Dr Disrespect thinks 5g gives us coronavirus

Check this shit out guys, this has been shadow banned on redditlivestreamfails.com/post/79671This boomer streamer thinks 5g gives us coronavirus and is spreading this misinfo to his young/boomer audience. Large reddits such as LSF are shadow-banning this clip to cover it up for unknown reasons, I'm guessing they have ties with twitch now.

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>>257418220This is hilarious

>>257418220>Some absolute nobody has dumb opinionFuck off zoomer faggot. Nobody cares about your faggot streamer personalities.

>>257418220Chad aesthetic

>>257418503the fact that there's a coverup over this doesn't interest you at all?

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Well. Good for him hopefully he's happy and loves life incell. Do I look happy pappy? I'm killing myself FUCK THIS WORLD OF APE Shiiiiiits lololol

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>>257418220>>257418622here anons sorry these two are retardsyoutube.com/watch?v=h-v_Kf6viNg

>>257418220once a journalist gets a hold of this, it's gonna blow up, he has a tv show coming out

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>>257418220>reddit Who cares about your gay site fucker? I hope Reddit crashes and burns and takes everyone of you depressed midwit loser internet funny men with it. You are cancer, not the “le cancer” but you are a fucking tumour on the internet

>>257418805chill, this is to just cause drama and expose faggot reddit mods and twitch being in bed with each other, fuel this chaos

>>257418220Twitch would ban him for this.



>>257418220Doesn’t this dude believe in Aliens?

>>257418876clips.twitch.tv/QuaintRelatedSheepSuperVinlin report using this clip, via the settings cog on bottom right


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here come the mass shoodins

>>257418220>>257418462>>257418622omg owned by reddit, it's a good thing that reddit is here to answer our questions!How the fuck are people not starting to get into conspiracy theories at this point? I don't think 5g is doing shit, but good on him for at least thinking outside the box. At this point I'll take a batshit theory over some piece of shit lackey sitting at home with a mask on making tweets about how they haven't had their hair cut yet and they can't wait for the new bill gates injection. dumb fuckers.

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>>257418220Doc is based that is why.

>>257418696based. he doesnt say a thing

>>257419192Is he talking about dr disrespect or the doctor that lied about how many people died of corona virus? i'm confused.

>>257418623Do a flip

>>257419294He is referring to Dr. Disrespect. aka the two time.

>>257418220lmao doc is hilarious

>>257418220You know, a bunch of pro 5g stock holders or execs would probably attack anyone talking shit about their free cancer radiating cash cow.>>257418771:o

>>257418503He streams to more people than the network TV people.

>>257418220gg, doc enjoy the ban

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>>257418220Absolute chad

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>>257419386are you sure? he might mean dr fauci, a lot of people are upset with him for his dubious patents and disingenous advice.

>>257418696wow, this paints a different story huh.

>>257418220Good for him. Look at the the faggots crying about "spreading misinformation". So fucking what?

>>257418220>This boomer streamer thinks 5g gives us coronavirus and is spreading this misinfo to his young/boomer audience.Okay. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY is this misinfo? Why must you seethe so hard shill? Posts like this make me think this theory may be valid FYI.

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>>257419620no. you are just retarded.

>>257418220youtube.com/watch?v=GkX8pKULaHYthread theme

>>257419453he is cringe, not sure what people see in him. but one thing is for sure, they do suck his cock and cannot wait to donate cash to him, just on the offchance he will give them a shout out.


>>257419703People have the right to believe and spread misinformation anyway. I don't see what the problem is.

>>257419670When this fat nigger spreads bullshit it's ok, but when the jews do it it's bad?


>>257419670It should be common knowledge that debunking this guy's argument concerning 5G would be far more effective at changing our minds...but OP chose not to do so which leads me to believe that he doesn't have a counterargument that is worth anything.

>>257419737are you sure about that? maybe you are the one that is retarded, maybe you have issues looking a few layers under the reddit army to pick up on sarcasm....maybe dr fauci takes advantage of people like youso yeah, maybe that comment was about dr faucino disrespect bro....lol, GET IT?! ahha

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Doctor Disrespect live streams little boys in bathrooms multiple times and zooms in on their dicks and everything.

>>257419816Nice deflection kike.


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>>257418220How are journals not blowing up over this?

>>257418462You know it operates at 23Ghz and the military has weapons that burn people at like 60k, right? EM energy weapons... why is the concept that a focused beam running 24/7 pointed at your house might not be good for you so hard to comprehend. This shit is like vaccine polarity all over again. Has to be 100% bad or 100% good. Fucking retards.

>>257418462Meant to say 60Ghz

>5g makes you cheat on your wife.

>>257418709Maybe hes using pewdiepie strats and landing a contract then getting in hot water so he gets to keep the money but not do the work.

>>257420179>>257418919>calling other people a jew but tattles cause someone has a different opinion you have to go back

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>>257418220>ban misinformation>they must be trying to cover it upbasic conspiracy theory logic there chief

>>257418220how the fuck did retards even link 5g and corona-chan in the first place? was it just fucking Icke with some holographic archon shit and took off from there or what?

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Ppl who find this guy funny are classless fucking retards! Pretty sure where the majority of his audience is located lol

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>>257420666cope turk


>>257420581The actual conspiracy would be censoring ideas while spreading bullshit. Why do folks still trust scientists that have been wrong over and over again?You want a conspiracy? The rich don't give a shit about this because they invested in the medical companies about 12 years ago, it was kicked off when Bush lifted the stem cell ban, but it really gained steam when they were willing to offshore their experiments to avoid the ethical red tape in the USA. You ignore this like it's a game but it could cost you your life soon, it's going to be a big fucking wake up call for assholes like you.

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>>257418220If disinfo is a problem, WHY NOT SHOW US THE ACTUAL TRUTH? SHOW US THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS TO COUNTER instead OF DELETING OTHER THEORIES.wer at a point where any opposittion just gets deleted with no real explanation, if this is false info, show us the REAL info, isntead of putting a label like: THIS IS NOT REAL BLAHBLAH BANNED.Show us a link to the actual evidence maybe? fucking kikestreammedia are either dumb as fuck or lying. either are bad so lets get rid of them

>>257420581are you that stupid that you think people won't label something they don't like as 'misinformation'?Your post is now misinformation, because it was made without my approval and you talk like a fag. MODS! CLEAN UP THIS MISINFORMATION! MODS! See? You have to agree with me now because I called it Misinformation. That means it's bad.

forsenCD two time

>>257419703When you know about The law of attraction , that you make your own reality , that your mind only reflect itself in your sighting illusion ... this picture make sens . Thus the spiritual war , this Qanon and the great awakening . The narrative is drifting

>>257420666him being funny or not isnt the issue haji, the fact theyre censoring alternative ideas is the issue

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>>257419902It's me. I posted the pic. He's right. You're retarded.

>>257421238thank you for getting it user

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>>257418220Ffs I wish these Bell ends would fuck off with their kook shit. Coronavirus is just the flu. The 5g network has not been tested in the long term yet and has some leading oncologists worried about it possibly causing cancer.What is definitely real is that most of our rights have been stripped away using msm hysteria over all this.



>>257421392can you prove he wasn't talking about dr fauci? i don't think you can do that?Can you prove i'm being sarcastic? I don't think you can do that too. Can you prove something productive came out of this conversation and that I even thought I would be able to change an NPC mind in the first place? I don't think you can do that either.

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This is just Sasha Baron Cohen in a costume isn't it?


>>257421810A stupid man costumeyoutube.com/watch?v=bEG_NkoA848

>>257421474Prove you're for real. Go spend a few hours in the nearest inner city hospital with no mask on. > wait this is retarded, I don't want to get infectedIt's just the flu, right? Not like anything bad's going to happen to you.

>>257418220as long as twitch doesn't ban him he's all good

>>257421713Imo he was talking about dr disrespect. Fanboys being fanboys and stupid af, they probably don't know who Fauci is.

>>257419761>i am so daft i call other subjective things people might enjoy cringe

>>257418462But he isn't wrong.t.Microwave engineer

>>257420310you do know 5g is a range of frequencies that can be moved right? fucking retards.

>>257422194You can't prove that......No seriously this is getting old, how are all of you this dumb? How can you take my comment seriously? WTF is wrong you dumb motherfuckers. Considering we are being overrun by evil scientists and you sit idly by just waiting to do their bidding hoping for another endorphin rush, I'm starting to get alarmed.

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>>257422512Point is, who care's who that faggot commenting was complaining about. Could be either one. They are both doctors, one with official title one with a nick name. Why are you so focused on this irrelevancy?


>>257422718it's really weird

>>257422428>you do know 5g is a range of frequencies that can be moved right? fucking retards.You understand each varying frequency has unique distinct dangerous effects? For one such understanding of frequency you must understand there is proof on modification of flesh and mind. 432 -> 440hz alternates your brain functionality for a reason. Nikola Tesla didnt just theorize this he understood it like it was embedded in him. Much the same 5g towers modify your body. Frequency manipulation dates back to the 1930s when the DOD used it in experimentation for the USA. Mastered in the 1970s, and it didnt stop there. You are defending your doom and embracing and emboldening it. Understand frequency modification is a very real thing and 5G is the worst we have seen on a mass scale.

>>257422776Yeah, considering he made informative post >>257420837Shouldn't be sounding the way he does in other posts.

>>257422718>Why are you so focused on this irrelevancy?Because I've given up on the people that are leading us to certain doom, so I pass the time by trolling you online with facetious comments? I put a question mark but it's actually a statement, I just thought it would be obvious by now so I'm making it a rhetorical question.

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>>257422887>5G is the worst we have seen on a mass scale.too late. all cameras are 5g. new cars have 5g. 5g is a reality. you can do nothing about it.

>>257423196that feeling when you dont buy a wireless mouse because it said 5g insttantly dropped

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>>257423196>5g is a reality. you can do nothing about it.that's not really true though....