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Jabba the Hutt is slave trading again. It is going to regularise 600.000 illegals.

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>>257411878aw she looks like my italian grandma

Whatever, i'm going to iceland and live as a salmon smoker. I'm fed up with this shitty country


>>257412126Ok Filippo.

>>257412098Your nonna*

>>257412213Filippo is my brother's name, and i take it as an insult. Fuck you

>>257411878600,000 will easily quadruple once they bring their families over

>>257412165fuck u

>>2574118782 million with family reunion.

>>257412301Hi bro! how are you? It's me! Filippo.

>>257412098Are you telling us that this ugly blob is your grandma? I've bad news for you user. >>257413008600k is the 1% of our population. The fucking 1%! It's not small.

>>257413338So they're going to do it and then bring in their families?>600k is the 1% of our population. The fucking 1%! It's not small.I know. Australia takes in 800,000 per year.


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So shoot her? If you aren't willing to die to defend your country then it must not be worth defending.

>>257411878it is the italians' fault honestly, retards voted for M5S and PD, how is this even possible.If we don't have a right-wing government right now, we are dead

>>257414115Nice try Madama! Btw, people with a family aren't going to risk shit.

>>257413679They need them for making the voting for the left party and take elections.The whole country is totally fucked up.there will be a war like in Jugoslavia.Stay away.


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>>257411878I don’t give a fuck anymore, I hope to win the green card visa, get a job in the USA and GFTO from here

>>257414115Hi Digos

>>257414198Of course not. It's up to somebody else, always, to save you. This is why you will lose and be absorbed into the globohomo nigger cattle collective. Byebye.

>>257413412My name is unironically Filippo, mfw

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>>257414400Stop pretending being me!

>>257411878>Agricultor want illegals because they pay them like shit>Give residence to illegals>Agricultors dont employ them anymore because they must pay them more

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Almost confused her with this witch.

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>>257414506Agricultor have tractors and we have already enough italian unoccupied workforce to cultivate the whole Africa.

>>257414285what does this map even mean?soon this country will become Albania 2.0 We Veneti must go out before it is too late, if southrons want their paycheck and lombards want their niggers we are out

>>257414457Io sono Filippo, di Tortellino-city. L'ultimo di destra in una landa di zecche da centro sociale importate dal sud. Et tu?

>>257414390Ofc! Say hi to Gabrielli.

non apprezzo questa mossa e secondo me dovremmo espellere tutti i clandestini, ma il fatto che si sia commossa mi fa pensare che sia una alla quale importa davvero quello che fa

>>257414234So they're allowed to vote too?

>>257414674Stop paying reddito di cittadinanza to lazy fucks from Naples, Calabria and Sicily. Take away all the free gibs and watch them run to the fields. That's the only thing they have been doing in the last 2000 years anyway.

>>257414708Blue cdx, red csx, yellow five stars.

>>257414711Io sono Filippo di Tortolì in Sardegna, dove siamo tutti di destra tranne quelli arrivati al governo.Aiò.

>>257414827oppure è una presa per il culo come quella che ha fatto la Fornero.

>>257414827>commossa>she's crying and shit, let the ayys in

Italy was better under the Austraguta. >>257414812

>>257414871>Most paid politicians all over the worldI don't think the our biggest problem are 500 euros given to Gennarino o' scammuzzatore

>>257414827dopo ci stupiamo perchè siamo nella merda

>>257414674Tractors dont gather fruits fren, we have the same issue currently.The state launched a wide recrutment of french citizens to compensate the polish and romanian gatherer who could not move due to corona.We had 15k volunteer but most left in less than a week, people complained it was too hard and tiring.So now we are opening borders specificaly to let romanians and polish.


>>257411878>it's all so tiresome

>>257414506>"french people are so lazy, they don't want to work on the fields! we have no choice but to hire foreigners!">the government starts a special platform so that french people could propose their help to farmers during the quarantine>It's a success, 200k people applied>only 12k got a job offer>"french people are too lazy please open up the borders again!"fuck agricultors

>>257413974She's so retarded

>>257415317Alot fruit picking is already mechanised. The shit that they grow which needs high labour cost is not very productive and should be outsourced to Africa.

>>257415317>Tractors dont gather fruitsThey do.using immigrants makes also the innovation more slow.

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>>257415264>t. Gennarino>>257414871We have reached the point where we have to pay people to "work" (reddito di cittadinanza). Think about it.

>>257411878who cares? you all gonna be starving to death on a year time.

>>257415677With reddito we are not working.Ciao, fragolaro.t. Gennarino.

>>257415602correction, 300k applied for a jobboohoo we lack the manpower

>>257415602>we'll pay you 3euros/hour>youngsters are too lazy>they don't have ours work ethicYes. Shitty entrepreneurs wannabe. Not only agricultural ones.

>>257415317Fug. Thing is a ton of people on welfare/ unemployment won't work even if they have a chance. I don't see Cirruzzo from Naples or Mahmoud from Marseille caring about the ethics or dignity of earning what they get. Also a ton of farmers have a hard-on on pseudo slavery (seen that since I was a kid, grew up in a rural town)

>>257415776That why I quoted the word "work".

>>257414832ofc. thats the whole purpose of this stunt. covid is a fake to counter rightwing governments and crush them once and for all, all around the globe. stupid goym

>>257416046Sorry bro, I didn't notice the quotes.My bad.

>>257411878She was a agricultural tade unionist. How ironic.

>>257415969Here they are paid minimum wage, a little more than 8euro/hour, its not very different than being a wageslave in a fastfood

>>257415602Most big farm owners are the biggest welfare queens in whole europe, as agricultural subsidies are disproportionately high for their businesses.40% of EU’s budget goes directly to them, with the excuse of helping small farmers.Not to mention the state sactioned slave labor of illegal immigrants. They really live the high life.

>>257415824>300k city dweller applied>100k answered offer>15k showed up>less than a thousand left after a week of work


Wow Italy seems like it’s in really bad shape. If you are ok with cold weather I’d recommend the following locations in the US:>Montana>Wyoming>Alaska>Upper Peninsula of Michigan >Northern Wisconsin >Western half of South DakotaWarm weather locations:>rural Kentucky>Northwest Arkansas>East Tennessee (still should stay out of the cities)>Scottsdale, Arizona>Panhandle of Florida I’m not going to recommend any other states because most are run by Democrats or have massive nigger populations. Kansas and Nebraska don’t but they’re cucks (refuse to elect Kobach in Kansas and Nebraska sent a cuck names Sasse to the Senate). Wyoming and Alaska the best for guns but Montana is still pretty good. Take all that info for what it’s worth.

>>257416445ok now how do I get a green card?

>>257416445I was thinking about Arizona, redpill me on the state?

>>257413008>Ugly blob destroys Italy and thousands of years of history and culture with a stroke of a pen

Here you can see her cry for happiness while she hits you with the new law. Reminder she's married with an African

>>257416445How is it Montana? Do people mind they own businesses? Does social envy exist? I mean, I would gladly buy some land in the middle of nowhere. I don't mind cold climates.

>>257416445>panhandle of florida>not teeming with Niggers and abject poverty

>>257417012Would you seriously give up our beautiful landscapes to live in a desert shithole?

>>257411878This is what makes me ever glad to live abroad. Italy is the biggest banana republic shithole on the planet. The state cannot make the law be respected, either immigration law or keeping mafia bosses in prison and always has to find new creative ways to cope and keep up.May italy sink at the bottom of the sea so we don't have to hear about this shame of the human race anymore

>>257413974Emma, you used to be a good woman with the radicals. The fuck happened?

>>257417646this country is gonna be worse than brazil in 10 years bro

>>257411878Giving women the right to vote: HUGE MISTAKE

>>257417806>May italy sink at the bottom of the seaJeebus, I jumped ship long time ago but not even I wish for my mom's place to die like that.I miss my grandma who always greeted me as a wee kid with the roman salute

>>257418136Italian women are generally more "based" than the opposite sex. I am not even joking.

>>257411878Why?There aren't enough jobs for everyone, they should be deported.

>>257417646Dude I live on Tuscany’s hills, on the countryside. It’s fucking beautiful here. But I can’t eat with beauty.

>>257411878The country is dead. Don't even care anymore.

>>257417646There are better landscapes around the world, but would you go to live there? No because the people make the difference. Starting with Renzi, Italy has started becoming one of the worst country in the whole Europe, we had a bright light with Salvini but that period is gone. Just go somewhere else and vote for the right party from another location around the world.

>>257411878So glad my grandparents arent alive to see their beautiful country ravaged by niggers and migrants

>>257419757We'll come even for you, diasporashit

>>257417382Yes, most people do except for maybe a few elite in Bozeman. Overall the state is pretty good but has a decent number of hippie fags in Missoula.

>>257416520I would say look for a US girl to marry or just learn programming and get an H1B.

>>257419114>>257418703>>257418099>>257417012>>257416363>>257415677>>257415603Fucking normies discussing niggers while in three months lo stato perderà accesso ai mercati

>>257411878The same nation who attack me and other diasporoids for point that they are not germanic people.have fun now norf-italians larpers (not even argentina have 600.000 groids)thank god that avoid paid thats pesos to be a italian citizen.i save some money, and even avoid living in a future mostly groid, chinese and arab country.The future of shitaly is dark "even more than the one in argentina" (SSA type of dark)XDTons of Black Kangs reach your little peninsula to rape and kill the shitalian womans.are there gonna stay in your land FOR EVER.; D

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>>257420180Nothing will happen idiot

>>257416438where's your source on that

>>257420321seethe terrone, remain there, you are literally worse than trash

>>257420321this resentment filled mestizo shitskin has got to be the biggest schizo on 4chan right now

>>257420957>>257421039Im 75% indian, terrone 1,40cm jew female.But dont worrie for me ladys..this "pic related" is the NEW italian.The boats still come to shitaly by tons and the ethnic italo-nordic/germanic race gonna be a minority.Shitaly=New-haitiShitaly=New ZimbaweShitaly=New SouthafricaYou lose babay.

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>> is a post c/c of the paper in the comments

>>257421804When you think about it it's incredible how africans can be such a cancer, spreading everywhere

>>257414163>He's still stuck in the state where he thinks voting matters and democracy isn't a sham.Yikes! You're not very bright, huh?

>>257414302We don't want you you pathetic pussy. Stand and fight! Don't flee like a selfish little coward.Besides which, the US is even further along in the demographic replacement/white genocide agenda.

>>257413939>>257413974Oh boy, wrongthinking? I'm the master of that shit

>>257417357>Reminder she's married with an African guy.Can I get the source on that? If it's true it makes me hate this vile whore even more. White women litterally deserve to be exterminated. They are killing us all.

>>257414708Federalismo Is the way venetobrother

>>257423133His husband is Abdellah El Motassime.Just discovered that now, my fucking god I hate this country.