS. They aren't controlled by Turkey but if they are controlled by the UAE that will also go nowhere. I think the only ones that want to do war are the Iranians now. The UAE wanted to as well but the US put them back in line.

Since it seems like they are the big winners here... what is Turkeys end game in Libya anyways, give me a rundown ??

>>258176950Remember when you said Russia was pulling out and then gave Syria the M5 Highwayyikes

>>258176936Not fast enough...

Attached: Väinämöinen.jpg (852x1280, 195.7K)

>Assad scraping the bottom of the barrel FOR money (SyriaTel)>Lebanese Hezbollah economy in free-fall >USA backed PM elected in Iraq>Israeli planes bombing syria weekly>Iran exporting 70k barrels of oil (previously 290k)>sinking own ships, shooting own planes.JUST

Attached: 2019.12.6-Trump-Aventador-C.jpg (1196x842, 140.56K)

>>258176716There won't be one as long as Russia is there. Russia will keep trying open the M4 with political pressure.

>>258172671fuck off. uae could just call its equipment back. wtf.

Attached: wat.jpg (500x498, 51.37K)

>>258177118>There won't be one as long as Russia is there. Russia will keep trying open the M5 with political pressure.See you next offensive

>>258176950>The only variable in Idlib is the HTS. They aren't controlled by Turkey Yet directly supplied by Turkey. Though somehow it almost feels like HTS somehow controls Turkey more than the opposite.

>>258174060>the Turks knew it was there becauseit is fucking libya and how hard can it be to locate and follow a 10 ton truck

"Greek" is peak dunning kruger, if not deliberate

>>258177013They are going to give Assad the M4 but it will be different I am pretty sure on that.

>>258175175This, stop doing drugs you fucking idiot. It's nowhere near end.


Attached: cat.jpg (1536x1107, 360.24K)

>>258177098if trump wins reelection, you can kiss your resistance axis goodbye.better start making bots to boost biden. pathetic

Attached: biden_sniff.jpg (360x640, 53.22K)

>>258174652kek but it's true

>>258177437>No the Hmeimim planes are passenger planes. It's Russia evacuating Wagner. The war is over. We are going to have some tribal clashes but nothing else.>They are going to give Assad the M4 but it will be different I am pretty sure on that.Make up your god damn mind, fucking Schizo Cypriot Roach

>>258177377>>258177377It's just roach that has change the "tactic" from open taunting to more sophisticated communication. Though never the less not answering important questions, repeating the same mantra and spouting nonsense about non existent roach "superiority".

>>258177362The drone footage is of them hitting a hangar. If they had seen it outside they would have shot it outside for a better vid and since they don't have x-rays they knew it was there because they were told.

>>258177748>>258177377>only one finn and one serb has realized his endgameAh, nu-/sg/, you're so easily fooled

>>258169109another attempt to overthrow Putin by russian elites, this time more aggressive. The main 'patriot' on TV and co-owner of RT said its time to build a memorial for Krasnov - a general who switched sides during WW2 and mercilessly executed his own former citizens, even recorded to impress his master Fuhrer. So.. yeah, shits fucked

>>258176936Imagine investing money in this shit during this millennia when you could get a working Sojuz from Eastern-Europe for pennies.

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Attached: turkey_lel.png (600x580, 416.24K)

>>258177629The Libyan war is over. They are evacuating from Libya to Hmeimim, Syria isn't that settled yet. The greentext isn't contradictory.

>>258176860turkey is approaching nazi germany tier levels, their whole economy is a card house and when it finally crashes and burns it will set them 20 years back.

twitter.com/2_ordu/status/1263198141962223616?s=20HTS realesed a video of their newest cannon fodder equipment, I guess this answers a question that ia have been aswking a long time, red bandaids are for young troops.

>>258178041Alright I'll agree with you that considering I actually like your Libya analysis, but for god's sake have some grammar with that shit. Also never do analysis on Syria, it's fucking gay

>>258177775>they would have shot it outside for a better vidwho gives a shit about the video? it's all arma 3 anyways

>>258178246Kek, are you the one posting same line with dozen accounts in roach twitter sphere?

Attached: disabled2.png (500x281, 54.56K)

>>258178080oh man, i would love to abolish interest slavery.

>>258178000what the fuck Putin, get your shit together.

>>258178616>same line with dozen accounts in roach twitter sphereKek so this guy IS paid by the turkish regime after all!

[email protected]>Michigan dams collapse, residents told to evacuate reuters.com/article/us-usahttps://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1262942364127068161

>>258178798Probably just retarded enough insect to do it for free to fill the void inside.

Attached: roachflagg.jpg (1905x978, 150.5K)

>>258178858America is literaly falling apart

ISyria generalThis cancer thread is as important as soap to pajeetsAnd all it talks about is libyaSome faggot with wafafeverSome retards using meme flags claiming to be self hating muslims>mUdsLiMsEverytine i visit 4chinchin i lose braincells5 Hours ago OP got huge Nigger Dick inside his Ass8 Hours ago OP's Mom died from Semen OverDose11Hours Ago OP's Sister got Gangraped by pajeet Micropenis

>>258178907I suppose he could be just doing what the real shills do but for free. I'm not buying completely though.

>>258178234Syria has too many player on different sides, nobody can do an analysis.


Attached: lol_3.jpg (281x281, 34.76K)

>>258179062Very based post.Fuck /semenslurping general/

>>258179120The thing is, that i see no sense in the forum that these jingoistic diasroahces have chosen. Why to repeat the same shit with same answers and few other roaches circle jerking?


Attached: 1498330751942.png (449x1197, 66.69K)

Massive paratroop exercise conducted in central anatolia

Attached: carrying paratroopers for military exercise cn 235.jpg (1024x680, 136.92K)

>>258179017Had this copypasta that needs updating, entertaining to watch them cope.>US:1.1 milion cases63K dead30 milion unemployedeconomy damaged and artificially inflatedcountry partially closed due to quarantinetransport infrastructure damagedfactories infected, unhealthy working conditions all around slowing down productionoil in negatives and long below profit margins staying afloat on goverment subsidies about to be bailedundereported protests and cover ups of themweakening foreign political position all around and lack of trust in USyoutube.com/watch?v=8kkBseVTUowYIKES! And that's without elections even officially in the place, so it's gonna be a good one. Not to say that you can chose between two same senile retards who are not going to change anything in the end, but you mutts will wreck each other for them.

>>258179440cypriots triggered

>White House Took Money Intended for New Aircraft Carrier to Build Border Wall Instead - Reportsputniknews.com/military/202005201079368860-white-house-took-money-intended-for-new-aircraft-carrier-to-build-border-wall-instead---report/

>>258148960This, Syria was on success path they where getting richer, so they needed to stop that

>>258179515>the president assuming a self-prescreibed anti-malaric know for causing psychosis

sana.sy/en/?p=192060>New York, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed the necessity of ending the economic, trade, financial and health terrorism represented by the unilateral coercive measures imposed by western countries on Syria, pointing out that achieving any improvement on the humanitarian situation necessitates cooperation and coordination with the Syrian State and refraining from politicizing the humanitarian work.

I thought russian military equipment was decent.... but turns out it's just propaganda...only in 3 days 7-8 russian anti air defence system was destroyed by turks,with cheap ass UAV + gliding bombwhy are russians so backward ???they cant even do anything against ukraine, they stalled long time ago

Attached: 22000351_0.jpg (960x482, 86.72K)

sana.sy/en/?p=192085>Hasaka, SANA - Syrian Arab Army’s checkpoint intercepted on Wednesday a convoy of military vehicles for the US occupation forces, and forced it to retreat back in Tal Tamer northwest of Hasaka.

>>258179732"To build the Wall"Trump is literally stealing money from the military and they cant do nothing about it.

Even the Turks are realizing that this is a publicity stunt.

Attached: theyknow.png (690x630, 90.49K)

>>258180297You can either say that Turkey cracked the code and managed to spoof itself against Panzir or this is all result of coordination. The fact that Putin had a phone call with Erdogan moments after Watiya was captured is indication of the second.

More clashes near Idlib

Attached: when.png (677x447, 327.3K)

>>258180664>that AUG

>>258180454After doing nothing for four years, a goofy attempt to boast the morale of his followers

>>258180297>why are russians so backward ???they arent.the operating crew is the problem

>>258179732>wasting money on a fence

Attached: 1585846817954.jpg (378x566, 55.46K)

What books does Assad read? Is he ears deep in Russian literature or is he reading old Persian stuff. The lad looks like he fancies poetry desu. Probably native and European texts.

Attached: tonninaki.jpg (193x240, 6.94K)

twitter.com/200_zoka/status/1262657924196941824>The SAA again found weapons in the Darra.

>>258181192Or is he reading State economy ABC at the moment

Attached: 1453667217470.jpg (443x473, 62.97K)

>>258180297putin allows it.

southfront.org/caliphate-in-miniature/>In the second half of April and early May, the Syrian province of Idlib became the epicenter of a military political drama developing between Turkish forces and their al-Qaeda-linked allies. The escalated tensions even led to a military incident on the M4 highway, near the town of Nayrab, when the Turkish Army and militant groups directly controlled by Ankara clashed with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its supporters. At least 11 members and supporters of the al-Qaeda-linked group were killed by live fire from Turkish troops and strikes by Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

southfront.org/large-batch-of-hayat-tahrir-al-sham-special-forces-completes-training-photos/>Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) announced on May 18 that the “largest batch ever” of its special forces, dubbed the “Red Bands,” has completed its training. The terrorist group held a graduation ceremony for the new special forces personnel, who were trained to carry out raids, Inghimasi [suicide] attacks and sabotage operations. The ceremony was attended by the group’s top military leader.

southfront.org/arctic-in-flames/>Of all the theaters of militarized international rivalry in the early 21st century, the Arctic promises to be the most complex and unpredictable. In terms of domain, military operations there would be conducted on land, in the air, on the sea surface, but also in the depths of the Arctic Ocean under ice cover. The geographic remoteness and climactic harshness of the climate and terrain mean any conflict there would be fought the gaze of international media or citizen reporters. Next to the Antarctic, the Arctic is one of the few areas of the global commons that has not yet been apportioned among the major and minor powers. And the stakes for all the players are quite high.

>This is ISIS's best.

Attached: EYfIVCyXsAEkjTd.png (525x800, 502.06K)

I'll see tomorrow to make a good summary of new events in Montenegro, though most recent tl:dr is that Montenegrin pro NATO intelligence basically paid Ervelji the UCK war criminal terrorist who planted bomb on bus full of Serbian civilians back in 2001, who dressed into Serbian army uniforms to shoot at UN in Kosovo and liquidated Oliver Ivanovic, in order to liquidate opposition pro serb member of parliament. Plot has been publicized, but the police took nonchalant notice of it (unlike arresting people posting anti NATO stuff on FB for instance).So i'll give you a summary later.

/ug/ when?

Attached: 1560194810583.jpg (1669x1080, 342.15K)

heres your tradwife, bro

Attached: 69462556_529564361112196_3434525165938621757_n.jpg (980x980, 165.01K)

>>258182926No idea

Attached: ällihobor.jpg (1006x1002, 108.7K)

>>258175334They are pawning hard the assadi gangs

>>258182580Whoa imagine how much yezidi pussy he must have snatched to become AL Bagdad his successor .

>>258181540>It was a technical.>It is only damaged and repairable.>It wasn't active.>It's a monkey model>It was in transportation.>It was operator error.>It was operating in an isolated setting, not connected to a large radar network of AA systems.>It was not allowed to shoot.>The footage was from (syria/Libya).>The footage is CGI/from arma 3.>It was a decoy.>The footage is recycled, previously released.>The footage is heavily edited.>The footage is low-resolution.>There's no before and/or after footage.>It isn't destructible by the drone's weak munitions.>It isn't visible in the smoke.And now >Putin allows it

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>>258170996>one must first liberate Riyadhah so there is where the Houthis come into play...

>>258185225Kek, roachnigger repeating the same mantra described thousand times before. Does you'r brain not allow function "people are laughing at us, let's stop this niggeresque retarded faggotry not to put "our" country at eternal shame" to manifest itself?

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>>258176445Wow what a big crowd

Can anyone explain why this fingolian gets buttmad when Russians are humiliated?

twitter.com/ReutersVzla/status/1263216281676898304>#Venezuela defense minister @vladimirpadrino says Iranian fuel tankers will be escorted by Venezuelan military upon entering #Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone

>>258181158>>wasting money on a fencemore like attempting to save face and his election. that fence probably will never be finished in his presidency, just like how it wasn't finished in Bush's presidency (he started it btw)

>Assad>HouthisWho should I support in Libya?

>>258186057>fingolian He's l*b*n*s*

>>258186223>Vladimir Padrino>PadrinoBased

>>258186223BASED Maduro

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>258186057This is your brain when you are not an actual human being. Nobody in their right mind will side with niggeroaches no matter how much they loathe russian slavniggers.

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>>258186445You are confusing me with that disgusting car stealing nigger.

>>258186554I hope they don't crash into tankers or shoot each other.Iranian imbeciles and socialist negroes in Venezuela had embarrassing incidents at sea lately

>>258186394There's no more Libya. It will be table talk from now on. Unless you consider the Tarhunans a side.

/sg/ give me a point defence AA system that actually works>inb4 any system not operated by monkeys

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>>258185225how do you even include "Putin allows it" into that list? nobody would believe anybody claimed that.also post the other 53+ natasha pictures from your folder

>>258186751take that back

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>>258186971It's not something that makes you invulnerable.

>>258185225Supporting the extreme opinion that the panzirs stopped working one day isn't any better. It's far more likely for Putin to have realized where this was going and calling Erdogan ordering their destruction instead of another capture.

>>258187049They work fine with Putins blessing

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>>258187194Been plain depressing watching the LNA get utterly BTFO

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>>258186751oh goodmy bad

>>258187467If you have ever watched any of videos about actual combat in Libya, you would be wondering how in the hell they have not managed to shoot themselves before reaching the enemy.

>>258187049The LNA are already retreating and from Watiya we know they'd leave the Panzirs behind. Why would Turkey destroy them when they could be captured intact?

>>258187277That article talks about low tech shit American drones being downed. Even a monkey can down those. Most of the pantshits in Libya are Wagner operated anyways.

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>>258187230That's an idiotic theory. If that would be the case, it would jeopardize the reputation of Russia as an arms seller.

Khamenei.ir @khamenei_ir3h3 hours agoWe will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and we do not hesitate to say this.#FlyTheFlag

>>258188208>Most of the pantshits in Libya are Wagner operated anyways.Stop being a retard.


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>>258187983>retreating twitter.com/HasairiOuais/status/1263169792812494848

>>258188337GNA is going to enter all territories were there are panzirs. The US wants Russia's reputation in the shitter. Putin might not even have been able to make such demands if the UAE worked with the US. The panzirs were getting captured no matter what and using them to shoot down drones now would be pointless. It's either let them be destroyed like the US wants or let them be captured and sold.

>>258189022>not a single wafa posting in the thread>cant contain himselfObsessed sandnigger confirmed

>>258188462>Israel freely kills Iranians en masse>Can't directly strike back Israel>just make angry speecheskek, iran is cucked

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twitter.com/27khv/status/1263198708017049604>The South China Morning Post - owned by Chinese conglomerate Ali Baba - says Xi Jinping will likely make Russia his first post-Covid19 outbreak overseas destination. The visit would be *very* symbolic as the US ratchets up anti-China rhetoric.

>>258189206They are reinforcing their withdrawal road. They don't want that taken yet. There's a lot of troops still in the fronts they LNA need to orderly evacuate. The tweet says the exact same thing, they need that road to withdraw what's above it.

>>258189506based Xi


>>258189392Then why don't they outright evacuate that hardware instead of driving them into the killzones of the turks? That doesn't make any sense.

Did you know that after Muhammad died, Aisha used slave girls to lure young boys of Quraish to her place where she would have sex with them?Did you know that Aisha was sexually abused by her father Abu Bakr and his friend Umar? It's all in SAHIH al-Bukhari.

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>>258186971arent you lot making yourself one? think its named as Cheetah c-ram iirc

>>258189657they could negotiate withdrawal with gna like wattiya ab. there were clashes at al-asabiya this morning

>>258189488>iran is cucked>his army is literally MADE TO SERVE the BAC (big american cock)lmao


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>>258188473So you think 2000 Wagner are in Libya just for a little holiday?>>258189488Iran doesn't mind their face getting shat on,when at the end of the day, they're now heavily entrenched in both Syria and Iraq with 10s of thousands of militia. At this rate it would take Israel 1000 years of airstrikes to clear them from Syria.

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>>258190080It makes sense if the US has demanded humiliation of the Russian weapons from the UAE as a condition to include them in the political talks. Russia can't evacuate from Libya without UAE coordination that's why Wagner started leaving the front over a week ago when there was still time.>>258190559The GNA might be feeling powerful and not want to let them withdraw so easily. They will give up that road without any classes once withdrawal is secure.

>>258189415he's scared of getting banned

all the Russian shills screeching about pantshit and making excuse is hilarious

>>258190801we'll see if withdrawal is a meme or not

>>258190801Still doesn't make sense. According to your theory everyone knew about the "humiliation" attempt and yet they still drove into the turks arms. I think you don't want to accept the fact that the turks were competent for once.

>>258190997It's not a meme, Mismari ordered a full withdrawal from Tripoli yesterday but there's a lot of troops.

>>258190801you keep autisticly making claim but do you have any proof to back them for example any hard proof for the vagnar evacuation

>>258190799>Russian operators>Arabic manualsAight. Wagner wasn't very active, likely because Butin was vehemently opposed to the Tripoli campaign.

>>258191233he ordered a 2-3 km withdrawal

Indeed, it is common knowledge that after Aisha and Hafsa poisoned Muhammad, they would engage in perverted orgies multiple times every month. It is reported that they didn't cease their sick activities even during Ramadan. Not even the slaves were spared from these whores' thirst for cum.

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>>258191194is there even a fucking example in the history for hellas' "humiliation" seizure?

>being so mad over not being able to post his favorite trannythe absolute FUCKING STATE of pedor*pefugees

>>258191308Yes. 2 very key reports.The first is that local LNA sources reported that the wagner were leaving the front line falling back to deeper villages with the extra GNA propaganda that Haftar called them cowards a few days ago before Watiya fell. The second is that Russian passenger flights from Hmeimim started when UAE cargo flights stopped.

>>258191308twitter.com/HasairiOuais/status/1262751343342530561if there wasn't some agreement, those planes would have been shot at landing

>>258191233yeah because haftar will accepte surrendering and leaving the whole west just to abandon russian equipment

>>258191194What could Russia have done to stop the UAE from selling them out? They could have started evacuating the panzir earlier but they still wanted to make sure all the Wagner were out first and now it's too late to evacuate the panzirs.

>>258191713Did you know about this >>258190345


>>258191713Haftar is done the only thing you'll hear about him is of his death in Abu Dhabi in 5 years. Haftar was always UAE after February not Russian.

>>258191713>Being this retardedNo wonder Arabs suck at war when they are incapable of using their brains.

finally found why the pantshits were roasted non-stopit's the fucking NIGGERStwitter.com/HasairiOuais/status/1263231593725992961

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>>258190799It's just propaganda and cope most of the time from israel, like those hangar they blew up every then and now: missiles and shit are stored underground, those are just cardboard targets

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>>258191630>>258191683you claimed a full withdraw from Libya not just retreat because those vagnar pussys will not fight without air superiority

>>258191916i'm sure they value pantsir more than some mercenaries

>>258191372and the shia tranie has come

>evacuate a Pantsir that isn't yoursOk.

>>258191939did you know this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_rights_in_Iran

>>258192313>is ramadan be nice to me>treats others badlyYou sure do represent Sunnis well

>>258192096the Russian shils coping


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>>258192090I don't think Hafter was ever heavily supported by Russia. Sure thousands of Wagner were there but they were making money and Russia was selling gear. Libya is UAE, Saudi and Egyptian project. Although it doesn't seem like Hafter is gonna give up easily to me.

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>>258192477that does not include the kufars and the enemy's of islam

>>258192477they dont get why the rest of the world looks at ikwani's like trash exactly cause of that retardation

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>>258192255i don't know what's the deal with wagner. i expect some agreement for withdrawal similar to watiya ab, but not fully leaving tripolitania. but there were some reports from tarhuna today about locals labelling easterns as traitors. i don't fully know.

>>258192666of corse you will post your lover faggot

Yes, yes, trannies are everywhere. Though, the real question is why do sunnis not care that their goddess was a sexual deviant who preyed on young boys after she killed Muhammad? Why do sunnis even worship the person who killed their prophet? Why do they make excuses for all that?

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Someone bake>>258192689When you are with your evil ones, you laugh, and say "we were only mocking, we are really with you."

>>258192664you also forget political support and Assad support for the haftar


>>258192812>46k likesSunnis and dunya go hand in hand.


>>258192697NOOOOO do not fight the enemy of islam like the sahaba and the rassoule pbuh did be passive weak cuck like the christcuck

>>258192255A withdrawal isn't simple. There are 30k LNA in the Tarhuna/Tripoli fronts. It has to happen back to front with Wagner first. Also the troops from Tarhuna won't retreat.


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>>258193139>30kfuck off. total of laaf everywhere is estimated to be 15k


cry as much as you want but remember this:1- you're still a subhuman2- see 13- no wafu posting for you

>>258192812imagine making retard baseless claim and ignoring the facts with evidence about the shia degeneracy and imagine making the claim that we are the one who do shireke when the shia worship shrine and make dua for people beside allah and then using some sherry picked image to prove your point. go smell khomieny underwear it will protect you from corona youtube.com/watch?v=9zEyAXmAuu4&t=5s

>>258192879nah the shia are the one who do takiya