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PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUSwhitehouse.govhttps://www.donaldjtrump.com/@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoomwarroom.org/https://www.armyfortrump.com/VISIT Coronavirus.gov>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!promiseskept.com/https://www.magapill.com/https://www.trumpwall.construction/ARCHIVED LINKS pastebin.com/ynXV6CHTSCHEDULE/WH Public Pool: publicpool.kinja.com/NEW APPEARANCES>Pres Trump meets w/CO Gov Polis &ND Gov Burgum 5/13/20c-span.org/video/?472078-1/https://youtu.be/3R6WwLHPnKM>Women for Trump Empower Hour w/Mercedes Schlapp &MORE! 5/13/20youtu.be/NJ9IRltyR_o>SoS Pompeo visits Is-ra-hell 5/13/20youtu.be/gFCtm3lfr80 (arrival)youtu.be/3VXrnEd4QMw (departure)>SoS Pompeo Joint Presser w/Is-ra-hell PM Bibi 5/13/20youtu.be/EqESyy-TFEg>SoS Pompeo meets w/Blue&White members 5/13/20youtu.be/gveemds6FQU (MK Ashkenazi)youtu.be/uo4EqiXOcrU (Chief Gantz)>TreasSec Mnuchin on FoxNews 5/13/20youtu.be/Or3SXGqqzpU>ActICEDir Albence on OAN 5/13/20youtu.be/Y2q5jqf8WcE>FEDChair Powell @PIIE on Monetary Policy 5/13/20youtu.be/tuPIJvLhQmc>AsstAG4Antitrust Delrahim on CNBC 5/13/20youtu.be/8aWhgh-0OZE>ThiccSarah on FBN 5/13/20youtu.be/0F-7AzO-5TQ>Senior Mil Officers @NDIA vSOFIC 5/13/20dvidshub.net/video/752469/>DHSVideo: Natl Police Week 5K 5/13/20twitter.com/DHS_Wolf/status/1260551536603656192>WHVideo: Pres Trump: Unmatched&Unrivaled Testing Capacity 5/13/20youtu.be/-QtUNgL50K4>WHVideo: HHSSec Azar: Operation Warp Speed 5/13/20youtu.be/7VgNxu9gw64>WHVideo: HHSSec Azar: Corona-chan Vaccine 5/13/20youtu.be/xHz98LR4UXg>Don Jr on Dobbs 5/12/20video.foxbusiness.com/v/6156189548001/OP pastebin: pastebin.com/nygxu29Rprev >>257414156

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Death to kneegers for MAGA

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trump virus is not killing enough

Shills mad because Obama is going to jail where niggers belong

Bumping for the end of the Democrat party

>>257420751niggers belong in africa

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>>257420683>> darkest winter in modern historydid something happen to the sun nigga?

Bumping for an xBerniebro

>>257420751So what would you rather? >They take out the King Jogger himself but no one else>He avoids all charges, but Comey, Brannen, Clapper, etc all go down instead.

>>257420785Niggers belong in graveyards

>new baker requested>memeflags need not apply

>>257420751Arresting Obama seriously starts up the boogaloo, and as much as I want to see federal troops parking a tank on Cuomo's lawn I don't think Trump is ready to be Lincoln.

poo pee

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>>257420785What about jails in Africa?

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>>257420804choose cope, choose grope

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>>257420840The second is most likely. King Jogger will get away scott free. No Redneck citizens arrest for a former (((prez-o-dent)))

>>257420917fug, englanddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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>>257420607MAGAThanks for taking over and baking! I was suddenly interrupted.

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>>257420901fantastic post fellow canadian

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>>257420917>You could look happy watching a bunch of faggots ride bicycles.

Don't forget, just 5 more years until you can go outside, goy

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>follow the scienceExactly what a dictator would say.

>>257420607Fauci is the reincarnation of Asclepius. I'm surprised he doesn’t carry around his staff

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>>257421014You want it back? I could use sleep.

>>257420840Second one if it includes Soros

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>>257421126Yes, I can take it back. Good night.

Mornin.. have a Kayleigh

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>>257421216Cool, ty.>>257420886>position filled

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>>257421280im not clicking that shit

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>>257421242very utskooshy des

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Blumpf is finished. Deal with it. Not only is he behind in all the polls, his disapproval rating is at a record high when compared with past presidents at this time in their tenure.

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nationalfile.com/facebook-announces-hateful-memes-challenge-with-100k-prize-pool-to-identify-hate-speech/>"Facebook announced the launch of a bizarre competition called the “Hateful Memes Challenge” this week, in which researchers will compete for a $100,000 prize pool by developing artificial intelligence that can identify “hate speech” in memes.">"Facebook describes the urgent need for AI that can identify “hateful memes” thusly: “In order for AI to become a more effective tool for detecting hate speech, it must be able to understand content the way people do: holistically. When viewing a meme, for example, we don’t think about the words and photo independently of each other; we understand the combined meaning together. This is extremely challenging for machines, however, because it means they can’t just analyze the text and the image separately. They must combine these different modalities and understand how the meaning changes when they are presented together.”"

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>>257421310is there a place i can buy that exact hat

>>257421280Read the comments.

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>>257421328In related news, Disney properties surprisingly lose half their audience!.

>>257420890That's the thing. I would be so fucking happy to see Obama's """legacy""" get destroyed, but I don't know if it's worth it right now with the election coming up.Trump's managed to win over a lot of moderates, but going after their nigger savior will turn some of them away.I feel like he should be working on building a case behind the scenes until the election, and then just absolutely demolish all the corrupt fuckers.

>>257421119She looks like she’s crying for help

>>257421380Shoot, I bet I can make an easy bot using Python.

>>257421280Here is the archive. It's an ironic piece.archive.is/ejGDl

>>257421280That article is great. I can’t believe the Washington post actually came out swinging on Obama like that.

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>>257421491fuck, i watch so much disney to. bummer


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>>257421328why are you spamming clickbait headlines, ancap? aren't there more important topics to discuss like onigger's bullshit or how to properly sink the chink? jews will get theirs soon enough



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>>257421487If he had any capability for shame he'd an hero over that.

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>>257421496Like I've been feeling for a couple years now. I feel he's waiting for his second term to finally go after everyone since he wanted to watch them fuck up. Remember he knows Art Of War. I feel that since the second term is his last he will go full Unchained Trump

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>>257420930Pretty fucking alpha if you ask me

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>>257421613I mean that's partially true. Seeing as Joe's dementia is rapidly developing, he doesn't really think about much of anything.


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why don't we have one of these of Trump choking Biden?youtube.com/watch?v=CxRiePqLRdE&lc=UgwGFDXfDjluu4gZ3Wx4AaABAg

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>>257421734Fuck those headlines. It was a republican bill, so it’s fine.


>>257421630He literally took other pol threads OP's pic and spammed them here


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>>257421793He doesn’t even remember raping all those women so you can’t charge him

>>257420607If Fauci was appointed by conservative lord and savior Ronny Reagan to deal with literal fucking AIDS, what's Trump's problem? Is he too egotistical and offended by facts to let him do his job? Shit president. You should be embarrassed if you like him.

>>257421380>get $100k for an idea worth tens of billions of dollarsGet to work, goys


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>>257421762Exactly. The second term is going to be absolutely insane... if the last 4 years have been us watching a tame Trump, I can't even imagine what he'll do when he secures the second term.

>>257420804We need a few good grope cope memes

>>257421762Are you saying it's 4D chess? :)

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>>257421584bullshit, they were kings in egypt at the time

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>>257421762>real maga hasn’t been tried before

>>257420607CNN really triggering Fauci here. What will the bloody dwarf do next? CNN dying to get him on.

>Bavaria couldn't singlehandedly-destroy USA in a weekTOP KEK AMERICAN PIG SHIT!!! Oh believe you me, us Bavaryans are ITCHING for a war with USA. We will fucking ANNIHILATE your dirty country. There wouldn't be a square meter of American soil that has running water, electricity, or petrol that isn't on fire, once our airforce and navy is done bombarding your defenseless country. Then, our army boys (we'd send the slavs and other mongrel races first) would swoop in, raping your women, and killing EVERY American pig shit they see. When Bavaria's done with you, we will have committed acts of genocide. Of course no one is gonna do shit about it

Scientist here. Journalists throw around "scientific" like "holy", it's fucking bullshit.Do you guys know that clinical and scientific are totally different?

>>257421734huh, so this is the power of 'drain the swamp'

>>257421372Grope cope maximus

>>257421893Shit, I guess that is a loophole. It's weird, though, how the left is fine trying to ruin Kavanough's life for something that didn't happen, but are perfectly fine with rapey Joe.


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>>257421762Honestly at this point I want 4 more years of Trump so I can watch you MIGA fags cope as he fucks you over again.

>>257421969Step up your “jokes hidden in tabs” game fren

>>257421969Lame duck gonna lame duck

>>257420607Yeah, Trump’s a fucking retard. But he puts illegals in border camps, so it mostly balances out.

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>>257421843That meme blew up so fast.

>>257420683>>HE CREATED THE VIRUSPatiently waiting for exactly this.

>>257422062Yeah, those nasty democrats hated kavanaugh so much that they ...>*checks notes*Appointed him to the Supreme Court!?!?

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>>257422178Of course, they destroyed one of the most popular games

>>257422108>1 post by this idea>CIA agent in pic related>Shitting on RussiaIt's really surprising how it struck Russia, it seems more like a bioweapon attack, the same with the US. I think we are actually in a world war.

>>257422255Which Democrats voted to do that?


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>>257422310>He thinks im a glowniggerAussie please.

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>>257422261and she had such a nice head too. It will be a pity when she is beheaded

>>257422261White women ruin everything

>>257422255Checked and based.

>>257420825Where is the lie?

>>257422360DESU, you tick all the boxes. No one actually cares about Chinese "dissidents" (CIA agents), we just find it funny when the CCP gets pissed off.

>>257420683this weakling was literally sobbing in an interview

>>257422062They don't care about anything but power.

>>257422463Ever heard of the Sino-Soviet split?

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>>257422357No amount of Test Boosters can save that man's soul

>>257422386>White womenThey have too much power because it's given to them via guilt-tripping.

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>>257421119Show me the Coalfax.

>>257421897When you are in govt for 30+ years, who appointed you becomes entirely irrelevant. You need to be an excellent ass kisser and swamper to last that long.

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Spain shows 5% immunity to SARS

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>>257422557Isn't it a fact of history that Women Destroy Societies?

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>>257421380So give an AI a deep appreciation of history, culture and language when AI needs millions of examples to identify a cat.

>>257422654Did they use chinese antibody tests?

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>>257422357Flying Spaghetti You've let me down. spaghettimonster.com/

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>>257422746>Isn't it a fact of history that Women Destroy Societies?I think so, because they have pussys and they guilt us into their bullshit so we can put penis inside.

>>257422750Got a link?

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>>257422762Its not like AI has massive, unbridgable problems with language right?

Anything happen today?

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>>257421897nobody suggested lockdowns over aids though

>>257422802Yeah but I get to go back to work in like 5 days

>>257422802>>257422750>>257422654>>257422598>>257422558Shove it up your dick Fedora

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>>257423086Uh ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh

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>>257423131You unironically have to willfully ignore the evidence to make this take.

>>257423152I hope my FBI agent is having a nice day uwu


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