What is your opinion on sex-work?

What is your opinion on sex-work?

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Real work. Have sex, incels.

prostitution should be legal

>>257407606A meme for losers and breathing sextoys


>>257407606Read the pic.

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>>257407606i can go out to a brothel and fuck whenever I want, and if I can't be fucked going out I can command a camwhore to do what I want and fap to it.what's not to like?

"sex work"sucky sucky 10 dollarsucky sucky 5 dollar!when hoes start mailing me coupons for buy 2 deep vaginal penetration get a blowjob for free i might consider it work. till then its just hoes being hoes. been around for a mellenia and its gonna be around forever. what do i think about it? thinking is what got us to letting women and niggers vote so lets just stop thinking

i wonder if cofee is bad for me

>>257407606Just remember> you don't pay a ho to fuck you, you pay her to leave.

It kills the soul of both parties involved. Slowly but surely. And then you end up in hell. The problem would fix itself if people didn't reject the truth.

>>257407606Your pic related is not sex work.

Pseudo-work like all the bullshit office jobs that produce no value whatsoever.If they enjoy it/get off on it it's not even pseudo-work. If people would pay me to jerk off I wouldn't call it work.

>>257408192>It kills the soulImagine being this laughable

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>>257407606More legitimate work than a 'diversity officer' and lord knows how many other bullshit box-ticker jobs.Sure, there's plenty of low-effort grifters among them, but some of those women take their work seriously with high quality recording and lighting set ups, video editing/compositing, professional photogoraphy, custom made costumes, etc.I'd rather women do this than be welfare queens.

>>257408424>like all the bullshit office jobs that produce no value whatsoever.>Entertainment and relaxation has no valueOk, Hans





>>257408192Hey user stay on this thread

Believe it or not I was looking for a thread like this on pol

>>257407606lol @ ugly women who think something

I really need to take this out of my chest. I think I'm addicted to hookers

>>257407606Ruins a womens self worth, she wont realize it until shes 30 though.

I'm financially stable.I have a house, a car a good job and a pretty good amount of money saved that I can survive a long time if for some reason I get fired or am unable to work

Hookers are great. Fucking chinese virus made brothels close here. That's enough of a reason to nuke china.>>257407870Says the largest exporter of hookers in Europe.

>>257409768Yeah once you start paying for pussy it’s hard to stop. You should have never started in the first place but now that you have you need to probably completely change your lifestyle and pray every time you get an erection.

I have never had enough sex when I was younger. I could not find a girlfriend nor could I do the casual hook up thing because of my genetics. Height and looks


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But through out my youth, the thought of getting pussy was my biggest drive.I would not go to a club, to a festival or to a social gathering if getting some was not a possibility

Of course would basically never get any.I was basically this scrawny kid that would be always outside. A nice guy but not enough to get to pound them

>>257407606>What is your opinion on sex-work?Fuck them

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People can do what they want but don't expect me to think it's not degen or have any respect for what you do. Nobody wants this shit for their daughters.

This has been a trait of me for ever and if a human been it's a continuous self developed creature and with free will then I don't know but there is some traits that seem to be deeper rooted in you. I was like this since I know my self

I got into an highpayng job not because I loved the field but because in my head it would give me access to better women

>>257408555The eternal mid-level IQ tipper has revealed itself. Imagine actually providing an opinion when you barely have the intelligence to express your thoughts on paper.

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Of course that I can see that this is not the best path to happiness but remember of my trait and having sex was always my biggest drive.So it's the goal justifying my means. I do not want fame. I don't want absurd amounts of money. I just want to have women. Women that I want not women that I can get

This has lead me to prostitution an escorts

Im now facing a dealema

>>257407606>"Sex work" aka being a whore and abusing men's reproductive urges>Actual workThen again the good thing about hookers is that they prevent a shooting by letting guys take a dip at themThere is a difference

>>257410144Well stated. They are all low self esteem. It's sad in a way. I'd be curious any stats on mental health, addictio, suicide in later life.

Back in 2019 was the peak for me.I would go to escorts pretty much when I had a impulse. Must I tell you that I have never spent more than I would make monthly but pretty much what I made would go to hookers

There was a day in 2019 summer that I specifically remember

>>257410389>Women that I want not women that I can getthat's a never ending treadmill. you want women desperately? then you will become whoever women want you to be.

>>257407606Jack the Ripper did nothing wrong.

I've fucked 3 escorts in a sunny Saturday of that year.One in the morning (because it's always my preference to arrange this in the morning so I'm the first client) One in the afternoon And one before going to bed. I'm aware that I'm an addicted

But 2019 went by and I kept spending.2020 gets in I I decide that it's madness and I heavily cut down on the visits I do

>>257407606Paying for high tier escorts isn't bad if you only do it every now and then. Put paying some whore for nudes should be punishable by firing squad

>>257410672Based portuguese.I've fucked many too. I wonder how to get bareback, though.

All this Corona virus situation came and I can tell you that it is been 2 months in a half that I have no visit an escort

I've save a lot of money

as long as is taxed it's ok

>>257407606>sex-work?You mean prostitution?

But I honestly don't know if this is making me happier

>>257407606How is this ''sex'', ''work'' or ''sex work''? She's just sitting there with a big cleavage, not even showing her breast. Not to mention she's not even pretty with a diamond cutting jaw

>>257407606Destroys women. It's sad.

>>257407606Why pay when you can get it for free?

>>257408192>It kills the soul of both parties involved

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From all I can remember the moments where I would find a girl, contact her, negotiate the prices, the knock on the door having a stunning girl's sucking my dick fucking her with all the list were the best moments I had.This is what I always wanted, this is who I am

>>257408120It depends on the quality and quantity

>>257407719>>257407905cringe B8

>>257407606I think whores should be banned, porn should be banned and if they refuse to stop they should be gilliontined. Anyone who is a nationalist or pro-European, cannot be for whores or degeneracy like that. It's a jewish invention.

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So now that I have been off the prostitution scene I feel empty, life is mundane there is no joy. The work seems to be a useless chore. There is no point in making money if it3just going to accumulate in the bank




Should I accept who I really am and give into my vices and go down this road or should I fight who I am and transform it into a different person?

>>257411081your mom has a different opinion

>>257407606Better than cam-whoring. At least SOMEBODIES getting fucked and the money isn't just going to the whores for nothing

>>257407606VR livecams via SLR are pretty intense.

>>257408555> implying you had a soul to begin with, npc

>>257411081Have sex incel.

>>257407606Degenerate, anti-social, form of psychological warfare and should be banned as a crime against humanity (culturocide).

>>257410558Disgusting, you should be ashamed. Imagine being so cucked and lowly of a man you go to disease ridden whores.

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>>257411268Shut the fk Ahmed. You inbred piece of shit degenerate.

>>257410388>Aland Wtf

>>257411428Your mom also has a dirty mouth

>>257408192I agree with this but it should be legal and taxed, prostitution included. It is turning intimacy into a commodity, and it is very rare for people into sex work to be well put together. At the same time, the state is largely ineffective in mitigating the problem. Also, some people are just trash to begin with, and there isn't much to do about it in the first place.

>>2574080281880As a 16 year old bride I gave up everything in Europe to cross a treacherous ocean by sail to a new strange world. I walked across a new continent with nothing. My beloved and I settled in a nice little spot on the frontier till the dang injuns burned it down and stole our livestock. My husband later died in the civil war and his body is somewhere in the mud of Gettysburg. I miss him dearly. Since then my family of 8 has faced starvation, blizzards, crop failure and burned bison shit for warmth. But I will keep my honour as a Godly woman and mother in my husbands memory. We use family and friends to get through tough times. Her ancestor in 2020: hey guuuyyyyys smash that like button and subscribe!! Please donate to my patreon!! Anyway partying it up here with Tyrone and Krystal and not giving a fuuuuuuck. LOL! Drinking malt liquor like the 90s rap videos! ISNT THAT CRAY. Serious note guys this covid stuff has made life TOUGH so join me on ONLYFANS for exclusive pics and send some money love my way for more great fun! Xoxo The absolute state of modern women.

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>>257411516Because the state is enabling it. If the law proscribed 15 years of hard labor/prison camp for prostitution or pornography, the thots would stop thotting real fast.

>>257411509Wow, so original. I'm yawning at your comments. Galaxybrain. Hint: you are fucking stupid and irrelevant.

>>257407606>sex-workdo you mean prostitution?

>>257411313based, I was literally just watching them. that amber girl sure is fucking gorgeous

>>257411516Lol, cuck. I thought fins were more based than that. What a cuck you are.


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>>257411606It would just take a different form. It's just another form of prohibitionism.

>>257407606Prostitution is sex work. Selling pics online isn't.


>>257411658your mother is cheaper than your sister, but your grandma she blows for free!She is just happy to get something hot to drink.

>>257409696>>257409768>>257409852>>257409941>>257410011>>257410109>>257410204>>257410267>>257410389>>257410426>>257410465>>257410558>>257410591>>257410672>>257410736>>257410778>>257410809>>257410860Putting it all together:>>257410970>>257411087>>257411133Really the question is:>>257411258

>>2574076061% of humans are born psychopath , fish heads,Prostitution is a place where you can find 'fish heads' and club them. there is women whores psychopath too.

>>257411785then you step up the punishmentsprohibition in america would have worked if congress declared going against the prohibition amendment as equal to treason against the constitution and thus authorized the use of military force against the mafia who supplied the speakeasiesit's the same shit with the war on drugs, the state could easily win a war against degenerate drug dealers but doesn't because politician's pockets get greased with their filthy money

>>257407606Renting pussy by the hour is cheaper than divorce court.

>>257411834You are speaking about your own family of whores and degenerates. That's why I'm against stupid whores and you are here getting emotional and angry because I said we should gilliontine them. Prolly a whore yourself. Useless filth.

>>257412000by your statistics there 10000000 psychopaths in china!There must be a lot of hurting holes in china or a lot of whores

>>257412156Son! watch your mouth or you will get a taste of the belt again

>>257407606It sucks.

>>257412244Nah, they're all proud card carrying members of the Chinese Communist Party and get other release valves for their psychopathy.

>>257412702well a hole is a hole!Guess a knife stab to the abdomen will create new opportunities

>>257412567they actually do suck, for money

>>257407606there's no problem with porn.i'm cool with sex work that revolves around fetish shit and giving regular people an outlet for their weird shit.but just normal sex or the onlyfans simp thieves? nah. that's fucked.

>>257410144there are tons of jobs people would be humiliated or despaired by their children taking on permanently.

>>257413180Like choosing a wife, go for the ugly whores, less trouble and better performance

>>257413349Prostitutes have very improperly been styled women of pleasure; they are women of pain, or sorrow, of grief, of bitter and continual repentance.That sounds like a job to me, and they should be paid

>>257411962Bro embrace your self

>>257407606this is not sex work she is just fucking sitting there doing nothingreal sex workers have to actually work for their money

>>257411258>>257411258Bro please never change I love you! women are just for fucking them and going away if you get a gf you will have to listen to her bullshit just pile moar money start a business and then you won't even have to pay them they will try to be your sugar babes. Never make the mistake of becoming their sponsor for more than a week you can give them promises of gifts but don't get them anything expensive.

>>257411962One very good trick I heard of is buying them a luxury car... with their own money... you promise them a car give a 0% downpayment pay the monthly plan until you get bored of the slut. But be careful the car and the payments must be on their name then they are left to pay the balance or give the car. Back you are welcome bro

youtube.com/watch?v=evfUrt9btvYWhile I don't agree with this girls semantic argument claiming that porn/only fans is the same thing as prostitution, she makes a lot of great arguments about why women shouldn't be prostitutes/pornstars/ect. She doesn't really bring it full circle to men's health (the thing you'd be interested in) but you can dyor on that bit in your free time.

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>>257410388wtf is aland

>>257411258Never stop fighting. It's the only way they can win.

>>257407606Men will finally be free when the last white knight is hanged with the entrails of the last simp.Only then will the price of a woman's vagina show its true value, demand for mediocre and chubby pussy 3000 miles away will disappear, and feminism exists exclusively among political lesbians like it did in the 70s-mid 2000s.

>>257411268sick fucking burn

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>>257407606Paying an escort once a month is cheaper than a girlfriend for the same amount of sex. Prove me wrong.

>>257407606more honest then camwhores and golddiggers

>>257407606imagine thinking having sex is "work"the real work is done by dudes trying to get set without paying for it. now that's a real full time job

the most tragic sex worker

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>>257414528>same amount of sexYou wish.Dead starfish sex and lame oral sex technique initiated exclusively by you once a week on Saturday with the lights off because she is embarassed by her dough gut and ugly panties.

>>257414190I claim it will go full circle, at first you are satisfied by two people fucking.later on it will be the story/context of the situationat some point you might even be embarrassed of what key words you typed in the search field.When you become a mature user of porn, you will end up searching for stuff closer to real life.

>>257407606If sex work is real work, sex workers should pay real taxes.

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>>257411962This isn't twitterThere is no character limitYou can write all of that in one post if you want you weirdo

>>257414703fight poverty not porn

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>>257407606I don't accept the framing that it is work in the first place.

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>>257414963that interview made me sad.

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>>257414703>>257414771>useless piece of shit mother ruining her kids lifeMany such cases, sad!

>>257411087FIND. GOD. Reject your degenerate lifestyle.

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Hannah's gift wishlist

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>>257407606So you're telling me the pinnacle of feminism in all its forms is just vapid whoremongering and nothing else? Yeah, without feminism who would have told young women that selling your body for money and having unprotected sex with strangers is a way to live. How do these "people" even face their families knowing their disgusting act. Some probably do because they were groomed. Sexual exploitation is the root of sex work and dumb whores are too stupid to realize it and think it's empowering.

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>>257407606We should bulldoze it into a mass grave or something

It's the female equivalent to ditch digging. Something they can do with their brains off for money to eat. Doing it is admitting your useless as a being . It's like saying "hey my life is pointless and im ok with that!" Nothing inherently wrong about it. It's just terribly sad

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>>257407606No such thing.There are human traffickers, there are degenerates and there are human traffic victims. There first two desserve the rope.

she could've been a technician at a computer repair shop

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the emotional support lizard

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>>257411549 Made it a copypasta guys

There's nothing wrong with whoring yourself out. Proof: Marriage, where a woman gets money and a roof for having sex with some dude. And the point of said sexual intercourse is to make babies, which leads to us menchildren posting on the internet on how awesomely right-wingers we are.

>>257415247So instead of swallowing the cum she would clean it from keyboards kek

Like virtually all N. American women over the last 50 years, they've fallen off a cliff into a vast lake of festering shit. They used to be pretty damn good, many were even fun. Then things just started getting nastier and nastier till finally I'd had enough. I'd rather be alone than in the company of some drug ravaged psycho whore.

>>257415300Imagine where that lizzard has been

>>257415463That's a pretty jewish take there my man

>>257415247My sides, the only thing she isn't too retarded to do is suck dick and get creampied.

>>257407606If it were work you wouldn't need to call it 'sex work' everyone would just know it was. It's not. Getting assblasted and filled with jizz isn't a job.

>>257415247>I want to work with wires Hmmmm

>>257415463Imagine having such an ankle deep view on marriage that you'd compare it to prostitutionObvious coomer is obvious

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>>257407606It needs to be legalized instead of trying to legalize drugs.The same arguments for legalizing drugs applies to legalizing prostitution

>>257415504I'm convinced birth control did the most damage to women, not kike brainwashing

>>257407606On one hand, I do love capitalism, and there's a demand for nude photos and videos of random girls, so they're taking advantage of the losers that pay for them. On the other hand, they're generally borderline retarded turbo thots that are shooting themselves in the kneecaps by doing this, and putting themselves at a huge disadvantage when they want to get a "real" job/career later on. As well, the predatory nature of the porn industry in general sickens me. OnlyFans is being sold to girls as a quick, easy way to make money, that doesn't involve the same risks as being an actual hooker, and the girls are too young to really understand the nature of what they're getting themselves into. One of them on twitter tried flexing the fact that through OnlyFans, they made $500 in a month. Where I live, you can make at least double, if not triple that working a McJob for about 28 hours a week. Sure, the McJob is harder that taking photos of yourself, but at least you can put it on a resume when you apply for better jobs. Anyway, sex work customers are losers, and the sex workers themselves are retarded turbo thots, and I would not have sex with them

>>257407606Whores should die young.There's nothing as pathetic in this world as an old whore.

>>257411549>The absolute state of modern women.Modern menMen.Men allow all of that.Men.

>>257414771You fucking idiots. She's a pity vampire. Her whole facebook is bullshit like "Please send me money to fund my sister's surgery."

>>257415600It is not legal in Spain?

>>257415673This desu, the amount of beta faggots that do whatever these whores tell them to do just to have a chance to stick their dick in them is pathetic. Men have no camaraderie and will throw another man under the bus for a whore

There is no such thing as "sex work"Only whores and THOTs

>>257411549>1880>my husband later died in the Civil War>laterThe American Civil War lasted from Apr 12, 1861 to Apr 9, 1865.

>>257414963>Wtf I have empathy now

>>257415720Unregulated, which is not the same as legal or ilegal

>>257407606They should pay 60% of their income in taxes, like everyone else.

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>>257415673yeah because they can say whatever they want and the cops believe them without question.

>>257415300>>257415247>>257415207I legit feel bad for this girl. It's clear that she's not all there and the porn industry is preying on her

>>257415877lol why. cunts choose this life.

>>257407606They're sad pathetic desperate creatures with nothing to offer. They must spend their days naked on camera sticking things inside themselves and begging for money or bent over in a hotel room existing solely as a thing for men to stick their dicks into. The losers who they once rejected are now their masters and these whores must humiliate themselves for the amusement of these people. Don't waste your time being angry or jealous of creatures. They waste all their money anyway. They're just rummies dancing for coins.

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>>257415300>>257415247>>257415207>>257415167>>257415137>>257415102>>257415023>>257414963>>257414853>>257414771>>257414703Did you see the TPS interview with JF and Hannah Hays? I'm trying to find it but I can't. It was extremely eye opening for me and I couldn't watch porn for like 2 weeks because I felt so bad about the whole industry. Honestly it's something people need to watch. It'll make the other anons sick to their stomachs. It's one thing to see gore online, but that doesn't really effect you because you had no part in it. What disgusts people the most is realizing that they played some part in something vile and grotesque. Most have a hard time facing it.

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>>257412067>prohibition in america would have workedThere would be people in the state that would be in the position of refraining from applying those laws. They would be among the few in a position to handle that kind of market, and they would see the enormous economic benefit they stand to gain from it. All you are doing is giving the state an informal monopoly, see: CIA trafficking drugs.You use the war on drugs example, and that's a good example. There isn't one form of state that will make the people in the state itself immune to corruption.

I think I'm addicted to hookers> I'm financially stable> I have never been a chad> Throughout my youth, getting women was my biggest drive> I would not go to a club, to a festival or to a social gathering if meeting women was not a possibility> Of course I would basically never get any.> This has always been a trait of me> If a human is a continuously developing creature I can tell you that there are some traits that seem to be deeper rooted in you> I got into a high paying job not because I loved it but because in my head it would give me access to better women> It's the goal justifying the means> I do not want fame> I don't want absurd amounts of money> I just want women> This has lead me to prostitution> 2019 was the peak for me> I would go to escorts pretty much when I had the urge> I have never spent more than I made in a month but pretty much what I made would go to hookers> There was a day in 2019 summer that I specifically remember> I've fucked 3 escorts in a sunny Saturday of that year. One in the morning (because it's always my preference to arrange this in the morning so I'm the first client), one in the afternoon and one before going to bed. > I'm aware that I'm an addicted> 2019 went by and I kept spending.> 2020. I decide that it's madness and I heavily cut down on it> All this Corona virus situation came. It's been 2 months since my last visit> I've saved a lot of money but I honestly don't know if this is making me happy> The best memories I have were when I would find a girl, contact her, negotiate the prices, the knock on the door having her sucking my dick, the lust of fucking her> This is what I always wanted, this is who I am> So now that I have been off, it feels empty, life is mundane, there is no joy. The work seems to be an useless chorePol, should I accept who I am and give into my vices, fornicating my way to death or should I fight it and transform myself into a different person?

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>>257415300bitchute.com/video/mMg5bvIcFB5V/here I found it. You can tell that she is very slow immediately. If you don't know she was in some kind of car crash as a young teen or something along those lines.

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>>257407606As long as they pay taxes

News anchors make my dick hard

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>>257407606>workProstitution should be a felony punible by ten years of imprisonment.Also, we should and must end women's rights.

>>257416557you should find a nice prostitute and marry her

>>257408059Illegal in the USA. I guess they have guns over there though, so it all evens out between us.

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>>257407606It's terrible. Unless Lauren Southern is going it

>>257407606"work" lmaoIt's as much "work" as the hobo at the train station is "working" by begging, only more profitable.

>>257415126>Sexual exploitation is the root of sex work and dumb whores are too stupid to realize it and think it's empowering.This. 100%.

>>257407606Taking advantage of the sexual emergencies of men rather than doing something to discourage the situation is a social abuse on par with anything you could send someone to prison for a decade for.

>>257416557Pol, should I accept who I am and give into my vices, fornicating my way to death or should I fight it and transform myself into a different person?Fight it. Think of these whores has demons who are eating your soul. Remember that these creatures went to hell a long time ago and now they're too far gone and want to drag everyone else down with them. Every time you submit to one of these creatures you fall further into decay. Stop, recover and start a family before it's too late

sex work doesn't exist. Its just a nice word for a woman who does NOTHING but embarrassing her family. undressing in front of a camera over the span of a hours is not work. Its fucking stupid.and spreading your legs and lying on your bed in case you have a IRL customer is not work either. The only one who does work there will be the man.

>>257411549You're alright Leaf

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>>257407606Whoring*. That word you used doesn't exist.

>>257417315>Pol, should I accept who I am and give into my vices, fornicating my way to death or should I fight it and transform myself into a different person? Sorry, forgot to green text this part

>>257417315> Fight it. Think of these whores has demons who are eating your soul.> they're too far gone and want to drag everyone else down with them.This has a deeper meaning than what I would expect from pol

>>257416187bitchute.com/video/oOnD0PDB9yQ/the French Canadian guy's Youtube channel was deleted, not sure why

>>257416187is that bottom pic actually her?

>>257407606Its not real work. Women who do it are whores and they deserve to be branded with a Scarlett letter for life.

>>257417756It actually is, user. The porn machine takes normal looking girls in one end, and at the other, spits out girls with fake tits, bad tattoos, lip fillers, and drug addictions. It's a sad process

>>257417501Stay on this thread anonWhat demons are you fighting in your life?

>>257407606>sex-work>workThese whores molest their holes on cam almost as often and badly as the left molests the english language.

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>>257417756Yes. This girl started doing porn at 18. She was trafficked into it.

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that it's real work.

>>257417756She's got more cheap plastic in her than a happy meal at this point.

>>257411962I guess the only solution is to kill yourself

Ill upload my vehicles and addresses later when i hear a cessna or helicopter

>>257418242That's because you have no idea what I'm talking about.You just wandering through life numbed by porn and weed.No surprise that the only thing you can add to the conversation is:> I guess the only solution is to kill yourself

>>257407606Just like hollywood. I simply find a way to get it for free.

>>257417689thanks king

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>>257407719>Lying on your back>Real workPick one, Hans.

Honestly I don't see it as a bad thing. You see, if I get upset because whores are making money with something they are born with, I should be upset I'm doing money because I was born smarter than many people. But in the dame way, as I don't get upset if someone tells to me how smart I am, I expect them to not be upset when someone tells them how whores they are.

>>257407606you mean masturbating on camera? idc

>>257415300>>257416580Wow this is genuinely sad. She doesn't like doctors and medication so she has an emotional support lizard (lol), but her agent won't let her bring it on set. She seems super vulnerable desu.


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My opinion is it's going to be a lot more prevalent in a world depression

>>257417958I used to go out with one these girls for a short while when I lived in America. She was actually a very nice and sweet girl and very quiet. She was just doing cams and stripping at the time and had stopped doing prostitution a few months before hand. She'd often cry about how much she hated it and how how horrible it made her feel but she had no choice because she had no family.Other times she'd brag about how much money she made (even though she'd just waste it on stupid crap) and mock me for being stupid enough to believe her sob stories. She was like two completely different people. The sweet and innocent girl she once was and the demon who had taking her over. She has no friends or family because the demon inside her drives anyone away who tries to help. When you buy hookers your not just feeding her demon but your letting one into your own life. She went back to being a hooker again, God knows what she's at now. It's sad. Kind of fucked up my whole view of women and the world in general for awhile when you see first hand the evils of "sexual liberation".

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>>257407606Morally entitled to rape anyone thats shown things being put into their cunt on a stream.

>>257411258you could kys and not have to worry about a thing

>>257407606If a women gets naked, & trades that shit for money I have no problem, I even respect it.Can't stand simps paying thots £1000s just to stick their tongue out and be suggestive though.

>>257407606if there is demand someone is wiling to supply

>>257407606It is incredibly straining on my asshole

>>257421931Based and freemarketpilled

>>257407606It's not work. Prostitutes deserve zero respect.

>>257407719It’s only real work because you hate sex. If you enjoy sex it’s a career.

>>257407606They should be beaten, have their head shaved and sold to a men for breeding. >Fuck degeneracy

>>257421817>>257418242I can totally see you guys having the same IQ level.

>>257407606I feel repulsed by the people doing it. But they are free, we shouldnt stop them

>>257422617Why are you repulsed by it?We are not talking about crack head prostitutes on the street. We are talking clean women that make more money than you. That's an choice of them and a choice of the customer. I can totally see this being morally wrong but not repulsive