Your hate for jews is just an excuse so you don't have to be held responsible for your own failures and pathetic lives...

Your hate for jews is just an excuse so you don't have to be held responsible for your own failures and pathetic lives. Prove me wrong.

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if jews want to be liked, why don't they just stop acting unlikable?checkmate OP

>>257410510Most whites are useless dumbfucks. The fact is most of the “white accomplishments” that Jew haters take pride in were in some way made possible by Jews. Whether by direct invention, financial investment, or marketing/selling. Whites would still be in the preindustrial age without Jews, but like Africans, they would much rather rule over their shitty mud huts themselves, than serve in a food filled, secure, abundant paradise ruled by others. People only care about their status relative to other people, not what they actually have themselves. People are doing much better objectively because of the Jews, but emotionally they are doing much worse, because they no longer hold their place near the top of the pyramid. “Jewish degeneracy,” is also not what it appears. What Hollywood produces is irrelevant. I mean how weak minded do you have to be to allow your women to become subverted by television? No, the actual way in which Jews hurt goy families is simply by existing. Before the Jew, a fat redneck with an IQ of 105 could start a shitty company in town, and earn status and respect from the community for providing a somewhat shitty/expensive product. His wife viewed him as a god, and he was thus able to run his household in the traditional patriarchal way due to the respect he garnered from the community, and by extension his wife. Along comes the Jew however, and sets up shop across the street. The Jew of course, manages and markets his business much better, and the goy owner now struggles. His wife and daughters lose respect for him because he is no longer the alpha dog in his little realm, and they look for other father figures to fill void after the respect is gone. This is a terrible thing, but the Jew wasnt trying to hurt the goy, he was just doing the best he could for his own family.

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>>257410510Y r u projecting?

>>257410510Burden of proof is on you

>>257410510Our only failure is not getting rid of these people once and for all: 100% Jewish Media ControlCNN Jeff Zucker JewFOX Robert Iger JewABC Robert Iger JewDisney Robert Iger JewCBS Sumner Rothstein JewNBC Brian L. Roberts JewFaceBook Mark Zuckerburg JewInstaGram Mark Zuckerburg JewGoogle Sergei Brin JewYoutube Sergei Brin Jew>>257410646Industrial Age was started by Cornish people in West Britain, away from Anglos/Jews. Jews use usury to subvert natural selection and allow evil defective people to survive infant mortality

>>257410801Kike, no kiking

>>257410646My great-grandad collaborated with the local Kommandantur and game them a family of Jews. They never came back. We still own their house as of today.

>>257410510>trolling like its 1999 JIDF

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>>257410510It's the whole "Enclave" bullshit and double standards that people are fed up about. Not to mention the autosomal recessive disorders that we have to foot the bill of once government run healthcare kicks in.

>>257410646100% true. Jews are literally the alpha race of humans. I’m a white goy, higher IQ version. So I work with a lot of Jews. They are smarter, full fucking stop. No question they are smarter. And I don’t really mind. They also are urban and more socialized, and focused on progress. I want my plot of land and to stay away from people and am happy as I am with the technology I have. And that’s fine by me. Jews are constantly focused on improving, progressing, building tech I don’t think we need. It’s not fundamentally better or worse, just different and ultimately not compatible with what whites are deep down.

>>257410968you're lying. After the war everyone that got richer were stripped of what they've gained during the war

I'm sure they're all wrong.

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>>257410646>Whites would still be in the preindustrial age without JewsUtter horseshit. Only Europeans developed the industrial age and all the other places with Jews stayed pre-industrial. Europe would have developed their technology just fine without Jews, but without Europeans to Europeanize the Jew, they'd be the same as any third world population.

>>257411175This is a demoralization pasta, it gets posted every muh Jews are superior these. Who is posting these? Get for the oven kike

>>257410646>>257411175Based and Jewpilled.

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>>257411535>112 iq >genius

>>257410646Tldr Jews are invaders who have never created their own culture or civilization but rather swooped in and parasited by exploiting existing ones.

>>257411535>israel >first world countryThis is even more delusional than what mutts say, israel is a low tier second world country, it’s like semitic croatia lol

>>257410646basedit's true he was just trying to do the best for his familyus white guys need to respect that, instead of being like niggers who envy and want to drag others down to their levelno we need to do better or live apart

>>257411463Anger is not gonna change the fact that you, probably an average IQ goy (or maybe even much higher than average) is whining online about Jews while legions of Jews have worked their way to the upper echelons of academia, finance, tech, media, and government and constantly spearhead innovation. It’s not my thing. It’s not what white European goys are all about. But it is what it is. And it is that way because they have higher IQ, and probably more balanced levels of energy and emotionality, being urbanized and socialized better to fit in with the modern world.

>>257410568Because who gives a fuck about a goy.

>>257411802then why do you get upset if people don't like you?

>>257410801Boots will stomp em.

>>257411689>France>french per capita 41,715.03 USD France/GDP per capita 41,463.64 USD

>>257411911Correct, you are importing poor non frenchs into France to harm us

>>257410646This is copy paste material

>>257412110*pasta fuck me


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>>257410510I've never had a problem with Jews but when so many nations on earth hate them that they have to have the UN make special laws to stop people genocideing them. maybe Jews are the problem?

>>257411240Not stripped from the home you live in, Abdoul (résidence principale). It was already illegal back then.

>>257411911If Israel didn't get those monthly welfare checks from America, it would self-destruct and collapse.But you'd still have your fearsome Diaper Brigade

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>>257411886The people that don't like us are just trolls.

>>257410510Nice try Schlomo, but we can see through your memeflag

>>257410646Judaism is religion, not a race. If you are an ethnic Semite then your closest relative is a Palestinian. If you’re an Aushkanzi Jew you’re mostly European, only you come from a sect of Judaism that worships Satan. This why people don’t like the Jews. Your people were at one point blessed by God and now you are cursed. Oy vey! The goyim know.

>>257412743>reddit spacing>aushkanziYou need to go back.

>>257410510I have 5 kids and make six figures. Stop deflecting with circular arguments.

>>257410510If you get kicked out of a county maybe they are assholes, if you get kicked out of 109 countries maybe you are the assholes



>>257410510Nah my life is pretty sweet really, I can't complain mate.But I hate the fucking jews.

>>257413393Don't worry, we hate you too.

>>257410510the jewish cabal is the purest enemy of the free world, they must be destroyed by any and all means. jesus himself chased you sick fucks out of the temple, if that doesn't get it through your thick skull, nothing will

>>257410510#110 coming up!

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>>257410510>Your hate for jews is just an excuse so you don't have to be held responsible for your own failures and pathetic lives. Prove me wrong.Why do kikes gaslight themselves so fucking hard?Is it cause 'gaslight' has GAS in it ?>>257410646>Most whites are useless dumbfucks. The fact is most of the “white accomplishments” that Jew haters take pride in were in some way made possible by Jews.All a psyop and a shitty one. This is crap they tell eachother, all fucking day.The kikes are born to shill and lie, prove me wrong ? Pro tip : impossible to prove me wrong.What a shitty ass culture .

>>257410510fuck drug dealers, fuck swindlers, fuck pimps, fuck jews

>>257413508without the jews your country would be a shithole like the rest of the continent. Can't wait for your downfall you fat fucks

>>257413508The free world is nothing but a meme. It's for people who can't let go of the past. The idea of a 'free world' isn't organic or natural. Humans are meant to be chained together, working as a team for the betterment of this planet.

>>257410646That's not true at all given their contempt of Christianity which was largely identical with Europe for much of its history. Jews are malignant.

>>2574136661 example:Spain kick the jews out, they become a thirld world shitter.The jews go to France and England, they become the master of the world.The jews go to USA they become the master of the world.

>>257411535>Israel>First world

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>>257414461The country isn't even 75 year old yet. Give it time.

>>257410510Your reliance upon our hatred is the only thing maintaining your power. Prove me wrong.

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>>257410646People here claiming Jews aren’t smarter have clearly never met a Jew. It’s not just that they’re smarter, when you finish speaking with a Jew and then go speak to some ethnic mongrol called “white Americans” it literally feels like the white American is missing part of their brain.

>>257410873>CNN Jeff Zucker Jew>FOX Robert Iger Jew>ABC Robert Iger Jew>Disney Robert Iger Jew>CBS Sumner Rothstein Jew>NBC Brian L. Roberts Jew>FaceBook Mark Zuckerburg Jew>InstaGram Mark Zuckerburg Jew>Google Sergei Brin Jew>Youtube Sergei Brin JewYou proved his point. >>257410646

>>257410646now I know why the Nazis wanted to fuck you up ... Jews a group of self-eyed, underdeveloped, making victims of themselves ..... and spitting on all othersLets talk about your accomplishments:- 109- 6 gorilions- many crashes on the market trough history (jews making jewish thing in banks and shiiiet)- providing more degeneracy into world - making propaganda- manipulation of peopleetc.

>>257410510I don't hate jews, I just don't believe in putting up with their obvious bullshit while pretending nothing is wrong

>>257415536When we make fun of people for taking Holla Forums literally, we are actually making fun of you.

>>257410510i dont hate jews. so i proved you wrong

>>257415712yeah yeah...and i make fun of your TRUE accomplishments (listed in my post)

>>257410646It's quite funny that the most hated of all nation states in modern history, featured racial supremacy as one of its core ideological belief systems. Is Israel the modern version of Nazi Germany?

>>257411628And according to their own book they shouldn't have a homeland, but these Israelis come in here and wave arround their arrogance like it's a badge of honor.

Jews invented anti-semitism as a catchall for criticism prove me wrong protip you can't why because this board isn't a conduit for proof it's an imageboard therefore I hace won the argument as I have put impossible burden of proof on you afainst my statement now considered irrefutable jesus imagine how civilization would crumble if people relied on debate tactics like this we should genocide everyone who does prove me wrong protip you can't

>>257415901You're acting like the goyim are naturally good people who would never hurt a fly. I bet if one way starving, they wouldn't hesitate to throw whatever beliefs they had out the window and kill you in a heartbeat.

>>257415536Back to the toilets subhuman trash. When nazi's invaded with tanks you pathetic dumbfucks came out with fucking horses.

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>>257416141calling somebody goyim only shows your arogancy and showing how uncivilised you are....All people have "dark side" but you are promoting such degeneracy as something normal (in your propaganda media)

I feel sorry for jews. Imagine being surrounded by people who by and large want to fuck you over for their own gain. All your relatives looking to sweat you for a shekel, everything given must be repaid with interest. You know why Uncut Gems didn't get nominated for an academy award? Because the jews that had the balls to make that movie made a work of art that hit too close to home for those hollywood jews. What a great movie.

>>257410510what if you're not a failure but still hate the jews?

>>257414362>Spain kick the jews out, they become a thirld world shitter.>The jews go to France and England, they become the master of the world.lolSpain kicked out its Jews before it became a major power!

>>257412743>If you are an ethnic Semite then your closest relative is a Palestinianactually the closest genetic relative of any jewish group is other jewish groups - mizrahi jews are genetically closer to ashkenazi then to palestinians. All jews are also more closely related to turks, kurds, armenians, and southern europeans then to arabs like palestinians

>>257410510>prove a negativeburden of proof is on your shoulders, but I don't care because opinions of memeflags are even less relevant than opinion of jews, show flag and MAYBE I'll bother to give you another (you)


>>257416396>psychology 101>jews bad>abstract theories created by jews goodStop talking, please. You're making a fool out of yourself. If it weren't for Jews, you wouldn't even be here today.

>>257416556>actually the closest genetic relative of any jewish group is other jewish groups>actually the closest genetic relative of any french group is other french groupsSee how easily we detect your pilpul? Jews are arabs. Same shit, aways united.

>>257416237First - horse was only transport method (there was maybe 2-3 real charges, but only to 'molotov down tanks' or kick german infantry) Later there was made propaganda about "charges with swords agains tanks"Second - we was not retarded like you to destroy own country and fight with each other.Third - polish plumbers stereotype was old already few years ago

>>2574105106 million you fucking jogger. Stop making excuses

>>257417059 oh fuck XD "If it weren't for Jews, you wouldn't even be here today. "HAHAHHAHHAHA nice joke jewtardIf not many Polish people during wwII, you wouldn't even be here today (or your retarded friend).Oh sorry.... i forget that americano-jewgloids is other "tribe"..... tribe who didnt help jews who was expeled from Germany before WW II

>>257417441Where do you the savage, Polish stock comes from retard? It was a group of ancient tribes that was rules over by Kings. You're a retard.

>>257410646Somebody remind this kike how many times and how many countries his penny shaving ass was kicked out of.

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>>257410646The JEWISH man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.Let's start by looking at his brain. His IQ is very high. Its domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is well spoken, as a result of his high levels of verbal IQ. This gives him the appearance of wealth and power. He is then covered by his white skin in some cases and olive skin in others. This olive skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the scorching sun of Mediterranean, made to withstand such an extreme condition. The white skin is due to centuries of banging goy cunts. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The white skin reminds us of his domination over the goy.The JEWISH man's demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively subversive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man(goy dogs)The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his circumsised penis. The JEWISH penis is largest of all the races. As the circumcised penis is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the JEWISH man the most masculine of men. This large penis is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the vagina. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent JEWISH seed will immediately enter the womb of the jewish or goy woman the JEWISH man impregnates, passing on his superior genes.In total, the JEWISH man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.All this is the reason why the JEWISH man is the epitome of masculinity. I Salut you master!

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>>257411911That’s a parallel France that’s dragging the National average down. They live almost exclusively on welfare.White France is doing great mostly.

>>257417749He's not wrong. That's why Trump is chumming it up with those boomers because they are racist and have a shit load of money.

>>257417917Why cant all goyim be like you?

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>>257417917I love this pasta. It really does a number on the Jewish ego.

>>257418316I just fapped to that post.

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>>257417638hmmm so your hiGh iQ didn't catch what im mean.....Calling you "tribe" i was insulting you and i wanted to tell you that you were not the same kind of Jew.And what is that farting about kungz and shieet ?Why did Moses travel with the Jews for 40 years through the deserts?Because he was ashamed to go with this gang through the cities

Okay but address the crimes of the Juden

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>>257417059>If it weren't for Jews, you wouldn't even be here today.jews are worthless and Greeks made everything happen, prove me wrong , protip ur trash.One greek toenail 1000 jew shills

>>257415198Its interesting that you're trying this new hasbara. I think its positive that you're trying to make the case that jews are needed & smart etc rather than the extreme lying that you usually engage in.However the topic of jewish intelligence is irrelevant for the fact that jews in power are evil. If blue space aliens with an IQ of 200 said that they were gonna enslave us all and that they were sadistic.; then we'd have to put up whatever resistance we could against them. So intelligence without good intentions is not something for us to value in a jew. Furthermore, even if jews created the industrial revolution (lol) the point would still be to transcend having to have evil people govern us.

>>257418489It's just the beginning.

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>>257418432Stop explaining yourself, bud. I not going to sit here and dissect the Bible with you. Go study in a church group if you care about our stories so much.

>>257417917these beautiful Jewish features, this beautiful skin, beautiful teeth, falcon eyesight .....that masculinity....big XD

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>>257410510My pathetic life is my own fault but that doesnt excuse the Jews. I had nothing to do with the USS liberty or stealing military secrets from our allies I could list more things my pathetic life has nothing to do with that the Jews fuck up but why bother.

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>>257418603Pic of the new byzantine empire, all Christian btw

>>257418534Who designed and created the Greeks? God just made it happen by itself, huh?

Jews pushed desegregation in the South and fucked up our paradise. I remeber a clean South that was covered in dope heads, gangsters, rampant violence and crime. This is what your friends did to us after WW2. So I wish we had never fought the Germans and they had kept Europe. ADL and SPLC destroyed the South along with Jew loving politicians, you are not necessary to the return of Jesus and you are not God's "chosen people', you are in fact worshippers of anarchy and Satan.

>Kicked out of 109 countries>It's the goyims' fault!

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>>257411761It’s called nepotism, Jews infiltrate then take over. Jews also get free money like niggers and spics to go to college, the get preferential treatment for colleges and there are countless Jew only resources that help Jews get into elite colleges. Ever see a pro white scholarship or organization helping whites? Please kys do us all a favor kike.

>>257416417That movie had plenty of antiwhite subnarratives white christian woman desperate for his jew dick, the retarded whites who kill him in the end etc

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>>257418761YES, and God made sure the World would become and stay Greek and not a jewish globohomo hellhole, nukes for all son.

>>257418673It's hilarious that you have to cherry pick memes just to prove a point.

>>257418534Ancient Greeks and Romans - that was most advanced civilisations... and Romans had problem with retarded Jews too XD>>257418606Americano-jewgloid ass is hurting too much ?>>257418761There is no god....

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>>257419011You hate Jews but don't believe in anything else. That make zero sense because nothing just exists in a vacuum.

>>257412542And thus the jew reveals himself and yet fails to recognize why he is such a contemptible creature

>>257414113Lmao the muh Jew makes country’s better meme. Japan would like to have a word with you. Also Americans did just fine without Jews nigger, only when Jews entered our sphere is when we started going downhill.

>>257410646>The Jew of course, manages and markets his business much better

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>>257419127XDYou and your small hat tribe - you work very hard to give us reason to hate you all

>>257415712>we Kys


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>>257412542Yeah, it's just trolls. I wouldn't worry too much bout it.

>>257410646The truth has been spoken

>>257410510>Prove me wrong.ok nigger

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>>257419246>>257419133>le edgy athiest snowflake

how many of these do you want?

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I have tons of these

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>>257419127You don’t know what others believe inside their head, cognitive dissonance, kys.


>>257411535why did you draw the goy as a kike

fuck kikes

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>>257412542Then it's not a big deal

>>257419450And that's why you're on the bottom rung of the social hierarchy. Individualism is so cool, am I right?

what the matter OP? Kikes got your tongue?

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>>257414362The inquisition that pogromed the jews from spain predates the spanish empire.dumb cope.


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>>257419127Shut up jew, you're the baddies .Repent, kill your jewish identity or suffer physical destruction, we are getting close to WW3 and Christ will use the Russian arsenal to clean the slate over.


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>>257419332le edgy jewtard who thinks that is superior to everyone, cuz imaginary BIG SKY MAN told that in big fanthasy book created 2000+ years ago by few retards who was thinking about getting shekels from stupid people which belived in this BIG SKY MAN.

>>257410510>Prove me wrong.I am part jewish. And i would wager so is much of Holla Forums. And that thats why we see oursselves as victims and blame everything on other jewsBut we're still rightAt the end of the day, most jews are actually fucked over by the most powerful jews, even if most jews are retarded and jewish enough to shill for them. Most jews end up getting exiled while the rich and powerful flee with their riches and continue to live a lavish life. Its as if jews believe that shilling for their own people benefits themselves, when really, when all is said and done, it doesnt really. Unless of course things turn out differently this time and no one gets woke to the JQ enough to do anything again

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>>257419503YeahThe stereotypical Jewish features are also traits common in poor genetics and inbreedingRecessed jawLarge noseDroopy earsShorter(on average)And predisposed to neurosis (not necessarily a physical feature, but a common trait nonetheless)

>>257410646Is the why the kikes in Kiryas Joel/Palmtree all marry in religious ceremonies not recognized by the state so their "wives" can collect gibs as single mothers? Why they were collecting funds for a hospital that didn't exist? Why the cram themselves into cheap tenement buildings like sardines and throw trash all over? Why they demand to be connected to utilities without having to pay for them? Why they demand religious education for their potato children they pawn off on public schools? Why even in Israel the same sect refuses to do military service and scams the gov't for gibs in the same manner? Didn't your fellow kikes spread the chink lung aids because they wouldn't stop congregating despite orders to do so, both in the US and in Israel? Don't they also exile anyone who comes forward about the rabbi sexual abusing them?

>>257416141Like a jewish man wouldn't do that.Much less a yenta.

>>257410510The reasons are in the gorrlions

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>>257410510Straight up this. The Jews aren’t responsible for all your ills, it’s a classic case of scapegoating

>>257410510You people are cancer to humanity.

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>>257410510Based, western society's downfall is truly their own fault. They fell for the subversion on their own accord while those who knew better were too scared to speak.

>>257416417Thanks for the recomendation.

>>257414973sucks to suck Israel

>>257411695>us white guys>us>whiteSorry schlomo you'll always be a mutt.

>>257410510Why you have to be like this ill never know, i guess having such a small genepool for such a long time has done irreversible damage.

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>>257410510I don't hate jews. Your wrong. There are good and bad Jews. I hate the Jewish individuals that work against my peoples interests.

>>257410510Cruelty beyond measure, and without cause either.

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>>257419853I know you're trolling but please use a better arguement next time. You should actually try to use logic when you debate people instead of spouting off buzzwords like a retard. All you're doing is feeding disinformation to other people who might believe what have to say.

>>257418603So you aregoing to bring even more desolation and dispair in your neighborhood.

>>257416141You'd sell your holohoax survivor grandma to a soap factory for a nickel.

>>257416237lol ok miguel

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>>257410646All false.We never needed you, you needed us.And you come to realize that in time.

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>>257418985But it's a real photo

>>257413209>109 countriesIt's also worth mentioning that Jews were often the only available scapegoats. There weren't many minorities back in those days. Gotta blame someone for poisoning those wells.

>>257410801Kike no kikeing

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>>257419127There is no god.

>>257411535>112 IQ GENIUSlmfao

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Literally ten seconds in google tells you air pressure is the reason the vaccume of space doesnt eat the atmosphere and will provide you with experiments you can do to show the effects of pressure.Where the hell is this meme coming from?

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If you want to get jews to shut their mouths ask them why they think they got kicked out of 109 countries it never ever fails

>>257421285Because we kicked ourselves out? We also like to live among our own tribe, just like you do with yours. We can't just 'pack up and leave' all at once. So we create plans to achieve this goal. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Sure, some of us may not make it out of the wreckage but that's a a small price to pay for freedom.

>>257418822>they’re just jealous of our success

>>257410510i dont have to prove anything to a meme flag you hook nosed kike

>>257420363Yeah yeah jews always trying to call truth about them as a trolling or anti-semitism.TRUTH ALWAYS WAS YOUR GREATEST ENEMY, JEWFAGG


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>>257421753>Because we kicked ourselves out?Kike kope

>>257410646>1 Post by this IDfucking dumb goyim, never change.

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>>257414729t. niggers tongue my anusi was hungry, Im satisfied now

>>257410510>Your hate for jews is just an excuse so you don't have to be held responsible for your own failures and pathetic lives.Jordan, is that you?

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>>257410646Says a literal parasite. I hope more CHAD Palestinians rock more of you rat faced kikes

>>257410646Nice bait

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>>257422531>Chad PalestinianThat's an interesting way of saying Jew.