Should democracy in the EU states be suspended for a certain time...

Should democracy in the EU states be suspended for a certain time? The European Union is the greatest peace project in human history. It has transformed centuries of enmity between European states into peaceful cooperation. The next step is the United States of Europe. A goal in the interest of all Europeans. We must not allow the EU to be destroyed. In all countries, right-wing extremists are gaining influence who are only elected by idiots and want to destroy the EU. We are endangering peace on this continent because the lower classes of the European countries do not want to give up their racist tendencies. Democracy should be abolished. Governments in countries such as Hungary and Poland must be disempowered to ensure European integration. Once people have experienced how many advantages the United States of Europe has to offer, they will give up their resistance. We must abolish democracy for a certain period of time, then hatred will be transformed into love. What do you think of this idea?

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>>257405607germans .... germans never change you should go fuck yourself with the whole EU faggot

>>257405736The alternative to the United States of Europe is hatred, war and insignificance of the entire continent. What would be desirable about it?

>>257405607>The next step is the United States of EuropeNobody ever asked for this.Ask yourself why anti EU movements are for democracy that you want to suspend.You are a danger for the world, not only for Europe.

>>257405607>peaceful cooperationWe still despise each other, and there's no one we despise more than you. My only solace is knowing that in the future there'll be no more germans to poison the world, for you are a greater cancer than even the jew could ever hope to.

>>257405607>It has transformed centuries of enmity between European states into peaceful cooperation

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>>257405607fuck your shitty bait

>>257405841The long-term goal of the right-wing extremists is the establishment of fascist dictatorships. Europe will once again be the continent of war if we do not stop these people.

If it is so great then why haven't I received an EU mandated girlfriend yet?

>>257405835i already hate you .. for being traitors to the western civilation the federation you dreaming off will never happen no without war ideologicaly we are both in different position you guys flirt with socialism and marxism and we did have enoughyou want more migrants from africa and middle east we want none of that you support degeneracy we want none of it censor in a way even commie would be ashamed and we want none of that ...

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>>257405607I'm with you we should abolish state-nations and we should embrace the only nation, the United States of Europe.Unfortunately egoism and sinister nationalism of few prevents us from realizing a common project that could elevate us as a world power instead of living on suspicions and spite against each other. one government one nation one country.

>>257406088People like you are the reason why we have to abolish democracy for a while. Your senseless hatred and racism endangers the biggest peace project in human history. The Czech Republic alone is meaningless , every European country is meaningless. Only together are we really strong.

>>257406088>pagan heretic>gott mit unsretard

>>257406188the only countries who would benefit from this is France and either really hate others Italians or are naiveenjoy being secondary citizen...

>>257405925>>257405952For over 70 years there has been no war between the states of Europe. The hatred between the peoples of Europe has been greatly reduced. In order to take the final step now, tough measures must be taken. Future generations will be eternally grateful to us.

>>257406049>suspend democracy making a short term socialist dictatorship to avoid long term fascism dictatorshipYou're an idiot.

>>257405607>German wants to dictate countries what to doWhy am I surprised?

>>257405835individual freedom and liberty faggot

>>257406263good thing that people like you losing influenceand nationalism is on rise

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>>257406049good, Europe needs a crusade to remove the filth the EU brought in

>>257405607>Democracy should be abolishedThere isn’t any democracy anyway. How many people voted for the migrant crisis, how many would vote to end freedom of movement if they could. The EU is one big fake d&c psyop. It’s not supposed to actually function

>>257405607This but unironically

>>257406427A dictatorship of reason and humanity will enable the United States of Europe. Eternal peace and economic prosperity in Europe. Once the people have experienced these benefits, democracy will of course be restored. Fascist dictatorships will return Europe to the time of hatred, wars and poverty. Which is better, huh?

>>257405607Kek, what about no.The EU must be disbanded, and the governments will be monarchies, constitutional will be practical.

>>257406326Is hatred and insecurities that makes you think likes that. Only racists and nationalists thinks they are better than other people and luckily they are a minority in Europe.

>>257405607>Should democracy in the EU states be suspended for a certain time?No.We should solve the jewish problem instead.

>>257405607European federation at NUTS2 level when?I don't wanna remain trapped with Gennarino e Calogero in this Esposito republic

>>257406629look commie, nobody buys your shit, get ropewe believe you can do it!

>>257405607Abolish Germany

>>257406326Especially small countries like the Czech Republic would benefit greatly from the United States of Europe. Economic prosperity and peace for countless generations. Is that not in your interest?

>>257405607the eternal german strikes again

>>257406629>A dictatorship of reason and humanitySocialism doesn't work.

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>>257406629Are you a Die Linke shill?You shills are the reason why Europe is a mess.

>>257406854To what extent is the United States of Europe socialist? This is not a socialist idea. Do you also believe that the United States is a socialist construct? What kind of logic is that?

>>257406840>everything will be much better if you just give me the power to kill everyone that disagrees with meKYS FAGGOT

>>257406714Nice bait.European Culture died in WWI.

>>257406533I am with you Czech bro. Nationalism is the way forward.

>>257406958Europe is a mess because the EU is still too powerless. As a common state, order can be restored. Individual states mean chaos and war. Whoever stands up against the United States of Europe stands up for war and fascism.

>>257406968the US was born in freedom, not collectivist dictatorship.btw what is a collectivist dictatorship normally called?oh yeah, socialism


>>257406840no it is not in my interested i want Czech republic remain in Czech hands ruled by Czech peopleas i say we have nothing common yuu guys wants more globalism we want less i will write it once again but the West flirting with marxism and socialism and we did have enough

>>257407084Hello there, Verhofstadt.The wannabe Roman Consul.


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>>257406263>>257405607A united europe is not what the majority of the elcorate wants. There is simply no majority for a completely united Europe. The EU is incredibly undemocratic and wasteful. Just look at the last EU parliamentary elections, when the conservative candidate was replaced by Ursula von der Leyen due to Emmanuel Macron not liking him. The EU parliament still has two seats for no good reason, wasting millions of tax payers money every year. The promised protection of the external borders as a prerequisite for the removal of the internal borders was never realized and is now being tried to be completely eliminated.While it is true that every European country is a dwarf on the global stage, you seem to overlook that a Europe united by (economic) coercion would never work in the long run and would never make the people of Europe happy.I think that we should look at countries like australia, the united kingdom, japan, south korea or norway as a guide. cooperation on the european level might be in the field of space, economy and military. but as long as the european Union is so pedantic and amateurish, i would never want my tax money to go to any EU fiscal authority that would then just redistribute it to bankrupt states.

>>257405607>>257405835if this is not bait and you guys genuinely believe this, then there is no hope for you

>>257406968USA are not a dictatorhip of reason and humanity but a free market try whrere you take results from your own choice.The exact opposite of a suspened democracy with a doisctatorhip of reason and humanity.

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>>257407283>A united europe is not what the majority of the elcorate wants. There is simply no majority for a completely united Europe.Therefore we must abolish democracy. People are too stupid to see the paradise, that lies before their eyes. It is in the long-term interest of all Europeans to unite the European states.

>>257407306t. NPD/AFD/FDP-Wähler

>>257407465>People are too stupid to see the paradise,And why are you not stupid?Becuse we see only a socialist nigthmare.

>>257405607It's over hanz, the basket case economy of europe has come to the surface. Your constitutional courts put the final nail in that coffin by ruling EU money printing unlawful and your ship is sinking.You tried to claim europe through the backdoor of soft power and it failed, see you on the other side.

>>257407136I agree with you and believe that Czechia should be ruled by the czech people. Though I remind you that germany had a 40 year lasting rendezvue with (leftist) socialism as well.

EU should be disbanded.

>>257407321socialism=people line up for breadcapitalism=bread lines up for people

>>257407465And Roman empire already collapse before multiculturalism, shall we kill all people of different culture after we abolished democracy?



>>257407465their has never and can never be a utopia retard, it is impossible to build a perfect system with imperfect beings


>>257407574You are dominated by irrational fears. No one has any intention of establishing socialism. I love democracy. But tough measures are needed, especially to preserve democracy in the long term.

>>257405607Nice pasta bro

How about we just disband Russia, USA, India, Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and China?

>>257407602only the east part of germany with is also the only normal part of Germany it is not that i hate Germans or any other population in Europe i just think that Europe as whole will pay for these policies either by blood or by massive hardship

>>257407790>said the socialist liar


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>>257407783This. Why do you think that the USA and Russia are against the United States of Europe? We would become too powerful. They want to keep us small. You're supporting a Russian-American agenda if you go against the EU.

>>257407790The corrupted beurocracy of the EU is not an irrational fear is what they already have. People are now paying taxes to have money back with interests on them.EU is a bunch of fucking socialists thieves.,

>>257407941we can hardly become powerful when you replacing your own population with migrants and support shit like green policy that will hurt European economy

>>257407941maybe because Russia and America don't want to have to put the EU down again because they are authoritarian psychos bent on world domination?

>>257407941Lol funny meme brudi xddd

>>257405607Fuck the EU, fuck Germany.Frexit now!!

>>257408095Don’t fall for his baits bro can’t you see that’s a pasta

>>257408106You see? Americans are seething. They fear us

>>257407152Based and Hussar-pilled.

>>257406404>For over 70 years there has been no war between the states of Europe.But that has nothing to do with Europe.That is a USA - Russia matter.

>>257405607>EU>Leftist dictatorship>United States of EuropeMore like the Union of European Socialist Republics

>>257408265They fear also the Soviet Union.

>>257407306It is Roman bait, kraut user.

>>257407790>I love democracy so lets kill democracyThe eternal PiefkeIm glad Prussias now polish and you cant do shit about it

>>257407754>it is impossible to build a perfect system with imperfect beingsThen just perfect the beings with eugenics. You know, Hitler was a clever man.

>>257408265lol, no we do not fear you cucks. we are tired of protecting you, and saving you from yourselves.twice was 2 times too many already

>> not even a secret anymore that the so called nationalist are taking money from foreign countries, open your eyes

>>257405607Oh, Germany don't you ever change.

>>257408553yawn, there will never be perfect people

>>257407465Nice try, Roman.>Napoleon tried to resurrect the Roman Empire. So does Hitler.

>>257408553Have you found the right ammount of ficki ficki for the Überroach yet?

>>257408265You don't represent me or anyone else in your LARP-fest of a united Europe.Just as we had gained our independence from the UK a century ago, we'll do the same again.

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>>257408627Come mai non fate casino pure per i 12 milioni che Zingaretti ha fatto sparire a Panama in mascherine fantasma?

>>257407783To stop antichrists like Napoleon and Hitler, Europe must and always be divided.

>>257405607>he European Union is the greatest peace project in human history.reminder that there are german antifas targeting those sitesthese tards are not represenataive of germans as a wholedo not listen to them

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>>257408529Says the nation that causes two world wars.Unironically, Hapsburgs and Hitler did nothing wrong.

>>257408772At this point you either ally with the British or be blakked into oblivion.

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>>257407558ja richtig und wir hängen euch stiefellecker von den laternenpfählen wenn die wirtschaftskrise kommt

>>257408627Im not a nationalist, rather a monarchist for the Austro-Hungarian Empire

>>257408982reminder that the hungarian has an inner desire to be ruled by germans

>>257405607Burn Brussels to the fucking ground.

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>>257408561Lel, Austria decided to fuck Germany up through 2 world wars. Basically, Germany was Austria's slave iin the 20th century.

>>257408791eccolo il pollo nazionalista che non mostra la bandiera, non dovresti esserne fiero?

>>257408918Hehehe die Mutti hütet euch

>>257409052No, burn the EU building and facilities in Brussels.

>>257408916I'm with ye all the way,i'd rather team up with the anglosphere then let either the EU or our limp-dicked govt wipe away our culture and heritage for a few quid.

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>>257409023Only if its southgerman not an autist Nordi

>>257405835oh dont be mistaken there will be a european state it just wont be what you think it will be

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>>257409079No, non sono fiero di essere in una dittatura petalosa, ho deciso che "gli altri" li prendo a fucilate.

>>257405607>democracy in the EU states be suspendedWait, it isn't already?

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>>257409134Don't forget about Strasbourg, they move back and forth every 6 months between the two cities.

>>257405607Fuck off shillcuck, EU is evil and no matter how many threads you make it won't change.

>>257409257bene vedo che vivi in un mondo di fantasie, assodato ciò provo pena per te e mi auguro che qualcuno si assicuri della tua somministrazione quotidiana di farmaci.

>>257407790>Oh, lookie here lads, Hans wants to imitate Francois and his old pal Napoleon in reestablish the Roman Empire, and to ressurect BIGGVSDICKVS.

>>257405607>should democracy be suspended>tfw the EU-opposition does that for you

>>257409455And their spiritual Capital, Rome.The EU has 3 capitals, Brussels, Strassbourg, and Rome.

>>257408265>Laughs in von Steuben and Old Fritz

>>257405607Tbh the EU feels like what Hitler always wanted: German control over Europe. We are no more than vassals

>>257409243Are you going to destroy Europe a sixth time?

>>257409465Un altro caso Musso?Vi servirà di mettere le sbarre al paese, alla fine.Ovviamente solo per evitare che la gente esca, che sennò poi come fate ad accogliere immigrati.Gli utili idioti leccastivali come te saranno i primi a ricevere la giusta ricompensa dai vostri stessi padroni.

>>257409615Before him, the Corsican.

>>257409630Yesand its going to be glorious

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>>257405607Ya' know, I don't really know, but I do wish they would try to invade America so we could slaughter every one of them.

>>257405607These german troll threads are the best.The funny part is, there's actually a gigantic portion of the german population that actually thinks like that outside of /pol.The sad part is, they dont realize germany would become bankrupt in 5 seconds without and their eternal sucking and leeching of money.So in short, yes, democracy should be abolished, because its the single worst thing that ever happened to the human race.

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>>257410248YES. There's actually a master plan every german pupil below the age of 10 gets told in school.The plan is to leech the great and mighty nation of Poland for their eternal and well earned wealth. All those small and mid sized companies in germany are secretly employing an all polish work force in their basements that does all the actual engineering work. Heck all company buildings have been build by money stolen from the polish farmers. There are actual german gangs that cross the border to Poland every night to steal money hidden in homes of POLISH families. The way I see it, Poland would be on par with China economically with all the engineering inventions, space technology and famous IT companies founded and residing in the mighty wealthy nation of POLAND. But the germans have found a way to exploit the great polish nation by founding the EU with their french, dutch and belgian sidekicks (which get their fair share of polish wealth as well).

>>257409023Hungarians have a desire to be ruled by anyone, they cannot into freedom. Whether it's Germany or Russia or their current gypsy jew dictator, they are a people who can only exist if they are ruled by someone else.


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>>257405607Your main problem is lack of respect to views of other people. You think there is no alternative to USE. So far populations of so called by you idiots have shown otherwise.


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>>257405607We still hate you

>>257405607The EU is literally responsible for the death of Europe. Has been sad to watch.

>>257410841and last but not least.

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>>257410841oh, ya, one more thing.

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>>257411288I despise the idea of a USE but my man you really got triggered by a german baiter

>>257411045>their current gypsy jew dictatorawww, did mr Orban hurt your delicate feelings?awww, dont like his banning of gender studies in the universities? or his anti-lgbt agenda? awww, poor boy. its ok, mr Orban cant hurt you.

>>257405607I will find you and I will bash your skull open on the nearest goddamn sidewalk you filthy fucking piece of degenerate authoritarian shitThe EU will be the cause of the next European war and it will be fought because Europe will refuse to bow to the people

>>257405607Let this be a warning to you euros , this is the end game .

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>>257411288Get fucked you paid polish internet Oettinger had never any real political power in Germany I dont know what youre on about.


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>>257411659>bb.bbb....ttr....troolll!!!1keep crying.

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>>257411365No, that would be China, which delivered the killing blow.

>>257411411BAHAHAHAQuoting from some shitty right dubious online newspaper. Get fucked asshole.You do know that poland has a huge immigrant community in almost every western country, inclunding germany. My wife is even of polish origin and Ive been to poland numerous times. Its standard of living is definitly worse that in western europe, thats why so many poles have left poland.

>>257405607Hmm. What could possibly go wrong?Hard Brexit please.

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>>257411566What's the matter, why are you such a bootlicker? Nobody cares about Orban outside of his shithole country. He's a whiny, insecure, low intellect nobody. Goes to show you how low a country is that they'd let someone like him be their leader and worship him too. Orban couldn't hurt one of those trannies if he tried, he's far too weak.

>>257405607get better bait mouthbreather

When memes aren't allowed, You know you fucked up somewhere

Plus the people don't get to decide who to lead the EU, literally a shadow government controlling the people

>>257405607You know what at this point I really don't care anymore, subjugated or not, I don't care. Left to our own plans we were drive ourselves into hell of corruption and nepotism, being ruled over by progressive westerners we will see our culture reduced to LBGT and other shithawks.Either way I'm fucked, the only hope I have left is that some really fucking radical fellas take over the EU leadership and make it what every white male secretly wants it to be - a new fucking reich. Even if I am subhuman to them it would be nice to die knowing at least the fellow europeans will get to live the way they are supposed to.

will frau merkel be nominated dictator for life?

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>>257411411That is why Monarchy is the absolute perfect form of government for Germans.

>>257411639Verhofstadt is the quintessential Roman Consul since Sulla.

>>257411867Checked. That land whale has to go.


>>257412514If she did, she will get the Caesar treatment, only this time, no supporters will rally to her.

The problem with the European Union is that it's infested with eastern europeans. And eastern europeans are only part of the EU because NATO wanted them as part of that prosperity sphere to prep them up against Russia.

>>257405835Fuck you i'am happy this piece of shit globohomo project is almost dead.

>>257407465Under which language?

>>257411639Is there a more despicable eurocrat than Verhofstadt? Look at this punchable face. Disgusting.

>>257412443>I really don't care anymore,take it easy cousin, the tourists will come for the summer.

>>257412081Seething dishwasher.

>>257405607what democracy? there was never democracy, only pretense

>>257405607Yes, it should be transformed into an authoritarian, fascist dictatorship under Germanic rule whose reason of state is the extermination of the lesser races.

>>257415086No good choice to be made there, really. Admit in third world shitholes that you know aren't ready, or risk letting fall back into Russian sphere of influence.

>>257415699Merkel and Macron?

>>257412081It's because here whole communities vote for his party. He had a very strong and visible anti-communist platform after the cold war and in some places they don't even know others

>>257415086>mountain jews trying divide and conquernope

We all know what will happenI'm almost excited

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>>257415489This.At least we are not speaking german and i dont want to change this.

Bring back the Carolingian Empire!I kinda agree the EU is better than European states going to war with each other. No more wars among brethren. The EU just needs to be more right wing.

I actually support he United States of Europe (USE), but damn. Did you not learn from your own history kartoffel? A liberal, left leaning unification is worthless. Now, a right leaning, morally strong one - That made Germany the superpower of the world.Ever since you left the right you have become the cucks of Europa. Shame on you. As a slav I will say that I liked you more when you were nazi. Back then we could at least kill all of you and be done with it, now you are really bad half the time and really good the other half.