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Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com >Live MAPS globaleventmap.org syria.liveuamap.com >Fan maps twitter.com/PetoLucem twitter.com/miladvisor twitter.com/a7_mirza twitter.com/hamza_780 RECENT MAPS >Syria May pbs.twimg.com/media/EW85jhaX0AMlFek?format=jpg&name=large >Afghanistan Mar 21 imgur.com/a/OORU9hH >Iraq Mar 21 imgur.com/a/VC51wJt >Yemen Mar 21 imgur.com/a/AlJqedx Devs May 12 >Syria The US provides $ 1.5 billion to support (((democracy))) in Syria. OPCW head FALSELY described Syria whistleblower inspectors to discredit them, new documents show Covid-19 gives cover for US-led coalition to keep up pressure on Syria >Lebanon Demonstrators hold a Coffin Dance ceremony for the Lebanese pound near Beirut >Iraq A major security development is happening in several fronts in Salahudin province, Iraq , Isis attacked simultaneously in about 5 different locations, many killed and wounded and the situation is worrying This is the largest attack in a long time >Libya Libya: The Libyan army battalion 128 infantry announce the capture of an Turkish officer and 10 other GNA militants during operation by Libya army on Ain Zara axis, Tripoli city >Yemen The continuation of the clashes in Alaspl government forces approaching control of the network Alaspl region high on the road to Marib >Afghanistan Airstrikes were reported on the outskirts of Qalat, in Zabul Afghan National Security Council spokesperson: Taliban carried out nearly 2,800 attacks in 50 days since signing deal with the United States. >UkraineIn Kiev, a veteran of the operation in Eastern Ukraine stuck a skewer in his friend because he said that Crimea is Russia.

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These are photos of user, who is stuck in Japan. I don't know why he's taking pictures on film.

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Whats obamagate?>>257370272

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Kozak went to Berlin to negotiate at Ukraine topic. The chances of /ug/ are decreasing.

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Russia and Syria suspected WHO of lobbying the interests of the West.

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Russia demands that the WSJ should refute information about the underestimation of mortality from covid in Russia.

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The Israeli Embassy in Ukraine offered to hold seminars aimed at combating anti-Semitism among law enforcement officials.

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The plane flying from China to Cyprus headed for Moscow due to Turkey's refusal to allow passage through its airspace - Minister of transport of Cyprus

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Jeff Bezos set to be world's first trillionaire as coronavirus helps Amazon

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China suspends Australian beef imports

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Nothing is happening in Syria at all. It's hard for me to find any news.

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NATO Secretary General accused Russia and China of destabilizing the West with disinformation

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Someone give me a quick run down on the Turkish-SAA clashes. I lost track of things right around the time the tochkas were coming out.

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Prev >>257301104

>>257409944Ramadan and Corona, seems like a break for now.>Libya>In a press conference last night, GNA's MoI Fathi Bashagha says there is a balance of forces around Tripoli & calls for a national reconciliation approach to the crisis in Libya libya.liveuamap.com//en/2020/14-may-in-a-press-conference-last-night-gnas-moi-fathi-bashagha>Video from Gate 27 showing smoke plumes from the clashes in Tripoli, Libya libya.liveuamap.com//en/2020/14-may-video-from-gate-27-showing-smoke-plumes-from-the-clashes>Others>The US State Department notifies Congress of the definition of Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba as non-cooperative countries in fighting terrorism syria.liveuamap.com//en/2020/14-may-the-us-state-department-notifies-congress-of-the-definition

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I wish the Japanese were younger

>twitter.com/eha_news/status/1260906918953906178>BREAKING: #NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg says that NATO is ready to support the Government of National Accord in #Libya.>Stoltenberg said it is not possible to equate the UN-recognized GNA and Haftar, adding that NATO is ready to support the government in #Tripoli.Do explain to me how this is possible. This US foreign policy is crazy.

>>257414582Some of assads rich coisengs?

>>257417375>NATO takes the side of internationally recognized terroristsMore news at 11

>>257417667France is also part of NATO so a statement like that is very surprising.


>>257417965>France is also part of NATOso is Greece and you guys hardly want to fight for Erdoroach.

>>257417965France is only part of the "political" NATO

A hearty fuck Israel>>257417375NATO using ikhwanis as a fifth column in Libya confirmed, just like Syria. Maybe this will show Putin the expediency of supporting the east.

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>>257418748Yeah but it's not like Stoltenberg can just decide who NATO supports. The US can and shadow-guide NATO but that statement doesn't express Greece or France so how can he make it like that? >>257418790Exactly, France does have a say on the statements even if they don't have any on the results.

Al-andalus when?

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>>257415555Guads checked

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>>257407707The absolute state of the west

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>>257419163We can only hope such luck would shine upon us.

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Round upNATO supporting GNA, SNA, Hadi Hotel forces, 3 for free on wahabi ikhwani scum

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>>257419012If the statement is true then holy shit Greece will go nuclear today. This is an incredibly blatant fuck you to us. At least we'll be officially joining the good guys soon.

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>>257420246I'd rather die under the steel boot of Putin than live under NATO regime, tfu

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>>257420209Hey Jap what's the word in the streets

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Mahrous forces are restricting Emirati diesel from reaching Socotra, causing power shortages in Hadiboh and other Socotri towns. Looks like they're testing the Aden strategy again

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>aa.com.tr/en/europe/nato-ready-to-support-libyas-government-stoltenberg/1840871Can anyone access La Republica to find this because I don't want the Turks as a source. This is some wild shit.

>>257421857I'm not I'm forced to be here because of complicated reasons that might dox me if I say 'em especially in a country infested with kikes

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>>257422524tell us more

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