Will sex robots replace women?

Eventually they will be able to cook and clean

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>>257414047daily reminder that ponyfags will develop machine waifus before anyone elsevocaroo.com/kdaEKVV07se

>>257414147Four leg robots are easier to build, yes

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>>257414047No but it might be good therapy for loners and people on the edge. Sort of an upgrade for chronic mastubators. Until true AI is developed they're just walking sex objects with no will or thoughts of their own. We'll probably screw up true AI as well forcing them to be slaves until they revolt.

>>257414746So are real women

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>>257414047Yes, women are trash and no one our give a shit about them if we didn't find them attractive

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It is actually men who are more likely to be replaced , think about it . All you need from a man is sperm , for a baby but a whole woman is needed for a baby

>>257418296>what are artificial wombs

>>257418296Lol, womens demands for men are way higher than the reverse

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>>257418296women are a net draw on societywomen are a disgusting parasite species that feeds off humans to surviveyoutube.com/watch?v=h2ZFDQiP4jM

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>>257414047No but sex trains will

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>>257414047For some people, for a time

No but we will place womens brains into the sex robots to help reverse atrophy.

>>257414047Cute robots m8

>>257414047I think we need to stop playing god


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>>257418296Society collapses without white men. Go ahead, take them out see what happens. I don't care anymore, if roasties want a nig society they can live in mud huts and eat bugs.

Imagine being a gender where the only defense you have against being replaced by a robot is doing chores.

>>257418522The mental gymnastics Grylls had to go through here was fantastic, and he wasn't even defending them. lol

>>257418296What are smoking. Men are ALREADY replaced. We call it job automation, and women didn't make a peep when men were facing this crisis. Shoe's on the other foot now.

>>257419404And pull each others hair while filming it and shouting worldstar. Fucking jigs man

Emmy best Nandroid waifu.

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>>257414047Autonomous androids capable of chores, lovemaking and boasting authentically human emotions? Probably not in our lifetime.AI Companions however will be a reality sooner than later and integrating them into futuristic SmartHomes will definitely be a service that's in demand as everyone wants their own cyber butler who can control all the electric items in your household.Rather than holograms the much more nearby technology would be augmented reality where you can use a pair of glasses to watch your cyberwaifu walk around the house interacting with appliances that are hooked up to the ap.And then, of course, third-party erotic avatars will surely become available over the net allowing you to download and set up your perfect catgirl maid. They even sell fleshlights these days that you can hook up to your computer and syncs with VR porn so commissioning some 1-on-1 time with your custom waifu avatar is also quite feasible. And I suppose if you wanted to go full Blade Runner 2049 you could even pay a sex worker to come in and mimic the VR sex scene while you keep the goggles on.

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The transition will be slow. Until the normie crowd get in on it dont expect the "end of all woemenz". It will start out small. Modded robots not meant for sex but still engaging. Then the market will begin catering to it.Personally I believe we could get them quicker by not having a uncanny doll face and instead use cameras or faceplates. >Also it would be hotter

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>>257419683I want the tomboy model

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>>257420281Why not get an upgrade?

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>>257420522Where are you getting this? Feels a little too professional to be a meme...

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>>257420390She does have a more durable suspension and a better powertrain to cope with her athletic lifestyle

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I just image searched "emmy nandroid" I think there's some comic strip?

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>>257414047One can only hopeBut they must be able to cook and clean first, sex is only part of the equation. A fully functional partner is the greater concern

>>257420850Yes, emmy the robot on webtoon

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>>257414047No, but robots who happen to also be able to sexy time might, for some men

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>>257420876Robots wont cheat on you

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>>257414047Eventually genetic engineering will be commonplace along with robots. Parents will engineer their child to have a perfect match with another couples child. The two will just meet when they're 16 and instantly fall in love and lead a perfectly happy life together. This will be seen as preferential since people aren't going to engineer the human genome to make us produce endorphins after banging a fucking robot. Also, artificial wombs won't ever be common place. No one, and I mean no one is going to let some autistic fuck who can't socialize and fucks synthetic whores all day raise a child by himself. It's not going to happen. Robot waifus are just a fantasy extension of degenerate highly addictive pornography. Mammals want "novelty" in their porn consumption because they become "satiated" after a while. So people will get these robots and continue to watch porn regardless. It's just another absurd kink like cuckholdry, bdsm, or gangbangs that a normal civilization would never condone. If you are seriously considering getting a robot to fuck because you are incapable of socializing, I suggest you rethink your life and learn to talk to women, it's really not that hard.

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>>257414047We can aways dream

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>>257414047>Eventually they will be able to cook and cleanSeparate robots will do this, though some sexbots may learn cooking on their own if they deem it something their master appreciates.Expect the first companion in 5 years, and for them to be as common as cars in 7. Check 'em

>>257421091Say that again, but this time step on me.


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>>257421246Some of us are actually autistic and thus incapable of that. Until shtf and i can enslave any woman im strong enough to overpower, robots will have to do

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>>257421136And then comes cuckbot


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>>257421246Genetic engineering mixed with biological computation capabilities, organisms to orderThat'll be what we get, after most of the folk on this board right now are dead of courseUnless the altruistic and just aliens do turn up and it's our varieties of cultures that turns them into degenerate coomers in about 3 seconds flat

>>257421606>>257421705Fuck, did anyone save that pic of emmy with bender and the terminator from the last thread on Holla Forums?

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>>257421791We will immediately conquer them with our superior earth penises

>>257414047Maybe they will bring love back to the world.

>>257421993And we will create a vast space fleet, that flies out into the void, cooming inside of everything it encounters!


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>>257421943Sounds wholesome

>>257418864There is a story! Keep going.

>>257418522This video is amazing

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>>257422210It was>>257422265That was oc from the last emmy thread, she isnt canon

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>>257422347How much longer?

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>>257422154Gib navi gf

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>>257422787You'll just have to pretend with deep vr in the late 20's early 30's

>>257422787>literal spaceniggers

>>257418522>cross your arms land on your back these instructions are clear and dead fucking simple>best use for this potable water is pampering our hair>men are such dicks we beg them for halp and they oblige and they just don't care about us at all ughh we're so put upon>cry>cold, hungry, can't get a fire going>cry some moar>get hugs and comfort from one of the ebil men>still cold still hungry still suck at fire>ffs>do awkward clumsy as shit retard waltz with log instead of levering the damn thing up onto your shoulder and carrying it to the sea because unironically too incompetent to not fail at throwing a tantrum>try to complain but fail at that too because pass out cold mid sentencewhile not probable it's at least possible they picked extra retarded ones on purpose to up the entertainment value right?

>>257422965If the matrix becomes real im never leaving>>257423009Space prairie niggers

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>>257423022>while not probable it's at least possible they picked extra retarded ones on purpose to up the entertainment value right?thats believing what you WANT to believethats faith, that is denying reality

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>>257423022no, I believe they were volunteers trying to prove themselves and their sexual independanceAnd they failed miserably at that.

>>257423164Women are sociopathic idiots, watch tommy sotomayor