Guys I need crime statistics based on race in the US...

Guys I need crime statistics based on race in the US.Some feminist retard is arguing it's not true that african americans commit desproportionally more crimes than any other race group in the US.Can you help me? I can't find them anywhere.

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>> crime reports, pick any year, the trend never changes

>>257410833Just give her the old 13/50. You can find the FBI statistics on google. This is basic stuff desu

>>257410996Bear in mind though, the classic response after "this isn't true" is "ok, it is true but white people are to blame for centuries of oppression" So there's really no way to win unless they're not totally brainwashed.

>> Have a look around.>>257411247Is this not a valid response though? This is a good explanation for why black people commit more violent crime

>>257410833>At each poverty concentration level, the violent crime rate is substantially higher in black than in white census tracts.Source>Melanin concentration may directly correlate with aggression.Source:>Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty.Source:>The Black-White IQ gap in America is equal to the gap in South Africa, even though SA is ruled by Blacks.Source:>The Black-White IQ gap exists even when both races are raised in identical environments.Source:>93% of Black men who are murdered are killed by other Black men.Source:>The Black-White IQ gap exists even when both races are raised in identical environments.Source:>The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in an area, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime.Source:

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>>257411247It's unfortunate that the same statistics show up in every country that tracks by race, even those with no history of "opression".

>>257411503Black Americans have an average IQ of adult criminals have an average IQ of and self-reported lifetime violence accounts for racial disparity in criminal justice 1959, the American Association of Mental Retardation set the threshold of mental retardation at

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>>257411424>>257411570This. Plenty of races have been treated like shit without chimping out all the time, and some races chimp out whatever their social history or culture is like.


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>>257411247The answer to that response is "why do they rape at higher rates?" I can understand stealing cuz you're poor. I mean I would too, if I had to feed my family. But why would you ever rape because you're poor?That usually throws feminists for a loop. They either have to justify rape, or recognize that niggers really do nig


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>arguing with a woman in your free time


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>>257411503People commit crime when you stick poor people in the same area as rich people. If black peoples are almost always going to be more poor than white people, then no fucking shit, of course the black people are going to be committing more crime. I really wish people would take a more nuanced approach to this. Instead of “we should really work on fixing economic inequality to reduce poverty in crime”, you fucking morons see these numbers and say “durrr black people bad”.Black people are more poor because we’re only a handful of generations removed from when virtually all black people were enslaved. Their IQs are low and their crime rates are high in black communities BECAUSE they were treated terribly by society. There’s nothing inherent about being black that makes you a retard or a criminal. It’s about growing up in a poor neighborhood with terrible parents, because that’s how their parents grew up.

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>>257411884>needing to steal when food and housing is literally given to you for freeI know what your angle is but they die from being overweight fucks and not starvin marvins.


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>>257410833She'll just say that, since the US government is a white patriarchal tyranny, all those statisitcs are fake in order to hold blacks down. If she does that, don't argue, just ask her to proof her claims and when she tries to change the subject, insist on her proving her claims


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>>257412152I know. I mean I don't agree with the "they poor tho" angle, but I can understand it.


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>>257410833I got you fren

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>>257412060Dumb shit they were treated better as slaves than what awaited them back on their dark continent.


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>>257411884The justification would probably be that niggers are an oppressed group, and as rape is a tool of oppression they would be liberating themselves by raping white people. Feminism only stands against rape and violence of women by white men, because niggers are a higher tier on the oppression hierarchy.


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>>257412060poverty does not explain why the poorest counties in the US, Appalachia and the colonias on the TX/Mexico border, have lower crime rates than any innercity when adjusted per capita. So poverty in it self is not an indicator of crime. Kansas Board of Education lost a lawsuit that saw it spend 10x the average on black students, and test scores stayed the same. As to the treated poorly, name one other race that has free healthcare, free food, free housing, free education, free utilities, free Obamaphones, lower admission standards for universities, in some cities receive stipends for promising not to commit crime, in some cities are exempt from petty crime laws, have white liberals rallying around them when their criminals get shot. The slavery angle doesnt work because you can find Kurdish families that were enslaved as recently as 3 years ago that are prospering in eastern Turkey at the moment. and they do it without all the free shit I mentioned earlier. Now you down to either its genetics or low IQ, which is genetic. Same difference really, but you must learn to accept it


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>>257412226I'd say get the kraut pasta on how much burgerstan is a nigger loving shithole, then denigger it.

Now to prepare you for the "poverty" argument she will make in response

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>>257412138Crime doesn’t happen because of “poverty”. If everyone is equally poor in a single area, you don’t see much crime. If you see a high amount of inequality in a given area (lots of poor and lots of rich people living in the same area), that’s where you see crime happening. Just tracking median income is incredibly oversimplifying things

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>>257412413>would create a biasThese people are actually retarded.

>>257412473I’m not denying that. They were definitely at the bottom of the social hierarchy in America though. They were pretty much always the lower class, and they were forced to be pretty much exclusively the lower class up until recent times


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>>257411247Then why is it so consistent across the world?

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>>257412174Really strange thing, I helped my son study history a while ago, and they appearanly learn that the Africans learnt slave trade from the Arabs, and just sold their enemies or their prisoners (btw this is also how a healthy slavery is described in Thomas More's utopia). And according to his history book the Europeans entered this trade because they needed workers in America (all the natives died from disease) and the Africans wanted guns and alcohol.Also from what he tells me his teacher is a complete nu-male socialist. Really weird.

>>257412533Holy shit it's fucking real

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>>257411424is it a valid response?NO!Blacks in America have had a better standard of living than blacks at any other time in history theyve had this standard of living improvement since the fucking moment they were taken from Africa. Blacks in America have never had it better and it will never be good enough for them because genetically they are shit, and so need the proverbial scapegoat of muh slavery muh racism muh white man bad.

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>>257410833're welcome/thread

>>257412818Now that really is nigging


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>>257410833I've had some experience with this and I'll tell you right now you're wasting your time. Just call her a retard and be done with it; it's what she'll do to you when she realizes you're right.

>>257412497Blacks don’t have low IQs because Blacks inherently have lower IQs. They have lower IQs because of economic factors. A black man who grew up with the same economic conditions as a white man are going to on average have similar IQs. The only reason why black people have low IQs is because of poverty. And the only reason why most of them are in poverty is because they pretty much all descended from slaves who had no money or social status. You can just expect most people who are born into poverty to climb out of it on their own.

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>>257411884I know at three lefty white women in Atlanta who have been raped by black men that make a huge deal out of it being a positive experience because they were raped and it "didn't turn me into a racist". Pretty sure that's a common thing in feminist circles. Get raped by a black or brown and then crow about how they're so virtuous for not blaming it on the rapist's race.


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redpill her on South Africa

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>>257412996The US will still have a lower class no matter what race makes up the lower class. Poor people are dumb, and there’s always going to be poor people.>>257412588Poverty doesn’t cause crime. Relative poverty causes crime. If you stick poor people in with rich people, they quickly become aggressive and resentful when they figure out that they’ll never be able to reach the level of prosperity that the rich people are enjoying.


>>257413328Obviously not all of them, but a large enough majority of them are direct descendants are slaves.

>>257410833simple -- ask for stats that show joggers do not commit more crimes. claim Nobel Prize for Maffmatics.

>>257413133>They have lower IQs because of economic factors. A black man who grew up with the same economic conditions as a white man are going to on average have similar IQs. That is simply not true, there is regression to the mean, and also no studies have actually verified what you're trying to assert, when on average the child falls between the IQ of their parents. That is what the science tells us.

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>>257413299It's like referring to bad chinese translation as it's own language.

>>257410833>He has the data, but he doesn’t know how to interpret them.All those numbers mean is arrests, not crimes.

>>>Just this month, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its 2018 survey of criminal victimization. According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent. That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.Here's a link to the study cited in the

>>257413380Blacks be raping a lot

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>>257413133You are incorrect as >>257412087 shows that only the wealthiest's test scores beat out the poorest of whites. Equality of income leads to inequality of outcome.

>>257413299>Julie be reading

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>>257411247Which is when you bring out the evidence that most slave owners and slavers were jews.Then you point out jews are the 1%. Then you mock them for being fake commies who fight for the rich slave owners.

>>257413368West Virginia has entered the chat

>>257413368>If you stick poor people in with rich people,Does not explain the Island of Hispaniola.Haiti is dirt poor. All the island. All of it. save for 300 families that actually run the island and are rich off UN funds. DR is a modern country, with poor, middle class, rich. Crime rate in Haiti is 20x that of the DR. You theory that relative poverty causes crime is illogical because you have on country that is entirely poor, and its crime rate is still higher than a modern, non black country.

>>257413874All white 'communists' have and always will fight for the Jews, because they're useful idiots by nature and are easily manipulated by rhetoric. Instead of asking "does this seem like accurate information" ask yourself "does this immediately make me look good to the most influential people in this situation" and you know their mindset. It's why arguing with them is useless unless you want to keep up to date with what they're being fed.

>>257414050>Haiti is dirt poor. All the islandActually only half the island is poor you silly fuck. The other half is Domincan Republic and they do okay.

>>257413368you should read up on Toronto Crime statistics..if we thought 13=50 was bad here...the last year they recorded race in crime it was 6=80I shit you not. And liberals freaked out, and promptly passed laws to ban recording race in crime statistics because your notion of poverty was dispelled and Rekt. Canada gave those poor African Canadians free houses, utlities, phones, and 2000$ a month, and they still committed 80% of the crime in Toronto. MInd you this was in the 80s, they were getting more than average Canadian made working.

>>257413511I don’t believe you

>>257414308That is why they do it, but what you are failing to realize is most of them tie this to a delusion about a just world. So why not try and mindfuck them a little. Just make sure they don't have an audience. They'll either shift right to counter the cogdis (rare), or go completely foaming at the mouth batshit insane with rage, which damages their social credibility. Either way I win.

>>257414480Lurk more, you're here forever now

>>257414378Got source on Toronto crime statistics?

>>257414525The irony is that as soon as the overton window shifts, a lot of these people will start shilling the "trad" lifestyle. You can already see it happening with e-thots. They don't give a shit what they believe as long as it keeps them popular. The best opportunities for actual redpilling are with free-thinkers that just haven't noticed these patterns yet. A lot of Zoomers especially are stuck in the echo-chamber of social media and just need a bit of a pointer. I've redpilled two friends this way.


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>>257414845Fantino, then head of 31 Division, told North York’s committee on community, race and ethnic relations that, while blacks made up 6 per cent of the Jane-Finch population, they accounted for 82 per cent of robberies and muggings, 55 per cent of purse-snatchings and 51 per cent of drug offences in the previous year.....Police in Ontario were forbidden to compile race-based crime statistics. Solicitor-General Joan Smith, responsible for law enforcement in the province, castigated Fantino for collecting and releasing data that “accomplishes nothing useful.” Black activist groups and social agencies condemned Fantino for fueling existing prejudices. Police chief Jack Marks insisted the force did not keep race stats.> pretty crazy huh...

>>257414373>not being able to fucking readHes saying having classes live by each other doesn't cause crime you silly fuck

bump. good thread.