When did you realize capitalism is everything thats wrong with society?

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>>257408689/pol/ has been blaming merchants for a long time though

blaming capitalism instead of jews is like blaming al qaeda for 9/11 instead of mossad

When did you realize this was a slide thread

>>257408689Remember to sage and hide

>>257409829when are you going to realize you're just a mirror version of a commie?

>>257408689when I saw it incentivizes trannies like that contrahivs

>>257408689>everythingno, but it's above 50% of it

>>257408689you're just a fucking sperglord and blame it on others with some ambigious terms.>MUH 'CAPITALISTS' ARE AT FAULT IM A LAZY FAT PIECE OF SHIT REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>257408689>owning things is badimagine actually being this stupid

>>257408689Its not tho, its liberalism what’s killing everything we hold dear.

>>257408689In any other system that thing would be lined up against a wall and shot.

When I realized trannies couldn't exist in the soviet union



>>257408689don't care :)i'll support capitalism just to spite you fucking anarchist commie rats :)

>>257408689Never. Its like a game and you'll hate it if you are losing. Main reason for losing is not even knowing the rules of the game.

>>257408689Learning starts from understanding concepts of deterritorialization and disruption. But it is too difficult for poltards.

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>>257408689we don't have anything close to capitalism

>>257408689Yaaasss contrapoints!!!!!

>>257408689When will contra admit to going trans just because it turns contra on. Also when is the suicide video?

I wouldn’t say I’ve begun to hate capitalism but I’ve definitely come to understand free market economics coupled with multi racial liberal democracy is the current day cancer. Traditionally capitalism was an American idea and culture designed to serve the country. The United States and territory’s under the American flag. It wasn’t till the 1970s that we left the gold standard and sold our souls to a godless neoliberal global market where everything is a commodity. Importing the third world to cut our grass and wipe our kids asses was the biggest mistake in last 50 years. It’s not capitalism it’s open border Marxism nowadays.

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>>257408689you don't even know the meaning of the word, bernie bro

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>>257412113>>owning things is bad>When did you realize capitalism is everything thats wrong with society?I know.>owning things and trading voluntarily is badHeaven forbid we trade things between private individuals without letting liberals stick their beak in.

>>257408689When I was younger we were taught the Redwood forests were in danger because there were no saplings. They were doing everything they could to conserve the forest and they didn't understand the problem. They studied if it was pesticides or climate and came up empty.One year there was a wild fire that swept through a redwood forest and they were sure it was the end of the redwood.Except it wasn't. Months later the forest floor was abundant with redwood saplings. It turns out the seeds needed fire to crack the shell. Man even though well intentioned was the problem.I tell this story to say man is the problem here as well.Socialism always steps in to stop the wildfire. If you let it happen the economic old growth and underbrush will be cleared allowing new growth.Capitalism is the answer if you let it work.No more subsidies or bailouts for anyone.


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>>257408689She cute

>>257412153>Capitalism is not the product of the liberal onthologyI see


>>257413080So what you are saying is like Communism, Capitalism has never been tried correctly?

>>257408689When I realized that infinite growth is necessary to keep the machine goingWhen I realized that the US economy is no longer correlated to the stock market

>>257412215>>257411637objectively correct

>>257408689If capitalism is so bad then why don’t you stop profiting so much, tranny cunt?

>>257408689nope. capitalism is a flawed system but it's the best thing we got. people are lazy motherfuckers, they have to have incentives to work, create, produce and working for a bowl of soup and a room that you share with five people just doesn't cut it. people are not equal and they will never be equal. stop with this teenager bullshit.

>>257408689I remember watching one of its anticapitalist videos.Every argument it made was so incredibly stupid or just plain false it made my brain hurts. How can one person be so wrong and yet feel so right about everything. It literally lives off capitalism by having an army of braindead retards supplying it on patreon.

>>257408689Capitalism isn't a thing it's the absence of other things. That's like saying not having a roof is a cause of rain on your head. No, the weather is.

pol is to stupid to read das kapital

>>257408689When antifa crossdressers started telling me so.

>>257413628cont.but it needs to be regulated so we don't kill off our nations, the environment and to stop the globohomo part of the rich.

>>257413792have you read it fag?

>>257413885of course

>>257413792And the average commie sympathizer is too dumb to comprehend what he read.

>>257408689wrongit's women

>>257411579you mean the correct version? if you look in the mirror you're just seeing a backwards copy of reality. Communists see what we see, they just don't understand it. They know the problems, but they can't explain what they are or how to actually fix them.

>>257413262why is it that all the trannies are actually very normal and decent looking men. why do they do this? if he started lifting and realized his potential he could have been alpha status.

>>257408689When I saw rich people from their grandparents time not work for anything and never appreciate anything while treating people around them like shit.That's why society invented covid to keep the "negatives" indoors and the "humans" free. You see, only humans have the balls to go outside for a stroll. All the "negatives" believe what they see on tv since they have no clear sense on reality.Got that?

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>>257414309mental illness, that's literally it

>>257408689how do boys become so cute with hormones and chirugy but natural girls are ugly as fuck. Like isnt there hormon that make cuties out of gonks?

>>257409829This>>257408689Forget it mr jew, the problem is fucking YOU


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Right HERE

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>>257413385No, what I'm saying is that communists love to pollute capitalism with communism and then blame the one thing that actually worked.

>>257408689>capitalism You mean (((capitalism)))?

>>257409829Or blaming burgers for your heartburn instead of motza balls

>>257408689when i told the fbi this world should burn

>>257409829Blaming all the world's problems on Jews is erroneous. Jews play an important role, but capitalism is the total sum modus operandi of globalism, across all ethnic groups. Far too many gentile assets to just blame it solely on the Jews: who listened to the Jews? Who gave them so much power?Even if this is a bait thread, the premise is correct.

>>257412333I luv this for u

>>257408689>When did you realize that the only so far offered economical theory alternative to capitalism is communism and you also realized that communism doesn't work in real life so "capitalism" shouldn't be demonized as a wordI was I think around 14 when I read about the Ukrainian famine of the 1920s, directly caused by communist theory applied to real life conditions. Wheat basket of Europe suffering from horrible famine because of communist theories, yeh, stupid theories have been tried to be applied throughout human history. Live and learn, yeh.So no, fugg off, capitalism works a lot better than communism.

>>257415641>communismit has never been properly applied i think

>capitalist that sells communism to useful retards

>>257408689I unironically love capitalism

>>257408689never faggot

>>257408689When did you realize that mass immigration and internationalism was just playing right into the capitalists hands?

>>257408689Capitalism is the natural state of the world, and fighting against it in such a meaningful way that it would constitute an entirely new economic system is pointless and will always fail.Humans literally aren’t smart or vigilant enough to effectively stop Capitalism, so the best you can do is use careful and targetted regulation to hopefully point Capitalism in the direction you want it to go to better produce the benefits you want.

>>257408689contradunce's newest video tho

>>257412902Yes but it is the ideological embrace of the free market which allowed our nation to become so corrupted and incentivized third world immigration. After all gotta have a steady flow of new consumers to keep the ponzi scheme afloat. If we are to fix this mess we must recognize that capitalism has its flaws and must be reigned so the economy can be put to work for the benefit of the nation. You can't get rid of the market or private ownership entirely but it is imperative that you curb degenerative abuses whenever possible.

>>257408689>1 post by this IDhide and sage

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>>257413161And you base that assumption on what exactly?

>>257408689A system that doesn't guarantee that everyone get a job isn't good enough.

>>257408689The average leftist cares far more about their degenerate sexual fetishes than they do the working class.

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>>257408689Right after my mommy changed my nappy in the afternoon.

>>257415459True the Jews used capitalism to amass their power and control over society. Of course they also tried to do the same with communism. The takeaway imo is that the problem isn't which economic system you should use but rather who is in charge of your economic systems.

>>257408689I am in favor if trying non capitalistic approaches to solving our problems but only if people like op and that tranny faggot get gassed before attempting to do so.I really do not understand how the people most adamantly for these systems are the most undesirable lumpenprole fucks

>>257408689Riddle me this Holla Forumsfags, if capitalism is so good for us then why are all the richest people either kikes and/or paedophiles that wants to exterminate the white race?

>>25740868 both socialism and capitalism are flawed . What we should be doing is putting resource pools in the charge people who maintain them. Local people not some dude in an office somewhere.

>>257419199Under communism you would be dead already


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>>257419507You didn't answer my question

>>257413080>no true capitalism

>>257408689Turbo and Crony is whats wrong, brainwashed idiot.

>>257408689wrong it is your socialists asspect of society that do most damage just look at any post commie country

>>257419655Capitalist elites want you dead but communist elites would have killed you already. In that regard capitalism is good for you



>>257408689when did you realize you were a faggot

>>257419730>no true capitalismthat's right, because actual Capitalism requires integrity of Capital. When your Central Banking institutions are counterfeiting houses, you cannot have integrity of capital whatsoever, and without that you have nothing resembling actual Capitalism.>it literally cannot be capitalism while the central banks are counterfeiting houses

>>257418474>that picEven if I liked communism, I wouldn't want to be a communist knowing these """people""" would be my comrades

>>257408689When I realised corporations were one of the driving forces behind mass third world immigration / race replacement.

>>257408689Maybe everything is as it should be? Maybe the entire structure of life is the problem?

>>257408689What's her name?