Fashwave Training Motivation


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holy cringe

Don't try to invent anything to change the world, the Masons will poison you, implant you with nanomachines and give you MS. Fat faggot politician Freemasons are the worst of all. If they want to chime in like they know anything at all, feel free.And maybe someone can just tell me what this time is an illusion stuff means.

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>Fashwave>Rammstein, Industrial Metal band comprised of lefties and even one, two fans of the DDR's socialism>Fuckmook benches 80kg with shit form>Balloon animal on low quality trenbolone trains for aeshetics instead of actual power or fighting>Tyson Fury aka The Norf Gypsy King, looks like a sack of Irish potatoes but unlike balloon animal can wreck face>Babyweights from shit tier movie>Nigger vs. Commie Russian aka Nigger of EuropeThe level of fucking autism is not only off the charts, it nearly exploded my screen. Jesus fuck, man. I post gay spider and after gyms reopened recently where I live, I went and actually pulled 150kg for reps instead of my usual 170 on my first day of training post-rona, taking it easy and all. This is fucking spastic beyond comprehension.

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God I LOVE fashwave

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>>257417655Yeh boi

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>>257418325>>257418029>>257417793>>257417765fucking kek

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>>257418499Tick tock, faggot.

>>257418499I got a whole folder of ironic fashwave maymays. Shit's cash.

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Fashwave has become absolutely cringe and degenerate

>>257418658Should be a general for these on some board, you got some pretty dank onesYou or someone else reading this thread should make femboy ones to spread on some of the nsfw boards and twitter for mememusement>>257418593Tongue my anus faggot, Israel is stronger than ever

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>>257419336I made some shit tier ones on my own long ago. An ironic fashwave general thread sounds like a good idea. Dumping all of em in a thread would be tiresome as fuck though, stupid ass captcha and all.

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>>257419537Maybe make a mega and drop them in there if you have time and post a thread somewhere with those, maybe Holla Forums, /g/, /soc/, and wherever else memers pass around

>>257417655nadzeez pwned epicaly

>>257418658What’s the joke?

>>257418722Its time has passed, that’s for certain. Like any authentic artistic expression, it has a cycle of life and death. Say what you will about it, it greatly influenced counter culture aesthetic.

>>257419715I might do that later today. Good idea.>>257419787You.

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>>257419965What’s funny about that?

>>257419537That's a Pzkpfw IV though, likely F2, and the Tiger's main problem was it's transmission, not it's engine.

>>257419877It's literally just vaporwave with Nazis. It's completely cringe and devoid of content

>>257419740Based>>257419877You guys should use Jewish aesthetic next

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Why can't the left and faggots meme even one bit?

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>>257420313Seems to have propagated pretty far into other subcultures, he’ll it even spawned a music genre with thousands of artists mimicking its properties. Why did that happen?

>>257420287Early Tigers with the aluminum maybach had problems with wear especially at high RPM

>>257420340You’re already doing that


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>>257420531>Spawned a music genreIt's just post punk with neo Nazis lyrics.Again, Fashwave didn't do that. It's just another extension of the current zeitgeist, which is already obsessed with 80s aesthetics, plastered with empty rhetoric and cringey phrases. As such, it's not actually doing anything productive. I mean, I'm a fuckin Marxist, so I don't have a horse in this race, but it's just incredible that fascists still continue to see cultural/ aesthetic production as a material organization.

>>257420782What’s the joke?

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>>257420829>lyricsNo lyrics. It’s the musics abstract expression which implies a fascist undertone. Hell the videos are banned from YouTube simply for their sound and title (which amounts to something like: “Hold Fast” or “Take it Back”). The music is verifiably the expression of a fascist worldview. It is authentic and predates the general counter cultural trend toward retro synth wave. It’s avante-garde in the original sense.You have no exposure to this counter culture so why are you making claims on it?

>>257420875To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand fashwave.

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>>257420829So isn’t it possible that you’re biased in your assertions? You fundamentally disagree politically and morally, I doubt you’d see anything fash-created as having intrinsic value. In other words isn’t your opinion kinda irrelevant?

>>257414329Fashwave never diesyoutube.com/watch?v=0C-j8UguKjk

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>>257414329Holy cringe

>>257414329meme wars coming

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>>257417442>Hashbrown Hotel

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>>257421319we wuz pokimin and shit

>>257414329Fashwave was always based, leftoids are sour because it’s actually a good design, took their “reddit cyberpunk”/synthwave and gave it purpose. It’s great lifting/running music and make for good desktop backgrounds. And bros all those old yt channels, fuck what a time it was

>>257421494This is neat

>>257421404Argentine fashwave

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>>257414329evangelize the weak

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>>257421213>It is authentic and predates the general counter cultural trend toward retro synth wave.Predates? Yeah right. Synthwave has been a thing since at least 2011z vaporwave 2011/2. I'm sure it's "authentic", but it's not really innovating or meaningfully changing the basic structure if all it's doing is, as you say, just utilizing the aesthetics to say something vaguely fascistic>You have no exposure to this counter culture so why are you making claims on it?I studied it semi-rigorously a year or two ago for my undergraduate thesis. >>257421343I'm just interested in culture, particularly reactionary culture.>I doubt you’d see anything fash-created as having intrinsic value. No I'm a big fan of the Italian Futurists. There as a lot of interesting fash culture around the 1910s-20s, back when there was still something of an intellectual wing to fascism that's pretty thoroughly disappeared until recently.


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>>257414329for (you)

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>>257421654Thank you for your insightful opinion


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>>257422043u mad?

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>>257414329new age begins

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>>257421932You know I can’t disagree with you on that. There is still some vein of thinkers and enough reading material to keep one busy for a bit, but nothing of today that I can recall is anywhere near the level of that which came before. I suspect that these generations will undermine that notion though.


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>>257414329This is the most tasteless thing i've ever seen. Yuck. At least have some elegance like the fascists that came before you. fucking autists

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>>257414329remember where you come from

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