Supply and Demand

Why do you dislike basic capitalism when e-thots do it?

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>>257412454Because she’s not riding my dick right now.

>>257412454I'm pro sexual-socialismI just want to fuck a woman that's not a whore

>>257412454I dislike whores, nothing mysterious about it.

What does capitalism has to do with supply and demand? Would there not be that without capitalism?

I hate it regardless, and stop conflicting capitalism with free markets

>>257412454She's so overrated holy shit. There are way prettier women and you don't have to pay for their nudes because they're all online...

>>257412454I don't, simps deserve to be milked and mocked

I never liked capitalism, so

>>257412454Simps discust everyone. They need to be purged.

>>257412454Its the consumer i hate.

>>257412454I don't dislike it when the thots are self-aware and even incorporate their status in to their act.It's only annoying when the thots try to pretend that they are anything other than what they are.

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>>257412454I don't. I just pity the white cucks who's paid to buy her bath water. E-thots are not that way for shits and giggles, they act like thots because there are thousands of white cucks who would spend a fortune just to see a thot smile or wink at them.

>>257412454This is late stage neoliberal capitalism. Not basic

>>257412739>>257412737Our ancestors restrained female sexuality, not men's, for a reason. You don't fix the problem by focusing on men, despite what tradcucks want to believe; just like you don't controk an animal's population by targeting the males. So many problems will fix themselves if we'd just take women's rights away, but we look to try every option other than the correct one

>>257412454I think people under rate Belle Delphine. Calling her a e-thot is like calling Pewdiepie a gamer. It really discounts what makes her unique, first and foremost being her sense of humor. She’s like a physical comedian who has found this weird kind of modern burlesque. She wasn’t just selling bathtub water, she was performing the theater of selling bathtub water and doing it so over the top and lewd that it was actually funny. She’s interesting.Most of the others are whores

>>257412454Its jealousy really, I understand it to be honest. If someone paid me to scratch my ball sack in front of a camera I would quit my job immediately. Why work when you can just fap it once a day for your ''fans'' and live off it.But then again I have no idea how it feels like to go to sleep and realize my only worth is my ball sack and when that sack starts sagging I will be left wondering what the fuck will I do with my life now when my only working skill was my tight sack.Its dangerous to depend on your sack.

>>257412817>their actThis. There’s a difference between Burlesque, stripping, and prostitution and there’s even graduations in each group, like crack whore vs courtesan. Belle Delphine is clearly smart and entertaining, but probably not marriage material. She’s much funnier than any Hollywood comedienne from the last decade anyway.

>>257413302>I don’t know what it’s like to go to bed and wonder what I will do when people use up the last of my value which I can feel slipping away dailyAre there people who really have never had these feelings?Regardless, I can tell you this: 100% of women under 30 do this almost every night. I’m for most of our biological existence, women’s survival strategy has been based on fertility and youth and the knowledge that those get used up and must be exploited to provide for “a second career” (child rearing) is biologically hardwired into them.

>>257412454Ethots will exist as long as simps exists.

>>257413830No, not really, I am simple man, I want to work until I'm old and broken, then retire and spend my last years working in my garden.No ambitions or anything, I just want simplicity. I'll leave money hunting and ''taking the world'' to someone else, as long as they stay the fuck away from me and my garden.

>>257412454We don't have anything against exchannge of money part, it is indeed free market.The issue is with young girls degrading themselves online and degenerating young men and society as a whole

>>257412454I see capitalism as an economic policy, not a moral one. You can be capitalistic while still having regulations so long as they're not designed to strangle the economy. Capitalism does not mean anarchy.

>>257412454>all products produced in a capitalist society are inherently good for that societyNigger what? Oxycotin, all ADHD medicine, junk food, high interest loans just to name a few. Is it really that fucking hard to understand that that all of the fap material is produced by vampires who are sucking the sexual and spiritual energy from us?

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>>257413039I agree with this up to a point but I can’t help but feel there’s a string puller there. She doesn’t strike me as bright enough but who can say?

>>257413039She is a treasure compare to 99% of the ethots out there. Still wouldnt give a penny.

>>257412454>Why do you dislike basic capitalismBecause it is jewish filth. Gas yourself faggot.

Under Fascism, all E-Thots must be inducted into the personal harem on the leader in order to obtain their e-thottery license, thus making all simps also cucks.

>>257412454what a dumb slut, i would fuck her stupid brains out and cum in her eye


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>>257412817Imagine paying real dollars to watch this shit.

>>257416356Imagine paying real dollars to watch a man.

It's using sex to take advantage of men with LOW social skills. They are predatory in nature and using the increasing male loneliness to profit and live an already easier life.

>>257412454Whores and simps should be shamed.


>>257412454There isn’t a demand though. I don’t see why anyone would pay when you can see leaked nudes of most of these e-thots

>>257412454I want to stomp his skull in

The free market cannot exist without a strong moral foundation. The founding fathers knew this.

>>257412454What are e-thots supplying? Nothing that can't be found for free. They are breaking the laws of supply and demand because of idiots spending their parents money or their neet bucks for being disabled autists.

Can you even imagine wanting to stick around after hitting that? Before you even finished popping in her pussy you'd wanna split.

>>257416356youtube and thothub and God only knows how many other sites, you don't need to pay

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>>257412454i dislike capitalism all the time

>>257412956This. The "repression" women faced was a response from our brethren on these whores.

>>257416647No amount of greentext will change the fact that he's a man.

>>257416651It's not about the nudes, there's an ocean of ass and titties larger than anyone could ever hope to consume on the Internet. It's about exploiting the hope some of these guys have, however delusional it may be, that one of these e-girls would or could ever possibly actually like them. These are lonely men who can't find companionship and these thots are exploiting that. >Hurr well they deserve itWeakness does not give you a license to exploit or abuse someone for your own enjoyment. Only sociopaths think it does.

I dislike capitalism all the time, you stupid dog.

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>>257412454Because it is caused by female collusion to deny men affection and love and supported by the state via male taxpayers.Like all monopolies and cartels.

>>257412564Michael moore might be a fat idiot but his documentary on the 2007 gfc is solid gold. I remember fox News telling me buying gold was un american. At 495$ an ounce. Within 3 years it was 1600$ an ounce. You believe what you want to believe and i believe that everyone with a position of authority would kill me in a heartbeat if it meant they weren't inconvenienced later.

>>257412454>>257412817>>257417138People pay for this?

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>>257412454I hate capitalism all together. It's moneygrabbing jew ideology. Third position all the way.

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>>257417502OK edgelord

>>257417609Who's paying for this? My gf is way hotter than that and shes black.Also why are you saving pics of her user?


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>>257412454She looks cute and hot ass bit her feet is very long

>>257417782>flag>jogger "g"fchecks out

>>257412454>when e-thots do it?Because fuck women thats why. Capitalism never mentioned anything about degeneracy. Theres a demand for heroine too. Doesnt mean you sell it.


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>>257417138This is what you look like when you masturbate anons

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There is also demand for pedophilia you know

>>257418093fuck that’s an ugly mug, I think a bag would work better than make up desu

>>257418093I'm loving it... Thanks user

>>257417609again uggo face way too small breasts that make her hips and ass disproportionally large and not in the sexy way. Fucking hard pass

>>257418017Better a church girl then some euro simp lol



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>>257418093I wonder how much he paid for those implants.>inb4penistuck


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>>257412454I don't, but I do hate simps because I feel as though I completely understand their world view and conception of themselves and mine are completely superior to theirs. I feel as though I was of the same mindset as them for a brief period when I was 14-16 years old which ended when I figured out how to deal with women successfully. I can't respect them as humans. The e-thots I have no problem with.

>>257418514Ficki ficki

>>257418514last one. She's kinda goofy looking without makeup

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>>257412454I dislike basic capitalism when jews do it too

>>257412454>Thinking Holla Forums is cuckservative "muh capitalism must not be infringed" and using general reddit-tier arguments derived from this ideaI don't think almost anyone here believes in unrestricted capitalism (there's a few libtardians but not many) where you could manufacture and sell whatever. And even most self-professed capitalists wouldn't want that.

>>257417477Indeed they do. And even buy the dirty tub water. I can't even fathom why. Porn is all over the internet anyways.Attention seeking I guess, but, that would mean they don't go outside or meet people irl. Weird af that those people even exist. They're probably ugly, stupid, fat and retarded.

>>257412454>Why do you dislike basic capitalism when e-thots do it?I am a communist.Sharing is loving.

>>257418619>She's kinda goofy looking without makeupI kind of have a thing for that. Looks good to me.

>>257418619She looks like she is 13 years old without make up you fucking pedo

>>257418619You can really see the Khoisan genes without makeup

>>257418892>She looks like she is 13 years old without make up you fucking pedoShe's jewish, married and has herpes.

>>257418619Looks no different then the rest, I’ll be honest user imo the face is just awful. I’m an ugly bitter fuck but even I’ve fucked girls way better looking.


>>257418619>without makeupLol

>>257412454I dislike capitalism in general because it gives an edge to the immoral to get rich.

>>257412454I dislike basic capitalism

>>257418289The fuck? I have a solution for you user, if you don't like wide hips-- go fuck a boy.

>>257412454whatever happened to ole belle? Did she just take the money and run?Smart girl

>>257412454 (OP)>Supply and Demandthat's an inaccurate description of capitalismThere is no demand. What is demand? Who demands demand? Can someone with nothing demand something and does that help the economy? no and no.Someone who is demanding something must offer something in exchange for whatever they want. So someone who is demanding something is also supply something.capitalism is about the mutual exchange of goods and services and is based solely on production.

i respect women who get naked, make porn ect .. for moneyethots that get paid to be suggestive, or stick their tongues out .. their orbiters need the rope.

>>257419017Excuse me: I am homeless. I am gay. I have AIDS. I'm new in town.

>>257418514>>257418363>>257418093No wonder she puts that shit on her eyes now. Without she looks like a downie.

>>257412454i dislike those idiots that fuel this shit

>>257416469ThisWhen women are exploited its all over the newsWhen men are exploited - like with this - its absolute crickets. This is the real issue and what nobody ever talks about.

>>257417782>My gf is way hotter than that and shes black.kek

>>257412454I honestly don't have a problem with it, as such.I do look down on the people giving them money though. It's kinda pathetic.

>>257416162Or just gas the thots and take their wealth.

>>257419159>>257419234Capitalism is good for one or two generations, then it consolidates and giant monopolies form that can influence it and basically end up controlling the government, and the government has to exist to enforce contracts. This status is probably heavily aggravated by the technological advances, like on instance automatization, which humanity never had to deal with ever and will probably spell tyranny for the people in the future, no matter of the country or system in place. Technology gives too much power to few over the many. Be it a mere surveillance and tracking and predicting people's decisions and movement with the power of the trained AI from it used for precrime, or sheer weapons of mass destruction, like biological and chemical weapons. Not even including the nukes. Or control with the consolidated media held and ran by unaccounted private interests.

>>257419365what's the difference? You click on a porn video and you get bombarded with ads, the revenue of which goes to female pornstars. It costs you date/electricity to process that shit. You're still paying for porn, even if it's free by comparison.

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>>257415768Both communism and capitalism are jewish.

>>257412520>I'm pro sexual-socialism>I just want to fuck a woman that's not a whoreIn socialism women recognized as means of production and thus will be shared among everyone.

>>257412520Not possible without immense social pressure, shaming, and laws. Think about this, Women are so irresponsible... that society had to be built around controlling them. The patriarchy didn’t take humble, virtuous women and turn them into domestic slaves; it took untrustworthy, self-destructive whores and turned them into normal human beings.

>>257412454I don't dislike it. I just have contempt for those that spend money on it.

>>257412454That's just their excuse for doing almost nothing.Like I tell them, 30 bucks for a bikini pic - NO - you show up and suck it for that.That's when they lose their minds and start screaming I hate they have a job and am mad they make money and on and on...YOU SHOW UP AND PERFORM BITCH - they hate that...

>>257420652so the reason being is they are fucking up the market - they hand these lazy no hands on cunts too much money - a penny a pic and 5 cents a vid maybe....But if they don't show up in person and suck it, 30 bucks is out of the question, period.

>>257412518This. Ethots are an artificial market that would collapse if real whoring was legalized. Obviously it would have its niche but the ethot market is very overinflated and due for a bubble burst.

>>257412454Porn is like software. You only have to make it once, but you can sell many many copies of it.So in a way, E-Thots are software developers and distributors.

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>>257417322>Weakness does not give you a license to exploit or abuse someone for your own enjoyment. Only sociopaths think it does. Thats just women, if they cant benefit from your strength they will exploit your weakness, either way in their hearts and minds its all about them, plan your life and finances accordingly

>>257418093Goddamn talk about a butterface, poor thing

>>257412454>Why do you dislike basic capitalism when e-thots do it?There is no valid ethical objection to e-thots. Only incel moralism.

>>257417253It's Hilarious, read "Assemblywomen" by Aristophanes. It's about what would happen in Ancient Greece if women were allowed political power.And amazingly though it is fiction it accurately predicts many things happening now.They knew man, they always knew. Which is why the Greeks kept their women on lock.

>>257412454Belle Delphine isn't merely a thot, she's a performance artist sexual comedian.To that end, I don't dislike thots. I dislike low-effort, high-entitlement thots who think they are unironically owed patronage regardless of their inability to sufficiently engage and entertain an audience.More than the thots, though, the problem is the simps. I can only dislike thots. I -hate- simps, because the simp does not pay to support their entertainment - the simp pays to maintain an illusion of a fake, imagined friendship. He pays to be in her discord for the .0001% chance of dating her.

>>257412454i dont

>>257412454My problem with OnlyFans is that it's literal gender inequality in action. What do you think the gender wage gap is on onlyfans? Yet there's no 'muh equality' faggots calling for men to get an equal slice of that pie is there?OnlyFans is an inhumanly vast monument to the fact that women enjoy lives of consummate privilege and ease, that they are pampered and protected from any real consequences. A living proof that women do not deserve the same rights as men because they will never ever have the same concerns and needs as men, they just get everything for free.Yet still. Still. Hundreds of millions of fucking insufferable pissants still believe women are 'equal' and should be permitted to vote on critical issues that will never adversely affect their pampered princess lives, whilst men have to bear the absolute brunt of any problems caused as always.Simp:>I LOVE WHAMEN GIVE WHAMEN MONEY GIVE WHAMEN GIFTS MONEY GIFTS CARS HOUSES MONEY GIVE MONEY TO WOMEN PAY WOMEN MONEY TO WOMEN I LOVE WOMEN WOMEN GIVE GIVE GIVE NOT MEN JUST WOMEN GIVE TO WOMEN TAKE FROM MEN GIVE TO WOMENAlso simp:>Uhhh men and women should get equal treatment lolFucking insanity.

>>257412454I really wonder what she looks like with no makeup and no wig.

>>257412454one post shill nigger with a kike whore

>>257421562>My problem with OnlyFans is that it's literal gender inequality in actionNonsense, a man can be on there, but he will have to accept the fact that most of his subscribers will be other dudes.

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>>257421769What is this guy’s page pls

>>257412454Only NPCs, niggers and retards like capitalism around here.

>>257412454e-thots are an excellent source of revenue if you're in the business of selling overpriced bullshit name brands to females.just a reminder that you take money /from/ them, you don't give money /to/ them.

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>>257418619That's a hapa.

>>257421769Come on dude. Men can be models and prostitutes too but they earn fractions of what women do. The wage gap in modelling is absolutely eye-watering, especially considering how much harder the males have to work on their bodies. But the 'muh equality' faggots don't say anything about that.It's hypocrisy, out and out hypocrisy and I hate it.

>>257421835cute froggi

I think cam-whores are based.They reveal who the scummiest and pathetic of men are, they milk them dry and throw them away like the fucking trash they are. And it keeps incompetent women out of the work force, because that's all these specific women ARE good for, is looking good on camera.

>>257421115yeah, in a way... as in no way... you non fucking moron

>>257416356imagine not getting paid real dollars to promote that shit

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>>257422132lawsuits and political activism should ensue promptly - any shit the left pulls should be rammed back down their throats

>>25741281730 dollars a month I can hardly wait to pay...

>>257412817i went back on dial up connection so I could afford paying her 30 bucks a month for that

>>257412454I actually don't blame the thots, they're just selling the only thing they have of any sort of value, their holes.I blame the simps who throw money at them instead of bettering their lives, they're essentially drug addicts, only their drug is pictures of fleshy holes