>The exact moment Obama fucked up

>The exact moment Obama fucked up.

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i remember this. imagine getting bullied like that in your late adulthood BY A FUCKING NIGGER even after being majorly successful at life. shit sucks.

>>257097292Holy shitThat stare, if Obama realized his fuck up that explains the lengths he went to.

>>257097248“Did we fake the moon landing?”Donald shrugs a maybe

Lol it is so true.The course of history gets changed by a few jokes.

>>257097248Exact Moment the clown era started.

>>257099657Clown era has been going on for decades


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not the first or last time blumpf has been udderly btfo

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>>257097248wooooaaah based kikepede moment, 2016 maga energy is back, lets watch old clips because there is nothing new Trump has done.

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>>257099350he knows

>>257097248Obama also did that cringey little mic drop thing on SNL or whatever that was, reading bad tweets>Well at least I was presidentor something like that, not worth finding the gif

>>257098705Then kicking the nigger out his home and taking his job after he said you would never be able to do it

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>>257098705that's the biggest problem with trump; he can't take the bantz

>>257099751Yes. OBAMA IS GOING TO JAIL.


>>257099751>>257099891>>257099892Wow, 3 nearly identical posts in the span of less than 60 seconds. This is surely organic banter.

>be first black president>go to prisonPottery

>>257100183No, that's his biggest asset. He refuses to forgive.

>>257100183Sort of true, but he is still the best at handing them out, so it's worth it.

>>257100300my mom used to buy organic banter. fuckin disgusting never eating one of those nasty sandwiches again all balogna for me these days thanks for asking

>>257100400Exactly. He's like Jackson.

>>257100134....Then more than doubling the amount of votes in your reelection campaign than the nigger had during his reelection campaign even in states the nigger wonProbably the best revenge anyone has ever gotten just for being made fun of

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>directly asked what crimes Obamagate is supposed to be about>dodges the questionQ boomers are the biggest retards on this board, which is quite an achievement

>>257099751incoming shills to label this redpilled user as a shill

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>>257100675If you're referring to the press conference, he was obviously deliberately baiting someone to ask about treason.

>>257100675Yeah, I've asked multiple tumes in different threads and the only answer I get is "obamas a traitor". Oh gee, I guess hes going to jail now

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>>257097292You can internally see him say >fuck you nigger


>>257097248I hope we can have a movie documenting. Trump pwning Obama. Just need the story to finish

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>>257100183>can't take the bantz that Obama hired someone else to write>instead takes Obamas job>destroys Obamas legacy>throws Obama and his cabal in jailIts a shame Obama didn't close gitmo cause now he's gonna get sent there

>>257100951If the government is supposed to be of the people by the people, for the people, and you use presidential powers to subvert a duly elected president of the people you get .....Come on I know you can figure it out

>>257097292>What really happened in Roswell2 years later, Obama declassified Area 51 in an attempt to distract the news of the NSA spying on American citizens through their laptops and phones.

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>>257097248Who is laughing now?

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>>257097248look at the head on that guy just disgusting


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>>257101205>Its a shame Obama didn't close gitmo cause now he's gonna get sent thereStop user. I can only get so erect.

>>257097292Oh I could watch this a million times and never get tired of it.

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>>257097248Seed of anger has been planted.

>>257100183>mercilessly attacked, defamed, and smeared for 4 years straight 24/7>still standing, and growing strongerYeah, sure.


>Trump says retard things>they make fun of him>Trump decides to run for president>he becomes the world's jokelel


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>>257100699>>257100300not an argument >>257100212then why hasn't Hillary?

>>257101396Who filmed this?

>August 4, 1961

>>257097292I love this timeline

>>257101889Just press F, ok?

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>>257101889watch this, it's explained everything>>257100264



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>>257102118kek unique meme

>>257097248It is exactly the moment he fucked up.And vid related is the moment THEY realized they fucked up.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmvxx_YbDsM>It takes a villageIT TAKES A VILLAGE>It takes a vilalgeIT TAKES A VILLAGE

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>>257099892>>257099751>>257099891Keep your nose up Shlomo, it's only four more years!

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Why do you ding dongs keep talking about Trump like he's some sort of tough, competent person?

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>>257100212Why? Because Trump says so?

>>257100675Spying on a presidential candidate under, at the time, known to be false information. Meaning he abused power and FISA courts to cause deliberate harm to a presidential election.

>>257102544>implying we aren't going to overturn the 22nd amendment

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>>257101795still not an argument

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>>257101889>dur hur dur you need someone behind a camera for d film to rollthe utter state of miga retardeds

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>>257103043kek.They really underestimated him. And this timeline. Magical happenings ahead anons.

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>>257102544>Israelis Support Trump More Than Almost Any Other Nation, Poll Showsif i was a kike id love trumpi'll wait for the non argument response

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>>257100675What do you mean which crimes? They spied on trump and his team during the campaign AND part of his presidency. They spied on their own fucking president together with other countries in 5eyes. You could say they made it legal but it was al based on the fake steel dossier (payed for with dnc and hillary campaign money lmao) and corruption.

>>257103043Holy fuck, the living caricature bottom 2nd from the left. It transcended to a new level of kikery into a goblin.

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Obama's comments at that dinner ensured his legacy would be destroyed

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>>257103309REMINDER: >75% of jews voted for Clinton. Clinton was the biggest benefactor of Jewish political donations in 2016.

>>257097248some people just refuse to understand what's coming.

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twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1259977658466795522>BREAKING: Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell seeks to declassify any Obama officials involved in Flynn 'unmasking' - ABC News

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>>257103486>>257103551>any day now guys! Clinton is going to jail guys!trumpniggers never learn

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>>257102783But he was president of the United States when he did it. In Trumps own words article 2 states a president can do “whatever he wants.” So is Trump wrong? Could Obama as president do whatever he wanted to do?

>>257103438During Trump's presidency? So the conduct of the FBI or whoever was in charge of this fiasco under Trump is the fault of Obama?


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>>257103589cool now do the Israel oops so mosad and 30% of kikes in the US supported trump wow what a good argument nice self btfo

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>>257099891Nah, he's GOT THIS, the curse has been cast

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>>257102524That video still amazes me.when he almost finishes talking, everyone thinks he's finished...he hasn't, it was a pause for air...theres 15 more minutes to go.

>>257103660Yep, this is a fucking happening. They wouldn't announce this unless they had a solid case lined up and already had a grand jury working the case.

>>257100675How about using the office of the President to order a spying campaign on a Presidential candidate?

>>257103990OMG you're right, i should have voted for the candidate that 80% of kikes supported instead!Fucking neuter yourself with a cheese grater, kike shill.

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>>257103930No, you can't use known to be false evidence to launch an investigation media circus to tamper with an election, that's treason.

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>>257103990I mean kikes did literally stage a coup against himImpeachment hearing Jews:Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - JewishMarie Yovanovitch - JewishGordon Sondland - JewishAdam Schiff - JewishEliot Engel - JewishJerry Nadler - JewishElissa Slotkin - JewishElaine Luria - JewishCharles Kupperman - JewishPamela S. Karlan - JewishNoah Feldman - JewishJohnathan Turley - JewishMichael Gerhardt - JewishNorm Eisen - JewishSteve Cohen - JewishJamie Raskin - JewishDavid Cicilline - JewishTed Deutch - Jewish

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>>257103589Those are All American Jews who like Baseball and hot dogs not radical Mossad Israelis who have shot at least one Palestinian child

>>257104290So then trump was wrong, a sitting president cannot do whatever he wants, correct?

Love this flag.I hope it catches on.Whoever came up with this is awesome.Can you see the swastika?

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>>257099974he stuttered too>Mr Mr Tch-Trump

>>257100183that's his biggest asset, not his biggest problem. the most admirable figures in history are the ones who had relentless seething hatred toward their enemies

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>>257097248>>The exact moment Obama fucked up.Seth Meyers needs his teeth kicked in.

>>257104536If he said that in context then sure. Would like to see the clip of him doing so. Hard to believe anything you retards say about the guy after the whole "drink bleach" thing.

>>257098705We’re gonna see what happens

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>>257097248my second favorite chest poke, just behind Rothschild chest poking Prince Charles

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>>257104426The jew coup.

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>>2571003001. Take your meds schizo2. Inject bleach

>>257104239>dur dur hur here is my non argument i only have two choices guess ill go with dah goldman sachs tax cuts mosad boi instead da other onewhites that still support trump along with the chirstcuccks are nigger tier

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>>257105110>bleachOh look another one.

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>>257105188Tfw voted for a retard


>>257100183I got your fucking bantz right here, buddy!

>>257105582Jokes on you nigga I didn't vote.Still never said drink bleach ;)

>>257105099That's an antisemitic conspiracy theory goy. Reported

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bahahaha trump is such a giant fucking pussy, any faggot who supports him is a snowflake who cant deal with change. get btfo losers, kek.

Love this picture.LOL

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>>257103555That’s the one that makes all these clowns look stupid.

>>257103976What’s that?

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>>257105893Good God she is so pretty

>>257105724did you learn those words on urban dictionary?

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>>257104613>Can you see the swastika?

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>>257097248This is the absolute truth why Donald Trump is now president.The payback is far from over.

>>257106625Hey, I had that exact table.

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>>257103930That quote was in reference to firing someone in a department under the authority of the executive branch of the government. You should probably just go on unemployment, you'll make more than you are shilling.

>>257106344Good to see America with a first lady like this.

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>>257097292This was so satisfying to watch now that Trump is President.

>>257107134Who would have guessed the people that brought us such classics as "drink bleach" would make something he said up.

>>257107398It's good to see America with a first lady that is obviously and unquestionably actually a lady.

>>257100134>Obama will go down as the worst president in the history of the United StatesTrump: HOLD MY CLOROX

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"Take the guns first. I'm not a fan of due process"

>>257104438>Palestinian childYou mean terrorist-in-training


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>>257097248At that point he said fuck it, I’ll spend every last dollar to crush that arrogant POS.

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Donny just shit his pants in front of the nation again.

>>257102524As much as I liked this it was uncomfortable to watch. I'm pretty sure trump thought he would lose here and decided to go out by fire bombing everyone

>>257097248>the moment the course of history changed

>>257108338So he's bankrupt again?

>>257097248I remember seeing this live. Watching this clip is like seeing a Super Villain's origin story.

>>257107661Very attractive lady

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>>257108426After the pussy tapes got leaked he 100% thought he was going to lose. After that point he just decided to have fun at rallies and go scorched earth on his enemies. That second Clinton debate was brutal as well.

Imagine being such a low iq loser and bootlicker that you unironically live vicariously through a billionaire narcissist who has had a silver spoon in his mouth his entire life while unironically justifying it to yourself by saying that he sees himself as one of you.


>>257108453Have you found your prime ministers fake fag eyebrow glue yet leaf?

>>257108684Ok Obama


>>257108684>imagineI hate every one of you retarded reddit faggots.

>>257108338He was never a fan of Obama. Obama hated men like him.

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>>257103660I bet Hillary's going to start cleaning house pretty soon.

>>257105681Those articles are literally only one day apart. Love this shit

>>257103043>tfw you watched it live while lurking Holla Forums

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>>257097248Is there even an actor who can nail this in the inevitable biopic?

>>257101889Technically the late Stanley Kubrik

>>257106356I learned it from you ;)

>>257106566Not sure I can handle a watergate with niggers.I'm so fucking sick of niggers everywhere I look.

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>>257101889A Mason

>>257101807Of course we have so much respect for the Bulgarian president over here. What was his name again? Wait don't tell me, I don't care.

>>257097248I remembered this and the Donald Trump roast after election night, how much crow those faggot liberals had to eat was amusing

>>257101396/debateI don’t know how a person with a functioning brain can look at this footage and think it’s legitimate

>>257103976Thats awesome

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>>257098705>BY A FUCKING NIGGERAre you sure it was this and not the fact that Obama was not actually eligible to be president?

>>257103589That's just who the jews said they voted for.

>>257098705Trump is getting the last laugh, iDRAMA. Also why are iDRAMA academics so racist?

>>257097248Probably when he signed NDAA and didn’t consider that a real person would succeed his terrible presidency. He passed a law that ensures Trump doesn’t need to use regular avenues for redemption. Screencap this: >either he faces justice and names the Chinese/Sauds/Great Houses that pulled his strings to get a presidential pardon>or he gets Droned while on his yacht and his death is recorded as Covid-19 in minecraftThere is no way out for him and his ilk now. Consequences are coming and cannot be stopped.

>>257100300Lol shills on suicide watch

>>257102544Seven. Trump will get some "free time" to make up for the coup during his first years in office. It'll sting the left and make them think twice.

>>257097248>>257097292Why did Obama go after Trump?

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>>257097248>>257097292I unironically think OP is correct.

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>>257097248Ok, boomer.

>>257097248What came first Trump talking publicy about birth certificates or Obamas roast?

>>257108831Obama has been out of office for 4 years man. I know he’s the star of all your cuckold fantasies, but please man, the rest of us don’t constantly think of him.>>257108969How will I ever recover? Don’t worry man, everyone hates you too!>>257110878Right on cue kek. Legit question if Trump asked to fuck your gf would you let him? Well actually, I know you don’t have one so replace the word gf with anime waifu.

>>257097248It’s the wrong move to challenge certain people.

>>257101396but who was phone

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>>2570996571000 clown stare

>>257113250>Why did Obama go after Trump?Trump has been a U.S. Left running joke for decades. He has extremely gaudy taste and is a plain speaker, which makes them think he's a complete idiot. Him winning the Presidency over Hillary was one of the biggest blows to their collective egos that could have ever been delivered.

>>257097248The picture that caused everything.

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>>257113100Yep this is pretty much it. Trump inherited enormous spying power and media control. It's pretty clear he hasn't pulled on the media's choke chain too hard but I'm sure he spends much of his day just browsing the intel collected from various lefties thanks to bulk collection and transcription.

>>257114620He was also the first Truther, on 9/11, and the first birther. He started the Lucky Larry meme 20 years ago.


>>257100300Wow just I can't even holy moley just wow

>>257107134While you are correct about the reference, he did NOT reference just the firing. His quote was very clear. If you don’t think he considered himself above the law, you have not been paying attention. But you’ll continue to support him so I’ll not waste anymore of my time.

>>257100400He is trump. He is a legion of one. >He refuses to forgive.He tries not to forget. Lower your expectations.

>>257115378Fuck off back to dog eating you faggot traitor

Glad that our pal Trump became president and teached this lil monkey ape Obama a lesson about life. Obama is so 2011, also gay and has bunch of AIDS, all kinds of them.Keep the nigga out of streets bitch, God bless our boy Trump.

>>257107398what's the problem with mike?

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>>257116172Is that the Nationals' new DH?


Attached: wha?.jpg (428x720, 31.48K)

>>257114620one of the things the families have on Obama for him to behave is the fact he was born in Kenya.Imagine you're the puppet president, an achievement itself for Obama, and Donald fucking Trump starts to publicly talk about on the of the "insurance" policies over you...Shit is real. They got scared and were sloppy.

Attached: flynn.png (632x1257, 247.15K)

>>257097248This is what seething looks like

>>257116172Imagine anyone believing that’s a woman.

>>257114620if you fuck with them they destroy youthehill.com/homenews/news/310677-arpaio-holds-press-conference-to-question-authenticity-of-obamas-birth

>>257100300Truly gets the noggin joggin

Attached: discord shilling.png (1889x851, 738.05K)

Anybody have an hq of the pic? Would love to have something like that framed up

>>257097248Lord his hair is a joke. What a jackass.

>>257101889The camera was controled via radio signal from earth. They had to tume it right because if the delay. they were lucky to keep the lander in frame. I guess it had a battery and solor panel and a radio dish. I saw a show about itbonce how this kne guy at the controls was nervous as hell and had to time his camera control perfectly based on the countdown and the radio delay

>>257097248I love how you can see Trump's wheels spinning. And the fucking madman did it.

>>257102118lol I remember Trump actually retweeted that on the day of that famous eclipse a couple years back. The MSM said it was racist.

>>257116696the meatyoutube.com/watch?v=sC-S2XX9WAs

>>257118113Trump looked right into the eclipse and suffered no ill effect for it, media BTFO.

>>257103943>ignoring the proven, extensive Obama admin spying because the FBI continued spying for the DNC after Obama left Wanna know how I know you’re a faggot

>>257097248They will soon realize that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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youtu.be/l4nh2oO93tsI watch this high like once a month. Election night was funny af. Best time ever.


Attached: 1588202635477.webm (1280x720, 1.98M)


>>257097248I never watch this shit but is it common for the host to roast the attendees at a correspondents dinner? If anything, wouldnt it be more respectful to roast one's self? What a fucking nigger.

Attached: 1372074145192.jpg (473x360, 33.9K)

>>257100951Pete Strzok is the one who faked Obama’s birth Certificate >>Trump has been 100% right from the start. You’ll see

>>257098705Hahaha "majorly successful"

>>257100183sure he can. he's in the wwf hall of fame. the bantz are done for the lulz. these aren't bantz - this o telling T that if he runs he's going to destroy T's legacy in the eyes of the rich and famous class. Trump doesn't play that.

>>257100212Question- if they wouldn’t even convict OJ for murder even though everyone knows he did it, do you think they would throw the first black president in prison? Imagine the carnage that would ensue.

>>257101151his optics are a e s t h e t i c

Attached: TRUMP_.png (960x854, 1.08M)

>>257101889oh shit delet this

>>257120512He's doing a lot better than you, faggot>>257120570

>>257102676>answer some dumb cunts retarded pointless yammering kek based Islam is right about women

>>257103472Georgie boy looks upset, apparently, per Hillary's account, he told her "well that was weird".


>>257103660>Oh look the deep state just signed their names to a public letter

Attached: HydeKillingWest.jpg (1024x1024, 177.66K)

>>257098705Bullied? Nigga Obama wasn’t even qualified to be president. Literally got handed a WE WUZ token and read off a script for 8 years stuttering. LOCK HIM UP4 MORE YEARS

>>257098705Are you the nothingburger greek?

>>257120469Wtf. Why him? Who is ue i didnt think he was that high up or innthatntype of thing sounds like this is coming out of your stupud ass. But that AZ sheirff didnforensics and found the electronic atrifacts. I bet that was examed well.here on pol but i wasnt here

>>257100183Not banter, disrespect.

Obama fucked up the day he came out of his coalburning mother's cunt

Well worth a watchvimeo.com/397399576


>>257097248It's all a show.They're all puppets.Including Trump, retard.Only the NWO is real.

>>257117660it is aerodynamic you plebeian cunt. no incoming disrespectful comments can touch that highly polished golden dome.

>>257116172isn't that how all 52 yr old women look

>>257128905indeed. Trumps the perfect puppet to further divide.

Attached: controlled opposition.jpg (1415x827, 115.54K)

>>257097292obama's freedom of speech doesn't mean there is freedom from consequences

>>257097248>The exact moment Obama fucked up.I can agree with that.


Attached: 1566548920259.jpg (579x426, 33K)

OP is a /ptg/ baker hiding behind a VPN and lives in northern Florida. His nickname is Kurisu.

>>257132790you are an iranian anchor baby who larps as a dj, dj izzoh

>>257133963Suck it, Hikki.

>>257099751>>257099891>>257099892>communism worksstarve yourselves

>>257100183>letting a nigger one up youthis is why Canada is brown

>>257099657Huh yes it is.

>>257097248Remember watching it at the time and that moment honestly had a bit of weight to it.

>>257113268Methinks Trump may have motorboated Maria Bartiroma a time or two.

Attached: MB.jpg (252x337, 38.87K)

This night was awesome. If anyone hates Trump, they can rightfully blame obama because this was the night when the straw broke the camel's back and Trump was like, "I'm going to prove this Nigger wrong".

>>257131488kek has spoken on the consequences

Attached: natsoc loli check em.jpg (1807x2861, 577.67K)

>>257097292It's all so simple. Being a human is so simple

>>257100183There was no mutual respect. Bantz only works when that happens.

>>257100349He's never, ever going to prison. Jesus, Holla Forums what the fuck has happened to you? Obama is literally a Kenyan nigger that had his grandmother murdered because she would not stfu about his birth in Kenya,and some people think that the same man is ever going to face earthly justice? lol!

>>257100400Oh he forgives, but only after he gets even.

>>257100183>can't take the bantzu wot m8?youtube.com/watch?v=QDdSyXWq70k

Began his campaign almost 5 years ago, in June 2015. Been the most talked about man on earth since then. What a man.

>>257097248haha this. do not pick fights with billionaires. this moment will be studied 1000 years from now.


>>257137310hey there barron, i don't blame you for hiding out in your mother's birth country during such crazy times

>>257100183it's not bantz, he was calling out the leader of the country for doing a shit job, getting involved in wars, fucking the health care system that let jews get a foothold in starting a monopoly by reducing competition.it's not bants, it was the Democrats attempt to demoralize him, to get him to banter back so the spin doctors have their way with it.you see weakness we see strength


>>257100134Say what you will, but Trump's story arch is the best of all time. And that smug faggot coon really got what was coming to him.


>>257097292Trump was in on the joke for so many years.. and then they turned on him, mocked him publicly. Trump decided "fuck it, I'll expose them" and this is where we are. Unreal.. un-fucking-real.

>>257138197it's not over yet

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>>257097248I remember this like it was yesterday. They really did bully him. Given how pompous he is, I'm sure this literally made his mind up then and there. `Also, that fuckin' hairdo! God damn.

>>257137010Thishe treats lyin Ted pretty well now, and Ted goes to bat for him as well.

>>257138316isn't her boyfriend some brownie?

>>257138337Holy shit. This is a pretty accurate, man.

>>257098705>successfulhe failed every single business venture he took, except for tax payer money for his golf trips.

>>257138541this is correct

>>257138571Yep That is key to this. It takes one to know one, and it's up to insiders saying ENOUGH to change anything, but they are few and far between. It takes a real hero to risk it all like that.

>>257120512Being President is about as successful as you can get. Even the ones who people despised will be remembered for as long as America exists. Being remembered long after death is the only kind of success that matters in the end.

>>257101889His name was zabruder

>>257103043Man, I forgot about this. 2016 really was an amazing year for memes


>>257136652Remember he was coincidentally in Hawaii a day or two before the election, and his Grandma magically died then? I've always wondered if he didn't watch her get snuffed--for the same reason you mention user, she was going to spill the beans on his citizenship.

>>257139272By that measurement, Obama is just as successful. A popularity contest between zionist puppets doesn't take much talent. Trump surrounded himself with smarter people and went from independent to Republican to win.

>>257116172God she would've been great on the fields. Nice strong back! Would've gave Serena Williams some quota competition.