Alright lads, I spent a few minutes putting together a quick map of what I think a civil war would look like. I based it off factors like population density, white percentage, urban versus rural, and a few other factors. What do you guys think the civil war would look like? What areas/states of the US do you think would have the most brutal fighting? And if you see anywhere in my map that you think is wrong/needs changing, let me know.

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>>257413047As always, nothing is going to happen.

>>257413124the chances of it happening depend, but this thread is about predictions assuming it already happened, lad.

You glow dude.

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>>257413234are you retarded or something? how is this a glowpost

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It'd be a shame if leftists bribed us into forcing you to fight on two sides. What's your offer burger-man?

>>257413124nothing ever happens, even this virus is weak ass and it is just another meme economic collapse. world will recover in couple of years. we already seen that in 2008.

>>257413279your country could be defeated by one single division of white american soldiers, bro.>>257413293corona isnt related to the map, most theorists of a civil war have it after texas/AZ flip blue in 2024 and whites realize they can never win an election ever again

>>257413047Based on your map and my 140+ iq mongol geopolitical analysis, the bloodiest fighting would take place in the East, where the overall numerically inferior nationalists would try to "pacify" the larger population/recrtuitment centres before they could be used by the leftists. The outcome of these early battles would decide the war.

The right would have guns, food, and energy. The left would have tranny dildos.

>>257413047All the Largest Military Permanent Bases are in Blue States, Bases generate free revenue and jobs, that the representatives do not have to work for, maybe why Blue States can "afford" to be so mouthy. Good luck flipping all the bases to either side..>>257413124this

>>257413392You have spoken burger-man.


>>257413417yeah, in my personal opinion the main stage will be in the east US (which is the most densely populated region). the appalachian mountains area especially.>>25741346790% army officers that command those forts are white males, a very large amount of which will AWOL and switch to our side in a civil war. a bunch of niggers and wetbacks holed up in a fort dont pose much threat.>>257413629texas got invaded hard by spics, who will vote left and fight for the left. thats why its turning blue. only 25% of births in texas are white.

>>257413047we're going to put chinks like you that make subversive posts like this in camps instead of having a civil war, how does that sound chang?

>>257413686>subversive posts like thisare you retarded mate? a civil war is literally the only thing that could save white america at this point. in fact, this is the one thing that posting about WOULDNT be subversive.

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>>257413047>Chicago>could go either waynext time you make a map please wait at least 24 hours after your last hit of crack.

>>257413417The west would be a bloodbath. Especially Colorado. We're a bit divided here.

>>257413629Texas is going blue very soon

>>257413686Lurk more faggot

>>257413782chicago would fall under the contested areas part, not could go either way part. thats why theres a slash. because everywhere around chicago is mostly white but the inner city itself is a nigger and spic filled shithole.>>257413818yeah, colorado would be one of the states with the heaviest infighting

>>257413047Who will the Casino Chiefs side with?

>>257413417>try to "pacify" the larger population/recrtuitment centresNot so, my Happa friend. The basic plan is to conduct determined raids on power generation and power transmission assets. Road and rail lines, with a focus on bridges. Water treatment plants and supporting infrastructure. Without modern power, transport, and sanitation cities become liabilities, not assets.Starving death traps filled with desperate people depending on Blue government to feed, support, and protect them.That will not happen. Refugees come to red areas, get recruited or fed into wood chippers."Lure the Tiger out of the mountains" Sun Tzu.

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>>257413953Chicago is niggered all the way to Gary, IN and all around it. wtf are you thinking?

>>257413047A civil war over immigration is literally impossible. Also, you're not even taking migrants anymore. Certainly not at the rate you did in the past.

>>257413894If it is it's because of 3 cities, not the state

>>257413047FFS you can't even get the colouring right, is the green on the map the yellow? The red=pink?

>>257414124how long do you actually think it would last with the niggers and spics getting unrestful, bud? 40% white could take that shit from niggers/spics without too much problem after 1 month of niggers chimping out, but then again it is a big area, so thats why i put it in contested

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>>257413047>Alright lads, I spent a few minutes putting together a quick map of what I think a civil war would look likejesus this is so pathetic.

>>257413047>>257413124>>257413467>>257413661You forget the part where Canadians, Mexicans intervene for just long enough for the rest of the UN to get here and the USA becomes Mega-Syria.

>>257413047There would definitely be a Mexican secessionist faction in the southwest and most likely a black one in the south

>No ports for nationalistsWhat you are looking at here is not a civil war but an extermination white Americans at the hands of Jewish led bantu-aztec ghoul legions.

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>>257413392You can win an election but you have to play the long game.

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>>257413047I have the most accurate

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>>257414430Aztlan and New Africa. Both plans have been openly discussed for 30 years now.Time for whites to make plans as well.

>>257414560>hallo beutiful, I'm here to save yur bobs and vagene

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>>257414277Florida, same.Interior is all red, except for a few cities and coastal areas

I don't see how a civil war could happen with Trump in power; too much power at federal level, and the patriots on side. If the left manage to rig this coming election as they're trying, it could kick off even before inauguration. This election is going to be like a minefield.

>>257413629Texas is a minority American state. It's mostly Hispanics ghouls now.

>>257413047lol, the gov'nt would have to fuck up big time to cause a civil warno war any time soon, just constant decay

>>257414430Are the blacks organised on a large enough scale to be of significance. The vast majority won't even have a box of cornflakes in the kitchen, let alone the items required on a large scale for a takeover of several states?

>>257414312Why has the white collapase stabilised in those graphs? Libshits dying out? Or "whiteness" including Arabs etc.

>>257413124fuck off german, mind your own business, don't you have rapeugees to import to further destroy your country?

>>257413047I wouldn't count on KC, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Cleveland, or any college town in nationalist zones.

Question is when? I guess it's impossible to predict and it will start spontaneously...

I'm ready faggots. Are you?Time to start digging tunnels.Buy thick plywood and cut to fit over first floor windows. Add cocaine to your preps for the long nights of fighting liberal scum.

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>>257413434And niggers raping and looting

>>257414894America isn't off any better, stop being a hypocrite.

>>257414868Nah. We're just about to fight.This is just how the last one started.

>>257414387>t. hernandez de garcia de martinez >>257414412i doubt canada could or would intervene for much, their military cant really project. the UN also isnt that strong. mexico however could be a problem, mostly because of how many of them there are, but knowing spics most would probably flee back to mexico instead of standing their ground in the southwest. spics have no conviction to anything except money.>>257414430like i said above, part of me thinks most spics would go back to their own countries since most of them just care about money and dont want to risk dying for their job at the food truck, but im not really sure. some might be about the muh aztlan shit and try to secede.although it would pain me, i'd accept ceding some southern states to mexico. they would just turn them into shitholes anyway honestly.>>257414560>no ports for nationalistsyeah, that is one thing that worries me a lot, port access is very crucial. niggers and lefties LOVE to live around coastal areas so they'll have that shit in the bag i'm pretty sure.we might have the ports around maine/NH/massachusetts, and potentionally oregon, those would be of much strategic importance. the same time wouldnt they just blockade the ports anyway? >What you are looking at here is not a civil war but an extermination white Americans at the hands of Jewish led bantu-aztec ghoul legions.I'd rather go down fighting than sit here and slowly watch the country turn into a brown brazilian-tier shithole, and i'm sure most other white burgers feel the same. if we lose we lose but death in honor is better than being complacent cucks while we get replaced in our own countries.>>257414647mormons arent a significant part of the population and their birthrates are declining because of jew propaganda. utah has like 50k births per year, meanwhile 3 million shitskins come in every year.

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>>257413047I think the place where the guns is winning

>>257413047>The Left-wingers would most likely have the advantage when it comes to military tech (think jets and drones)kek, whats this based of?in an american civil war, the winners will ultimately be zogbots who would put bullets through their own parents if somebody showed them a 10 minute slideshow proving that theyre dissenters who are anti-american or whatever.theres enough career retards in the US army willing to follow any order for the command and communication structure to hold up, meaning that eventually zogbots would win. even if 80% the navy and army deserted theyd just be taking off into the wilderness and atomising themselves, police departments would become the new governors and enforcers in their own regions until daddy zogbot showed up to bring them to heel.even if genuinely redpilled militia or groups of military vets win multiple set piece fights, they would never be able to compete without a communications network of their own.


Armed protesters are massive faggots

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>>257413047No way that South Georgia fights for leftist elites.

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>>257414723Democratic style "In your face" election fraud in November would start a California style refuse-to-cooperate backlash in the heartland. Red states have seen what blue states can get away with under Trump.My bet is that 2020 will go to Trump, with the fraud and vote-manipulation being saved for the House races.The blues will whine and bitch for another 4 years, then have their candidate sweep 2024.Call it a mandate, and let the true "reformation" of America begin.By 2024 the white population will be smaller, and the muds much larger. Time is on their side, all we have is violence.

>>257413047The move is towards centralization not some decentralization. WTF are you guys smoking today?

>>257413047The blues are clustered in big cities like NYC, San Fran, and LA. The reds are all rural. The action if anything would just be a few riots but more likely just severe internet shit talking. Then redrawing state borders. Nothing serious will happen. Both sides have too much to lose.

>>257413047RIP texas

>>257413047>only contested zone in Minnesota is twin cities I can't speak to the accuracy of anything other than my own state but you either forgot to include Duluth and it's immediate surroundings as a contested area or you don't know shit about the areas you're painting

>>257413047The voting base of the dems are women. Are they going to hold the line along that long a stretch of territory? Come on now.

>>257414870The more time that passes the more likely it becomes. More blacks will be voted into positions of power by the monolithic black voting block that outbreeds whites + cucked city whites. You get someone like Stacey Abrams or worse, and there will be worse once skin color is the only deciding factor, and I imagine white flight would increase as well. They don't have to organize anything they just have to wait

>>257413234>post displaying op's opinion>post that also asks for other's opinion>no insightment to violence>no insightment to racism>no racism>no conspiracies>no insightment to manipulation>iT's A fUckInG gLoW nIgGeR>t. retard

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>civil war>the handful of blue counties controlling entire statesNo

>>257414277no, its because of the state. even rural counties are getting filled with spics. whites are 25% of the births in the whole of texas.t. texan born and raised>>257414723it wont. but assuming trump wins 2020 he will be the last republican president. ever. once TX/AZ flip blue in 2024 and whites realize they can never win an election ever again is when things will get serious. if i had to assume when this shit would kick off if it did kick off, i'd bet around 2024-2028. besides, if we wait any longer than that, we'd be doomed anyway because of all the immigration.>>257415095i am an army veteran, buddy. the overwhelming majority of officers are white males, most of which who would flip sides. infantry is the whitest MOS as well. without whites running the show, the military will become shit-tier.>>257414890no idea but its happened in a few places in the past 4 years, and what counts as "white" hasnt been changed for a while. a theory of mine is I think its cause trump went into office and gave whites a lil hope for the future lol (even though we here know he's a zog plant anyway)>>257414917>>257415319im gonna go back in and add some major city areas later in yellow to the map honestly. yeah, they're lefties, also spic and nigger shitholes, and their food and other essential supplies are easily cut off from the outside, the cities would descend into chaos and get assraped by self-sustaining whites. >>257415178south GA is mostly minority white>>257415332duluth is pretty white though>>257415478some white women yeah, and ALL nonwhites, including men.>>257415527>>257414870blacks are blacks, they cant do much. spics are the threat>>257414949>>257414994honestly, to fix this country, millions of shitskins need to die in this civil war. like, millions and millions. ill personally be mag dumping any minority i see when SHTF, woman or children too i dont give a fuck, they invaded my country and as such will be treated like invaders

>>257413047>Maineand Vermont = American nationalists>Bumfuck Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina = Left-wing elite

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>>257413047you are glowing

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>>257415004The Mexicans in the southwest are an extension of the Mexican nation. A nation is its people who share history, culture,etc. An American military force deployed to the southwest to quell any rebellions would be a foreign occupation force in northern Mexico. There is nothing to solve any rebellions there besides an indefinite occupation or genocide


>>257413047>the political establishment is left-wingThis is actually pants-on-head retarded.The establishment is, basically, apolitical and amoral. Its only concern is maintaining its own authority.A real leftist believes what he believes because of his morality.Call me when Comrade Cletus starts demanding that the coal mines be nationalized.Also, no, neoliberals are not leftists; they get the bullet first. Always kill a traitor before an enemy, Jimbo.

>>257414412>You forget the part where Canadians, Mexicans intervene for just long enough for the rest of the UN to get here and the USA becomes Mega-Syria.

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It will all begin with a huge military coup, from then itll spill forth.

>>257415717well vermont and maine are 90%+ white, once they realize nonwhites hate them and only dems will win from now on they'll switch. white men in maine also voted pretty strong R, women just fucked it all up, but their votes dont really matter. south GA & AL, and east SC however are mostly nonwhite and therefore 110% wont fight for us.>>257415730see >>257415595>>257415743yeah, southwest will prob be ceded to mexico, and we'll force all the spics and niggers to go there or die. it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make. mexicans are just gonna turn the place into a shithole anyway, because well, they're mexicans.>>257415816buddy. the establishment and elite would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT be firmly against any sort of right-wing, white majoritarian movement. it's not even a question. i assume you're a newfag>>257415934could be, but not much more likely than it beginning as just a plain old revolution/rebellion.

>>257415319>Then redrawing state borders. Nothing serious will happen. Both sides have too much to lose.Don't think that is true at all. Think about this. If the reds told the blues to fuck off, and took the heartland red states, what would happen? You would have a nation that was only 2 or 3 percent black, all the food production, and a third of all heavy industry. The blues would suddenly become 35-40 percent black, unable to feed themselves, and have most of Americas useless-eaters to deal with.Reds have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The blues suddenly become dependent on "Foreign Aid" to feed themselves and "Foreign Monetary Support" to care for and tend to the huge jogger populations, who have never been known to be much use.

>>257413047>chiraq and the twin shities are contested areas and not flat out left wing hellholes>>257415332this, years of umd bringing campus libshittery to an already historical democrat voting area

>>257415705>duluth is pretty white thoughI've lived there, yes there are whites but they're cucked urban whites

>>257413747kill yourself you fucking baby dick slant

>>257414560relating to this, how is the situation on the islands, like Hawaii, in terms of allegiance?

>>257413047>Detroit sides with the Nationalists You really think a bunch of niggers are going to fight with the good guys? This needs to take the politics and demographics of individual county's into consideration

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>>257416078go bulldogs

>>257413047Can you move some of the lines so Nat's can be in warmer weather please? Thank you

Deep South will never be leftists.Even majority black (non big city) areas.Country blacks are conservative

>>257415004Want to know what the future looks like? Just look at the past. Every. Fucking. Time. Yours is the same speech you grew up hearing. But you're too lazy, just like the last guy. Hope you feel fulfilled. As much as it pains me. I am not.

what a surprise that all the nationalists live in shithole states, if that isn't proof as to where the smartest people live then I don't know what it is. Image giving leadership to a bunch of rednecks from Missouri.

>>257413818Colorado's definitely going to be a front in any Boog scenario.

>>257413047There wouldn't even be a war. The amount of right leaning people in the army is huge, no?

>>257414671America will be a fascist dictatorship before it's EVER a communist country.

>>257414412UN isn't going to do shit. The shitlib traitors will solicit help from China, I guarantee it.

>>257415161Faggots can't even dress cohesively, but we expect them to band together?

>>257416331The American military is majority brown.

>>257415161>>257416400Wearing Hawaiian shirts to the boog is a right-wing gun culture meme. This was also a protest and not active combat, you sad sacks of cum

>>257414430I doubt it. The Mexicans who live here are the cowards of Mexico who couldn't handle conditions there. Most of them will flee right back across the border.

>>257416176Used to live there. They would declare independence instantly.Natives get most of the land, whites get the Honolulu area and the west coast of Hawaii Island.Pearl Harbour becomes a international port and base for anyone who cares to rent it, same with Honolulu airport.Expect Chinese and Russian ships calling Hawaii home, and the Island Kingdom to make tons of money from basing rights, fishing rights, and air cargo.

No no no, Macoa is more likely to aim for aligning with Hong Kong. Even NK is likely to put a boot in Xi's behind.

>>257416000The biggest enemy (barring Yids) of White nationalism in the US and in Europe is White people. Remember that.

>>257415856Exactly. The issues we face can not be solved with violence. Black people are the way they are bc of a lack of nutrition and prenatal care. If they had the right Vitimins and minerals, along with 2 parent households their group would improve dramatically in the next 2 decades. As for Hispanics I would perfer if they acted more like the Irish, yet most work under the table and do not want to help build America up, they want to leach off our prosperity. I wish they saw themselves as part of this country and participated in its tax system thoroughly. Many Hispanics are Catholics with strong family values so I dont mind them as long as they are legal member of society. All I can do is pray that our country does not fall into a violent civil war.

>>257416450This, it’s a bunch of beaners who don’t care about America, no way in hell that the military will ever turn against the government

>>257416530No arms allowed, by their own damn votes. They ain't going anywhere.

>>257413047Not enough blue on SC and GA. Our nogs are too busy killing each other to make a difference.

>>257413047That maps makes no sense.

>>257413047>copy immigration map>here is your civil war map brothats really low effort, even devianart has better map

Anyone who wants a war in their home country is fucking retarded

>>257416704Because dude is running proxy?

>>257415705>most of which who would flip sides.>flip sidesleaving the military and taking up arms against it isnt flipping sides, there would be no side for them to flip to, theyd just be going AWOL and leaving to join the mass of civilians. without an existing structure to instantly flip into their skills and experience would be useless in the important short term outbreak of fighting.its also the case that those white male officers would realise the situation was 'dire' for the republic early, they have been conditioned to believe they figurative republic and what they think theyre defending is of the upmost importance, theyll be told to hit the toughest dissenting areas hard and fast to avoid a spread in fighting to 'save more lives' and theyll believe it because muh republic.they wouldnt leave at all until civilian bodies started stacking and by that point theyll have done so much damage themselves that theyll have decided the conflict in zogs favour.besides, it would only take a fraction of the existing officers to stay within the military for them to remain effective enough to win. theyd never hold huge swathes of the inland territory but they wouldnt need to, theyd just need to destroy any centralised opposition that emerges.

>>257416633>The biggest enemy (barring Yids) of White nationalism in the US and in Europe is White people. Remember that.You mean Christcucks.

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>>257416450Motor T and Supply, Fobbits and REMFs, yes.Lots of diversity where the showers work and the air conditioners are plugged in.Cannon cockers, gun bunnies, tankers and combat riflemen are nearly all white, like 80% white. Cant see many of them pledging allegiance to Nancy Pelosi and sucking BBC because diversity is our strength.

>>257416108we'll see how that attitude changes when the right statistically cant win an election ever again, meamwhile race tensions and anti white shit is skyrocketing>>257416185>>Detroit sides with the Nationalists >You really think a bunch of niggers are going to fight with the good guys? This needs to take the politics and demographics of individual county's into considerationpic related, whites are in all the areas around detroit, all they need to do is stop the food coming in and all cityniggers would literally chimp out and go around looting and raping everyone, after a month or 2 3/4 of the niggers would have starved to death already and whites could take that shit no problem.>>257416205>Deep South will never be leftiststhey will and they are turning left as we speak because of the nonwhites being flooded in.>>257416201sorry lad, shitskins usually clumper around warmer climates. just the nature of the beast>>257416226>Want to know what the future looks like? Just look at the past. Every. Fucking. Time.yeah, im looking at the past and i see a weimar republic right before a spring into ultranationalism. surf the kali yuga my friend. hard times make strong men and strong men make good times>>257416323you have no idea what you're talking about pierre. literally everywhere thats nonwhite in america is a complete fucking shithole. LA aint what it was like back in the 80s, my friend.>>257416450>>257416663i was in the army. its about 50/50 and its getting browner. but 2 things:1 - the vast vast majority of the officers are white males. a very large amount would AWOL to our side. a bunch of dumb shitskins would make the army shitty as fuck2 - the actual combat/infantry MOS' are all majority white. shitskins join up mostly for gibs, not patriotism. they go for what they think will be useful after, or is easy. whites are very overrepresented in infantry, and even moreso in special forces.

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>>257416640>2 parent households their group would improve dramatically in the next 2 decades.That is, return to a 1950s level of functionality Maybe the Liberal Agenda has some flaws.

>>257413392>After Texas flips Republicans can never win an election again.Isn't it possible for republicans to win with Michigan and Pennsylvania without texas? And the voters of texas will still be majority white for a while and the whites vote 90% Republican. 2024 is too early, I'd place my bet on after the 2032 election or so.

>>257413047All of texas would probably be contested

>>257413047>left wingers and the elitethe left is against the elite dummy

>>257417083Fuck off with your derailment every time a post like yours is made the entire thread is thrown off topic

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>>2574130471. Nothing is gonna happen, you gonna just shitpost here2. If this would happen you think russia and china would not capitalize on this and make you (((israel))) their vassal?just kYShere is how the map would look like

Attached: stupid pol mutt niggers.jpg (1831x1928, 658.02K)

If you post civil war threads it’s a clear indicator of your 60 iq. This isn’t the 1800s. People are too comfortable to fight for any cause or thing. Why would a normal person care about a “civil war” when they can eat sit in their heated homes eating Oreos and watching Netflix all day. The men are also too weak on all sides for a supposed civil war. Phones, diabetes, internet, low testerone, depression have made young men of all races weak and young men are the ones who fight wars. Look at them, you really think a civil war is gonna happen when every dude is out of shape either playing video games or mindlessly on their phone. The same is true for fat boomers who sit on their ass and watch 10 hours of tv. No civil war will happen when every person is a consoomer. The elite Jews control everything and if a civil war ever did happen it’d be planned. Then their side would win and just assert even more control over people.

>>257413047>Texas>Left wingimagine being this delusional

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>>257416698If you think Hawaii is a gun free zone in reality you are sadly mistaken.Laws in Hawaii don't go any further than the reach of the nearest cop, Any they are hopelessly corrupt anyway.

>>257413047After the war the most popular sport will "THE JANNY GAMES". Trannies, fagots and perverts will enter the "The Janny Dome" in their most outlandish dresses and wigs and beat each other to death with dildos

>>257413047It won't ever happenbut if it did you would be a fool to suppose it could have a neat border between two factionsimagine dozens of warlords, some companies, and some foreign states, all grabbing what they can, and then add in neighborhoods fighting one another too. Big cities are generally leftist, but what happens if the people who grow their food decide they don't like the people who affectionately refer to their homes as flyover states?What happens if one man decides to fuck around with the infrastructure? Take a look at our power grid, pipelines, bridges, and highways, and you'll get an idea for just how badly things can fall apart when people want them to.

>>257413047Fuck off OP with this shit map. Stupid fuckin yankee.

>>257416704>>257417053what about them doesnt make sense? seems pretty reasonable to me.>>257417007no, you're the retard. our country is being invaded by hordes of brown people by the millions every single fucking year. anyone who DOESNT want a war in our country to stop this shit is either a retard or a jew.>>257417055if the taliban and al-qaeda can organize in their open desert shithole, i'm sure actual white people in diverse landscapes will manage just fine.>>257417203those states are also getting flooded with more and more minorities. its simply not happening.>>257417222>>257417341texas would be liberal-sided. whites are literally 25% of TX births at this point. i live here. >>257417244they think they are >>257417286russia already said they would support a seperatist movement in the US. china might do the same. both countries (and the EU) have too much to lose if the other one takes control. >>257417312>>257417543i mean if whites dont wake up by 2024 when TX and AZ both flip blue, anti white shit is everywhere and we cant win an election ever again, millions and millions of shitskins flooding us turning our country into a third world hellhole, then we deserve to go extinct, congrats jews.>>257417628im from texas

>>257417347How else do they protect the spam, locking it in the glass case like nigger hair products is not working

>>257417312People in Civil War times lived on shitty farms, died in their 30s half the time, and dueled to the death over literally nothing.

>>257417262No, it's politically accurate you mutt. Sorry you don't like reality but you can't fix a problem until you diagnose it.

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>>257417668>russia saidi say you are more retarded then niggers

>>257413047An American civil war would immediately turn into a world war.

>>257417286Appalachia as a contested zone? Please. That whole area would be jogger, gay, lesbian, Muslim, and spic free the day after the boog got started.Lots of good land and nice houses owned by blue fuckwits out there. Civil Insurrection would be a great reason for people to improve their standard of living with a few hours work and a handful of ammunition.

>>257413047>central california>left wingerswrong

>>257417156>we'll see how that attitude changes when the right statistically cant win an election ever againthey consider that a good thing, they are self hating white urbanites

Attached: minnesota votes by county 2016.png (300x336, 28.33K)

>>257417762you retarded burger nigger i literarly copied the map from the OP and added russia and china what are you even on aboutholy shit i change my mind start a civil war in your town so you die and cleanse yourself from the genpool

>>257415178Yeah I dont get that either. I'm in the mountains in the far north and if anything were more like atlanta than yall. Although I totally do see Appalachia going third position

>>257417762And the youngest waifus

I have been saving up money to flee to some other poor country and idk maybe get a hot asian (or some other kind of nonwhite) wife if this happens.Fuck this gay ass country

>>257417838Easy there, Achmed. No offence, noticed it on your map.When We decide to destroy a population, We (first) send a definite order to those among them who are given the good things of this life and yet transgress; so that the word is proved true against them: then (it is) We destroy them utterly.Chapter (17) sūrat l-isrā (The Night Journey)I'm one of the good guys, relax.

Bullshit. People are too comfy to care about fighting. Gotta eat my drugged grease sandwich, drink my Shitler's Brew beer and jerk off to cuck porn. No time for caring about anything.

>>257418013nope u are inbreed retard

>>257417312People aren't going to be comfortable when the country has the demographics of a third world country, the usury based banking system keeps collapsing over and over and the government is engaging in south africa/zimbabwe style theft against them, idiot.>>257417668>those states are also getting flooded with more and more minorities. its simply not happeningWhites will get more right wing as the democrats become increasingly radical lunatics. Linear thinking is shortsighted, leftists won't be able to win without white voters for a while and white voters in the midwest have already begun to shift their behavior.

>>257417954They fuck like porn stars and do housework.Got to find one who isn't a meth addict, that is getting harder.

>>257417156YOU GUYS ALSO FORGET THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF LIBERALS AND MINORITIES WOULD JUST FUCKING LEAVE. MOST LIBERALS HATE AMERICA AND WOULD NEVER FIGHT FOR IT. THEY WOULD JUST FLEE. Civil wars mean both sides care as much as the other for the country. They do not. Most minorities are here for the gibs and most liberal whites hate America and would rather go to Canada or somewhere else. None would be willing to pick up a gun and die for it. It would be the quickest civil war and all you would have to do is tell liberals to fucking leave.

>>257413047the State of Jefferson in Northern California would fight to stay free from the leftists and brown invaders. Southern Oregon too. only Portland and Eugene are left wing, most of Oregon are good old boys

>>257417704Larpagans are the lowest form of niggers. No wonder the christians wiped out the last of those faggots.

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>Nevada, Arizona, Texas>"Left-wingers and the elite"Fixed for you

Attached: Untitleddd.png (399x211, 59.7K)

>>257413124Then Lincoln 2.0 routes the democrats, sandbagging sacks of shit again?Then we march on Europe because yes, Americans can march through the ocean.

>>257418091Said the German born in Ethiopia. Maybe we shouldn't talk about inbreeding. One day We shall seize you with a mighty onslaught: We will indeed (then) exact Retribution!Chapter (44) sūrat l-dukhān (The Smoke)

>>257417668>if the taliban and al-qaeda can organize in their open desert shithole, i'm sure actual white people in diverse landscapes will manage just fine.the taliban and all the other splinter islamist organisations around the world have been organising themselves for decades, theyre both self funded by the drug/human trade and state funded, they have entire networks of mosques in place to fall back on.if a recruit in the afghan army deserts to go join them theres a structure and hierarchy in place instantly for them to slip in to, an american vet/officer making the same move would do what? go home and call his friends up to see what theyre doing? who would then go see what theyre other friends are doing? who would contact their local police officers to find out what theyre doing? how long does that take and who is in charge? do they just agree to work together towards securing their little town and hope the rest of the country sorts itself out?you seem pretty hung up on the race thing regarding politics, it wouldnt take a whole lot for the republican party to start splitting the beaner vote to remain relevant, the whole political landscape is a massive goy puppet show anyway and nothing either side has done so far has lead to armed revolt. theyve already taken away all your freedoms without resistence, an election wont spark anything.

>>257417762Appalachia is the rice fields of America

>>257415178>a revolver with a magazine....ROFLMAO!

>>257413047Anons, THREE CITES. The North from the Pacific cost to the Great lakes would require laying siege to THREE CITES Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis. let the niggers and left wing loonies starve in their cities when the roads are blocked and the food trucks are not delivering. the right has this country by the balls for most of it, because we live where the food it and produce it and SHIP it. if you look the map that entire chunk of the north would only take containing those three cities. Three, that's it.

>>257413293I took 8 years and a new president to recover from the that.And last time a Democrat was in charge after a collapse it took literally 15 years and a world war and that Democrat dying to recover.

Elections in a divided, globalist country mean shit, we need a permanent solution to unite traditional, right wing Whites.

>>257418142As a nerdasexual i need one with no drugs but glasses

>>257417053>>257417668Texas would secure the Mississippi River and New Orleans. Huston and New Orleans are the largest export ports in the country due to all the shipment of material down the Mississippi and the rail lines coming down from Oklahoma into the production heart of Texas.Texas, the Midwest, and the gulf are the future of manufacturing in this country. If a civil war were to happen the east coast would be utter chaos, the southeast still poor and disorganized, and the West coast fully socialist. Texas has the will and the way to win the Mississippi.Whoever has the Mississippi river has the bulk of the nation.

>>257413047Californian Central Valley would be contested, we’re everything NorCal brags about being

>>257413047>live in cities>which are easily cut off from the outsideI hope you got a fleet at your service or something, because most of the population lives in coastal cities

>>257417286It's stupid because human movement on the coasts are North and South. The interior rallies with the Mississippi River.

These threads are stupid and gay because they always neglect certain facts:1. All of the food, water, power, and materials the coasts depend on come from the interior of the country. Full stop. 2. The coasts are easy to blockade. And since they produce nothing, their current economic model (debt spending using federal tax money for a service economy) is unsustainable. They would become third-world within a few months.3. If a new civil war broke out, the first thing that would happen would be the left dissolving into mass-looting, rioting, rape, and murder by the brown hordes they think are on their side. 4. The only organizations that would function on the left are going to be Jewish-led, or Hispanic narco-Marxist gangs supported by the cartels carving out enclaves in California and the Southwest, or whatever compromised government agencies have been sufficiently stacked with leftoid agents to carry on through sheer inertia for a period of a few months or years. That last group will eventually cease to exist as the war gets worse, as government officers would become targets. 5. Any civil war in the USA would become a world war. The economic requirement of the USA in the global model means any war within the borders of the USA would destroy global economic stability and impoverish most of the planet. As the USA is also a huge exporter of food, tens of millions outside of America will starve to death. Many of them in Europe, China, and Africa. 6. The globohomo order would side with the left. Without a subsequent series of revolutions in Europe to overthrow banker-Zionist hegemony, the left would win.

>>257418369A toothless hillbilly with a rifle behind every tree.Nightmare territory for a bunch of vibrant youth with orders to "restore order".I would expect the atrocities committed against 'invaders' would make Satan blush.

>>257418100People have been conditioned to not care about demographics and aren’t allowed to voice an opinion against it without losing their job or academic positions. The banking system has been thieving and collapsing for over 100 years you absolute retard and what have people done? absolutely nothing.

>>257413047Oregonian here. Everyone would be nationalist in the rural areas and small towns. Most fags are in Eugene and Portland.

Attached: 1567334138100.jpg (1751x1648, 1.38M)

>>257413434>>257414974 and a large hungry population, cuz rural whites grow and ship the food and they are on our side. so we will defeat the left by Their stomachs more then Our bullets. we just have to surround the major cities and cut off the roads.

I guess us Appalachians are going to have to do all the real fighting per usual.

>>257418496Does norcal brag about being infested with niggers, spics and pajeets? because we're infested with niggers spics, and pajeets

>>257417828what is that pic supposed to say retard? i already acknowledged they vote blue and said politics would shift?>>257418005dont come back then when we win martinez.>>257417759world war would be a possibility but not a certainty. one thing that 100% would happen though is all world geopolitics would be completely flipped upside down. russia would have free reign to do whatever the fuck they wanted to europe and china to asia.>>257418159fair point but a lot would still fight. especially the spics who would want the southwest states to go to mexico. as for the niggers...i dont even know what we would do with them. maybe we can cede the southwest to mexico and dump all our niggers and spics there. its a trade id be willing to make. we all know theyd turn it into a shithole anyway.>>257418174thats the elite, alright. but there's the left wingers.>>257418321ignore him. some GI stationed in germany probably fucked his sister or something.>>257418329i mean we would be like half of the country lad. they wouldn't have too much trouble defecting.>>257418381exactly. cities are overwhelmingly reliant on daily food shipments, meanwhile the nationalists would be self sufficient. niggers would chimp out so fucking hard in the cities and go around looting and raping everyone. spics would probably do the same. the whole city could be fucking encircled, sieged and starved out in 1 month lmao.>>257418457texas is a spic shithole that would 100% fight liberal so i guess they get the mississipi then.>>257418496you guys are spics >>257418520good point actually, cant believe i didnt think of that. a decent amount of cities are inland too though. im not sure how much food the coastal cities would be getting shipped in?

>>257413047>thinking the US would break apart into clean fronts from the get go in the age of insurgenciesBrainlet-tier take.

>>257418450Easy. I would suggest becoming a public school teachers-aid, or a duly trained EMT or First Responder. If you volunteer to work out there you can get your education cost waived, and your student loans forgiven.Seriously. No-shit-for-real. They need help with everything out there.

>>257415705realize too that when this happens. the Mexican cartels will hand people a gun and point north. 160 million Mexicans to our south joining in. just keep that in mind. this will be a long war and guatamala and the like will join to so when we win we will have land down to the panama cannel! the shit skin culling we need! but a brown blitz will come during the start of all this.

>>257418457>Mississippi River and New OrleansNot the city. The city is just for river traffic, sea borne trade goes through the Port of New Orleans. Different place.

what happens with the nukes?

>>257413124I agree and Tommasi di Lampedusa too. Happenings happen and then back to business.>>257413047I really wanted to ask to Americans: Do Rural Leftists exist? Does the Democrats actually do something for the Rural folk? What's their relationship to Farm owners and workers?The Democratic Party seems to have forgotten its roots, btw.

>>257415730you have to be high IQ to even become a glow nigger I think most of us would be surprised how many glow niggers are on our side. they see the same shit, or have experienced the nigger violence. people are loyal to their race when push comes to shove and they are pushing and shoving us hard and sooner or later we will all snap. including a lot of glowniggers

>>257413293My country after 12 years hasn't fully recovered from the 2008 crisis.

>>257418787Fourth generation warfare would be a thing in every city in the country. But leftism is not big in large swaths of territory and it would peter out. When the shit hits the fan, your fruity white barista friends at Starbucks aren't going to pick up a rifle no matter how much the meme about "shooting nazis". They're going to get into their fucking Prius and go drive to mom and dad's house out in Arkansas.

>>257413047What's the biggest clearly right-wing city in the US of A?

>>257418747>"texas is a spic shithole that would 100% fight liberal so i guess they get the mississipi then.">thinking politics doesn't follow economicsAnon, every war is about money. Texas will unite with the most to gain economically by controlling the Mississippi. Just because a few fags in Austin start chanting for communism it doesn't mean it will be a solid contention.Economic regions that benefit from collaboration have more to gain then fighting an ideological battle "which is only waged when the economic partnership outlook is blowing against them".You fucking retards already forgot this fact. War and revolution are always about money.

>>257418690As always.

>>257418690Gang gang

>>257416000>the establishment and elite would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT be firmly against any sort of right-wing, white majoritarian movement. it's not even a question.Well, duh. They would try to put down any kind of collectivist movement just as quickly, though.There aren't that many "elites" retarded enough to believe that they could be guaranteed any power or security under communism or any other socialist system.It depends on exactly what you mean by "right-wing". This is why people have made all those political measures with more than one axis.What would be seen as a complaint against usury in the past appears today as anti-semitic. Sorry, I mean anti-"job creator".What about National Socialism, though?It's certainly not like communism, private property and capital investment exist, though by this definition China isn't actually communist.However, this activity is only approved by the state if it benefits the nation as a whole, as well as the private individual.Collectivist states are certainly vulnerable to corruption, but that doesn't mean that the elites who are currently in power would benefit from a revolution to institute such a state.I think the potential upside of having greater authority is dramatically outweighed by the potential downside of being sent to the gulag or assassinated.The elites are centrists. Not only that, but they're the worst kind of centrists; they're anti-anti-centrists.

>>257413234You are the glowie, glowie More likely shareblue

>>257415743THIS. this "civil war" will very quickly turn into a racial war. lefty whites will realize real quick when nigs and spics are chimping on them who's side they are on and its not with the shitskins Mexico will invade and niggers and whites will be slaughter where they find them but whites will hold their ground at some point, a fall back line and then go on the offensive but this isn't just an Americans thing or people in America thing, its a race thing and Mexico and all those brown states below it will start a caravan to war this time.

>>257413047>American flag>ladsStop

>>257416127Gtfo shareblue

>>257419092not sure what the landscape looks like now but there was a thread on pol before posted by somebody who wanted to prove that it wasnt voting for democrats that were ruining cities but the cities themselves were inevitably shitholes, like all the 'right wing' most people they just assumed there was loads of them to compare against but it emerged in the thread that the only city in the top 40/50/60 or whatever by population that had a republican lead local government was colorado springs, which is a major hub in the MIC with a bunch of big military tech firms based there.

lmao at that "contested area" in Maryland.

>>257418747>what is that pic supposed to say retard?that you're retarded, don't know anything about the areas you're coloring, and should do a better job>i already acknowledged they vote blue and said politics would shiftso your map is solely based on your fucking daydreaming fantasies, got it

>>257413047>Vermont>American nationalistsRetarded map

>>257413124Sadly first post most truthful post.Everyone "Wants" a revolution but is waiting for enough people to fire the first shots and be forced into it rather than massively kicking it off- If it's just a few people then they are "unhinged radicals not /ourguys/" whether left or right.It's all a larp, it's all a work.

>>257419020I was just speaking regionally. I live in New Jersey and this state will become a battle royal. I've never been to the Midwest (only the south) but I'm planning a trip down to Texas next year.The economic output flowing down the Mississippi river is the most important control point for the interior of the entire nation. People in their timezones usually deal with others to their north and south politically.Remember the Anaconda plan.

Attached: Mississippi_watershed_map_1.jpg (717x563, 130.21K)

>>257418670you guys seem to have been getting a large amount of spics lately though>>257418638literally none of those facts were neglected in this thread>>257418787no, i specifically said in the pic that there'd be infighting in the statesof course, in cities in the nationalist ones and in the country of the left wing ones>>257418891yeah, like i said spics are the biggest issue. the most likely solution is simply that we'll have to cede the southwest to mexico, and ship all our minorities there, and fight the rest that refuse to leave. maybe once we get our airforce back after we could bomb those fuckers to hell where they belong>>257419034they're far and few in between>>257419029not sure. AFAIK they're pretty secure and almost impossible to be stolen or hijacked from the outside. even if you took control of the silo you'd need codes only top generals know. and if the left used nukes on its own people they would lose what little support they had left.>>257419092hard to say, right-wing cities aren't common at all, since shitskins and liberals are attracted to cities like flies to shit. living in a city seriously turns you into an emasculated subhuman>>257419104buddy. texas is literally 25% white in births, and that's probably higher than the real number. it's not going to be fighting for nationalists anytime soon.>>257419427no, its a good word>>257419352>Mexico and all those brown states below it will start a caravan to war this timeyeah. the best solution i see honestly is to cede the southwest to mexico as a peace deal, and send all our shitskins and minorities to it, fighting the ones who stay. it would suck to lose land like cali and texas but it would be overall better for the country.

Attached: file.png (440x410, 35.19K)

>>257419581See >>257419566

>>257416331I got a fren in the army rangers. He says its 50/50. Tgere are entire companies that only speak spanishEhats worse is if ibhad to guess, half the right leaning people woulf shrug and suggort the fascist government of the corporate elite even if they told them to gun down civilians

CaliFag in LA. The libs in CA have no fighting power. Places like Long Beach (biggest port) and OC are huge red enclaves. LA county is blue but the latinos are all pretty redpilled. If anything you'd have to worry about losing CA to Mexico honestly, they'd just all raise up their flags at once and declare it. But if we're sticking with Civil War, CA will fall back into US control within days, if not hours. There is no Antifa in CA like in Oregon. The black gangs are pretty red pilled on the jews but as a fighting force, along with any black panthers, they'd be decimated by actual tactics employed from veteran minute men.I fall back on worrying about the Latinos taking Cali for Mexico. Anything else isnt worth the effort.

>>257418656>Conditioned to not careThat's literally all they care about, there is a reason white flight is a thing. Once whites are no longer able to flee, then the problems start. You're a retarded nigger.

>>257413047OP is high IQ 8kuner

>>257415934There's no history of military coup attempts by the American military. The US military is brainwashed to follow the chain of command no matter what. America lacked the aristocratic tradition of Europe where military commanders were basically ennobled elites who had centuries of history turning against their respective crowns. There are no "lords" in America and there never has been any. So from the highest general down to the lowest boot, they all follow whoever is above them. And the person above them is usually some leftist turd.

>>257418747>a decent amount of cities are inland too thoughThis is where logistics come into play. Inland cities can be blockaded. Rail and road, IEDs and snipers. Cities starve and then surrender.On the coasts everyone says "Sea Transport!"Well, this is true. BUT, how much ocean going tonnage is available over and above what is being used right now in peacetime? For every ton of corn that New York used to get from Nebraska a ton must be found somewhere else in the world, then put on a ship, and then docked in Jersey. If not, food supplies in New York go down.I don't know the answer to that, but I don't think there are enough bulk-cargo freighters swinging at anchor right now to keep NY going for the first 2 months of the Boog, Even if the food was sitting in French warehouses. NY wouldn't have 8 weeks to get their shit together, they would have a week before the food ran out.

>>257413047>Left wingers would have the advantage when it come to military tech.I wonder what demographic makes up the military, dumb ass.

>>257416640Its gunna happen, the boog is still 10 ears away so most og us will be in our 40s to 35 yr olds when it hits with out own childrenYou guys ready to reinact THE ROAD?

>>257414100I like how these rebel scum bags think that transmission lines and power plants are just going to be ignored like they aren't vital. The battle lines will be drawn and you're not even going to be able to get within 300 miles of the east coasts cities, Including DC. You and Grandpa might just cut your own power, but the cities? You're going to find out that cities are more than capable of generating their own power and importing food and goods. All the ports are going to be turned into grocery stores.

>>257413047The Southeast needs to be blue in most rural areas and blue in the major cities ie Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, NOLA, etc. There are a lot of niggers in the blackbelt area, but they are mostly country negroes and totally outgunned. They wouldn't have the will to fight for these areas. They would likely pack their shit up and head for a major urban area. Tl;dr this map should look like the Clinton Archipelago map.

>>257413047With all the racial tensions and state capitol protests nowadays, I figure the American Spring could come December 2020 or early 2021. America is so polarized and tense that, no matter the way that the election goes, there will be riots and bloodshed. If Trump is reelected, the Democrat Party will shift further left. Given how that party is already destabilising, Antifa would be a lot more of an issue than it is now. Bernie's inevitable death in either 2021/22 will cause the spark to turn to flames. The 2022 midterms would be essentially a poll on the state of society. Trump leaves a broken America in 2025, who's economy is trumped (see what i did there?) by China's economy. After this point, the country is essentially dead in the water. Whoever takes office after Trump will be a Democrat, and they will further destabilise the country by opening the floodgates. If Biden is elected, the MAGA Republicans will shift right, causing the far-right to grow. Biden would cause immigrants to flood into the country, making the UK look like a fucking tea party by comparison. If you thought the current president was unstable, then get ready for 4 years of Biden. He would take Trump's mental state and combine it with what are essentially "America second" morals. Again, when Bernie dies in 2021/22, some on the far left will riot, however, this would be sated by the fact that at least a democrat is in power. The far right would grow with each day, being increasingly censored and disarmed with sweeping gun control legislation. Either way, there will be a American Spring in the early 2020's, followed by a civil war.

>>257414100and in all those blue cities they hate the cops and the cops hate them, so law and order would go right the fuck out the window and cops wouldn't give a fuck, they would protect their families and white areas if any. they would join the war on our side fast because they are SO fucking ready to get some revenge on the bitching niggers and the left. it would be gloves off and the cops would enjoy it.

>>257413047I'm surprised you have so much of Arizona and Nevada as leftists in this pic. Outside of the cities Nevada is extremely conservative, same with Arizona. Even Las Vegas, "sin city" seems to me much more openly conservative and redpilled than my city of Kansas City

>>257418670Don't be surprised how many of these weasels hide in local governments. Even in rural towns, pretty much anything that runs along I-5 is controlled entirely by kikes. The only compliment I can give is at least our sheriffs aren't zogged, probably the only ones in the US.

>>257418379They exist. Believe it or not.

>>257413047YOU RETARDS KEEP FORGETTING THAT MOST OF THE LEFT AND MINORITIES WOULD JUST FLEE. You're not even taking into account the many, many lefties who hate America and would never lift a rifle to fight for it. They would just straight up refugee themselves to Canada, Europe, or anywhere that will take them. It wouldn't even be a civil war, but a mass exodus and potentially major American refugee problem.

>>257419680>Long Beach (biggest port) huge red enclavessurely you jest, martinez.

Attached: file.png (453x408, 45.6K)

>>257414671You fucked up Virginia’s flag.

>>257419581>"buddy. texas is literally 25% white in births, and that's probably higher than the real number. it's not going to be fighting for nationalists anytime soon"But Texas has one of the largest state national guard troops. You have no idea what you are talking about.War lines are drawn around economic lines you fucking retard, always. Stability is a question of where you next meal is coming from. Texas needs the output and input from the interior to survive and Texas's neighbors would recognize that.You don't know what the hell you are babbling about.

>>257419581>>257419523So right wing cities don't exist at all. Gotcha

>>257413417>numerically inferior nationalists would try to "pacify" the larger population/recrtuitment centres before they could be used by the leftists.Severing the transportation links between cities and damaging water treatment and electrical is more than enough to "pacify" a city into irrelevance. If you look at the Yugoslavian cities under siege during the breakup the power got cut and the people reverted from being a productive group capable of building arms to one that needs excessive maintenance just to survive. Plus large amounts of infighting within the city that needs to be dealt with by the government. Roads, electrical and water; thats all you need to win a war. The US can't seem to understand that nation building is impossible because the opposition will just be where you aren't. T.E Lawrence brought the up back in the 1910s and was scoffed at by the military leaders of the era and the situation hasn't improved much in spite of a century of evidence proving that modern military forces CANNOT occupy a nation any longer. In Medieval and Ancient times "occupation" meant mass death and slavery of the original population and anyone getting ideas after the initial conquest would end up getting their entire city razed. Modern Democratic-Republics cannot handle this fact because of their ethics.

>>257415705yeah dude you're glowing, there's absolutely no need to mag dump qt asian waifus or based castiza women

>>257414387have you been noticing the discussion it created. when we start to reach bump limit we need someone to bake another bread

>>257419727thank you

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>>257420122Ignore the retard. He obviously doesn't understand war is propelled by the willingness to wage it and the only reason to wage it is you are expecting a net benefit eventually from those efforts.

>>257420092Where do you get these from?

>>257419808yeah, the majority of liberals live around the coasts, which can easily be blockaded from the interior to our advantage. can a bunch of boats feed 150 million shitskins? i dont know the first thing about cargo and boats but it doesnt sound reasonable to me either

>>257419762Major General Smedley Darlington Butler would like to have a word with you...

>>257413661You haven't seen the army recently. They promote nonwhites whenever possible because they recognize the instability of the (formerly true) situation you describe. You CANNOT count on a white majority anywhere.

>>257419566My mistake, please forgive me.

>>257419815it will happen between 2024 and 2030it has to happen before 2030, or we dont even have a chance. 3 million shitskins flood our country every year, we're reaching critical mass here.

People seem to forget the latinos will not form coalitions with blacks. Expect major minority infighting. Only asians will keep to themselves and protect their vietnamese nail salons.

>>257418174>not creating greater texas with natural border

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>>257420089Hey, see >>257419831In the initial stages they will flee to the nearest major leftist area which will most likely be an urban city center. The ones, whether black or white, will not have the will or ability to fight for "fly over" areas they may live in. I don't mention Hispanics because the ones that can will simply flee across the southern border and return home.

Long story short, USA will be like a large Yugoslavia but much worse and likely alot longer

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>>257414560it just means access to the Hudson Bay becomes necessary. Great Lake Revival!

>>257415004Mormons' are more loyal to 'mormon identity' than to any ethnic group. They are just christcucks after all, and no obscure, vague comment about white=good in the book of mormon will change that. Forget about them.

>>257419830this must be satire>>257419831the southeast states are pretty much exactly a 50/50 split in births, they'd be one of the fighting states. alabama and mississippi probably have the best chance, which is why i gave them a bit of blue.

>>257415004Mormons' are more loyal to 'mormon identity' than to any ethnic group. They are just christcucks after all, and no obscure, vague comment about white=good in the book of mormon will change that. Forget about them.t. ex mormon

>>257420323The "Business Plot" was a hoax.

>>257420266Problem is: Mexican Cartels exist to supply liberals of their beloved mind-numbing substances.Don't you think they already have numbers and hosts waaaay beyond this line?I do. Up to Canada and Alaska

>>257413047hey, incelwork harder on getting laid and spend less time on your bullshit delusions

>>257419924That's the plan.

>>257420146This.Here in Upstate NY we could just block the reservoirs and NYC would be totally out of water

If you think Eastern Pa will be dominated by Liberals? You’re an idiot

Attached: DC5FAACB-FEB2-4FA1-879D-42D10D71A705.jpg (634x634, 61.39K)

>>257413047Since you retards are having issues, I thought I'd jump in to help.If the map is accurate and shit kicks off in an hour...this will and/or has to happen:1. Chicago and twin cities. Sieges need reinforced by nightfall. No one in, no one out. After a week, white families will need protection. Early morning ops.2. Blacks in every city will become a dangerous liability. Moving them out would be a priority.3. Hollywood would need crushed hard and fast. Visible prisoners and executions. Silicon valley next. Both sides would see A listers on their knees.4. The Carolinas need pushed to the beach. Beach heads along the eastern boarder need contested. If the left has uncontested access to the ocean, they will get support. This also divides forces. 5. If you wanted blacks, Jews Mexicans out, this would be the time to isolate them. Mexico is the best option. 6. Gangs would be an issue for the first 3 months. After cities were sieged for a while, the biggest and baddest of them would lead attacks. Fish in a barrel to fixed positions.7. The most important objective is to catch traitors and the subjugators.


>>257415095I'm not so pessimistic. If you look at civil wars in third world countries, you can see that other countries usually will try to intervene for one side or another rather than staying neutral. For example Turkish support has kept the rebels going in Syria. I think a lot of countries would support a rebel group in the US, if only to weaken the US internationally.

>>257419843it really could be any time within the next 10 years. im hoping around 2024 because i'll have my shit in order and be prepared by then, right now i'm living in a shitskinned state (texas) that would try to kill me for being white if SHTF

>>257420433We all will, eventually. But it's even more sickening when you consider the fact that it wasn't like this in Europe only a few decades ago. We (as in society) are - voluntarily and naively - laying the foundation for future civil wars.

Attached: 1557524269641.jpg (1080x915, 219.96K)

>>257413047Its a lot easier than that its city fag leftys vs everyone and the cuty fags lose in a very very short war

>>257420146Unless they have had a century of turning one group (whites) into a supposed evil. I don't think the Jews and their brown legions would lose a wink of sleep over slaughtering all 200 million whites.

>>257420507The Cartels would gladly move into a power vacuum and take control of the cities. They can still supply droogs and control the cities right? Essentially would be a giant turf war along the Rio Grande.

>>257413124This, unfortunately

>>257413047The reason this list fails is because it assumes the elite conform to the idealologies of any class

>>257414671>With bread for allYou worthless ungrateful fucks already have more bread than you could ever eat right now

>>257413047>Southern Colorado left wing>Denver metro area right wingWrong.

>>257419830Delusion. Funny, but delusional. I would ask how the toilet-paper crisis is playing out on the East Coast these days. Did the Port of New York become a paper-products superstore during this crisis? With so much money to be made on paper how much showed up in the stores?The asswipe shortage was funny, if it was wheat, corn, and ground beef I think there would be less laughter.As to power transmission, high tension lines and transformers are everywhere. Going to need a lot of guards.

>>257419972because they're filled to the brim with brown 80 iq spics not loyal to our country nor cause>>257420458mormons voted overwhelmingly trump last election, we'll have to see.>>257420526you're going back, hernandez.>>257420868picrel

Attached: file.png (958x808, 227.81K)

>>257420492The only parts of either Alabama or Mississippi that may stay leftist are the coasts. The only think keeping them from being right--wing strongholds are the niggers, and they will just flee when the fighting starts. You have to remember, that while many of these areas have a heavy black population, they don't actually outnumber whites. Many, if not all, of the whites in these areas are redpilled on the nigger question from having to live with them in such high concentrations. Then consider how high the rate of gun ownership is among these whites. Finally, consider that many, if not most, of the niggers in these areas are dirt floor poor and live government paycheck to government paycheck. They don't have anything tieing them here. They don't care about their roots or any of that. What you will have in these areas is basically the Rhodesian Bush War 2.0, except this time there will be way more whites and no outside forces to pile on support for the niggers. They won't stay and fight, and if they try it they won't do so for long. Idk for certain, but I think they'd primarily flee to Atlanta. Dallas and New Orleans.

>>257413047>Texas and the South>Left Wingers & The EliteAnother retarded arbitrary Civil War thread. >>257413467>what are Bragg, Benning, Bliss, Pendleton, Lejeune , Hood, Jacksonville, San Diego, Adams/Area 51

>>257420360I'm just pointing out that Louisiana is the most important control point in the entire nation and for reason.Remember kids, war happens when stability and economics are less favorable to potential gains outweighing the probable losses and increased instability.

Attached: 75c87dcd-f7d5-453a-98d4-75ef303aec517.6.2.2.Texas-Civil-War-battles.opt-origin.jpg (600x360, 43.2K)

>>257420526It will be over soon Schlomo

Get fucking serious, in the event of a Republican vs Democrat civil war it wouldn't even be a fight.The Republicans would stomp the Democrats out so fast your head would spin

Holla Forums is such up it's own ass with this one. You people should already know politics center around geography and economics.

>>257420433Much, much worse. Ethnic Cleansing Genghis Khan style, going to make Stalin look like an amateur.

>>257421159NOLA could easily be flooded, like the Dutch did to the Germans.

>>257413047>still believing libshits and cuckservatives aren't on the same side as the kikes

Attached: 1571309763081.gif (330x297, 1.58M)

>>257413047>>257418682What if China feeds and fuels them?

Attached: comic.png (696x561, 21.79K)

>>257413047America is going to more kind of fall apart like the USSR did at the end. This will happen within the next 20 or so years.

>>257421159Nice catch user. I don't think anyone had really considered how vital the Mississippi river system may be for the leftists to supply their potential inland strongholds. It is absolutely crucial to control those ports. It's a good thing there is any easy way to make most of New Orleans unusable in a matter of hours.

>>257413047>South is leftist >northeast is nationalist What the actual fuck are you smoking?

>>257420579South and North Carolina would likely be under full republican control within a week, outside of Columbia, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Charleston would be a cluster due to all the niggers, but I am not so sure all niggers would fight for the Liberals. I would think whites could ally with many niggers against spics.

>>257421263Doesn't matter. It's the only heavy shipping route into the gulf. Our coast to coast nation depends on the defense of the Mississippi River outlets.That is the key reason the south lost the civil war.

>>257413047>Deep South is fighting with the leftistsSomething is seriously wrong with this.

Why do NE and West coast states cuck so faithfully in 90% of elections despite being mostly white, while southern whites manage to, despite abysmal demographics, band together and win races? I mean you've seen an unbroken chain for 150 of based behavior from the southern whites, whereas the whites up north cant seem to do a goodam thing? Northern whites are simply not pulling their weight. Also in aware both parties suck but it is a good proxy for cuckedness. God bless the southern whites and the lower midwest- without them; this country would be worse than Canada and Sweden. They fight tooth and nail against great odds and refuse to cuck. It is my assertion that the NE and west coast whites are the most cucked whites on Earth.

>>257421159>Louisiana is the most important control point in the entire nation and for reason.He who controls the Gumbo controls the universe

>>257421468Exactly my point. OP is sucking a bag of dicks with this one.

>>257421556I don’t disagree. Just pointing out NOLA would be important choke point, but you could flush (pun intended) all the people out of there.

Your map is upside down, tard.

>>257413047> jefferson> contestedOnly because you included humboldt

>>257421090>>257421646>>257421556>>257421577yes, retards. i dont know how you stupid fucks dont get this yet, so let me spell it out for you:SPICS. INVADED.TEXAS. (and the rest of the south.)I LIVE HERE. THE STATE IS GONE.You can literally look this up, retard. It's fucking official government stats that the births here are literally 25% white. Twenty five fucking percent, and even that seems like pushing it compared to what I see when I go outside. Ted Cruz beat Beto by a margin of 1 fucking percent. 30 years ago they were winning by fucking massive margins. You may not know this, but California literally carried Reagan hard in the 1980 election. if texas doesn't go blue this year, it'll be close as fuck, and it 100% will go blue in 2024 and every election thereafter.California was voting right-wing, overwhelmingly, just FORTY YEARS AGO. Take a look at it now. FORTY YEARS, from right-wing traditionalism to a minority white third world shithole. It's a microcosm for the future of the rest of the country if we dont act fast. Demographics are destiny.>>257421596because they haven't had to deal with minorities yet. they think they're actually humans.

Attached: 1444241230162.jpg (400x386, 36.78K)

This map is literally exactly how i imagine it happening as well. Keep in mind blacks are leaving Chicago and Detroit for southern states in massive numbers, so Chicago could easily become a bargaining chip to swap blacks from Chi/Detroit for whites caught behind enemy lines. Also dont forget about the hundreds of military bases around the world that would become mini-war zones, flipping to one side or the other and eventually coming back to the mainland for the war. National Guards in intact states would be activated and moved up to the front lines and volunteer militias would form for the nationalists. Marines and Army defectors would also bring gear and hardware as best they could as well, but being sepratists would likely recieve aid from Russia as Putin has promised aid to American seperatists before. Aid would likely include humanitarian supplies as well as heavy weapons and Nationalist forces would quickly get them to the front; which thanks to geography would largely be centered around southern Kansas and colorado as the Government forces attempt to break through the open fields and flank eastern forces in Appalachia which would be a massive nigh impregnable choke point for government forces and logitiscal nightmare for DC to attempt to overrun. Nationalists could hold them at the Rockies could eventually take the Washington/Oregon Coast. Nationalist Strengths:>Aid from Russia, China, Iran, and NK>more trained combat vets/combat ready men>more agricultural capacity >higher will to fight >protected by many natural barriers and more territory to give up>more resources such as oil in the Dakota's, crucial to fighting a prolonged conventional warNationalist Weaknesses>older population>less total Troops to draw upon comparatively>less money and assets>less military manufacturing (Much of US defense manufacturing is based in Cali, Texas, and Virginia) >Much less coastline to receive shipping and supplies>reliance on Russia for heavy weapons

Attached: 1446514972338.png (1200x750, 63.33K)

>>257413047There is no way in hell the southeast is going to be "left wingers and the elite"

>>257421546>but I am not so sure all niggers would fight for the LiberalsJoggers would be to busy robbing their houses and raping their daughters. They are not going to drive out into the country for free-style looting, they are going to just head across town. I don't see William and Jamal having a fruitful planning session if Jamal just raped and murdered Williams wife, and his cock is dripping her blood.

>>257419830>anyone here is delusional but youyou're going to be importing food from where? China? Venezuela? Cuba? Maybe Vietnam or Laos, somewhere that's going to support your shitty wannabe soviet civil war? Your ports are going to be graveyards just like your cratered skyscrapers. Cope harder.

>>257414741Yeah but that map doesn’t make any sense Dallas + brazos valley + panhandle would begin Nationalist controlled.

so who do you think will be the USA's Slobodan Milošević?

Attached: milosevic_1905734c.jpg (460x319, 37.19K)

>>257421836>"SPICS.">"INVADED.">"TEXAS."You don't quite understand what I'm saying. The political power projection and industrial strength of Texas (white or spic) will have the most to gain by essentially controlling Louisiana to consolidate the interior of the continent.

>>257421988i guess he's counting niggers on their team

>>257417055The smart move would be just to defect in place as a unit, one company or even base at a time instead of one man at a time. AWOL is giving up your access to strategic resources and geography.

>>257421942>less military manufacturing (Much of US defense manufacturing is based in Cali, Texas, and Virginia)Heavy Manufacturing, yes. All small-arms production is now in red states. I think that is an important point.

>>257421836Yankees and West Coast people, despite leading the charge for racial equality, homosex, immigration, gun control, feminism, have no fucking room to brag about anything. Hell they have no room to make fun of Yuros either. I cant thing if a single based thing that NE states have done (on purpose) for like 200 years. I mean I resent the fact that their states are pushing illegal immigration which flows 90% to states that actually contain based whites. Hell these people have already lead the charge importing more illegal immigrants than there ever were african slaves to start with. Could you imagine how much less fucked this place would be if these 90% states were filled with people who voted like southerners? Why can the southern whites win elections and yankee whites cannot? >>257421577Look you idiot, yankee and west coast people led the fucking charge importing those spics. How can a state like Texas or florida, with massive amounts of spics and major urban areas not cuck in every election whereas these 90% white states cannot uncuck for a single election? It is disgraceful that these places are not carrying their weight. Look at Georgia- they have Atlanta to contend with plus massive amounts of blacks and spics... yet they refuse to cuck despite getting ZERO fucking help from their useless "brothers" up north who cant cardy a fucking 90% white state.

>>257422239Nig zones will become battle royal areas. Northeast included. New England would consolidate tho.

>>257421836Texas might be gone but Louisiana to Florida ain't and good Texans will flood east when it happens

GUYS GUYS!!! Simmer down and remember the key factors that align allies in a war......Economics and the flow of raw resources

Attached: Screen_shot_2011-05-21_at_8.41.56_PM_large.png (480x371, 261.67K)

>>257422264This happened frequently in Yugoslavia. The base surrendered to locals, and the garrison was allowed to go home, or the locals were the garrison, and just opened the gates. That's why Yugoslavia went from a communist country to the most heavily armed civilian population on planet earth in the space of a month.

>>257413047You will have to secure some ports on that map. Your fucked without access to the sea.

im abandoning this thread, bye. too much effort trying to explain shit to 70 IQ retards who have their heads in the sand and are so fucking bluepilled and unaware of what america really is and whats happening to Her. you'd think people here would have at least a rudimentary understanding of basic politics since it's a political board but i guess i was expecting too much, Christ this board has really gone downhill. Holla Forums has such a distorted, false view of america that its makes me want to suck start a shotgun.fuck every single retard in this thread. you are all completely retarded subhuman NPC sheep that deserve to have your asses lined up against a wall and executed by firing squad. the reason we will never get anywhere is because you stupid fucks never research anything and just repeat nonsensical bullshit you heard from a 1 post by this ID thread the other day. there has to be some better website for political discussion than this dumpster firefuck every single one of you subhumans and may you all burn in hell. Good God.

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>>257422009That why you straight up give the blacks their own territory.

>>257422239The only people in the country that have shown the backbone to deal with the blacks are southern whites. The notion that NE is going to do anything but what they've been doing for the last few centuries (boot lick the Feds and support every stripe of nasty degeneracy imaginable) is laughable. The only decent people (generally speaking- I mean I'm aware there are good people in every state) are the southern whites and midwesterners (some of them). It is an unironic blessing that the black population is concentrated around the only whites capable of dealing with them. The southern whites are the only ones I'd put my money on against the blacks tbqh.

>>257413047Carolinas, Mississippi and Alabama go Left Wing? Are you fucking retarded?

>>257422568No one cares, kys

>>257421942Why did you spend half a wall of text talking about niggers like they make a difference? wtf.

>>257413047Why do stupid rednecks continue this meme that cities are “easily cut off from the outside?”Ffs, most of them are on coasts alone

>>257422523>Economics and the flow of raw resourcesHow much food do the red states export? If any, how much of that food is critical to feeding foreign countries? If a nation depends on red-state agriculture, then that country would support whoever can conquer the area, or support the local government that can keep the food coming.


Attached: Precinct-Map-2016-1080x607.png (1080x607, 592.19K)

>>257422239Typical yankee drivel. Cities are trash but who cares. Niggers down here are fucking docile and will be the first ones to run north of the mason dixon or be killed.You really underestimate the power of racist whites down here. Even with so many niggers these states are the most reliable red states in the country. How is that you reckon?

>>257422568>"70 IQ retards who have their heads in the sand and are so fucking bluepilled and unaware of what america really is"Says the guy who thinks battles are just over wedge issues and race. That is a factor at play with stability. HOWEVER...Economics is prime. EVERY WAR IS ABOUT MONEY, CONTROL, AND RISK. ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IS THE "JUSTIFICATION" SOLD TO THE NPC'S.

>>257422628And hope they stay there, they may not.


>>257422877The cities are a fucking powderkeg of brown hordes waiting to explode. You cut power off or EBT for about a week and you are going to start seeing them burn. Seriously, the cities would have their hands 100% full just dealing with their own mess much less actually being of any use.

>>257413047This whole map looks like it was made by a European.

>>257413047Costal areas will be a bloodbath. People in the hills and rural areas will keep to themselves or will become small communities and kill any outsiders leaving the rest of the world to burn itself down

>>257421836Everything south of I-20 is Mexico

>>257422886It's a lot. I know Canada imports loads of food from the Midwest via railcar.

Attached: water-virtual-trade.jpg (749x391, 223.46K)

>>257422877>t. city nigger that's gonna starve

>>257423147>the cities would have their hands 100% full just dealing with their own mess much less actually being of any use.Yes, this exactly.