Why should i hate Jews?

why should i hate Jews?

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Why shouldn't you ?

>>257406661Because they killed Jesus Christ the son of man.

they come to your country, create a state within a state and exploit your goodwill for their gains.

>>257406661probably only legit reason would be because of the ADL


>>257407212Well, you don't hate somebody for what he says, rather for what he does.And we all agree, Jews are disgusting people. I mean, look how they dress.

>>257406661Because they are a useful scapegoat for all of society's problems. Every time you feel bad for something or some bullshit happens, you already have an answer why and something to be mad towards, providing relief.

imagine the smell

>>257406661They mutilate the genitals of their own children, that alone is more than enough reason to hate Jews

I grew up around jews and they didn't seem so bad. I did lend a very small amount of money to one though and he never paid me back.

>>257409514so do americans and arabs, fuck them too

No, do something with your life instead, Don't be like us, leave right now. P.S. op, learn one thing from them, and buy fucking property

You shouldn't, they believe in God.

>>257409674>so do americans and arabs, fuck them tooFuck Filipinos as too

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the question is : why am i forced to like them?

Duplicitous culture. Jews dont have a concept of truth, they just say whatever is convenient in the short term.

>>257409920Don't white people inject their kids with poison aka vaccines?

>>257409748>they believe in God.They believe in the Demiurge

>>257406661Because they hate you, goyim

>>257406661You should love your own people, which includes non-Jews in general.

>>257407212its true, i was there

>>257409748Bible says, they worship satan.

>>257410023is that you? the eternal jew?

>>257407275just like the chinese

>>257409957Based, shalom


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>>257406661Because they hate you.

>>257410023thank you for killing him , now i can have anal sex

>>257409968Do black men inject your mother with semen?

>>257406661You tell me what's not to hate and I'll back off the jews.

>>257410023Would it still be true, if you weren't there?

>>257410120How much money do you lose for every second spent on 4chan?

>>257410185probablywe're a hive mind, i was just the closest to him at the time and the rabbis sensed it>>257410261to you it may seem like a lot but to a jew its not that muchi consider it money well spent, its like going to the zoo except its a zoo of goyim

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>>257410023how many times did you fapped?

>>257410382unfortunately i don't remember as it was more than 2000 years ago but probably only once, i just didn't stop throughout

>>257406661Talmud. If you read it and you don't find anything wrong with it then you are a despicable human being.

>>257406661Jews 2: Madagascar

>>257406661Usury and lie

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>>257410040Eh no that's the synagogue of Satan who pretend to be Jews but aren't.Jews follow the Torah.

>>257410993Take thou no interest of him or increase; but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee.

>>257410376Well in that case, now i don't know who's hatin' who anymore.I'm all for money well spent, so let's all make some good investments on 4chan.

>>257411058I'd hate to spoil it for you, but fortunate enough, as a catholic, i reserve a right to call anybody i feel fancy, a synagogue of satan(why bother with capitals lol) to myself

how do jews explain this?

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>>257406661You shouldn't. You should hate penis sucking vampires that prey on children.

>>257411414As a Catholic you do not reserve the right to place yourself above God's discernment

>>257412601As a catholic, i'm proud, my religion helps me to call out bullshit without an effort, when i see it.

>>257406661because they closed imageboards like fatpeople and julay.


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>>257406661review their behaviours. even just since world war 2, imagine hitler even did try to kill them, if you observe their behaviours in just that 70 year timeframe, can you fathom a single excuse why anyone wouldn't want them all dead? seriously, humor me, tell me one single objectively decent thing the jewish diaspora has done sincerely with no self-serving interests. they've literally taken over the world which is exactly what hitler was trying to stop by just moving them out of europe

>>257406661hating is fun

>>257412824They were breeding grounds for wrong-think

>>257413183Your cabal is laughable.

>>257406661>1 post by this IDquestion already answered>>257407275Stop this thread.

>>257406661i dont. many of their leaders are evil. and they dont rat put their own, which is understandable. they a propagandized from youth how everyone hates them, saw there is a proof-texted/law-of-attraction at work. generally, they just need to cool it with the demonic subversions. not too worried because most will be in Israel soon. but it isnt hate to want their lying mouths shut.

>>257406661Humanity's greatest long time enemy.


>>257406661El Jew?

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>>257406661You shouldn't. But Israel on the other hand...

>>257407212But what if theyre banking on that?

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>>257406661Because they hate you

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>>257406661What if it's part of the scheme?

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>>257407212Jewish religions are all fake

Meditation and no fap and the wholr house of card just falls. Add low meat intake and boom.

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>>257410146and im also blav

>>257406661Because they hate you and will never not hate you

>>257415100wat movie dis


>>257406661It is immoral to not hate evil.

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